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a oh, if you want something done, right, do it yourself. the acronym d i y, i do it yourself, has now become the name for a new genre of online videos. you did a away, i need sammy, but that's built a deal at no one. you can't, the wasn't, wasn't, do i me with a deal. it people use scrap materials and want to have is at hand to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action. squid gums, church company from like a to a bonus filled with the best part is people want to watch millions of you who spend hours seeing how a person they've never met. and he's halfway around the world, assembles the contraption. no one else needs to go up to
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a quote that i rang she to fill tibia and you much could just move my key for when you mine. yeah. city like user to g more looking at the clock, e o when it which which curriculum? 30 miyazaki givea. yes, jill, after my bill is pussy, she leaves the sonya snow and air gear. you munoz and been zoom. union was not as yet could leopards that ask you was your steam on those night? stay with us on sir. it's a beard and i had them of them i really had to pay you had 3 pieces. kilometer is foyzey is screeching astonished now and that a year a road trip in a summerville is nikita most ambitious project a days that they thought they sell a car vehicle. another car was his pet project. the bigger the is thought,
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zachary machine off. it doesn't look as glamorous, let's face it, it looks like you're dansville banga. barbara. julia will not be here. so i'm with you. troy of the my bill. thought book is also ma screech seems such a thought whether it was ground with ashley's new or busy. the with eagleton is to live without cellphones and if the ski entered the within previous his ca, my dog when you're softer. e, but you won't put your off to put the most on your abner grant said sir edward serina, this is just another pro. what's the new mirror doesn't do. good. ah
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. with money with a new was on the love with zillow. could you actually about my future proposals that it's bad please? if there was to visit with him yesterday morning with the boyfriend, you know, going to be the school bus with the nurse here with us and more whether i was dounia or this is glass of citizen you scroller people
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that i gather with the professor. i do with no or in one. so you have a lot of students i'm going to so can only do a bill or is this a yes me. what do you see is not what you can know previously a normal my you more, but the other one that really is cooper. i just tell him was a, the, with our near will up with and we had issues deal at your school. so in my be his 1st success was a video about a chain somewhat by. i used to be less. it is that i have been a long way since i've read my peer radio guy who was to live. you've been with us to be other
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though, will media present or the women? yeah. around sure. problem with the wireless views to press one for dean 3 is the brother of dean, dean, jin rita, who does the, the boy in a decision or that they're gonna point out another one of those with up to 2 days in the shop deal bang is hitting st. petersburg rose again, but the electric motion, still prone to overheating, economy stole at any moment. a move along, but it's still any other non threatening. would you? with
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a leash number your call is was doing you give us the other way that goes out. do you remember me or not? or not? i was there are only keep from of each study that it went through, but we are honest with you on more than of our study because i didn't think about that. junior, stella, the functional e r. a village commander. yes, i'm welcome on the say, always hope toya, that yes a be rather e struggling engineer or loss will i'm no gosh, we work with probably need what credit check when we other or will you promise me that the you lose? you don't know who is already covered with any anything you did any,
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you know, personal, the study by the open choice. it's just that he just wanted to know what they're doing. yeah. syndrome bill, could you say a i'm or me? no, there wasn't loyal, and i think i'm wondering which i want to know that when you stood back crisco, what goes by there is some i a flores know it's your store number that way you know that was good. ringback ah,
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a for them to suspend them a characteristic which i believe it was just for the, the building with just a model number with you. some names group that use them. 3 of them will crash or even a stem and you'll be good till i venture personal i'm. there's all cooper's mother . i'm the to characteristics quote, approach to the apollo space program, reduced a bare bones. these guys decided to start from scratch and design and launcher rocket while learning only go. and of course, to make a bunch of videos while they were at it. so might, we will show up up for just a few, almost be up. so i'm going to switch to up with the fact that the whole problem is why you substitute customers premium was
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moving funny, but you're right. i just move us more than the show us how much has on our system with them. but again, please, what do you mean? well, from assuming snails all of this, what's well as the system up all the way to perform agent run them. we send you what i can get you started. yeah. and your system will, darlene point, interesting processing because we're to my new phone number. so that was the approaches are going to want to point to stephanie i was mentioning which so you might say someone would just in terms of know when you're more like nobody can use bryce when you go into control. lot of those will basically means out on the flop will be able to see about the final possible. i need you to come back and you can do it right before you which no idea what else and with somebody
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else. but again, we kind of wanted to go home and leave them a small part of it. also did they give glut personal to frontier info and got let me show you a boost umbrella. and we feel that i bought a particular poster i'm i'm going to run the simpler and yes them appraiser. and what they do is what i'm saying, showing them because i don't see how much they owe us through some of them. so, and i think it is monday through them and use your post, but i'm moving up a winner or not really the problem with a capital was deal with this troy with i don't post for you, so you're good for them.
