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ah ah, the headlines here one are t russel's on lee shoes as a string of accusations of moscow after russia and moldova failed to secure a fresh gas contract. but the block rejects the aspiring member states plea for help to cover the difference in the new price as well. leaders gather and rome for the 1st in person g. 20 summit. since the pandemic joe biden is meeting with emmanuel macaroni for the 1st face to face, it's soft of the spot over a nuclear submarine deal with australian. no job, no pay to new york city workers protest outside the city may as a official residence and opposition to a looming deadline for vaccine mandates in the program that we speak to a man who says that's how we lost his job, despite having natural immunity to cove it
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ah 7 pm at moscow and into the evening. we go here when the russian capital, welcome to the friday program, went out to international. the european union has laid the blame at moscow's doorstep for what is shaping up to be a major energy crisis in moldova, that's off of the country, fail to secure a contract with russia's gas problem. mold over insists on a bigger discount, while still owing over $700000000.00 to russia. meanwhile, gastro says it's still open to negotiations, as ortiz, charlotte do. buskie now explains. the energy crisis is something that's been discussed and picked and solutions suggested here at the ration economic forum in verona. a particular looking at the crisis in europe, with many panelists saying, what needs to happen here is that you need to look for relations with other
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countries. rather than making accusations now this comes at a time. a feature hopeful member of the block is asking for assistance in its own energy crisis, talking here about more over more over the state of emergency. and it seems to be being cold shouldered by the e. u. as it faces this crisis of its own so much so that the situation has led to the mass of the capital city. suggesting that what needs to happen now is for the parliamentary buildings, presidential buildings and all government building should look at tuning that he till it's an idea of making sure that any heat that is available goes to local residents. and also a show of solidarity came out, maybe it was a turn of the hitting in the government parliament, the presidential office ministries and civil servants officers in order to free up gas to heat people's homes. this is not down to everyone who works that,
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but lead us to make the decisions. it depends on the what the people will be able to heed their homes, while the state of emergency have been declared in mouldering over its gas crisis. but what's led to where it stands at the moment? well, the country did have a contract with russian supply a gas from. but that run out at the end of september. since then we'll do, has refused to sign a new contract with the company. it says that the prices that the company wants are simply too high gas. prom says so that there has been a sky rocketing increase in demand for gas at the moment. and that has led to the increase in prices. it also says stover is pretty much to blame for the situation that it finds itself in the country is more than $700000000.00 in debt at the moment to gauss prom. and while all of this is happening, the e once again is suggesting that russia is playing
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a bullying game here and is exerting political pressure on moldova. we see a thames, my gosh brom to put political pressure in return to lola the gas prices . and we agreed with a prime minister on the importance of a strengthening resilience. hey gaines. and he put 10 seal efforts by 3rd parties to use and new jersey as your political weapon will not have been outright denied by russia that says, gas problem doesn't have the capability of making political gestures like that only commercial ones. there's also been a suggestion, perhaps that you could put his hands in his pocket and help mold over on by paying for whatever the difference is in the cost of gas between the old and the new contract is not likely to happen. well the e u says no, it won't be so much therefore for helping out its neighbors, but it will be watching what unfolds in moldova over the next few weeks,
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as we know on december 1st gas home says if the country hasn't signed that new contract, the gas supplies will be cut off. meanwhile, the u is ramping up a attempt to sanction poland in the route over the rule of law in an into a dispute. brussels is suing the european commission for not already taking economic sanctions against war. so the use hopes are pushing through the punish when commerce, it's angered of a judicial reforms which threatened the supremacy of the you. law. poland in turn has threatened to go to great lengths if you withholds funding and even someone belgium's ambassador to poland off the diplomatic, huge war soul of playing with fire. you are playing a dangerous game. you are playing with fire when waging war with your european colleagues for internal political reasons. in this role of law dispute, one of the points of contention centers on disciplinary chamber that of the
