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mm mm. oh my manager was more of my guide to financial survival. this is a hedge fund. it's a device used by professional galli wags to earn money. that's right. these hedge funds are completely not accountable. and we're just adding more and more to them. totally stabilize that global economy. you need to protect yourself and get inform wildcard report in awe. supporters of journey massage playing, washington has promised to allow him to sell his sentence in his homeland australia should not be trusted. that has b u. k. high court deliberate on whether to harm him over to the americans. today.
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high profile figures have spoken in support of the whistle, blah. he would spread the rest of the law. it a supermarket, written in the united states. what kind of life with no crime and coming in the world, the truth, a solution to the energy calling it says this and other big issues have been discussed as an economic form in the time in states have the right where prominent figures shaping voices from europe and asia of getting together on facebook. no more as not looking, bog announces met, say the name of his company in a parent bid to distance that from the in by told social mean dead child. ah, internet new life in moscow, this is all saying to national with me he lash paula,
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hello and a very welcome to the fast be fate of the we can make sound and turn in a sound in the hands of a u. k. hi, called the us extradition herring has just ended, the verdict might take weeks. ah, i so judy saunders entered my washington on 17 charges of espionage and one on conspiracy to hack and government compete. if convicted, he could face a prison sentence, 175 years, well had from all his shonda and was dusty who was outside the court for an independent journalist, richard matt host who has been watching the whole hearings on a special live stream. the judge has just said they will take everything into consideration, but no ruling was handed out immediately. yesterday,
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the entire day was devoted to hearing arguments put forward by the prosecution for the grounds of appeal. why they wanted to appeal a judge's decision not to extra songs. and there were 5 grounds of appeal in today, the defense was able to respond to these points and the, to the 2 main topics, or of course, a phone, just health. and the assurance of the diplomatic assurance is given by the united states. now, in terms of health, what the prosecution have been trying to do is accuse a key medical, extra witness professor compliment of being disingenuous of misleading the court by this, by refusing to disclose, by concealing the identity of a sondors partner, stella morris, and the 2 children and today in court, we finally heard the yahoo news story, the investigative journalism that was done a few weeks ago where 30 us officials confirmed what we already knew from anonymous testimony, that the c i was discussing, plans to potentially kidnap or poison julie massage in london, and so this was brought up in the context of why couple of men,
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why professor coleman did not disclose the identity of a son, just partner and their 2 children because he feared for their safety. right. and in fact, one of the export medical witnesses called by the prosecution doctor blackwood also knew a lot of phones as children, but didn't disclose that in his medical report. they didn't seem to care about that . so they've been trying to chip away at his expertise and integrity because of a technicality. when it comes to the assurances that the united states is giving, they say that julian funds can service sentence in australia, but australia has not even indicated if they will take you into psalms. this is a process that could take many years, which he would spend either an administrative segregation, which is effectively solitary confinement or special administrative measures sounds . so the question is, who will be in australia by then will they want to take julian authority and when it comes to a story short as the united states has previously previously given a short and says to that to mendoza from spain, people who were extradited to the united states on a promise of being given psychiatric medical care. they were, they, they ended up being sent to a dx lawrence where, you know, this is an, essentially
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a federal super maximum prison where assange will most certainly go. so they've been trying to play this point, that administrative segregation is not the same thing as a sam's. but the truth is the jew and assange will most definitely be placed in at least administrative segregation. and if not, he'll be sent to a special housing unit. so there's a wide array of tools that the united states can use to break him once he's on us soil and they most certainly will get richer. they're already many analysts to who are suspicious that perhaps this will be dragged out weeks, months, even years. and julian songs will just live perpetually in some sort of a prison, whether it's bell marsh in the u. k. of potentially in america. or even as you say, in australia, your life there in vienna, you are watching the hearing through a special live stream. now let's cross over to london outside the u. k. high court ortiz at shot, it was dashed, he's still there, shout. you've had a busy day with lots of a song to support his way. you are now today. tell us about how it was today. i know you were speaking to friends and family of julian assange, people outside of the royal court of justice have been very vocal really 48 hours
