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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 2, 2021 6:30pm-7:26pm EDT

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why, as you now say, sir, things are, of course this are playing out as we've been predicted thing they wouldn't, wouldn't been up. oh, we've got very central banks putting on their kabuki costumes and getting ready to why did they, why did they go on stage? stay staying profane form, therefore rural little addict gnawed to to than the needed to raise rates by their mistake. then i'll, they're able trades followed by massive quan, a quantitative easing. me print any prints, any printing, frank, frank. right. and i think frank, frank, franklin, stimulation, translation strength and strength. one once again, one get one. 0 boy, it gets so entertained. oh, yes ma'am. yes, that sounds very nice. yes, your sounds very 5th, your sounds very 5th cookie and it's probably because everybody's every food, every, every rap, every because every about every leave, every, perhaps every about every about every because because of because i dick alita, dakota because i me because out because that because even that because that because that because that because that because at the cause it because it because those
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candles kathy handles cadden just kept sun hills can only on pills can hawkish pills can't have, can't pills, canada and pills canceled. and pills, county moves, and pills, cap rate of no skaggs moves, and pills cakes, moves, and pills. cakes, moves, and pills care forward one year or 2 year yields fear ye spike boots by inflation not being not being not be temporary. faith. awesome. so spoof is if the ford f b because as a g p. p growth was only up to growth hooper's growth sent in the growth of 3rd quarter growth or new growth and growth, novice, a growth, novice, a growth ever. nicholas a growth. nicholas a growth as press a growth reset, press a growth, reset, press a growth at all. is this a growth, excess of growth excess? a grow affected? acted? i acted goldman sector, goldman sect it acts. acted did right? yes. did. okay. did. so did. so did so did b had rated rate at aces that they should have based on the, based on the base, the base anon. buffet santian, division of basic and based on 99554
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years of a joy to one year ago that more and more you can down the road and down there or down the road, they increase the problem and the one thing going to talk on raising raising, raising a thing, a thing are they will fall at the margins and martin marshville credit cards will crash because we're in, out of hyper and leverage and math environment. now for the 1st time ever in mastery and mastery and mastery. this then and then they're going to come back and they're going to say, oh, actually we need to do to do to do quantitative thinking. and as of money printing, again, you can out there a pon or a pon, or a ponce game. right? so here is the hair is i'm, it's very spaced spaced booking. the us treasury,
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30 year, you know, 20 years for the 1st time. this is what a time off line. so the 1st, the 1st time in history, i'm and he, simon, hangs, simon here, getting, simon who keeps simon. he, simon, simon, simon had got simon history and draven draven version a me the spread of strength over over over that curve, interest rate curve inversion. and as the economy becomes almost impossible to navigate the bermuda triangle, angle angle, global finance, where for this down and does up and up in the 20, the 20 in the air, in the air in the air. and there's been a slap in the, in the, in the 10 to 1010 or more and more k reserves.
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altima altima in of greater supply shame, icing interruptions, greater bank failure, bank failures greater failures. there's brainers, there's a, a hein, of social arrests or arrests, or as we head into kind of the wood on the ship, owner of, of, of, of all of the mother of the ball, financial shipment, shootings, cost, speaking of which, which clippings the principal saw my i was i was a include a close thing ourselves that the u. s. dollars at the head of dollars at the for that it dollars at the for that it dollars at the a wood chipper the woods. so would chase the a would john the a would you know see a wood chip sort of creamy a would jason so which and so which and so would show that would suggest that the al salvatore may have been right. buy to buy, buy, buy the dip. if the dis o m b, the declined diff l dal saw, did, or bought the dip, according to naive that night,
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that night, that the cow, the president front upright, well, right? he, all right, is right over like riding mach writing, mach writing, the i a mouth said he was waiting for big coin to quinn to a better price range, change it, did it, and it, it, it, it loaded it. we bought it, it more bit it, blame it, it, it, it. and the he is on balance. up on his bitcoin possession, he's busy. he's making a fool fool at the i'm ap is breaking a food up. the a fool out of all the central bank filters here is search others, others, others giving us contractor some getting the northern country like gas and that a, that is it is for the get saw. it's a through soft getty, through saw it's a true song, county based on uncomfortable wealthiest george washington of the 21st century hill down our histories on the blips bit of sharpest precipice glance at her. for an no . and what, what, what, what, what can be?
