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ah, without top headlines here one r t brussels on leasers, a string of accusations at wasco author, russia, and moldova failed to secure a fresh gas contract with a broken reject. the aspiring member states plea for help to cover the difference in the new price as well the, those guys were in rome for the 1st in person g. twenty's. since the pandemic head joe biden, braces for his 1st face to face with a manual micron off the spot over a nuclear submarine deal with australia. no job, no pay. new york city workers protest outside the mayor's official residence in opposition to a looming deadline for vaccine mandates. in the program, we speak to a man who says, that's how he lost his job, despite having natural immunity for coping. ah,
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6 pm on friday, we're heading into the evening. i was here in moscow. this is asi international. a very warm welcome to the european union has late the blay, but moscow's doorstep for what is shaping up to be a major energy crisis in moldova, that's off to the country, fail to secure a contract with russia's gas problem. mold over insists on a bigger discount, while owing over $700000000.00 to russia already. meanwhile, gas promises it's still open to negotiations. ashanna do mosquito explains. the energy crisis is something that's been discussed, unpicked, and solutions suggested here at the you ration economic forum in verona, a picky looking at the crisis in europe, with many panelists saying, what needs to happen here is that you need to look for relations with other countries. rather than making accusations now this comes at a time that a feature full member of the block is asking for assistance in its own energy
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crisis talking here about moldova, moldova has got the state of emergency and it seems to be being cold shouldered by the e u as it faces this crisis of its own at so much so that the situation has led to the mayor of the capital city at suggesting that what needs to happen now is for the parliamentary buildings, a presidential buildings and all government building should look at turning the heat off, it's a, an idea of fire making sure that any heat that is available goes to local residents and also a show of solidarity. or maybe we should turn of the hitting in the government parliament, the presidential office ministration, civil servants officers in order to free up gas to heat people's homes. this is not down to everyone who works there, but leaders to make the decisions. it depends on them what the people will be able to heed their homes, while the state of emergency has been declared in moldova over its gas crisis. but
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what's led to where it stands at the moment? well, the country did have a contract with russian supply, a gas from at, but that run out at the end of september. since then moldova has refused to assign a new contract with the company. it says that the prices that the company wants are simply too high gas. prom says that there has been a sky rocketing increase in demand for gas at the moment. and that has led to the increase in prices. it also says that moved over is pretty much to blame for the situation that it finds itself in the country is at more than $700000000.00 in debt at the moment to gas prom. and while all of this is happening, the e once again is suggesting that russia is playing a bullying game here and is exerting political pressure on moldova. we see a thames way, gosh brom to put political pressure in return to lower the gas prices.
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and we agreed with a prime minister on the importance of a strengthening resilience against any potential efforts by 3rd parties to use energy. as your political weapon will not have been outright denied by russia, that says, gas problem doesn't have the capability of making political gestures like that only commercial ones. there's also been a suggestion, perhaps that you could put his hands in his pocket and help mold over out by paying for whatever the difference is in the cost of gas between the old and the new contract is not likely to happen. well the e u says no, it won't be so much therefore for helping out its neighbors, but it will be watching what unfolds in moldova over the next few weeks, as we know on december 1st gas home says if the country haven't signed that new
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contract, the gas applies will be cut off 18 months into the pandemic, and the u. s. continues to be the global covert hotspot is currently averaging around $70000.00 cases a day. and that's for the issue of vaccine mandates front and center with protests continuing against them. a critics have labeled measures unfair and extreme in new york, hundreds of 1st responders on city workers gathered in front of the cities may as residents to demonstrate against the mandatory vaccination. it comes off the bill. diblasio earlier ordered all public workers out at least one shot by 5 pm local time. it's friday. those who fail to show proof of vaccination will be put on unpaid leave starting from next week. 55 is in the meantime. say they have not been given enough time to make an educated decision on wednesday, october 20th. then be your extended vaccine mandate. so oh,
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public employee eliminating out option 9 days is not enough time been save millions of lives each year. vaccines work by training of preparing the body's natural defenses, the immune system to recognize and fight off the viruses. meanwhile, the state of florida is suing the biden administration over its vaccine mandates for federal workers. the president isn't relenting, saying compulsory vaccination for state workers is a must. a david august again as it leaves people in a very challenging position. yeah, it's a choice, but it's already forced on me now the by mandate doesn't kick in. i understand 12 sometime in december, but many state governments as well as the case if my state government are anticipating that and have imposed their own mandate disorder deadlines. and my case, i work for a private school and that they're not under the, the state mandate. but they have what, but on their own tribe with mandate based on what's coming from will by the ministration in the state that you know is sympathetic to that point of view that
