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tv   News  RT  October 28, 2021 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, top headlines here for this our life on our t taking heat out of the market. european gas prices fall off to vladimir putin orders the russian energy giant gas problem to ob, supplies to europe. a key figure from january's capitol hill, riots who was caught on camera encouraging people to storm the building is quietly removed from the f. b. i's most wanted list certainly prompting questions about his background that the fate of julian salinger's debated in the u. k. is high court today, a washington vows to treat him fairly if it wins the extradition appealed the former leader of the opposition. in the u. k. jeremy corbin shed his thoughts about those
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assurances adjacent to sent you in prison is still the prison piece. you should not be ah, with a pretty program live from moscow. this is auntie international, straight to your thursday headlines. right. so europe, it may be in the grip of an energy crisis. however, gas prices have started to full of the downward trend, which sparked off to vladimir putin told the chief of the russian gas john gas problem to ratchet up supplies, to european storage facilities. next month. earlier, my colleagues, i, daniel hawkins and elia for trend could discuss what the russian president had to say posted to woocommerce. i ask you once you have finished pumping gas into underground storage facilities in russia to start work on increasing the volume of gas in your underground storage facilities in europe, in austria and germany,
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what exactly did the russian president say to cause this plunging gas prices? well, this is how the market's work. they almost immediately reacted to the russian president's decision to make gas from the russian energy giant increased the volumes of natural gas in its european underground storage facilities. after such facilities are filled in russia, the prices for european natural gas futures went down by 3 per cent. and the russian energy giant expects its storage facilities in russia to be filled by november the 8th. so right in less than 10 weeks, the volumes of natural gas in the european storage facilities will start growing. and this is indeed a true relief for european consumers ahead of the winter season. but perhaps more importantly,
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following an incredible surge and gas prices in the last several weeks. now, during the meeting with the rushes senior government officials of latimer potent once again weighed in on the roots of the energy crisis in europe. i notice, as though the situation on the european gas market remains unstable, the reasons are a decline and domestic gas production in europe and a reduction in liquefied natural gas primarily from the united states. but they removed a significant amount from the european markets by the way, gas from replenished us and even delivered more than the americans withdrew. at the same time, the demand for gas has also grown due to a drop in energy production from renewable sources. and the closure of conventional generation facilities. obviously this is why the balance has arisen. do you see a lot of consumers in your bringing a saw relief for following this service news? what else we hearing from the european side on these latest updates while we're
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using the word relief. but the question is whether anyone in europe will actually notice the efforts on the part of russia and praise moscow form the help and the approach that it has chosen for the time being. because actually, in the past few weeks, we've only been hearing many critical voices in the critical of moscow blaming russia for using it's natural gas exports as a geopolitical tool. some of the nations are continuing to act as the staunchest enemies of gas prom and a natural gas exports from russia. probes, investigations are being launched in particular. the european commissions competition department is currently gathering evidence to see if gas suppliers are manipulating the market during the energy crisis. they're not specifically
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mentioning gas from, but it's clear what they're driving at. only recently, poland coal on the european commission to open an investigation and to whether gas prom broke 80 rules in failing to make extra gas volumes available on the spot markets. but there you have a lot of prudent has sent a clear message. the volumes of the european storage facilities will be boosted with russian natural gas. the prices have fallen. busy and perhaps at this point, it will simply be unfair towards russia to fail to notice that these efforts on the part of moscow or otherwise that can all be explained through pure politics. but a german emp maximilian crop feels moscow is actually doing more for europe than it really needs to. and it's not about political gain. what russia now is doing that it is supplying gas or what is contract it,
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what it's obliged to do. so, without expecting anything in exchange, let's say the occasional whole trim to so everyone, hotels, the russia wants to use gas, a weapon to read. political aim is now proven wrong. and that is the political message. and i hope that europe media will, will inform the people about it. what we have today in the opinion, that's all about gas. it is about blaming russia and preparing for another war. you have heard the gym and 57 who is talking about even having atomic option against russia. this is a i pressure. this is a statement that we haven't heard,
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even in the end of the cold war. we are back in the 984 in the late seventy's rep, people openly using crap and things that, that help them to gain confidence emotion. it's not often, some one disappears entirely from a list. so infamous as the f b i's most wanted. that's what's happened to one man said to be one of the main key figures in january capitol hill rides in washington. he was caught on camera telling people to storm the building and is called some including members of the republican party raising questions about who exactly the mysterious figure is. as cal hamilton now investigates, an individual featured in videos calling for people to enter the capital building even before the january 6th capital riot and was seen on the day. january 6th, ushering crowds into the capital building has been identified by law enforcement as arizona resident re,