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what can be, what, what a morgan morgan basis about this got this got the user jays, or jess, edge edge, a genius and ease of course the, of course, the mouth on better and the twitter, s e o t o jack at, or jack and jack at 80 had the, the, the, the weekly, the weekly, the weekly 40 artie, and they mentioned that the, the 8th, each were of the hyper fatty hyper fatty place, place place which place place, spoon, place, place, place, place many a con, inflation con. inflation is place, place both place both placement, many play home and take play home and take pleasures. and there's other ers see ers ers see. ers ers, i thank you. oh, there is one ceos ers, you know, there is get the hose ers and dashed out ers through all closed ers icloud ers icloud. ers, the industrialists, real it glass, starting to start who start a meant start in the event, start to watch or toward, or we already know over and over her history, history, history, anybody, anybody,
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anybody, anybody records record his record. 1 his rarity record what robert, what robert, you fine with weimar. germany was that it was the endorsed, the endorsed. these thrills the lists, the, the whose the, whose things they started to start. i start start 30 or starts 3030 at arden art, hyperinflation, sorry, and ons are, those are those are, you know, as we hadn't wookey times of hyperinflation, hyperinflation at hyperinflation, hyperinflation, here's a very spooky, he had with a line with a along those lines. because the a, a, a, it's still, it's still at the turning will, at that point will, at that point will, at that the, we're still at the cell of real, at the cell of real ethically started a hole at the can you start to hell at the can you start a hole at the find symbol at that thou, under sal at that, thou, under soul, at attending the evil at the, to click it will at that it will at the chance oceans of oceans hyperinflation. some chance even chance off on chance is on chanson trends act,
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threatens to be sions cup to be sions cup to be sions on the 1st, truest trillion, trillion. oh, oh, fangled links to spangled effects. oh morgan o. lee stanley, annual only family annual, only predict the world's richest man rich will become even richer. and so they're, they're, they, they're getting their family as they're saying that they're, he, there will be there so much hope, if they're li, now be there because they're space sex, their sex, their sex there. because attack a slot, tesla, he's already got your thought angela $1000000.00 out his make it more, and it more, and it more in the past 9 months. the last, warren buffett, as has made of it as his entire investing life investing, life investing life, invest us. so he's worth close. he's up to 300000000, but he might be worth it. charlie, enter with it. charlie, enter it with it. but we all might be charging our soon shot like shot like shot like traffic happens and happens and happen. other contact is csm happened by the
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map and both zoom out that way, being one half away, being one half of them math and them and math. and we're going to turn to happen thing for to happen thing for to happen 2015 by then. but what do you think of even must becoming a truck because they become an arrow? because because because because right? a lot of people regular bar, railway arch readily nurse, readily nurse. right? they have the x ray, little trillion back bridle back now. all right, so that re sac bridle almost every one was in some bio, was way as a trainer, a saw, saw in issue in, in moscow, corporate governance, warburg, corporate, uh, corporate go as corporate as be corporate, all know, the as the stock price, gusto sauce got his options come optic dana opt in opt funny and i opt a opt get optimal obstacle ops opt ever opt of an obstinate of the job, the job of job, the count germany and therefore, or for as
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a absolute absolute control or oil company. and oh, in a way it, it out when a lot of regulator late is late r r a. so stacy called joseph logos, shareholders. it was in those in those counters, but condos but condos, but condos, condos. so there's, there's a corporate governance ish, joe, as well. but yeah, he thought he's telling towards felonies and toward showing his status amber by the in fear of money firms. just so you see just how a from jefferson could just go from just go from just a chin, a chair at that. it's ha, ha, ha, ha, we're a child. well, hb is, well, a chicken be, well a chicken be well a trillion aren't a true, he might not be worth it and might not be worth it and might not be worth a chang morrow. we're gonna cut to this, combined a cut from 2050 tween what and it's promise. promise is involved. what is in bay is, am i with is america? drill i with him because i was in there and i was in by way, but i was in by beryl i went to simply afford to buy i with him. bread by i with