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also requires people to be vaccinated in order to work there. they supposedly allow exceptions for medical reasons and religious reasons, but mine wasn't granted and policy, or at moscow, joe biden is bracing himself for a tough meeting with his french counterpart in italy. later today. it's their 1st meeting since washington outraged paris. why going behind it's back over a nuclear submarine deal with australia. and i talked come ahead of the larger g 20 gathering in rome on saturday. a peter oliver has details. well, we'll be having to see if there's any awkwardness hanging over from orcus, that orchestral, of course, that was a defense packed made between australia, the united kingdom and the united states. and ultimately what it did is, is it torpedoed a deal that would have seen french submarines sold to australia. well worth around fin of saying we want to euro for france. the messaging coming out of paris ahead
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of this meeting as being one of saying, we want to reignite our relationship and work together with the u. s. on key issues . however, the language that was coming out of france towards the us previously and just recently as well, was pretty spicy. today we're take another historic step to deepen and formalize cooperation among all 3 of our new issues. the u. k. australia and the us will be joined even more closely together, reflecting the measure of trust between us pitching in um the hip you. it's a huge disappointment, especially since 5 years of hard work went into that to ensure the proper implementation and smith running of this major contract. the contract was to fulfill australia to request for a 12 conventional attack submarines to reiterate that it was their request says trailer has gone back on his word and changed his needs. do the thought another. an
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alliance means transparency. it means predictability. it means clarification. it means talking to each other, not hiding, especially on a central issues. so all this has not been forthcoming and we will have to talk about it. why wasn't it forthcoming? both ammonia, micron and joe biden, head into the meeting in rome, later on friday, having out, well, all the things on their plate beforehand for the french president he'll of being trying to keep abreast of news coming out of front on friday. the published in the, the big newspaper that the policy on a right wing qu, attempt against my cons. government had been thwarted by security services. now from not reporting in the french media, it's understood that disgraced right wing politician remy. there was behind this now mr. day is been under arrest and he's been investigated on the suspicion that he had tried to organize a tax on vaccine centers. these reports suggest he was also trying to orchestrate
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a coup against a minute. my cons. governments involving current and former offices from the, the police force the john tom lee and the french military as well under the name of operation as 0. waiting to find out any more reaction to that and use as a coma, jo, bike and how to a bit more of a sedate, say than finding out that type of news. but it his, they didn't go to plan either. he met with the pope in the vatican earlier on friday. it had been expected to be a really big affair job by noon on the 2nd roman catholic us presidents and getting us an audience with the pope. it was supposed to be telephone. i live in bro and journalists from all over expected to have access to it at the last minute. so the holy see said there's going to be no life broadcast. and journalists have to remain outside of the move from the faster can did cut. everybody pretty much off guard his the reaction from the news wire. a p disaster can on says day abruptly cancel
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the planned live broadcast of u. s. president joe biden meeting. pope francis. the live broadcast have biden's friday visit was trimmed to cover just the arrival of the president's motorcade in the courtyard of the apostolic palace while i'll be keeping an eye out for any news . coming from that meeting between us president joe biden and french president emanuel micron ahead of what should be a particularly interesting g 20 summit here in rome? well, a crime, a soaring in the united states, the defun, the police movement seems to be losing steam. that story on mall coming up in just a mom ah ah. hand is driven by dreamers shaped by thinkers and those with vision, ah
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ah, who dares sinks? we dare to ask ah ah ah ah
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ah, what about the hour here at moscow? so google may be forced to introduce our new choice screen on android devices in australia, in a bid to boost the market shareable tons of search engines, and as growing discontented within the australian government over the tech, john's monopoly of the market. currently, the american company controls 94 percent of the australian search engine market. now the choice screen on android devices allows users to opt for a different search engine. australia also wants to prevent google from paying apple for installing the top search engine as a default option on his devices. just recently, europe has launched a plan to implement a similar policy. we are concerned that google's dominance and its ability to use its financial resources to fund arrangements to be the default search engine on
