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this new type hosting, which, cuz it still has stories. it shake the weight here in our tv guys, ambulance service, wounds of an unprecedented crisis ahead of the army is put on standby to help cope with cable cases and the wind to flu season. we hear from a doctor on the front right around 5700000 people on waiting lists with indian h as present, which is se probably going to get worse before it gets better. european gas prices fall off to russia. pledge used to boost supplies to europe while the e files, tech systems and businesses from storing energy bills and supporters of during the songs including rock legend towards rewards is demand justice calling us extradition, appeal hearing, which is yet to deliver its verdict. i'm so angry and i'm so bad. i am so
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disgusted with lead 90 kingdom and the key figure from the capitol hill riots is quietly removed from the f. b, i most wanted list the prompting plenty of questions about the mystery that ah hello, welcome, the latest news and the look back of what's been happening over the last 7 days to you watch and weekly here, and artie international. now ye k, paramedics, have raised phase of an unprecedented crisis facing the ambulance service, one local department, even pleading with the public to think twice before calling as they're simply not enough people to cover the workload. south central ambulance service is declared a critical incident. t 2 extreme pressures across all services, all staffing volunteers working extremely hard to respond to course,
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but the volume is overwhelming. there are absolutely situations where people writing many, many hours supposed to get in to the hospital. and then once they've been in the hospital waiting to see a doctor, cause it has a detrimental effect on anybody who's waiting for hours either in london. so sitting in an emergency department and nobody working in those services wants to see that happens. but there is a huge amount of pressure on the chest. at the moment me mar ambulances are being forced to saying cues for hours i have side hospitals which are struggling to cope themselves with the demand for beds. a number of medics have posted pictures to the current situation on social media. on paramedic was demanding urgent action. after showing 25, i'm going to cruise waiting to enter an emergency department adding it's not even winter. while early this month of patient died, often waiting more than 5 hours in the back of an ambulance. we are right on the
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edge and it is the middle of october. it would require an incredible amount of luck for us not to find ourselves in the midst of a profound crisis over the next 3 months. well, the country, so the u. k. government has put the country on something of a war footing to deal with case cases and get ready for the winter flu season. troops have been trained to dr. ambulances and some 4 or 5 of them are on standby to help the n h. s. cope with the winter season, early of the defense secretary said that soldiers are also ready to assist with administering vaccines, testing for k read and other general support in hospitals. new daily kaywood cases in the u. k. did skyrocket in july and have remained high ever since doctors fear that those numbers combined with the flu season could overwhelm the health system. and i chest chiefs also want the prime minister to to implement its more stringent plan b for winter. and that includes vaccine passports,
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and compulsory face mass low. so far the government is holding back. you know, there are other things that the government could couldn't, could be doing. and yes, they should be absolutely seriously considering this, this point in time before things go too far. hospital i working has been on what we call black lab, which means that the beds are absolutely full of patients for a number of weeks now and we are not coming across the whole system. many hospitals are very full with patients and we know that hospitals actually run at the most efficient if they're not absolutely pull up with patients. and it does may not knock on effects on those patients who are waiting for urgent surgery who require in particular intensive care beds or high dependency care on not being processed not being cared for in a timely way. and we know that is the case. there are 5700000 people on waiting lists within the us at present, which is probably going to get worse before it gets better. so after
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weeks, roxanne price is the cost of gases started to fall. that happened to after vladimir, who tonight that the russian gas joined gas problem would increase applies to europe next month. and then we'll get, i ask you that once you have finished pumping gas into underground storage facilities in russia to start work on increasing the volume of gas and your underground storage facilities in europe, in austria and germany earlier, he failed to agree on how to protect and schumer's and european companies from soaring energy bills, ministers from 27 member states had gathered in luxembourg on tuesday, hoping to come up with new measures ahead of the winter. meanwhile, the european commissions competition department began investigating whether gas prices had actually been manipulated on the market. the commission competition department has begun collecting evidence about the market,
