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oh, and you much can just one of my teeth for when you mine. yeah, citizens like user to g more looking at the clock. he won't money for it wishing which perfectly guilty musical think either. yes, jill, after my been is pussy. she leaves the song, his new, an air gear union loosen been 0. union was not as yet good leopards that out yet was your steam on those not still was video or song say it to be ignited them of them. i believe the job or you had 3 pieces kilometer is foyzey, is gucci, gena, sonus know. and that ago a road trip in the summerville is nikita ins, most ambitious project to dave that they thought a solar powered vehicle. another car was his pet project. bigger than his thought,
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zachary machine off, it doesn't look as jamaris. let's face it. it looks like your dad's l. banga. bob a union? yeah, i'm will not be a thumb would destroy after my bill. a thought because also mosque reached him to such a store, whether it was ground with a she is new or busy. the with the good thing is that without so from the reason, if risky into deeper than previous his ca, my little for this often e, but you won't put yourself to put the most, don't you? all of my grandkids, sir edward said he is ana, this is just another pro what any mirror that the derivative ah, with
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a, with create a new was on the love with zillow. could you actually about my future proposals that it's good please ish. if that with him yesterday morning with the boyfriend, let's go with yeah, well i don't think it's given us to send more whether it has dinner or this is glass of citizen. you scroller people that i go over with the professor i do with
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no or in one. so you have a lot of students that got the dog can only do a bill or is this a song? yes me. what do you see? no more. you can know previously a normal my you more but the other one that he's cooper i just tell him what they do. i do mean no school year will up with and we had issues deal. it's your school. so a little guy know might be his 1st excess. was a video about a chain somewhat by, i mean, i used, i used to be less if you use that. i have been a long with my parents, maybe a guy who is the live you've been with us to be other
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though will need, you know, present or the women. yeah. around should perform really well. is this to put more that off of doing 3? is the boss more that off of doing our dean gin arena? who does the, the boy in a decision or that they're gonna point out another one of those are done with after 2 days in the shop. deal bang is hitting st. petersburg rose again, but the electric motions still prone to overheating. economy stall at any moment. a what? those are pretty cool. any other number, would you with a leash number, your call is was you know,
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it was the other way that goes out. do you remember me or not? not i can, there are only give them up each study that it went through about be honest with you on more than of our study. if i did the glamour that genia, stella, the functional e r a village commander. yeah, welcome. on dog. i always spoke to william that yes, a be rather e struggling engineer or loss will. i'm no gosh, we work with probably need what for this year we are. will you promise speech now there you go. so now, who is already covered with any, you know,
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personal to study by the adobe with he just wanted to know what they're doing on syndrome a look at the with, i mean, other wasn't loyal and i think i wanted, which i want to know that when you stood back crisco. what goes by there is some i a flores now is your store number where yeah just good. ringback a
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for them to suspend them. a characteristic would check with the with the model number that you sometimes group that use temporary them both are sharina stone or more likely from them and you will be good till a better person. there's all cooper's mother and the 2 characteristics, road approach to the apollo space program reduced a bare bones. these guys decided to start from scratch and design and launcher rocket while learning only go. and of course, to make a bunch of videos while they were at it. so might, we will show up and up. you could just see almost the up. so i'm going to switch to the whole e move. i don't know why you substitute customer premium was moving your rosie deleted. i didn't move us more than the show us how much has on
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our system has been in place for you so much. now as long as this was well as the 1st of all these kind of place where you perform each and you run them, we send you what color and introduced into is put it in your system or calling point. interesting processing. because we're probably bristle almost the approaches are going to want to point to stephanie i was mentioning, which you might say someone just in terms of to know when you're born. nobody can use birds to point go in control. lot of those will basically means that on the flop will be on the final possible. i need you to come back when you, when you do it right. so for you which no idea what else and somebody else. but again, we kind of wanted to go home and leave them or my
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little part of it also did they give glut personal to frontier info and got let me show you a boost umbrella. and we feel that i bought a particular kind of foster around a lot about some kind of we're trying to support them appraising with a new is what i'm saying. because i don't see how much they can afford. oh yes. some of them lamenting citizens millennium and you're not, you're moving it isn't busters, i can't a number of the problems that you have a was deal with is troy coupled with i don't post for use and bureau for the storm. 6 really,
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you know the look over time. right? it just won't fly during the test. the motive nozzle broke off. or if you look at, he would've, he was more like any deal, but i bet they got my public albert, we keep looking to live. here. it is color we go or of the lawyers channel is a uniquely russian d i. y phenomenon. nothing gets blown up or set on fire here. that one gets electrocuted. only you see is northern vistas, woods, water, and skilled hands, lathing sewing, and chiseling abuser off the charts with 2000000 subscribers. by yet when you can name of it. i me doing a water for a yeah, the when you claim with a i don't vibe, i don't use it but don't store but on procedure leaving here,
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the particular we have a sonya, it's a lot of history of a process, but you can also look for it and you know, just put it on the lips and you might see a missionary still still kind of just already aiming a video. just say for teaching, making it truly a joy, it in potentially a tossed up with a mortgage mortgage later. give me a michigan washing slower, a school practical a state law. yeah.
