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ah, it was clumsy, love grace. time to apologize, jo, by to meet somebody on my chrome for the 1st time since the announcement of an australian submarine deal many in paris saw as a stop in the park where that alive news event happening right now. we're going to take you to break it into a regular programming. russia's president, sir, put in just speaking of the weekends g 20 summit. let's cross village 31st. or if i have to say that this is very much in line with what we're all doing today. sir, i see, and rushes position here, pointless. but he, lucia was, as far as i understood from the previous statements, is very much aligned with what our colleagues have said last year because of the deep crisis coast by the covered 19th pandemic. even group in many countries,
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including g, 20 nations, made decisions to increase budget deficits, which allowed to start the revitalization of the global economy. but those extraordinary measures are such as sir buying securities are, should, how should be limited in time. and something that was address sir moments ago in russia in 2020, and made her massive measures to support the population and businesses as well as the health care budget deficits increase. now to for the senate to be that with monopoly and which allowed us to restore the job market. last year we were able to re restore it our liability economy, liquidity and decrease the deficit. lots that get overall in g 20 countries. the
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situation is different and written in 2017 to 2019 budget deficits. were you 3.8 percent li, my an average into a to 20. each rose by 211 point one percent on average. local nerd actually was broken in 2021. it should mains relatively high, 8.7 percent, and 40 percent of the deficit of the budget of all g. 20 countries over 202020. 21. ah. is what? it's the u. s. accounts for that, for those 40 percent. and we understand very well what's happening in the us and we understand that the global economy very much depends on what's happening in the u. s. this resulted in an academic instability in a growth of prices for certain commodities for energy, for our unit, if you will,
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for food. usually i let me say again, that's the cause of that. so is serious budget deficits in the leading global economies will be locked basically at crates of risk for high global inflation. russell, he's in the medium term lee. this could result in further risks for interpreters . and so this also leads to further inequality. so we should prevent this from spiraling down and normalize. fiscal and monetary policies will also the demand, the quality of demand shouldn't be prioritize on a linear problem. we should address, of course, the problems of inequality and that will be all citizens. we have always welcome to g twenty's efforts to support the tourist nation suture without addressing those issues of sustainable development of the global economy and stable development is impossible. none of the new email, and by the way,
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mr. an stocky with the same university even developed countries phased the problem of inequality, including g, 20 nations miracle image image, brittany police are una fiscal policies and global. other economic policies are used to address those issues with the despite the decisions by 2 g, 20 nations. the access to vaccines and other important health care is not available to everyone to all nations. and this is in port recur also for protectionism like yourself and ability and unwillingness by some countries to recognize and register vaccines. how can you do the world health organization in should it should expedite the process of registering and assessing various sir vaccines and the other you your treatment seminary global lulu. as soon as this is
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janice, leave will be able to restore and restart the economy, including the tourist in our sector to room sector. and we would like the g 20 to address the problem in our all for mutual recognition of accent certificate issue log in with experts believe that cobit 19 will be a danger to us all for quite some time. and considering that the virus continues to mutate and we should develop mechanisms for a systemic renewal or updating a vaccine is, let me remind you that russia was the 1st country to register a vaccine against her with 19 i was called sputnik ve, i, as of today it is registered in the 70 countries with so we was up and so it is a by me safe come by an would sir the pregnancy and effective vaccine at the
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company. and we also have a one doze support nic light vaccine level, which, which could be used. there will be flux to her about the most, the effective, the efficiency of other vaccines. we have talked to our partners and so of that that you suggested that they could are imported as well as the, the fight against the pandemic requires us to improve health care services across all sectors across all countries. and the proof corporation to address those issues at all and considering all that the role of the world health organization is becoming more and more critical. it's activities, but a require you the pretty much the global support, innovative. it is unacceptable to make stamps of that would hinder the work of the world health organization. and i agree with president micron on that. or in addition to that crisis, events going to play in, in energy markets show how critical for the moon world is the stable and
