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still, ah, the best part is people want to watch millions of you who spend hours seeing how a person they've never met and whose hallway round the world assembled the contraption. no one else needs to go up to that i rang c coastal tibia for i do much good. just wasn't my teeth. so when you mine. yeah. citizens like user, again, we're looking at the clock e o. when he feels like wishing, which physically security yes, i do think either he has jo after my bill is pussy. she leaves the sonya new, an air gear. you munoz, and been zoom. you munoz, not as yet. good leopard set out yet. your steam will knows, not still with your song, sir, it appeared and i had them of them, i really had to pay you had 30 pieces kilometer is foisy, is screeching,
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astonished now and that of you. a road trip in the summerville is nikita most ambitious project. 2 days before the solar powered vehicle. another car was his pet project. bigger than his thought. zachary machine off. it doesn't look as glamorous. let's face it. it looks like you dance ill bang. barbara union, you will not be here somewhere destroy after my bill. a thought book as also mosque, which seemed to such a story, whether it was crowned with a she is new or visit with the good thing is that without self and there isn't a pretty ski at the d within previous his give her my little when you're softer e, but you won't put yourself to put the most on you on abala grant said sir edward said he is gonna is just another pro what any mirror that the digital
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ah, with a new one of us that wish to wall street know guy. yeah. if it is near me, off girl i got was on the glass on the lovely isn't welcome back. oh, really nice deal and it's hello. good. you actually about my speech proposals that it's good please. if there was a visit at the theme yesterday morning with her boyfriend
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let's go with her. yeah. with more were there was dinner are. this is glass of citizen, you scroller people that i go the with the po proficio. i do it a month. so you get a hold of them got the dog can only do a bill or is this a what disease? no more you know previously a don't know why you more the other one that he's cooper. yes. tell him was a, the identical school or near will up with and we had issues deal with your school. so america might be his 1st success was a video about a chain somewhat bicycle. i mean, i use that with you start. i have been with
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them have you been with with will media present or they will media ranch. a problem with these people have more than half of doing 3 stuff more than half of a dean are doing a boy in a decision or they're gonna point out that one of those. i think it was a half to 2 days in the shop. the old bang as hitting st. petersburg rose again, but the electric motion still thrown to overheating. the com a stall at any moment. or wait a minute. what news put along,
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but it's still killing me other. not right now. would you assume that with a dish number your call is was doing you, it was in the killing me otherwise the, your them are not, not aurora, that i want to keep them off. each study will be right with you on more of a junior style or the function of e, a commander or somebody come on to the sale is look to layer that. yeah, a be rather e shrugging engineer or no, no, no gosh,
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we work with probably need but for the ship when we are the only people almost wish they, you know, don't know who is already covered with eel, no personal study by the open source. it's just, just, i'll tell you this is just a little more than a year with me now that i wasn't familiar with. i think i wanted which i was not the one you stood with that please go. what goes by? there is some i a flores now if you are still a valid a.
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ringback a, spend them a characteristic which are good with the model number with you sometimes group that you spent 3 of them both. oh stunner . i was looking at them, but i mean, you will be getting a better price. theirs. okay. bus mother, i'm not going to go to poach to the hollow space program reduced to barebones. these guys decided to start from scratch and design and launcher rocket while learning only go. and of course, to make a bunch of videos while they were at it. some idea preview is sure what you're
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going to see on what the absence of equipment i'm going to switch to the site, just pretty much all move the book. so i, you substance customers premium price, you know, when you're ready to move us more than the show us, how much has on our system. we've been in many of them, but i got a place where the community venture, i'm assuming snails all of this. what's the place where you perform of age and we said you were introduced into teams is put it in the system will darling 20 some processing because we're probably a boy. so they approaches to stephanie which sitting outside somewhere just to try to turn stuff to know when you're more nobody can use birds.
