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tv   Boom Bust  RT  November 2, 2021 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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stage defense stockpiles for minerals or materials that allow us allow us to react and respond more quickly to sure. and joining us now to discuss this boom by the co host, ben swan and chris, the i bet i want to start with. you tell us about these new measures by the administration to open up supply chain. we just heard from biden? yeah, we did. there's a couple of issues here. i think the biggest thing is they want to work specifically with central america and latin america. they say to be able to really work through a process of getting more financial assistance in those countries in those countries can provide more help to the united states in terms of fixing the supply chain issues. and then the other issue they say is cutting to red tape for customers and so that they don't have to deal with as much hold up time at the border. now christy, we know that the 2 major ports where this backlog has happened are the ports of los angeles in long beach. now both of those ports have announced new find on cargo
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carriers. so what are the details on that? yeah, the vitamin ministration is hopeful that these new fines impose on the carriers here will ease these large and with cargo ships. the partial month end of the long beach will charge carriers $100.00 per day for each container lingering past the given deadline. starting november 1st, so containers move by trucks will have 9 days before start fine, start accruing and continuous. it'll move by rail will have 3 days. but the thing is, this really doesn't solve the problem because it's not like the ships are lingering there because they want to log in is partly due to the shortage of warehouse workers and truck drivers to pick up the goods and not like the companies want to have the shortage, they're literally doing everything they can to move things along. but when you have a shortage of workers and drivers, there's been little you can do so further. adding a penalty on top or companies will further into the bottom line, making it even worse for businesses. so already there are businesses that are paying extra for the extra time at the waiting to be unloaded. so friends of mine
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have quoted their transportation and land. it could cost $10.00 as a result and the ship sitting idle at the sea unable to come in due to the jam. so now me fine will be punishing businesses further simply because they can't find truckers. so amazon has their own fleet of trucks have control their own timetable, logistics. that's great. most other small businesses actually rely on contract truckers to pick up their goods. and right now there are nobody and no trucker. so i just don't think it's a good idea, nor will it help the situation at all. christy. one of the other answers globally, i guess the administration says is to focus on multiple reliable suppliers of raw materials, intermediate and finished. good. so how does that relate to the ongoing dependence on china? it relates to china. currently, china is the main manufacturer of the world. so in times of crises such as the height of medical supplies and consumer staples were in tight supply because china
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itself was caught in the midst of the pandemic, couldn't work to produce a necessary supplies. so a lot of these talk i meant to mitigate dependence on a sole supplier and manufacturer in k china, in case there are any of their catastrophes or disasters or disruption will depend on korea just how vulnerable the existing supply chain is. and looking for the vitamin ministration added that this will be the last crisis we face as there are climate changes. now, factors and even in the tax. so far the countries have agreed to work for more transparencies and information sharing between countries and on the need to have multiple reliable suppliers. but at the same time, the ongoing friction between us and china is also contributing to this because there has been no the escalation. and by china, she's not showing up to the media. it shows that there is still a lot of mistrust between the 2 nations. so while diverse appliance appli lines is a good just good strategy and good business practice in general, the other half of it, sometimes fact that there's this growing rift between us in china and is
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continuously hampering business and train relationships. right. and i know that those tensions are something that we've talked a lot about and they become even more important and even more notable as we go along. now ben, when it comes to really the effects of the supply chain issues, we've heard that many supermarkets are reportedly having to play what is described as whack a mole, trying to keep certain products on the shelves. how is that playing out so far? well, i think it's difficult, i mean, you do have the issue where all across the country, different supermarkets are trying to figure out exactly where they're going to get their supply from. and so specifically, there are certain items that are doing especially well or more scarce. nutella is apparently one of them, pringles chips are another one. i don't know who leading pringles jeff is. what is it? $900.00. 86. really there and hide. a lot of people want them because supermarkets are having a hard time keeping them thought, but i, i think what's really interesting about all of us and, you know, kristi pointed this out as well. this is not a global issue. it is a, it is
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a us issue right now and so interesting that a lot of the guess that we'll have on boom, but we'll talk about this. that other countries are not seen this, that this is a u. s. problem and it's specifically a california port problem. and so the idea that you know, all these different levers are going to be pulled in order to fix this problem for including the finding idea, right? you're going to find and punish certain cargo carriers if they don't move fast enough. you want to try to force the private sector to move faster. there's so many different elements that are being included in this when the truth is moving away from those 2 ports would be very helpful when 40 percent of all of these products are moving to those fort supermarkets can get their products faster. there's a much faster way to do this, and it's to not continue to sit outside off the port of los angeles and the port of long beach get them to another port. definitely a point to consider. boom bus, co host, ben swan and chris the i thank you so much for breaking it all down and staying on the topic of global supplies, there is
