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ah ah, protesters poor under the streets of rome, demanding world leaders take action to stop climate change as the italian capital hosts, the g. 20 summit doctors and france warned that budget cuts are leading to staff shortages that comes as top scientists claim. the national health care system is on the brink of collapse with the pandemic taking hold. once again, i see that crews, it's the government is to blame. the shortage of medical personnel fronts is the only country in the world that's been cutting funding during the past deputy medical stuff outraged bios and ready to quit over it. ah, and trash piles up in new york and sanitation workers. protests against the coven
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inoculation mandate. on vaccinated city employees are to be placed on unpaid leave from monday, ah, or broadcast more direct from our studios in moscow. this is our t international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. now we start in italy, this our after the 1st day of the g. 20 summit in rome, it's the 1st in person gathering of its kind since the pandemic and the response to cov, it is high on the agenda. and other key theme is climate change about which some say world leaders are not doing nowhere near enough. artes peter oliver is in the italian capital force. as world leaders gather here and runs this years g 20 summit . they've also been met by a large number of protesters. you've come to particularly vent their anger at what they see as a lack of action when it comes to climate change. the protesters themself actually
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coming from quite a diverse number of groups, including unions far left organizations and those who say they've lost their jobs through globalism. also a large number of treatment activists that you would recognize as such. 2 people in particular of drawn their iron. that's the u. s. president joe biden. and the british prime minister, forrest johnson, president biden. because well, he's had a lot to say about the need for action to be taken, but the hasn't been not much in the way of climate action coming from the white house as of yet forest johnson. because starting on sunday glass go in the united kingdom will be hosting cop $26.00. the big climate summit with a lot of attention focusing. they're following this g 20 meeting away from climate cove. it is also being very high or on the agenda at this years g 20. in fact, one of those taking part remotely, that was rushes vladimir putin. he spoke via video link. he and his speech said
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that it was essential and he stressed the importance that there must be an end to a vaccine protectionism. and it all vaccines against cove. it must be available for everyone around the world. i told her, but i did to pneumonia. i would like to draw your attention to the fact that despite the decision of the g 20, still not all countries and need have access to vaccines and other vital resources . this is also due to, i believe, unfair competition protectionism due to the unwillingness of a number of states including g, 20 states to mutually recognize vaccines and vaccine certificates. it's worth pointing out that on a number of key issues at the summit, russia on china of been pretty much in lock step. this was particularly true when came to the idea of opening up vaccines and allowing vaccines manufactured wherever, as long as they've been proven to be safe to be used everywhere around the world. another one of those will lead is speaking via video link with president g of china
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. and he also said that they needed to be recognition or vaccines around the world . going back to vladimir putin low in his address to the g. 20 away from cova. the focus of the russian president's speech fell on gas and energy, and particularly gas prices across europe. if you've picked up any newspaper, looked at any tv or listen to any radio across the continents over the last few weeks, you think they swell vladimir effort and had a small top that he could turn in short cut off the gust to countries in europe. it will cost us not the case, and we also had the russian president say that there was no truth whatsoever. today, stories that he had been doing, just not all russia had been holding back supplies in order to ramp the price of the ocean president, pointing out, in fact, that russia has open supplies, increased supplies to europe. in recent times, what we heard though, from the russian president, is saying that when it comes to salting out the problems that we have in europe
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when it comes to gas prices, that both the consumers on the supply is need to act responsibly, which is global sustainability of global energy markets directly depends on responsible actions of all of their participants. both producers and consumers based on long term interests of all sides, rushes calling for a thorough discussion of this topic and a pragmatic manner guided solely by economic considerations. it's interesting to point out that while some of the harshest criticism towards russia has come from the european press, european leaders have been singing a pretty much very different tune. in fact, the most recent european senior politician senior leader to come out and say that russia isn't behind increasing the energy prices in europe was the french president, a manual man. and he said the current situation is down to market factors. i have no evidence that has been manipulation of prices and i'm not accusing anybody these trading relations they shouldn't be used for to your political reasons. still plenty to come from this year's
