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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  October 30, 2021 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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welcome to redacted denied. this is the show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. i don't have to tell you all that our country in our world need a lot of fixed and right now, we need peace. we need clean water, clean air for a health care for all, and most importantly, we need more videos. a baby hedgehogs. i dare you to tell me that. no nora bo, if you had one of those, i promise you, you would go gucci gucci, eugene, to right in to his with tool belly. point me. there are some very important things that need fixing and almost no one is talking about the fact that we as a society spend billions of dollars of advertising each year for exactly. they are
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percent. we literally have promotion for the destruction of our planet and almost no promotion for living, happy, sustainable lives. and advertising is incredibly impactful, even though we all think, you know, we, we personally, i, personally, we personally are above being influenced by ad. we are not. there is a well known cognitive impact called the illusory truth effect, which describes how when we hear the same false information repeated again and again, we often come to believe it's true troubling lee. this even happens when people should know better. that is, when people initially know that the misinformation is false, this explains why the corporate media will tirelessly repeat falsehoods. like the noun debunked russia gave garbage or that a rock had w m d. if it's repeated enough, people start to believe it. even when it's proven false,
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both tucker carlson and rachel matto, have argued in court that their viewers know they don't provide the truth. just recently, a court ruled meadows own viewers not only expect but desire, that she will not provide the news in factual form, but will exaggerate and even distort reality in order to shape her opinion driven analysis point is we are manipulated by confusing familiarity with truth. the same goes for both advertising, and this is why it's so horrifying that a 2014 study found americans average number of advertisement and brand exposures per day person is $5000.00. and almost all of that, all of that machinery that energy is not promoting a better world. for example, we desperately need free health care,
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right for all americans. but there aren't any ads for that. not really yet. there are infinite ads for every kind of big pharma company pill powder, jab and cream, to be rubbed on 10 times a day. in fact, you quit your job right now because you'll need time for the cream robin. according to canter, media, a firm the tracks multimedia advertising, 771000. 368 farm ads were shown in one year 2015. the united states is the only country besides new zealand that legally permits direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertising. the fortune this system, all of those $771000.00 television add per year. all of that big nasty energy is toward creating, keeping this system and not helping people for free. how about housing?
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if you want free housing for all as you should, if you haven't, so you won't see an ad for that. it will at all you. but you'll see ad for real estate market real estate agent. how's buying house flipping house? renting house up in house loan broker mortgage and reverse mortgage upside down mortgage. it's a tireless parade of garbage, but no 30 seconds bots for putting the roof over every god damn person's head for freight. now. now promo for that. not at all. never going to hear this episode of the podcast through crime involving quadra pen is brought to you by housing everyone. why those haven't we done that yet. now back to pet assessment. now we're going to hear the entire boars of are incredibly influential. advertising machine is put toward the opposite of a better world. we've and fossil fuel now, right?
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we, if we want any chance of the future on the planet, we need to involve billed, but there aren't any ads for criminal isaac, san and chevron b, p, and shell. yet we have constant ads in feel port of those companies killing our future can take a pass without here enough sports announcer over the radio. se game as part of our chevron helping you drive your car fast and possible off and eagle africa, cliff chevron. think of body or grandkids, future ads for big oil or other polluting mother jump into our our head holes all day every day, but almost no ad for sustainability or at least not real sustainability, nothing. greenwashing bolt won't here. ad for locking up the c e. o is the big oil companies and putting each of their body hairs out with a rusty electric egg. whisk from the 1970 and aaron all live on prime time.
