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one problem, they themselves are a grotesque spectacle of decadence and hypocrisy. we will bring you all the details from their meeting as well as why the optics at the sea of the 26th climate summit have already given a very sour impression. and there are a lot of positives to traveling to space, but astronaut are learning that it can be a real pain in the neck and their back. literally, we will bring you one wo, which might make you think twice about space travel in the future. i'm going to use and we're going to give you the 360 view on these stories and more i do use use right here on our t america. ah, starting this week 8 height of virginia governor's race is putting republicans and democrats strategy all to the chest and erase which should have been hugely dominated by the former governor terry mcauliffe considering president buying and
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actually won the state by almost 10 percent more than trump in 2020 election issues like education as well as the effects of the bottom restrictions policies on main street are really causing the race to be neck and neck. they're both sides have claimed momentum over the weekend. have a republican nominee. glenn young can, has given the republican hope for not only the mid terms, but also reclaiming the white house in 2024. now regard, if he, when democrats have had a gut punch, knowing what they are doing or not doing is obviously not causing them to be the most popular party with the people, at least in virginia. so give us their take on how they see tuesday is going to race is going to be attorney and former new york city council. can it carrie and burke and larry were ward present of constitutional rights packed thanks for joining me. ok, so let's start with the new carrion is terry mcauliffe not why leading by huge
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standard because of him are more about the bigger picture of what is going on in the country today. i think the combination of the junior governor. great. so very michel a lot of his speeches and also some of his policy. for instance, he made him back with regard to education choice, saying that parents don't need to have a say in their children's education. so that really didn't motor in virginia. and i said that is partly why his numbers are not so huge a marginal difference from the republican candidate. right. and also i think that very bad. no, that's pretty finish. okay. i do think also the republican candidate, you know, he is more for the people and he thought about issues that people understand and wants to hear about. so that is partly why we need some hold back from me. that
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was real interesting is education, i think is the one topic that kind of can cross party lines that people are willing to vote over, especially because they can see it every day in their children's day to day lives. how important education is and the agenda that goes with it. but larry, you know, one thing that it's been interesting, the republicans are either they're coming straight towards the middle or they're getting as far away from is trump. so how tied do you think to former president trump? is our voters for young? can you get it in trump? i've nothing to do each other. young kid is probably more aligned with larry ogen than with donald trump. and quite frankly i, i just kind of prefer, if he was more aligned with donald trump personally. but you know, the, the races about young can versus mccall of course and make it about trump, but has nothing to do with trump. mcauliffe is so desperate and you could tell by the ad that he's running. if you're running to try and get the center. then like
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like youngin is doing now he's trying to take some more of the democratic base by saying, you run a gas. i'm a former democrat support, that's a kind of stuff you would see from someone who is leading. but you see someone who is panicking is running ads aimed at their base, which they should have short up. and you see a lot of abortion at abortion, after abortion, after abortion, at that call up and running, trying to scare women into abortion. why is that? it's because they've lost the suburban mom speak due to this due to the school situation due. the fact that he tells parents doesn't have a right into their to discuss their school's, their children's education. so because he's lost the argument there, now he's trying to scare women into, you can't, you know, you can't have an abortion that good young going to, going to go back on that. you know where it's really interesting that you bring that young kid is actually as far away from trump as you can be as ever in public
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more like larry ward. i know more like larry hogan, i think that's a very interesting take right there. and that's and then the republicans, the last 23 years that he can't, the ran away from, from, was not very successful. so i'm going to ask you in a minute. but more importantly, right now, kerry, how do you think democrats are going to look at their strategy on wednesday and adjust? no matter who wins going ok. this is kind of a wakeup call. let's say that mccaul, it's able to pull it through. it's still a wake up call to the party going. what do we need to change? going into the next 2 years. i definitely think there's a whole no matter what i believe you've been, trump is probably a good horse at this point. i think people want to hear about their local issue a little bit more because that's their day to day light. i think that they have to bring their candidate as someone that can bring or change the the change and provide policies that can help people day to day on and not educated and maybe even
