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i'm scale here and we're going to give you the 360 view of these stories and much more on today's news via here right here on our t america. ah, thank you so much for joining us because happening right now just down the street on capitol hill. there is fierce negotiations amongst democrats all about the reconciliation bill. now. president biden even took the air today for a press conference. he would bagging the public to put pressure on our elected to help him pass his bill. these are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive or anything else to pitch americans against one. this is about competitiveness versus complacency. jenna's in these bills is what 81000000 americans voted for. more people voted than any time in american history. and so
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they voted for their voices deserve the heard not deny or worse ignore. well, did they vote a 1000000 people vote for a bill about 450 pages long? that's up for congress aside, and there's been a lot of back and forth among democrats, actually regarding this bite and budget plan. hence why that idea about 81000000000 . i bet they might be split on it just like the party is now it has actually been scaled back to half of its original size, but that's still won't do the fighting. continued delivery. a bill of $1.00 trillion dollars, the tax payers, the domestic policy plan is still being pulled apart and reconfigured, as one of the biggest hold ups is finding exactly the way to pay for it. by its resolution is to have spending be fully paid for by only new taxes that will just hit the wealthy incorporations, promising not to add onto the $28.00 trillion that dollars of national debt that were already in. but willis compromise actually work and was the most beneficial
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items put on the chopping block while leading a lot of pork. we'll discuss your brand panel, david, catch the former assistant, us attorney and conservative commentator molig abdul as well. thanks for joining me gentlemen. great to be with you, scottie, so i am going to start with you mr. katz. why is president biden having so much trouble with this bill? not from the republicans, but from those within his own party. well, he has united republican opposition to this so called infrastructure bill. this is the soft. busy infrastructure one, the hard infrastructure, one, scotty, he got a lot of republican senatorial votes and he has support and a house. that's the one for broadband, that's the one for ports and roads and all of that. this one is more for things like child care, pre, pre k, 3 year olds, 4 year old. so we'll have child care money that's sent to every family in america
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for their children, a tax credit, but it's actual funds. and that has turned out not to be popular with any of the republican there in united opposition. and then they have 2 senators who become famous throughout the world like manson and cinema. and they've put the brakes on some of the spending. so now it's gone from 6 trillion, which is what social a senator sanders wanted to the progressive democrats, $3.00. and now to more of a consensus among the democrats of about 1.7 trillion, now worth a couple trillion at this point. malise, you know, as david actually mentioned, paid family leave seems to actually be cut off from this budget as well as free community college things that actually could affect the everyday life of people. voters, why is something which affects millions of household and the 1st 3 on the chopping block, when there's a $100000000000.00 still going be appropriated to reform the nation's immigration system, plus the highest pentagon budget and yet still without anything being shaved off.
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i think part of the problem is that immigrants be being made their own decision early on with really dividing traditional infrastructure, which is what think it talked about with this new thing. they have a new patch that called it what we've been in the infrastructure. i think that they started using human resources. people are so forward about being like child, child tax credits and you know, and all of those sort of things. but whether or not it should have been time to attend for dorothy package. i said early on, my friends were making a huge mistake by actually finding it for either describing human infrastructure were thing. that's the problem. now the fact that there were only so many so many things, if i didn't or any president would be able to get done and there for fighting fixing. that was the initial comb with really package. we pass the,
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i like to be able to get a large with the year before mr with its own problem free. so i think the job, i mean for the democratic goes that job, i think who supported the think. i think they're now saying that these things are much easier to doug and you can't just blame job mansion at 1st instead of all forward at the same way. you can just blame jim mckay with down on trump's effort to actually kill obamacare. and that's the thing, let's remember. i mean, we're all not so old that we don't remember the same fight happening almost 4 years ago, a trumpet. he continuously went over. this is just how politics happen. it happens with every fresh president and even with his own party. usually though we don't see this type of long term fighting going in the struggle that we're seeing within the democratic party. david climate change still a big part of this bill as it speaks right now. obviously, money going towards it, a fighting sort of the oil and gas industry. does it help though?
