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ah ah, an awkward moments of the g 20 years joe boyden meet. so my normal form for the 1st time that soft, the u. s. detroit fronts in over a nuclear submarine deal. we deal with a lot of grace. the clock is ticking just hours left now for new york city is essential workers to get vaccinated or lose their pe the jap deadline. i seen them as residents besieged by progressive brussels on leach with a string of accusations at moscow off to russia. and although were failed to secure a fresh cash contract, the block rejects this barring members state please for help to cover the difference in the new price. ah,
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or from all moscow excuse, thanks to joining us on auto international. and daniel wilkins worthy was tonight to welcome to the program. now there's just hours to go now, before new york's unvaccinated essential workers will be forced to take unpaid lead . the mazda jab deadline is 5 pm monday, and it's feared thousands will miss it. creating serious shortages in the sector roscoe straight over to new york now. and i'll man there at caleb mall penn. caleb but thanks for staying across the story. their clock is ticking for the on job. what kind of situation does that city face now being in off the 5 p m. o 5 pm eastern standard time is the dead line set by new york city mayor build diblasio. and if workers are not vaccinated at that time,
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a they will go on unpaid leave. that applies to city employees. many of them are not happy about it. out there was garbage dumps on the lawn of the new york city mayor. take a look. ah, now the vaccine mandate is certainly unpopular. of course, the world health organization says that getting vaccinated is necessary for public health, but many city workers do not seem to agree. and at this point it's very possible that the city could soon lose 20 percent. that's one in 5 of its fire departments because unvaccinated firefighters will not be able to continue working.
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i don't think the mayor understands what's going to happen on november. first. there is going to be a catastrophic stepping shortage if $3500.00 firefighters that are currently on vaccinated or told to not go to work. so this, this city is going to be very different on november 1st, when the mayor is forced, it will, the mayor is going to force firefighters to knock it on the rigs. you're going to see dozens and dozens of bar houses close. you're gonna see response times corn. it is inevitable, lives are going to be lost. that is irrefutable. now, the garbage is not only being spewed across the lawn of the new york city mayor, but its piling up on the streets already. at this point. we have sanitation workers throughout the city who have missed their collections pipe. the. busy piles of garbage are piling up. the streets of new york are starting to look pretty ugly now
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at this point, and neither the mayor nor the department of sanitation will say if this flow down is directly related to the mandatory vaccinations. anyone who is not doing their job, you're harming your fellow sanitation workers, and you're harming your neighbors and you're harming your city and it's time to stop. now the world health organization is adamant that mass vaccinations is the way to end the pandemic. and this is what they have said on it repeatedly. vaccines save millions of lives each year. vaccines work by training and preparing the body's natural defenses, the immune system to recognize and fight off the viruses. but it seems that many of new york city is most essential workers, fire departments, police officers, sanitation workers, teachers, others. many of them simply do not agree with the world health organization and
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they are willing to go on unpaid leave for refusing the jab. yes, certainly be interesting to see what that does happen often. pm, in terms of those motions, services around the city. kayla, thanks for that. we'll be back to you. no doubt, later in the day. well, joe biden is met with his french counterpart in italy. it's the 1st meetings in washington, an outraged paris by going behind its back over a submarine deal with australia, talks come out of the larger g 20 gathering in rome tomorrow. it's all over reports . well, was hotly anticipated, says it took place at the french embassy to the holy c in the vatican on arrival. joe biden, and emanuel micron shed a handshake. there was a, a moment with between them where joe biden said you be there for us will be there for you. the manual micron responded saying, thank you joe biden saying, no, thank you. that was really the spirit in which these were conducted. sam,
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reconciliation was really the the, the mood in the air. what we did here though, was joe biden, not so much apologize. he had been asked on the flights over if we could expect to hear an apology to the french president manual about crohn. joe biden had said that, look, we've talked about those things already before the meeting, but what we did here from the u. s. president was and say that it had been clumsy and it had being graceless. the way that the united states had acted to squeeze france out of a submarine deal with australia. we did was clumsy with a lot of grace. i was under the impression that france happened to form long before that you was not going to. i quote, all of the awkwardness came about because of orchestra. that's the, the defense packed that was set up between australia, the united kingdom and the united states, ultimately by signing up to orcus. what happened was that deal that was already in
