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with pretty mozilla's toyota nursery ah, protest as poor unto the streets of rome, demanding that worldly does take action to stop climate change as the italian capital hosts the g. 20 summit. doctors in france warm the budget comes to leading to stop shortages. as top scientists claim, the national health care system is on the brink of collapse with a pandemic taking hold. once again, i see that cause it's the government is to blame. the shortage of medical personnel fronts is the only country in the world that's been cutting funding during the pandemic medical stuff. the outraged bibles are ready to quit over in weight. ah, and the rubbish paul's up in new york is sanitation workers protest against the cobra inoculation mandate with unvaccinated city employees to be placed on unpaid
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leave from this coming monday. ah . hello, good abbey. with us this last week, end of october on calling bray with the weld, used for a multi international. we're going to start in italy. this sam now after the 1st day of the g 20 summit in rome. it's the 1st in person gathering of its kind since the pandemic and the response to cope. it's been high and well laid. agenda and other key thing is climate change about switch some say they're not doing anywhere near enough or europe correspond. peter oliver is in the italian capital as world leaders gather here and runs this years g 20 summit. they've also been met by a large number of protestors who've come to particularly vent their anger at what they see as a lack of action when it comes to climate change. the protesters themself actually coming from quite a diverse number of groups,
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including unions far left organizations and those who say they've lost their jobs through globalism. also a large number of tribe and activists that you would recognize as such. 2 people in particular of drawn their iron knots, the u. s. president joe biden, and the british prime minister, forrest johnson, president biden. because, well, he's had a lot to say about the need for action to be taken, but the hasn't been that much in the way of climate action coming from the white house as of yet forest johnson. because starting on sunday, glasgow in the united kingdom, it will be hosting cop $26.00. the big climate summit with a lot of attention focusing. they're following this g 20 meeting away from climate cove. it is also being very high or on the agenda at this years g 20. in fact, one of those taking part remotely, that was rushes vladimir putin. he spoke via video link. he, in his speech,
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said that it was essential and he stressed the importance that there must be an end to vaccine protectionism. and it all vaccines against cove. it must be available for everyone around the world. i told her, but i did to remind you, i would like to draw your attention to the fact that despite the decision of the g 20, still not all countries in need have access to vaccines and other vital resources. this is also due to, i believe, unfair competition protectionism due to the unwillingness of a number of states including g, 20 states to mutually recognize vaccines and vaccine certificates. it's worth pointing out that on a number of key issues at the summit, russia on china of be pretty much in lock step. this was particularly true when came to the idea of opening up vaccines and allowing vaccines manufactured wherever, as long as they've been proven to be safe to be used everywhere around the world. another one of those will lead is speaking via video link with president g of china . the he also said that that needed to be mutual recognition or vaccines around the
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world, going back to vladimir putin. lo and his address to the gee 20 away from covered the focus of the russian president's speech fell on gas and energy, and particularly gas prices across europe. if you picked up any newspaper, looked at any t, v or listen to any radio across the continents over the last few weeks, you think they swell. vladimir putin had a small top that he could turn in short cut off the gas to countries in europe. it will cost us not the case, and we also had the russian president and say that there was no truth whatsoever. today, stories that he had been doing, just not all russia had been holding back supplies in order to ramp the price of the motion. president, pointing out, in fact, that russia has open supplies, increased supplies to europe. in recent times, what we heard though, from the russian president, is saying that when it comes to sorting out the problems that we have in europe when it comes to gas prices,
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that both the consumers on the supply is need to act responsibly. which is global sustainability of global energy markets directly depends on responsible actions of all of their participants. both producers and consumers are based on long term interests of all sides. rushes calling for a thorough discussion of this topic and a pragmatic manner guided solely by economic considerations. it's interesting to point out that while some of the harshest criticism towards russia has come from the european press, european leaders that been singing and pretty much very different children. in fact, the most recent european senior politician senior leader to come out and say that russia isn't behind increasing the energy prices in europe was the french president, amanew and my. and he said the current situation is down to market factors. i have no evidence that there's been manipulation of prices and i'm not accusing anybody these trading relations they shouldn't be used for geo political reasons. still plenty to come from this year as t 20 here in rome. as soon as any news comes out of the italian capital,
