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vessels with got rare access to one of the most secret and well guarded military facilities in the country. in case of a full scale nuclear war, which a force no one wants. this would be one of russia's most important defences. i was a funny feeling because we're actually standing on top of a vessel that has actual nuclear warheads. and by the way, at least one of these submarines is always on a silent patrol mission some were in deep waters off the pacific ocean. and if russia comes out of nuclear attack, these subs can emerge safe off the coast of california and strike back with all its nuclear fire power, the military call it strategic deterrence. ah, look on, i'm with my use of up cuz i'm ordering, as i mentioned to me as a has ever at the fort. i've done almost brother with no, won't you do?
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no. so, so took a bullet sewer services as a puzzle. but other than i can check this weird, squeaking sound, have a look. each submarine has this rubber coating that helps it to stay under the radar. the naval base is protected by an elite marine unit that puts its skill on displays. they intercepted anatomy ship that, according to the drill scenario, snaked into the bay to destroy nuclear subs. well, this didn't work out the pacific region has become increasingly vallejo, part of the world, especially in the wake of a fear standoff between china and the us. but the russian military says, these are routine exercises that have nothing to do with occurring geopolitical
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tensions causing a rush of reporting for rti from the cum shatka peninsula. that is her friday morning stories are shipping up for now. i'll keep all your global news updates coming at the top of the hour after a visit to the dennis miller plus one studios. and this one's very much for funds of the police academy film stick. look. hey folks. next up on dennis miller plus one, the great comedian. now, great director bobcat golf way. he has a documentary i called joy ride, sort of mary louise with he and the great dana gold from the simpsons writing room as the road trippers. it sounds like a blast. we'll also talk about robin williams, who was his best. he and how we all miss a bobcat go way right after this. dennis miller plus one.
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hey folks. welcome to dennis miller plus one. we are joined by a great comedian and i'm telling you he, he set a template back then sort of an extra sensual ags thing that i've seen derivatives of since. but the 1st time i saw bobcat, it was like edvard monk, the scream had grabbed the mike and got up on stage. bob's bobcat is a comedian actor, director, producer. and he 1st appeared on late night with david letterman like it was like a bill. hicks in thing is 20 years old. and you remember you said oh there's a great comics and then he's gone on to star multiple hbo and showtime specials as well as directing. and he direct stand up specials for other comedians to bob catch new film is a road trip documentary. i think the brilliant data golds involved called joy ride and it will be released in theaters and video on demand on october 29th. that is a long way around to say, please welcome bob, catch all way. bob,
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how are you? i'm great. that was very, very kind. i have to say thanks to me, and you'll be surprised how often i sincerely think of you. i remember a line of yours. i was blue, not without gardening out gardening. and i remember the semester alone has the acting range of a daisy air rifle. and i was thinking about, you know, daisy air rifle is why that made dennis miller really planning. you know, i mean i had a baby, good job i had met, i doubt down the specificity of the silly one. click it. i had a career that's well i so i did, i don't leave this fabulous brother. you want to doubt this into arcadia, even if it loses people, you'll get the residual on the front side from cognitive 70. i was like say like i was a big that long ago and i said you might want to carbon date some of these jokes. i think they were discovered by dr. leaky son, and i was like, hey,
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that's not a dennis miller, joe, but i think i owe money for that. well, i am flattered that anything clubs in the you're very active. my know it's funny. it's like and you know, what's funny is, is i did call me like the, and i always wanted to say this. i, you know, very cremeans passed away and in berry berry would say, mean things about me. you know, that's very criminal. but one thing that i wanted to let you know is that here he would had a big, soft spot for when he was disclosing and going through all his trauma about what kind of guy you were, how you stepped up, how you gave a mighty to fly back to deal with it and he would, he would say that he would speak very sweetly of you so he would say mean things that mean things about me. but i wanted you to know that that barry, i haven't up to the term leaving had a always when always let people know what you did for him. so well,