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d 20 here in rome. as soon as any news comes out of the italian capital, i'll be bringing to you here in our tea, along with the energy supply issues that peter just spoke about. western companies, refusal to share vaccine, know how with poorer states is also a theme at the summit. russia analyst martin mccauley says that comes down to pure profiteering. if you in the 3rd world, if you'll never go, oh, well that's in america. you said no, no, this is property. they should in fact, relax the peyton go and allow us to have these axioms and help us to develop our own. we will need to know and spooky, which is the russian vaccine, has a very high reputation, would agree, i think, eventually it will be accepted. but by the time that is accepted, then the market will be taken over by western vaccines, especially astrazeneca and the american song and want to dominate will
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supply. later in the program, european leaders use the g 20 to express concerns about a return to iran nuclear deal talks. while the u. s. instead of focusing on dialogue, introduces new sanctions doctors in france or warning that to budget cars are leading to severe staffing shortages. top french scientists also feared the health care system could be pushed to the brink of collapse with cobra cases on the rise over the past 2 weeks. one nursing union rep talk to our team about how bad it's become. see, it's the government that's to blame for the shortage of medical personnel. france is the only country in the world that's been cutting funding during the medical stuff, the outraged by this and ready to quit over it because they want no part of it since june. there's been a wave of doctors and nurses quitting their exhausted fighting the pandemic. well, so looking at those corner disease and it's a vicious circle, it's a great to the work close to great to the pressure and the more doctors quit
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creating even more work for those last this comes in french health workers have been voicing their concerns over hospital staff shortages, the latest studies suggesting one in 5 free beds can't actually be taken up by patients. but the health care minister challenges that claim. i would challenge that 20 percent figure, the latest date i have says 5 percent of beds, a temporarily unavailable. i've ordered a comprehensive study of the situation. all right, however, the nursing union rep again says the shortage is the government's fault because it cut health care funding. blue. some don't be for the 1st time in our history, we didn't manage to free and offense to allow staff to go on holiday in july and august. the government doesn't fun. hospital sufficiently and cuts jobs to save money. the number of hospital bed is decreasing. people are already tired and cannot see how the state does not give them the means to do that job properly. we are in a very difficult situation and we're concerned about the approach. and when, besides cove, it, there's also the usual epidemics such as influenza and bronchitis. piles of
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trash are growing in some new york districts after workers skipped their collection rounds to protest mandatory coven vaccination from monday. also, the workers who haven't received at least one vaccine shot will have to stay at home without pay, but that has stopped fears that there will be an acute shortage of key personnel with many essential workers already shunning the initiative as r t is caleb martin. reports ah hundreds of city workers are outraged and gathered to protest outside of the mayor's residence. some of them, even through garbage on to the mayor's lawn. ah,
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garbage isn't only piling up on the mayor's lawn. it's everywhere. sanitation workers across the city had a slow down on thursday residents of taken to social media to complain about what appears to be an act of protest by sanitation workers against the pending vaccine mandate. new york city may better rethink his mandate real quick. my garbage wasn't picked up today and will get worse when new york city sanitation workers don't show up for pickups and snow ploughing, medical staff, shortages, burning, fires, not put out, city will be crippled. if we don't have employed d as in why workers, we will have outbreaks of disease like cholera in new york city. the mandate needs to be relaxed to prevent mounds of garbage on our streets. if your garbage hasn't been picked up. thank the new york city vaccine mandate build,
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blasio has been in touch with the sanitation department as well as the union that represents sanitation employees. he says this slow down is unacceptable and that there will be consequences. anyone who is not doing their job, you're harming your fellow sanitation workers, and you're harming your neighbors and you're harming your city and it's time to stop. now the annotation workers association, fear that the flow down may simply be foreshadowing a loss of workers coming on monday. they are moving to snow shift 12 hours instead of 8 in anticipation of workers shortages. and it appears that as a result of this mandate, new york city could soon be losing $1.00 and $5.00 that's 20 percent of its fire departments due to firefighters. not getting the jab for the mayor to turn around and say, we can run this apartment with 25 to 35 percent less members is ignoring the fact that we cant even keep our houses open today. right now. their livelihood is on the