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a little immigration if that is something that is a concern for those i think the days of saying, oh yeah, the fan the, the nation i get from doing it a little way in the midst of them. so i definitely think strategy has to change, and it will say going into the mid because fighting great, even in brigades, fairly low and national rates fall into about 40 percent. so the change, it seems sure that the democratic party is viable and linked to the midterm. election, while i have you both here, i actually want to talk about a claim that the former president has actually may claim that nearly 12000000 immigrants have come to us illegally over the year. i think everyone with their eyes can see that there has been a large influx of illegal immigrants who come over. however, $12000000.00 might be over doing it. estimates you know, look to be about under 2000000 might be a little bit more, might be a little less, but definitely not the 12. larry. the former president's large exaggerations only
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heard himself and the parties credibility. no, i don't think so. look at president is who he is and he says what he says i'd like to actually go back to the, to the, to the other point about what will the democrats change strategy and there's a, there's an interesting caveat here. i think the young can should run away with it. i also think that the, the new jersey race should be very competitive, a lot more competitive that people think based on the actual what we're seeing on the ground. but here's, here's the interesting thing. fairfax is already cheating. fairfax county is already violating the law and ignoring the social security number on the social security number on the check on the mail in ballot is violating virginia state law and you know, they, the cheating has happened. so why, why am i bringing this up because there's 5 trillion dollars at stake, $1.00, and that $3.00 trillion that the democrats want to pass. well,
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if they lose this election badly, that it definitely pushes that agenda way back. and they'll have to really reconsider their, their, their strategy. but if they, if they cheat and when will they make it say, well, we would, the people spoke and they will shove the 5 trillion dollars. so there's a lot of money at stake. and i think that they'll do anything they can to win this electric, including cheese and kerry, and i've got to get a response. i want to make sure that's fair. but once again, i said you're already hearing both sides saying, watching interference for interference. does that help any of these conversations, especially on the day there is going to be someone who wins this race from the end? well, i don't know if there is a particular lesson as a right now that is something play the court to decide. so i do not want to say there is any type of war to florida, keating going on in the races that were c. however, i, there were border protection rules and regulations that virginia had done and they
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are a little bit easier for people to vote in elections. i think that is good because a lot of time in the past, one voter disenfranchisement in virginia, they were under federal was for some of the discriminatory actions that they did in their prior elections prior to the end of it. so after this election, we would have to wait a see if there's actual voter fraud. i don't like to throw that i'd be we want or integrity. i think all parties should be focused on border integrity and i think that they are less weighted well is great talking about the media, and i think all eyes will be on virginia to are and new jersey to a certain say, but i think virginia is kind of the one that people are looking to see. and you know, what if either party wants to turn around and claim fraud on the other side depending on who wins that it's on them. if you know that could by and be a possibility going into it, then have your people in your attorneys ready to watch. we need integrity, put back into our elections. and the only way we're going to do that is by paying attention. now barclays chief just daily has
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a step down from his position i. c o. find the latest round of investigations into his relationship with jeffrey epstein. and jeffrey, i've seen with a client of jp morgan is a private bank, which a sally used to run prior to taking over as a group ceo and director barclays. and sally was obviously surprised by the result of the investigation as well as the reaction by the board of directors. as he was said to travel to the sea of the 26th climb and talk to glasgow. happening in just this week, instead, daily found himself resigning from his position. following the results of the probe, which was done by the financial conduct authority and prudential regulation authority that the investigation made. no finding staley saw or was aware of mister abstains legit crimes. however, the board and mister shaley agreed to still part ways. so to give us more insight and if this means the investigation, however slow is still progressing and bringing justice, we bring
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a legal journalist contributor with america's lawyer. molly barbara, thank you so much. enjoy your molly again. hi, scotty. okay, so i just have to ask how involve the was staley with abstain compared to others who are in the network who have not even been brought really to any sort of of prosecution or justice yet? well that's a great question and it does seem like there is a big name that's associated with epstein every time you open up the paper or check out online with the way this news is. so he appears to be the latest person that's associated with epstein. now the nature of his relationship with the failure set has been strictly professional, but this particular investigation started after an employee of failure released a cache of e mails to regulators between staley and epstein. now, according to regulators, there were content in those emails and implied that it was more personal than professional or at least was not as professional as staley would have the board
