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tv   News  RT  October 27, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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about people's lives being lost, the me, the european gas prices fall off as opposed and tells russian and enjoyed gas for almost so russia supplied americans losing faith in, jo barton's ability to turn the economy around off a cobra with new polling showing a democrat to becoming disillusioned to the office also freedom or a possible 175 year prison sentence. soon assault just faith results arrest and hands of the case high court as an appeal hearing on a us extrusion request gets on the way and he orders polling to cough up a 1000000 euros every single day in the band as a controversial reform to it's called system has prompted all sorts of accused brussels of blackmail ah,
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for moscow, thanks for joining us tonight. so on our team financial on daniel hawkins. wherever you are this evening. welcome to the program. now we begin with europe, which is in the group of what energy crisis with gas prices now starting to fall. the market reacted off of that to be approved and told the chief of rushing gas, sean gas problem to rush up gas volumes in european storage facilities. are discussed earlier what the russian president not to say without correspondence. elizabeth rocha, of course, that that will go. i ask you that once you have finished pumping gas into underground storage facilities in russia to start work on increasing the volume of gas in your underground storage facilities in europe, in austria and germany, what exactly did the russian president say to cause this plunging gas prices well, this is how the market's work. they almost immediately reacted to the russian
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president's decision to make gas from the russian energy giant increased the volumes of natural gas in its european underground storage facilities. after such facilities are filled in russia, the prices for european natural gas futures went down by 3 per cent. and the russian energy joined expects it's storage facilities in russia to be filled by november the 8th. so right in less than 10 weeks, the volumes of natural gas in the european as storage facilities will start growing . and this is indeed a true relief for european consumers ahead of the winter season. but perhaps more importantly, following an incredible surge and gas prices are in the last several weeks. now, during that meeting with the rushes, senior government officials latimer potent once again weighed in on the roots of
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the energy crisis in europe. i learned as though the situation on the european gas market remains unstable. the reasons are a decline and domestic gas production in europe and the reduction in liquefied natural gas primarily from the united states. but they removed a significant amount from the european markets by the way, gas from replenished us and even delivered more than the americans withdrew. at the same time, the demand for gas has also grown due to a drop in energy production from renewable sources. and the closure of conventional generation facilities. obviously this is why the alliance has arisen. you see a lot of consumers in your bringing a saw of relief for following this news. what else we hearing from the european side on these latest updates while we're using the word relief. but the question is whether anyone in europe will actually notice the efforts on the part of russia and praise moscow form the help and the approach that it has chosen for the
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time being. because actually, in the past few weeks, we've only been hearing many critical voices in the critical of moscow blaming russia for using it's natural gas exports as a geopolitical tool. some of the nations are continuing to act as the staunchest enemies of gas from and natural gas exports from russia. probes, investigations are being launched in particular. the european commissions competition department is currently gathering evidence to see if gas suppliers are manipulating the market during the energy crisis. they're not specifically mentioning gas from, but it's clear what they're driving at. only recently, poland coal on the european commission to open an investigation and to whether gas prom broke 80 rules in failing to make extra gas volumes available on the spot
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markets. but there you have a lot more prudent has sent a clear message. the volumes of the european storage facilities will be boosted with russia natural gas. the prices have fallen. busy and perhaps, at this point, it will simply be unfair towards russia to fail to notice that these efforts on the part of moscow or otherwise that can all be explained through pure politics live now. so economist and author, richard wolf fillmore analysis, almost thanks for joining us. sir, good to have you on the program today. and will the market certainly seem reassured by yeah, the russian president was and what's happened, do you think this is a short term situation or do you think this is the endo approaching the and now of what was labeled and energy crisis. i think that depends on how much opposition i emerges to these price increases of the last several weeks,