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disciplinary chamber of poland supreme court. the body which has been mandated and the power to discipline judges, you ought to use it as being used as a tool to pressure judges to rule in favor of the governing authorities and as to monitor the country. undo the chamber. a recent judicial reforms and potent which question the supremacy of e u. last added another layer to the ongoing conflict. one significant fact there was a spot over covey recovery funds, a mark the poland, which are now in limbo. the european commission may freeze them if potent doesn't shut down as controversial disciplinary chamber. the use top court has recently slapped fines of a 1000000 euros a day on warsaw for failing to obey. war, so has accused a block of using financial penalties as blackmail. oh scott, unusual to poland. come, no, i'm should not pay a single lottie. we will not allow poland to be treated as a colony as a 3rd world countries, right? we are not a banana republic on this should be realized by politicians of european commission
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rather than is also refusing to pay another fine, $500000.00 euros are day for operating an open pit coal mine close to the countries border with the check republic and germany the court ordered its closure are for a lawsuit brought by prague, which has environmental concerns. poland rejects the decision, and the case is expected to go back to court in november. let's learn more. john blakeman is now joining us here. live on our t international philosopher. excuse me, of a philosopher of science and professor at the catholic university of live in john is always a pleasure to have you on with us here at our t. thanks for joining us this evening. it's friday night here at moscow. which side do you think is the wronged party here, war saw, or brussels? well, i don't on to judge on the, you know, on the issues. i just want to discuss the whole idea of should chemistry of european law over national law, including constitutions. you see doesn't make sense if you're not be so united
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county, for example, in the united states, there are certain federal laws and there are certain state laws. and then the federal laws are painting and over the nation state laws in canfield, like belgium of france on the national laws of us a morning boards. and that was the other provinces of the agents. kennedy say that's of you. so if we say that you hobbies of county, and then of course the law, the bullish law and everything should be like of a general upholding. so something like that, not even a state like in the united states. the problem, however, he's you hope, i mean, in the mentality of that pull you up in peoplesoft, he's supposed to become a counselor. but the question is, can that counselor be democratic? i think the examples belgium shows the problem with that. belgium is indeed a country with 2 people than dutch speaking in french speaker. and their country is
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democratic of jewish, but is quarrelling all the time about every possible issue. and of course, there in the dutch speaking french speaking, these are government history, which is not the case imaging the things and the po and, and the parties are some other countries in europe and of been wars between those countries in europe, in the 1st, not so long ago, as with the germans will always be viewed negatively in poland, etc, etc. so it seems to me to the, impossible, to have that as a democratic counting was new. got hello, determine the call. now as you see about bullish law bershana john, i mean we're talking about, well, it looks like we've got major in fighting here. i mean, i apologize for jumping in, but we now have the e u parliament suing b e u commission for failing to trigger mechanisms or punish naughty member states . i mean is the block at wall with itself? well, the temple as well, which part of it says yes, there is a majority as well with the minority, but of course the majority could change tomorrow. if i doing is people lazy,
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more of the national fun come to power in france, which i don't think is going to happen soon. but if they can then shift and then they'll be a war between those states and other states aren't on the what. and my point is that given that these know you have be and people and the new, are you hoping people not even information the same way? they still version people. there are 2 people in belgium and then there are constant quarters. and of course, in europe, the girls are going to be far greater and firm over in and then they are in belgium because belgium is a common history. moreover, belgium used to be due to the united county with all the parties being both french and dutch speaking. and again phoebe united now we have a border between flanders in one. yeah. all the parties except one divided into french people in their speaking wings. and in my own university, we used to be in one place, i was in 2 places, et cetera. i mean, things have been flowing apart all the time from united country. what hope is there
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to have a democratic united europe if it de morley mccarthy thing to be the less we need to talk about a mechanic issue says on i, i've had a number of m p 's and m p 's on the program in the past couple of days and more than one of them has said that the way brussels behaves, it behaves like a bully. would you agree with that? yeah, exactly, exactly, exactly. that was my 2nd part. given that he got work as a democracy, it goes work as if you're crazy, which is what's happening now. and that's going to produce even more. you see my point was that there are so much the vision that he can't work as a democracy. glover, the democracy must have some common ground. therefore, he doesn't work as an bianca, as in democracy, those are should be all trustee who is elected under lee and who knows when they're laying around europe, ask ordinary citizens and ask them who vandella in the who is the head. you know, the thing, you know, what i mean, these people are children. you know, if this was one of the complaints about this, one of the complaints that you know,