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admit. so to pursue it appears that this was more, a matter of perception that there was some in can grew these inconsistencies between the nature of what staley said his relationship with epstein was and what was indicated in these emails. and staley apparently said he was going to fight their findings and when they realized that was the case, they decided that it was better just to give them the 2 and a half $1000000.00 pay out in pounds, as opposed to keeping him on is see they didn't want the black guy, if you will, or the public site. so as far as the nature of his relationship being different from others, it's hard to know because there's a he said he said, situation going on right now. but of course, the sailors professional, according to the regulators, they have information that would indicate it was not as professional as perhaps the daily would have indicated. well, i'm molly sally. one of those he says, can't say anything anymore. so we can even ask questions on that. part, you know, but i have to start thinking about what would be the basis to actually part ways with your ceo. staley was not
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a part of or witness any i've seen crime. is there more which is not been really so public? do you feel like you just say just because your name was so she will guess what? there are thousands, including a lot of the people up on capitol hill right now, whose name has appeared very close to have seen. they still have their job. so why now, staley, is he being released? you know, it's a, it's a great question and i sure would like to get my hands on those emails. but here's a little tidbit that we do know. staley said he and his wife actually went to lunch on that virgin island. the u. s. virgin islands that epstein had that was nicknamed by local, called pedophile island. so he did have lunch there. that's not to say anything inappropriate happened. and that happened before he became ceo barclays. he was still working for j. p. morgan, when obscene was there where he was an important client. so it's not unusual. they say when you have high rolling clients, like i've seen billionaires for their relationship to be a little more personal, if you will with your banker, it's not unusual for bankers to visit
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a client like that at their home, for example. so him visiting this island isn't necessarily an indictment of him, but it is one more thing that makes you go ha, what was the nature of their relationship? and obviously i've seen is not someone that people associate with good things. and he is certainly a black eye when it comes to p, r in any circle. so maybe barclay's decision was, hey, the fact that you were associated with him at all, there has been some inconsistency in what you're saying was the nature of your relationship. and what we're hearing from regulators, we're just going to take the approach of let's go ahead and cut ties. now perhaps they just thought it would look better for them as opposed to anything actually being bad between them. well, let's hope this. well, i don't him to say on this, even though it's moving. so it's been 2 years since i've seen himself apparently committed suicide, at least to show that they're still trying to follow up on the investigations even if it's slow paced. thank you so much for joining us. now after the break, there is a huge traffic jam at the glassware port, as there is not enough room to park all of the private jet. so those leaders and
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business and government who are coming in from around the world to talk about how to combat climate change. we will discuss this and the multiple other hypocrisies happening this week. at the c o. p 26. a . now it shows the wrong one, i just don't know. i mean, you have to see how they become to the applicant, an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. it's
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been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed. mom miss got louder. go to chill them on to what the problem yet nuclear you talk so. so shown where you also trust one, want all of them. ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of a super bow. i'm doing awesome. would you also get on liberal greens? come on board. surely confusing some of the english new lease in west indiana better one more law, a service, but it is a for apple. watch the past 3 decades, green light for ukraine. eye witnesses with cool events. this will be more or less of a deficiency of triple. what i need to know is that order, i'm not sure, but it be about 4 months with motor windows and what other forces were at play. you have to do the room, you show engine mushy. in those them, you put in the kid what it records when you have it shows up in was
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a little versions of these. take a look at ukraine, 30 years out, the gaining independence. if you're going to need your phone with us for dinner unless you mean like unity retorted live, but a will. it makes you could be sure you have lunch with us. no, no, no problem. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such short or is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point, obviously is to great trust i rather than fear with the area with artificial intelligence, real summoning with the