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the favor of main gas players reveal detecting any anti competitive behavior and then at market or moscow has repeatedly denied it, was limiting supplies to europe to keep prices high. german amy pay. maximilian craft feels that russia is doing more for europe and it actually needs to and the reason isn't political game. what russia now is doing that it is supplying gas or what is contract it, what it's obliged to do. so without expecting anything in exchange, let's say the certificate volts came to so everyone, hotels, the russia wants to use gas weapon a to reach political aim is now proven wrong. and
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that is the political message. and i hope that at least europe in media will, will inform the people about it. during the energy crisis and the high cost of fuel, some motorists have even started traveling abroad in search of cheaper prices. germans, for example, i've been heading to poland to fill up is all europe correspondent, peter oliver. the cost of living in germany is on the rise. it's clear when you go to the supermarket and see the prices of fruit vege. it's even clearer when you go on to the full course of paint chill stations. and what we're seeing really is the unstoppable force of rising fuel. prices colliding with the immovable object. that is german reliance on the ultimate bill. it's prompted. some german motorists to cross national boundaries like coming here to poland in order to try and find a cheaper alternative to filling up. driving across the border,
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just refuel is particularly worthwhile. if the price difference is a high and the distances are very short, germany has some of the highest fuel prices in the european union. and to break down this whole situation into its most basic form, if you wish to fill up a full tank of fuel on this side of the river odor in germany, it would cost you around 25 years more than if you were to philadelphia in poland. i spoke to some people who made that journey from germany to poland in order to fill lead time today. you know, of course everyone is worried about prices. i've heard they could triple next year . some prices are going up everywhere. i'm worried filling up the tank will become too expansive as i depend on my car. if in the far away from public transport, what are you supposed to do? only i wish you'd also, the price is unbelievably high. well, oh shock. i'd be worried about it a lot, and it's happening all around the world in germany and here in poland as well. it's
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not just in poland, but this is being seen with savings of almost 50 euro cents per liter. drivers have been going from germany to the czech republic to fill their tanks. it's cheaper than in germany. the price here 30 percent lower. that's why we hear. 3 way coalition talks to form a new german government between the social democrats, greens and the freed democrats are continuing. and what to do about price high expose at the supermarket. and the petrol station is set to be a big part of both with some suggesting but a cut to taxes, particularly when it comes to fuel is the only way forward. however, that's likely to be contested by some who would say that lowering taxes on fossil fuels sends out the wrong message when it comes to germany's strive the carbon neutrality. meanwhile, german drivers may well be forced to cross national boundaries more in order to
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make sure they can philip. so less feature all of a r t on the german polish border. the face of whistleblower shooting. the sun remained in limbo this week following a 2 day expedition appeal hearing london's high court. the u. s. is challenging the case, previous decision not to ex, right into america on health grounds is warranted by washington on 17 charge of espionage from one of conspiracy to hack a government computer if convicted a song she exposed the ledge west and war crimes could face a prison sentence of a 175 years, although it could be months before a final verdict in the case is reached. ah, i, the judges just said they will take everything into consideration,
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but no ruling was handed out immediately. the entire day was devoted to hearing arguments put forward by the prosecution for the grounds of appeal, why they want to appeal to judge's decision not to extradite the songs. and there were 5 grounds of appeal and the 2 main topics are, of course, sanchez, health and the assurance of the diplomatic assurances given by the united states in terms of health. what the prosecution have been trying to do is accuse a key medical, extra witness professor compliment of being disingenuous of misleading the court by concealing the identity of a son, just partner selim morris and the 2 children. we finally heard the yahoo news story, the investigative journalism that was done a few weeks ago where 30 us officials confirmed what we already knew from anonymous testimony that the c i was discussing, plans to potentially kidnap or poison julian as orange in london. and so this was brought up in the context of why a couple of men why professor coleman did not disclose the identity of a son, just partner and their 2 children, because he feared for their safety. when it comes to the assurances that the united
