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this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the u. s. intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how to make them say they still live with the consequences. today i was with there's sinks, we dared to ask ah,
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at the height of the 2020 corona virus pandemic mass media really covered stories from africa. the world was more interested in kind of it, and africa had more less infected people in europe. but one story got people's attention. newspapers reported that can you was having an elephant baby boom journalists linked the unprecedented surge in the elephant's birth rate to tourists being restricted from the park. they said it was the whole positive side of a lot down, but kind of it had nothing to do with
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critical my biggest issue. okay. so say 2018. we got a pretty good train and we have a female. so 202020. yeah. tentatively tired. this baby will insult to huntington will succeed. more rains means more food for the female elephants to feed their young. extraordinary things happened in amber sally national park touches pena, a female elephant giving birth to healthy twin males. truly an extremely rare case . she fairly fitted madman a mother regarding mother there, but he has money there. but path is something we see like if they come to the out being left at the, at the edge of this one with the mother with the grandmother. and the bus here go to their form feed and come back to the cow in them and they were grandmother,
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go to the swamp. india flat via so. yes. very good. are you? they think that that would be their mother. so they, they look so good. when the male cars go up, leave the family. the females will stay together. fathers don't participate in the lives of their offspring. they live alone. i'm return. so leave a meeting. it's not always even possible to tell who the father is. that family is overseen by the only female. she knows where water and the best pastures are. in these cubic times, the lives of the elephants haven't changed a bit. they didn't even notice whether the coffee door is not recorded, but i know is because they can't, they can't see the maybe they could ask that way. you can see the 20s, wayne county, a little vehicles, what i know they've been getting themselves any because
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but for those who work at the bar go live nearby, things have changed drastically. now the housing, a lot of people have to be told to go be player. many companies, even a head to another kids, there's that drive all is a fairly big loan in a bank. and in fact, he end up killing himself. rita cytotec is a mechanic. he has a house near on both of the national park and although he doesn't work at the park itself, his family depends directly on it. how, how and do it or not to get met, what they mean and getting in as i'm a pretty big now and, and get anyone are not much i will i will repel. i will come on how i deborah nominated yoga class is una my lucca. now susie monica nice, i will be having a little above the video of my diploma over to my piano. one job is already know
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that name that governs, i guess, logo window window of your denise, would you like me to go into a model like initial cuz it how can i get to live put this up well, you know, for good like to me in my family, ah, i mean it is a sore nipping, get come up when i will up, but i will not as he can give me your new address. i will also mobile gamma health, but to again as the all new, it's not reflected in worldwide. curb it's statistics. the virus is affected almost every single canyon family in an 8 letters home.
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meaning that if i, if he us at a vehicle on aliens and you can buy a car. now christina campbell, you, when you have like a new local donnelly, india, heavy liquid. i may be, as i say, mcclellan at warble buses make as yet well, before a bud alicia may sound the image one by a gun and a fear guards the now pick will go, but i do is e and an i knocked bread wookey by the way, to lackey me, see, lay arkell, now area on yuki, by the way, and up, bear taking a say you lucky to me, me again, it will because i may, is at a glare leave ah, or got the money in or not? not bad. not bad weather or do i you school of unequal knows when ammonia
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in new is me. she was here by the end of lobby. i'm got on the guy by an hour webinar. find that i'm not very good, not ada via. we live here with my notes. i don't i had a dear player, physically outgoing with that. we don't. we don't need nothing as human as zekia. where do you go? good for nothing. not good. yeah, my brother, my would you either nathan? lisa, lag a, yoga. my dad, my dad, got the money at your got on that $30.00 a month like i was, i'm within immunity or was nitty a while for that. those are glad that they did the hook is there was 0. i didn't mean that disagree. i'm, we the, i will,
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i'm gonna go get the idea than a me yes, you literally good. i mean the blood gum again, the machine to get with them. do you and what that? well no, i didn't really need. it could bundle it up on the phone a every year as well that it could be not able bundle more than demand even then they didn't let us daddy in vitamin muscle. by the way, i mean, by the
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way, we put them in there, they've got more. yeah. i mean, you can use as much as i said, i'm in a f on a familiar fool up. i knew you'd number them. don't want to do it, you know, but no, no, but so who knew me? and i knew when one of the weather is going well, mumble mean you? hi, lisa. it's almost a evil when it's e n o identity because on the i nike do the media. jackie bowen, i e, they, they do a bit. does that come up when i media now?