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his him is him, is him after years of international isolate hyperinflation as a bob way record 5 and 2000000000 percentage percentage leave 2000 nate, instead of buck little thing under the pressure, robert was obvious. government came up with a brilliant salut, iverson, not with a brilliant salut, iverson, not with a brilliant salute. i reprint money on t and known for his populism. a gobby made a wild promise to as a wild promise to as a wild promise to his lowers. he says quote, where he for projects has not been found. we will we print and we it when we, when we, when we is spook ally like what we're seeing. we're here today in the united states when they medieval, they monetize no, i'm gonna, we're gonna go that period 2008. nate, nate to 2015 as of my name. it does of my name. it does of my name, the modeling, the modeling, guys and then guys and then they got and then they got and then read and then read and then read. and they give all the and give all their xena xena, xena heroes at the end of their there's and bob way dollar. according to the,
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according to the demonization, actually the mice bank. you might house deal with a demo demo on our team of between of, between 0 even 0 and a 175. julian, zimbabwe, zimbabwe dollars were paid a flat fee of $5.00. but if you had some people there, adam, only go there, adam, the tear adam adams and bob boyd, or adam ballard, or adam adam some her adam, adam, adam, injured and adam. every, every adam, 5 quadrillion, $55.00, they, 5, each 5 got $55.00. i 5 been there by 5, if account 55, it's 5, it's 5 in the, in days when whatever than they had in there and, and, and wow, yeah. well, well, that's great race, that's it, that's, that's, that's, that's agreed. that's the reset. it could be comments if, if i thought, if i placed my pins and hot hyperinflation and what i thought we like the,
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like you can be like, you can predict precisely when it's per site. it's going to have a lot of because it's a shift shift. if, if in an, if in an if beth beth minds offsets and soft ones off when stuff like enough enough enough people enough to change stuff or change stuff or mind stuff, that's enough. it's enough. and enough stuff if and the 1st they, if and if that last, if monkey, casey casey, that converts since if and if and if it, no one has failed then, and when they are, and the whole whole thing clash and crash and crashing crash and what are the what are the, what up price, what are the guy so nice little, completely break up. so it can be compiled for compressed, broken, and 30 year. bother yielding 30 years less than 30 your tests than 30 your tests than 30 and your bon. and you have a trillion errors running around and, and, and you have a bureau of labor statistics openly,
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miss openly miss regarding all kinds of naught aid and all her g d. p is myth, is calculated insider trading and trading and friend, manipulation by bank of bengal and federal reserve bank, routine, insider trading. how are you al? yep. how are you? so you saw your choice. i used to, i saw you how you resell, you say you have to sell, you have to sell, you start the the so you day think the value of the size of the so yeah, of the site, the site, the site to so it just a big tilt for flashes, there it is, like hey, you've got to really, you've got to read a damn because they got game as irreparably broken as, as, and as i was up, scholar is a, as a, as it is completely from change them to comply. petula, plump, extra and plump, lee clump, the a car plump on me and for the most part it from one all the way from fear for pm of am. pm of am failed. securities will have secure to secured up. secured host is secured, arrows secured on, on there journal or secures for secured, for secured, for secured. yeah. and that's in
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a way we have say we have say we patients say we re say we hate it. sat is seconds of causes of high presence of completions. of infants of consuelo, tens of thousands of can arrange of, con, is of it is a series of series of her and other countries and by default in lebanon, webinar, chair, ritalin, eyes on eyes on eyes, on a water tree allotted with fade allotted, with greed, allotted with 3, a lot of area in our area around re sample real sample area. sorry. oh, sorry at that area here we area situation that various actuary and where the all handsome offices you have all the same thing is on is on is also just the us the as the is the only the most the is that like the bike is that supply is the ice, the cancer get into alpha and the so so, so there's no where for, there's at monitors ago. there's that, there's no, there's, there's goods to, there's be, has to, there's, there's, so we have, there's had a, we had there. so we have, there is of a shortage of a show of goods and of
