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tv   News  RT  October 31, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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ah ah, the 2nd day, the g 20 summit draws to a close in rome with broad endorsement of a global corporate tax being the main achievement. not everyone sees it that way though we look at why putting some of the new stories that shape the week to view case ambulance service warns of an unprecedented crisis. ahead. as the army has put on standby to help cope with kobe cases and the winter flu season, we hear from a doctor on the front line, waiting lists with which its update probably going to get worse before it gets better. and supporters of julian sound including rock legend, right to waters demand justice following a u. s. expedition appeal hearing, which is yet to deliver its verdict. i'm so angry and i'm soap. and i'm so disgusted with the united kingdom ah
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hello, and welcome to the weekly. we'll take you through some of the bigger stories we've covered here over the past 7 date a little later in the program. first, the weekends developments. the 2nd and final day of the g. 20 summit in italy is coming to a close. it's been the groups 1st in person gathering since the start of the pandemic. among the hot button issues deleted, have been thrashing out europe's energy crisis. coven, and a possible agreement for a global corporate tax or europe correspond. peter oliver has been following developments in rome. whether its being progress or whether this has been a token shop, depends on who you speak to. if you talk to those demonstrators who are on the streets of the italian capital on saturday afternoon into the the evening, they would say that more definitive action needs to be taken on climate change, as opposed to the talking that's been done about tackling that particular problem. you speak to the leaders themselves, so i think they're pretty happy with what has been achieved at this g 20. they're
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all gathered for a, a big photo op at the trevi fountain earlier on sunday, throwing coins over their shoulder into that famous landmark, hoping that that brings some look to one particular area in which they have made of as few steps forward. and that is on a, a global minimum level of corporation tax. now this was an initiative that was put forward by the united states am if you listen to those who are giving the full backing to the u. s. president on to joe biden, himself on from joe biden himself, of course, we've heard it hailed as a real success. here at the g. 20 lead is representing 80 percent of the world's g . d. p. allies and competitors alike made clear that support for strong global minimum tax. this is more than just the tax deal. it's diplomacy reshaping our global economy and delivering for our people. while the plan is to put in place a minimum 15 percent rate of corporation tax across the globe. now the plan is
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by doing that, that you would an increase the rate of cooperation tax in some countries that they would then be able to use that extra revenue that's generated in order to fund social projects with the idea of pulling people out of poverty. this hasn't gone down well with everyone though skeptic say that a lonely, really benefit those nations that are already wealthy. the plan from the u. s. point of view is to raise their a corporation tax level, which already stands at around 21 percent up to about 28 percent. critics, including charity is an organization's looking to fight poverty and happy that this is the way forward. in fact, fox farm has called this a mockery of fairness, the world is experiencing the largest increase in poverty indicates and a massive explosion inequality. but this dale will do little or nothing to hold either his dad, it is already being seen by some wealthy nations as an excuse to cut domestic corporate tax rates risk in any race to the bottom,
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or the j 20 seems to be ending with one su that we thought was put to bed before it even got underway, raising its head again nuts. the, the dispute between australia, france, and the united states, really over the orchestra deal. now that was the defense pockets the between australia, the united kingdom in united states. what it ultimately did that defense pack though, was it cut france out of a $66000000000.00 us dollar deal to provide submarines to australia. we saw u. s. president, jo, by meeting with francis emmanuel micron on friday, reconciliation the pose word all over the hatchet well and truly varied. am hon shakes? no, i'm sorry, no, i'm sorry. no, thank you. no, thank you, being offered from the 2 leaders really. and am it now turns out though, that what was said by joe biden, that he hadn't thing made fully aware of exactly what was going on with the deal, might not be the case. we could now listen to what the u. s. president had to say, and what is come out from the australian prime minister? i was under the impression that fridge hadn't formed long before.