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now in defense of not just the lose of the furious with washington. the people here on the street as well, particularly in regards to the fact that the united states was totally this credit think i'd units on just psychiatric evaluation, done assessments and with unique secretary. and he said to me earlier today, and he said that they're still living in some highly that justice and will be sad on the medical ground. common sense and justice seems to be often far away. so i have to retain a certain level of skepticism, lawrence in the system when the assessing the possibilities. but we certainly hope that you outcome would be that the high court will simply say he cannot be expedited. this is an opportunity for the them to reassert administration or lee a journalist all around the world. well,
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it's not just campaign is, but in fact, members of parliament here in the united kingdom came out in full today. arguing that all of this evidence presented today is prove that this case is 100 percent politically motivated, especially considering all that junior sanchez injured over the last 10 years, really near a decade. all of all given the un adopted as psychological torture over the years. but also in humane treatment, in what's known as a black flight, that was london's ecuador and embassy. all the evidence we've gotten, all the experiences have gotten united states is that they would go just for a max prison on a sense of 475 years. he would spend the rest of his life in a supermarket prison in the united states. what kind of life is that to look forward to? somebody's committed, no crime. i've been telling the world the truth. it is a total injustice. we send this man to america, to the hand, to the lot of assess in many of the park when people have said he should be killed
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. so they won't treat him as a human being. so they want to make an example of giving a son by treating him so badly by trying to break him. so that gives a lesson to all the gym with . how do not want to go. mom did not want to come out and continue to want to suppress many campaign as a hailing janice on. does the hey run today? they've been incredibly vocal for their 10 hours today. 10 hours yesterday chanting free free junior college. nothing in his trial from last year even to now is it every single instant than any other school is blowing anywhere in the world? this would have been for, for, for this to be continuing. is absolutely ridiculous. not kristen, this is
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a form of degradation of humans to be treated. western and the animal should be treated. certainly efforts are made to discourage particular kinds of bravery. courage, it will someone say the insolence, the impedance to stand up to power the st. barrison is good to hear barrison, to be english. i'm involved with the high culture being justice is wise to become a friend in the laws. in every white icon, just to reassure to jr. 2 sites in for the di. something is the plan and ashley rotten zane, his latest episode of going on to ground, discussed. i sandra's case with nils melissa, the you on special roberts and torture. and you can watch the full interview on saturday. i've been doing this on and i have to specialize forensic doctors with me in a psychiatrist evaluating him for 4 hours and will be all independently from each other candidates conclusions. at that time, his life was in danger, and he sure enough, a few days after we left the prison,
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he entered the downward spiral. she was actually almost isolated in the health care division of family, prison, and stabilized with strong medications. and, but the thing is, you know, you can't do this and is not mentally ill. so if he has a mental issue now it's because of abuse that he has suffer. you cannot, you cannot get someone to recover from torture by continuation continuing to torture him and that's exactly what they do. they isolate him, they keep him in back limbo. busy even if you, even if we assume for the purpose of the arguments that yes, that extradition proceeding is the did image, we have to somehow secure his presence. it can be in house arrest. green reforms under energy supply and crisis are some of the big questions looking to be
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answered at today's your pin economic for the 2 day event, got us to get the big hitters from the business world and beyond and and away in northern italy is raina with more details on what has been already sat at the form here is our correspondent, shawn davinsky. a day full of hunches here eurasian economic forum with state taxes and big businesses, having their say about the state of the world, day one. so trade and energy in focus with many criticisms of the use agenda and of how the west continues to push it own agenda on to the world. the idea to globalize the western model is, what is now the mainstream doing it is to believe that we have to spread our west of model of running countries and running the road to make it a global standard. but it still is from history of essence senate. and when everyone is stick to it,