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a shall service of a short while the show we have of a show of the, of a short huge of a shall program of a storms. java short leg of a short of a short of a sure we had we saw that us when he saw ela. 1 2 a huge social program, so no the by the, in my, in my, the istation is penetration in these astray social programs. asians progress around their racial therapy for their morality. honey radishi and no radish. when you're out as you will radish will ashley brown pay. ashley brown pay for these a paid so. so prov, paypal grounds, a paid. so the pay this brings the pay 3 back to the pay, the 20 to the pay, the 15 to the pay, the art of to the paypal, the pay by what i pay by what have pavan tens of bobbins away women in the women's i went friends of being and, and they're quite jenkins are quite jenkins, lilian errington's to being dean's and to be england to beamed. and to being dean's noggins, noggins on their engines and errington's in errington's, after years through, enters beside the lation piper of ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, a bob enough to play the way?
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i had a record 500000000000 percent percent in 2008. then instead of buckling under price lock going at her crash law, calling at her crash, all calling at robert morris, gary's government, cayman kate, with a brilliant, with a brilliant solution. print, print, money, amani on demand, and annie, annie, no need for his populous am. robby gobby mob aid a wide one. what promised to his followers, quote, he said, where money from projects, objects objects has not been found on he will printed into into it. well, that's m m j magic mind matter. a man here in a man, erica to it, you know, or here, the consequence here, the consequence here, the consequence here, censorship and center shows running ship ramp and then these shanaiah states with the platforming informing and for certain topic sorts that are to sort of blood or to certain you certain say, certain worries certainty moist sir. days sir, is days sir added this days sir added to stays,
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sir. i signaled the markets as wagon circle in new york is destroyed or destroyed. i can open communication bouquets, vacation and out and out of been market and it and then that sandy, back my bank. and as a means that there was a mean and pricing those meanings. you avenue was a mean and market as a mean and market as a mean and market as a means or also for off robins harassing interest in because ross insisted are often in thralls going to didn't throw off fraud or off on or off at it. and throws her off as her office for office, for all slice every but her office every but her office. every butter, often that academy as well. when people are people to like open the gas price, it is a rise. it does arise again and that they don't understand that the money printing and they said to hear and miss it here and miss it here. and here in about the root causes causes called the called the cost. they cost they car may car, may cobble eyes in ways, politically, politically, plot that and plot applied applied hurting them, not only finally, financially, bodily, but political little as well. a break like secret apple. apple tele,
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i'd abide about brags it in the price it and now they now they ended up being islip, for world world, over that over there in the brand. and it's compound, down, down and down, and down and down, down, down us brown, browsers around me. i'll downtown sounds, outages, outages out or develop, pound l pound, l pound, accounted about, and avoided voided, voided, right, 88, and 88. eat, you know, eat, eat, eat, eat for central. thank. thank her. at the talker. i'm enter and her as an bob way and i also have her add her and ask her to suffer atman over over at school, over at school, over at was happening in the economy. but he was quite transparent and open about what they were going to actually they were going to actually, they were going to do it, do it versus do what it's doing, you know, do you know, do how, how do we think what they're doing they're doing, they're doing the money, the money thing, all the kids, we all, all, all free,
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all the money for you for you while you, while you this central bank started bank bank money at what bill added or re added or we would lose zeroes. former central bank governor, give central the in go know who central was the chief, the country's chief across the country stuckey the countries thomas called it that the casino economy. we quickly became a country united from united trim, billionaires and millionaires and, and, and quite, and quite and, quadrillion airs. and no time, i think time to time to type so via and all that that they could see they could see economy economy the, the guy thing the for my money. yeah, absolutely. literally update, but i'll be the purchasing power or how i'll now it free to goes to 0 and, and, and as a cognitive dissonance, you're like, i like, i'm a good mccormick, with an air laid out a completely helper clinic, artfully mclaughlin,
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costly mc osland unfurling in sterling and good, and good billing. but it's billing, been billing, billing. right? so a garbage in, garbage, garbage out. remember that from that, from that 20 or 20? no, that was a popular, popular idiom idiom. and take a break. and when we come back, when i can push more coming your way. no. mm mm. mm mm depend demik no, nope. nope. nope, nope. nope. notice of loss of loss. i decided to tisa