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that he was not too honest. it was always a difficult decision force trailer. it was the right decision force trailer and worked closely with the united states in the united kingdom and we kept them up to date the u. s. administration with, well, we're at and i'll various discussions with france. i seems like there still might be a little more awkwardness over orcus to comb just yet. that's the way it looks here in rome at the g. 20 it all wraps appear at this afternoon on sunday. i'll be bringing you any news that comes out though, in those final moments here on our, to international or times by the us and france to patch things up. took 2nd place to the sweeping endorsement of that minimum 15 percent tax on the world's largest firms. an economist explained to her earlier, why wealthy nations like the us will be the main beneficiaries? it will never be in the interest of the government, the u. s. government to know the other, all countries to get more faxes,
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but what they do with it, or it doesn't really influence who's been benefits. and who does, joe speaking, countries involve your car companies rather based on welfare countries or can re much less affected by this. the global gonna attach more effect goes report. i personally wouldn't try to create a, a global block of mineral batches. but one thing that could be done is also to lower the barriers through to bringing technology skills, information transfer to all the nations of the world with actually actually are barrier to that. actually don't, don't, we don't get our help that occurred there a barrier to the spread of information, the raises productivity and raises the standards of living. all that from our medics in the u. k. raised fears of an unprecedented crisis facing the ambulance service with one local department, even pleading with the public to think twice before calling. because they're simply on enough staff to cover the workload. south central ambulance services declined a critical incident. g 2 extreme pressures across our services. our staff and
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volunteers are working extremely hard to respond to cause, but the volume is overwhelming. there are absolutely situations where people waiting many, many hours best to get in to the hospital. and then once they've been in the hospital waiting to see a doctor course, it has a detrimental effect on anybody who's waiting for hours either in london. so sitting in emergency departments and nobody working in those services wants to see that's happened. but there is a huge amount of pressure on mandate test. at the moment. meanwhile, ambulances are being forced to stay in cues for hours outside hospitals, which are struggling to cope themselves with the demand for beds. a number of medics of posted pictures like these on social media, one paramedic demanding urgent action after showing 25 ambulance crews waiting to enter an emergency department adding. it's not even winter yet. while earlier this month, the patient died off the waiting more than 5 hours in the back of an ambulance. we are right on the edge and it is the middle of october. it would require an
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incredible amount of light for us not to find ourselves in the midst of a profound crisis. over the next 3 months, the u. k. governments put the country on something akin to a war footing to deal with the coven cases, and also get ready for that crucial winter flu season. troops have been trained to dr. ambulances. some 4000 of them are on stand by to help the n h. s. cope with the winter season earlier, the british defense secretary said soldiers are also ready to assist with administering vaccines, testing for covert and other general support in hospitals. this is why new daily cove id cases in the u. k skyrocketed in july, they've remained high ever since. and doctors fear that those numbers combined with the flu season could overwhelm the health system. and it just chiefs also want the prime minister to implement it's more stringent plan b for this winter. that's gonna include vaccine passports, compulsory face mask too. although so far the government's holding back in there are other things that the government could could in it could be doing. and yes,
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they should be absolutely seriously considering this at this point in time before things go too far, hospital i working has been on what we call black alert, which means that the beds are absolutely full of patients up for a number of weeks now. and we are not coming across the whole system. many hospitals are very full with patients and we know that hospitals actually been at their most efficient if they're not absolutely full up with at patients. and it does mean that it knock on effects that have at those patients who are waiting for urgent drinks, who require in particular intensive care beds or high dependency care and not being processed and not being cared for in a timely way. and we know that is the case. there are 5700000 people on waiting lists within the n h. s. at present, which it sadly is probably going to get worse before it gets better. the fate of whistleblower julian, a song remained in limbo this week after a 2 day extradition appeal hearing at london's high court. the u. s. is challenging