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then there will be peace and everyone who is not willing to stick to it, but to remain. and the own regional tradition is tiana lee. he went on to say that a, you ration block was essential to balance the power of china. and the us and relations between the e. u in russia were being hampered by washington. you'll have 2 superpowers. the united states on the one hand and, and china on the other hand. so if you create a block in the middle than this, you ration block could be strong enough to balance it out. it could have exit distance to boost to united states on the one hand. and china, on the other hand to china is in support. is supporting our plans to have a closer integration between russia and its allies. and do european union by the united states do quite critical to wanted because they want to maintain western europe in their cold war state. a s s a strong ally, that helps them in their competition, which china and as a competition,
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not primarily on on economics, but it is primarily on power and on politics. warnings about how important trade was globally and the dire consequences of not working together. also came in the form of a reference to shakespeare off to rule. verona is where romeo and juliet was based digital, where now in the seat of your honor, which is the setting for the renown tale of feud between the mon. to go and calculate klan well know how that ended here is a serious lesson we should take from that story. when then, bishop of some people begin to prevail over common sense tragedy may occur. we need to ask ourselves, are the ambitions that we are fighting over to day worth? what happens after forums like this help us to rethink the things we can lose? if we're on the quarrel, we should have dialogue and bill mutually beneficial relationships. the use energy
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crisis was also pulled apart with harmless, saying that the block itself was to blame. energy demand in or european markets increase sick apec significantly in the 1st half of 2020 bonnell. at the same time, gas storage facilities that your was longer than your the last winter. you took core temperatures that persisted into the spring. as a result, the re injection into gas storage did not begin until at 8 approval. now nearly months later than the average in previous years, these factors let to higher prices and stronger demand. during the summer months, the transition to green energy is necessary. they said, with that transition had been badly plant out and poorly managed. the main theme
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from the 2nd all mc forum was dialogue and the improvements over relationships are needed, particularly with russia. many suggesting that both russia and the new would benefit from this day to we'll see further discussions that we'll be looking at the digital economy and how to overcome the new liberal, socio economic system. charlotte, even ski r t verona now phase works pairing companies changing its name t matter. it's part of and trying to expand the funds portfolio of apps, which currently also includes instagram and what's up. facebook is one of the most used technology products in the history of the world. it's an iconic social media brand. right now, our brand is so tightly linked to one product that it can't possibly represent
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everything we're doing today, let alone in the future. over time, i hope we are seen as a met averse company, and i want to anchor our work and our identity on what we're building towards the new name and vales plans to build unmet surveys, outline wild in a virtual environment where people can gain work and communicate often using v r headsets, i'll see is pulling boycott took a glance at what it might look like and how it's being implemented. within a matter of years, if facebook gets it, weigh a lot of us could be spending much of online looking something like this. hiring 10000 people to create a met us for the no nods out there. all let virtual poly explain. the make of us is basically the make tricks. you create digital avatars of
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yourself like me, and then you put on your v i had set and away you go, you can walk around a virtual world and interact with people in real time. they're doing things like shopping and dancing and studying together in a virtual space. the real world may struggle to compete. facebook founder and ceo mock sucker bug says that the max of us is just that kill progression from the, to the internet to the 3. the one you can kind of think about the met a verse as an embodied internet where instead of just viewing content, you're in it and you feel present with other people as if you're in other places having different experiences that you, you couldn't necessarily do. judy app or, or webpage like dancing and talk about not buying to monopolize the matter of us. it is far too late for that. the idea is that users will slip seamlessly from one virtual world into another. so instead of flying from paris to new york,
