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ah hi miss alice hope headlines here. one r t and a 1000000 euros a day. that is the price. poland will have to pay for daring to defy the e u. the prox court of justice has flat warsaw with a penalty. and the ongoing dispute over a rule of law and freedom, or a possible 175 year prison sentence. julianna's sanchez, fate rests in the hands of the you case high court as an extradition appeal hearing to the us for the whistleblower starts to day in london. also in the program. a chilling warning from the united nations which says that situation in afghan hassan is so diet, that half the countries entire population could face acute malnutrition at vist winter. in the program we hear from the organization. the really big board di,
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terrifying trinitarian crisis. well, even today we're talking about 19000000 people who are, as we say, can be insecure. that means the experiencing hunger on a daily basis. ah, my 3 pm on wednesday afternoon here at moscow. this is our t international very will welcome to you today. we do begin this hour with some breaking news along that simmering rule of law dispute between the e. u and poland has now taken yet another turn. the use court of justice has just ordered war, sorta pay a daily fine of a 1000000 euros. it comes off to potency. constitutional court previously ruled local law trumped european law. well, let's learn more crossing lives. why? europe correspondent peter oliver on this wednesday afternoon. peter a 1000000 euros a day. that's quite a price to pay for. stepping out of the
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e use line and he reaction from poland so far certainly there is. we'll get to that in just a moment though, whichever way you slice this, it's a major escalation in not ongoing dispute over rule of law between brussels and war saw it comes after poland, top court ruled that the polish constitution supersedes a you law. now the european court of justice is said until that ruling is overturned, poland gonna face a 1000000 euro fine every single day. the vice president recalls that a member state cannot plead provisions practices or situations prevailing in its domestic legal order to justify failure to observe obligations arising under e you law. it appears necessary to strengthen the effectiveness of the interim measures by providing for the imposition of a periodic penalty payment on poland in order to deter that member state from
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delaying bringing its conduct into line with that order. while the reason that the e c, j has gone in so hard on poland is what the ruling from the constitutional tribunal in warsaw at risk to basically they're concerned, it puts the, the whole nature of the european union's unified rule of law at risk. now that everything from extradition, treaties to cross border disputes ranging from divorce to multi $1000000000.00 deals, all of that put at risk. if one member state is allowed to say, actually our rules are more important than the blocks rules. if you thought that the threat of a 1000000 euro a day, fine would chased an a recalcitrant poland. well, there mateusz more viet sky. the polish prime minister has been bullish in his response. what will happen if the european commission starts
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a 3rd world war by going to defend our rights with any weapons which are at our disposal? well, there is a chance that this ruling by the european court of justice and the decision to impose these fines could cause real splits within the european union block because senior figures major voices within the a you had been saying, let's not push poland to hard among those voices, german, chancellor angler, michael who warned against putting in place to stiff financial penalties on poland leicester turned in to the fact that they would ab double down and create a bunker mentality in war. so it does seem though, that those voices like those of anglo america haven't been listened to the european court of justice has gone ahead with these fines. we waiting to see what this ultimately ends up in an ongoing dispute between warsaw and brussels. are i, peter, thanks for that. more than half of the entire population of
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afghanistan could face acute malnutrition this winter with many people dying. and that is the dire warning from the un, which is demanding immediate action. it's later mid us our report, i should say, it's us as a recall, $22000000.00 plus afghans will suffer from food insecurity. while almost $3000000.00 children under the age of 5 are at risk of dying. and that's in the precarious state of the economy, which has been heavily dependent on foreign funding for years and factor 40 percent of its gross domestic product has been international aid. now the crisis that follows the chaos, a u. s. withdrawal after a 20 year military presence there at the taliban class by much of the world as a terror organization, rapidly re took control of the country and of course, the capital. since then, western countries, along with our international financial bodies have stopped there 8 payments and you ends food and agriculture organization says that while the worst is yet to come, ah, 1st and foremost,
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a situation today in afghanistan and looking forward is really, really alarming. let's remember 70 percent of afghans people live in rural areas involved in agriculture. so the drought has had had a massive effect already. that's why early on this year we were already sounding the alarm for this or, you know, the describing countering crisis. children are the worst hit a few days, a few weeks of deep hunger can lead to stunting, it can lead to wasting. these are secondly, look at the short term. we're talking about the country in which agriculture, as i said it's, it's, it's 80 percent of livelihoods that you know, it was, it's the most important sector in terms of people's lives in this collapse is now done within it. with looking at massive displace. there are thousands of health clinics that are struggling at a time when because of the, the crisis, the needs are going up. we're starting to see more and more children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. the clinics need need money for the doctors of the
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salaries of equipment, et cetera. a really big, a broad, deep, terrifying monitoring crisis. well, even today we're talking about 19000000 people who are, as we say acutely food insecure, that means they're experiencing hunger on a daily basis. and as he said, we haven't seen the worst yet. projections are the by the end of the year and next year 23000000. that's more than 55 percent more. ringback than one out of every 2 i've gotten men, women and children will be in that situation. in september, a high level meeting in geneva took place a $1000000000.00 was pledged. not that about 275000000 has arrived in the hands of humanitarians. fm i an organization w, p. unicef. so one of the matter that was pledged has yet to arrive, but quite honest, it's only gonna be dropping the ocean. the situation is, is deteriorating so quickly, so dramatically the scale and the speed at which the humanitarian catastrophe, which military crisis unfolding, heading towards catastrophe, means it unfortunately fall. far more money is reclining,