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robot must protect its own existence, was the okay. aside from the economy, toby and climate change actually took up much of the agenda at this year's g. 20 summit in rome. and while the pandemic continued to be at the top of mind, the state of the planet eclipse to all of their issues, our teeth for hell of age has the story. it was the perfect opportunity for a few photos and getting down to business. the g 20 summit in rome saw the leaders of the world's biggest economies come together in hopes of building a united front to tackle issues which concern us all. at the top of the agenda this year was climate change. one country which has already suffering from global warming, is russia addressing the sun it through
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a video link. russian president vladimir putin emphasize the urgency of the matter . the average annual temperature in russia is rising more than $2.00 times faster than the global average. in 10 years, it has increased by almost half a degree. russia has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2016, according to president putin over the past 20 years. the countries carbon footprint has decreased by 2.7 percent annually. as for the rest of the g 20, some leaders have criticized group members for not doing enough just 12. g 20 members who are committed to reach knit 0 by 2050. already a barely half of us have submitted improve plans. the how we will cover emissions since the parish summit in 2015, according to the final communicate from the summit. the group of 20 leaders agreed to end public finance for coal fired power generation abroad, but no target for facing out coal domestically. on the subject of the cobra, 1900 pandemic. there was a call for gee,
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20 nations to distribute existing vaccines in a more equitable way to poor countries. candidates prime minister justin trudeau said his government would be stepping up to the plate. of course, the big issue that we continued to address 1st was the recovery from coven 1900. we know that to be covered anywhere. we have to beat it everywhere. which is why we announce a canada, we'll donate 200000000 doses to kovacs by the end of 2022 callbacks pools funds from wealthier nations to help buy vaccines for themselves and low income countries . when it comes to the economy. d 20 leaders formerly endorsed the global minimum tax on corporations of 15 percent. the new international tax rolls target, fiscal paradise's, and it's skyrocketing profits of the multinational corporations. although some have said that the summit was success. many fear that the commitments regarding climate change where week at best, and that they could set a precedent that will negatively affect the momentum for the larger climate change
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focused comp 26 conference in glasgow where countries from around the world are represented for r t and alex mileage i un climate change conference is underway in scotland and all attendees plan on which course we should take to say the planet leaders are actually showing up are being accused of hypocrisy for not reducing their own carbon footprint on the way to c o. p. 26 more than 400 private jets have actually been used to fly and guest for all those talks. are g shot at da. she looks at this year's events and how well promises of past events are holding up. on paper, the u. k. is paving the way so clean a green, a renewable energy for human on the small print, it tells a totally different story. report is found proposal. so 40 potential new fossil fuel extraction projects that are nearly triple the u. k. annual greenhouse gas emissions. hardly a good start ahead of 26 am to delivering on these pledges. the solution to climate
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change is clear. it lies in consigning dirty fossil fuels like co, the history in ditching gas guzzling modes of transport. we've decided to put cold behind us. if we want to reach the subject that we all need to move to carbon neutrality by 2015, the wheels of the net here are bandwagon wobbling as green energy alternatives like wind and solar home toys reliable on that to the fuel crisis. and there's only one way to go backwards. europe, resorting to old school power resolves is like colon gas. no shun for it's carbon emissions, which hasn't gone down to while at all the
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things we're the point. they've been 25 previous cops and everyone's wondering. busy why, you know, hasn't been a success so far. busy you know, emissions are arise and there's just, you know, an unprecedented will for a change that hasn't been necessarily previous cops, i think so. on november, the 6th day of action for climate justice 100 people marching through glasgow. and i think it's possible for a decision makers to ignore and with a power crisis and low winter ahead. of course politicians are stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to keep homes heated without going back on there. what so does that mean it's a lose lose situation. we're going to have to look at the immediate problem, which is, i'm not sure which an energy shortage are and you can change them out. come money and companies that are pretty much going buster tonight. so you have the short term solution, which is how do we get through the winter and the long term solution,