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that's that sweet and i'm telling you, if anything in common, people always say that's it please. you with a crowd to get lapse. yeah, it does occasionally though there's some sort of obi wan cat who you want to make laugh. really hard. like and very was one of those guys. yeah, i would. yeah, i would like to go a little, but i wouldn't go way out of my way and turn into a sweat act, but i'd go a little bit out of my way to make cremeans laugh. and when he short old boy that feels good. yeah. now listen, you will always exhibited, it was funny, it was close under the you know, the, i always viewed your act is like surface tension on a glass. when you have one of those glasses that over filled those red plastic glasses and there's like a little thing that won't run down the side, but it sits on the top and it's shiver. it's tremulous. and i just always watch your act and say there's a nice the phrase on there. it's florida leg, shaky. but if you listen to the jokes, i always have brothers, joseph, brilliant. they would stand alone. but when you mix them with the character,
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it was very, very executing. but i actually think you kind of were right, you'd be like, well, this works, but you can leave me. but this is a pretty good bit now, and i think you are smart enough to see that people were, weren't listening to me, you know, which was, again, the thing that you did for me. but yeah, i just like the idea i was trying to parody stand up when i was sending too pretentious and then and then i just became the thing i was trying to parity and i became a standard so, so that i kinda, you know, there was a time where i had to jettison the character i was in nashville as that as amy's. i remember the night and i was like, i can't do this person. i had him or you think it was big, the audience that be yelling. and i and i went out and i use my real voice, and sure enough there's people go and do it to the day. my adult daughter, that's her favorite heckle. like if i'm on stage, i know she's in the room because my kids love
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taking the other parents because one of my references are my one son and my references not have a carbon date on you referred to earlier, but from the reference of my kid look amino go, is that a d or b c that reference? it's the circle of life symbol and the get started. yeah. yeah, the ball busting gene doesn't skip a generation. it's not a recessive gene. it's just us, right? yeah. i tell me of a joy ride and tell me about the joy of directing. tell me, i always thought you had such an intelligence that i thought you'd be good, wasn't empathetic character. you would orchestrate the stuff. tell me about joy, right? tell me is dana, and it was the great thing to go yes. to dana and i would we go on the road together and we would flip a coin and see who was going to headline. and then we both realized that the people are enjoying us just sticking around at the beginning, the show more than they are enjoying our stand up. so we just started doing sets
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together. then we went out and filmed it, and we are, we are in a car accident on the way to tape it. and then i filled a bunch of shows. then the pandemic it. so it actually gave me a whole chance to cobble together. and hopefully it's funny for people not just stand up, but you see our relationship. oh because dana says you didn't. we didn't like each other when we met and i go, that's not sure. i hated you for that. and then the more i scored is i, he really was terrified of me and, but it also explores our relationship. like i, i had a, i had a, you know, i had a break down on television. in fact, on your show, i remember i was on the night johnny carson was retiring, i go, we can do anything we want. let's be free and i took my pants off, which were probably would have been comedy, want a one, but then i took my underwear off too, so that was i was,
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it wasn't good. it was like, you're nice enough to have me on the show and i'm like, daring you to reboot me on that. so jim morrison, florida concert breaks. so i was nude on you know? yeah, but pamphlets. i still didn't want people to see my love handles. so, but, so i'm being destructive kind of publicly and dana had a genuine, actual breakdown where he's hospitalized for a whole week. you know, and i was angry, everybody else. he was angry at himself and then we kind of i, we kind of both went through this at the same time. and we tell that story and, and a lot of, you know, it's like there's 2 kinds of irish catholic there's, there's dana gold, conan o'brien kind of oppressed, you know, and then there's b, the pogues, you know, yeah, yeah, you cry. yeah. you fall in love,