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sustainable work of the energy sector. and let me say a few words about that. providing energy to the populations is very important. and then the sustainable, the 3rd thing ability and stability of energy markets is sir, director linked to the north was through the work can go with. and the efforts of all global leaders last year was and russia yet in absolutely human supports which you are discussing is all of these energy topics in a pragmatic way and guided by economic. are you understanding the leader globally, colleagues, to restart and her eureka, and help our economy recover around the world? we should make it possible for all nations to if they have of this equitable communication and corporation. and this is the girl,
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this is the target of the g 20. i thank you for your attention. while president polk potent speaking there, that was so show just a little earlier to the a g 20 in rome. let me just go through what he was talking about there on the talked about his worry about global debt since some leading countries around the world and the lack of equality that, that would bring because of it and the worry about global inflation. we said that was something higher on the list that need to be talked about. and that was her, this a video conference into the g 20, the chinese president also doing that same thing as well. he went on to talk about the need for vaccines to be globally registered despite the a g twenty's efforts to do that. he said, there's still a lot of big time, like there particularly talking about the russia one sputnik v and sputnik light, the one dose. he said, the w h. o should expedite registering and assessing various vaccines and other treatments. he said sputnik who's been registered in 7 countries,
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but much to the frustration of russia. it's not been given the final go ahead specially in europe from but by the w h o or the is seem to be a very, very effective vaccine. but he said this holding back the world fight against coven, that's going to be with us and said, for a long time, he also touched on the crisis and energy market showing how critical it is and what an interconnected school will. we are in some ways to make sure that there's a stable and sustainable work carried out by the energy sector. that was the president in addressing just earlier the g 20 summit. and we showed it to you as it was played out to all the media that i live news event on our, to international. it's 9 minutes past 2. we didn't get to the headline says that happen to the middle of it. but our top story today, what we did was clumsy president biden's apologize to his french counterpart for going bad is back that in a submarine deal with his trailer, the state became a head of the weekends g 20 summit and it's just been talking about in rome and
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after a grilling by reporters. aah! on his way to europe for the series of meetings that he has. u. s. president joe biden was asked, will you be apologizing to french president emanuel mack on he did say, well, we've already talked about that, suggesting that perhaps of being done in the over the phone conversations. this was the 1st face to face meeting. and what we heard from joe biden was that the united states, in his opinion, had acted without grace when it came to squeezing fronts. out of a submarine deal with australia. we did was clumsy. this was a lot of grace. i was under the impression that fridge had formed long before that he was not going to. i am not gonna make things conducted in a real badness,
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fear of reconciliation between paris in washington biden and micron ab, what we did see was a little moment between the 2 and they, they were shaking hands and lots of thank you though. no thank use from the 2 presidents, a whole new world or factory. thank you. well, all of the awkwardness came about because of orcus, that's the, the defense pact that was set up between australia, the united kingdom and the united states, ultimately by signing up to orcus. what happened was that deal that was already in place between australia in front and fronts for the delivery of submarines. well, that ended up being torpedos, setting the french coffers around back around 55000000000 euro. that's how much they were standing to make from the deal that was sculptured by the united states, australia and the u. k. coming together for august,
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what it did was prom some bob's comments backwards and forwards from the 3 people signing the defense parks. they were all about joining together in unity, and it all could have it spicy going the other way towards those fathers from paris to day we're taking another historic step to deeper and formalize cooperation among all 3 of our new issues, the u. k. australia and the u. s. will be joined even more closely together. reflecting the measure of trust between us, his uni nom de, hip you. it's a huge disappointment, especially since 5 years of hard work went into this to ensure the proper implementation and smith running of this major contract. the contract was to fulfill australia's request for a 12 conventional attack submarines to reiterate that it was their request says trailer has gone back on his word and changed his needs. but to know you are an alliance means transparency. it means predictability. it means clarification. it