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apps re apps in arizona man seen inviolate circulated medias. tearing trump support is on multiple occasions to go into the capitol also seemed to have acted on his own. i don't know, like a rebel, as i said, we need, we need to know. i'll say, we need to go in the camera let go. ah, not surprisingly, he was on the f. b i's most wanted list them was referred to as suspect. 16 for some time f, b i w f o is seeking the public's assistance in identifying those who made unlawful entry into the u. s. capital building on january the 6th. but now suspect 16 has been scrubbed from the f b i website. now if you take a look at the way back machine from archive dot org, you can see that from january 8th, 2021, all the way until june,
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30th suspect 16 was pretty clearly highlighted. but suddenly, on july, 1st, he wasn't on the website any longer. now if he'd been arrested, he would still be on the website just with arrested under his name, like others who have been apprehended. but he's not, he's just been scrubbed. this has prompted lawmakers to ask questions about whether or not there were f b. i provocative tours who may have helped events on january 6th to go the way they did far as we can find this individual has not been charged with anything. can you tell us without talking about particular incidence or particular videos? how many agents are assets of the federal government were present on january 6, whether they agitated to go into the capital and if any of them did a so i'm not going to violate this norman of follow the rule of law. i'm not going to comment on an investigation that's ongoing. now the capital breach database has no entries or listings for re apps to some. that's
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a pretty big red flag. the ongoing mystery of re apps, he repeatedly appears in videos encouraging and inciting an invasion of the capital on january the 6th. yet for some reason has not yet been indicted or charged. even as people with far less involvement have been re. epps is a free, mum, he has never been arrested or charged nearly 10 months after july. the 6th, the fbi, i in justice department, still refused to comment on, with the eps has ever been served. a search warrant the f. b. i 's record when it comes to things like protests and provocations, is not exactly squeaky plain. people can look up the history of cohen tell pro infiltration and other dirty deeds if january 6th is such a pivotal date in u. s. history as it's being presented shirley questions like those surrounding suspect. 16 demand answers. caleb martin, r t new york seminars past the hour here at moscow. right now, we are awaiting the fate of the wiki lease. found
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a julian assigned to this to be decided today by the you case, high court. it is the 2nd day of an extradition appeal hearing brought by the united states blue sh julian sanchez wanted by washington on 17 chargers of espionage on one of conspiracy to hack a government computer. if convicted, he could face a prison sentence of a 175 years and remaining outside the high court in london is our correspondent, shantia edwards. dashti. today is the day 2 of the expedition hearing for june. massage right here in central london at the royal court of justice and now is a ton of assigned. if louis were to present the case and hit back against allegations made as yesterday by washington, including washington's office of an unprecedented package of diplomatic assurances that juno saw,
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would not be held under the strictest accident additions in prison. even if he was put in a luxury adjacent to central park in prison is still in prison. the issue is he should not be in prison. he is in a maximum security personnel, and frankly, all the evidence we've gotten all the experience we've gotten united states is that he would go just a max prison on a sentence of a 175 years. he would spend the rest of his life in a super max prison in the united states. what kind of life is that? look forward to somebody with no crime. i've been telling a world the truth safe to say that the students aren't as low as well. absolutely. theories will to travel time, read all of those, such the claims, they say the assurances on turkey was as a us has was that the right side, but sad all of these decisions on his mental health. many people wonder low. all of you just how high a risky is about taking his own life even selling more just yesterday,
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becoming very emotional, a talking about the mental and physical health of have partner plus the old play, push a back on the key, mammoth revelation with people the u. s, intelligence officer revealed the i a plan and pearl to kidnap or even if fascinate, had you in the saw. it is a total injustice. the we send this man to america to the hand, to the lot of assessed in many of these talk when people have said he should be killed. so they won't treat him as a human being by bay. they st. barrison is given to him by being they sent me pause in the high hopes of injustice is wise because this is just ridiculous for a by and there are laws that rained in the laws in every way i can just to ensure to jordan sites in a something is the plan, so they want to make an example of giving a son by treating him so badly by trying to break him to that gives
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a lesson to other journalists and other whistleblowers. never to try and do the same thing. never to try and reveal the truth, never to try and hold the powerful to account. so that's an important part of our democracy. so this isn't just about julianna's and your families brave as they are, as inspiration that we are. this is also about the fact that this is an attempt to intimidate all gen. let's put all whistleblowers from revealing wilcox and human rights abuses. support and campaign is for gina sanchez already began gathering throughout this morning to show the doroty with him because they all, you know, it's not just students are that fits in the doctor today. but the fundamental tenant principles of freedom of press on the public site to access information for then it goes far beyond the story of just one man. but actually this is all about trying to defend people's rights. this month history was made