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you drink too much, you go to jail, you know, you said that tonight you have 2 different approaches. you know, i always look at dana and i think of maloney one when i'm when a brain that quick and that astute about the human condition flips on itself and turns on itself. dana gold, john maloney. yeah. are fight. you are fighting a savage fall when, when that flip flips and you turn on yourself. it's the irish irish and inches. this names are cincy. come down stealthily on that rope or in the room. you don't even know brother. so i know that directing a documentary, as errol morris will tell you as different shops, then directing a theatrical release or something like that, or a comedian special. tell me what the joys and the rigors are. each of each one of those 3 bob style. documentaries. what did you enjoy and what,
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what do you find arduous, what documentaries is, is, is different because the you're, you're limitless. you know, you can narrate something, you can animate something, you can, you can tell the story, a 1000000 ways. when dana, we're making doesn't dana told me that we didn't like each other and i always hated them. i was like, secretly, i went, oh, i think i got a narrative here. i actually, i but dammit, if this narrative has play out, i'm going to have to apologize to him. i don't. and i made myself the bill and because i found footage of me being not very clever and just being vicious and i put it it. so my ego, it's like, do i want to look bad? or the story teller went out. i was like, ok, i look like. and by the way, i saw it with an audience and i couldn't buy a laugh for about 7 minutes after you seem retiring. and though like people do not like me,
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but i do want to tell you may with me. and it was kind of worrisome because i didn't want to be indulgent and hopefully have a story. i think no matter how brilliant a community is, 45 minutes and there's a, a fatigue that sets it. so i think hopefully this thing got around that by giving them a story. but i love like doing like patton as well. special, you know, to be able to talk to him and maybe maybe offer a suggestion here and there. and then knowing well in this special is going to the last one i did with him was when he disclosed by his wife as well. so i was like, how do you attack that? it's like, you know, i, so i don't want to ever cut. so i had a long lens. the slow is slow as push, and so, so no one notices that maybe but, but, but, but you probably subtract some taxes. you're aware that we're not bouncing around. yes. so it's, it's, that's the challenge. and sometimes i'm directing
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a live comedy show is as simple as lead the comedian no, before they go on like i usually will say you got this, you did all the work, you know, no matter what they always the 1st other little tight. and then as soon as i say i could put them on t v, that's perfect. and then you see the next show and they're very loose. but it's weird on patton, i'm patent think it is the 1st show because him disclosing was just so you know, motional emotional. when you do something more theatrical, there's always the david lean approach, which is the, the man who walks around like this for 2 years in the desert gets the shot. perfect . or there is the mike nichols stuff i watched. who's afraid of virginia? well, for the other, i don't think i got that so evocative of the nature of the human condition and what i is, there's 2 approaches when you're doing it. do you like to be in the actors here a little more about this or do you like to set up the shots or do you just like to
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co mingled them? i, i, i always take, i have my agenda when i think visually without some, again, potentially but i have my agenda. but then once i start here and there's there, the feed back or, you know, letting people, i'm always, i have, i start the day with the shots that list have all my hopes, dreams out of this, the typically going to look and i will get it if it just doesn't make sense. like, you know, i know you are not going to want to cut off of robin's face right now. well, you know, it's funny. i was, i was visiting robin on the side of the college and i'm sitting next to mike nichols and i'm like, oh my god, nichols and i just sweating and i don't know what to say and it goes goes, i'll tell you something. i'm like, wow, might know, give me some advice. show biz. so out of hurry up and wait, like fancy grass or gas?
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no one rides for free. i think that's a very good ma'am. same thing with richard dod or he goes kid, i hear you want to direct go to my trailer with your dad is going to give me advice . he goes take a lot of naps and i just out if you're me a bit low and i think good map and i ran into it before he passed the way i go. do you remember that he got simpson's answer. well before homer had his 1st do that it's called joy, right? it will be released in theaters and video on demand. on october 29th, we'll come back and ask them how they achieve that push and shot as a director. and he visited robin. there was a talk about the great, a lot of the sweetest man ever and bob, i think he and bob were bestier robin williams or bob got bobcat goal 3 right after this on dennis miller plus one. ah.