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states is giving, they say that julian songs can service sentence in australia, but australia has not even indicated if they will take julian psalms. this is a process that could take many years. the truth is the jewel in his arms will most definitely be placed in at least administrative segregation. and if not, he'll be sent to a special housing unit. so there's a wide array of tools that the united states can use to break him once he's on us soil and then most certainly will. during those days of hearing a sound you support is running inside the court building. they want his immediate release. enchanted journalism is not a crime of the express training concern over the whistle. blowers tell thing, floyd, co find and long time the song support roger waters told us that he believed the whole case is a huge miscarriage of justice. this is an absolute nonsense that this man has been locked up for a single day. whether it's in the ecuadorian embassy or in bell marsh. this is, this is one of the most valuable human beings that we the human race have. amongst
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us. he is deeply, deeply important to the potential for this race to survive on this planet in my view, that is why julianna's son should some person because he's interfering with their coming plan to steal the plan, it sort of ripen to death and then destroy. it is a disgusting miscarriage of justice. look at guantanamo bay, asked shaka, alma, my friend, ask anybody who has been in the hands of the u. s. judiciary. and at any point, possibly since the 2nd world war with whom they did not agree. and you will find that there's no justice to be found in the united states. i'm so angry and i'm so bad. i'm so disgusted with the united kingdom. oh,
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i did a radio program last night, john shipped and was on it. and he was extremely eloquent. and i asked him how him, how he manages his grief. and he was absolutely he was so moving to listen to. he says, well, he puts it to one side as it goes through his life. and his life is entirely devoted to the freeing of his son, so he can go to his wife and children. and john says that late at night he may retreat into his melancholy. and i felt my heart lurch in my chest. as i listened to this man saying, and i felt his melancholy hit me like a, i'm a blow on my chest. we are not going on here anywhere at all. and our voice is going to get louder and louder and louder. jo julian sanchez said free. i can promise you that that is not often that somebody disappears entirely from the f
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b i's most wanted list. but that's what happened to a man said to be a key figure. in january's capitol hill, riots in washington, he was caught on camera telling people to stone the building. he's got some including members of the republican party, ny raising questions about who exactly the mysterious figure is mopping, picks up the story and individual featured and videos, calling for people to enter the capital building even before the january 6th capital riot and was seen on the day january 6th, ushering crowds into the capital building has been identified by law enforcement as arizona resident re apps re apps in arizona man seen invite la circulated videos telling trump support is on multiple occasions to go into the capitol also seemed to have acted on his own, i don't know like a rebel, as i think we need. we need to know, i'll say,
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we need to go in the camera. let's go. ah, unsurprisingly he was on the f, b i's most wanted list and was referred to as suspect. 16 for some time f, b i w f o is seeking the public's assistance in identifying those who made unlawful entry into the u. s. capital building on january the 6th. but now suspect 16 has been scrubbed from the f b i website. now if you take a look at the way back machine from archive dot org, you can see that from january 8th, 2021, all the way until june, 30th suspect 16 was pretty clearly highlighted, but suddenly, on july, 1st, he wasn't on the website any longer. now if he'd been arrested, he would still be on the website just with arrested under his name, like others who have been apprehended. but he's not,
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he's just been scrubbed. this has prompted lawmakers to ask questions about whether or not there were f b. i provocative tours who may have helped events on january 6th to go the way they did far as we can find this individual has not been charged with anything. can you tell us without talking about particular incidence or particular videos? how many agents or assets of the federal government were present on january 6, whether they agitated to go into the capital and if any of them did a. so i'm not going to violate this norman of follow the rule of law. i'm not going to comment on investigation that's ongoing. now the capital breach database has no entries or listings for re apps to some. that's a pretty big red flag. the ongoing mystery of re apps you repeatedly pay some videos encouraging and inciting an invasion of the capital on january the 6th. yet for some reason has not yet been indicted were charged, even as people with far less involvement have been re apps as a free mum,