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does it help democrats is they're trying to sell this package as americans at the same time, are already seeing their own gas pump records, high gas prices at the gas pump. knowing if this budget passes, that there's a very good chance of the price to heat their home will also go up higher this winter. we're seeing the problem across the scene in the u right now with the energy crisis. does that actually hurt the democrats right now? and trying to push this package forward. well, climate change is a real problem. it's an existential problem for the planet. and for democrats and republicans and everyone else in america and for our kids and for our grand kids. so it has to be addressed really and truly the political and economic system of america would be derelict if it weren't dealing with climate change, the whole world is dealing with it. we have to get china and india and other countries like that on board. that's absolutely true, we can't just have climate policy in america and not in the 3rd world in developing
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countries. but having said that, we have to tighten our belts a little bit during the interim with the hope that these green jobs will be created . we want to be the world power in green energy, and we don't want it to be china, so we have to convert to that. and a lot of the money in the traditional infrastructure bill is to do that is to help us convert to green energy. it costs a little bit more right now than petrochemical than pharmaceuticals and some other expenses that we have, but we have to spend the money on that. and at the same time, we have to deal with fossil fuels. we can't keep relying on fossil fuels. yes, in the interim gas prices are going up, just like some pharmaceutical grocery and other prices are going up, and inflation is a real problem, especially for older people and people on fixed incomes. and those are people who vote for biden and who he hopes to get in the mid terms and in the 2024 election. and i hear what you're saying, david, but you're also real problem hunger. and so it's, we're so big on creating green jobs. i agree and take care of the environment. why
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don't, why can't we do both? why cannot we continue as it is take carrying of american people that are here in the present while building the system in the future? why do you have to shut one down before you start the other and put money into it? melissa, i'm gonna throw that to you, but i also want to ask you about this idea about budget items for medicare to negotiate lower drug prices that was also cut. why did that even have to be in there in the 1st place? i think this is the same thing that we're talking about with the, the, the human 1st or 2 packets. i think the democrats really did make mistakes and trying to package all of these things together. now, the dirty little secret hazard, that's the reason that democrats decided to combine these 2 and tried to do with them to reconciliation process. because it's been a problem, it's area and told that he only has one more time to do the budget reconciliation. and ultimately for thing that that's the vehicle coding and passing this now because you have people like me to think that you should actually pass up since the
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q policy emission to the budget reconciliation process. the democrats tried to throw everything, everything that was inside, built black plan and things that the current one and for all of the year, the title for the year of donald trump. democrats trying to do that in the 1st year . and we know for our office, the only thing that he was able to do, the big thing to do is 1st 100. so i would argue the 1st time is affordable care act, obamacare. so you can't do all of the things that they want to do. but they mislead over there. thank you. believe that as soon as i get, i can actually welcome to the governing. well, david, mike, i think the real interesting question right now is, how long will president biden keep the pope waiting? that's one person that i don't think it's probably too smart for joining me gentlemen. while the country remained split on the cronum virus vaccines, new york mayor built the boss is enforcing a mandate for all city workers come monday. but some groups are fighting it. just
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how would affect the city altogether or to correspond? tasha suite has more on what's at stake. new york mayor ability blasio has given all city workers and ultimatum get vaccinated by november 1st or be put on unpaid leave. and now a judge rules against the new york police departments you in to request to put a stop to the vaccine mandate. today, our health commissioner issuing an order, acquiring all city workers to be vaccinated. new york mere bill diblasio says he believes the only way to stop covered once and for all is through requiring that all city workers be vaccinated. but not every one sees it that way. everybody knows vaccine is not stopped. the road of irish spread, the virus, every one knows that it only has the ability to lessen the symptoms of an infection . that is why, believe we believe getting the vaccine should be a personal choice. well, please, unions have been quiet. after a staten island judge ruled against mixing the vaccine mandate for city workers,