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line and their paycheck is on the line. if that goes to motivate them, the need to get back with not to help them because a lot of people to lot of stress, they don't have to feed their families. and they have to make the decision on an artificial timeline, despite thousands of people refusing to get vaccinated and protests against the mandate. the world health organization is pretty firms. they say math vaccinations are necessary to stop the pandemic and protect public health. vaccines save millions of lives each year. vaccines work by training and preparing the body's natural defenses, the immune system to recognise and fight off the viruses. but there are thousands of new york city's essential workers, police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers, teachers, and others are unhappy about this mandate. we spoke to a u. s. police officer who thinks essential workers should not be forced to choose between paying their bills and getting vaccinated. i think getting this vaccine should be our personal decision should be the decision you make with, you know, medical professional. i don't think of mandy vaccine where the government is,
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is ordering you to choose between your personal freedom and liberty and providing a living for yourself. and keeping your food, keeping food on your table, keeping a roof over your head should come into conflict. i think it's a huge over each. i think it's a streaming fair. we can still keep this in the safe and go about our business with medical freedom and medical choice. at the same time. you know, people are that depend on the police force to keep us safe, whether it's in new york, chicago, or any place else they have these mandates going on. are going to feel the difference in the communities and crime goes up and looking for peace officer and they can find, well, you can see exactly where the slope is taking us. 3 started with the military. they moved on to nurses, now they're moving on. so 1st responders is only going to get worse from there are villains who need to be taken out those words about why people came from
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a black female professor at an american university in new jersey. her interview, which contains plenty more harsh, allegedly anti white statement is on youtube. and it seems that such apparently opened hatred is going unchecked on the video platform. here's our key contributor lauren chen. recently dr. britney cooper, who teaches women's gender and sexuality studies at rutgers university, sat down for an interview with the route. despite what white people think of themselves. busy they do not defy the laws of a terminal, right? their projects are not so sophisticated clips from that interview are now going viral. as the professor seems to display an intense hatred and resentment for white people whom she seems to describe as inherently violent. i think that why people are committed to being villains in the aggregate and perhaps most worryingly in the same interview. the professor also describes a desire to take white people out, though she later clarifies that she of course, does not mean violently. the thing i want to say to you is we got to take these out,
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but i'm not like we can say that, right? we can't say like, i don't believe in a project of mine. instead, she refers to the declining birth rate among white people as a good thing and something that they deserve. so why people's birth rates are going down. they only grow whose birth rates are going down in the country. we literally live in a system where even white people cannot sustain the cost of their own lives, right. by that i mean the elevated cost of their own lives. it's suitable, perverse, and also they kind of deserve it. at this point, it should come as no surprise to any of us that professors at american institutions are increasingly also doubling as far left activists. but i think what it still shocked people about dr. cooper's words are the intense animosity she carries toward white people in the world. obsessed with c, r t and dismantling white privilege. it seems that on american campuses, at least, it has become acceptable to display outright racial prejudice against white people
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and blatant racism aside. what makes this whole situation even more shocking is the fact that rucker's is a public institution, meaning that dr. britney cooper salary of around $114000.00 per year is essentially paid for in part by tax payers. what american taxpayers, especially occasion taxpayer, is really be happy to know that their money is going to fund a professor who is outright teaching her students to be prejudiced against them. this professor and all the local like the problem, this generation not responsible for the behavior of their ancestor teaching history to point previous generation fault in our compensation from current generation. that is ridiculous. rutgers, she should not be teaching this kind of hate. the students do better. rutgers, this is the kind of professors you have teaching at your school. just took you off my students application list. this is appalling. and if you're a parent and a child in university right now, or who will be in university soon, this is also something to keep in mind. frankly,