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he has never been arrested or charged nearly 10 months after july. the 6th, the fbi i in justice department still refused to comment on with the eps has ever been served. a search warrant the f. b i's record when it comes to things like protests and provocations is not exactly squeaky clean. people can look up the history of cohen tell pro infiltration and other dirty deeds if january 6th is such a pivotal date in u. s. history as it's being presented. surely questions like those surrounding suspect? 16 demand answers kayla poppin r t. new york. you're watching the weekly this sunday morning. good to have you company without more stories just after this. ah. join me every 1st bit on the alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess with the
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world politics. sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. oh is your media a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true was his faith in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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the welcome back. now a military takeover and his state of emergency all combined on monday in the north african country of sedan as his top general to all the country civilian cabinet and arrested, the prime minister he was eventually released now the overthrow sparked widespread rage across the country with protests on saturday in the capital car saying where the military open fire to disperse the cries and reports the killed. at least 3 people. the countries to fact ruler, urge people, though not regard the events, is the case and said that the previous interim government had been completely ineffective. use of chaos in sedan that global condemnation, the washington piling on the pressure. we've already made clear that we are pressing paws on significant aspects of our economic assistance to sudan. and we
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will look at the full range of economic tools available to us in coordination and consultation that regional actors and other key countries to make sure that we are trying to push the suit the entire sunni's political process back in a positive direction after this significant in a warming set back, well just to highlight what he was alluding to, the u. s. department earlier announced it will stop hundreds of millions of dollars in economic aid to the country in response to the military takeover. but just who will be heard the most by that decision with more is more guest. yes. in this day and age almost nothing is sacred off limits. you can weaponized anything, trade, culture information. it doesn't have to kill all it has to do is hut. in light of these developments, the united states is pausing assistance from, from the $700.00 are $700000000.00 in emergency assistance appropriations of
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economic support funds for suzanne. this was badly needed money for one of the poorest nations in the world, but it came of all sorts of political strings attached thick cables of them. as a door assistance often does they all weapons behave do as you are told or will cut you off. the problem is the people who get cut off usually aren't the ones that misbehaved. like when the us froze of ghana stands bank accounts. president biden is not hurting the taliban, or the current regime. this is really hurting every day. afghans and the united states will push them into further poverty. take my word for it. while in afghanistan, i didn't see a single hungry taliban fighter. i saw thousands of civilians the poor out in the streets, willing to sell family members for food because they weren't getting salaries
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because have gather sons. bank accounts had been froze, it, but no magazine among them. and this sort of keratin stick approaches. seen frequently. we stopped paying a lot of aid to them and they will not see that money again until they adhere to the agreements. but they built a damn that stops the water from flowing into the nile. and you can't blame egypt for being a little bit upset. i had a deal done for them, and unfortunately, se opiate broke the deal, which it should not have done. it was a great mistake. and short, the united states cut hundreds of millions of dollars worth of health care and education and development aid to the government of ethiopia. the suspension of a proved pointless that little besides irritates ethiopia. and of course de leon, stop countless health care and education programs or take palestine for ever at the receiving end of those u. s. h cut. what does that achieved this administration is thereby targeting the
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most vulnerable segment of the palestinian people and depriving refugees of the right to education, health, shelter, and dignified life. but that was all child's play compared with what transpired in venezuela helped, along by ruinous us sanctions. they struck as venezuela was going through an economic crisis and that resulted in near complete e can amik annihilation. inflation had half a 1000000 percent of fantastical figure, but with very real consequences. you'd think that lessons had been learned that pulling aid to poor nations as like pulling a meal from a hungry person. the leads aren't the ones that suffer and starve that isn't the reasoning behind age cut. think cynical, think heartless? the idea behind pulling aid is as simple as it is cruel to compel, ve the angry,