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the union representing new york firefighters isn't holding back. the president of uniform firefighters association says they're the ones who have been on the front lines all through the pandemic for over the last 20 months. and now he argues only giving firefighters just days to decide whether or not they're going to get vaccinated is simply not fair. and he says the repercussions will impact every one . you're gonna see dozens and dozens of bar houses close. you're going to see response times corn. it is inevitable, lives are going to be was that is irrefutable. there's fires every day, but there's 100 that there's on average $9100.00 heart attacks a day. the union representing the n y p d says they will be appealing, the latest rolling over the mandate. it's the nation's largest police force, and the city has more than $100000.00 workers, which include trash haulers and building inspectors. and well, the mandate isn't going into effect until november 1st. some residents say they're already noticing that their trash isn't getting picked up. some residency, they have noticed workers have missed at least 2 trash rounds. it's come out
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through city leaders that skipping trash pickups may in fact, be on purpose. some speculate, some workers within the sanitation department or upset over the mandate that will new york city workers will decide on whether or not they'll comply with the vaccine mandate. florida is on the other end of the spectrum, governor rhonda santas is su in the biden administration over the december vaccine mandate. that'll impact the federal workers reporting for news use hughes and hottest suite r t. it is a day, 2 of us appeal for extradition. just wrapping up in a u. k. julia signed just wanted by washington on 17 charges of espionage and one of conspiracy to hack a government computer. that if convicted, he could face a prison sentence of a 175 years of chris hedges at pulitzer prize winning journalist. and had us have our teeth on contact. it's following the case and told our teeth in question. there was at least one positive 1st, sanchez, defense refusal on the part of the prosecution to give iron clad guarantees
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that he would not be an isolation. and that he would not go to a super max prison. that's gotta be in favor of of the defense shady eye, edwards dashed. he has it more from london. oh, today is it day 2 of the ac tradition hearing toward you in the sound right. haven't sent to london at the royal court of justice and now is a ton of assigned. if louis really presents the case and hit back against allegations made just yesterday, by washington, including washington's office of an unprecedented package of diplomatic assurances that june assad would not be held under the strictest act conditions in prison. even if he was caught in a luxury flat adjacent to central park in prison, he is still in prison. the issue is, he should not be in prison. he's in
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a maximum security prison, and frankly, all the evidence we've gotten all the experience we've gotten united states is that he would go just max prison on a sentence of a 175 years. he would spend the rest of his life in a super max prison in the united states. what kind of life is that to look forward to somebody committed? no crime. i've been telling the world the truth safe to say that the junior scientist lloyd absolutely fear is to travel time. read all of those, such a u. s. has that the right over time. all of these are decisions based on his mental health. many people with low all of you just how high a risky is of taking his own life, even selling more interest yesterday, becoming very emotional at talking about the mental and physical health of her partner. pastor, also i push a back on the key. mammoth revelation refer people, the u. s. intelligence offices revealed the c i a plan and failed to kidnap or even
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estimate a total injustice. so we send this non turn marika to the time to the lack of assess in many of these talk to people who said he should be killed. so they won't treat him as a human being made. a st. barrison is giving him medicine to be english. i'm involved with the high coach of injustice, his wife, because this is just ridiculous for to do it on, you know, buying their own laws. i find in the laws in every way i can just to ensure to judy sites in until they die. something is the plan, so they want to make an example of giving a son by treating him so badly by trying to break him. that gives a lesson to other journalists and other whistleblowers never to try and do the same thing. never to try and reveal the truth. never to try and hold the powerful to account. so the important part about democracy. so this isn't just about julianna's
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and your families brave as they are, as inspiration of yeah, this is also about the fact that this is an attempt to intimidate all gen. let's put all the supply was from revealing welcome to human rights abuses. closed supporters in campaign is for gina sanchez already began gathering throughout this morning to show that full authority with him because they all do, it's not just in the side that sits in the doctor today. but the fundamental tenant, from principles of freedom of press on the public's right to access information for them, it goes far beyond the story of just a one in mind. but actually this is all about trying to demand people's rights. now after the break, chemicals are used to make things like a rubber gloves, industrial tubing and other plastic products are finding their way into fast food items. we will review this alarming story all after the break
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a die. i cried. i just slept the whole time. i was there. no one really thought anything different is all about. i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 seconds when i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 don't to started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really to turn in. all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or vapor products. he
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pulled this out if you really felt holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's the better it was. i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through that. it was out of breath with