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imprisoned with helix found a julian assange. find himself back in court today as a 2 day expedition hearing gets underway in the u. k. a high court is considering an appeal by the us over a previous ruling to block the whistle blowers extradition. he is wanted by washington to face 17 charges of espionage and one of conspiracy to hock, a government computer. it convicted, he could get a prison sentence of 175 years. a hearing forward, you know, now picks up at the united states is now appealing to the ruling made by bertha started back in january with the united states. so that was a decision phase,
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primarily on the risk i made about trying to trying a new is i've already presented the all human a, not the play at a maximum security prison in the united states and even 2nd sentence, grade level. so on hearing the sound of mental and physical health isn't as bad as has been made out of actually misled that the united states already could actually prevent head committing suicide is expedited, interestingly, though, during the day is a parent via video i his l. how but the noise acting will the united states say that his help is legally adequate because it is a 2 day hearing a date. it will be the opportunity to present a defendant hold you to thoughts. but today already there are plenty of processes
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behind me that are here in a court hearing, i guess a few hours ago we had a june not be free. junior boss will not be here in person today. it was denied that opportunity was i think i'll grade july. the can be only one decision here. that is no expedition. u . s. has abused the laws, the agreements with this country. it's abusing the extradition agreements with this country in order to have this hearing today. it has to come to an end. julian has to be freed, representing here, that's on twitter, all of you that his help with completing that very thing that a lot of the month is now and that has been
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a nation that they all of your potential name change in take as i say, one of them kind of more, it's a field say even mentioning that i was going see, know that she was taken by just health and he was many medical professionals saying that may not exaggerate. you just have to, they're taking his i life could really be. but the most must have a nation really? i problems in the fall that through an investigation a kidnapped in the sergeant, even estimate. and while he was hold up in london, ecuadorian embassy. now it's all just annoyed, say that this shouldn't be ample enough evidence for the case. and finally, out of a case, i get it today. john shit from the father of june. it's on. he was here on the
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streets of london banking, protested, embracing them saying that this campaign will not be until june, this honorable freely. oh, a condition with his a willingness to fight. i was really, is going to be champ, top city, crucial for the sake of an assault, but it's unlikely to reach any concrete decision really because if the united states is successful in the next $22.00 days, the case will be sent back to another pool that then could make a decision in many appeals to happen so that even to reaching the supreme court as
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well. in the meantime, however, i think your main it was, it was all a fellowship for isn't, it's not expected that he will be taught to fail any time soon. but i really all he, that unit should be walking free. it isn't just about you decide to just about the story of one man, but actually i sense in the fundamental principles of gender mystic freedoms and basic, right for people to access information and really the right to tell the truth and do the right thing. but hearing it comes after a number of potentially game changing developments that could influence the long running battle over a sanchez fight. right now, though it remains to be seen whether the court will take them into consideration as any patricia now reports. when last month journalists revealed an alleged cia plot to kidnap or even kill julian,
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a sorry many of those who read it must have thought. wow, if the mightiest of spy agencies was so keen to get rid of the whistleblower, it's really a miracle he's still alive if the claims from september report are true, it just shows how much he's loathed. busy by anyone in charge in d. c. for his partner though, and other prominent activists, it served as another chance to convince the rest of the world. what washington's real intentions are when it comes to a sonjee. this is a game changer going into the appeal because it shows the true nature, the true origins, the true criminality of the u. s. actions against joanne. now reports that the ca, conceited kidnapping, kill in essence, have cost even more doubt on the reliability of u. s. promises and further expose the political motivation behind this case. a quick reminder of what was revealed in september interviews with an entire team of
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former trump officials suggested senior members of the administration supposedly requested options for killing assange. one of these alleged options included engaging in a shoot out in the streets of london. if you read all the gory details, you'll be amazed by how hollywood it all is. that was back in 2017 when weekly leagues published a damming investigation. and to see i hacking tools, this is just how embarrassing things got for the us system. it's a point at which you'd expect the people and organizations involved to react or rather fail to react by saying no comment. but my compare did, they should all be prosecuted for speaking about classified activity inside the central intelligence agency. maybe they didn't, maybe as a cop, just made it up. but you should, i take seriously my responsibilities to protect that information. this can be seen as pump ions, confirmation of the assange kit, not oh,
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kill story. why else would you want to prosecute those sources? speaking about classified activity only a few months ago and i slattich news outlet reported on some eye opening testimonies by a key witness in the u. s. indictment against the weeks founder. very embarrassing for the was justice system to if true. the iceland national admitted that almost all of what he said while being questioned by the f. b, i consisted of lies, proffered an exchange for immunity, from american prosecution. braun, ah, this activity was sits include attempts to hack into the computers of members of parliament and recalled that conversations in fights thorazine. now mister stunted that the sancha never asked him to hack or access phone recordings of him peace.