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when i, you know, get there, here's your business, and you ain, up longer, they naisha, did you not thought he knew longer the ah, one of the of you who is able to navigate the new circumstances in a timely fashion is lincoln jewel, the principal of a private school or codes over and over destruct in much a disorder of pupils. i called all my teachers and we discussed that i asked them what, what can we do with these? some to us were assisting her to keep your life going on. because the school not to be in a position to pay you. so we decided to them that the best thing that we can do. and that cheap on is to be a brita. so that would be $700.00 in these classes year. so i
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told you good, good money a, do i but now use that to being from the capital at their, their, their profit that we got. we started putting the next to watch a. ready now we went to the class before and the closet moody opened. that was another great challenge because these are the same rooms that these pupils would come out to see. we now shifted to a bigger room. that is a dining hall where we now to the, the $1200.00 that we started, you painting those glasses that they're asked about to do to usa, to get our working capital. or we're starting to mark anemia mix. that is a very new institution added to came from this site
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ah, blessing in disguise. we opened a lot done next, or they were to this. then we have around $100.00 to the data newcomers. it grows into $580.00. and now we're talking about $700.00 plus here, so we can see that maybe it was a blessing in disguise. almost 200000 people, a contract candidate in kenya. point 3, listen to the country's population. researches believe that generally in africa, the limiting factor is that the average age on the continent is 20 is well, the proportion of people over 65 is only 3 percent that didn't go back to our normal life. yeah, the twenty's to come was no more and seeing a little flood. is that a good people? go back to the walk. so i'm hoping to go back to normal life
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you kenya has reopened its borders, as most african countries have but still, very few tourists to coming a b ah, mac kaiser's financial survival guide. housing, bravo. oh, you mean there's a downside artificially more mortgage, right?
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don't get carried away. what tries to report ah, in russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. even lost a more than a sort of can you sell it to proposal this year, dealing with just important practice. it took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model to skip so we'll go over the excellent tools q of dealing with my food oceans commercial offering from pollution for shift or commercial building america crockett. the customer will pretty much feel as to the only marshall a
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this is our t breaking neighbors. a whistleblower. so report. so sir. sorry, it's so slow. so fulton still didn't fly up so it's still that full scope, full scope, full back. so back to something testing, christine, christine. kristen, need you to sing? sing, sing, sing, sing than says u. s. officials refused to listen. also, i also ahead this by how just by header, the header to show bry hayden brandon head, brandy n u. s a n u s i had not received the see the ncp of the world the what's holding the holding lingle increasing. ling ling sealing lead to link lead to link difficult difficult, great, great links is pulling all reporting things shifting. obviously, obviously, diving live, angling global, global blink with settling and settling of americans of american democracy critically as well as it's how health care system. we discussed the findings,
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the findings, the funds were the forwards with a former u. s. corps were u. s. corps, congressman, congressman, congressman, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, fungus, fungus, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress, congress press. congress is impress, fungus boot in, play fungus edges. this congress is this congress that russia will be congress. russia will be congress. russia will be congress, carbon neutral, carbon neutral carbon new no. later, the carbon newton 26 carbon new to city 6 carbon nucleus. the sick carbon, new carbon newt carbon, newt carbon newton, a carbon newton carbon newt carbon new, to make carbon new carbon nukes it to delegate carbon newton to delegate carbon neutral. at the u. n. a carbon newt climate when they get carbon new to finally, when they get carbon new sometime when they get carbon nukes in scotland. in scotland in scotland, in scotland in scotland, in scotland in scotland in scotland in scotland in scotland in scotland in scotland, in scotland, in scotland, in scotland, in scotland, in scotland, in scotland,
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in scotland, in scotland and for the west put, put it put, put for action had come up 2026 to $6.00 with look at, look at how their ambitious plans might hurt might hurt night. her ations deferred tends to persons dependent on it and in fossil 30th the 31st.
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