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t ah. and then you can use it as a marriage with one walking, contributing each in the room. we like we like we will know that this is will not go forever. the challenge is great to respond to respond to which has been with good people helping us. so it makes, it, makes me feel very proud, feel very bad. feel very where we need to feel very gather, feel very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very,
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very, feel very, feel very, feel very, very, feel very, feel very, very, feel very, feel very, very, feel very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with ah,
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ah, go back to the back of the can mazur, missouri, florida. nice guys. nice guys. are it's a back back that tysons that tyson's back welcome of the fact of the fact of the fabric salbert stratus energy back program, energy back program, energy graham in rot, in rat, in rat. and d, y c, back the bat ice. and what i sent back, oh is great to be her maps. let's just, let's just, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh boy, guess natural, natural gas prices are rocketing all. look it over the weekend working with europe getting hitting, hit hard hard art. of course, of course, of course, the u. s. media is best blame. it has been russia, russia, russia. but it seems a perfect just seems a perfect storm to perfect arm of depleted arm of depleted, inventoried inventories, infant falling into convent denver winter, a winter winter went last year,
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but just year but just year inventory of the year and with such a pregnant touch of pregnant such a pregnant printed mind went on aim to mind on aim to minority and rough when when renewables renewables caused prices to increase. i 55 old what, what, what your, your, your thoughts, us, us well, i, well, i, i think, i think, i think is going on for a price formation the price for me in the price for made in price for me a price for major price from a small price for me, the price for me, the price for me, the price for me. so we all remember the scandals little's with live or live, or which one which one will they fall on one, terry terry terry reported that all that all big banks, big banks manipulate, nippy lang lang. thank. thank. thank thank. thank siemens,
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human vacuum infrastructure, investor, investor, in fact, see if it is fall off with that. that's for got that spot. market bought market. it bought markets in the united, the united states. it's where little where, where lately forgot, forgot forget prices are prices the prices herman's instrument determined by voluntary early reported trades to private, private carriers, private area, private area, private data, publisher plans. and these a company company company and tracy refers all into therapy for $0.44 a minute, and then the word winter
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finished or. busy winter fender where we spend, you saw price, ben, this is go bending over not been me from then read all or from then read all or then read all or bending per 1000000 cubic feet deep to a $1000.00. and more people are more people found a number of number of parents or a fax number, fax, number of order number order number of only who only found true. only i only only only found that determined that $1000.00 bill. all right, that's not a not a competitive market. that's a form for market manipulation for later and upgrade congress. congress actually gave federal regulators that will regulate, regulate, regulate, regulate, regulate, to replace these in dice axes with
6:59 pm
a more transparent sister. and i and i filed the petition to the federal energy regulatory commission, regulatory commission, regulatory commission, regulatory committee, rec, and june of this year, asking regulators to take this, this action to get rid of these ball into these ball these ball harry reporting reporting price. and to see price and to see price and to see and replace it with the more functioning transparent market. now, tyson, last what i'm your lun an, an was actually planar. explain respond response stevens to what was going on in the mobile market. smoke with negative pride networks, print ride networks. now. net markets, neville, neville, neville, what edge, of course, this is em possible ball. oh it is that it's the result of manipulation of manipulation of manipulation,
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an engineer. so you're saying that saying that again and, and in asked in smart, are you man, man, or a man from the labor market of that of that of course was opened a beam and a proven to be manipulated. we know what's been happening and i'm probably just mouth ashley markets called me to solve it all we know when we know this happened in the for it in the for x market mark, we know that in the case of the lives of the library to the library, bank of england bank, it was implicated, it was implicated a central bank. so we going back even further, we know what the cow, what the can and radi and did the, the, the, before he and when they are, when they passed, they were many, anybody where many editing from the, acting from an acting from the price of the price of the essence, as the answer, the recommendations and attitudes, prominent a woman named when it went to go and it back to when it is fact. when it again to the senate again to the central bank until bank until bank. it's kept interest rates artificially low, and therefore the price, therefore, the price of manipulating markets by borrowing money,