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back back in great britain during the whole breakfast that i remember people complaining about, listen, you know, we don't even make our own rules here in the u. k. what we're getting governed by a bunch of technocrats in a different country far across the far across the english channel. yes, but there is no other solution because even they will close who becomes something frightening? how do you make a government, for example, out of all these nation terminal present at the, from each and the people, how many visions you, having the national government, do you hope in level it must be? it must be very difficult or gina. but when you think about it, because brussels is essentially overseeing the you, and that is, you know, at the end of the day, it's a bit of a dysfunctional family. you said a few moments ago that warsaw likes to complain what poland gets more money than any other e u. member state more money, more subsidies, more cash, and yet in poland is being singled out right now. is it fair for poland to be singled out, or perhaps poland is in the wrong? well, the problem is this. the european union can use, of course de monday. i mean, they're talking about 36000000000. that's 36000000000. okay. and they define this
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1000000 bill the so because there are a lot of days and 36000. okay. so they can afford it to be using the funds that they get. and you have kind of goes with hold those firms. and then of course, force them to be, i mean, so the relationship or force is not in favor of you up with, if you're up in poses a changing these domestic bullet bodies know that the bows whole deal by you. we told english friend they're going to premier po, juice more, her cent rental, as you hoped to pause me again, just because the of the money. but you know, if you make a trip to somebody in law, going to give you the money that was planned because of this on that on that you're going to produce, morrison is going to be that, what are some other things you're looking going to be the same way as being that, again for centralized inventor where you can get is who you talk about the needs assessment. that's what i think i think i think resentments are really good words
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on. i think it's a very good word you're using here because we've had, you know, you look at italy, for example, for a number of years it'll, it's been complaining about how it's been dictated to by brussels or the economy in italy is in a shambles. the money keeps getting smaller in italy, france has complained a hungary complain, poland complaining of course. then you had the bricks. it as well. john, what is the future right now of the e u family? i think it should be the rationale thing would be to peacefully dismantle the european union, but they are going to do that because they're too much interested in that, but they get any italians. i've always been the most poll your hobby and people of all until recently until they see what medicine they're being treated with. but the douglas, naturally the a c was, you know, the italians have had this, but they both policy, which was always worldwide in, well, you hope and the influential people in every corner have always been there. and they thought they could take advantage of it. but now they don't do that
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anymore. so even if even the italian for it in the polls are always been a national guardians, have been to some extent pull you up in the, in the longer i just don't believe in the project taking off with nations. and with this one also was this renewal, so that all these people are pull you up. they were absolutely in favor of the worst nationalism when it was a good way to dismantle the soviet union. this went to leave a political reason and they were also in favor of the most reactionary of conservative people in poland, hungary and so on. like a band was the katie, who of the dissidence during the coming year and a sion and muslim in poland because it, i mean this all the things that are demonized as being for her. and they were supporting them when they were against communism with exactly the same agency back
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then as they have now. so deeply, you know, it's completely is totally opportunistic in clinical then i don't think we're going to work. but of course it is very easy because you say me see, so ha, i'm on you helping people just didn't, they didn't give me these mental you of the new. they're going to go back to law, which is october. people doing that. so if you go to freight as a very good coin, very good point to make that jump wakeman a professor at the catholic university of laverne an analyst and philosopher joining us a live or not international. thank you so much for your time. we appreciate your insight. thank you. thank you very much and i'm doing well. joe biden met with his french count of ot in italy. it's their 1st meeting since washington really angered paris by going behind its back over a nuclear submarine deal with australia. and i talked, come ahead of the lodge, a g 20 gathering, and rome on saturday. a peter oliver has more thought. all kasteel, of course,