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for example, you'd digital e teleport yourself from facebook's massive us to google's or apple's one. i'm from you. boom, as quaking in your booth at the thought of this matter of us, the future is already here. back in 2020 rock, travis scott played a virtual concert within the full night wold which attracted over 12000000 viewers, which was a record at the time. not harry bronze have gotten on to the fact that there's bags of money to be met in the midst of a she's already unveiled a virtual collection on the roadblock platform. while valencia olga is creating a bunch of clothes or skins as they're known for fortnight. there's even companies flipping virtual real estate in the met us. if you're struggling to understand how this works, you're not alone. there is a building, boom, breaking out, but it's not happening in your backyard. it is happening in a fake world. so there are many met versus there isn't just one, but the,
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the oldest one, the oldest crypto waste, one is called a central and land into central land was selling for about $500.00 a parcel in 2019 today. those same parcels are trading for about $7800.00. whether you're ready for life in the cloud or not. facebook announcement that it's hiring an army of developers to build this met us, has been a rating success by one measure. at least i just spent 3 minutes talking about facebook virtual plans instead of the company's real world problems such as the whistleblower that's just come out and said that the company puts profits over uses safety shopping, lead mazda, zak, a bug alone. yeah. big bully and i would discussed facebook's rebranding without guess. i don't think people are going to necessarily know about the it's interesting when our, when google did it with alphabet very few people talked about it. i think the
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reason people are talking about it with facebook is because facebook has successfully gotten everyone to talk about facebook all the time. and they're using the, there is no such thing as bad publicity to get everyone talking about facebook all the time. and i think that that's why that's happening, but short term to medium term. i think that the bigger concern again, is that facebook is using this narrative of big tech is the bad guy. but why are they saying they're the bad guy? because they're letting too much freedom happen on their social media, they're not keeping people safe by controlling what it is you can or can't say. and so again, you know, they will, they will be cordially accept these controls on big tech, which only they will be able to afford the cost of complying with ensuring that there won't be any new disruptive players in social media and ensuring that you have to go along with whatever controls facebook and twitter and the rest of them put on, well, it's partly this deflection from some of their troubles with the whistleblower ex today and the, you know, the,
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the lawsuits and so forth about their monopolization of the, of the internet. but more than that, it's really a move on the part of facebook and soccer per to own, the matter verse to, to be the 1st company to put a stake on the matter for metaphors as it were in order to control the real estate there. and this is really a sort of parallels what google did when they re branded from google to, to alphabet. it's a way of expanding their portfolio and to, to frame it in terms of this matter verse altogether. i was coming out of the rake. the threat of my stung, vague looms over gun it's done with you are estimating that i was 3000000 children, undefined, our tricycle dying from monique tricia long that story shortly. ah
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ah ah . the robin died rumor shaped by concur. some of those with
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dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, this is unseen to national. welcome back. it's been almost 2 months since the taliban returned to power in afghanistan, following became homesick. he wants withdrawl and the challenges are piling up. an economic crisis is now being compounded with the threat of masturbation. for many children, the brutal reality of life is clear to see. hello, my name is my, i'm 70 years old. i'm here to collect bread. sometimes people help us,
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sometimes they don't, i don't have a father. i take care of myself, there is no one else to feed us. there are 6 people in our family and i'm the eldest boy at home. so i have to support them. i can't work because one of my hands is paralyzed, adults told me that my hand will not work. i dream of continue my studies at school and becoming a doctor. one day. people turn us down some times and they say there is no work, no money. so they can't give us bread. my name is nancy, i collect plastic weiss and salad. i'm here at the baker to collect a few non bread. i have 3 and will now go home. my father died there is no one at home to earn money. i have my mom, a younger brother and sister, and the only one who takes bread home till a family. i want to be a doctor, but there is no one to help us. it was better before. at least we could find bread easily, but things are in good to day. now we don't have any one to support us if there was, i wouldn't be here. no, no, my name is nadia. i'm collecting non bread were helpless at home. we have no work.