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which is finding out exactly how we moved to renewables and a sustainable way in a way this cost effective. russia is happy to step in, but the you is giving most of the red lights. we come to now a sounds to be blackmailed by russia. the current, i guess prices are 1st and foremost, the result of high demand and low supply. russia is playing a game of poker. hey, tim says europe's gas crisis was largely its own fold and denies its using energy as a political weapon. russia is not using any weapons. where are we using weapons and what conflicts are we taking part? this is what i call a politically motivated talk. there is nothing to support it. we are actually increasing our supplies to europe, gas price increase supplies by 10 percent. we are increasing not decreasing our gas supply to europe, where you have it yet another issue muddied by politics. in the meantime, winter is coming. energy prices are skyrocketing and households employees to freeze
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. but none of that is deterring cop 26 from its mission of saving the planet. don't forget, of course there's a big carbon footprint being left by all those planes carrying world leaders and the delegations to and from the cop 26 summit charging saturday all t as the road gets ready to launch into commercial space, travel back pain, maybe something astronaut and space taurus, like we'll have to worry about our diverse planning to get ahead of it and brings us more about the findings of a new study linking the to a new study reveals that a lot of gravity may in fact come back pain is something that scientists are looking into as commercial space travel takes off. it's the commercial world in which advance capabilities get normalized and become part of everyday life. a technology advances the space race isn't just happening among various countries, but between some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs, most notably elan mosque,
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jeff bezos and richard branson. their goal is to get their space flight companies to operate almost like airlines allowing people to travel to space. there been dreams for a very long time of world buffington commercial activities in space with growing populations and so forth. now we have access to systems that off left to launch and land along going to space would be a dream come true for many there were is one little problem. scientists are hoping to solve in the near future back pain, according to a study published in the journal. anesthesiology 52 percent of astronauts have reported some type of back pain within 2 to 5 days of space. travel, or 86 percent of the cases were reportedly mild. the pain still impeded an astronaut. the ability to function during their tasks in orbit is that he looks into specialized suits and exercises to help prevent and treat back paint from the lack of gravity. a study from the university of ins, brooke, in austria, found that half of military helicopter pilots reported low back pain. these pilots
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and crew members flew in different gravitational forces. researchers said they were 3 times more likely to develop lombard disc herniation. a 2010 study revealed that astronauts are 4 times more likely to develop a herniated disk scientist to say the spines s shape bend enables that she resist gravity while absorbing weight and impact. researchers found some astronaut spine grew 3 inches from straightened out. specialists say this could be dangerous, causing not only pain, but also affect their stability of their spine after returning to earth. so this new study is proposing specialized suits in time as commercial space travel is skyrocketing along with regular resistance training, something that we should all be practicing for healthy bones. to begin with, reporting for news news, houston fascist suites r t. and that's all we have to show in the meantime for me on to her at scottie and hughes, i always, thanks for watching the later. ah,
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the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. what you see in this, these techniques is the state devising methods to essentially destroy the personality of an individual by scientific means. this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, sci, disseminated within the u. s. intelligence community and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how the victim say they still live with the consequences today.
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can you make heads or tails of mine is foreign policy. ukraine is a good example. does washington and brussels want peace? the same applies when it comes to china. where are the stable and predictable policies we were told about ah, in russia this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. even though stay more than the move them. so in the world about over the move sort of in the south, it flew proposal this year, dealing with just important practice. it took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model escapes usa will over certify excellent proposals. can you deal with my food oceans? miss northwood? well, we'll shoot for she. if the commercial, the new america was crockett, the quizlet, live with
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a pretty much it was pretty honest mercer i don't think i know as world leaders move on from the g 20 it isn't all smiles. the french president claims the australian pm was lying about that trouble deal for submarines while delegates gather and scotland for the un climate to summit with calls to have emissions. but there are cries of hypocrisy as around. $400.00 private jets are reportedly flying in via piece for the event and an american pilot, using the anti biden catch phrase. let's go. brandon, over the intercom during a flight sends democrats and the mainstream media into rage. those are your headlines in about an hour's time. my colleague andrew farmer will be here with a full and fresh look at your new stay with us. this is our international.


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