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tv   News  RT  November 1, 2021 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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with chrissy mozilla's toyota nursery ah, i don't think i know. as world latest move on from gee 20. it isn't all smiles. the french president claims his australian counterpart with lying but the troubled deal for submarines. the tongue delegates gather in scotland today for the u. s. crucial climate summit with calls to ha of admissions. there are a cries of hypocrisy as around $400.00 private jets who reported the fly in vi pays for the event. and in a decade long case, the canadian coach rules of the canadian didn't cross the line when he made jokes about a disabled child singer with a must be a stop between hatred and comedy, between buyer lamps, you know,
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and free speech. no one saying there should be consequences, but the argument is the consequence should not be you being by tens of thousands of dollars and not be allowed centrally, not allowed to criticize someone. ah, oh, just soon, 3 pm here. good afternoon from russia live from ortiz, will use h to moscow is kevin or your service today with our license this november, the 1st. so that to the start with europe's energy crisis. covert and that a big agreement on global corporation tax. just some of the issues world leaders got to grips with the g. 20 summit in italy, rome over the weekend. it was the group's 1st in person gathering since the start of the pandemic. but it didn't pass without controversy with the french president now accusing his australian counterpart of lying about the controversial orcus deal for submarines. i do say when,
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when you have with to be too young to behave in mine and consistently with i don't think i know you feel at all. and if i feel awful task i'm it was a contract. before the summit got underway, there was an important meeting between us president joe biden and french president emanuel micron. the intention of that get together had being to extinguish the awkwardness over the orchestra defense packed, not signing of a deal between australia, the united kingdom in the united states had essentially cut france out of a 66000000000 us dollar deal to sell australia. so marines on friday, the mood was very much one of reconciliation with the u. s. in france publicly burying the hatchet. joe biden saying the whole misunderstanding was down to miscommunication. i was under the impression that phrase hadn't
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form long before. with the idea that the u. s wasn't aware that signing the orcus pack to it could france out of that submarine deal with australia. doesn't really sac hope. when you listen to what australian prime minister scott morrison, hot to say in response to that biden's statement could be pretty much summed up as hang on there. joe, we let you know exactly what was going to happen. it was always a difficult decision force trailer. it was the right decision force trailer and worked closely with the united states and united kingdom, and we kept them up to date the u. s. administration with where we're at. and i'll verify discussions with france while not su remains any se you president biden does get to celebrate. the g 20 leaders approving his proposal for a global minimum rate of corporation. tax those supporting the u. s. president unco by degnan himself of hale. this is
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a big success. what the tax plan is designed to do is set a global minimum rates of corporation tax at 50 percent with the idea being that those countries that will have to raise their tax rate use that extra money that's generated in order to phone social programs to help the poorest in society, skeptics say that this is only really going to benefit already rich countries like the united states, who will also be the ones to enforce it. the u. s. is set to raise its current 21 percent corporation tax to 28 percent charities that work to help those in poverty . her voice, serious concerns over this plan. this deal is a shameful and dangerous capitulation to the low tax model of nations. it is a mockery of fairness that robs pandemic ravaged, developing countries. the world is experiencing the largest increase in poverty and decades and a massive explosion in inequality. but they steal will do, little or nothing to halt either. instead, it is already being seen by some wealthy nations,
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is an excuse to cut domestic corporate tax rates, risking a new race to the bottom. that's it for the g. 20 leaders summit 2021 next year. the event moves to indonesia with the leaders meeting in bali. peter, all of a r, t. rowe for back to they are now many those world leaders are in scotland for the u . n. cop 26 climate summit. and while they plan on which parts we should all be taking, the participants themselves are already accused of hypocrisy for doing little to actually reduce their own carbon footprint. because more than 400 private jets were reported to be used to fly in those guests. for the climate talks a with
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oh, are oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, i see here, blah blah blah. and where has that led us? well ahead of time, it talks britain's prime ministers called for robust measures to have emissions outing that if glasgow fails, the whole thing fails. neg south, he shuddered was dusty then looking at where the previous green promises were kept . on paper, the u. k. is paving the way so clean a green, a renewable energy for zoom in on the small print and it tells a totally different story. report is found proposal. so 40 potential new fossil
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fuel extraction projects were nearly triple the u. k. annual greenhouse gas emissions. hardly a good start ahead of 26 and to delivering on these pledges. the solution to climate change is clear. it lies in consigning dirty fossil fuels like coal, to history in ditching gas guzzling modes of transport. we decided to put coal behind us scenes. if you want to reach the subject that we all need to move to carbon neutrality by 2015, the wheels of the net here are bandwagon wobbling as green energy alternatives like wind and solar home toys reliable on that to the fuel crisis. and there's only one way to go backwards. you're resorting to old school power resolves is like colon gas long shun for it's carbon emissions, which hasn't gone down to while at all the