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the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. or you see in this, these techniques is to stay devising message to essentially destroy the personnel to that individual of by scientific means. this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture issue, i disseminated within the us intelligence community and worldwide among our allies for the next 30 years. and how to make them say they still live with the consequences today. ah, okay. some scientists are actually calling for tougher regulations. of your recent
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study found some fast foods in america, contain potentially harmful chemicals. a researchers at the george washington university, say chemicals used for making plastics are particularly widespread. lego journalist, molly barrows, contribute american foyer joined us. now with more on this study, molly, i mean the fact that we're even having to for regulations, you would think they would already exist. so tell me which food specifically were tested this time? and what did researchers find in them? well, i tell you, it's got a, it's not like fast food is known to be such a great healthy meal anyway. but if you had a reason not to go, this just adds to it. so they went to 60 fast food, different test, and 60 different fast food items. and they found 10 of 11 potentially harmful chemicals. and these are chemicals that are used to make plastic soft. most of them are falling in. it's a group of chemicals. again, they're made known to make plastic soft and they can cause different health problems including disrupting the endocrine system. and they also found like
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replacement chemicals for these fall aids. and i more than 80 percent this food contain fall late for the 86 percent. contain those replacement chemical called plaster size or the highest levels were found in neat like cheeseburger chicken. burrito put down that for rito, that could have some chemicals in it. cheese pieces also high and those chemicals, but they have the lowest levels of them. so none of them are exactly good for you. but across the board it was a lot more popular items that you're going to find the drive through to these more popular restaurants. ok, so molly, why are there such high levels of these chemicals associated with plastic? you know, it's interesting, a lot of it has to do with the packaging, the stuff that they're in route. what in doing cooked in it's absorbing is also the gloves. the researchers tested several pairs of unused gloves that are identical to the ones that they use to handle the food. and they found some of those chemicals in those gloves as well. so it has a lot to do with how it's packaged and how it's handled. but this isn't just
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a problem with food. it's just about anything that we use. there are chemicals that are both good and bad in these chemicals, and none of that are not good for you, per se. but you know, it was interesting about this is that they know that a lot of these plastic type chemicals are an issue. and yet they allow them to go forward anyway, because they've got these replacement chemicals that haven't been tested extensively. which one do you want words? it's got them. i thought what that is is it's the make rival, take your pick which bite you want to have. but here's my, my thought of my question for this one. you know, we talk all the time about round up and other other we see johnson johnson now going back. could this down the road actually be a legal issue? if we are purposely not knowledge, we know that we are putting chemicals in the food people are eating him. is it there's some sort of liability for that potentially in 1020 years when we know the impact? absolutely. when they can show a direct connection to some of the diseases or problems or health issues that people are having, whether it's accumulating and kids, especially over the years,
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or it's causing a variety of other health issues that these pick their chemicals are known to. cause. if they can show that direct connection and show that companies knew about it and allowed it to move forward anyway, then, then there's potential for a liability. and this particular case, you know, for the past 20 years in the united states, they've been pulling back on these chemicals. but again, they've allowed these, these replaced ones to go forward. there are no studies to show that they're dangerous or safe either way. so that's why the scientists are calling from our research. thank you for going to all the story and i really hope, and in years we're not doing a story that you normally follow, which is the legal liability of these companies. thanks for joining me. now technology can have its parts while that's as long as it's working, but sometimes users don't know how to properly handle it. now this video right here is posted on tick tock and it's have a girl. i thought she'd be nice and just wash her boyfriend. p. s for yeah, i made my stomach cringe. i showed it to my son. he definitely was like use some choice words for the girl and i know it definitely makes food, was towed,
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branch of or stomach turn. who joined this now discuss the right, the right ways to repair your technology when it breaks, more importantly, what the government says you can do with it. let's talk about this law. what was the problem beforehand? i suppose. the problem with right to repair is essentially that all of these big technology companies, they don't tell you, you can't watch your playstation for, i wouldn't do that. it will void the warranty and you will destroy it. but essentially what, right, the repair is, is companies, we all have cell phones. sometimes the battery goes out, you drop it, you break your screen. well, what usually happens is to get that fixed, the right way within their terms of services within their warranty agreement that you either have to go directly to say apple or samsung. or you have to go to what they call an authorized repair site. but the fact is, it's really not that hard to do. if you have the right, know how, if you know how to handle your technology, if you do the right research, amazing, everybody should do this. i don't know how to take your own fix my crack. sorry,
