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tv   Keiser Report  RT  October 30, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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is out there, stacy? right. hyperinflation isn't the news, but in my own day to day experience, i've witnessed hyper shrink play. oh, yes. yes. you know, last sunday we were out having brunch and i ordered some, a condo. this is what came to me. that is not an avocado i could believe in, that is a hyper shrink flacier. i would call that that's a minuscule order of a condo. then it was a direct slap of the face. it was a direct indication of what's happening out there in the economy. prices are just going up and people are hiding it by serving smaller portions at the same prices. we've seen this of the grocery store with packaged goods packaged cookies packaged toiletries like tooth paste, and mouthwash coming in smaller packages, but the same price and people haven't noticed it, but things are getting out of control. this is hyper shrink lation. hopefully we'll
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see a hyper shrink lation and some of the population we have quite a large size, but nevertheless, i was pretty shocked by this. but of course, you know, hyperinflation was in the news because a, c, e o, actually said this, you and i have covered it on kaiser report. this hyperinflation, michael burry brought this up. he's a hedge fund guy who made a big amount of money on a big short on the u. s. housing market back in 2008, 2009. but he recently had said that a warrant of hyperinflation and looked at weimar germany as an example. well now, jack dorsey, you know, last weekend as well, while we were suffering from hyper shrink lation. he was, he must have seen my tweet because that's what he inspired him to tweet. hyper inflation is going to change everything. it's happening that triggered many people. yeah. did. because these words, inflation, deflation, dis,
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inflation shrink. lation are all kind of misunderstood and misused. now, to be clear, hyperinflation is a political act, it's in words, inflation is of more of a monetary fact. so, hyperinflation is when loss in the currency evaporate, so, and bent as well, or why mark germany or in iran, confidence in that money disappears and literally plunges. we're seeing it in turkey as well. the us, of course, having the world reserve currency you would think is immune to hyper inflation. but they have done such a poor job over at the central bank of the treasury department and in the white house itself over the past 20 years. that it looks highly probable that confidence in the us dollar is about to completely evaporate. so purchasing power for that currency is about to crash down towards 0. and there will be a blame game going on,
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that it wasn't their own actions of excessive money printing. it wasn't their own actions of turning your money. the us dollar was a world reserve currency. it was the settlement layer. it was the world's money, based on us treasury's base layer money. they turned it from money, which is always fungible. money is fungible. they made it a non fungible token by pulling around off the swift system. therefore, it was no longer fungible. that meant it was, it was inevitably over this moment was coming from that, that day that you decided to win the battle by losing the war. that happened, yell him says i don't think we're about to lose control of inflation. this came just like 36 hours after jack dorsey had triggered a huge conversation about hyperinflation. so janet young, the treasury secretary of the united states in charge of maintaining the value of the currency. she comes out and says, you know,
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officially denied that right? the verbiage and rhetoric that came out of the treasury and central bank during the 1973 period in america right before a massive inflation hit is almost verbatim what we're hearing today. the big difference, that's the inflation of the seventy's was transitory genuinely, transitory because america was being held hostage by the oil producing countries. but this is actually structural inflation. and in fact, hyperinflation. this is when confidence in the currency evaporates and there's no way to put the humpty dumpty back together again. once it falls off, the wall is cracked and you cannot reassemble it. once you lose confidence, you know, took 240 years for the world to obtain confidence in the us currency and it only took really 18 months for it to be lost. well, you definitely know that we're hitting hyperinflation when we replace our flowers with in oregon. me of us dollars,
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100 dollar bills. right. we're going to start to having to replace these. yeah. first we'll have a cactus. you know, that's the way that you can mitigate your floral costs. and then you go into origami paper, bish concoctions of meda paper money for flowers. not only did the treasury secretary yellow last week and she said ok, we were not about to lose control of inflation. and at the other side of her mouth, she said, we're going to start taxing unrealized gains for the 700 billionaires in america. so recognizing that inflation is happening, inflation is driving up stock prices. inflation is driving up asset values, but there's no way to get it because it, by the way, the velocity of money is what we've identified long ago is, you know, you think elan mosque is going to spend any more in his day to day life to day when he's worth almost 300000000000 versus when he was only were 3000000000,
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there's not going to be that much more. so how do you get that cash just sitting there and doing nothing right. well, they're going to start taxing all those gains. the stock prices soaring, and i wanna point to something that adam back who is quoted in the white paper, the bitcoin white paper. so he's a cipher punk and a coder and what he said about this plan to tax unrealized games. the insanity of this is not fully appreciated. they create the inflation debasing your savings. and then if you somehow manage to cling on to some of the value by taking on investment risk, they then propose taxing you on the so called gain. they directly caused by d valuing the dollar, and it's, he goes on in a 2nd, tweet is actually worse than a wealth tax. think about it. as the dollar hyper inflates, they can take more money even if the investment standing still in real terms. or