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one more example. most of us want peace, right? most of us don't just wake up in the morning go. i hope my tax dollars are used to kill an arab kid today. now, but how much advertising do we see for creating peace? none. ad for getting rid of group or weapons, none. ad for beating our swords into plowshares. if anyone had swords anymore or knew what the holy, how a plow shatter is. none. okay. every, every once in a while, you'll see a billboard at the bus stop that shows a black person and a white person holding hands in the word community at the bottom. and it's sponsored by the ad council. that's the closest you'll get, the bread crumbs on the advertising landscape. and even if i saw that billboard and then went running out that minute to hold a black person and something tells me that's not going to have
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a massive impact on our drone bombing campaigns. i don't see the crusty forest star generals at the pentagon going, did you hear a guy named jamal and gotten a whitford hell the hand of the day? well, we better stop robin was born now. so essentially 0 promotion for peace and come broderick. but on the other hand, there are endless ads for weapon contractors following raytheon, general dynamics. there are ads for the military recruitment in the marine video games devoted to it. and half of our hollywood movies, double as ads for our military promotion, for endless war shapes into our consciousness. every damn day, promotion per piece doesn't exist. neither does promotion versus pain ability. equality, health, comradery, national cooperation and no or baby. john's,
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none of they get promoted by the giant corporate ad receives, but at least some people are fighting back, reclaiming these manipulation spaces for something positive, such as this bill board, which was changed to read to discover why jesus created just call 83 but truth. and apparently the cubs were called to deal with it. although i got it with jesus who created it. i do have a problem with the white rewriting of history. yeah. columbus discovered america and white jesus discovered by sex. why do? why people claim credit for everything. point being, i would much rather have ads for sex than ad for war killing domination and discrimination checks both positive ad. i've seen it a long time. as long as our world is based on profit over humanity and sustainability that almost all the promotions,
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ad and commercial will support profit over humanity and sustainability. and our culture will keep heading in that direction. company from washing dc. the ability to bass, this is redacted deny. ah ah, welcome. i'm li cam. know, take the news from behind. i covered recently which country the us seem to be preparing to attack next. i guess there was the iron islands because we could steal their iron, but then i was inform, the iron islands only exist in game of thrones, whatever it could happen. anyway, i reported how it was likely we might go after ethiopia next. and if you count
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economic war, we have, but there's a new competitor in the batting ball. bella rues wedge in till yesterday. i thought was the star of the russian version of beauty and the beast. but no, it's a real live country. and i think that guy is the gate keeper, you have to answer is riddle to get inside the country. and if wrong, he decent bows you but the american empire is hoping to destroy belarus any day now, as reported a mint pressed quietly, the us national security state is turning up the heat on beller roofs, hoping that the ex soviet country of 9000000 will be the next casualty of its regime change agenda. very exciting. we get to try to destroy the lives of bell ruffians. now, our old friend, the national endowment for democracy any day is getting in on the action. they're spending millions of dollars a year on 40 different projects inside bella ruse,
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all designed to try to overthrow their president, alexander lucas jenko. any day was initially created under the reagan administration in order to cover up the cia work destabilizing other countries. and he, president carl gershwin explained their creation, saying it would be terrible for democratic groups around the world to be seen as subsidized by the k. i don't think you're supposed to say that out loud. i think you're supposed to go, we totally have nothing to do who are not at all we've sooner even orange after brushing teeth, then exists to basically whitewash so maneuvers of the central intelligence page and say because orange is taste bad if you just she just brush your teeth,
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so i'll just say and we would not do that and also not just cover up actions, you know or recent any d document reveals that washington is focusing on 3 areas, training activists and civil society organizations and non violent regime change tactics, funding anti government media and bank rolling electron monitor in groups. so why does the u. s. want to topple lucas jenko? well, the new york times will tell you it's because he's authoritarian, doing things like jailing to journalists in august. i don't know if we should criticize other countries, journalists, as long as you know, the whole us on thing is going on is a fighting expedition in a british court room like right now. like right now. and this week human rights lawyer, steven dons under reported to prison, thanks to another us corrupt kangaroo court. so maybe don't bring up in justice in
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other countries, like telling someone they have bad breath after you just down to clove of garlic and a 3 week old teramy shoe that's been sitting in the sun. also, it wouldn't make sense for us to have lucas cinco for authoritarianism, considering even by its own definitions. the u. s. actively supports around 3 quarters of the world. dictator ships. that's right. we la la dictator, especially ones, the jail journalists, or in the case from saudi arabia, chopped them up into little pieces and roll them in a barbecue pit. so no, that's not the reason. the real reason are lucas shank goes, steadfast refusal to privatize state acids, join nato, or open the country up for, for an exploitation. oh, you bother. oh, why can't we explored your country?