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more deceptive language emerges in the aforementioned judgments where it states the psalms use, the unauthorized access given to him by a source. it's access a government websites of iceland used to track police vehicles and reaction to that, edward snowden said that it was, i'm quoting the end of the case against joy and assange wishful thinking. edward, if only for once, someone in the obama trump, or the biden administration, gave a damn about what you've been saying or what the leading press freedom activists have been sounding the alarm about hypocrisy. first and foremost, it is a damning indictment at nearly 20 years on virtually no one responsible for alleged us war crimes committed in the course of the afghanistan and iraq was,
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has been held accountable, let alone prosecuted. and yet the publisher who exposed such crimes is potentially facing a lifetime in jail, right? by the looks of it be a new faces in the white house and the administration or not so new or outright old . forget even thinking about the idea of any of them showing mercy for julian sanchez. you are watching out international kid to have you with us for this wednesday program, a prominent supporter of to funding the police in america. now claims dysfunctional policing is to blame for sky rocketing crime in minnesota. it will take a closer look at that story in just the more ah ah
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ah ah. does year a path to strategic vision for the future? what kind of relationship will it develop with china? europe stands at a crossroads. will remain dependent on washington as a junior partner. or will europe opt to play the role of a great power on the world stage?
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oh boy, this moment is tony 20 minutes past the hour here on the russian capital back to a breaking news story for you now. it's a huge fine of a 1000000 euros a day. now that is the use court of justice. there is just ordered war sort of pay this amount and the ongoing dispute over the rule of law. well, let's take this further. now joined by barrenness, kate hurry, had live on how to international a northern irish politician and former labor m p. thank you so much for coming on the program with us this afternoon. 1000000 euros a day. the e use not missing about here. is it well erecting? just like, i'm afraid the always acts in a very overpowering bullying way. i mean, the amount of money is, is huge, but you know, it's, the principal really matters. and i imagine that that's what the police government would be interested in and not necessarily the actual details, even if it be,
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find that very, very small. it's the question of who actually run over to their country and we're finding this even in my own pocket, the united kingdom knows whether you're trying to interfere and run on and even though it can. so this is, this is nothing new from you. i just hope that they published government. i don't actually take on what is a very, very significant issue of i who actually runs the country and who controls the laws . as you say, i say, baroness, clearly, you know, the principle here is much more important than the fine, although the find is a pretty hefty one. it only has just been and now it says no reaction yet from poland. do you think was so maybe caught by surprise by this 1000000 euro find po day? well, i mean, i think we've all probably been caught by the speed of this. i didn't, i wasn't expecting to hear anything in the immediate current as well.