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britain's decision not to extradite him to america on health grounds. he's wanted by washington on 17 charges of espionage from one of conspiracy to hack a government computer. assange, exposed alleged to western war crimes. but if convicted on all counts, he could face a prison sentence of a 175 years. although it may be months before a final verdict in the case is reached, the i the judges just said they will take everything into consideration, but know, ruling was handed out immediately. the entire day was devoted to hearing arguments before by the prosecution for the grounds of appeal, why they want to appeal to judge's decision not to extra by the phone. and there were 5 grounds of appealing to the 2 main topic. so of course it's on just health and the assurance is a diplomatic assurance is given by the united states in terms of health. 4 what the prosecution i've been trying to do is accuse a key medical,
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extra witness professor compliment of being disingenuous of misleading the court by concealing the identity of a son, his partner, stella, morris, and the 2 children. we finally heard the yahoo news story, the investigative journalism that was done a few weeks ago where 30 us officials confirmed what we already knew from anonymous testimony, that the c i was discussing, plans to potentially kidnap or poison julian as on in london. and so this was brought up in the context of why couple men, why professor coleman should not disclose the identity of a son, just partner and their 2 children, because he feared for their safety. when it comes to the assurances that the united states is giving. they say that drilling function service sentence in australia, but i'll straightly, i'm not even indicated if they will take you in his arms. this is a process that takes many years. the truth is the doing. the songs will most definitely be played and it leaves administrative segregation. and if not, he'll be sent to a special housing unit. so there's a wide array of tools that not a safe youth to break him once he's on us soil and they most certainly will. or
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during both days of the hearing, a santee supporters rallied outside court. they wanted immediate release and chanted journalism is not a crime for the express current concern of the whistleblower as hell. think floyd co found up a long time, a song supported roger waters told out that he believed the whole case is a huge miscarriage of justice. this is an absolute nonsense that this man has been locked up for a single day. whether it's in the ecuadorian embassy or in bel marsh, this is, this is one of the most valuable human being still we, the human race have. amongst us, he is deeply, deeply important to the potential for this race to survive on this planet. in my view, that is why julian sanchez in prison because he's interfering with the accounting planter. still the planet sort of ripened to death and then destroy. it is a disgusting miscarriage of justice. oh,
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look at guantanamo bay, asked shaka, alma, my friend, ask anybody who has been in the hands of the u. s. judiciary. and at any point, possibly since the 2nd world war with whom they did not agree. and you will find that there is no justice to be found in the united states. i am so angry and i'm so bad and i'm so disgusted with the united kingdom. oh, i did a radio program last night, john ship, tim was on it and he was extremely eloquent. and i asked him how he, how he manages his grief and, and he was absolutely, he was all moving to listen to. he says, well, he puts it to one side as it goes through his life and his life is entirely devoted to the freeing of his son. so he can go to his wife and children. and john says
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that late at night, he may retreat into his melancholy, and i felt my heart lurch in my chest. as i listened to this man saying, and i felt his melancholy hit me like a. i'm a blow on my chest. we are not going on anywhere at all, and our voice is going to get louder and louder and louder. julian sanchez said, free. i can promise you that more about the big stories from the week on the way, including this. a key suspect from the january capital wire was caught on camera encouraging people to storm the building is quietly removed from the f. b, i's most wanted, let them that's prompting questions about whether he was actually connected with the government. it's our next story when the weekly returns after that. a
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a, a. oh no. what with came when we get the right to 7 years. a report. oh, you have to understand that so much of this native stuff is theatrical. it's purely theatrical nature did not fight for georgia in 2008 it under planned to fight for children. there was not the slightest consideration of alpha fighting for children and schools. it didn't fight for ukraine in 2014, and there is absolutely no intention anywhere in western europe to send
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a single dock short danish or german french soldier to fight in ukraine. ah ah, i'll come back to the weekly now. it's not often that someone disappears entirely from the f b i's most wanted list. but that's what happened to a man who said to be a key figure in january's capitol hill, riots in washington. he was caught on camera telling people to storm the building. now it's got some including republican party members rating questions about who exactly this mysterious figures. in the week kellum open reported on that for us. and individual featured and videos calling for people to enter the capital building even before the january 6th capital riot and was seen on the day. january 6th, ushering crowds into the capital building has been identified by law enforcement as