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and because a loosing government has fought against the standard neal liberal gutting of bel arose, the country has almost no extreme poverty. according to a report by the world bank and the european union only point 4 percent of the population live on less than $550.00 per day. with no one living on less than $3.20 per day. the people are forced to dress like that though, so that that really sucks, but they're guaranteed socialized housing and universal health care hold on one second in the united states, a country where people fill their dogs water bowl with aqua fina, we're told we can't afford universal health care. but in bella, rosa country where the roads are paper potato pancakes because they ran out of cement. they had well care. in fact, the economic inequality is almost as low in bel ruth as it is in the scandinavian
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countries, celebrated for being far more equal than just helping mad max world like the united states. so what does our government do when they find out a country is tragically creating equality and her real quickly eliminating extreme poverty way way deacon on of war on us and european sanctions have targeted the country while build as an effort to get tough on the lucas cinco, quote unquote, regime sanctions disproportionately affect to the poor and most vulnerable. so for all my fellow americans out there, when was the point you realized, we're the bad guys for me, it was a 2nd. i heard secondary. if you go to a quick break, but if you want exclusive redacted tonight, extra content grab the portable tv app at portable dot tv slash download. we have
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extra content every single day. anyway, i'll be right back la more ah, prices are just going up and people are hiding in by serving smaller portions have the same prices. we've seen this at the grocery store with packaged goods packaged cookies packaged toiletries like toothpaste and mouthwash coming in smaller packages, but the same price and people haven't noticed it, but things are getting out of control and it has to be rash to be able to afford any time and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the
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world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count i saw how they can choose your customers and dump the sick so also they can satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decision and determine to get to live and who dies to meet us, just getting away with murder. welcome back. i'm still the camp. a government report shows just how far internet service
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providers like variety and, and comcast will go to collect and sell your data for more. we go to our corresponding with nothing to hide down the car. bonnie lane, now me, we all know big tech was collecting and selling our data. we've known for a while as our facebook makes money, but the internet guys doing it to well, yes, li internet companies are collecting and selling our data as we know. but a t p offers us a connection to the modern world and inexperience. they don't just want your money . they want something spiritual to like your mother's maiden name, your phone number, and the last time you cried to minions. they were watching me last night. unfortunately, that happened, and sometimes junkers and debt collectors take advantage and impersonate cops to get, get big telecom to give them location data. some say the internet is lawless, like the wild west, but it's better with just a bad job, which are you can be
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a sheriff. ok, we could use it. leave one internet privacy law or 2, maybe privacy love you're dreaming. and comcast knows exactly what you dreamt in that case. can they tell me what margaret that you're feeding someone baby food means. why? no god, no. they'll never tell you that they'll providers say they are and selling our data . in reality, they put extra effort into pushing it by packaging subscribers into segments and then labeling customers for advertisers. examples include jet set, urbanites, gospel and grits or gay. they're calling us gay. i now it's so it's grayed. some are worried that labels like this could reveal sensitive information to other people on your network, like since internet companies collect data across devices and then spit out related
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ads on those devices. yeah, i didn't want people to know that i a grid. so timothy in middleton wisconsin, if you're watching right now, i know you were hoping to come out of the closet with like a speech or a song or something. well, the sidebar on the star tribune has been showing hot gentlemen, in your area to your father for years. and good news is you might have more in common with your dad than you think. this is also ridiculous stuff. well, what about the 16 year old whose parents start seeing prenatal vitamins as we need to protect people's privacy? only don't be offended. they're selling our data like flavors of ice cream, baskin robbins flavors, like health tines, jewish and homemade happiness, which we all know is meth. tough times is an ad targeting category. tough times is the most lucrative advertising category. there is the more desperate people are,
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the more ex boxes they buy, till the options for privacy on my internet service provider, our total lives. no, they're not lives. their jokes will have like this list of customer types of government. here we got some sick, burns like small town, shallow pockets. oh, she bows. we got we got young city solos, losers. they probably one more or kids. there are so bad. wait, maybe if they have some fi, guess deal, they should sign up. but this isn't just funny. they only imagine the predatory or discriminatory ed's lee. we should see where you are on this. we'll compromising information. let's play games alley now. now. now thanks boomers and boomerangs. massive, young, asian achievers. no, leave your 1st name. that's
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a real category. yes. what else could you be through? great, american math. unlikely voter. me. me. i vote out . i got at lee. you are seeking medical care. that's your people. li. watch. you got that chronic laryngitis from screaming too much. hey, that was between you, me and everyone within the 5 block radius. okay. can you came? i think i figured anyway, thanks for bringing me on. our me. thank you. all right, moving on. the entertainment industry is still in shock after a freak accident on a movie set left a cinematographer dead. but despite all the celebrity gossip we're seeing for the mainstream media, this is actually a labor issue for more we go to our intelligence failure, anders lea, ah