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a new agreement between the u. s. and the you to put an end to a series of terror that were put in place under the trump administration. as a result, the u. s. will lift the 25 percent tariff, bog steel and 10 percent duty auto aluminum from europe, and the e. u will lift its levies on a series of us made products that include whiskey peanut butter, orange, shoot, and harley davidson motorcycles. leaders from both sides praise the agreement, calling it a quote, new era in relation between the u. s. and you, here's what this deal does. it immediately removes tire on european union, on the european union, on a range of us products and lower costs to american consumers. and ensure a strong competitive us steel industry for decades to come and create good pain union jobs at home. and this marks a milestone in the renewed us partnership. and it is our global
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1st in our efforts to achieve the di, company facing of the global production and trade. now this new agreement comes with one queer target. the leaders say they want to put an end to be over production of steel in the name of the environment, because the industry is one of the largest when it comes to c o 2 emissions. but in doing so, they will also be targeting beijing who still production accounts for more than half of the world supply or as president by the end described in a statement to the press. the new agreement with the you aims to quote, restrict access to our markets for dirty steel from countries like china. so joining us now to discuss the latest is hillary for president straw. mark o c and board member with the british american business association. hillary. it's great to have you back so that when it comes to this new agreement, how likely is it to be successful? i mean, what do you make of it? okay. well, thank you. pass me back with you again, rachel. i'm successful for who? that's the question for the steel workers in scranton,
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pennsylvania. i don't think so. does it matter when they lose their jobs because steals coming in from the you with the jobs, the last to the you are china. i don't think it's very good for american jobs. and one of the reasons that we're terrorist, imposed by the previous administration were to protect american jobs. so if you importing steel really doesn't matter where that was coming from. that's number one . point number 2, successful. well, it's successful for holly davidson because their stock is soaring today. so those tariffs, now the e u, has decided to sort of to work in part of the steel is to reduce some of those towers. so the towers have been reduced on the holly davidson but also for bub whiskey for peanut butter, for orange juice and for a number of other american products. so it's successful for some of the american companies that now longo no longer have those towers imposed into going into europe . it's interesting because whenever we've talked about tariffs and trade recently, it's always these very specific. obviously steel is a broad category that's very important to manufacturing throughout, throughout the world. but it seems like whenever we get to the we start talk about
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peanut butter. yeah, fish, it's awesome. whatever. happy in georgia right now on the bottom of the so successful with some people, not problems that will be my hillary, even though the leader is say they are acting in the interest of cutting c o 2 emission. and how much is tied to the dominant of the marketplace of steel, play a role in this truth between the you and the us? well, 1st part of your question, when you say global leaders say about global lead to saying, you know, the biden took 5 planes to europe, 85, cause we're in his entourage, leaving rome and going to the global summit. all these global leaders are all flying met, his carbon emission with 2200000 tons of c o. 2 emissions just from those planes alone. so what they say, i think they're just hypocrites because why didn't they do this all by zoom? so what they say, i don't think has a lot of relevance, there are lots of hypocrites because they could have done this 5 boom. and that would have shown us all they really do. sincerely care about the environment. now to a point about china, china producers of over 80 percent of
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a world steel. they've actually recently constructed 84 coal lights. so china isn't that the table. china has issued a statement saying that they would try to get to sort of even emissions by 2060. so that's 1020 years behind the rest of the world. i don't think it matters what they say because they're not really doing very much. but just being hypocrite, so the whole thing. so i think it's actually a lot of virtue signaling. yeah, it always seems to me that way whenever it comes to something like b as you know, they focus on those photo ops is all too important. pictures that you get to the leaders and then not much more after that. now finally, before we go, i did want to touch on this point, which is that you have the us and the e. you talking about this new era and their partnership together. well, at the same time you are the u. k over here, still not having that all too important trade agreement under the binding ministration with the us. do you see this is a way of the u. s. kind of saying that they're choosing the e u over the u. k. right now thought of choosing. yes, rachel, rather choosing, i would say, i'm actually biden. i don't know whether he meant to make such
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a huge mistake. but he actually on air over the weekend, managed to a be in a pretty much everyone in the u. k. when he actually claimed that the, for france is the greatest ally the longest. and i'm on the best allies of the us. well, actually they want when we were flying planes over to in the gulf war because they wouldn't even the claims go with their s space. so they weren't such a good ally then. but actually, this of course, is a demonstration of the closer relationship between the you and biden. and it goes back to his roots of not only funding the i r a, but also his roots of being just like he was when he was with obama, which is that the u. k. was go to the back of the line with brooks that he's been against. brock said he counts as irish roots even though it's finally came over in 1870 a little while ago. but he really has yes. tons. pivoted towards the university. okay, definitely. yeah, it certainly will be interesting to see what comes out of those relationships and forward, but create incentives. always hillary for which thank you so much for joining us.