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things we're the point i think $25.00 previous cox. and everyone's wondering why you know, how to success so far. busy you know, emissions are rising, there's just, you know, unprecedented will for a change that hasn't been necessarily previous calls. i think so on the 6th day of action, climate justice, by some people marching through class and i think impossible for a decision makers to ignore. and with a power crisis and low winter ahead of calls, politicians are stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to keep homes heated without going on their way. so does that mean it's a lose lose situation? we're going to have to look at the immediate problem which is electric, which is an energy shortage of the huge amounts of come money and companies that
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are pretty much doing bust overnight. so you have the short term solution, which is how do we get to the winter and the long term solution, which is finding out exactly how we made to renewables in a sustainable way, in a way that's cost effective. russia is happy to step in, but the e. u is giving moscow the red light. we can't allow ourselves to be blackmailed by russia. the common tie gas prices are 1st and foremost, the result of high demand and low supply. russia is playing a game of poker. hayton says europe's gas crisis was largely its own folder and denies is using energy as a political weapon. receive action is food. russia is not using any weapons. where are we using weapons and what conflicts are we taking part? this is what i call a politically motivated talk. there is nothing to support it. we are actually increasing our supplies to europe and has probably increased supplies by 10 percent . we are increasing though not decreasing our gas supplied to europe. there you
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have it yet. another issue muddied by politics. in the meantime, winter is coming. energy prices are skyrocketing and households employees to freeze . but none of that is deterring cop 26 from its mission of saving the planet. don't forget, of course, there's a big carbon footprint being left by all those planes carrying world leaders and the delegations to and from the cop 26 summit charges with sashay. all 2 judges have ruled to the comedian who mocked a disabled child senior did not breach the youngest, his rights to dignity mike ward. the comedian has held the decision by canada supreme court then as part of a growing backlash against cancelled culture. as both sides reacted to the ruling. i like o, j. i one. this is less, i'm so happy. i think this is a good sign for comedy. i think this means the pendulum is about to swing
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the other way. comedians are going to be able to keep on doing jokes. i will want to tell him about how i fell when i 1st heard that the child as a 13 years old q. just think about gang because a 40 year old man say so that you shouldn't act. so singer jeremy gabrielle who's now $24.00 was born with a congenital disorder that causes scull abnormalities. he found fame back in 2006 and even perform for poke. but i think the 16th at one point, but from 2010 ward began making jokes about his disability. gabrielle was 13 at the time and says it made him suicidal and that he was bullied at school because of it . gabriel's family, them father, human rights complaint, but canada's highest court said that the singer was targeted not because of his disability, but because of his fame. they acknowledged that some of the comedians comments were nasty and disgraceful, but they did not in sight. they said the audience to treat gabriella sub human,
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while mr. ward received support from the comedy world or other still believe jokes like that must have consequences. we put it up for debate. you know, i, i agree with the court's conclusion. i mean that they acknowledge said that this was a nasty thing that was said, but you know, it doesn't go as far as to, you know, have a legal financial consequences for this person. when mister ward comes to your town, you have the option to not buy a ticket. you can ignore his podcast. you have the right to do all those things. but should he be prosecuted in a court of law? that takes it a bridge way too far. in my opinion, we have to sink about. he was a child, he was 13 years old. and i truly believe we should safeguard our children more because especially in this case he was not only a child, but he was and he still is disable. so, you know, the must be a stall between hatred and comedy between violence, you know,
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and free speech. got to charge in and find a guy, tens of thousands of dollars for a joke, comedy and joking. and freedom of speech is a human right. when did this change? this is nuts to me and, you know, i have to disagree with the, the woman who spoke before. but this, he was not making fun of his disability. he was primarily making fun of people who thought the kid was so weak that you couldn't comment and make fun of his singing is still alive. he the only thing that from what is it was a little different. and he, you know, he has to wear a hearing aid. i, we shouldn't be treating people like so differently. i mean, have some respect for the guy. he's not some weakling that you need to defend like this. first of all, he was violence. verbal violence towards a child that was 13 years old and disabled child. i don't care if it was an address
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in his disability. he was suicidal after that. and you come be free to say whatever you want him be buying renting every way you want in that and you know in your job i'm going to chip or nash if tomorrow i treat my disable, you know, employee like that, i would go to court to because doubt consequences for every one of us the what we do in our life, okay? it's not only speech is an action, no one saying there should be consequences. but the argument is, the consequence should not be you being by tens of thousands of dollars and not be alive centrally, not allowed to criticize somewhat. well, i just want to say this in response to that, a lot of comedians and, and i would like to think i'm one of them. it is possible for us to have 2 thoughts in our head at the same time. thought number one, that's a joke that a lot of us would never make. i personally would never make a joke like that. that's me. ah, but another thought that i am also able to have in my head at the same time is i can see the dangerous slippery slope of having legal consequences for someone who