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. things are certainly a buzz here in hollywood with some big items of news. one being that alec baldwin has killed some one. but we'll get to that in a minute. the other big news, of course, is that the international alliance of theatrical stage employers or i antsy, has voted to authorize a strike. but check any trade publication in this town. and you will see that the hollywood strike has been averted. i ought to see the producers have reached a deal on a new contract. hallelujah, it appears that your shows will be coming out right on schedule. so cancel the riot you had planned if there was another delay in season 35 of and see i yes. long shift, in short, turnarounds, have been a serious problem in the industry, even leading the crew members getting into car accidents between shifts from falling asleep behind the wheel. last week, i ought to members were even introduced to way new workplace hazard getting shot by
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alec baldwin. in case you've been living on a rock or don't have an eye lit opener like addiction to social media, which i'm jealous. while filming the movie rushed, alec baldwin fatally shot a crew member with a prop gun. there's a major labor issue here that mainstream media our mission, at all, be honest, it's difficult to know how to handle this situation. as a comedian, the person who tragically died alina hutchins, was a very talented cinematographer, as well as a wife and a mom. but the fact that she was killed by alec baldwin, of all people, is no, no, it is still not funny, and only a complete psychopath. would even think of making a joke at his expense right now. definitely not something i would do on camera or, or off camera talk. this whole thing is so tense. this is one of those times when you almost want someone else to do something tasteless, just a release all this tension. what's donald trump junior as a new line?
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t shirts. thank god for that. as in any case, alec baldwin probably should have aimed the gun somewhere else, but he didn't know it was loaded. hutchins death and the injury to director joel sousa are in alex baldwin's fault. alec baldwin. busy the actor anyway, according to labor advocates, the alec baldwin, who also produced the movie is very much culpable. several ion she, members on the crew, had been raising concerns about the production since before that fateful thing. they had issues with long hours and commutes late pay. and surprise, surprise, safety protocols not being followed. turns out that baldwin, stunt double accidentally fired to round saturday after being told that the gun was cold. cold is exactly what the films assistant director said to alec baldwin as he handed him, the not so cold gun that killed hutchins. this same assistant director,
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they've hall's was given the onset nickname, safety last. no one's live up to a nickname that well since ivan the terrible back. i shocked paul's had even been fired from a previous film in 2019 after an unexpected discharge on that check concern. crew members had texted in warren, their higher ups about the gun safety issues, to no avail. no inspections, no meetings, nothing. all the different types of safety. gun safety is pretty high up there. if you're on the set of a movie, it's among the highest right. if they're above knife, safety and below are the ones that you would think that i'm a production run in part by a good liberal like alec baldwin. they'd be better about literal gun control. but the workers' concerns weren't addressed to just 6 hours before the incident. a group of union crew members decided to stop working and were quickly replaced by non union crew and forced to leap alina hutchins was an iops. human wood pledged
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her solidarity with the effort to improve working conditions on sets. every way i can think of no better tribute to her life than to actually achieve that goal through a strike if necessary. and to make sure that a preventable accident like this never ever happens again from hollywood. i'm anders li with redacted ah . here are your headlines from the future in december, you'll read to save money, us public schools begin virtual virtual learning in which students just imagine attending school via webcam. don't worry, they'll also be told to imagine being bullied and coming out next week. u. s. government offers assurance is the british high court that if extradited, join assange will be killed, most humanely silver lining there. and finally in january, you'll learn joe,
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by now going door to door with blood, so tire iron personally collecting student loans. he's quite active for his age. that's our shell, but get free redacted tonight, exclusive content every day at portable dot tv. just go there and scroll down to the redacted tonight playlist. until next time, good night. keep fighting. ah ah. he died. i cried. i just had a split the whole time. i was there. no one really thought anything different. just all thought i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 seconds for the killed him.
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i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 doctor started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really the turning all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products that he pulled this out. he refilled. holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's the better it was. i wouldn't want my worst enemy, every dorothy that was my last breath with
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ah ah! protectors poor onto the streets of rome, demanding world leaders take action to stop climate change as the italian capital hosts, the g. 20 summit. doctors and france warned that budget cuts are leading to staff shortages that come to us top scientists claim the national health care system is on the brink of collapse with the pandemic taking hold. once again, c g crews. it's the government that is to blame for the shortage of medical personnel fronts is the only country in the world that's been cutting funding during the pandemic. medical stuff outraged by this and ready to quit over at one o and trash piles up in new york has sanitation workers protest against the cobra inoculation man.


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