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place between australia in front on france for the delivery of submarines. well that ended up being torpedoed. setting the french coffers around back around 55000000 euro. that's how much they were standing to make from the deal that was scuppered by the united states, australia on the u. k. coming together for august, what it did was prompt some, bob's comments backwards and forwards from the 3 people signing the defense pox. they were all about joining together in unity and it all kind of excited going the other way towards those fathers from paris. today, we're taking another historic step to deepen and formalize cooperation among all 3 of our nation's, the u. k. australia and the u. s. will be joined even more closely together, reflecting the measure of trust between us city normandy to pure. it's
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a huge disappointment, especially since 5 years of hard work went into that ensure the proper implementation and smith writing of this major contract. the contract was to fulfill australia to request a for a 12 conventional attack submarines to reiterate, that was their request says trailer has gone back on his word and changed his needs . do with that to now you are an alliance means transparency. it means predictability. it means clarification, it means talking to each other, not hiding, especially on a central issues. so all this has not been forthcoming and we will have to talk about it. why wasn't it forthcoming? well, before this meeting took place, both presidents had already had quite busy days. the news coming out of horace, making quite concerning reading is quoted in louisiana newspaper that the security services in france heads spoiled a attempted to earlier this year. now it's in relation to the arrest of a, a right wing politician,
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a co remy area in the country. now he was arrested on suspicion of organizing attacks on vaccine centers. but it's also been said that he was at the, the center of what was known as operation as 0. in the, in the monks, the contra of those that were organizing it, it was an attempt to organize a former and serving police officers as well as members of the shunt armory and the french military. to launch attacks across the country in an attempt to overthrow a manual microns government. certainly huge, huge chem shock coming out with that and potentially huge implications and far reaching implications. as we find out more about what was going on with operation as urine. how credible and actual threats it was posing joe biden had a which more sedate day, but still it things didn't go exactly how he had initially plans. he was meeting with the pope in the vatican. what was supposed the of a big live tv event with journalists allowed to have access didn't turn out that
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way after the holy see the vatican pretty much at the last minute said they weren't gonna allow the life tv broadcast and they weren't gonna allow journalists to stay any longer than that very short period of time they were allowed to spend there. and this was huge moment for joe biden. he's only the 2nd roman catholic, u. s. president. of course, coming to the vatican to meet the head of the catholic church in a, in pope francis, we'd all caught everybody by surprise. the fact that this live event was pulled at such short notice. in fact, we listen to some of the comments from the a p. use wire right now. the vatican on thursday abruptly cancel to planned live broadcast. have you asked president j bite and meeting pape, francis. the live broadcast have biden's friday visit was trim to cover just the arrival of the president's motorcade in the courtyard of the apostolic palace will the awkwardness over all his may not have gone entirely following this meeting. but
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it does seem that reconciliation is the watchword between a manual, maxine and joe biden, following their meeting at the french embassy in the vatican on friday, plenty more to combo throughout the g. 20 of a saturday and sunday. i'll be here in italy, bring you all of the latest here in our fi for european union has laid the blame at moscow's doorstep for what is shaping up to be a major energy crisis in moldova, a soft, the country failed to secure a contract with russia's gas from a mold over insists on a bigger discount, while still having over $700000000.00 to russia already. meanwhile, gas prong says it's still open to negotiations. as audi shot, a david sky explains the energy crisis is something that's been discussed and picked and solutions suggested here at the ration economic forum in verona. a particular looking at the crisis in europe, with many panelists saying, what needs to happen here is that you need to look for relations with other
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countries rather than making accusations. now this comes at a time. a feature hopeful member of the block is asking for assistance in its own energy crisis, talking here about more over more over the state of emergency. and it seems to be being cold shouldered by the e. u, as it faces this crisis of its own so much so that the situation has led to the mass of the capital city. suggesting that what needs to happen now is for the parliamentary buildings, presidential buildings and government building should look at turning that he till it's an idea of making sure that any heat that is available goes to local residents and also a show of solidarity. maybe it was a turn of the hitting in the government parliament, the presidential office ministries and civil servants officers in order to free up gas to heat people's homes. this is not down to everyone who works there, but lead us to make the decisions. it depends on the what the people will be able