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chooses to make such a joke. even if i find it in incredibly poor taste. and you know, free speech is just her virtue that i think it's very important and without it, i certainly wouldn't have a job or to pass. this is all tend to national high the coming up relatives of an elderly french woman who died when police flood a tear gas grenade into her home. she was close the shutters of the time accused ago, the concealing evidence while we're going to have for his son. after the break. lou ah, hell is driven by drink, shaped by thinkers and things with
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dares sinks. we dare to ask, ah ah ah ah again,
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so relatives of an elderly french woman who died when police threw a tear gas grenade into a home or accusing the government to cover cover up. now, santa bred to a ne, was reported a closing republic shut as at the time simply when she was hit, with a canister, cheering yellow vest protested ma say in 2018. she died the next day from her injuries. please say was a tragic accident and a combination of circumstances. we spoke to her son. mamma is you not? it is one of the problems, is that my mother is algerian. can you imagine how the french government would have reacted if an algerian man had treated a french woman in the same way? the police were standing right in front of the building where my mother lived and they were aiming upwards. they weren't shooting in an arc shaped trajectory. they were aiming straits, my mother's apartments. my mother was hit by a g l i a 40 guest grenade, which they were using against the protest. us, in my opinion, what france is doing is wrong. instead of solving the problem of french people
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through peaceful negotiations, the police results grenades and the use of force. i don't think it's justified. this is not the way we should solve problems. the explosive, tig gas grenades, the police use back there were banned in 2020 in the past, they have caused severe injuries to friends protest as they were replaced for the t and t. freel tentative rights group, say, is unclear for new ones, or actually any safer end of the day. the case of santa bra, dna is not the only one whereby standards and protest as have died or of been seriously injured. the french police have repeatedly been accused of abuse of power during the suppression of mass protests. her son shared his thoughts about it. not buffy in. ha, the french state hasn't taken responsibility for my mother's case form. interior minister caston had expressed his opinion about the incident even before he had all the details necessary for the investigation. it seems to me that the state wants to protect the police. the judges and the marcia police are in collision. in fact,
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the general inspectorate of the national police actually did its job as it conducted an investigation showing special police forces were responsible for this . but the investigation was concealed in order not to make public the discovered facts. however, we have conducted our investigation and we have the evidence. it was not yellow vests who are responsible for the grenade accent, but the state security police force. a groups are accusing, abided ministration of abandoning their former allies and citizens. in afghanistan, we had, for one interpreter who worked for coalition forces, he fears for his life. and as for his identity to be disguised, they should make priority for bills. interpreters who are working alongside would use army and use government. why do not look and why the department of defense does not look into how many, how many interpreters mine in afghanistan, they should me give the less for the used department off states that these
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interpreters, the minor left in afghanistan, we need to make navy great at 1st, not like look to local people, not like anybody can say still. we'll take a look at that. 22000 people is like our local people. they don't have documents, they don't have anything. i have a lot of opportunity. i have a documents, i have a letter recommendation letter from my supervisor, my ag company, which i was working with them. we call them mation is in showing me be making as in child personal have their child letter and also recommendation. i have a lot of documents by the spell remind here nothing was received. i don't know why is that? the problem is, what's the problem? will you a secretary state anthony blinking says they are working on fulfilling the commitments so that all american citizens and full my african allies will be rescued as soon as possible. but it's not just the u. s. facing criticism. a group of 30 britons to have slammed the u. k. no, for not getting them on flight. some prioritizing the evacuation of american
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citizens over them. chaos and gulf cobble at port in late august when hundreds of thousands of desperate afghans and foreigners scramble to try to get on board those final evacuation flights. we sold the pictures as i tried to get out of the country . and the taliban took power. 2 times, 2 times received a direct warning from taliban from the intelligence recall to sent abroad. i just twice changed my house vacations to tell of honest don't find my houses because i just written this email to that some of the association which so i find it from the social media to sir. my life is extremely endangered. we need help. we need the help to how to move from afghanistan safely to not get hurt. my family not get hurt myself our, my related, i'm not cancer about my so i'm concern about my family because i all truly are twice. we change our location because talent, intelligence,