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many devices and other means through which consumers access search such as browsers . his home in competition unconcealed as a google spokesperson responded, that australians use the top search engine, not because they're forced to but because of its high quality mccarthy, the company's reviewing the report and looking forward to discussing it with australian authorities. let's learn more. right now crossing lived. yeah, you co inno social media solicitor and internet law expert joining us here in nazi . great to see that i, thanks so much for joining us on the program. what do you think? google apparently has a monopoly in australia now, i mean, isn't it right for australians to be aware of more choice that to have another search engine and instead of being confined to just google a google as good a monopoly full stop or pretty much across the western world, now let's not be mistaking the she's not truly a search engine, or let's let, let's go a little bit deeper into, into this, this, this issue. so google,
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i will always in a sure, so google play amy amount of money to make sure that google search engine is the default search engine on every, on road to device. that's the 1st step, 2nd step in order to some maybe it's position within the search engine. and so within google search engine, google, make sure that the default search is actually google search. so 1st we're going to have google chrome, which is google search engine winning, that there will be a default search facility, which is of course, google search. now at the end of it, because the next step would be the winning search results that come out on, on, on google search. the very 1st search results should belong to google. so if you searching for travel ticket or flying it with a google travel, if you're looking to do some shopping, google shopping. if you're looking for any,
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any or videos, it would be a huge the belong to go. so that gives google or a monopoly, not necessarily over the search engine, but over the entire communication system that is being used. ah, pretty much all over the world in a think this is were the real danger is, is that control over communication? a control over over a war people are seeing a control over search results arm and in a way on that also going to put off um, other innovators in the thinking, a woods, the point me developing a search engine to compete with google. if i stand no chance off actually guinea into our, the mobile telephone market, because google will always out to get me with, you know, google play any cost any price. was it the? yeah, yeah, i mean, i think you raise a really good point. sorry for jumping in,
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but you know, google a, it is such a multi $1000000000.00 giant right now. and as you say, it's not just about a, a search engine. it's about all these other google apps as well. that gets stuffed into people's android phones. but up, you know, might my concern. yeah. it is this that, you know, okay, let's go back to the simple search engine argument. if google is in control of this to such an extent, when you are searching for information and it returns your search than the information you get back, is only leave the information that google thinks you should be getting. oh, absolutely not. now the real danger here is that google i have over time, are become pretty much the de facto controller over communication all over the world . ah, which means that it opens up the gates of corruption. so google can cause the up with any government, any se, sitting government, and say, you know, we will promote your agenda, say over the next general election, or in return,
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you allow us to continue and grow you to, to do, to continue our, our control affected. we have had control over the internet. we may be, make sure that your opponents, youtube videos, i'm going to be appearing on youtube or tall or old google search engine. and in return, we will take care of you, you'll take care of us. and this is how our tyranny ease being developed and we are pretty much, very, very close to that point where there's only one on one voice that is being heard and got voice would be the voice. did google decide should we had and everybody else? i will have no opportunity to, to even start completing jojo. i'm running so low on time. i've only got time, not one more quick question here. but if the australian government were to pass legislation kind of pushing google to the side and allowing for another search
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engine or another tired list of apps, is it possible that google could, i don't know, retaliate against australia threatened to shut down some of his apps in australia even can find the search for information any more google, i dare say it's more powerful than people are prepared to accept. yes, indeed, our, this is something that is quite concerning. i would say google is more likely to retaliate against politicians, send the right signal to the rightfully vision and say, you know, you make sure the doctor just lation those laws are not being passed. and we will take care of you. otherwise, you know, be warned. jojo cohen, internet law expert and social media solicitor, always a great pleasure having you on the program. thank you for your insight. meantime another tech giant facebook has seen a major re brand and changed its corporate name to meta is part of a drive to broaden the reach of the social media. john's portfolio, which includes instagram and of course, what's up the internet has
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a fully embrace. the rebranding, although perhaps not in the way facebook may have hoped, a mountain of means have already popped up, ridiculing the new name while mugs zak, a bugs famous face has found itself the victim of many a mocking photoshop. the facebook c. e. o. however, is optimistic that the company's new direction is the way to go. facebook is one of the most used technology products in the history of the world. it's an iconic social media brand. over time, i hope we are seen as a met averse company. and i want to anchor our work and our identity on what we're building towards facebook, changing his name to meta is so exciting. i've already forgotten that we just learned, they knew women were being sex traffic on the platform and did nothing. facebook is now meta, our new logo is a rubber band because our morals are elastic. oh, and we stretch the truth. it doesn't matter what you call it. they're still selling