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and the world is waiting for the certification of the north stream to pipeline. but in the meantime, the dispute continues over the state of europe, energy supplies, and what russia should be doing about it. while reports noted the existing pipeline from russia to germany came to a standstill over the weekend mosque out responded by saying it is still falling through on its contracts with europe while also making effort to make natural gas available to the region. the pressure has been on, make sure that europe has the supplies that need with winter quickly approaching rushes emphasize the importance of pursuing long term natural gas deals in order to secure supplies and to lock in pricing down the road. but countries like ukraine have come to rely on reverse contracts, where they buy gas that comes from russia after it has been sent to western europe instead of buying it directly from russia due to some political concern. there. however, mal dover, just locked in a 5 year deal with gas from that went into effect on monday. now it's interesting
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here because i know every time we talk about the nord stream pipeline, we often hear a lot of backlash, especially from the media against russia, saying that russia should be stepping up in terms of the supplies that they're only doing this politically when it comes to the nordstrom to pipeline, but it is interesting to hear their response if they're wanting these long term contracts and emphasizing the importance of this while at the same time. yes, of course they want nordstrom to find cuz we've been talking about it for years. well, right, and we've talked about that on the show. many times is that spot pricing, which is basically buying it as you need it. where things are that could be tough because you don't know when the next checks coming in, especially as we talk about moving in energy reliance or it's crisis fluctuating. dr. decide what works best for your country. that can be a problem as well. and certainly europe is going to be focusing on it more and more, especially as we get into the winter months and time now for a quick break. but when we come back, it has been yet another nightmare weekend for the airline sector as american airlines. loss of flights cancelled as rough weather and staff shortage to play the
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industry will discuss. and as we break here, the numbers of the it's been 30 years since the soviet union got louder, chill them on to what they took. so show me your for trust them with all the ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of the super bowl. i'm doing awesome. good. would you also get on google greens? come a little. i'm surely confusing from us unless you leash, unless you did better lung or a couple of things and finish with water the past 3 decades, when likely ukraine eyewitnesses with cool events. this will get more
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with what i knew more about it. i'm not sure what a good bunch for months with modern windows and what other forces were at play, the producer to whom you show in ship machine the same you put in the kid what it a little bit when you did the shows us. it was a low version, so please take a look at ukraine. 30 years out, the gaining independence. you go to your phone with us unless you mean like unity recorded live, but a will. it makes you provision opium, lush williston holding. so wow, you know, things are, of course, playing out as we've been protecting they would. we've got the very central banks putting on their kabuki costumes and getting ready to go out on stage and perform
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their ritualistic nod to the need to raise rates, followed by their ritual. was that denial that they are able to raise rates, followed by massive quantitative easing. money printing and hyperinflation? once again. oh boy, it gets so entertaining. the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. what you see in this, these techniques is to state devising methods to essentially destroy the personality of an individual by scientific means. this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, the ca, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. then down the victim say they
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still live with the consequences. today i was with there's things we dare to ask and while the vendor makes no sense, you know, born is and is blind to nationalities. and you farish as a merge, we don't have with the we don't have a vaccine,
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whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis, well not go on forever. the challenge is for the response, has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with a welcome back. tens of thousands of passengers in the united states dealt with a wave of light cancellations over the weekend with more than 1800 american airlines flights being grounded due to staffing shortages and weather related
