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and the and bite and also. busy what against the best advice of his, of his national security team to, to, to stay there until certain conditions could be met. frances, this deal with britain as fishing, ryan had escalated after a british troll was seized off its coast and nothing you have, i saw had been slapped with a fine. this comes after france announced it intends to function burson, and a beat to gain greater access to british waters acts as the parent says has been unfairly kept post bradford. the u. k, however, remains defined miss it more now we have to speak the language of force because unfortunately, this british government only understands that it is very disappointing to see the comment that came from france yesterday. we believe these are disappointing and disproportionate and not what we'd expect from a close ally and partner. i've heard the british see that we acted
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disproportionately. now, we are defending our rights. we are defending our fishermen. we are defending the french coast in its economy. me, when you sign an agreement, you must respect it. under the plan's british vessels and goods will be affected from november, the 2nd, unless french fishermen receive more licenses to fish in u k. waters. the measures include barring u u. k. fishing vessels from deemed barking at french ports. so that beef stop, they a border checks on u. k. goods and cargo day dispute dates back to 2016. when british voted to lead the you in the years that followed the blow can the you case truck and deal where britain offers access to french fishes who can prove a previously fish that paris has only harmful french vessels eligible for british fishing license, have been given one, london in tan is warning that frances ultimatum violates u. u. k. trade agreements and wider international law that we heard from you kips
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former spokesperson for fisheries. mike, who come and mark delay, who is the head of norman days, committee on fisheries. they offered their opposing use on the issue. i think it's a president that says that's got an election coming up on the horizon and he's, he's trying to be yeah, of the bit of the statesman there and bit of a bully boy. i would consider that marin la pan is doing very well and along that no french cost and he's look and he's desperate to get those brought back. again. we have to be very, very strong. would never ever loud down to a bullying and we shouldn't don't. now we should allow this man to polier's answer the french to buller this country. we need to get control of all war to which we would promise in the brakes. it were promised come john, my waters. i don't believe we've got that yet on at all. so we've been waiting to get access to those waters for more than 11 months. now it's time to do something about it. now through the steps we're aware of what the other party is trying to
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project. everyone is trying to flex their muscles won't, but i don't think it will end in a naval battle between the french and british. but this is not so much of an economic issue as a symbolic one. the way we resolve this problem will determine how bricks it is settled in other sectors of the economy. you said there was a news bulletin to south b dennis miller plants, one chair is up next. ah, if you want something done, right. do it yourself. the acronym d i y, i e, do it yourself has now become the name for a new genre of online videos. you do, but it's more the way i need them. yeah. that's built a deal is known. you can't, the wasn't working with any with a deal. it people use scrap materials and whatever's at hand to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action. squid gums, nutritional company from
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a graduate on the field, most of europe with the basement, is people want to watch millions of you spend hours seeing how a person they've never met and use half way around the world. assembled the contraption. no one else needs to go up to a rang she thought for a gym which just wasn't my teeth for when you mine. yeah. said he like user to g more looking at the club. he won't when he feels like wishing, which filtered musical think either he has jo after my bill is pussy. she leaves the song is no an air gear. you munoz, and been zoom. you munoz, not as yet. good leopards that ask you, is your steam? well, nose not st. of was video or song, so it's been
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a them of them i really had to pay you had 3 pct kilometers is foyzey is q cheating? astonished. know, and that of you a road trip in the summerville is nikita most ambitious project. 2 days before their solar pod vehicle, another car was his pet project. bigger than his thought. zachary much enough it doesn't look as glamorous. let's face it. it looks like your dad's ill bang. bob jojo will not be here some with you troy of the my bill. a thought workers also must reach, seemed such a story, whether it was crowned with ashley's new wor, vincent, with the good thing is that with herself and there, isn't it risky into david in previous his keep her mind when this orkin e, but you won't put yourself to put the most on you on abala grant said sir edward
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serina, this is just another pro. what's the new mirror doesn't do good. ah . with a with a new was on the locals with an ideal. it's zillow good. you actually about my speech for both is that it's good please. if there was a visit at the theme yesterday morning with the boyfriend
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when you go to school with her. yeah. with all of that sort of gauge, do you notice it more where there was dinner of this is glass of citizen. you scroller people that i go the with the po proficio i do it to me or in one. so yes, given did it on, is that off? oh, what of students don't got the dog and oh, no to bill or is this a song? yes me. what do you see? no more, you know previously a don't know why you more. the other one that he's cooper, i just tell him was a, the identical school or near will up with and we had issues deal with your school. so america might be his 1st success was a video about a chain somewhat bicycle. i mean,
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i use that with you. started is that a separate one gets weighed. okay. hello. um have you been with us for though we will need you in your presence with a woman? yeah. around for problem with the wireless, these to put up more than dean 3 is not worth more than off of doing our dean gin arena, sca who does the dog walk. boy, that he says, or they're gonna point out another one of those are the new with up to 2 days in the shop. deal bang as hitting st. petersburg rose again. but the electric motion still thrown to overheating. the column, a stall at any moment. when the new year then is ugly. why me?