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that was a defense packed made between australia, the united kingdom and the united states. and ultimately, what it did is, is it torpedo to deal that would have seen french submarines sold to australia. well worth around 55, a 1000000000 euro for france. the messaging coming out of paris ahead of this meeting as being one of saying, we want to reignite our relationship and work together with the u. s. on key issues . however, the language that was coming out of france towards the us previously and just recently as well, was pretty spicy. today, we're taking another historic step to deepen and formalized cooperation among all 3 of our nations, the u. k. australia and the us will be joined even more closely together, reflecting the measure of trust between us, between um the hip you. it's a huge disappointment, especially since 5 years of hard work went into that city to ensure the proper
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implementation and smith running of this major contract. the contract was to fulfill australia's request for a 12 conventional attack submarines to reiterate that it was they request. so st rayleigh has gone back on his word and changed his needs. do the thought to know yo, an alliance means transparency. it means predictability. it means clarification. it means talking to each other, not hiding, especially on a central issues. so all this is not been forthcoming, and we will have to talk about it. why wasn't it forthcoming? the french president, i'm sure he'll of being trying to keep abreast of news coming out of france on friday. the published in the, the big newspaper that the policy on that a right wing qu, attempt against my cons. government had been thwarted by security services. now from that reporting in the french media, it's understood that disgraced right wing politician remy. there was behind this. now mr. de is been under arrest and is being investigated on the suspicion that he
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had tried to organize a tax on vaccine centers. these reports suggest he was also trying to orchestrate a coup against a manual. my cons. governments involving current and former offices from the, the police force the john tom lee and the french military as well under the name of operation as do. waiting to find out any more reaction to that news as a coma, jo, bike and how to a bit more of a sedate, say than finding out that type of news. but it, his, they didn't go to plan either. he met with the pope in the vatican earlier on friday. it had been expected to be a really big affair job by nice. only the 2nd roman catholic us presidents and getting us an audience with the pope. it was supposed to be televised live and grow, and journalists from all over expected to have access to it. at the last minute folks in the holy sea said there's going to be no life broadcast, and journalists have to remain outside of the move from the vatican. did cut
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everybody pretty much off guard his the reaction from the news wire a. p. the vatican on thursday abruptly cancel the planned live broadcast of u. s. president joe biden meeting. pope francis. the live broadcast of biden's friday visit was trimmed to cover just the arrival of the president's motorcade in the courtyard of the apostolic palace while i'll be keeping an eye out for any news . coming from that meeting between us president joe biden and french president emanuel micron ahead of what should be a particularly interesting g 20 summit. here in rome. i plan of also to come a grant of a halfway point of the program here on our tea, joe biden tells public workers no job, no job, but protested, not taking that alternate and lying down that story, and much more in about one minute. ah,
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harold is driven by dreamers shaped by thinkers and those with vision ah ah, who dares sinks? we dare to ask the whole when else shoot seemed wrong. when all 3 just don't move any you world the easier to shape out. disdain becomes the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah,
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ah, your friday program here on ot t. 18 months into the pandemic and the u. s. continues to be the global cove. it hot spot is currently averaging around 70000 new cases every day. and that's certainly put the issue of vaccine mandates front and center with protests. continuing against them at large. a critics have labeled the measures unfair and extreme. now in new york, hundreds of 1st responders and city workers gather in front of the residents of the mayor to demonstrate against mandatory vaccinations comes off the bill. de blasio audio ordered all public workers to have at least one shot by 5 pm local time. this friday,
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those who failed to show proof of their vaccination will be put on unpaid leave, starting from next 5 i to say they have not been given enough time to make an educated decision. on wednesday, october 20th, the mayor extended that the mandate to all public employees, eliminating out option 9 days is not enough time for people who have more. could you west family who have children to make a life changing it only 9 days at the bad reports of master resignations too. and as a result, the city could see 20 percent of its fire stations close, as well as 20 percent of fewer ambulances on the roads. meanwhile, the country's health authorities are still lodging people to get vaccines. we spoke to david hagar, the publisher of the great recession blog, and contributed to more than 50 financial news websites. he says he was fired from his local government job for a fusion to get injected despite already having natural immunity from