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or indeed several months. i think we have to be honest here, a very small number of very large companies together with a number of oil producing countries. i have the world by the throat and when it comes to energy, they make the policy. they decide where to invest when to invest, what kind of energy, what kind of transition to renewables. they've been aware of the problems, the problems of demand, the problems of climate crisis. they could have been, they should have planned to deal with these things. these shortages are not coming out of the blue or they're not one man or one government's decision. this is a market based energy world, and the people in charge is relatively small, number of big businesses and government are either incompetent in planning and
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executing or else they are indeed manipulating the situation to get what we have now. record high gas prices and record high oil prices, which is very good news for some and a disaster for others. and that has to be phased or else. we're not gonna work out any kind of basic solution. why is it you think a lot of fingers have been pointed at russia as i got supply over this crisis? because russia is not renee's got any contracts, it's not supply. that's not that anything like that. what do you think it's been getting so much thick? i think the answer is fairly obvious. it's because the other people who are just as responsible as a russia ever was, or they are not willing to take any responsibility. and so what they're doing is simply pointing the finger at russia and hoping that the blame for the high prices, which is profiting them, goes on mr. porton, and,
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and russia rather than being distributed into the whole structure of what the sides energy prices put in, is quite right when he says that the decision to the united states about liquefied natural gas or the decisions in germany about the north stream pipeline. and what to do with their own, a nuclear energy cut down. all of these decisions are responsible. you can't point your finger at any one of them. but you can point the finger at the very small group of very powerful corporations and government that could of that should of but did not take the steps necessary. so we wouldn't have this crisis and you mentioned north trim to the albany. that's been a big bone of contention as in between washington and european states. d. that was latest russian just we'll go anyway, tools easing fears and just regarding the site to play. would that nordstrom to pipeline? yes, it will. it'll show that that's a way to alleviate a problem,
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particularly in that part of europe with the extra gas from russia. but i think the history of blaming i to wait escape the responsibility for market manipulation, which in the end is what this is at least partly about a mixture of incompetent planning and market manipulation that when you see that there's always the scapegoat that goes on those who want to get the benefit of high prices, want to blame someone else when they're suffering starts off upon the rest of the world. i saw a statistic today which kind of drives that home, comes from the u. n. 34 of the poorest countries in the world today spend more money paying debt to rich countries than they spend on dealing with the climate crisis. as long as you have these kinds of dysfunctions in global capitalism,
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we're going to see these kinds of crises coupled with the scapegoating that you're pointing to. and quite rightly. if you rob sees a cold windsor because of this sad, this gas process is energy crisis. can we see water consequences with social unrest or other economic fallout from what's been going on? absolutely. there's no question that we're going to see if there is a question. where will it break out? what forms will it take? how heavy will the escape? golding get? i notice here in the united states where i'm located, there's an effort, as usual by the biggest of fossil fuel companies. and they are allies to blame the transition to renewable energy, a wind and nuclear drill, but, but other forms of, of energy, blame the transition on that. in other words, you shouldn't have done it so quickly and it's your fault somehow that the prices
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of energy are high as if the fossil fuel people haven't been blocking every effort to move in the direction of renewables for as long as anyone can remember. so there's this game playing and i'm very fearful that there will be social disruptions that will be lots of suffering. the energy prices have already and done all of the gateway wage gains that we had at least for a few months. this year, they're all gone in the united states as the energy price rise and other inflation under cut of spending power of our working class. and there is already signs of a renewed labor militancy in the united states. and i expect comparable responses to these inflationary developments. around the world. economist, an alteration will, thanks for your time here today on our t. good savvy on the program. thank you. no less than half of americans and
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our confidently bon administration can insure a quick post pandemic economic recovery and fresh polling suggest democrats in particular on losing faith is out. he's caleb moltin with the latest joe biden is facing yet another drop in approval ratings. this time, democrats are starting to approve of the administration last with already significantly low approval among republicans and independence. now it's also important to note that in one area, which is the rolling out of the vaccine, the biden administration does seem to be winning some approval and appreciation from the us public. the poles, authors say this is a matter of messaging by the government. the problem is not the unmarked native. the problem is convincing. those who are voucher, unaided, that they have the tools to navigate to coven world, and reassuring those who have been vaccinated, that they can live a normal life again. now growth in the 3rd quarter of this year will be 4 points lower than the 2nd quarter,