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a college education simply isn't what it used to be. and unless you screen potential colleges for your child carefully, you could end up paying between $15000.00 to $30000.00 per year in the case of rucker's university for your child to be indoctrinated in the art of racial division. and i know it's a cliche to even mention this at this point, but imagine for one second, be outraged that would happen if a why professor had been caught on camera saying the same things that dr. cooper has said about black people. white people showed up being raggedy and violent and parable and trying to take everything from everybody that professor would be fired immediately and with good reason. but as of yet wreckers has remained silent on what consequences if any. dr. cooper will face meters of 4 countries at the g 20 express concerns about iran nuclear activities in a joint communique. after some talks, the u. s. u k, germany and france say to roms, actions complicates the possibility of a return to the iran nuclear deal. the u. s. has imposed new sanctions on iranian
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companies. it claims purchased drone engines and components for iran. revolutionary guard, a move that has led to allegations president biden is simply continuing the politics of the previous administration, despite claiming to be on a different path will be a study in contrast, with the previous administration since iran, one of the areas of profound divergence between the previous administration and the europeans, a government that talks of returning to the nuclear deal, but follows in the footsteps of former us president donald trump sends the message that it is not trustworthy. sister channel archy arabic spoke to iranian deputy foreign minister, all you by carry connie about the latest moves either say, a new round of negotiations will begin in november. it's important that the party responsible for the introduction of these illegitimate and cruel sanctions should be ready to make a final decision on lifting them. if such a decision is made,
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there will be progress in the upcoming negotiations. therefore, the problem of the negotiations is not the timing, but the readiness of the opposite side to lift the illegal sanctions that the defense capability of any country depends on itself. any party acts on its national interests um, within the limits of its capabilities. the state has the right to carry out activities to ensure defense capability. the islamic republic of a ran within the framework of this policy conducts activity to protect its national security and interests. there is no place for nuclear weapons in iran's military doctrine. it is focused on conventional weapons. in addition, the supreme leader of the islamic republic of a ram who was a religious authority issued a decree that the production creation, storage, and use of weapons of mass destruction is forbidden. countries whose interests contradict the interests of iran or trying to use the international atomic energy agency for their own purposes. the leadership of the i. e. a should not allow this
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. we cooperate with the i a, a with in the framework of the non proliferation treaty. russia has played a positive and constructive role in iran's nuclear program, right? u. s. company is feeling the effects of pushing for diversity. if former employee has been awarded $10000000.00 compensation after he was fired and replaced by 2 women allegedly as part of the company's diversity and inclusion program, they tried to say a trial that they fired him because 2 years before he had gotten sick during his speech and had to sit down and it was embarrassing to the c. e. o. any. and he never recovered from it instead and standing in that he was not adequately engaged in his work. although all the documentation showed that he was more than engaged and that he was delegating it. if parents had before the board to his subordinates, but he was deliberately doing that for their development as employees. and so they really had the jury found that they had nothing to justify the termination,
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and it was only the only thing that made sense was their firing. and because of this very explicit diversity goal that they had set for that year for 2018 hospital executive david duvall was fired by no vantage health. after working there for 5 years, the company released a statement saying it will appeal the court's decision. week frame were disappointed with the verdict, as we believe it is not supported by the evidence presented. the trial, which includes our reason for mr. devolves termination. it's important for all current and future team members to know that this verdict will not change. nov and help steadfast commitment to diversity inclusion and equity. for all. david devolves that lawyer again says the diversity and if it should have itself was not at fault, although the implementation went too far. know that you, you can have a diversity plan. in fact, as i said in the note to you, a, he was a champion of the plan. he thought it was wonderful and heaved it hired
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a black woman to be want a director in his marketing program and promoted her to vice president. and he just was completely behind the initiative. the limitation is you can't fire people just for the purpose of increasing your diversity numbers to replace somebody. and that's, i think we convinced the jury that that's exactly what happened here. and that's why they kind of hit them with such a large verdict u. s. lawyer and indigenous rights campaigner steven danziger, who has spent decades in legal battles against chevron has been jailed for criminal contempt for after the oil giant counter suit with