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even if your investment is actually losing money, but losing less than m to monetary expansion inflation rates. so, i guess this is what they're learning from weimar germany. looking back at what happened during weimar, germany is those who bought assets and those who borrowed it by assets. the industrialists saw this hyperinflation coming, they, the industrials who ran the economy, started to lose faith in the value of the bike smart. and then they started to borrow against it and by assets and they won. right? so the treasury is looking at this and saying, we're not going to let you escape are due to plan. right, right. it's a speculative attack that they're worried about. and this is exactly what michael sailor michael strategy figured out. he can borrow at these incredibly low rates of bi bitcoin and he's already made billions of dollars and less than a year. doing exactly that now he's bringing in other ceo's other countries like el
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salvador, figured this out, other countries will figure this out. i think that's the bigger story here is that janet gallon and j palo was a fed don't control the global economy. so america may opt out of having a viable currency by imposing this absurd tax. but it just means that the dollar is going to crash. it doesn't mean that big coin is going to crash. that goal, it's going to crash. that it's going to help bitcoin because confidence of the dollar when you have policies like this that could have been arranged by bernie made off. this is like having bernie made offer on your treasury. it's a ponzi scheme. and what the reaction is going to be a flight to bitcoin. so you know, bring it on. i'm happy, however likely what they would do when they would determine your gains for the year on december 30. first. those same 700 people own. the vast majority of the stock market, do you think the stock market is ever going to end on december 31st in game? no,
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it's going to go down. they're going to make money off it by writing those unrealized losses off of their taxes. and then things will resume back to normal january 1st. so that's, that's all that's going to happen. and then they'll have to go after the job bag don't as the next 700000 p, right? they print money, it ends up in these assets and they say the way we're going to claw back that money that we printed is to tax on realized games. but of course, if they're truly interested in stopping the madness, they would stop printing so much money. that, that's the root of the problem. obviously i think anyone with 3rd grade education would say that best the root of the problem. but since it's a ponzi scheme, you can never stop the flow of the base layer that feeds the ponzi pyramid. so this is an admission, in fact that this is nothing more than a ponzi scheme and it just adds to the flight out of the dollar there. there's literally like watching a country commit currency aside,
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which is remarkable there. but i guess why more germany did the same thing, they actually just committed financial suicide. and of course, great britain. did that with briggs it, they committed financial suicide. so there you haven't. but let's turn to the story of the hyperinflation on the and what you're seeing, an actual signals being sent by the people. obviously signals price signals are being destroyed at the federal reserve level, but with the individuals are doing with all this free money being sent to them is mass consumption. they're buying anything they can get even used. cars are going up in price. they're worth more sometimes than the new cars because you could at least sell them. there's a price being determined. they're sending all those that free money over to china, china's buying productive assets here. owning more and more of the world. by the way. now china wants to get back into bitcoin mining, now that they see that whole, they're depreciating value of that, but it's causing a supply crunch and the entropy of the end of empire days. you see it as
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a result in this headline here. charlotte county utilities department calling for voluntary water conservation. so this is a county of a 180000 people in florida over near sarasota gulf coast. and it gets the vast majority of his water from the peace river man, a soda regional supply authority. they've got to treatment plants down and they can't get the parts they need in order to pump the water south. michael coast manager, the district water supply and said capacity is down and demand is rising, demand is rising. everybody's got free money. they're all working from home, they want to drink more than one shower, more of that got pools. well, apparently the parts are and ships hanging off the long beach ports and they can't get the water to be cleared for distribution to homes. right. great, great point. because ok, they want to collect more money, the government does. and so what are they gonna do with the money they they're going to put into infrastructure like cleaning water filters and charlotte, so people don't die from drinking arsenic. the late who did waterloo water or be
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they give it to speculators who are speculating on asset you have margin calls because or over and debt it, or they do with the money they're going to collect, they're going to over to the speculators. none of the money ever goes into infrastructure. none of the money collected by us government ever goes into infrastructure. ok, that's not what american government does. like nancy pelosi and senate in congress and j pal to fed a central bankers. they trade us our information, probable, now documented, and they make 1000000 lots of money and there can tap to the american people makes marie antoinette look like mother teresa. all right, we're going to take a break and when we come back, much more coming your away with . if you want something done, right, do it yourself. the acronym d i. why do it yourself has now become the name for it? use your online videos with yeah,
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why don't you send me that? you know when you hear the word more, let's do any more to do a deal. if people use materials and won't have, is it to rig up kinds of stuff from household items to pump action? squid guns, richer company for my freshman longer still must be out of well, much more pool with the basement is people want to watch. millions of viewers spend earlier seeing how a person they've never met and who's half way round the world. assembled the contraption? no one else needs me to take a 3 arrange to filter for engine which could just more of my feet when you minute cities like user d, looking at the glut lily for flu type, which in which critically still could