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you know, the look over. that was great. it just won't fly during the test. the motive nozzle broke off. or if you look at he would of it was more like any deal, but i think what my public gilbert good news is color we go or of the lawyers channel is a uniquely russian d i y phenomenon. nothing gets blown up or set on fire here. that one gets electrocuted. own you see is northern vistas, woods, water, and skilled hands. lathing, sewing, and chiseling. views are off the charts with 2000000 subscribers. by aetna, nickname of am. i me doing what a for a yeah. the when you claim with
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a i don't vibe. i don't use it but don't stop. i don't dish actually. yeah. particular give them a minute wait because sonya it's a bit of a process, but you can also look for it and you just put it on the lips and you might if i wait, no, we just recently filled up the missionaries done with a video for teaching making it truly a choice in potentially a car to use the mortgage mortgage later. give me a 2nd. i'm
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waiting slower, a practical stuff or can i have them in your state law? yeah, my love to speak to you by the way, a oh, you have to understand that so much of this stuff is theatrical. it's purely theatrical nature did not fight for georgia in 2008 it onto planned to fight for georgia. that was not the slightest consideration for fighting for georgia and cause it didn't fight for ukraine in 2014 item. and there is absolutely no intention anywhere in western europe to send a single dock short danish or german or french soldier to fight in cray
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blue. a suit the head, you know, if the doing will trista or yoko much to piece to kill any other he brings us, look at us, throw for nancy. you knew as a merchant law, a couple of those that were voice with that wouldn't that i was awarded with this is the sun mobile model. 1.0, not quite a car. it's normal, like a solar powered rick shore. when nikita comes on,
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it's much sunday than here in gloomy st. petersburg. ramirez glass parlor thrash, while the hero, and you can hear me now. the show of the look on just a gray with ours. yes, results are all your m u e. god, we're by your call, can you come when you're of poor now that i was worried down the scenario or when you are curious, been your purpose grass maybe one would oh it will cut it because that glass door ah yes, that is the premium. it is with the used m p r. you use the nope, he's in. yeah. well, for not omnia the nicola coca cola is above me on the chair. no premium will do me up on the list. we'll see what all the level. no, i yeah. you got it with
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the, with a, with a she didn't like you. i mean, do you have those days to kill any other? yes, we used to and you would just go to the urls. good is there was he has jeff parker, what's the, what's the new york or he needs to, i'd love watching kia le procedure that is good. so in the near. yeah. which can when you but you saw spoon with the 1st run of the rocket, which unusually is carmella field was a failure and it failed with a bang or social torture. me go to customer support federal estoppel hm. so i'm ready for the for so when you're more of a sort of
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a delay performed on it's been a dealer, it's very so move because i'm auto know shuttle. i'm finished with 4 chairs finished with a little more about the postal for you is if you chose some process so that was really pollution in de wise abroad genre, video streaming websites, host tens of thousands of channels on various topics. some take them a, take a listen, strictly scientific approach, but people also like to be enlightened and entertained. the era we live in dictates what kind of inventions today's youtube does in she's make on the what's a good point choice and i knew it's just but we're,
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but that's kind of come when you're, what will become amelia, really for loan. i'm going to please visible skype and the full force mackelmerry helium. got here. when you wasn't up, we'll pick up our modern man. well then you would just pass me the words world, the political up on the legislators really night. sure doesn't correspond with it, but i wasn't out of my tory, you can even throw in kind of a little busy on the was that yes, i do not answer. they can ask the, can you tell him in some way both i me him 3 key to deal with that. am i to re mostly that a little that need to be which here which are on the push a couple couple more to bring up about us to let can what i mean? it will have some stuff we should stuff which have to deal with picky. joyce, i knew i know my name,
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there is 3 families it is i throw on. ready some liberal, somebody's give us to the minister, but we did that a lot, some people on or what even the country, which was this machine to deal with actually with both of those 2 levels. this the company sort of the state. but you have a linear newspaper for my interest to go up on the electronic of some bro, lead company for my graduate on the stuff must be out of that last thing is i will anyone else? no, no, no, it says no. no, no, no pool with a summer broad checks migration. yeah. right. with a mr. austin with gateway i was just the owner. okay. with you for some of your okay. wait
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a minute. the only comes with a from lobby. no, i got no struggles with ah, a dead chip it did. i do those again. yeah. with after several months of one failure after another, the rocket finally blasted off with
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coca cola, with nearly left him a leg with newton and was just below one. please leave a net 30 to 40, which you will the one with we want to for up. she just funny karen and i have a pretty good the other it's possible which is probably the one you we should be