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the bars near 0. so hosta fraud, fraud at a thorough, thorough a hero and a mirror hero hero ino era. you know, era, you know, era, the price of commodities are going up and if the price of gas being maninder maninder manipulated higher, it hot, hot. can i at the center of the central hospital, can the still central bank justified both that both runaway inflation and no response else in terms of raising enter, raising interest rates? right. right. is intimate sammy i like, right? right, right. never put together right there. right, right, and like last year it's year it's year to me and math fraud time from these, these commodities, commodities come out, miss it, or exposing some serious central bank weaknesses, bank weaknesses. i thought, you know,
7:02 pm
the response has to be to insure ensure that these markets are rapidly regulated. they're not than the native private, a private press, disastrous dogs through last year was crazy. and if there was a prospective, the fact that that the contracts were most people have used for people like use for people like pure financial stipulation, pure pure contain clauses. electra electra electra the counter party to the to the insist, insist on both the deliver assist with so as a soul the store sold the store, search tanks and cushing and fell square sir. gotcha, gotcha. got oh oh oh. so these find able be back to literally what we've got spoof . why don't we might have what we, what we like lee is the delivery is oil is,
7:03 pm
is um, and is this is resulted is this is miss is this is, this is an oil, was that a, a well designed, well functioning market. and so she's, she's systemic problems. sheer problems, that's been problems, that's been problems. she'll boil that problems shavaun. i think the problems ship problems ship problems to really poor market design and inadequate super image image and, and over faren we sophistic in had been speculated, delayed and other fight and flight an orders in these commodities in orders in these commodities in. all right, so in the space of our interview here, we've identified a few things here. number, want to hear a ring, want to hear a ring. want to hear that for the central bank is full employment and priced ability. nowhere is, it mentioned in their charter charter, charging anything that doing it with climate and ange, or climbing, consider climbing ations, but they think anything to be saving any are getting that and adding, adding,
7:04 pm
adding any justification from us of money printing, which is to help out their friends are wall street and we've had and we've read what they're involved in this report, playing epi election french and an outright front right front rock front. right stuff. so why aren't you down at the eccles building l d. c the lot. yeah, i mean that just laugh committing to frank flood because was this killing tool? well, i am doing some work with david morgan and where are we, are we think that they're in violation, violation of their bank, just the whole been just a company. they order shipping the federal reserve requires bank holding companies like just safety. morgan, morgan, morgan, not to own physical. all energy that's. that's
7:05 pm
we've exposed scandal which for j peoples for good. in fact, in fact, up control about it or does it more power and more quiet and more than evil in a monopoly? not, not, not, not, not, not electric, out. the bed is a sleeping switch out an awful lot of how they want. they want and work from greater accountability, great and greater elation or energy mark. right. i mean, that seems to be a great focus of the effort. i mean, i mean, you can't build an economy, you can't build a house, you can't build a half if everybody building the house. the 3rd yardstick, separate measuring tool to try to figure out. but i build that house. you can have an economy. if you've got everybody in the ready ready to get the story and buying different standards and of of the law right,
7:06 pm
there is clearly and reinterpret taishan per statutory law. going up going up, going up by various regulators who have taken up you later on. them saw later cells to solve later city and saw later separate the later separate the look later, later. so now this is later happening. i don't later that happening. i don't later city for years 33 because the 3 free country 3 crawford and then they 33 retroactive 3 frequently chain a 3 brings the last name, 33 famous name, 33 famous name street. briefly when city bank bought to try 1st corp, violated it glassed big oil and then got the lot the lot changed proactively in the past to make that ok. and that off and that off and that of flood gates gave those cutting out of behavior. hey, we've got lawmakers, law make, i'll make. i'll make him. i'll make your, i'll make, i'll make, i'll make, i'll make, i'll make clue. oh, don't debate the lawful break. the law revised the last the last the law and are committing my fraud. i mean, that's the problem and that's corruption, that option that i don't. now if you know when that aren't lasting, that a good last thing that last thing that but he's a very hard fella, but as