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he just one standard so much of this nato stuff is theatrical. it's purely theatrical. nato did not fight for georgia in 2008 it onto planned to fight for georgia. there was not the slightest consideration of alpha fighting for georgia and schools. it didn't fight the ukraine in 2014 either. and there is absolutely no intention anywhere in western europe to send a single dock, short danish or german or french soldier to fight in you cried with bold. the me welcome back to the kaiser report. i max
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kaiser time now to go to tyson slokum of public citizens energy program tice, and also serves on the f t. c. energy committee. energy is big and the news as you and climate change summit opens tomorrow and an energy crisis in the form of storing oil and natural gas prices hits economies globally. tyson stock? um let's start with the us climate change a summit comp 26. as a summer kicks off tomorrow, glasgow, should we expect anything more other than the same? well, i mean, i think it's great that the united states is back engaged with the rest of the world as you know, the by the ministration. ers course from trump and re entered the parish climate accord. and so the biden administration with john kerry and others are going to be at the table, pushing the world to try and move these negotiations along. i don't think that
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that these meetings are gonna result in anything earth shattering, but just the fact that the united states has re engaging and continues to prioritize action on climate at the regulatory legislative level. means i think that there's hope for the planet that we don't destroy, that the world is at least engaged in trying to figure out a global solution to, to climate change. while we asked us what came 1st, money printing out of control or the global climate change crisis, i think about the same time, i think they both were sort of bare with the dr. revolution and the burning the fossil fuels to meet all of our energy needs. so i think it's an opportunity to maybe address both problems at once. what do you think, you know, the, the, the idea of this e s. j, which is the rebranding of corporate social responsibility and climate space seems to be just cash to print a few more trillion dollars. and then my excess of money printing
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results and mal investment, including the 30 percent of all the energy producers wasted. because the companies who use energy are not incentivized to use it efficiently. so we're rewarding the worst amongst us. it seems like cop $26.00 as a festival of mal investment. i don't know if i would characterize that way. i think that global climate change requires a global solution and so i think it actually is productive and important for world leaders to get together on a regular basis and figure out a way to comprehensively address the climate crisis. but yeah, i think individual nations commitments, i think, are going to be a little underwhelming. i think this is just sort of the 1st step of many needed steps to get to where we need to go. 2 months ago, us president joe biden called on saudi arabia a pump more oil in order to lower prices for us consumers. and yet this weekend,
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we're supposed to believe that by actually wants less oil pump. you see, i'm saying the same to be better policy. yes, i agree that there's, there's some hypocrisy here, especially when he didn't address the domestic situation. the united states, oil and gas industry over the last several years as completely reoriented itself away from prioritizing investments for domestic consumption of fossil fuels. ready and towards the international export of us produced. ready gas and oil, and so if you look at almost all major us oil and natural gas infrastructure investments, they're designed to prioritize ex, sporting those fossil fuels out of the united states. and so those rising levels of export, right, we're now exporting about 10000000000 cubic feet per day of natural gas exporting several 1000000 barrels of crude oil every day and plus millions more refined
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products like gasoline. this is all having an upward pressure on domestic gas and oil. ready prices, which is hurting consumer. so if, if biting was going to be serious about addressing the price crisis and the, the climate crisis, he would be taking steps to limit more ban us fossil fuel exports. right. well, you know, the price of oil is going up just like all commodities because there's so much money printing. they're floating the system with so many dollars. you know, why don't they adjust the problem? i, i don't understand why. i don't get it, man, you know, these people are obviously frauds. they are just printing the line. they're on pockets, and they claim to be concerned about the climate. but they're not, they're clearly not. they're not. how can anyone believe them, tyson? well, there is a credibility problem with, with the federal reserve, as i'm sure you know, there's, there's a lot of scandals and there's a serious push to not extend the chairmanship for power. and so there's
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a lot of heat right now on the bed. but i think that we've got to put some sheep on limiting us fossil fuel exports. and by didn't, has that clear authority. i helped work on the 2015 law and there's provisions in there. all biden has to do is say that there's a problem with the us oil exports and put a notice in the federal register. and we can take steps to start to limit for food oil exports. and the same goes on, on natural gas, all of be natural gas export authorizations. include what's known as clawback. clauses that allow the department of energy which authorizes elegy exports to plot back authorizations of those exports if ah, unexpected or severe changes occur like climate change or rising prices or physical
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shortages like we saw during the february winter storm. so all of these things are a clear indication that we've got to limit or stop our fossil fuel export food. you know, i know i do a lot of research and near crunching numbers there all day long. let me ask you a question here because i have no idea what the answer is. i'm. if you've done any work on this, but when i rent a car company, i believe it turns order is $100000.00 cars from tesla electric vehicles. is that a net positive? i don't know. i have look at the details, visit our meds, but the climate crisis is not going to be solved by swapping internal combustion engine pulling powered vehicles with the same number or more fully electric cars. it's not until we change modes of train of transit to get more mass trends and investments. are we going to see meaningful change on addressing climate