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few people help us, we're often left hungry. i don't want to be here begging her, won't you stay at home? the un now estimates of 3000000 children. undefined are trace of dying from malnutrition that's have made they precarious state of economy, which has been heavily dependent on foreign funds will yes. around 40 percent of his gross domestic product has been international aid. however, for the taliban now in control of the country, a 3rd crisis is not the only problem bag dealing with islamic said the taliban so long time enemy has repeatedly staged a tax on the new government and religious minorities. and now the pentagon is expressed concern. the tyrant groups faced in the country have intentions to attend the us mainland within a year. it's on a far cry from bay. suppose success of the troop withdrawal from afghanistan, that present bite inhaled at the time. i think the intelligence community
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currently assess that both isis k and al qaeda have the intent to conduct external operations including against the united states, but neither currently has the capability to do so. we could see isis, kate generate that capability somewhere between 6 to 12 months. i think the current assessments by the intelligence community is that al qaeda would take a year or 2 our mission to degrade the terrorist threat of al qaeda in afghanistan and kill osama ballade was a success. i believed that our presence that danced and should be focused on the reason we weren't the 1st place to ensure afghanistan would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland. again. we did that, we accomplish that objective and a foreign pending and the security analyst, michael maloof told us the u. s. was troll, has more even harder turn move islamic state from afghanistan. isis is now imbedded in a highly remote mountainous region. would make it much more difficult to try to extract
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them. and isis k has as demonstrated to taliban, which is what sir? against that while they may think that they run get us, then they actually control events. and they've demonstrated that with their suicide bombings, the united states is unable to get any basis in the region. the over the horizon concept really doesn't work. all that well. and, and the ordinance is flowing against isis or all kinds of targets. now has to come from the gulf, it was bite and who wanted to get out. and the, and by, and also went against the best advice of his, of his national security team to, to, to stay there until certain conditions could be met. francis displayed with
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britain as a fission. ryan has escalated a term british troll. i was seized office coast and nothing. u. k. bustle has been slapped with a fine if comes after france announced it intense this function, britain, and a bit to gain greater access to the british waters ox. and that pirate says it has been unfairly cut post brag said the u. k. however, remains defined. miss it 2 months now, we have to speak the language of force because unfortunately, this british government only understands that it is very disappointed to see the comment that came from france yesterday. we believe these are disappointing and disproportionate and not what we'd expect from a close ally and partner. i've heard the british see that we acted disproportionately to them now. we are descending our rights. we are defending our fishermen. they are defending the french coast in its economy. me when you sign an agreement, you must respect. so under the plan's british vessels and goods will be affected
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from november, the 2nd, unless french fishermen receive more licenses to fish and u. k. waters. the measures include barring u. k fishing vessels from distant banking at french pools and beef. tom bought a tracks on u. k. goods and cargo. the dispute dates bank in 2016 when britain voted to leave the you in the years that followed the block and the you case truck. a deal with britain offers access to french fishes who can prove they previously fish. that power says only harmful french vessels eligible for british fishing license, have been given one, london, and 10 is warning that frances ultimatum violates u. u. k. trade agreements and wider international law. and earlier were heard from you kips former spokesperson for fish and fisheries. mike, who come and mark del, hey, who's the head of normandy, committee on fisheries. they offered their opposing use on the issue. i think it's a president that says that's got an election coming up on the horizon. and he's,
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he's trying to be yeah, of the bit of the statesman there. and, but of a bully boy, i can say that marin la pan is doing very well and i'm not no french cost. and he's look and he's desperate to get those votes back again. we have to be very, very strong, would never ever bowed down to a bullying. and we shouldn't, don't. now we shouldn't allow this month of polio on to the, the french to bowler this country. we need to get control of all wall to which way with promising the brakes. it whoo! promised control my waters. i don't believe we've got that yet on at all. so we've been waiting to get access to those waters for more than 11 months. now. it's time to do something about it now through were aware of what the other party is trying to project. everyone is trying to flex their muscles all, but i don't think it will end in a naval battle between the french and british. this is not so much of an economic issue as a symbolic one. the way we resolve this problem will determine how.


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