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looking for me in the middle, trying to find me because of that. i don't half anyways, dina's cap. he makes it strongly suggest from the used department of states amnesty of defense. you the department of defense to support me to help me get out safely from afghanistan, with my family. residence a san francisco, attending to private security firms these days off to police of failing to cope with an alarming rising crime in that u. s. city calibrate kids home robberies. they've become the biggest problem for the area. and amid they serge in crime, business is booming. it seems for private security firms. we had from allen by od. he's an officer with one of those companies. he told us the police lack the manpower to cover everything effectively at the moment. not too many people want to become a police officer anymore. we have a couple of people that were working for us that were with s f p d,
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but no longer, we're still looking for officers. it's, we're having the same problem. getting people that san francisco police have, while authorities say the numbers have increased since cold defun, the police took effect. the figures show over 400 cases of violent crime. it may compare just over $300.00 at the same time. last year is also been a spike. in a number of fest, from cars to alum, by telling us people are losing patience with the situation. one of the things i've noticed, especially when the pandemic started, was very, very large increase in crime or greece, auto, burglaries, assaults, robberies, everything went up the beginning of the pandemic, the citizens here. they do pay taxes, lots of taxes. they would like to see more police unfortunately, that's not in the budget right now. there is
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a lot of people with our district attorney. they feel that a lot of this is his fault. it's the you citizens that are going to finally get fed up enough. and you know, they're going to let the board of supervisors know that this will no longer be tolerated. and the board of supervisors puts pressure on the mayor. and it's up to them to, you know, get more money to the police. we've got tele made shows for you and your part of the world of this break coming up, but that's where things are looking for moscow so far this november the 1st monday as well. of course, kevin, i would reporting from the rest of the team of a great rest of the day and thanks for watching all t international we're allowing ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can
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make mobile payments from our sons. the truth is that every device is in potential entry point for security attack. i think you can a, eventually there's malware on thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use cyber and they use the technology as an extension of traditional crime. not visual intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws for one of the things that's happening at the many cyber impacts. right now, i'd be really, really worried about it. most people with equally bait, you can't put a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive site with
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ah, in russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. even though say more than a in the world, the model will sort of finish up the proposal this year, dealing with just important doctors. it took 5 years to close the gun up on the will car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model escapes usa will over a show that the extra tools can you deal with my food ocean from a small school? well would for shift for most of the new america, correct. the 1st one with a pretty much it was to the only marshall with long i was sure seemed wrong when i was
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just a shape out disdain becomes the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look so common ground the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. what you see in this, these techniques is the state devising methods to it essentially destroy the personality of an individual of by scientific means. this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, this year, disseminated within the u. s. intelligence community and worldwide among allies for
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the next 30 years. and how the victim say they still live with the consequences today. new ukrainians did not want to live this one family. there were too many internal differences. a western ukrainian president coach my noted is much closer in terms of his concepts and habits to a chuck or a pole. and in some ways, even more to an austrian than to a russian or eastern ukrainian. therefore in 2010 in the next election use jenko lost to his long time arrival victory, anna coverage. victory. anna coverage. born on july 1950, he studied mining and mechanical engineering and with a specialist and international law. from 1996 to 2002. he held various positions in the denounced regional administration. he was prime minister of the government of
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ukraine in 2002, 2004, and again in 2006, 2007. to the american consulting companies, db communications and venable. he established ties with the u. s. establishment. the goal was to prove his appointment as prime minister nicole, which was victory in the presidential elections. of the 2004 spark protests called the orange revolution from 2010 to 2014. he was president of ukraine, a nicole, which decided to continue christmas policy. that is to continue co operation with united states. but at the same time, to get closer to russia, we didn't understand the times had changed. the united states needed its own proxies on the border with russia, and that was the role of ukraine for washington. a reaction followed immediately on july, 2nd, 2010, u. s. secretary of state,
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hillary clinton said some have tried to force ukrainians into a choice between aligning your country with russia or with the west. we believe that is a false choice. we do not believe in the con affairs of influence. we believe that it is up to ukrainian to charge your own course towards your own future. and in doing so, you can count on the support and friendship of the united states. clinton was sure her message would be understood, yet acc overtures to mired and corruption. m, a crane is consider into one of the most corrupted countries in the world. why did it happen? yes. so much on that system that cut out. so cranking on is getting ugly. kinetic out put t j, but control going simply just yes them in.


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