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lead documents revealing lobbying by saudi arabia, australia, japan, and other countries to the i, p. c. c to, to water. now, recommendations for, for the close. we shouldn't be too worried about that. i mean, that happens every single time that the governmental panel comes up with a new record. it's part of the course, and it's actually, it's not that bad a part of the process because you've got the scientists actually engaging with the politicians. the scientists say to the politicians, every single time they push back, they say coups hurry, we just deal with the science. it's up to you to sort of politics when you get together in glasgow wherever it might be. but nothing you're saying to us actually undermines the science that we're giving you. it's very clear the process is really clear. personally, i was suppose that i would be very surprised. it governments like saudi arabia weren't making any sense of themselves trying to chip away scientific consensus. because the signing consensus is pretty devastating for countries like saudi arabia
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. yeah. politics hauling the silence, the science and what kind of what could go wrong? i think we heard that somewhere else. johnson declares that capitalism is the solution to the climate crisis. i know you said it over throwing capitalism and it shouldn't be the the priority. i mean, how concerned should we be that microsoft, you need a g s k jaguar land rover there amongst the sponsors of call? 26. i don't think we should be too concerned the good thing this time around. and we've only just discovered that is the u. k. government were sensible enough to say no to sponsorship from any of the major oil and gas companies, the big extracted companies. so they drew a line, many of the companies that are sponsoring glasgow this time are seriously committed to getting their own emissions of greenhouse gases under control. they have ambitious targets. we're not going to do this without big multinational companies being part of the story ridiculous to think we could get there without that. so as
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long as the sponsors are, as it were, just players in the whole process from people who are completely shaping influencing or manipulating that process. i don't have an objection to that. it, when you get these dreadful double standards where the oil and gas companies are putting their blow goes up all over conference in this case. then you begin to think that tests really just not acceptable. we can't be doing with that amount of cognitive dissonance in these, in these events, well used to work. so maybe you talk to us before about a green washing. but on the other hand, if they don't put the corporate logos, isn't it still important, that fossil fuel companies, which are so powerful, are at least a big presence there. i mean, i would a similar where you normally said b, p, it doesn't currently fits our success criteria for comp $26.00. should they me somehow in their, these big evil multinational companies because they are showing,
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you know, where they will be in there for sure. i mean, they are following all of these things, the fact that your response or not response does not necessarily influence your presence at a conference of this kind. but we have to bear in mind these companies have failed . it's time after time after time. and right now, very disturbing it for a lot of people, companies like b, p and shell, they're still failing us. and they're still making really, for actually dishonest commitments to i quote here. net 0 by 2050, how an oil and gas company that will still be seeking to to extract huge volumes. oil and gas can ever be met. 0 within the next 30 years is honestly just ridiculous. so they, they are undermining the idea of net 0 even as they do that. and it is still pretty cynical. well,
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they reject that charge of dishonesty. and arguably it's up to governments to force them, given leah hidden subsidies for fossil fuel companies. i re with that, i couldn't agree with that more. and if government started to withdraw subsidies, we might get some rather different and possibly be more honest positions from the oil and gas companies that she just reminds what is the scale of the public money, effectively subsidizing fossil fuel companies in say, britain with us, it is it's billions every year. i think the latest calculations was something like $11000000.00 a minute. this is what they did. they don't tend to quote that on the maybe median use a course b, p has been doing other things, allegedly open democracy, revealing that debbie has been paying x m i 6 agencies, spy on environmentalists. how dangerous is it for? the protest is greater thornburg extinction. rebellion they're going to be outside the. the cop $26.00 holes that are dangerous is it for environmentalists are
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protesting. i don't know whether you are on their radar or have been on the radar of oil companies as firing mercenaries to spy on you. who knows? i wish them well, it's at the point about most environmental activists is that we're completely transparent. what, what we do is no kind of secrecy in our dealings and deliberations. an idea of these big oil companies think they need i, a spooks, as it were, to keep us all under surveillance, is slightly ridiculous. i don't know, by the way whether that story is true or not. i simply have no idea. i can't really comment on that, but most environmentalists are accustomed to a certain level of scrutiny and at different stage it's a certain level of surveillance which has been undoubtedly very intrusive and often quite frightening for a lot of environmental activists. so i don't want to make light of this. if you're in the front line and the security forces, or large multinational companies decide that you are target for their scrutiny,
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that's not a nice place to be for sure. and how geopolitical is the summit? obviously, media here centering on russia and china, and they're evil of their fossil fuel emissions policies. there was a by diversity covers the other the other day in china called 15 prince charles, your old boss, you are used to working group. he was speaking, they didn't even cover the conference here in britain. i don't know whether because even despite the edge of the throne, sneaking is this, are we going to hear a lot of cold war? 2.0 call 26. the geo politics of these events is always right up there. i mean that there's, you can't be naive about this tool. so the stand off going on at the moment between the u. s. and china over things like taiwan on the south china sea, et cetera. it seems ridiculous that the climate change conference should be affected by that particular power play going on in global politics,