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i'll be bringing to you here in our cable, along with the energy supply issues the peter was talking about there. western companies, refusal to share cope at vaccine. know how with poor estates is also a theme at the summit. much analysts, martin mccauley says that comes down to pure profiteering. if you, in the 3rd world, if you never go for latin america and you said no, no, this is property. they should in fact, relax the peyton law and allow us to have these axioms and help us to, to go borrow. we will need to know and switches the russian vaccine has a very high reputation. wouldn't agree, i think eventually will be accepted. but by the time that it's an acceptor, then the market will be taken over by western vaccines, especially i asked a very good and the american song in want to dominate to will supply
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doctors in france awarding that budget cut. so leading to severe staffing shortages, top scientists, they are also fear that the health care system could be pushed to the brink of collapse with coded cases rising over the past 2 weeks. while nursing union representative talked to our tea about how bad it's got. i see it's the government that's to blame for the shortage of medical personnel. france is the only country in the world that's been cutting funding during the pandemic. medical staff are outraged by this and ready to quit over it because they want no parts of it. since june, there's been a wave of doctors and nurses quitting their exhausted fight in the pandemic while also looking after those with chronic diseases. it's a vicious circle. the great to the workload, the great to the pressure and the more doctors quit crating even more work for those left. i comes with french health work as have been voicing their concern. so for hospital staff shortages, the latest studies suggesting one in 5 free beds can't actually be taken up by patients. but the health care minister challenges that claim. i would challenge the
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20 percent figure, the latest data i have says, 5 percent of beds, a temporarily unavailable. i've ordered a comprehensive study of the situation. however, the nursing union rep, again says the shortage is the government's fault because it can health care funding through some ne, for the 1st time in our history, we didn't manage to free enough beds to allow staff to go on holiday in july in august, the government doesn't fund hospitals sufficiently in cuts jobs to save money, the number of hospital beds is decreasing. people are already tired and cannot see how the state does not give them the means to do their job properly. we are in a very difficult situation and we're concerned about the approach in winter besides cove it, there's also the usual epidemics such as influenza and bronchitis. pals of rubbish growing in some new york district staff. the work has skipped their collection rounds to protest mandatory covert vaccination. from monday all city workers who haven't received at least one vaccine shop will have to stay at home without pay for that soap fears. they'll be an acute shortage of key personnel with
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many a central work is already shunning the initiative. is caleb open reports and act ah hundreds of city workers are outraged and gathered to protest outside of the mayor's residence. some of them, even through garbage on to the mayor's lawn. ah, garbage is only piling up on the mayor's lawn. it's everywhere. sanitation workers across the city had a slow down on thursday. residents have taken to social media to complain about what appears to be an act of protest by sanitation workers against the pending
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vaccine mandate. new york city mad, better rethink his mandate, real quick. my garbage wasn't picked up today and will get worse when new york city sanitation workers don't show up for pickups and snow ploughing, medical staff, shortages, burning, fires, not put out, city will be crippled. if we don't have employed d as in why workers, we will have outbreaks of disease like cholera in new york city. the mandate needs to be relaxed to prevent mounds of garbage on our streets. if your garbage hasn't been picked up. thank the new york city vaccine mandate build, blasio has been in touch with the foundation department as well as the union that represents sanitation employees. he says this slow down is unacceptable and that there will be consequences. anyone who is not doing their job, you're harming your fellow sanitation workers, and you're harming your neighbors and you're harming your city. and it's time to stop. now the station workers association,
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fear that the flow down may simply be foreshadowing. a lot of workers coming on monday, they're moving to snow ship 12 hours instead of 8 in anticipation of worker shortages . and it appears that as a result of this mandate, new york city could soon be losing $1.00 and $5.00 that's 20 percent of its fire departments. due to firefighters not getting the jab for the mayor to turn around and say, we can run this apartment with 25 to 35 percent less members is ignoring the fact that we cant even keep our houses open today. right now their livelihood is on the line and their paycheck is on the line. if that goes to motivate them, the need to get back. 9 with not and help them because a lot of people to lot of stress, they don't know how to feed their families and they have to make the decision on an artificial, despite thousands of people refusing to get vaccinated and protests against the mandate, the world health organization is pretty firms, they say mass vaccinations are necessary to stop the pandemic and protect public