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up in the sky in orbit. he was the 1st ever movie filmed in space artists at saskia . taylor spoke with a creative force behind the project. director clim. chapin go and you can watch the full interview here on our team throughout the day from now there were quick preview. at the end of this tour week, we flew into the door with the cooper. and i remember unit i was just like frozen out there. then we stopped flying because it was you and we were just looking we just we were just mesmerized by. and so i guess there was the 1st moment that we realize, oh my god, we are up in the space and here we are here. we're here. finally, i mean, so, i mean, of course people will train for years with, for us, the training was long to did filming a space also have its advantages, be able to give you something to back to the can't do here. well, of course. yeah. that's why we were them there because i, i spend a lot of time imitating the 0 gravity than in the in space station. so i know the
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limitations of what you can do, even with a huge budget. even with $200000000.00 budget, there are limitations and up there which you're trying to imitate for months there is just given you know everyone's is, is natural for them. when you are directing ah, a space film on earth. it's really, really, i mean, it's hard to twist your brain in assert, in this, in the 4 dimensions. some scenes i shot the way i, i realized that i wouldn't be able to invent on earth because i is just, your mind doesn't twist that way. oh. and you can check that out right now at auto dot com, just click there and your own leisure and your own time. well, it's nearly quarter pos, or should i say it is quarter past the hour, and i'm here at the rocking capital. it is a busy thursday for your world wide news web back in just
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a sec. lou . oh, when i want shown the wrong one, i'll just don't hold any world to shave out. disdain becomes the answer to an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic or development only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical time time to sit down and talk with ah, it's good to have you with us today for the program. so just to how green does our energy really need to be? that's one of the big questions looking to be answered right now at the eurasian economic forum of event gathers together very some pretty big headers from the business world and beyond. and it gets going today in the italian city of verona. with more details on the agenda artes charlotte do pinsky? well, as the new world order is stumbling, this economic forum will be an opportunity to discuss the rise of what some are describing as a multi polo world. it will be a place where discussions will look at the relations between those in the european
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and asian continent and how they can best thrive in this new geo political, this new. so show economical world. and of course, they will be the opportunity to look at how that can be best achieved. of course, the energy is going to be very much on the agenda. of course, you know that the recently, there was the worse a lot of turbulence in the energy markets that our protagonist of the set sector, of course, are everything that is considered considered the, and the carbon emission and so environment is also in the agenda. so 2 days of discussions, 8 big forums will be held to look at the big issues that are fighting across the global world at the moment. they will be discussed by diplomat spike politicians by big business who will be asking the big questions and seeking to find the answers as they looked unpack what is happening in this modern world,
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including as countries are seeing relationships friday between them. the other issues are going to be discussing will be things that are really hitting hard at home here in europe at the moment, such as the energy crisis that you will be looking at. some of the criticisms which have suggested the reason the european union is in this problem is because it is moved too quickly towards green energy and to fast away from the traditional fossil fuel energy. they'll be looking at those criticisms and seeing how the european union can achieve its aims over the next few years. while it's also ensuring that there is energy security. and of course they'll be discussing trade and how that is going to play out in a post cove id world easily. it was strongly affected by cov id, but reacted very well. people very disappointed and reacted the and now
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the government took the measures and from their makers under control in italy. we're very proud of this, but this is another chapter of a very long struggle. it's not over. and so we still have to fight and react in italy, russia, and the rest of the world. this forum is seen as a key way to promote dialogue between governmental agencies and civil society. it's being held here in the beautiful italian city of verona. and it's also an opportunity to showcase the strong economic ties between russia and italy, ties ap route through the century with 2 days of exciting discussions ahead we bringing you all the latest here on awesome. yeah, just a short time ago, i spoke with russia's comment, representative to the e. u. mr. vladimir trish off here told us about the easy response to this ongoing energy crisis. there are people including the european commission, i would say, who argue that the reason behind the,
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these galloping and gas prices are linked to the insufficient extensively out though rates of introducing our renewable energy sources as if, if you found a few more brilliant euros into those propellers and, and the solar panels the sun. 2 will shine brighter and the wind will blow in the right direction at the right speed. the european union out is in a permanent energy deficit. of course, it has to import a lot of its energy and there are several energy suppliers. russia is number one, traditionally, in both of guess, oil, coal, and fuel electricity. but it's not
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a gas from that is responsible. no russia, as a country that is responsible for the cat, into galloping gas prices. it's those people who miscalculated in their energy policy, the buyers, i mean, the european energy companies today are quite reluctant to, to order new volumes of, of guests from russia because of the high prices. they want to wait out until the prices go down. it's been almost 2 since the taliban is return to power in afghanistan, following the u. s. withdrawal and the challenges are just piling up and economic crisis has now been compounded with the threat of mass starvation. for many children, the brutal reality of life is clear to say, oh my name is my, i'm 70 years old. i'm here to collect bread people. sometimes people help us.