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arizona resident re apps re apps and arizona man scene invite la circulated videos telling trump support is on multiple occasions to go into. the capitol also seemed to have acted on his own. i don't know, like a rebel, as i said, we need, we need to know. i'll say, we need to go in the camera let go. ah, not surprisingly, he was on the f. b, i's most wanted list and was referred to as suspect. 16 for some time f, b i w f o is seeking the public's assistance in identifying those who made unlawful entry into the u. s. capital building on january the 6th. but now suspect 16 has been scrubbed from the f b i website. now if you take a look at the way back machine from archive dot org,
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you can see that from january 8th, 2021, all the way until june, 30th suspect 16 was pretty clearly highlighted, but suddenly, on july, 1st, he wasn't on the website any longer. now if he'd been arrested, he would still be on the website just with arrested under his name, like others who have been apprehended. but he's not, he's just been scrubbed. this has prompted lawmakers to ask questions about whether or not there were f b. i provocative tours who may have helped events on january 6th to go the way they did far as we can find this individual has not been charged with anything. can you tell us without talking about particular incidence or particular videos? how many agents or assets of the federal government were present on january 6, whether they agitated to go into the capital and if any of them did a. so i'm not going to violate this norman of follow the rule of law. i'm not going to comment on an investigation that's ongoing. now the capital breach database has
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no entries or listings for re apps to some. that's a pretty big red flag. the ongoing mystery of re apps, he repeatedly appears in videos encouraging and inciting an invasion of the capital on january the 6th. yet for some reason has not yet been indicted or charged even as people with far less involvement have been rapes is a free man. he has never been arrested or charged nearly 10 months after july. the 6th, the f b i in justice department still refused to comment on with the eps has ever been served. a search warrant the f b i 's record when it comes to things like protests and provocations is not exactly squeaky claim. people can look up the history of cohen tell pro infiltration and other dirty deeds. if january 6th is such a pivotal date in u. s. history as it's being presented, surely questions like those surrounding suspect? 16 demand answers. caleb martin, r t. new york. facebook sunday. going something of a metamorphosis with
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a major rebranding to change its corporate name on. ironically, to matter. it's part of a drive to broaden the scope of the company's brand recognition to include his other holdings, such as instagram and whatsapp. or the internet's joined in to help the rebranding, although perhaps not in the way the facebook might have wanted a mountain of names rapidly erupt. it ridiculing the new name with facebook, sorry matters boss. mark zuckerberg face front and center in many a dr. pick zuckerberg though. is optimistic that the company's new direction is the way to go. facebook is one of the most used technology products in the history of the world. it's an iconic social media brand. over time, i hope we are seen as a met averse company. and i want to anchor our work and our identity on what we're building towards. facebook changed his name to meta is so exciting. i've already forgotten that we just learned, they knew women were being sex traffic on the platform and did nothing. facebook is
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now meta, our new logo is a rubber band because our morals are elastic. oh, and we stretch the truth. it doesn't matter what you call it. they're still selling our data. on this new name was unveiled alongside plans to build a so called meta verse, an online virtual world, where people can play video games work and communicate. the announcement pushed up facebook stock price by $1.00 and a half percent. and pondering how this new cyberspace universe might be implemented is not one but 2 poly bogus. within a matter of years, if facebook gets its way, a lot of us could be spending much of online looking something like this. hiring $10000.00 people to create the met us for the low nods out there. all let sure poly explain to make of us
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is basically the make tricks. you create digital avatars of yourself like me and then you put on your veal headset and away you go. you can walk around a virtual world and interact with people in real time. they're doing things like shopping and dancing and studying together in a virtual space. the real world may struggle to compete. facebook founder and ceo mock sucker bug says that the mess of us is just not killed progression from the to the internet to the 3. the ones that are not buying to monopolize the matter of us . it is far too late for that. the idea is that users will slip seamlessly from one virtual world into another. so instead of flying from paris to new york, for example, you'd digitally teleport yourself from facebook's massive us to google's or apple's one. i'm from you. boom, as quaking in your booth at the thought of this matter of us, the future is already here. back in 2020 rock or travis scott played