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means talking to each other, not hiding, especially on a central issues. so all this has not been forthcoming, and we will have to talk about it. why wasn't it forthcoming? it was quite the day for both presidents before this meeting at the french embassy in the vatican for emmanuel mac corners. the news coming out of france concerning a disgraced right wing, been politician who's accused of having being behind, trying to organize a cou to overthrow a manual. my god. now his lawyers and his team deny everything that's being leveled against him, plenty more to combo throughout the g. 20 of a saturday and sunday i'll be here in italy. bring you all of the latest here in offi. yes. spokesperson for republicans overseas in france says the buttons remark about being clumsy is a massive understatement. we could just notice that just for in trip has already been a humiliating in a terrible start for joe biden. as were in the aftermath of this term or between the frampton us regarding to spec,
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studying on this marine deal and was just claiming that he was under the impression that at the same time he was not aware of said, said john kerry's will there like a terribly totally confusing and it's not reassuring of having the coming year. and she's not being aware of these nash, massive issues and massive concerns between 2 historical partners. and once again was a totally flaw in an understatement. what he stated, things that was clumsy and was all great for that is fully an understatement. it's clearly and back stabbing between 2 major partners, historical partners of long as the u. s. existed, it's been a partner with france for them. there's also recalls that master. there has been multiple meetings and un un since then. however, there has been damage and the relationships. so now actions speak louder than words . however, they're going to have this diplomatic talk things that they re bond through different committees, security issues. how is biden's administration going to leverage on this history
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call partners and not back stabs in as it's not what would be expected from such a partner? meantime, little aside, so i wanted to show you this, amid the heck tick meetings in italy. they may also be better jetli. what's going on here? well, the us secretary is states. he's a bit confused for a minute about which side of the official car to get into the one he approached was already occupied by president biden with c. so doc tis in front warning, the budget cuts are leading to stuff shortages and a lack of hospital beds. it comes with top scientists in the country, fit the health care system. they could be pushed to the brink of collapse. as coven cases have risen over the last 2 weeks, we spoke to a nursing union rep about how bad it's got. it's the government to blame for the shortage of medical personnel. france is the only country in the world that's been cutting funding during the pandemic. medical stuff outrage by this,
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i'm ready to quit over it because they want no parts of it. since june has been a wave of doctors and nurses quitting their exhausted fight in the pandemic while also looking after those chronic diseases. it's a vicious circle, it's a great to the workload, the great to the pressure and the more doctors quit creating even more work for those left. it comes with french health work has been voicing the concerns over hospital staff shortages. the latest studies suggesting a one in 5 free beds can actually be taken up by patients. but the countries healthcare minister challenges the claim. i would challenge the 20 percent figure, the latest date i have says 5 percent of beds, a temporarily unavailable. i've ordered a comprehensive study of the situation, but the nursing union rep, again saying the shortage is the government's fault because it cut funding to health care to save money to some northeast for the 1st time in our history, we didn't manage to free an offense to allow staff to go on holiday in july and
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august. the government doesn't fun. hospital sufficiently in cuts jobs to save money. the number of hospital beds is decreasing. people are already tired and cannot see how the state does not give them the means to do that job properly. we are in a very difficult situation and we're concerned about the approach in winter besides . cobit basil said the usual epidemics such as influenza and bronchitis falls of rubbish. meantime, a growing in some new york districts after work has skipped the collection runs to protest cove at 19 vaccine mandate starting monday, all city workers who haven't received at least one vaccine shot will have to stay at home without pay. but that's stokes is they'll be an acute shortage of many key personnel. money essential workers already have shown the initiative kellum opens. got the latest on it. ah, ah,
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ah, hundreds of city workers are outraged and gathered to protest outside of the mayor's residence. some of them, even through garbage on to the mayor's lawn. ah, garbage isn't only piling up on the mayor's lawn. it's everywhere. sanitation workers across the city had a slow down on thursday. residents of taken to social media to complain about what appears to be an act of protest by sanitation workers against the pending vaccine mandate. new york city man, better rethink his mandate, real quick. my garbage wasn't picked up to day and we'll get worse when new york city sanitation workers don't show up for pickups and snow ploughing, medical staff, shortages, burning, fires, not put out, city will be crippled. if we don't have employed d as in why workers,