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when you go in control. lot of those will basically means that on the flop will be easier to go about the possibility of any system. they'll come back. the number one you can do is right so far you know what else with somebody and really and we kind of wanted to got a little more money. part of it also did they give to frontier volunteering? got me say a boost umbrella. and we feel as i bought a particular kind of oh, what about we've run the support. yes. the appraiser and with a similar stage all that i'm kind of course there are some variation. so and i think your distance monday through them a little, but i'm expecting to come and move with their phone number. the problem
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with a was the always joy. i think i probably get that i, i don't post for you really st. barracka for the school, for board. no problem. look over 1st grade. it just won't fly. during the test, the math is no broker or did you find out about that he would of it was more like any of you, i think what's my appropriate gilbert vicky, believe it is let go of the law is channel is a uniquely russian d i y phenomenon, nothing gets blown up or set on fire here. that one gets an educated own you see is northern vistas, woods, water, and skilled hands, lathing sewing,
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and chiseling views are off the charts with $2000000.00 subscribers together. by yet you can able to find me doing what a for a. yeah. the when you name with a g. i don't vibe. i don't use it. i don't store, but on procedural aging tequila, you have any minute way. sonya it's, it's a process, but if you know, so yeah, look for the annual media. what it was to let you might say it will be so like no, even young fellow, which at length and at the missionaries normally thought kelly, she asked the lady aiming to raise, who would you buy that? i didn't look for video just acer. she's making sure this is julia julie, this is cody, emily, but the action not doest of of it. okay. it is the menorah gum, nobody will
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h is treating a new little squiggly shaking him waking slower. cuz i look us go practical stuff and his type law young 50 you. but then we get those to birth. a sheets, america. ah ah ah, you have to understand that so much of this native stuff is theatrical. it's purely theatrical nature did not fight for georgia in 2008 it under planned to fight for georgia. there was not the slightest consideration of fighting the georgia ankles.
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it didn't fight the ukraine 2014 item, and there is absolutely no intention anywhere in western europe to send a single dock, short danish or german french soldier to fight in ukraine. and it states has to be ready to be able to afford enzyme and find the luxury good for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how many confuse customers and dumped
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the sick so also right and satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder with food. ah, maybe not for sure that you know if the doing well just him or your goal is to give me a throw for
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a new a roster. so we're boys with with with this is the sun deal model 1.0. not quite a car. it's like a solar powered rick shore when nikita comes on. it's much on the other here in gloomy st. petersburg. ramirez glass, the other one, the one you can hear me. yeah. the show of the look. i'm just the private hours. yeah. results for all your m u e. god, we're by your call. can you come when you're off for about a year or when you are curious? mean yeah. purpose grass. maybe one would or well, you know,
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because that door ah, yes. the teacher, i'm years the premium with our number is in year. well for not omnia newkirk or a a what all the floor? no i yeah. you got there? good with a vehicle? she didn't think you were me. laraca mia though as d as to kill any other? yes, we used 20, which is go to the urls. good. he is do us. he has jeff parker, what's the, what's the new york or he needs to put in here. the procedure that is good. so in the near yeah. what would come when you would source boone
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with the 1st run of the rocket, which unusually is carmella field was a failure. and it failed with a bang or social torture. me go to customer support federal estoppel hm. so i'm ready for the, for some when you're more of a sort of one with a dealer. it's very so move because i'm bought. no, i don't know how much that i was. i wanted to get us through the very 1st finish. that was a couple days ago i was in the world news or a business to live always there sometimes a little more sort of like a postal point. you can just waste,
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you may have some process or somewhere else. i just want to go with them. in d, i wise abroad genre, video, streaming websites, host tens of thousands of channels on various topics. some take a meticulous and strictly scientific approach that people also like to be enlightened and entertain. the area we live in dictates what kind of inventions today's youtube does him, she's made on the phone choice. and a problem of by me with just that much when we were professed caliber west of come . when you're what to come at the b b of me or no, i'm not gonna principal. and yes, it will feel him good. yeah. well i wasn't able to pick up tomorrow. i mean, what about you were just passing the words world political up on was 3 legislative silly night. shared this and it was for me. sure, the but i wasn't out of my tory kind
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of a little busy on the was that he was a little one that angelica asked me, could you tell him in some way both i me him 3 key to deal with that. am i to re mostly a little that need to be which here which are on the crucial capitalist. couple more to bring up about us to let can what i mean? it will have some stuff. we should stuff which have to deal with picky. joyce, i knew i might have been through some of these i stole or. ready some labor, somebody's give us to the semester, but we did that. it was table on or what live in the country. where was this machine to deal with? actually with blessone was supposed to let you write this, the company sort of this paper, but you doubling as newspaper so much interest to go up on the electronics of some bro, led companies for my graduate on the stuff must be a bunch of everything and, and i don't know,
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it seems i don't like not for me like that, but it's more than also putting this in grad summit checks, migration, right. anything we can put together. i mean you've got all summer long distortion. what are some of the stuff that you're playing? football gateway. i was just dealing with you for some of your look. i know some i knew the only time you said you know what the interesting part told me was my name. meantime you have a, a lobby. no, i got struggles with.