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a virtual. c concert within the full night wold which attracted over $12000000.00 viewers, which was a record at the time. not very brand hawkins on the fact that there's bags of money to be made in the max of us. he's already unveiled a virtual collection on the roadblock platform. well blend yoga. it's created a bunch of clothes or as known for full nights. there's even company sitting virtual real estate in the met us. if you're struggling to understand how this works, you're not alone. there is a building boom, breaking out, but it's not happening in your back yard. it is happening in a fake world. so there are many, many versus there isn't just one. but the oldest one, the oldest crypto vs one is called the central and whether you're ready for life in the cloud or not facebook announcement that it's hiring an army of developers to
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build this met us, has been a rating success by one measure. at least i just spent 3 minutes talking about facebook virtual plans instead of the company's real world problems such as the whistleblower that's just come out and said that the company puts profits over the uses, safety shopping, lead monster zak, a bug alone. yeah. big bully, back here in the real world, some of the biggest names of business across europe and asia gathered in the italian city of verona this week with climate change, the gas crisis, and you relation to high on the agenda, the your ration economic for charlotte, do pinsky was there for us. this is where the big questions were debated over 2 days at eurasian economic forum in verona as cop 26 now starting glasgow. the environment was definitely on many mines with warning that it depends on strong political will. and the change in how we live our lives. the sheila,
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capital environmental issues depend on 3 sides, consumers, businesses and politicians, and all of them oppose environmental solutions for consumers don't want to consume less. businesses want to increase profits to produce more and more. and politicians are afraid of discussing the issue is they may not be re elected if they order people to consume less and pessimists worry, it will all end in some sorts of environmental dictatorship. the viability of the new status on the world stage was also questioned. they were called break to find a clue, says strategic alliance with russia to build on the strength of you re here which could act as a balance to china and to the us. there were plenty of other hard hitting words to about the you particularly over its management of the current energy crisis. the we are in a complete a mass now a new room market her are are feeling completely at the prizes
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arm. extraordinary. hi, it is approve of history, young and anxious. we rapid gas price growth in europe is mostly connected to an excess of confidence and renewable energy sources. climate ologist sales this year, the wind force in europe was 15 percent lower than average. that negatively affected power generated by wind turbines and lead to the lack of gas reserves in europe. and we will be europeans would be val advice to enter into a reason ever dialogue with our supplier countries. instead of making acquisition. many you politicians may find it tempting to lift the burden of responsibility form themselves and perhaps lay the blame on someone else and you guessed it. in this case it is on russia. 6 but there are many who say that the facts do not add up in
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the ease blame game with moscow. like it is it a high gas prices are linked to the miscalculations of the european union? as far as we know, russia has supplied about 15 percent more gas than its existing contracts cover. also, as for the gas that was supposed to come from the us, out of the 28000000000 europe received only 7 because the rest went asia. so what can we take away from verona? well, to some the panelists up, the world has changed and we need to be prepared for that change, which could significantly impact and government's business. and you and i, it's now a multi polar world. and if the e is to find a way to have a real voice, it needs to look for alliances to the east. charlotte, even sky r t, verona. ok, that's it for this edition of the weekly next fixing the relationship is often been prickly. but now that night,
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haven't russia have moved to it's complicated who's going to bill the bridges and how somebody for this week's worlds apart from arte ah, ah, ah, ah ah, to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation,
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let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time. time to sit down and talk ah with me. hello, welcome to was a part. there were never on friendly terms, but there were times when russian need and managed to accommodate each other security concerns and even do something together. most notably during the early stages of the us presence in afghanistan. and while they heard the american
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withdrawal from kabul seems to necessitate more coordination between this an easy do. thou, formal talking lines will be separate. come november. what does these silent treatment mean for the region and for the world full to discuss that now joined by anatole leave and senior fellow, add the quincy institute for responsible state profit in washington to see dr. lehman. it's great to talk to thank you very much for finding the time i look now. i'm sure that the closing of the in a there lays an office in moscow and rushes mission to brussels. didn't come as big of a surprise to you. there weren't functioning any way, but i think there is something noteworthy about the 2 sides, not even trying to keep up appearances anymore. what do you think? yes, i mean, it's another step downwards. and it also illustrates the absence of coordinated thinking in washington because clearly this nature decisions would not have been taken with our.


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