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a recent covert infection. my colleague, daniel hawkins, heard his story. well, i have the underlying health condition that makes it so that it would be risky for me to take that. and i explained that to my employer love the nation school trying to get an exemption based on the cdc's medical exemptions. but i wasn't successful at getting that my feeling is that a person with chronic fatigue syndrome, many people without illness and had a serious repercussions from taking the vaccine. so i didn't want to take the back seat. i already had cove it so i don't see any need to take it. just tell us a bit more about your daughter in law because when it's and she also didn't want to get the vaccine, what was her exact reasons for for that decision which also obviously put the risk of losing her job? yeah, she works at the hospital at saint josephs and bellingham, and she was terminated because she refused the vaccine because she is pregnant. now
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the irony here is that she works in the statics ward of the hospital and they won't give any leeway to somebody who's pregnant even though the drug has not been tested pregnant women. well, of course, the world health organization isn't recommending people to get their vaccination saying that only mass vaccination or natural antibodies can bring an end to the pandemic vaccine, save millions of lives each year. vaccines work by training and preparing the body's natural defenses. the immune system to recognise and fight off the viruses. meanwhile, the u. s. state of florida is suing the biden administration over its vaccine mandates of federal contractors for the president isn't relenting, saying compulsory vaccinations for state workers is a must. and david, hi guess again, says it leads people in a challenging position. yeah, it's a choice, but it's already forced on me now. the biden mandate doesn't kick it. i understand sometime in december. but many state governments,
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as well as the case of my state government, are anticipating that and have imposed their own mandates with florida deadlines. in my case, i work for a private school and they're not under the, the state mandate, but them on their own private mandate based on what's coming from the, by the administration in the state that, you know, is sympathetic to that point of view that also requires people to be back to needed in order to work there. they supposedly allow exceptions for medical reasons and religious reasons. but mine wasn't granted that the fund or the police movement who's a flag, the u. s. democrats bore high seems to be losing steam emitter, search, and body crimes across the state. over the last year. ever more americans demanding more be spent on bolstering the force. we heard views from the northeast to the southwest. i just felt very unsafe, lynn,
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when there was like a lot of people saying that they should defend the police. i think with more police funding, they can get better training and protect us better. do me more police to get things on the criminal deduction where crime wave is reduced down to one percent. we need crime to fade away. we need peaceful days for you and him and me to walk down the street progressively. well, i know it sounds i we need our release of a certain times of the day. it's a no man's land a. we definitely need more, more law enforcement on the streets. i want to follow the police force or whether the money is going towards their training or more say, doesn't matter to let you poll as follow up as being an increase of 14 percent in those extra police fundings now,
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compared with last year over the nation was rocked by racial injustice and police brutality undermining trust in law enforcement. well, now the mood has changed with stock figures from the national center for health statistics showing violent crime in the u. s. is now it has highest point in modern history. americans are clearly worried with this at the polling and july show that just over 60 percent c violent crime is a major issue that has up significantly from 3 months audio. now the to find the police move when gain traction off to the police, killing of george floyd last year. as the name suggests, it wanted a public money directed away from law enforcement or things like education and social services. we discussed its relevance with a retired new york police detective. oh the people that are calling to, to get rid of the police all the fun. the police have stopped the rhetoric or the rhetoric. rhetoric has slowed down because see, see that the police are really needed to be up picking crime around the country,
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especially in democrat run cities is out of control. most of the politicians who are calling for the fund, the police are doing for political gain. they're doing it to get folks, they're doing it to empathize with criminals and those who love them. and when you make friends with criminals, when you make friends with criminals, you make enemies of your police. the police can't do the jobs effectively. what are the top of the community and the community can live and prosper? well without the help of the police. so it has to be both ways. the government has to encourage this. they have to increase funding, federal funding for police departments to get better training. and better equipment and to continue to attack this rise of crime across the country, or that wraps up a news cost for this hour. and for me as well presented the program here at r t international half past 7 to friday evening. now my colleague,
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dan hawkins here at the desk and half an hour's time, perhaps you can join him. ah, it stays after the rest to be able to afford enzyme and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's is if these people don't count i saw how they can choose your customers and dump a sick so also they can satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to say.


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