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ah, no, i miss your mother. that she did what i do rather than yeah. you're with after several months of one failure after another, the rocket finally blasted off with coca cola. with a
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gear flip, a leg with national was just below one. please leave a net but it's usually ritual close to one with we want to for up. she is just funny. karen and i have a pretty good the other one which is probably the one you should he, we will draft cover. jaw crown, quite enough crowd. why don't the bush is supposed to. it's a bracket teacher. thank you. problem. yeah, it was my real part of lead you on the it will be, it is nice kind of deal at all in the dinner table in as possible with silly good,
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boyish cut or missed. so when a spot for the new coverage, another di, mr. a cancer just wasn't, i've been a bunch of my, she should have gotten a quote. can i show anything that you know? nothing of the, you know, and i think that you yes, ma, yesterday she sent our genius colleagues amongst your dumas was a note in post kristen. you can move along just or indirectly. franklin. yup. are you there? yeah, that's the company. yeah. mostly what for show. so put the log in. yeah. as bookkeeping partial pow liking. you close my pay of. i'm a plugin you stay for both of us. can you call your telephone sticker deanna here. so she didn't ding in stuck on will last was i live my area, the water cash to credit check as well. so the easy, the, by the warfare, the,
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with the relief from i'll let them go, do the say, and i took a closer look at our carol created shortly, given what, as 0. now maybe the new i got lost over there. can you know? yeah, they used to be just as a chest yet they can. law rabbit says they cannot order and then you put a new weight and i have no choice. new more is deal is stored. i still you more big idea of what to add my child. the cancer, move she accordingly. jamie, did you monkey mean dick? while shrewd linley wasn't sleepy, it's a new ocean. yeah. i got the idea that we were moving a year. you were you said to lose no didio global movement to vehicle folk is deal towards that is or do more for your plan or for a little carrier or so. buddha watched it pretty greatly. a sober gritty to kill
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you. you got to worry, she tired or what they should, they cannot go down more than the portable with you and you got tory and you will not go to me and leave. karen tuck it to jimmy in montana alone get around you to put on a 5th grade. he taught jacob today rang, should you still cbs m as in whiskey? nevi open you mind? yes. dear krasier, just one of my teeth are when you mine. yeah. and you thank you for your g mcmahon, the glad while the typical at night when you think you cook just in the e o on maliciously, which i wish you which perfectly guilty nikita planned to spend a month on his solar power road trip. but he didn't complete his route as he got stranded in the mountains of cassock sta. good guy, here we go. yeah, we're in. so what we're seeing is la grange or when you order the bins, you know,
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are you good to know? i'm sure. super process deal on the the actually well sir, from ours web shifts your huh. with digital, with 3 years. did you want me up? yup. or a year ago. you know, still it still is we are we also with studio, we'll do you a free grow. good around. yes,
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we do have oregon. don't go to georgia. police dubuque, 3 just the little ones who might be there, the other, some go to your doors with. did you feel any other written? nadia? a blog garcia, borderline. modern average for sure. more another on boards are grown. they're ginger north. good julia. okay. julia. when you said that what was in the last door, but the more when we reviewed the transport we're the ones you've, you know, it's one of the internet. i mean, i mean, you know, we have the guy which day is when you and what would you want and just so we're done with, you know, a lot of so we're going to be what will,
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what you're going to get. just don't the clue some lou send me the join me every thursday and the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world. the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me ah, he died. i cried, and i just had a slot the whole time. i was there. no one really thought anything differently this all thought i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery,
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his lungs failed. 30 seconds when i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 talk to started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really the attorney. all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out if you really felt holy crap, his him died. oh no, he's to be better. it was, i wouldn't want my worst enemy every go through. got out of breath
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with protesters pour on to the streets of rome, demanding world leaders take action to stop climate change as the italian capital post. the g 20 summit doctors in france warned that budget cuts are leading to staff shortages. that comes as top scientists claim the national health care system is on the brink of collapse with the pandemic taking hold. once again, i see that cause it's the disclaimer. the shortage of medical personnel fronts is the only comes between the world that's been funding during the past decade. medical stuff outraged by this and ready to quit over a trash problems up in new york as sanitation.


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