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yeah. what those are pretty cool. any other not right now would you will not assume that with a dish number. your call is was you know, it was in the killing me otherwise the you them or not or not rod that are only keep almost finished. it went through properly, ernest, a of a junior, stella, the function of e r. a village commander. yeah, welcome on dog the rest. they always look to hear that. yeah. a director
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e struggling engineer or no, no, no, gosh, we work with probably need, but for this year we are the only people i'm a speech now. there you go. so now who is the only cover with eel? no personal to study by the open with a with me. no, i wasn't familiar with i think i'm wondering which one is not the one you stood with. so my floor is she will not be affiliated with
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a nurse. ringback a for them to spend them a characteristic which are good with just a model number that you sometimes group that you spent 3 of them both. oh stunner and i was looking at them best. i mean, you'll be getting a better price theirs. okay. but most of them to do is to go to poach, sent the apollo's face program reduced to barebones. these guys decided to start from scratch and design and launch rocket while learning only go. and of course, to make a bunch of videos while they were at it. some idea review is sure what to do with
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the school district with respect to frame this whole move items. so i use substance estimate premium was pricing, moving, told me, but i didn't move us more than the us term which has on our system. we've been in place for you so much now as long as this what's, well it's, it's just above all these kind of place where you perform as agent. we send you what color and interest in teams is put it in the system will darling point. interesting processing, because we will be approaches are going to get more supporting. stephanie and i was questioning him outside if someone would just transfer your boy.
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nobody can use birds to point go in control of those will basically means that on the block will be able to start the process. i need you to come back then you can do it right so far. you know, i do it out from somebody, but again, we kind of wanted to got them. i was my little part of it also did they give us the frontier info and got let me show you a boost for some reason. i bought a particular poster of you. oh, what about we've run this a thorn. yes. i'm a very, very and with a similar stage or that i'm kind of source here are some very so and i think your distance monday through them a small that up 303 us one to move with them or not really. the problem
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with a was the always joy with her. i don't for really sandrica for the store. and you know, look over. i was great. it just won't fly during the test. the mode is no broker or if you look at he would of it was more like any of you, but i got to go to my public gilbert. we keep it in the list. even with the gore of the lawyers channel is a uniquely russian d. i y phenomenon. nothing gets blown up or set on fire here. no one gets an educated own you see is northern vistas, woods, water, and skilled hands,
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lathing sewing, and chiseling. views are off the charts with 2000000 subscribers. by aetna, nickname of am. i me doing what a for a yeah. the when you claim with a g, i don't vibe. i don't use it but don't stop on to leave and you can give them a sonya. it's a bit of a process, but if you know, so yeah, look. so the annual media was told that you might see people without knowing the young lady at the missionary school with colleges already in your today. who would you by that i didn't look for your letter, should she making it motion? this is julia julia just called me about the action not tossed up
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with the mortgage mortgage relations. treating a know all those crazy, sneaking, waiting slower because of the scope, practical stuff. a slip law young to speak to you by the way, get those to birth. a school for a ah, a do you know if the you will just him or your goal is to
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give me a for the new as more know a couple of roster. so boys with that with, with, with this is the sun movil model, 1.0, not quite a car. it's like a solar powered rick shore when nikita comes from, it's much on the other. here in gloomy st. petersburg ramirez, collect, thrash more than you to when you're clear. can you hear me? yeah. the show of the look. i'm just the hours. yes. results for all your m u e. god. where are your call? can you come when you're off? cool, now about