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issues. so what is the impact of these cancellations, and will they continue into this week? are t correspondent turn new child as has been following the story and follow those report? airports across the united states a feeling the fallout after a weekend of mass cancellations. more than 2000 and flights canceled this week and across several airlines, american airlines struggling the most cancelling more than 1900 flights since friday. a 3rd of its flights cancelled sunday alone. hundreds more cancelled on monday morning, marking the 3rd straight day of cancellations. the company blaming the weather and a shortage, a flight attendance, american airlines setting the statement with additional weather throughout the system. our staffing begins to run tight as crew members end up out of their regular flight sequences. the airline though, continues to battle staffing shortages amid the coven 1900 pandemic, since air travel punched in early 2020 airlines offered buyouts and early retirement packages to employees in order to cut costs. but now like other airlines,
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american airlines is racing to bring back to workers and higher pilots, flight attendance and ground stuff. as air travel has drastically picked up a letter to employees, a is now pledging more than 4000 new team members. and 600 new flight attendants heading into the holiday season. the chaos comes just weeks after southwest airlines cancelled 2000 flights in just a matter of days, straining thousands of travelers and employees, costing me or like a $75000000.00. and after more than 200 flights, canceled this weekend, southwest is now further scaling back flights to make sure they have enough staff for boom bust trinity chavez, our tv york. and joining us now to dig deeper into this issues facing us, their life is dead. a pager, he is a communication chairman for the public thoroughfares of labor union, representing american airlines, pilots, cavities. you're always a pleasure to have you on. and i know you've been dealing with some of these delays as well, being
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a pilot yourself. so how much of these staffing shortages that have been faced and recent days is due to the airlines handling of the staffing as it transitioned out of the cove at $900.00 pair debit. really hit a nail on a head, a bell trinity in yourself. this is not just staffing, this is what you do with the staff that you have all of its being exposed when weather hits. you know that storm we talk of, which is very strong winds in dallas, unlike we've seen in a very long time, certainly caused cancellations. that happens at every airline, but the fact that we're days into this. and you know, yesterday it's over a 135000 passengers impacted. you take 4 or 5 people that they are all going to meet. i mean, that's an extraordinary amount of folks that have been impacted by this. and it's not just because you don't have the staffing is because the people that you do have both the pilots in a flight it's in, it's in a pilots we're part of that. it most of it was a flight attendance about 60 something percent we're in a 30 percent range, which is you know, you've covered this through the summer that the connecting the pilots to the
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airplane. now we have the flight attendance to the airplane is the blocking. and tackling of running an airline and management is just not getting it done. she can't blame the weather. you can't blame. busy the calendar, every single time we've got to get this fixed. now whenever it comes to these ongoing shortages, i mean, i know this is something that is kind of come up more and more over the last month . and it seems like we kind of get to a weekend like this one. and all of a sudden it is hundreds of flights that are canceled. and so then the question kind of becomes, it is something we're expecting not only more player this week, but also as we get into the busy holiday season, is it likely that we're going to continue to see weekends like the one we just saw? rachel, that's exactly if that's why we've been on your program and others saying, we're concerned about the holiday travel season. right now. management is stuffing the holiday turkey with uncertainty. it's got to be fixed. we've got the solutions . management said, hey, thanks, but we don't need to chat with 2 months, 2 over 2 months. we've been asking them and they said, well, in
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a couple weeks we'll get back to you. well, here's the result. and we've seen the stage of who all over again. it's got to stop, we've got to get the fundamentals down because our pilots and flight attendants are just like our passengers were having our family lives ripped apart because of this . and other airlines are not going through this. so the time to fix it is now we need management to join us. and by the way, the federal taxpayer, all of us are that invested billions of dollars in the airlines to not have this happen over 12000000000 and p s b for american airlines. we're grateful for that, but how dear management not be ready for this recovery? we're ready. our flight attendants are ready and certainly the passengers are, you know, obviously the airline did wasn't able to for low workers while they were, you know, in the point where they were receiving that money. but i mean, it does feel like they could have easily seen it come in as they ask people to take early retirement. you know, in that same that post colbert era,