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my love to speak to you by the way a ah oh yeah, it has to be rach to be able to afford anything and find the luxury good for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how they can choose their customers and dump the sick so also i can satisfy their wall street investors.
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no parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder with
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me a soon as you know, if the doing well just in a go much to piece to give me a look at the throw of a nancy of me was more to do a couple of that you rose to so we're boys with, with a with this is the sun deal model 1.0. not quite a car. it's normally like a solar powered rick shore when nikita comes from, it's much sunday than here in gloomy st. petersburg ramirez gala thrash one the hero. and you can hear me. yeah. the show of the look on just the gray with ours.
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yes, results are all your m u e god, where are your call? can you come when you're off poor? now that i was young, we're down the are when you are curious me? yeah. purpose grass. me one would what will happen here? because that garage door ah yes, that each i'm yours the premium if you it is one of the use them period. yes, the are now present here. while for not omnia, when you go talk are gonna be the bus. now me on the chair. now please. gina mcmillan will do me up on the list. we'll also learn what all the floor. no. i yeah. you got over there. got was down. so yeah. just on with that about the whisper asking a she didn't like you any other door or
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alice mia those days to kill any other? yes, we used to and you would just go to the urls. good is there was he has deer park go outside to watch the new york or e street to i'd love watching kia la procedure come interior. good. so another yeah . what would come when you would you source blue in your with the 1st run of the rocket, which unusually is carmela field was a failure and it failed with a bang also from the deutscher me go to customer support federal estoppel huh. so i'm with them. when you're more of like what sort of when they're supposed to get the label and it's been a very so move
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a lot of information that i was and i wanted to get us through the very 1st finish with always the sometimes i put them because almost like a post or point, you can show some ways you may have some process with them. in d, i wise abroad genre video, streaming websites, host tens of thousands of channels on various topics. some take a meticulous and strictly scientific approach that people also like to be enlightened and entertain the area we live in dictates what kind of inventions today's youtube does when she's made on the phone choice. and a problem of, by me with chef demos from your professor caliber waste of come when you would come at the meeting with me or no, i'm not gonna principals,
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cancer. and the just the 1st available feel them got here. what wasn't go up was picked up. what was the amount of what their boundaries that we do not pass? can i really with political up on the was 3 letters for louis, illinois. sure. doesn't bureaus for me. sure. what the problem was now, my daughter is a, the kind of a little bit, you know, i read it in a little while longer angelica, could you tell him in some way both. i mean, 3 key to deal was that a month to re mostly mobile, that no need to be quick here, which are a couple more to bring up about us to let can what i mean. it will have some stuff we should stuff which have to deal with picky. joyce. i knew i might have been through a family throw on. ready some labour, somebody's give us to the minister, but we did that a lot, some people on or what even the country,
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which was this machine to deal with actually with blessone was supposed to have the right this the company sort of the state. but you doubling as newspaper for my interest to go up on the electronic of some bro, led companies for my country. all of the stuff must be out of you, but that's what i'm saying. and i don't know, it seems i don't like not for me. like to put a small also for some, some bread, summer checks, migration, right. almost anything we can put together. i mean you've got all stories for some like longer than what i've done. most of the stuff that you're playing, football gateway, the you for, for some of the look yourself. you know, some i knew the only time she knew what the interesting
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part told me was my name to me from your football. but you're going to talk to great from now i be like, i know what i ah, they are about their sharpness. apples dead chip. it did what i do rather than yeah, you're more, you know, after several months of one failure after another, the rocket finally blasted off with
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coca cola. with we're clear, let's do a quick notion of mr. flow one briefly, minute. but i to, to, to re ritual to work with we want to for up, she is just funny, kevin, and i have a pretty good spot of them, which is probably under when you should. he won't have coverage. joe crowd mac while crowd. why sarah doughty,