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we will have outbreaks of disease like cholera in new york city. the mandate needs to be relaxed to prevent mounds of garbage on our streets. if your garbage hasn't been picked up. thank the new york city vaccine mandate. bill diblasio has been in touch with the sanitation department as well as the union that represents sanitation employees. he says this low down is unacceptable and that there will be consequences. anyone who is not doing their job, you're harming your fellow sanitation workers, and you're harming your neighbors and you're harming your city and it's time to stop. now the sanitation workers association, fear that the slow down may simply be foreshadowing a loss of workers coming on monday. they are moving to snow ships 12 hours instead of 8 and anticipation of workers shortages. and it appears that as a result of this mandates, new york city could soon be losing one in 5 that's 20 percent of its fire departments due to firefighters. not getting the jab for the mayor to turn around
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and say, we can run this apartment with 25 to 35 percent less members is ignoring the fact that we cant even keep our houses open today. right now. their livelihood is on the line, and their paycheck is on the line. if that doesn't motivate them and tell them to get back to me, this is not gonna help them. there's a lot of people, a lot of stress. they don't have to feed their families. and they have to make the decision on an artificial, despite thousands of people refusing to get vaccinated in protests against the mandate, the world health organization is pretty firms. they say mass vaccinations are necessary to stop the pandemic and protect public health. vaccines save millions of lives each year. vaccines work by training, preparing the body's natural defenses, the immune system to recognise and fight off the viruses. but there are thousands of new york city's essential workers, police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers, teachers, and others are unhappy about this mandate. yeah,
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it was echoed by some we spoke to a police officer in the us and things essential work. he shouldn't be forced to choose between paying the bills or getting vaccinated. i think doing this vaccine should be a personal decision. it should be a decision you make with, you know, medical professional. i don't think of mandy vaccine where the government is, is ordering you to choose between your personal freedom and liberty and providing a living for yourself and keeping a food. keeping food on your table is keeping a roof over your head should come into conflict. i think it's a huge overreach. i think it's a streaming unfair. we can still keep this in the safe and go about our business with medical freedom and medical choice. at the same time. you know, people are that depend on the police force to keep us safe, whether it's in new york, chicago, or any place else we have these mandates going on. are going to feel the difference in the communities and crime goes up and looking for police officer and they can
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find, well, you can see exactly where the slope is taking us. they started with the military. they moved on to nurses, now they're moving on. so 1st responders and it's only going to get worse from there. now this is a controversial one. they are villains who need to be taken out there. the words about white people coming from a black female professor at a university, new jersey to america. her interview the contains plenty more tough, anti wide statements twos on youtube, but it seems that such open hatred is going unchecked on the video platform at the moment as well. lauren shed explains more recently dr. britney cooper, who teaches women's, gender and sexuality. studies at records university sat down for an interview with the route, despite what white people think of themselves. busy they do not defy the laws of eternity, right? their projects are not so sophisticated clips from that interview are now going viral. as the professor seems to display an intense hatred and resentment for white people whom she seems to describe as inherently violent. i think that why people
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are committed to being villains in the aggregate and perhaps most worryingly in the same interview. the professor also describes a desire to take white people out, though she later clarifies that she of course, does not mean violently. the thing i want to say to you is we got to take these out, but i know we're like, we can't say that, right? we can't say like, i don't believe in a project of mine. instead, she refers to the declining birth rate among white people as a good thing and something that they deserve. so why people's birth rates are going down. they only grow whose birth rates are going down in the country. we literally live in a system where even white people cannot sustain the cost of their own lives, right. by that i mean the elevated cost of their own lives. it's suitable, perverse, and also they kind of deserve it. at this point, it should come as no surprise to any of us that professors at american institutions are increasingly also doubling as far left activists. but i think would still shock