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to heed their homes, while the state of emergency has been declared in mouldering over its gas crisis. but what's led to where it stands at the moment? well, the country did have a contract with russian supply, a gas from run out at the end of september. since then we'll do has refused to sign a new contract with the company. it says that the prices that the company wants are simply too high gas. prom says so that there has been a sky rocketing increase in demand for gas at the moment. and that has led to the increase in prices. it also says, dover is pretty much to blame for the situation that it finds itself in the country is more than $700000000.00 in debt at the moment to gas prom. and while all of this is happening, the once again suggesting that russia is playing
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a bullying game here and is exerting political pressure on moldova. we see at times where you guys from to put political pressure in return to lower the gas prices. and we agreed with a prime minister on the importance of a strengthening resilience gains and potential efforts by 3rd parties to use energy as your political weapon will that have been out right denied by russia. that says, gas problem doesn't have the capability of making political gestures like that only commercial ones. there's also been a suggestion, the apps that you could put it hands in its pocket and help mold over on by paying for whatever the difference is in the cost of gas between the old and the new contract is not likely to happen. well the e u says no, it won't be so much that full for helping out its neighbors, but it will be watching what unfolds in moldova over the next few weeks. as we know
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on december 1st gas. com says if the country has signed that new contract, the gas supplies will be cut off. meanwhile, the use bombed down in another crisis this time and seen fighting over the rule of law. the parliament, assuming the european commission for failing to use a special tool which funding the countries undermining the supremacy of you law a high on the europe, ian parliament, a gender is this legal battle? is that taking action on poland? a war for on the block over its traditional reforms which undermine the supremacy of law. poland to enter and threatened to go to great length. if e withholds funds. and stephen summoned belgium's ambassador to poland after walsall, was accused of playing with fire. you are playing a dangerous game. you are playing with fire when waging war with your european colleagues for internal political reasons. one of the points of contention,
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incentives on disability chamber of poland, supreme court that the body which has been mandated, the power to discipline judges. the you argues it being used as a tool to procedures the rule in favor of the governing authorities and at the moment of the country to undo the chamber recent reforms and poland, which rule its law is supreme. without the e, you added another layer to the ongoing conflict concerning for war stories, the cobra 19 recovery from the mark for which on our limbo. the commission now under added pressure from parliament may freeze them of poland. doesn't you tune on judicial reforms. the top court and recently slot fines of a 1000000 euros a day on war for, for failing to obey. also the cues, a block of using financial penalties as blackmail postcard, unusual to poland, come not, and should not pay a single lottie. we will not allow poland to be treated as a colony, as a 3rd will country. we are not a banana republic, and this should be realized by politicians at the pain commission. my opponent is
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also refusing to buy another fire and half a 1000000 euros a day for pricing, an open pick comb line close for the countries border with a check republic and germany. the court ordered its closure author lawsuit prom, which has environmental concerns own rejected decision. and the case is expected to go back to court in the vendor got reaction for license development from political commentator john brick wall. now so much of the vision that he got work as a democracy, glover, the democracy must have at some common con. therefore, he doesn't work as a new yorker, as an democrats. he does, i should be a whole trustee. talking about 36000000000, that's 36000000000. okay. and the define is 1000000 built the a lot of these in 36000. okay. so they can afford it to be using the funds that they get. and you how can of gods withhold those funds? and then of course force them to be, i mean, so the relationship of force is not in favor of you up. but if you have been poses
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a change in these domestic bullet body so that the bulls ho deal by you. we told english friend they're going to premier produce more has and run to wells. you hoping to pause me again just because the of the money but janelle, if you make a type to somebody in going to give you the money that was planned because of this and that you're going to produce more on fill for coming out. americans are increasingly changing their attitude towards law enforcement as a deep fund. the police move, what faith, a story and more after a short break. ah ah
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ah, ah. herman by dreamer shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask
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oh, oh, come back to the program and pay your fair share. that's the message from joe biden, over his proposal to tax the assets of the bill in class. i don't want to punish any was success. i'm a capitalist. i want everyone to be able to, if they want to be a millionaire billionaire, to be able to seek their goal. but all i'm asking is, pay your fair share. pay your fair share. hey, you're a fair share. the right now. many were praying virtually nothing. while the tax bracket sent us vary depending on income. for example, the top rate of 37 percent is payable for those who are more than $524000.00.