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sometimes they don't. i don't have a father, i take care of myself. there is no one else to feed us. there are 6 people in our family and i'm the eldest boy at home. so i have to support them. i can't work because one of my hands is paralyzed. adults told me that my hand will not work. i dream of continue my studies at school and becoming a doctor. one day people turn us down some times and they say there is no work, no money, so they can't give us bread. my name is nancy, i collect plastic weiss and salad. i'm here at the baker to collect a few non bread. i have 3 and will now go home. my father died there is no one at home to earn money. i have my mom, a younger brother and sister, and the only one who takes bread home to a family. i want to be a doctor, but there is no one to help us. it was better before. at least we could find bread easily, but things are in good to day. now we don't have any one to support us if there was, i wouldn't be here. no, no, my name is nadia. i'm collecting non bread were helpless at home. we have no work.
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few people help us, we're often left hungry. i don't want to be here begging i want to stay at home. the un and now estimates almost 3000000 children under 5 risk dying from malnutrition and not submit the precarious state of the economy, which has been heavily dependent on foreign funding for years. around 40 percent of its gross domestic product has been almost entirely international aid. however, for the time now in control of the country of food crisis, by far not their only problem is the state the taliban. long time enemy has repeatedly stage attacks on the new government and religious minorities. now the pentagon's express concern the terror groups base in the country now have intention to attack the us mainland within a year. so the far cry from the supposed at success of the troop withdrawal from afghanistan, the president biden haled at the time. i think the intelligence community currently assess that both isis k and i'll call you to have the intent to conduct external
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operations including against the united states, but neither currently has the capability to do so. we could see isis k generate that capability somewhere between 6 to 12 months. i think the current assessments by the intelligence community is the al qaeda would take a year or 2 mission to degrade the terrors, tread of al qaeda in afghanistan and kilo. some of been lot was a success. i believed that our presence in that gas dance should be focused on the reason we when the 1st place to ensure afghans that would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland again. we did that. we accomplish that objective, which worked with former pentagon security analysts, michael maloof, who told us the us withdrawal has made it even harder to remove islamic state. montgomery isis is now embedded in a highly remote mountainous region. would make it much more difficult to try to
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extract them. and isis k has as demonstrated to taliban, which is what sir? against that while they may think that they run afghanistan, they actually control events. and they've demonstrated that with their suicide bombings, the united states is unable to get any basis in the region. the over the horizon concept really doesn't work. all that well. and, and the ordinance is flowing against isis or all kinds of targets. now has to come from the gulf, it was biting who wanted to get out. and the, and by and also. busy went against the best advice of his, of his national security team to, to, to stay there until certain conditions could be met. you can check out the off add section of policy dot com for further heated discussion on that issue. for the meantime though, thanks for joining us with us back at the top of the hour and about half an hour's time. more of your thursday headline. mm.
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ah ah. so you say this statistic that 90 percent of the well, the cell by 10 percent of the population and they added trillions of dollars to their network. since the pandemic one would look out onto the american landscape and look at all the wonderful innovations these folks have brought people to their lives. oh, wait, hold on. life expectancy is down, infant mortality and income gap is why do they do genie coefficient looks terrible? death of despair are exploding. so i think it's natural to conclude that all this money printing is not feeding amera talk or see is back that speeding attack a stock receipt rule by the least qualify with,
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ah mm well kind of to the alex sam issue where we look at the feature of the planet, a bite to be determined at $26.00 in glasgow. is this as american special climate and by john katy says the last best hope for humanity or is it just another summit? low and rhetoric on short, on delivery. well, we ask doctor hunt of cambridge university where the engineering and science can offer a solution to quantity warming. and on eve of the summit, the prime minister delta huge below to scotland hopes of leading the dye to the hydrogen economy by prototyping, to english projects. over the scottish cluster, alex asked to hazleton to professor carbon capture and storage at the university of
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edinburgh. what's to make this a patent body blow to the scottish economy? but 1st, your 2 emails a mess this in response to our interview last week, but the fest for am and the prospects for the new understanding between the west and islam. first are market peyton, who said, excellent in to be great. sure. what's his man and alex love it. well, thank you, margaret and kennedy said, and listen to christopher lee been costs in the film. jenna. he was indeed a great cast. william nichol says, another sensible program. thank you professor and all the alex salmon show. i do believe that the children will meet the future better worldwide, probably better if they were to charge no. can to any worse than the feel call leaders doing at the moment. stay safe, it's not over yet. why is the words from william and the professor acworth initiatives on the understanding between east and west layer. it says, i knew nothing. office. thank you so much. excellent. awesome. melanie says this is


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