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a and bother the copyright industry here years and isn't d c? now, la, bowing for you later to obey the law, the law is a too much to ask as an american that our writers are not club to chronicle stick lawbreaking. franco v raiko raiko. if you're a union style union, all union union, please union a union that too much union to ask, ask and ask, and it's sure that back there is no quack should but you know, it personnel says it per synopsis. it person ups that we've got, we've sort of 2 justice system. one. 04. 0, the power hold on. well connected and, and one for the rest of us. uh huh. uh huh. and oh wow. i had a baby in laws around the blind. it's thrown out, thrown out, thrown as for the power holds up there last out to jim least break the laws
7:08 pm
and get and get and get a we we, we need to be addressed on the regulators that are doing their duty. but on these, these court on these such these court on the separate wrong britain, brits, who time and time again britain who time and time again brit who time and time again brit, time and time again. come in time and time again. mine and time again. as time and time again, time and time again. time and time again. time and time again, britt frogs against the american people and their investor in and then time after time, after time i'm walk away with up, you know, not a scratch, especially for the top. the top, the top deck, it got that gotta change. i can check. we've got a strong accountability for the most power tech for our deck. flower circle in our old controls. if we're all going to be gold for our poles,
7:09 pm
i said probably the spouse to clock out will change old area and an area with an area you're lobbying for. and if it doesn't, doesn't climate checklist b, p r, stunt are for these last last lay, the breaking clump to catch that run. and you know, i remember back in the studies when dealers on harlem with us, our own with us, our own with us away turkeys away. thanks. joy driving away tran. and we took people, loy tucker them boy, to understand why turn don't boy turn right boy. right, boy, right boy took out nancy pelosi k equivalent to i think harlem hair when dealer than i think the thing the law we're law giving away a lot of money to way by law or france law, trading on small side and slaw, in finance, slice and small ation and small and small, and small, openly scandalously acting as anti american circuit circuit, just worse than a chinese spy. what a spy, what is she a by the way, employee, and play it in her office? or at recently?
7:10 pm
i don't know if i agree with breeders. she's a 6th grader, she's a sick bridge about it had by criticizing some sub or i'd sort of our a tear i'd characterize of the way that garage did arise of the rise of horizon horizon horizon horizon horizon like it was the rise of global for isaac well, the riser bullet horizon is horizon. her eyes of the, of her eyes of the feel be the judge of this. they that out at some about the fab. on 13 years up near 7 years ago on their ship, every freaking clump, the crowd of called out out in 3 the in theory says so either have either you know, face serious j elson based. let's talk about the limb. the or it's needed to deliver it. electric car heaters that greeted rake dale, did you us apply it? it, it, it, it is on sandy. curt and tribal lands and nevada,
7:11 pm
nevada. they don't want mining enning. i think lithium was not the reason we were in afghanistan. i think we, we lost, we lost, we lost that. we love a $5000000000.00 worth of military hardware. the hardware, the fe, i did not wear the math in hardware, the hardware, the hardware, the hardware, those tools are dollars of that. for me personally. i hope you go get your re budget in cash flow. i'm calif $200.00 in cal battle, and i believe how that happened if a teacher and one of my low to so i said was to live last year, was to wonder, what's the story that was florida? what? sorry, that was her. yeah. so so back you were, you're raising are very worried about it. hob, far better standards within the industry. we've got to have much to register regulation goals. you'll federally, you'll, orally, you'll, on the sorely, you'll see only you'll, only, you'll only, you'll ali, you'll only, you'll be completely, you'll a completely, you'll a completely,
7:12 pm
you'll notice for batteries and other of material like we have in photo 7 o 7 or photovoltaic isn't necessarily necessarily you just early you certainly have to. ready have an electric vehicle pulls sustainably bailable a pain of believe we have we have to do it right to do it right to it. right, right. you know right. it's our electric vehicle. oh oh oh. you know, more sustainable or fossil fuel automobile with our perspective, that means that they're gonna, they're gonna totally swim, totally sustainable. same thing that they, they think they think as you think, correct? correct. a point. stay there and stay on the finger upstairs. upstairs. upstairs.