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people about dr. cooper's words or the intense animosity she carries toward white people in the world obsessed with c, r t, and dismantling white privilege. it seems that on american campuses, at least, it has become acceptable to display outright racial prejudice against white people and blaine, racism aside. what makes this whole situation even more shocking is the fact that rucker's is a public institution, meaning that dr. britney cooper salary of around $114000.00 per year is essentially paid for in part by tax payers. what american taxpayers, especially occasion taxpayer, is really be happy to know that their money is going to fund a professor who is outright teaching her students to be prejudiced against them. this professor and all the local like the problem. this generation not responsible for the behavior of their ancestor teaching history to point previous generation fall to north compensation from current generation. that is ridiculous. rutgers she should not be teaching this kind of hate to students do better. rutgers,
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this is the kind of professors you have teaching at your school. just took you off my students application list. this is appalling. and if you're a parent and a child in university right now, or who will be in university soon, this is also something to keep in mind. frankly, a college education simply isn't what it used to be. and unless you screen potential colleges for your child carefully, you could end up paying between $15000.00 to $30000.00 per year in the case of rucker's university for your child to be indoctrinated in the art of racial division. and i know it's a cliche to even mentioned this at this point, but imagine for one second, the outrage that would happen if a white professor had been caught on camera saying the same things that doctor cooper had said about black people. white people showed up being raggedy and violent and parable and trying to take everything from everybody that professor would be fired immediately and with good reason. but as of yet record has remained silent on what consequences if any dr. cooper will face. lauren check the wrap. it
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up this bulletin, so not sure what we're talking about. you'll find so much more l t o. com, but no reporting for moscow. it's kevin, are in for me, a great team on judy with me this saturday afternoon without the h q. thanks for watching. we'll hope you have a great rest of the weekend to ah, join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, spoke business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm hm. we're allowing ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions . we can make mobile payments from are on the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. making sure,
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i think you got a meeting, but only eventually there's malware on thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology. it's an extension of traditional crime. artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that the mini cyber implants right now, i'd be where is it really worried about it? most people would equally be you calling for a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies to there has been on the defensive lighten. ah.
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i imacs kaiser. this is the kaiser report. you know, we've been talking a lot about inflation. deflation, stagflation, dis, inflation, hyperinflation, water flattens out. there. stacy, right, hyperinflation isn't the news, but in my own day to day experience, i've witnessed hyper shrink play. oh, yeah, yes. you know, last sunday we were out having brunch and i ordered some accardo. this is what came to me that is not an avocado i could believe in. that is a hyper shrink flacier. i would call that that's a minuscule order of a condo, and it was a direct slap of the face. it was a direct indication of what's happening out there in the economy. prices are just going up and people are hiding it by serving smaller portions at the same prices. we've seen this of the grocery store with packaged goods packaged cookies packaged
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toiletries like tooth paste, and mouth wash coming in smaller packages, but the same price and people haven't noticed it, but things are getting out of control. this is hyper shrink lation. hopefully we'll see a hyper shrink lation and some of the population we have quite a large size, but nevertheless, i was pretty shocked by this. but of course, you know, hyperinflation was in the news because a, c, e o, actually said this, you and i have covered it on kaiser report. this hyperinflation, michael burry brought this up. he's a hedge fund guy who made a big amount of money on a big short on the u. s. housing market back in 2008, 2009. but he recently had said that warrant of hyperinflation and looked at out weimar, germany as an example. well now, jack dorsey, you know, last weekend as well, while we were suffering from hyper shrink lation. he was, he must have seen my tweet because that's what he inspired him to tweet. hyper
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inflation is going to change everything. it's happening that triggered many people. yeah, i did because these words, inflation, deflation, dis, inflation shrink. lation are all kind of misunderstood and misused. now to be clear, hyperinflation is a political act, it's in words, inflation, as of more of a monetary fact. so, hyperinflation is when loss in the currency evaporates. so in venezuela or in y mart, germany, or in iran, confidence in that money disappears and literally plunges. we're seeing it in turkey as well. the us, of course, having a world reserve currency you would think is immune to hyper inflation. but they have done such a poor job over at the central bank of the treasury department and in the white house itself over the past 20 years that it looks highly prob.


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