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health. vaccines save millions of lives each year. vaccines work by training and preparing the body's natural defenses. the immune system to recognize and fight off the viruses. but there are thousands of new york city's essential workers, police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers, teachers, and others are unhappy about this mandate. or we spoke to a us police officer who thinks essential work and shouldn't be forced to choose between paying that bill when getting vaccinated. i think getting this vaccine should be a personal decision. it should be as decision you make with, you know, medical professional. i don't think of mandate vaccine where the government is, is ordering you to choose between your personal freedom in liberty and providing a living for yourself and keeping your food, keeping food on your table. keeping a roof over your head should come into conflict. i think this is a huge overreach, i think, is extremely unfair. we can still keep this in the safe and go about our business
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with medical freedom and medical choice. at the same time, you know, people at that depend on the police force to keep her safe. whether it's in new york, chicago lee, or any place else we have these magnets going on. are going to feel good difference in their communities and crime goes up and you're looking for police officer and they can find, well, you can, you can see exactly where the slope is taking us. they started with the military, they moved on to nurses. now they're moving on so 1st responders and it's only going to get worse from there. they are villains who need to be taken out. those words about why people came from a black female professor at american university in new jersey of her interview, which contains many more harsh, allegedly, anti white statements is on youtube. and it seems that that apparently open hatred is going unchecked on the video platform. his id contributor lauren jen recently, doctor britney cooper,
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who teaches women's gender and sexuality. studies at records university sat down for an interview with the route despite what white people think of themselves. busy they do not defy the laws of eternity, right? their projects are not so sophisticated clips from that interview are now going viral. as the professor seems to display an intense hatred and resentment for white people whom she seems to describe as inherently violent. i think that why people are committed to being villains in the aggregate and perhaps most worryingly in the same interview. the professor also describes a desire to take white people out, though she later clarifies that she of course, does not mean violently. the thing i want to say to you is we got to take these out, but not like we can't say that, right? we can't say like, i don't believe in a project of mine. instead, she refers to the declining birth rate among white people as a good thing and something that they deserve. so why people's birth rates are going down. they'd only grow whose birth rates are going down in the country. we literally live in a system where even white people cannot sustain the cost of their own lives, right?
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by that i mean the elevated cost of their own lives. it's super perverse. and also they kind of deserve it. at this point, it should come as no surprise to any of us that professors at american institutions are increasingly also doubling as far left activists. but i think would have still shocked people about dr. cooper's words are the intense animosity she carries toward white people in the world. obsessed with c, r t and dismantling white privilege. it seems that on american campuses, at least, it has become acceptable to display outright racial prejudice against white people and blaine, racism aside. what makes this whole situation even more shocking is the fact that rucker's is a public institution. meaning that dr. britney cooper salary of around $114000.00 per year is essentially paid for in part by tax payers. would american taxpayers, especially occasion taxpayers really be happy to know that their money is going to
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fund a professor who is outright teaching her students to be prejudiced against them? this professor and all the woke alike of the problem, this generation not responsible for the behavior of their ancestor teaching history to point previous generation full to most compensation from current generation. that is ridiculous. rutgers, she should not be teaching this kind of hate to students. do better, rutgers, this is the kind of professors you have teaching at your school. just took you off my students application list. this is appalling. and if you're a parent with a child in university right now, or who will be in university soon, this is also something to keep in mind. frankly, a college education simply isn't what it used to be. and unless you screen potential colleges for your child carefully, you could end up paying between $15000.00 to $30000.00 per year in the case of rucker's university for your child to be indoctrinated in the art of racial division. and i know it's a cliche to even mentioned this at this point, but imagine for one second, the outrage that would happen if
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a white professor had been caught on camera saying the same things that dr. cooper has said about black people, white people sort of being raggedy and violent and terrible, and trying to take everything from everybody that professor would be fired immediately and with good reason. but as of yet rucker's has remained silent on what consequences if any, doctor cooper will face? here without c at the weekend on the way a court has overturned a ruling that a comedian's jokes about a disabled child singer breached his dignity. we're going to discuss that right after this break. ah, join me every 1st on the alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics. sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then.