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this all comes as it was revealed to the 2nd richest person, the wealth, the test i found a must as apparently been ignoring his obligations for quite some time. paying sometimes dozens and reportedly even a 100 times less than he was supposed to all the while slamming of the new tax plan for belinda. eventually they ran out of father people's money and then they come for you live to richard wolf, economist for more. all know thanks for joining us, sir. good savvy with us today is boyden going about taxing the rich and bringing about income or other tax quality? the right way here i don't think so, and i think that's why he is failing to do it. he made the promises and those are supported overwhelmingly, by public opinion, polls that indicate americans are very unhappy with the level of inequality. exemplified, for example, by billionaires like a lawn mosque,
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but it is very common what the law most does. it's not unique to him. billionaires and millionaires are regularly able to escape taxes legally because they're support politicians who do that for them. the most recently, donald trump, in december of 2017, when he cut their taxes dramatically. and when they can't get their taxes cut enough legally. we know now from the various papers and have been released to pandora papers couple of weeks ago that when they can't get their tax is lowered legally, they do not hesitate to use illegal and on the ethical ways. particularly now in the united states with states like south dakota, giving them virtual secrecy in the way that switzerland and luxembourg used to it's a scandal in this country. and what mister musk said is really outrageous. what never had the taxes been levied on the super rich,
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the way they were intended to when they passed a tax or the super rich went very quickly to shift them on to the average person. and that's been the history of this country for at least the last century. how is it that like sevilla mosque, especially such high profile, 1000000000 as who are always in the public on the ruse, on the scrutiny. still getting away the paying so little tax. i mean, sure that also reflects badly all the ministration because of as you say, public opinion, i will mean you supporting a fair attack system. well, unfortunately, the united states from quite a while and certainly today what the mass of the people want to prefer is a very secondary issue. because the people who have the billions long ago understood that in a country with voting with universal suffrage, the mass of people can and probably will use the vote to undo the wealth that
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capitalism has allowed them to accumulate. so the solution has been to make the political system dependent on the rich people's donations to the candidate to the party or to the lobbyist to work with the politicians. and the end result is our government works for them while the public opinions grumble about it. but so far, and until the public really intervenes, no one expects this unjust arrangement to change. how do you go about tackling tax avoidance? that may be a legal, technically through various loopholes here and there, for example, one here taking out loans from firms. these 1000000 as own and a to give themselves a low to dodge income tax. and they, it based, these practices are still immoral though, aren't they? how do you go about changing from something immoral to something actually illegal
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to close these loopholes? well, he has to actually do what you just said. he would have to do a mr. biden. i'm speaking of. he would have to go to the people not stay in washington, not issue statements, wiley's at the g. 20 meeting. none of that, he would have to go around the country using the rest of the democratic party to involve the mass of people. if he did that, it would become unstoppable by the way, that's what happened in the 19 thirty's. the last time we did tax the rich in any kind of serious way a century ago. so unless you go to the people and involved them in the political system, statements about intentions and promises have proven over and over again to be empty. and by the way, this is irking more and more americans, which is part of the growing divisions and tensions in this country. right,
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but should wolf for back, so much for time here on our t, good savvy with us on the program. thank you. now the d funds at the police movement to his flag, the u. s. democrats for hi seems to be losing steam, and what size and violent crimes across states. over the last year, ever more americans in the morning more be spent on bolstering the 4th, who had used from the north east to the southwest. i just felt very unsafe plan and when there was like a lot of people saying that they should defend the place, i think with more please funding. they can get better training and architect is better to me, more police to get things under criminal deduction where crime wave is reduced. down to one percent. we may crime to fade away. we need peaceful days for you and him and me to walk down the street progressively. whether i know it has
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this down, we need a release of a certain times of the day. it's a no man's land a. we definitely need moore. war law enforcement on the street. i want to follow the police force. so whether the money is going towards their training or more fe hasn't mattered. while a new poll has found, there's been an increase over 14 percent and people who want extra police funds compared with this point last year when the nation was of course rocked by racial injustice and police brutality undermining trust in law enforcement or the mood has very much changed since that according to figures, at least these ones from the national center for health statistics show von and crime in our who states is at its highest point in modern history. americans are clearly worried by this with polling in july showing over 60 percent seaborne a crime as a major issue that supp significantly as you can see there from july 2020. now,
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the refund, the police movement gain traction after the police killing of george floyd last year. as the name suggests, it wants public money directed away for long foresman. things like education and social services. we discussed this relevance with retired new york. police detective are the people that are calling to, to get rid of the police will defun the police, have stop the rhetoric or the rhetoric. rhetoric has slowed down because they see that the police are actually needed to be up picking crime around the country, especially in democrat run cities is out of control. most of the politicians who are calling for the fund, the police are doing for political gain. they're. ready doing it to get folks, they're doing it to empathize with criminals and those who love them. and when you make friends with criminals, when you make friends with criminals, you make enemies of your police. the police can't do the jobs effectively. what are
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the top of the community and the community can live and prosper? well without the help of the police. so it has to be both ways. the government has to encourage this. they have to increase funding, federal funding for police departments to get better training. and better equipment and to continue to attack this rise of crime across the country, new z, z hughes, coming your way in just a few moments time. we would turn in half an hour with the latest headlines. join us again. ah. when our show the wrong. when i was just don't the room, yes to see out the thing because the attitude and engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground. we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think a eventually there's malware of thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional crime. artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that the b 5 are implants right now.


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