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but it will be and you can't take that out of the mix. it's just what it is. so the fact that president putin is not going to turn up for the conference is hardly surprising, given russia is one of the most intransigent hold out countries when it comes to a climate consensus. it's no question about that, but it is troublesome to the world as a whole because we can't get the breakthroughs we need without the family of nash coming together in a shared solidarity. it's impossible. so probably not a good time to be selling more ships to china's maritime borders. right now. you a, some british warships and whatever's happening in the don't bass worse. johnson's government, i know, you said this is the bus and it's quite an amazing record on renewables. he was talking about recycling not being that important via the other day seems more environmentally conscious than any prime minister in the, in memory. arguably. did you think now they'll have to stop the coal mine in
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cumbria, this mozambique cabin delgado, africa gas terminal. do you think they're really, really are quite serious. there's government about environmentalism, careful. yeah. they are getting more serious because the pressure is building all the time. public expectations building all the time. you look at the surveys. clearly people want politicians to do more. but boris is such a kind of way would character to be taking the lead on all of this and thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to tell bar is just how stupid his comments about recycling plastic were yesterday or the day before he got that completely wrong, he gets a lot completely wrong, but that he got completely wrong. yes, we need to use less plastic. but we also need to see huge amounts of plastic being recycled in order to stop it getting into the environment, the marine environment,
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the landfill sites, cetera, et cetera. you see, he doesn't do his homework ever. he says, right, i was thinking form, i thought he was talking about the energy needed to recycle or something like that . and he came across and said recycling plastic is a waste of time. and lots to little innocent children were sitting there listening to great man telling them that reciting plastic was a waste of time. he's a liability. now as regards the global south already to mean a lot of criticism about the fact that they haven't even organ the bridge, got the authorities, covey, vaccinations for members of the global south. obviously, masses of countries not able to come back because of code. what role do you think the death cancellation for the global south should play in enabling environmental anti climate change policies? it's fair to say that these financial issues loom large, every single one of these big climate conferences. they, they never go away, but they're particularly painful. this time around, simply because the western countries haven't delivered on their 100000000000 dollar
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commitment, which was made back in 2009. and they're particularly painful list. and a lot of poor countries are beginning to see that the costs of climate change are ramping up all the time. and yet they don't have anything like the wherewithal, the means to address those costs and to invest in a low carbon transition of the kind of way getting used to in your america and elsewhere. sh. so this is still going to be a big part of the conference. it will absolutely come up in the 1st couple of days and western government and the you can particular which hasn't exactly covered itself in glory by taking the hatchet to its overseas a budget. western countries are gonna have to deal with this very sensitively and very intelligent because otherwise it will definitely influence the whole of the rest of the conference. i was thinking more about the debt they're having to pay back. i mean, the aide budget never even covered the amount of interest payments. these
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developing countries have to have that pay back. can you don't see that even in 2021 a lot of the global south c. this is an imperial imperial issue of countries that have helped destroy the climate the most telling countries that have the resources to somehow reduce growth and not doing it to liberate growth. they're doing to promote the kind of growth problem worse. but i don't want to take away from what you just said. many countries see this definitely as a failure to recognize historical injustice. richwell countries are primarily responsible for this crisis. and therefore, the steps that we take and the amount of money that we invest in it must be proportionate to historical responsibility. you can't get around that and to argue that isn't the case is really demeaning on the part of a lot of rich countries. slightly different issue about debt forgiveness. these 2 things are pursued through different diplomatic routes if you like. but they're all
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tied up when a lot of these countries see the way in which the financial system is still preferences, the interest of the rich world against their interests. and now they've got climate finance making things worse for them on top of all of our thank you. thanks after the break. as you case military carry a strike course a purchase china does. she didn't pay have reason enough to boycott got 26 in scotland. all of them all coming up about to have going undergrad ah does year a path to strategic vision for the future? what kind of relationship will it develop with china? europe stands at a crossroads, will remain dependent on washington as a junior partner or will europe opt to play the role of a great power on the world stage. garage is driven
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by dream shaped banks centers and those with theirs. sinks. we dare to ask ah, and welcome back nature nation media is already attacking vladimir putin and she gin ping of not coming to call 26 of his british and us worship carrier strike forces get
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closer to china and join now from arlington, virginia by chance. while woo, the executive director of the professional association for china is environment. chung well thanks so much for coming on. yeah. lawrence johnson, we're all celebrating here in london. have britain on the world stage trying to help the environment. there was actually a different conference recently. the court 15 conference with prince charles just being and never letting me put in more at what was that for a view as you may not have heard about it. because even prince charles speech at the conference that called 15 conference in china wasn't covered here. arguably, thank you for having me. i think that just as you said, now it's called wendy. is the new k show. so back in 2015 and that's a french show, right. so it was the empowers of course, they were local politics, so deal politics involved. so i wouldn't be surprised why you probably didn't really pay attention, you know, back then. but other than that, i don't think it's