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join me every thursday on the alex silent. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. a folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one. always enjoy talking to a fellow comedian because i i know the interview will go well because we have some sort of 20 to 32nd switch that goes off where we say make it interesting. it's like when you 1st do, letterman book he says, have 2 stories and make them funny. we're doing chauvinists there. and i just saw i used to like that framing device, right? yeah. what are we doing here? what is the make it funny? the new film is a road trip documentary called joy ride released. as i said, v o d on october 29th. if you did that, you were there with that look,
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cause i always look at that opening shot, the slow push and oh my gosh. and do you have any idea how they did it? no, no, i'm assuming it's no, i don't know. i mean that now you can actually do that and camera so much, obviously better c g effect. you know, i don't wanna say, gee, i know it's not, you know, the citizen kane, pushing through the skylight at the atlantic city club and the reg where i think they actually opened the window of the. i can't quite figure it out when i watch it . well, in the movie i do with robin, the world's greatest dad. there's a scene where robins walking down the hallway and he's hearing his he wrote a fake, his son dies the long story. i don't know whether it's sundays during auto erotic fixation. robin wright, the suicide letter trying to make this kid seem like he was smart and sweet and he was a horrible child. he's being haunted by his son. he's hearing the fake suicide note
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. he wrote, he's walking down the hallway and. and i go and. and kyle appears in the, in the, in the library window as you walk along. he's actually, he's, he's, he's saying along with his i so how you doing that? as i like it, that computers are c, g, i go know he's going to stand behind the camera. i'm going to turn this light on, and then it will show up in a 3rd it off. it will that work? i guess maybe you should, you will for plates, but i go to work. where did you get that idea? i go to the haunted mansion. i could, i think there was like, i think you can't make are in a mansion, was that you have to sell my house. i got to go. you're going to stay to change quality hotel, the rest of it. so next time i see that see, and i'll be thinking graham grinning goes a. 2 lot but you,
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you low and macgyver. dad was a c, g i on the budget you had for that, i'm sure. and placebo, but to do the reflection is beautiful for other it's like i like, i like the solutions that like terry gilliam will have, like scenes where it's an army and then you find out he only had 30 guys and 2 are standing in front of the land to are standing on the hill and then you know, so i, i often feel like when you have to do stuff in camera, i was, it seems like it works better. i don't know. i, you know what? i think of all the people i know robin encountered a lot of people, but i think he fully trusted most of you and i know you and he loved you dearly. i know you know, and she's, i still see him occasionally. i just get such a pang just because he was such a it's obviously the comedian of his generation, such a sweet, although he really was a kid playing loan soldiers in the attic was a 100 percent. and then
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you saw he had thousands and thousands of toys. so what he did was part of his fortune was to get those, those army guys, but i, i often neg, of them like, oh, i can't wait to tell him this. you know, one of the things he did that was very kind to me is he would act even though we weren't. i'm sure he did this to you. he was generally interested in what you were doing and what was going on with you. he would act like we were peers and clearly we weren't and i miss that friend. you know, i miss i, i think about every day and, but, but i used to think it was going to be like an arm that i was missing and it was never going to grow back. but actually now i just try to remember that he would want me to be happy and, and, and i do just remember i try to remember a lot of the last and stuff. whenever i get a pregnant pause anywhere, i'll go, i find myself saying prime minister both away courtesy phone,
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which is the kill. it was like but you know it's i robert had a little pregnant is mind when it was fire and listen robin. i don't my grandma like a freak when he was an arrest of state. it was very measured. he was sold yet great reflections. he had a stranglehold on the human condition. would you get a mapped and he was a comic killed mode. he did not like pregnant pauses that he would always to do that stuff, but i didn't even realize it until i was doing joy. right. i was looking at old footage. i'm looking at my gate and the way i'm walking and stuff. oh, you're a, you're a thing mark, that's what you're doing. i, you know, mark so much he would come self mark. oh, you know it's funny, but i've got his i so know it's funny because when i think of them they were both
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work and the major touch base. i know you and, but we had a very well we love comedians this it was funny is like when he passed away, my brother goes, do you remember when you made both play drums and the basement? and the, because because he was david was going to sing and play guitar. i had like all this music equipment and i was like, no, no man, we need a drummer. and so i would say, and he played drug, of course he could play drugs well. but i maybe that's why we're friends like a he invited me to see the glass spider to tom. kenny and i are there and he's like, he afterwards, he's like, so what you think and i go, it was kind of like guy guys and dolls. i thought it was more like pippin. i go maybe angels in america because you do fly in on the wings. and he's just like, look at as like what, what is like you could see, oh, this is someone making fun of me to my face. and then he laughed and then we became