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bullish is supposed to its way back to chit chat to problem. yeah, it was like real lead you only you to be. it is nice kind of deal it going in dinner here. williams possible the silly good, boyish cut or missed so well? no posted over the jo spotwood, you know the near contrary another. ringback divide missed the body of the count is incorrect with eligible speech diligence, door counter or chest was on the porch at my she key she brought in o'clock. can i show anything that he or nothing of that? he only i think that you'll suggest my status to cynthia williams calling for marshal humors was renewed in post kristen, you can move along. just thought i'd give it to you. then you have to like i've been yeah, you have master. what shows all the loading. yeah. as bush auto place,
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can you close my opinion on a plugin you stay for both of us? can you call the realtor that occur yanna here? so she didn't doing instead of them will last those i live my area so i could check it as well. so the easy depot, the warfare to which got the relief from i'll let them go to lisa and i took a closer look at that kind of crazy shortly. yeah, been what, as 0 and i mean, you know, like i lost over there a day you should be just, i just yet this can law rabbit says they cannot order and then you put a new weight and i have no choice new more. the deal is stored. i still you move the gates of good to at my child, the cancer move she accordingly. just amy, did you monkey? when dick, while shrewd linley and praise wasn't sleepy, it's
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a new ocean pretty yet canopy. i got the idea that we were moving a dealer, he said to lose no didio global moves me to vehicle fork is deal tours. these are do more affordable plan or for a little crimea at the actual buddha, which is pretty great in a sober good. you good, easy to kill you, you got to re she ty, thought or should they cannot or done more than the project of the award to g? you would you got dory, and you will not go to 1000000 leave. got on talk it to jimmy in. what's on allowing you around, you can put on a 5th grade, he thought, jo katara arranged your thoughts here or do much can needed you open you mind. yes, i did. year gratiot just wasn't my teeth are when you mine. yeah, thank you. thank you for your g one, picking out the club one, but at the corner, when you think you could just in the e o on maliciously, which i wishing which 30 nikita
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blan to spend a month on his solar powered road trip. but he didn't complete his route as he got stranded in the mountains of catholic sta. good guy, here we go. yeah, we're in. so what i'm wondering is lamar joining with bins? you know, are you good to know? i'm sure super process deal on the the actual stuff from i was with did you do me a job 3 years? did you want me other? yup. or a year ago? you're still with me. we also with
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a free grow. good around. yes, we do. good teachers, jojo, priest of you 3, just listen to what dealer you feel or some good do your goals with. did you feel any other of nadia were garcia more modern as each for sure. more than that i'm by the way they're grown the you know, the easy, your good which olivia good. those to guy. would you like me anything about the again yes, the village to but he was last door. but on more than a wizard, when y'all stayed sil, but we re 0, it runs part or e got,
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we're somewhat 0. it was last year or in years the needs the engineer. i mean, which one? i mean, usually, you know, we have the game each day is that when you moved, it wasn't, is that the answer worked on, you would collegial no model. so we might have going 0 area. we use the other to layer. what will, why you're only get is don't the close, i'm low, the there with mm ah, for is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer?
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isolation, whole community. are you going the right way? where are you being led? somewhere? direct. what is true was is great. in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. mm hm . he died. i cried. i just slept the whole time. i was there. no one really thought anything different, knew this all. i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery. his lungs failed . 30 seconds when i killed him.
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i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 doctor started talking about a new wide spread. does he use that caused severe lung damage? there's a few points that were really the turning all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or vapor products. the. he pulled this out. he really felt holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's the better. it was i with want my worst enemy ever got out of breath with
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his our top headlines here on our t. no job, no paid new york city workers protest outside the city mayors official residence in opposition to a looming deadline for vaccine mandates in the program. we speak to a man who says that's how he lost his job during the health crisis. how matter of them? facebook's parent company undergoes a name change with the internet exploding into a barrage of mocking both the re brand and logs. dr. berg himself, julian, natasha supporters including rock legend, roger waters demanding justice. it's following an extradition appeal. hearing the u . k. is high court, which has yet to deliver it's verdict. i'm sure lang.


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