7:13 pm
challenges and ball with the money i make up the components like lithium for that are necessary for batteries. and so i can get this again to somebody this again, that can be a drug. us can be a drug that can be a drug. andrew, stronger standards of galatians and so understanding that, as i said earlier, because we are like, oh boy boy boy, dress class next class, next class into my class to swap out now. now, you know, birds of millions of internal combustion engine vehicles, vehicle vehicle for a bunch of drive, train vehicles. so we have an individual v, a fickle da. as a pre, a remote, a for a transfer, a fission, a from a, from a, from emphasize greater
7:14 pm
a ups and expansion of met friends at our trends of trends and to be way more sustainable in terms of firms inputs. you just do it for the transportation sources. then you know, 3000000 new 1000000 of tried david electric vehicles. what brought bicycles? what brought bicycles? what eisen a kill 2 birds with one stone, i'm fat, a b face of beef, eric and fat la la copa. b car fat. no beast, no. oh. can a that at all right. all right, well thanks. all right, bring my car a car, a car port, are you still down there or do you think there are a day sitting there? i don't know how you do it. you must have a suit. i have a boss on it back. my thanks vasa ra, started to go, boss. so yeah, my thought yeah, boss or just bicycle deal with this stuff, but god bless got us. you. thanks for being honest about shout, always great, always, great,
7:15 pm
always great would be your credit. your credit with rachel court with stacy to herbert. i understand. don't like to stop by your office. a blue with
7:16 pm
with a, an engagement with once. when so many of us find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look, choose to look for common ground. a specialist class of cost is discontinued within 20 years in g as in a lot talk mold. if you're looking for president bush are dealing with talk to,
7:17 pm
to talk to close the gap on, on the world clinical create a phillip infant he's been, he's been ordered a lot more more or norton norton, norton, norton, norton, norton, florida, sorta, sorta, sorta, sorta. so we'll, we'll a full studio luke, up with the notion of michelle michelle from, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ship, if stop, stop, stop with cricket, cricket. with
7:18 pm
oh, is your media a reflection of reality g, g? ah, with in the world tremble, warmed what, what will make it you think you think you'll say bill say. hi, salacious, salacious, a leg home for caribbean petite. are you with what is this is like in the, in the world corrupted. you need to this and
7:19 pm
i so joint mills in the depths or remain in the shell will remain in the shell, will remain in the shallower in miss ah, the whistleblower blower, the blower total total words floor to floor or floor floor?
7:20 pm
georgia tech and said, have you sent us instead of us instead officially officially read. tell us is the joe 55 befriending thing. us west fokker. see the end of the work but we're world in the world and world in holding. we're getting into a good reason good. as it shows a patient of a 5 industry global pro subscriptions of evidence of evidence of american democracy along along the health care system, which we just finding warm or warmer use. because congressman grissman, president putin, russia will that rock big that rock carbon that run your credit?
7:21 pm
right. know that roughly it had rush had run, run, run, run, run, run, right 60 that right 60 that right 60. that rather than a messy that rush to delegate rockets that rockets delegate russia us climate, some at the us in scotland, the u. n. u n. and and as the west, which is for action that's actually cop 20. 2021. looked at how there and how
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