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from the transportation sector? so i'm not, as i mean electrification of individual automobiles and trucks plays an important role in d. carbon is ation, but it alone is not going to be the savior or the solution we've, we've got to reinvention transportation to have a lot more efficient mass transit. okay. so leak documents before this cop event show, the saudi arabia, australia, japan, have been lobbying the un to play down the need to move rapidly away from fossil fuels. so what's not all about? well, it's nice to know that you asked isn't billing number one in global climate talks, but what's going on here is that, you know, vested interest whether be the saudi national oil company or significant coal and natural gas and trust and australia are continuing to be relevant in the face of
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this change to a di, carbonized future and, and playing a very influential role in a number of key countries to try and slow down the commitments. but we have to remember at this point the paris climate ord was in all voluntary set of commitments. that's why president obama negotiated it. never had to bring it up to the us senate for ratification. the constitution requires all foreign treaties to be ratified by the united states senate and paris, paris clement. or was that the treaty because there was 0 binding commit. all you have to do is voluntarily and publicly commit to a, an emission reduction scheme. and then if you fail to do it, your publicly shane by having other leaders wagged their fingers that but there's
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no sanctions or other financial or regulatory penalties for non compliance. and so, so we do have to understand that right now, these international commitments are really just sort of, you know, they're, they're not binding. and so in order for us to have really affective international means to address the climate crisis, i think we've got to put a lot more me on these international agreements. right. well, in the meantime, however, bitcoin is incentivizing stranded clean jail thermal energy to be captured in one of the poorest countries in the world el salvador. and they're converting it into hard money. what lessons can we draw from this? well, i think that the, the bitcoin and crypto mining industry is sort of learning a lot from big tack companies like google or microsoft that were building energy intensive servers to
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power the internet. and they recognize that those servers were contributing to climate problems and committed to renewable energy and other sustainable energy resources to power those data centers. and i think the crypto mining industry is doing very similar things here, where they're recognizing that using all the servers does use some energy and making commitments to power them in more sustainable ways. we're seeing it with talent energy, which is a nuclear power plant in pennsylvania. latching that nuclear power plant to crypto mining, like you said, utilizing all sorts of industrial processes that are capturing wasted heat to power these facilities. there is a whole host of things that crypto mining can easily do to reduce
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the climate impacts of its operations, right? but there's another part of this, they present the company who kelly is openly mocking the i m f on twitter and about the loans. and the colonial is ation that's been going on from people like the un and the i m f and the world bank. and all these huge groups that same obsessed with climate change, but they're replacing it with real money, hard money. so in some of the us gets off the money. the chances of solving the bit the climate crisis is 0. i would give it a big fat 0 because you can't solve the crisis was, was fake, play money type. why? i don't know if i go that far, but there's no question that i can play a productive, a role in the financial system. and that i don't necessarily view. ready ready of crypto mining as a problem for the climate like others. right, well, it's not
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a problem for the climate. it's, it's, it requires 110th of one percent of the global energy output to secure and hard money for a $1000000000.00 people potentially. so it, your overall global energy usage will be cut at least in half if they're folk. i'm just saying if they were serious, they would adopt big coin mining as the go to model to cut global emissions. right? that would be the serious thing to do at this point because the data's in, but they're not anyway, we're going to, we're going to carry this over to part to thank you for being on cars report. always great to be her back. thank you. all right, that's not due for this additional because report with me mass kaiser and stacy or thing. i guess tyson slocum, until next time bio. ah ah .
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's tracy foundation. let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to this, i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with at states has to be rash, to be able to afford enzyme in front of the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how they can choose your customers and
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dump a sick tone also right and satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder. now it's showing wrong when i just don't want you to shape out this thing because the african and engagement equals the trail went so many find themselves worlds apart. we choose to look for common ground.
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ah, the testers pour on to the streets of rome, demanding the world leaders take action to stop climate change as the italian capital hosts the g 20 summit dropped it in france form the budget cuts a leading to stop shortages. the top scientists claim the national health care systems on the brink of collapse with the pandemic taking hold. once again, he keyed at cruise it's the government is to blame for the shortage of medical personnel. france is the only country in the world that's been cutting funding during the pandemic and medical staff. outraged by this and ready to quit over ah, and rubbish piles up in new york is a sanitation workers protest against the coven, to knock elation mandate with unvaccinated city employees to be placed on unpaid leave from this coming monday.


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