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that this was exactly what was going to happen. i mean, what do you expect the are, what are, is the allied house association that is to say, and the corresponding union for the other portions of the airline workers. what are they hoping to hear from management to actually fix these problems? what's your plan is that simple. we don't hear any plan from management other than motivational speeches about how we're going to do better. well hope doesn't make an airplane fly and actual plan does. so we're looking at the holiday season. we just talked of the uncertainty there. merican just announce are going to more than double the hiring for pilot p $500.00 for next year. that's over double with a enough. earlier we have instructor pilots leaving instruction course going back to the line to fly. it's going to have manning in the instructor side or the simulators to get this done and not and stop this. this madness from happening. we don't want to be in the headlines like this. this recovery is counting on us. and the pilots and flight attendants are stepping up along with every every other worker. it's management that is feeling to help us connect to the airplane and
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until they change their ways, we may see a repeat of this and we cannot afford to do it not only as human beings, but as employees of this enterprise, captain, dennis tater, of the allied pilots association, thank you so much for adding claire to story and we'll have you back on as we follow it. thank you so much. thank you. and finally, there has long been the contention from critics of the world's wealthiest people, that if billionaires would give up just a fraction of their wealth, it could solve world hunger. in fact, last week, the head of the u. n. world food program, david beasley said it's time for billionaires like say you on must to step up now on a one time basis to help fix the problem telling cnn 2 percent of ones wealth, which is roughly 6 $1000000000.00 would help. 42000000 people that are literally going to die if we don't reach them. now, while this trope has been going around for some time, on sunday,
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must actually responded to the idea on twitter, saying if the w s p can describe on this twitter thread exactly how 6000000000 dollars would solve world hunger, he will sell stock right now in do it must added that the reply must use open source accounting. so the public sees precisely how that money will be spent. and rachel, this is something we've heard a lot of over the years. and i mean, i don't want it always seem like the person who defends billionaires run boom bus because that's not at all where i want to be. but it's a short sighted opinion. again, yes, they could throw money at world hunger, but there needs to be a plan. you know, the world food program already gets $8000000000.00 in funding. and just as last year load and they didn't, i'm surely if there was some sort of figure that would solve it, that's what they would be doing. was any 1000000000 or what's their name on solve? world hunger and that's it for the time you could catch boom bus on demand. a portable tv affordable dot tv will see next time me
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i ah, russia. this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. even though they moved to a more sort of can you sell it to proposal that sure. dealing with them for the proctors, they took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model escapes as well over a show to file a motion from a small school. well, we'll shoot for commercial, then you can get the customer with us or
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only really and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk. it's been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed in miss gotta go to chill on to water pump it nuclear, you know, talk. so show me where you all swore trust on one coil or tom. ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of a super bowl or somebody would you also get on google greens come a little more surely confusing semester yet, and less nutrition with lung or law, or else what as a, as a resource for you the viewer, this is mr. responded to scribble for sure with
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helpful water. the past 3 decades, green light for ukraine. eye witnesses recall the events. this would be more or less of judiciary fulfillment deficiency that the little you are on using. to know if that orders and some natural up with for months with marvin windows and what other forces were at play. you have to use the room, you should see inch in machine, those them you are out in the kid, awarded motor currency. when is it? socialization was the oceans. rosalie's. take a look at ukraine. 30 years after gaining independence. if talk with her. but i'm, we're from us. are here and listening for unity recorded live, but a will. it lindsay confusion opium, lush williston, holding for with
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what most of moscow time. and i headlines the india targets. net 0 emissions by 2072 decades after most developing nations have promised to do it. but as the west pushes for action that the cup $26.00 climate summit, we look at the difficulties facing countries dependent on fossil fuels. and an h. s executive forms that mandatory vaccines for britain's healthcare staff could spark an exodus of workers and put lives at risk and france delays. it's retaliatory measures against the u. k. and a rather fishing rights of to london threatens to take legal action. ah
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good al, to from russia live from ortiz, will.


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