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oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation or community? are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend, have join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah,
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ah. all over again, judges who rooted a comedian who mocked a disabled child sega did not breach his rights to dignity. mike ward hailed the decision by canada supreme court as part of a growing backlash against council culture. as both sides reacted to the rule. i like o j. i one. this is less, i'm so happy. i think this is a good sign for comedy. i think this means the pendulum is about to swing the other way. comedians are going to be able to keep on doing jokes. i will want to tell him about how i fell. when i 1st heard there, they yelled as a 13 years old, q. just think about gang because a 40 year old men say so that you should gang or singer, jeremy gabriel, who's now 24 was born with had deformities. we found fame in 2006 and even before
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for both benedict, the 16th. but from 2010 ward began making jokes about his disability. gabriel was 13 at the time and said it made him suicidal and that he was bullied at school. and 2016 quebec st. human rights tribunal ordered war to pay the equivalent of $28000.00 us dollars for breaching gabriel's dignity and honor. but on friday, the supreme court overturned that decision, ruling board comedy did not inside the audience to treat gabriel. a sub human award lawyer had argued that the jokes mocked the singers celebrity status, not his disabilities. a lot of thought about us. so talk to us about it. now we've got to women's rights activists. are paula diana. we've also got a comedian romp, laconia and satirical content creator, math or flow, or for a welcome to our say, good to talk to you. first of all, i want to get your initial thoughts on what you think of this ruling. polio 1st.
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yes, thank you. i, i am really a concern about this ruling because we have to think about, he was a child. he was 13 years old. so, you know, as long as the, you know, comedy shall be free, but he was a child. so we shouldn't treat children like that. and it was a calling what he said about, you know, committing eventually, and i'll miss side towards a towards him. and so i think he was his graceful. what the comedy i you know, the comic did and i truly believe we should safeguard our children more because especially in this case it was not only a child, but he was and he still is disable. and we all know that to this, you know, people, they go through a lot in their life. i think he was very, very hard on him. and we shouldn't give that free everything is good or you can say everything because he was a violent speech. so you know, the must be a stop between hatred and comedy between violence and free speech. ok wrong as
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a comedian of victory for the justice license, i suppose. but this is this really the legal example that the comedy industry can hold up with its head held high. well, i think it's a matter of, you know, it's one of those things where you can certainly say something was in poor taste. and you can have that thought in your head both simultaneously saying yes, but should there be legal and financial consequences for a joke? and you know, i agree with the court's conclusion. i mean that they acknowledge that this was an ass, the thing that was said. but you know, it doesn't go as far as to, you know, have legal, financial consequences for this person. and there's a reason this has gone on for 10 years. now full disclaimer, i don't live in canada, so i'm not super well versed in candidates, free speech laws. and i'm not a free speech expert in general,
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but here in the united states, you know, we have free speech laws as they do in canada. and whenever there is a case involving free speech, it is a very thorough process and that's because it needs to be free speech is a very precious thing. and one of the, one of the kind of consequences of having that precious thing is sometimes you have to put up with things that you might not like. and you know, what kind of, what kind of world will we be living in? if all the sudden, you know, you can sue comedians over jokes, one can certainly make the case that this was in very poor taste. but you know, so when mr. ward comes to your town, you have the option to not buy a ticket. you can ignore his podcast, you have the right to do all those things. but should he be prosecuted in a court of law that takes it bridge way too far and in my opinion, matter,
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the law have no room for maneuver on this. they can't necessarily legislate on subjective thoughts of an audience as to whether something's offensive or tasteless . i mean, i'm offended that this was even considered. i'm offended that a human rights tribunal got to charge in and find a guy tens of thousands of dollars for a joke, comedy and joking. and freedom of speech is a human right. when did this change? this is nuts to me. and you know, i have to disagree with the, the woman who spoke before this, he was not making fun of his disability. he was primarily making fun of people like her who thought the kid was so weak that you couldn't comment and make fun of his singing. and he hardly made one of his thing. he just said he was a bit less good than celine dion. and the whole joke is that people were