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a big deal, but it was about by diversity. right? oh, yes, i was interested more last week actually. so that was a union claiming tyna. so china surprises nancy of the by diversity conservation call 15 as a new that's actually you can, chinese government has worked very closely with each other not just for diplomatic purpose, but more importantly because the 2 issues are so much connected to the back up by scientific research that yes, on west side we do need to my to gate, you know, reduce a carbon emissions. but in the meantime, the roles of nature had been recognized more and more so if you look at the confirmations globally, the ocean is in the land. lines biomass. if we pretty much up for the promotion, for half of the mission, of course, the other half meant to be ended up in the atmosphere. so from that perspective, i definitely think china the,
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the bilateral collaboration in terms of leading international apartments or motto, lateral governance. actually the, he said good example. so now of course it back to the climate change issue. was there the costs? so back in 201521. and i think generally speaking, the global community succeeded with the support of the economies. they give us a china of course, came many european countries that had also been continuing naturally to play their role. so this was why a lot of people are just saying is all, all talk, no less than the queen of queen of england. what is the biodiversity fund? is that going? because there's very little publicity about that do well, if you look at a cup 15, i was only competed to reconnect the 1st part of it. of course of harmony was postponed to by cove it and apparently also because of the complexity of really
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reaching a meaningful international agreement. so we still are still looking for next may when the 2nd part is completed in planning, hopefully by time will be able to have sent something called a post, a 2020 global by diversity conservation of framework. back gonna be they're going to be specific action as a target. the goal is including the financing vehicle mechanisms, so hopefully will be identified in that of course, on the basis or for some principles for a sense of the amputee. she was a fairy, she was a city or safe or sustainable uses of by biological you know, can i take resources stuff like that so we don't know yet i but somehow learning from the comics. pretty good parents agreement on the bike. this is his site from the, from the commission perspective. definitely they realize will never without the financing, there's no way you're gonna be able to deliver any commitments or targets. so lucy,
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fingers crossed your, we're about is that china is the biggest polluter in the world. they don't use the per capita element of the, of the phrase. and it's even the previous occasion of she's in being overcoming to glass difficult. 26 of symptomatic of china's destruction of the global climate. what you think nato nation media may be getting the wrong end of the stick here? it's really unfortunate somehow, generally speaking, there might be cases where cases, western commentators so media really will be able to present more of the checks picture by china. but generally speaking, this is really unfortunate, but on the other side, let me know, few things to understand the role of china in the global climate change. you know, process 1st kind does, how would the sort of iconic making to break it? so yes, at this moment, china continues to be the word, a largest, and i tried a year and somehow trying to also hold this global curve sort of as a positioning,
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meaning ton of action will form the mentally, hopeless accelerated on the be made by the curb so bad since the global ambition to achieve negative carbon by around the made up thanks, rate will be delivered. secondly, if you look at the reality today, there's something interesting numbers actually. somehow west media cannot really pay much attention to. if you look at the last year and globally 60 percent of the wind energy products and equipment provided by china, if you add solar and other renewable energy equipment facilities and products, china provides somewhere around the 70 percent of global need. if you look at u. v last year, china manufactured the half of the global electric vehicles. if you look at a battery, lithium ion battery, in particular, the fuel leading chinese companies about her a company, it's
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a little provided 70 percent a global need, you know, kind of smarter. greg, there's something called the super high voltage break technologies just trying to put in some needy i'm only needing in terms develop, but deploy what does that tell you that how to basically the, let's see, the country is stepping forward very, very steadfastly in terms of you know, driving pennsylvania innovation industrialization, you know, let's re internalizing clean technologies there yet. clearly why daily tricity needs a power and all we hear about in the, again, the aged asian meter is chinese opening loads of coal. let's get to some specific examples. his britain for us, johnson, and i think 5000 pound grants to change 90000 of you case 25000000 gas boilers. that's a big initiative here in britain. give us a taste of what kind of initiatives going on in china. yeah, i type the numbers in china and probably more and more impressive if you look at
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the installation of renewable energy chinese, are they medium globally? and so currently china has at that close to, i think, 18th or a 151 to 15 percent off the bill that china's energy structure already is possible . they were paid based. if you look at a consultation, but china is moving very, very fast in terms the electrification of the transportation sector and also loads with solar panels on the top than plugged into the grid. i. yes, there are many, many innovations. they are solutions that when point i do want to make what you connect to the point that the numbers i, if you can imagine such a scenario. the role of china is all the capacities in terms of manufacturing take on innovation. know deployment, you know, china, you asked you in particular that we learn to say economies actually will be working together. we have a solution. we don't have the struggling where the se, debating the band. who was she take? what sharon comes to, how much to reduce bite in the keep on the car gets there. there are solutions from