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which was already pretty painful for many working families throughout the united states. furthermore, we have a situation with problems in the supply chain empty shelves throughout the country store is not having the goods that people are expecting to buy. this is a serious concern is we're heading close to the holiday season. now, the baton administration seems to hold onto the idea that this is a recovery despite acknowledging some pretty serious problems in the economy. with both covered 19 cases and unemployment claims declining. it is clearer than ever that america is in the midst of an historic economic recovery. when that continues to leave the world that didn't prevent joe biden from having the 2nd lowest approval ratings this far into his presidency. since those approval rating numbers were actually taken. and at this point, democrats are concerned about how this could affect the mid term vote, which is upcoming. all democrats should be more alarmed by the drop and the president's approval rating. since
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a rancorous debate has broken out over his post american rescue plan agenda. the work of defeating coven and ensuring our recovery isn't done. and that is simply where governing and political focus needs to be. it appears that job idle still has a lot to do. if he's going to convince the u. s. public that the nation is really recovering, imprison wiggly, found a due to a sons, finds himself back in court today as a today extradition hearing it from the way in the u. k. i court considering an appeal by the u. s. over general ruling to block the whistleblower extradition. he's wanted by washington to a 17 charge of us going on. one of conspiracy to have government computer. if convicted you could face a prison sentence of 175 years. ah, i well the hearing has worked out for today the 2nd day of the proceeding is coming
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tomorrow. today's been marked by mass radi outside the cool building with schools and protest. morning student, a thumbs be released. and expressing strong concern over that with the level of health earlier are you shut? it was the fall report from outside the court with journalists, which had met us to follow the stream of the hearing. also reporting from vienna. today we had the 1st day of the appeal hearing the high court, and so the united states, what they've been trying to do today in court is very much what they did last year, which is try and destroy the medical testimony of the key medical extra professor compliment, who's a renowned in europe psychiatrists the world over, and they're trying to chip away his credibility because he did not disclose the identity of sanchez partner and sell the morrison that they had had 2 children. which of course, is a very reasonable thing to have done. even the judge agreed with this. given the fact that the, as we, as we've just seen, was at least considering kit not being or killing him inside the equitorial embassy
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. so you're not out of concern for the family safety. this is a minor detail that professor compliment had left out, which doesn't take anything away from his medical testimony about us on just well being. nevertheless, the prosecution is making a very big point of contention. they're trying to attack his integrity, his honesty as an expert witness to the court. they're saying he abdicated his duty to the truth and that his, his testimony does not give an accurate representation of a san jose health. and then of course, they're trying to attack the diagnosis. the united states prosecution are saying that a song does not have a heightened suicide risk, that he is able to control an impulse to commit suicide and that he's perfectly fit to be extradited. which of course, you know, it's very, very much cherry picking, which is what they've been doing. they've been going through the testimony that we heard at the old day last year and cherry picking pieces out to make it look like a song just fit. but this is categorically untrue, and they've been trying to contest the to so that depression diagnosis and as well as the asperger's the asked for just diagnosis. and it is important because in
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combination with depression, it gives a heightened suicide risk, but even without asperger's, assange would still be at risk of suicide if extradited to the united states. so, you know, they're, they're misleading the court in many ways about this. and they're essentially putting julian a thunder mental health on trial. and it, you know, for us, for journalists who are watching the corporate cities, we can see that julia sanchez, not well, you know, any one of us if we'd be, if we have been persecuted like that for 10 years, we would also be unwell. so there is a real risk of, of suicide here for united states, extradite him, which they're trying to downplay in court. so being about to day washington's a tend to over time, that decision not to expedite year nissan, to the united states. but actually many people here in central london have been defending jude in the san standing in solidarity with him for some 10 hours throughout the day. here today, but also we've had from some key players within the campaign as wow, who'd say that they will not campaigning until june. the songs is free.