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i would have thought that the government will be really sprung on them and they didn't have any idea this was happening now. want to look at it carefully before they make, make an announcement. but it is, it is hugely significant. i think we'll make a lot of other companies within the european union, just think a little bit about what actually they are part of their certainly not just the trading alliance anymore. they're very much part of a political alliance, is working more and more to getting a federal federal europe. and that may be what the leaders in some of these countries want. but i'm not sure the people want this, you know, in the united, the, we were told that there was no way we could ever leave your opinion. you know, people didn't want it. actually when it came to the bit, people understood the issue of being able to control, take back control, which was no good slogan, meant something to people. and that's why we voted to leave. and i've always
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thought that once we took that decision and it's been difficult, not easy, and we'll have more harder because you've been trying to publish it. but once we took that decision, not very much acted. i think we like to the capitalists to other countries in the public in other countries. ready perhaps maybe set up even their own governments. i think you'd make it very, very good point that byron asked the broader implications here that this could have effect other members of the european union at the end of the day. what takes precedent, is it the law of brussels, or is of the law of the nation in which you lead? now this feud between poland and the block as or it's been escalating even before today. the polish prime minister even accused the union of blackmail and where do you think, baron s, this is all heading? well, you know, i'm not an expert on what is happening in science. and obviously they're political system and their own checks and balances. i'm seeing it very much so much genuinely
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believe the way the european union has acted over a number of years. i'm the graduate creeping creek quickbook taking back, taking more and more power is to end in, in difficulties for the individual country. i suppose. money is always very, very important to some of the next developed countries in the european union. they depend on the money from the opinion about, you know, in the end you have to decide what is more important to you just being, being true, kind of a pain being paymaster organization that pays you money when you need it. or being able to actually decide to get to make your economic prosperity. and that's what i think pull him in the polish people are going to have to decide when it comes to when it comes to this, find a 1000000 euros a day. no reaction from was sol yet, but who's going to, you know, if this does continue and if this is, i guess, agreed upon that they're gonna pay a 1000000 euros a day. who byron,
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this is going to pay this. is it going to be the government? they're going to lose money from the subsidies from brussels, or is it going to be the everyday taxpayer? yes, and of course i've no idea to i haven't seen details of how long this 1000000 euro today is meant to go on my going on to the police government given. but ultimately they can take money away from one is always like to pose. but once they start to have to pay actually money from all that, that is ultimately the people that will suffer in all sorts of ways. you know, money doesn't go untreated to come somewhere. the police government who were like sure, be looking at this and that would be a lot of anger. i would have thought in, in the actual power within punish administration today. well, it's interesting when, when i consider the poland ultimately is, is the one you remember that gets the most money, the most cash and the most subsidies from brussels. but at the end of the day
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though, is this is a power play by brussels. well i think it's, it is, it's certainly overreaching that structure and they are beginning to become their own worst enemies which, you know, for someone like me who doesn't actually think the european union is, is a good organization. i'm quite surprised that they're actually doing such ridiculous thing. i'm turning people against so which is why not in the united kingdom. there's no doubt about it the way they handle vaccination program and that the drug was in the back to nation drugs that people in the world today even more strongly to leave your opinion. so i can your opinion. it is being very, very short sighted. probably some people with whom i realize this, but i'm not privy to the power games within the european union,
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but certainly this decision is not going to over well, i think in the rest of your very interesting commentary from baron s. kate hurry or northern irish politician. not a former labor m p. thank you so much for joining us here in our international. we appreciate it. thank you. it's well, crime rates are skyrocketing in the us city of minneapolis when the states democratic representative has pointed the finger directly at the police, accusing them of not fulfilling their duties. that is, despite ill hon. omar, being among the most vocal advocates of the funding, the police force lead to their order and the public c. o. 2 i meant is y wu,
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lien she oh dear. oh, so far this year there have been $75.00 homicides in the city. that's up a 114 percent compared to the same period in 2019. and it comes as the minneapolis police department has lost more than $200.00 officers due to a funding cuts and low morale. but activists claim to funding the force is not enough and they wanted entirely replaced with the so called department of public safety. well minneapolis or was the center of a massive wave of protest last year, following the death of george floyd in an altercation with a policeman. a violent riots erupted nationwide and led to a vocal de fun. the police protest movement. so we got the thoughts of retired policeman dominic, his are about this the number one thing people wind up doing for political purpose when it comes to defending the police, as it's got ral, got wrench, a reaction that they're looking at. because you have your constituents that they're
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trying to get their votes from. i'll look at it as they're gonna get rid of police as blame police. let's to fun them. whatever she wants to put into place, the department of mental health to take over this. you're just, you're asking for problems. this comes from not allowing law enforcement to do their job and not being backed properly. and you're going to see such a disaster unfold in my personal opinion and experience with law enforcement. one of the main reasons that crime rates keep going up is lack of prosecution. the state attorney would always try to lessen a charge to, to win more prosecute prosecutions, which would put them in about a better position for reelection. but you just, you see a lot of stuff like that, which puts people criminals back on the street. and it perpetuates the cycle. you need to go back to the constitution. you need to have like police officers do their job. there are lots of stories piping to this. our news, costio and artsy international thanks for joining us. we're keeping a very close watch on the u. k. high court and the fate of julian assange over the next 48 hours. we'll continue our coverage or not you international. we are backs
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