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the sentence was imposed earlier this month in a ruling that don singer has denounced as an embarrassment for the country is accused at the state of intentionally locking up human rights campaigners and describes prison conditions as deplorable. i am one of 50 full men living in one locked concrete room in double bunks. there are virtually no mosque, so social distancing is extremely difficult to communicate to the outside. almost all a shock to see me here on a misdemeanor, conviction which further on the schools, the irregular nature of my situation. journalist greg wilbert thinks the case appears as though it's meant to silence opponents of the oil giant. he has been prosecuted to the maximum by a very,
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i'm sure system that has been trying to silence. and basically the if you look at the details of the case, there's a number of irregularities such as the bias of the judge. he used to be a chevron judge and not only danziger, but everybody was involved in the case in one way or another had been persecuted really by chevron, including a filmmaker, joe berlin, jeff, for example, who made a documentary about it. i think that's what the case was really ultimately all about was to provide for a chilling effect to prevent people from going after a corporation such as chevron. because with the idea that chevron would ruin their lives essentially. and that's basically what has happened . and so, of course, this makes it much more than much less likely in the future. that is the case against dungeon, or dancer jer makes it nothing, much less likely that in the future other people will be willing to take on a corporation. and so it's going to be very difficult palestinians clash with
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israeli police just outside jerusalem's old city as tensions rise over reported plans to zoom graves from a centuries old muslim cemetery is really officials claim the barrels were not authorized and therefore illegal. ah, we can't of the old city of jerusalem with a lot of chaos and kind of moaning over the establishment of a new cock. the hang again is very high with thing that is with a in an area where essentially holes with is beyond the
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pale and sammy saying to the day and look at the scene and we're from jerusalem and veers trying to make the city jewish by any means they started with the smaller territory. i went to expand to the rest of the cemetery. the same happened to the aroma symmetry of the what is happening at the al you sophia cemetery is a desecration of graves caused by the ignorance of the international community. we sold the dead, the bones of the dead, this cemeteries historically renown for the muslims buried israel, considers itself above the law, an attack stead, palestinians from jerusalem, visionary of their violence on problem because it is very holly slammed on to places policy on for out of focus with cause we have the whole of that data on why they they want to use this way to make us net of us better stuff. i'll just say behavioral finance. we can hear these a lot of traffic. there's
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a huge commotion here, as people do what i have been calling, so the chain and others yet is a comp which they have say to life has been a pain. this does not in any way with a muslim payment to be a municipality, has said that all my grades remain intact. they would, it should be emphasized that no to was damaged during the books. and there is no intention to displace any grave, even if bill to legally the development book has been carried out, was maxim sensitivity with a desire to improve the quality of life of the muslim residence. earlier when they were just what people doses they wasn't human, the main question is with a ride. the city is an issue that is flaming teams
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is really hide with that and find to bring the situation to control policy, a key to sell a movie or that there's a for me, headlines and 32 minutes. stay with us for by the panoramic. no, certainly no borders on the slide to nationalities and users as emerge. we don't have a charity. we told them of actually the whole world needs to take action to be ready. people are judgment. come in, crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we
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also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been matter. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with oh, you have to understand that so much of this nature stuff is theatrical, it's purely theatrical nature. did not fight for georgia in 2008. it entered, planned to fight for children. there was not the slightest consideration of all for fighting for georgia and schools. it didn't fight for ukraine 2014 item, and there is absolutely no intention anywhere in western europe to send a single dock short danish short german french soldier to fight in ukraine.
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welcome to redacted denied. this is the show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. i don't have to tell you all that our country in our world need a lot of fixed and right now we need peace. we need clean water, clean air, for a health care, for all, and most importantly, we need more videos a baby hedgehogs. i dare you to tell me that i'm normal. if you had one of those, i promise you, you would go gucci gucci. ooh, g 2. right? in to his with tool belly point me. there are some very important things that need fixing and almost no one is talking about the fact that we as
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a society spend billions of dollars of advertising each year for a.


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