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the hungry and the desperate master rise up against their own rulers, that the elites truly fear. and despite being at banned by social media, an anti j biden song called let's go. brandon has found itself sitting in the top 10 of the hip hop charts in america each. you removed the tract by rapid bryson gray, claiming that it contained medical misinformation. we'll the song takes aim at present, biden's bungled afghan withdrawal, and his handling of the current of ours pandemic in their defense say, he chief said that the platform doesn't allow claims about cov, it, that conflict with medical guidelines. a charge though the artist himself denies. there's a 1000000 songs best out right now. if you're trying to act like a song, i can't say. so i'm going to saw where your band, if that means you're bending my, are you bending my you was going on? you can band are like your band anything. i don't curse on my music. i'm
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a positive music and i do have my views and my music. i don't even curse. and i'm the most sense a wrapper in the world. how is that possible? i say what i believe in my song, everything i say, my real life and this is what i believe it should be illegal or social media company to be able to change. the guy was every week i've been delete things that came prior to that. they actually are playing with our free speech. nobody is messing with them. they're missing the bus. well, the thought of it is after now infamous internet catch phrase. it went viral for n b c reporter was interviewing nascar racing dr. brandon. brandon said he heard the cry, and let's go brandon pan. fighting to realize what people actually say. yeah, i know the song does come. this j biden's approval writing has nice to be did to
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coding to cover can sit below 45 percent down 11 points since he's an old duration in january. meaning his popularity has declined faster than the supreme to says since the 2nd world full price in grey. again does think that the president is finding the job tough. getting trying to kill amena people. now a lottery will say let's go branding for me. that's perfect. somebody, it doesn't curse locker, so my, the same for president biting people call trumpet dictatorship. there's nothing more so much what date of shipping, what jo buyers currently doing and what a lot of countries are going to try to segregate. that's needed to i'm back to this that this is like jim crow, 2.0. meanwhile, see world medical watchdog does continue to sand. the alarm about the ongoing covey pandemic concerts insist t. it can only be stopped. one way that bundle me will. and when the world chooses to end it,
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it is in our hands. we have all the tools we need. effective public health tools and effective medical toombs. awesome. we clearly say the world of espionage can be a dead one, especially for one format, saudi intelligence officer, he says, it's now put his life and our leave his family on the line from a saudi spy master to a criminal in hiding the rise and fall of the exile top intelligence officer said al jeffrey surely deserves the hollywood treatment. but as we all know from spy movies, when you play a dangerous game, it's often hard to get out of sal. jeffrey claims his children are being held hostage. his score is off him and false charges of embezzlement. had been pressed on him. all the serving the wrong prince until 2017 life and the saudi royal family treated al jeffrey. well, he started as
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a police officer and worked his way up to becoming a right hand man of the then interior minister, the former crown prince mohammed, been naive under the prince's rule. a sound at geoffrey was among the top, saudi intelligence officials working closely with the cia. everything changed off to the palace coup, his former patron mohammed, been naive, was ousted accused of treason and put in jail. according to sabri, the newly appointed air to the throne mohammed ben phelman had a very questionable reputation within the intelligence circle. the psychopath with mo and doesn't feel emotions, never learn from his experience. and we have witnessed atrocities and crimes committed by this killer side. al jeffrey fled the country on the day of the coop and has lived in canada ever since. however, he says mohammed bin solomon was not ready to leave the fugitive load. he started with leering me to come back black mailing with my children, and in the end,
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when he left that i will never come back. he said the tiger quotes to canada to kill me. sighed algebraic claims he was next on mohammed. ben solomon's murder, less often jamal could shoak g. a. washington post columnist and long time critic of the prince was brutally murdered inside a saudi consulate in turkey. the format, saudi intelligence officer, no longer fears his own death, but his warning, those who may be off to him, that taking him down may cost him a lot pre recorded it's death video revealing the dirtiest secrets of the saudi crown prince and some sensitive information on the united states, it could be released in case of his murder. what algebra is worried about is his family. 2 of his adult children were arrested on the day. he left the saudi arabia and remain a prison. saudi arabia remains a key us ally in the region and important counterbalance to iran and a major fi of american weaponry stats in mind. the biden administration.


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