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if we said you couldn't joke about him in his singing because he's so sick in weekly. well, no, he's not. he's totally healthy. he still alive. he the only thing that from what is it was a little different and he, you know, yes to where a hearing aid. ok, we shouldn't be treating people like so differently. i mean, have some respect for the guy. he's not some weekly that you need to defend. like i will let slip a mother paula. do you feel that you with about the jeremy? thank you because i'm hearing history and nonsense here. so 1st of all, it was violence. verbal violence towards high, well, 13 years old and disabled child. i don't care if it was an address in his disability. he wants he's able, he's disable. of course it says he has them, you know, it's his own being, you know, he's in a different, you know, long he lives out of lying in front of someone. so, you know, you know, when you're ready to talk. okay,
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so please be respectful here. ok. so what i'm saying is that, you know, he was a child, a disabled child, that he was suicide. a lot of that. and you can be free to say whatever you want and be buying renting every way you want in that you know, in your job. because i'm an interpreter if tomorrow treat my disable, you know, employee like that, i would go to court because there are consequences for every one of us. for what we do in our life. ok, it's not only speech is an action. so he was violent. that's violence and you know, want to get him a lot by learners, man who is not disabled, who was feeling entitled as you feel entitled to dismiss that poverty, you know, and that stress about the people. and i was talking about just making older, laid out that this is complete and tied to matt. matt, when i decided any boy anyone's ever, he please don't you swear words if it her mind or want to bring ronan says tbd mat, you can't cuss if it's wrong, if it's a joke at the celebrity status of this boy,
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he was still a boy. he was only 13 and to joke about trying to kill gabriel by drowning him. where's the gag there? sure, i mean, so 1st of all, just full disclaimer here. that joke was in french language that i personally do not speak. and in stand up comedy context is, is everything. i mean that, that is everything so, so it's very hard to kind of weigh in on a joke that within a language that i don't speak, but i read the translation from the b, b, c. and when you read that translation again, can you say that the joke was in poor taste? i mean, of course you can make that case. absolutely. and then people are totally free to feel that way. of course, i mean i, again, free speech does not mean that there's no consequences for something. you say you can make a joke and if people don't like it, then you might not want to book you. people might not want to watch, you know,
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watch your comedy online. they might not want to listen to your podcast. they might not want to buy a ticket. how it goes, or what you know, again, when you, when you listen to, or when you read the translation of that joke, i mean, you would have to, at least the way the law works here in the united states. you would have to be able to make the case that okay, that regular person applying contemporary community standards would think that he literally meant that he actually went out and tried to do that to this child. and when you read the translation of that joke, i don't see how any reasonable person would actually think that that's the way the laws work in the united. okay. well, so you can dislike what he said. all you want. that's totally fine. i don't actually, i mean, i don't think it was a very great job myself. but, you know, does that mean we go in and people have to pay on legal consequences?
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that's where we'll get the final full from each of you again, 1st map. so, you know, the one, the activist had an issue with thumb, so she's making strawman arguments. nobody seen there shouldn't been caught. consequences, right? is completely right. sure. people, the consequences should be if people don't like it, they can criticize them. and, you know, don't go to a show. no one saying there should be consequences. but the argument is the consequence should not be. you been fine tens of thousands of dollars and not be alive, centrally, not allowed to criticize someone. and here's the context of the joke. again, like i said, the whole joke is, every wine was defending this kid from mild, criticize him, criticism about his singing because they thought he was so weak, he was gonna die in like a month. and this guy said, no, he can't die. he said he tried to drown, he can not die. these dogs advocate is so much stronger than all these people
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trying to defend him. we'll give him credit for paula. was this just tested under the wrong law that it shouldn't necessarily have been questioning a comedians. right? to make jokes about any subject to an audience that's paid to see them though perhaps they should have been another law that it went full, bullying, child protection, something else. i don't know very well the lowest in canadian lows, but i can tell you that. i mean this might have been the right one effect. the 1st the appeal was successful for the mother and for the child. again, we have to get a clear message to old comics out there. you don't make these horrible jokes with children. don't let the children alone their children. okay. and a lot of us wouldn't do that without people but not which you're done. and more than that, if that is aimed. and ron met? well, i just want to say this in response to that. i'm a lot of comedians and, and i would like to think i'm one of them. it is possible for us to have 2 thoughts
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in our head at the same time thought number one vet.


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