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friends. i was went to the studio with him and he's explaining me to all the young dudes. he's like, i really love martha. hope all i heard they're going to break up. i was, i was crushed. i thought i were right, i'm going to write them. i hit song and then they'll stay together and he goes, so i went home and i wrote a hit song and we're in the studio and i go, well, why don't you bust out some of that today? well you know, they were like like pharaohs, but they love the braid against but you know, he was like a made boy. he was a little rough and i think they love brought up against somebody who is now trying to get away. yeah, i think it was just, it was kind of funny. i think i became more of a fan later. and as a kid i was so much and that boy, so maybe that's why we became pals. but, you know, 1st time your eyes think about rather, you know, is the 1st time madam. i couldn't talk,
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but i was just back when i was wearing mascara and leisure suits on the agent crying. and i met the company connection. they go, they go robin williams, come go, go in the kitchen and hide some say in the kitchen. and then he comes in because he's hiding from people like so. what are you doing him? they don't want you to me a beer. that's what they call and they all, are they all the are kale films? they met cute. yeah. already. yeah. just that. well, who are you digging? growing up in syracuse. i see i've worked accuse a few times and i know that's not a mindset up there. a little from working there, but what were you like to do is it's probably a lot like you're from pittsburgh. yeah. same, same kind of thing. you know, rush, bell and clock out system and stuff, but it was just, you know,
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i grew up. i, we were, we were like that family in, in mask. you know, there was harley's on the front lawn and tag parties. kids drank really what really not. it was, it was like, it was, it was, i grew up motorcycle clubs in the, in our home when i was a kid. so i think i came out. ok. is there a way to describe your operating when it was like a family in talk about immediately putting a perfect picture for? well honestly, if you are a sport or anything in my home, it was, it was called court clothes. you know, why? why bobby and court clothes, they, they, they really nervous for. it's like i just thought i'd put a jacket on today. i know you end up in the bay area what it's all good, but i think i think it chops for him to like then i was in places like up in boston
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. right. yeah. that was, that was like, you know, the comedy scene there was really diverse. it really was like, like, i mean style wise. like if they thought you were being derivative of anyone else, you wouldn't get stage types. you guys like linda clark and steve sweeney. there's keller and steven, right, and paula poundstone and myself and kevin me. so we're all kind of, it was really encourage that you had to have your own style and if you didn't you would get black. all so i think it did help a lot, but it's also really violent and scary and crazy. i remember. i remember this guy's like, i'm going to go home, get my knife. his lady clicks on stage guy leaves and he comes back. he's got his knife and the clerk. brothers are working the door and they just beat the guy. they beat him up, so they beat him. right. and then dan gavin got
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a cord, who's got a cocktail, and he's watching this, this, the, the guy's going to be in the guy a guy. and banga. hey, hey, can you? if i got your knife here back about the black that you need somebody taken with one last cable, ricky kick target, bob, good gods. where he has a new film, road trip comedy with dana gold shirts. brilliant joy ride. it will be released in theaters video on demand on october 29th are good. so what i'm told you, like i said, when i 1st saw bob got i said no there. i didn't think there was any way to wrench the shami out there and find a new style. but he invented it and the underlay on that. as i often told him, these jug stand extort. but when you mix the 2, it was a, it was a sure rocco blow and through bobcat gulf. right. thanks for your time. are so good to see. nice. thank you, bob. get. dennis miller press one folks ah,
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ah, what explain show biden's sudden drop in the polls as a candidate he promised to return to some form of normality. however, his current standing with the public is anything fun. is his agenda, the problem? maybe he's not as likable as he once seen. he is in trouble, and so is his party match geysers financial survival guide. liquid assets are those that you can convert into cash quite easily. to keep in mind, no as to, to me to inflation, better watch guys report ah, no. john no pay. new york city workers protest outside this city. merge the
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official residents in opposition to a looming deadline for vaccine mandates. we speak to a man who said that so he lost his job during that health crisis. proceed with caution cambridge university slaps trigger. warnings on classic children's boots involving slavery and colonialism. we debate the controversial if you can't cope with that, do not belong in cambridge university. if somebody puts a trigger, holding on something you don't like it, it's not me. just keep over. it's not a big deal. one step away from burning books and you know what that leads to julian foundries, supporters including rocket.


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