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oh. with nist fall love to visit the u. s. has abused the laws the agreement with this country. it's abusing the extradition agreements with this country in order to have this hearing today. it has to come to an end. julian has to be freed. we had from sell a martin, a very emotional and teary response from her today. she actually said she was taken back by just how then he was including today in the court room and she serve. if he is extradited to the united states, he simply will not survive and is tantamount to killing him to. of course,
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why he has enjoyed the last near decade now has been absolutely grueling. we only have to look back to his time in london's ecuadorian embassy, where he was there for nearly 2 and a half 1000 days, which equates for around 7 years when he was seeking a political asylum. he was then dramatic k. r holds out by british police back in april of 20 and 19 and flung into bel marsh prison, which is of course the united kingdom is most notorious prison for many people outside the port room, say that unit font is actually being made. an example of this is all about setting a precedent, so the other journalists don't follow suit. and some people, i would argue like those in the heads of state or in certain organizations, potentially like the cia they decide. unit solid is a terrorist of these people. these point us is outside the courtroom today. they hail him as a hero. a
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mom is very briefly and i'll be general if you submitted a very serious a bank to break you get job. what are you a supporting you as of now with a good decision dated january with that let me and i think they can reach their long harm out into the world. that journal in that is not even an american has never worked in the united states and charge or try to charge him with a us call. we trust. they think they say they talk about
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it. but if he's extra dodge it, they will kill it effectively. so that's absolutely legal, labrons that you massage, continues to point us in a standing shoulder to shoulder. would you in a song to have done so for the last decade today, we had some really powerful words, again from stella morris. and she says that his rights are our rights, and if he loses a, we old lose a not really touch that. the crux of this poor cases, far beyond the story of one man is far beyond the story of you. and the sergeant as for many, is about the fundamental tenants and principles of the rights to express yourself the rights to publish and the rights to gain access of journalism. we heard from margaret beaver, said you people astray, you. she says a song is at risk of indefinite imprisonment, something that will only work from his health. only in pain in belmont, between half his he's a non violent person in
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a really tough environment. if the verdict going against him, what's already happened and damage is going to just continue and get worse. i mean, he has suffered really, neil's meltzer, the united nation special report on torture, said that he had been psychologically tortured, he has really, ah, suffered. and if it goes against him, these sort of ongoing, indefinite imprisonment will continue. and really, i was a great deal about his health outcomes, whether he would suicidally american friends, hard to believe that they can be, could be even worse. and bill mash, and i think it's a really major threat to julian's mental health and his survival in some ways, this prolonged imprisonment like imprisonment of political prisoners globally in all countries. i'm often used just steadily around the health and, and, and damage from holland as crime, blackmail that's off the ward of its members state and by a 1000000 euros
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a day and to let scraps of long wrangled over you. this will reform, i can july, the european court of justice ruled poem. supreme court must abolish disability chamber of judges, arguing and put the independence of the countries judiciary at risk. poland simply ignored the ruling. one of the reasons the court says it had to get tough. vice president recalls that a member state cannot paid provisions, practices, or situations prevailing and its domestic legal order to justify failure to observe obligations arising under a new law. it is necessary to strengthen the effectiveness of the interim measures by providing for the imposition of a periodic penalty payment on poland in order to deter that member state from delaying bringing its conduct into line with that order. earlier this month, you polish relations out further when was or thought court ruled polish laws had priority over europe. the police prime minister has warned his country will defend
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its rights and will not be intimidated. what will happen if you are paying commission starts of 3rd world war by going to defend our rights with any weapons which are at our disposal. we got views on the dispute from former labor party and p take hallway and from full muscle, a full member of the european parliament erecting. just like, i'm afraid you always act in a very overpowering bullying way. i mean, the amount of money is, is huge, but you know, it's the principal really that matters. and i'm imagining that's what the police government would be interested in. and not necessarily the actual details, even if we find that very, very, more like the question of who actually relevant to their country. and we're finding this even in, in my own pocket, the kingdom north. and whether you trying to interfere and run even though it