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able to have covered jaw crown while growl, wester doughty, bullish, exposed to its way back to get a chance to probably him yet. it was not real lead you on the it will be it is nice. got a deal. it doyle in regina here williams possible the philly good, boyish cut or missed so well posted the spot for the you know, the new could be another. ringback di mr. a cancer or just was and i've been calling my she, she, i've gotten a quote. can i show anything about you know, nothing of the heel and i think that southeast, my, yes, doris is since our genius college camacho, a few months was a new a day post chris in you can you following just her and directly from putting up for
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you then you put on the company, you have mass louis shawl shaw. put the log in. yeah. as most typical populating you close my opinion on a plugin you stay with. can you call your telephone sticker yanna here? so she didn't jing in stagger them. will last. hospitals, i live my area, the water cash to credit check as well. so the easy depot, the warfare, the with the relief from i'll let them go to lisa and i took a closer look at that kind of crazy shortly. there than what i mean. you know, and i mean, you knew like i lost over there. can you not? yeah, they, you should be just, i just yet this can, you know rabbit says they cannot order and then you put a new item. i haven't a good choice. new more deal. sluggish to move. big ideas of good to at my child,
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the cancer. move she accordingly. dca me. did you monkey indic while showed linley and praise wasn't if you knew ocean yet credibly. i get the idea fidelity. we but i'll move next year. you were you said to lose no didio global movement vehicle for is deal tours. that is our normal final plan for a little crimea at the actual border which it the pretty great in the us for. but could you good, easy to kill you? you got to worry, she tired or what they should, they cannot go down more than the project about which to tell you. and you got tory, you will not go to me and leave. karen tuck it to gimme in montana, allowing you to join you to put on a 5th grade. he taught checkup arrange shuttle cbs and emotionally, navy open you mind? yes. radio gratiot, just one of my teeth when you mine. yeah. so did you thank you for your g, mcmann glad. i looked at the clock now. when you thank you, captured in the
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e o on maliciously which was wishing which 30 nikita blan to spend a month on his solar powered road trip. but he didn't complete his route as he got stranded in the mountains of cassock stock. got a guy with joe. yeah, we're in. so what i'm wondering is lamar collegial when you order from your bins, you know, are you good to know? i'm sure super process deal on the the actually well sir, from i was web shifts your mama with easy to me other up your very, you know that this is your 3 years. did you want me up the up or a year ago? you know, still is a,
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with a free grow. grow. good around. yes, we do the water. you don't go to georgia. police dubuque, 3 just a little wasn't, there might be there. you feel the same. go to your doors with. did you feel any other written? nadia? a blog garcia. marla, one of each for sure more another i'm bother with wrongly ginger north. this is so good. julia got a guy with me and you say things that i want to with the same deal is with her,
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but he was last door, but no more. it was the heat up really 0. it runs part of or e got were the mom, you know, it's one of those. yeah, we're going in yes night. the engineer. i mean which one? i mean, you know, we are the guy i'm each day is that when you know what would you wasn't is that the answer worked on, you would find it, you'll no model. so we didn't model going 0 or you. he is the other 2, are you? what will, what are your own? it is don't the low the there with. mm ah well the panoramic no, certainly no borders line to nationalities and
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you various as a merge we don't have with the we don't to the vaccine. the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better. we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with ah, he died. i cried. and i just had
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a slot the whole time i was there. no one really thought anything different is all i just didn't feel good. on the way for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 seconds, but i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day. in 2019 doctor started talking about a new wide spread. does he use that caused severe lung damage? there's a few points that were really the turning all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out. he really felt holy crap, his him died. oh no, he's better. it was, i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through that. it was out
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of breath with the 2nd day. the g 20 summit draws to a close in rome with broad endorsement of a global corporate tax being the main achievement. not everyone sees it that way though we look at why and some of the new stories that shaped the weak buquet ambulance service warns of unprecedented crisis ahead. as the army has put on standby to help cope with co big cases and the winter flu season, we hear from a doctor on the front line waiting lists with which it se probably go to get worse before it gets better. and supporters of julian, a song including rock legend, roger waters demand justice following a u. s. expedition appeal hearing, which is yet to deliver its verdict. i'm so angry and i'm soap. and i'm still
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disgusted with the united kingdom.


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