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a problem with a door. ah, yes, the teach, i'm years the premium. if you a talk with you. yes, you are now present here. well, for not omnia a, a 1000000 will do me up on the list. whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, no i, yeah, you got a vote? they are good with. a year ago. she didn't like you were me. laraca mia though as d as to kill any other? yes, we used 20, which is go to the urls. good. he is the was he has gear report go up for water,
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city, new york, or he needs to a local shemekia procedure. that is good. so another yeah. which one you would source blue with the 1st run of the rocket. which unusually is carmela field was a failure and it failed with a bang or social torture. me go to customer support federal estoppel huh. so i'm with someone you're more of like what sort of a delay with them. and she will play a dealer in spanish. so move because i'm all know that along with the very 1st finish with no worries
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for some concerns about them because almost like a post or point, you can just waste. you may have some process both or somewhere else, but i just went to the with the collision d, i wise, a broad genre, video streaming websites host tens of thousands of channels on various topics. some take a meticulous and strictly scientific approach that people also like to be enlightened and entertained. the area we live in dictates what kind of inventions today's youtube does in. she's make wonderful what. so they put a phone choice and a problem of premier with just that most one we're basketball width of come when you're what will become a will be ugly for long. i kind of things, but cancer and the pooka, just like 1st mother, almost feel em. garcia. what wasn't blowup was a modern, well, the boundaries that would be the fastest growing,
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which wasn't political up on the was the latest brazilian light shirt, the symbols promise you what the proud matter. my daughter is a one that angelica asked me, $3000000000.00 with somebody bought by me, him 3 a month to read mostly about all that know business need to be with capacity more to bring up to about to lead. can modern me a lot of stuff we should still switch with coca cola with some such students me other than what i shouldn't have to release with chippy joe lewis and certainly
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we're clear let's do a quick mission and we just blow one personally the net but it's usually ritual to live with we want to for up, she just friendly carolyn and i have a pretty good theater possible, which is puzzle. glad to when you shortly. we both have covered chill crown. the quite enough crowd from white doughty bullish is supposed to its way back to get to chat. thanks a problem. yeah. if a smart grill bottle lead, you only get it is nice cause deal it toilet noise dinner here will in this possible the philly good. got boyish cut or
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missed, so book one bush, a spot for the new, another new cut that over to another handling your design. you put on the right. he thought a rang, she just told her i do not need you open you mine. yes. yeah, great, sure. just one of my teeth when you mine. yeah, a g one because the club, one of which at the club, when you thank you up just in the e own maliciously, which i wishing which 30 nikita blan to spend a month on his soul, about road trip. but he didn't complete his route, as he got stranded in the mountains of chasms, stuck. got a guy with joe. yahoo! here in the woods, i'm wondering is lamar with bins?
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you know, are you good to know? i'm sure. super process deal over the. the ashley. welcome from hours with me. yup. or a year ago? it was me or so with the you know a good around yes. sounds beautiful. yeah. they're good to just use your please to view 3. just
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listen to my media is dealership. go to your doors with, did you feel any other of written nadia boerger they're more of one of each for sure. more than that on boards are grown. the junior law, the easy. it's your group which olivia crib this guy would you like me and you say things that i want to when you, when you asked the st. george that are what he was last door, but don't more than a lot. yes. the sill. bob really 0. it, you've got the wrong spot, or e got were someone 0. it was last year and in years are engineer. i mean, which one? i mean, you know, we have the game each day. is there when you would, you wasn't, is that the answer worked on you would quality oh no model. so we didn't martin calling 0. are you the is the other 2, are you?
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what will when you're only it is don't the clothes i'm low, the double the chest of the plan. mm ah, no job, no pay in new york city workers protest outside this city. merge the official residents in opposition to a looming deadline for a vaccine mandate. we speak to a man who said that so he lost his job during the l twice. it also ahead proceed with caution cambridge university love trigger warnings and classic children's boots involving racism and colonialism.


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