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probably so this is, this is nothing new from you. i just hope that the polish government i don't actually take own isn't very, very significant issue of i who actually runs the country and who controls the laws well invested doesn't, says especially considering that the polish prime ministers argued the german coal at the spanish, the french they will pass in the rulings regarding the privacy of the you law, yet nothing seems to happen. so in the european union, it seems that because one rule for the east, central european countries like bowling, i don't know for the rich west of european countries. and i think it's wholly on the whole polish dispute as split the europe ian union in many ways held as a split it amongst the capitals. but also there's a split amongst the ins petitions. so whereas the european commission wants to sit down and have more conversations with poland regarding this issue,
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the european parliament wants to see poland punished right now. and therefore the parliament has threatened to suit your opinion commission unless i acted before november the 2nd. so there's problems all round and this is got the, this is going to play out now for quite a long time. but it will be interesting to see how well so responds social media platforms scrambling to prove them much better behaved than facebook locks of pixel . each human snap shadow testifying at the us senate here on child safety on line centers, one to stop us with a new controls and facebook all necessary when it comes to content, alteration and privacy. the networks rival you get to avoid similar, possible regulation snapshot is difference. snapshot was built as an antidote to social media. take talk is not a social network based on followers or social graph. it's not an app that people check to see what their friends are doing. you watch tick tock, you create on tick tock. it's crucial to put in place protections that allow them
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age appropriate access to information. we do this by investing in the partnerships technologies and policies that create safer environments that allow children to express their imagination and curiosity and in power families to create the right experiences for their children. or facebook has been embroiled in one scandal after another. lately, it's been accused of everything from homing children's mental health. why it's instagram platform to go away from divisions in u. s. society with face but was above the front is how gonna giving evidence for the senate on how that work may have helped fund the capitol hill. right in january, she will accuse facebook of spreading misinformation, hate and violence. now on top of all that mark zuckerberg and his wife being sued for harassment and discrimination, you form a thought for lunch. they were subjected to the family free and hyper sexualized remarks. the 2 former employees also it's non payment of wages. both suits name,
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shannon marks back as defendants. we spoke earlier to host the politics, politics, politics podcast, justin, robert young. you said it's time social media was arranged in well, facebook has been begging to be regulated. in fact, if anybody follows american media, they have been among the biggest ad purchasers on a lot of the kind of institutions that people who follow american government read every day and each and every one of them says the last time that we regulated the internet, people were buying cds and tapes at sam goody. isn't it about time that we create new laws for the internet? they desperately would love to be regulated. more specifically, they would desperately love to be regulated in a way where they a dominant player in the space right now would be an advantage. so they would love to have, let's say, the, the safe harbor laws that we have here in america, where things can go up on facebook platform. and they would then only have to
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remove them after they were alerted to it, as opposed to how we have things with like newspapers or television, where once it goes out the newspaper or television, a station or company would be responsible for it. the u. k. home secretary is on the pressure to explain the deal between amazon a new case financing among the leading voices slamming that even as the labor party . he wants security concerns address since top secret information is being held by us private company. these reports are deeply concerning and race serious questions about the white a security safeguards in place when it comes to the potential risks of outsourcing critical elements of u. k. national security infrastructure to non u. k based companies, amazon landra lucrative contract with government communications, h 2 m i 5 and my 6 for the use of its file system. according to reports, the dealers for easiest for communications on making greater use of artificial
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intelligence. in return for the tech, allison gets 1000000000 pounds over the next 10 years. the u. k. governments, intelligence agencies, and m as and i get a comment on this contract. we spoke earlier to professor prem sickle, who says it would be a struggle to hold emma's into account. if anything does go wrong, this relationship is essentially caruso because they do have divergent interest. this would mean that the security services are not in control is a private for profit seeking organization. and it, and it will have a basically all the intelligence material. and suppose the servers are down, suppose the servers are hacked, then what will the security services even be told that the amazon, the servers that have been hack? and though without really any explanation in parliament, there's been no discussion about it. we can see the government.


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