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technology perspective, from industrialization, perspective. but somehow we know very well politics. it, you know, politics that 0 sum game or that force to china. and so is the united states, i don't know, you're an environmental expert. i don't know what the emissions must be for the pentagon. it's all secret. the $400.00 military base is around china as regards its impact on fossil fuel emissions. do you think you'd be surprising if she didn't think did come to glasgow given the u. s. s strike force and the british one, not right now, sailing towards you. don't have that. yeah, i side, i think it's, it's the only politicians that the, you know, geo politics or whatever i will see. and then that, so the only position i picked myself, they just like to watch ideally of course, global leaders. so we'll get together to that 2nd point i do want to make, i think that when think positively coming from us, you know, congress,
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the federal congress at this moment. they are proposals on the table to really, you know, to a funding a carbon emissions letter. when a pentagon behind it military faces around them, we don't know the numbers yet. elisa and somehow recently to my rating, i see that on the table a somehow really, unfortunately, some countries have particular major economies around the world are really somehow playing the job. how politics is such a trex against really distracting the global african diver could deliver the most important sort of goal? you know, this is a bunch of, i don't, i mean, i don't know whether you've mentioned i met with joe biden's climate envoy, john kerry. and we don't carry any kind of, well yeah, i mean, so you take it very seriously. now he's, he's obviously one of the richest us politicians, married to a heinz, a heiress. but he took money in the past from airline and automotive companies for his and climb up the ladder. he's supported was, i mean,
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would it be missile strikes on syria? and he talks to you about the environment and you go right, john gary, are great climate over. i mean, how can anyone take him seriously? he's taken very seriously honestly. i mean fortunately, i met him a few times. so i think this is more complicated than just commenting on it, but if you do need to pursue a d i, you know, you know, works. so initially was it the position here is a very important position and the have to definitely working really hard traveling around the world. and i think he's taken long. this is sort of a role supporting of course you keep prices on west side. in the meantime, me particularly to persuade to china and other countries. ashley to john was planning to be on board to support. i don't know whatever his definition of being on board of china has been on board from the beginning. anyway. in the mean time, i mean by john kerry on i'm just going to find the ask you what is fundamentally
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the difference between a chinese communist approach to combating climate change and a capitalist one. that's a more company case. i don't think they're just implemented there. it's hard to say which of political systems or whatever works the best we need to see the outcome right from me. i don't care about ideology or political system, whatever, from climate change perspective, as all the people as well be you know, and perspective as long as they will be able to deliver the outcome and west side to benefit the people in the planet. that's the most important criteria when you talk about which system is part of the strength which has already demonstrated again, again, unify dixie in china by china. it's, this is sort of a capability of 19 or forces within the country or the public private. and if i see a rhonda one particular priority, a national agenda and now with the government of committing to 2030 caps before. you know, kathy, i mentioned before 2030 and she didn't cover and was trying to take full time at
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this moment. the country, the whole country is the live tripping united and with the advocate actions on the ground could always say it's not enough. of course, no one is doing it. honestly, you know, need to come on the safe, whatever you say, whatever the commitments countries already put on the table or the n b c's. no one, not the single one of them actually is either present in terms of achieving the one point. 5 degree warming goes that china is no exception. a. somehow, i knowing what chinese string by knowing the strengths, even they tighten united to so the stances and efforts and commitments, i feel more confident that china will definitely band a curve globally to address climate change. easiest of some countries will say there abiding by the targets juggler who they give. thank you. that's 7 sure. we'll be back on saturday a day before or 26 in the 1st day of the annual g. 20 summit. osha by italy. the
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subject of covert cia operation. glad you to neutralize socialism in europe until then keep in touch with social media and let us know if you think china and russia should attend, called to anything. ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to place trust rather than fear. i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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a yeah, it has to be rich to be able to afford enzyme and fun. is luxury good for sure? despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how they can choose their customers and dump the sick so also satisfy their wall street investors. no parents have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's
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care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me this best getting away with murder, a survival guide, they can use my own for the store deadly and the pedal. you know, there are, you know, oh heck, know what with came when we get the rest, the 7 years bill. it it, what kind of report ah, all of our lives with his, our live on our teeth, a 1000000 euros a day. that is the price. poland will have to pay for daring to defy the
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e u. it's after the countries constitutional court stated that polish law. trump's european law freedom or a possible a 175 year prison sentence. julianna's salinger's fate rests in the hands of the you. case high court as an extradition appeal hearing to america for the whistleblower starts in london today. had a chilling warning from the united nations which says the situation in afghanistan is so dire that half of the country's entire population could face starvation. we hear from the organization.


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