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our data. the new name was unveiled alongside plans to build a so called meta of us and online virtual world where people can gain work and communicate. the announcement pushed facebook shap rise up by one and a half percent. and pondering how this new cyberspace universe might be implemented, not one but 2 poly boy kos within a matter of years if facebook gets its way, a lot of us could be spending much of online looking something like this. hiring 10000 people to create the met us for the no nods out there. all let virtual poly explain to make of us is basically the make tricks. you create digital avatars of yourself like me, and then you put on your v r headset and away you go. you can walk around a virtual world and interact with people in real time. they're doing things like
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shopping and dancing and studying together in a virtual space. the real world may struggle to compete. facebook founder and ceo mark stuck a bug, says that the match of us is just not kill progression from the to the internet to the 3. the ones that are not buying to monopolize the matter of us, it is far too late for that. the idea is that users will slip seamlessly from one virtual world into another. so instead of flying from paris to new york, for example, you'd digitally teleport yourself from facebook. smacks of us to google's or apple's one. i'm from you, boomers quaking in your booth at the thought of this matter of us. the future is already here. back in 2020 rafa travis scott played a virtual concert within the full night wild. which attracted over $12000000.00 viewers, which was a record at the time,
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not to re bronze hawkins on the fact that then bags of money to be made in the max of us. he's already unveiled a virtual collection on the roadblocks platform while blend yoga is created a bunch of clothes or as known football nights. there's even company sitting virtual real estate in the matter of us. if you're starting to understand how this works, you're not alone. there is a building boom, breaking out, but it's not happening in your backyard. it is happening in a fake world. so there are many, many versus there isn't just one. but the, the oldest one that the oldest crypto vs one is called a central and whether you're ready for life in the cloud or not facebook announcement that it's hiring an army of developers to build. this met us has been a rating success by one measure, at least i just spent 3 minutes talking about facebook virtual plans instead of the company's real world problems such as the whistleblower that's just come out and
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said that the company puts pro fits or the uses safety shopping, lead monster zak, a bug alone. yeah. big bully. the define, the police movement, who's flag the u. s. democrats boy. hi, certainly seems now to be losing steam mit a search and bob and crimes across the states over the last year. as more americans are demanding moltby spend on bolstering the force. now a new poll has found that there's well and been an increase of 14 percent in those wanting extra police funding compared with last year when the nation was rocked by racial injustice and police brutality undermining trust in law enforcement. however, now, although the mood has changed with stock figures from the national center for health statistics showing vall and crime in the u. s. is now at its highest point in modern history. now americans are clearly worried about this with the polling in july, showing that over 60 percent see the violent crime is
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a major issue that's up significantly from 3 months earlier. so we got reaction in various cities all across the us. i just felt very unsafe when, when there was like a lot of people saying that they should defend the police. i think with more police funding, they can get better need an apparatus better. you need more police to get things on the criminal deduction where crime wave is reduced down to one prefect. we need crime to fade away. we need peaceful days for you and him and me to walk down the street. well, at certain times of the day it's a no man's land as in i live in mid town, new york and you, you don't wanna walk out after dark. we definitely need mura war, law enforcement on the streets, yet. crime rate definitely went up. i know it has this down and we need our beliefs
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. i want equality police force. so whether the money is going towards their training or more, k hasn't mattered even more money to the police is more safe or for an air more trend, new pool for the quote for the people, the police. we discussed the issue with a retired new york police detective, the people that are calling to, to get rid of the police all the fun. the police have stopped the rhetoric or the rhetoric. rhetoric has slowed down because they see that the police are actually needed to be taking crime around the country, especially in democrat wrong cities is out of control. most of the politicians who are calling for the, from the police, are doing you for political gain to doing it to get votes. they're doing it to empathize or criminals and those who love them. and when you make friends with
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criminals, when you make friends with criminals, you make enemies of your police. the police can't do the job effectively without the community and the community can live and prosper well without the help of the police. so it has to be both ways the government has to encourage this. they have to increase funding for federal funding for police departments to get better training and better equipment. and to continue to attack this rise of crime across the country. all right, that's it for us. ok, now that's our not international. thanks for joining us. your program returns in 29 hours a
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a a a a. ah. oh, if you want something done, right. do it yourself. the acronym d i y i, you do it yourself has now become the name for a new genre of online videos. do you.


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