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i could, i could fix your scrat crank screen. so what a lot of that, what happens here is they don't offer the proper that the parts they don't offer the proper schematics to tell you. so you don't do something where you might electrocute yourself or might hurt yourself. these are things that make it a problem. and we saw this really proliferate during the pandemic. when we had a heavy reliance on technology, kids were in school using laptops every day, people working from home and say their device broke. well, they also couldn't go to a lot of repair shops or get them right from the manufacturer because they were closed down because we were in the locked out. so this has been a real problem, and advocates have been pushing to get this fixed for a long time. okay, so real quick, what does this new law did? so it doesn't it necessarily a new law? it's an exemption to the digital millennium copyright act, also known as dmca, that deal with access to devices and their software. so one of the big things they say now is one of the uses that they reference here is you'll now be able to say your play station does break, and the optical driver, your cd drive, won't be able to read any more. you can open it up,
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you can release the software to let you do that and you can actually replace it without problem as long as you put everything back to waco. okay. i like that. how did the company so about this because it's kind of like if i find breaks, they're excited cuz guess what? i have to go directly to them. are you gonna have to buy a new one? they don't like it. they've been lobbying against this for a long time, but advocates have really been pushing because they're saying that's a monopoly. this is anti trust. this is something with the bible meditation brought up in the his antitrust discussions was the right to repair because it's a monopoly. you're saying, no one else can do this. you can't do it yourself. even though you do have to know how and you can by the part they brightened, you could fix my fan off anytime. yeah, i gotcha. thanks for jamie brian yard, get employee who and you know, and they're gonna apply. another good co worker we have here is national congratulations. our new news director arena gonzales was just out among the top women and media. i synopsis now it's how women in media awards. gail recognizes all the industry leaders, corporate visionaries, innovators, and more. so we want to send from our team and vh here. a special congratulations
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to our news director, irene gonzales on her award last site in new york city. and while i have that time, it's all gone because that's all for today shout. in the meantime, brought me on to her at godaddy, and he says, continue it conversation, use the hash tag team and vh one. we consider you to be a part of and for this, so and more download affordable dot to be at for your apple or android. device like always thank you for watching the if any. ah ah, if you want something done, right, do it yourself. the acronym d i y, i do it yourself, has now become the name for a new genre of online videos. we do provide her with more than a year away. any son make herself school that he'll at no one you can have the was more than any more than a of
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a deal. it people use scrap materials and whatevers at hand to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action. squid guns, richer company for my freshman longer, still must be able to flow much more pool with the, the best part is people want to watch. millions of viewers spend hours seeing how a person they've never met and who's half way around the world assembles of contraption. no one else needs to talk to a corporate arrange to filter in which could just more like when you minute synergies like user d, looking at the club will future pushing, which cuz it still could oh, the wrong one. i'll just don't move any world. yes. to shave
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out disdain becomes the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. even though say more than a sort of can you sell it to propose rubbish dealing with just important practice. it took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model scripts as her will over certify. excellent. totals, can you deal with my food notions miss law school well would for shift or commercial video, luca crockett, the customer where the courtesy mostly was to the oldest nursery
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headlines here. what are teen international brussels accuses motto, open weapon, ising energy supplies on the roster. and moldova failed to secure a new gas contract. the rushers, main gas supplies that is still open to further negotiation, as well as gather, and rome for the 1st in person g. 20 summit. since the pandemic hit joe biden, braces for his 1st face to face with a manual micron off the spot over a submarine deal with australia. no jobs, no k, new york city workers protest outside the city, mayor's official residence in opposition to a looming deadline for vaccine mandates. we speak to a man who says that's how we lost his job during the crisis, despite having not.


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