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currently available and what is being developed in your opinion is having a repeated problem with one country. and i just don't know what to do with it. while the issue, poland refuses to conform and lead you policy rule supreme over national legislation. we will bring you the latest power struggle going on in europe and tell by and we are coming that's tomato for the new micro caravan, which just broke through the national guard roadblock in mexico. we will have a debate about the latest round of thousands marching towards the southern borders and what should await them when they reach their destination. home prices skyrocketed just a few weeks ago. however, you are unable to purchase a home and don't expect to save much money by renting as a rental prices are also dramatically increasing. so what does this mean for the current state of the economy? we'll look into it. i'm sky now hughes, and we're going to give you the 360 view of the stories on today news news. news right here on our t america. ah,
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last week we will tensions rose as the world became aware of china's hypersonic weapons capability. now granted, russia also had previously successfully tested the same technology, but i guess the idea was not as scary as the chinese having the ability to shoot an intercontinental ballistic missile. now this morning greg k c of raytheon for the us is actually several years behind china and russia in terms of hypersonic missiles begging the question. if united states and her allies cannot buy back in the same means at the very least, what can they do to defend themselves? well, let's bring on new, i'm i, cherry, a former army officer and republican correctional candidate in nevada, and johnson, ladies geo, political strategists. and trilogy advisors, thanks for joining me gentlemen. thank you john. i want to start with you just
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because the chinese have actually had a successful test. does that mean the technology is actually ready to be used tomorrow? it's not. the chinese are involved in a series of tests that go back several years as does the united states, which actually has been testing for about 15 years. so though that's much been ramped up in recent years, both by raytheon and frankly, by lockheed martin, which i think currently has about 6 different hypersonic mental programs under way and expects to be able to produce hypersonic missiles between 20232026 of course russia really gave the world this technology starting the late 1900 fifties and early 19 sixty's report, dropping it for a number of years and restarting the current hypersonic muscle testing process in 2018. so what china has right now is part of a series of tests, but no one is actually deploying hypersonic missiles yet, this is still a nascent technology, but it is going to be probably one of the major drivers of
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a global nuclear and conventional arms race between russia and china and the united states for a number of years to come. and that's probably why the conversation is happening today is because of what could happen in the future. so noah, what do we know? does the united states actually have to defend itself against any form of a hypersonic missile in the future? are we in the development phases? well, we can do that today. i mean, conventional forms of defense. my present a group plan to evolve and refine to try to come up with something that is able to, to grapple with the challenges of the maneuverability unpredictability speeds of the next generation. missiles are kind of an interesting hybrid between some of the characteristics of icbm ballistic missile, as well as a cruise missile. and i think, you know, we don't, can really reliably take that out. but of course, perhaps in the terminal phase,
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when they slow down, i think next generation laser insurance and countermeasures that are, that the united states has been developing in combination with some anti missile that actually technology from other applications might be able to combine, to come up with something an optical days of laser based defense, my work. but the real, the real question, the practical question i suppose is that any of the, you know, china or russia at this stage present a mass strike with terms of relief because they just, they're just doing their, their numbers. they're really expensive. they're still very. ready developmental phase, we don't know what they're capable of supplying. and so we're, we're, we're not the emergency situation just simply, there's not enough of them to present a formidable threat. and we have some time to come up with
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a deterrent or countermeasure or the other than we we ought to do a countermeasure to turn to come up where equally robust offensive technology to present to deterrence. in terms of mutually assured, at least i had to turn to turn a factory for accustomed to having legend the homework. and i hear, well, that's right. i hear what you're saying, how we're still in the early, early development. and yet i went back to john on this one because china just within the last few hours has launched a satellite, crushing weapon and present. she's actually come out and said that he bows to continue this arms development. obviously, a very accelerated piece. so a place, so are the chinese already preparing to crush any defense put up against them, whether it be here at home or more importantly, they're prepared for in the sky. it sounds like it's a very important development to your detailing here, scotty and this is supposedly a space debris monitoring device that china has played up. oh, we've come to learn that china is supremely adept at deception on
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a global scale. and they also have what we know as civil military fusion, where anything that has civil applications is immediately applied to military applications, including violations of international agreements that the chinese communist party has signed on to. including looking to see to what we can keep weapon ization of space to a minimum, if not to an absolute 0 to the extent possible. but these big bree monitoring satellites can also be used to literally grapple and crush us satellites. and those of our european allies and other allies around the world. and so we do see now an escalation of the weapon ization of the space program through these chinese activities. and it really is part of china's larger unrestricted warfare against the united states and against the global west, where they really don't see themselves bound by any of the conventional norm. so agreements that the u. s. and other countries abide by. well, that's interesting to me that because it's a great segue for me to throw back over to john on this. and because in the end it
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comes down to how to me, how did the different cultures approach war. that's been the problem throughout time. you know, some people say they find that there's their standards of war. there's vide, but then other say, you know what? went on the battlefield. there are no roles. so john, how do i know a, how do the chinese view warfare versus the united states and other co western countries? the warfare? yeah, we're seeing here in real time today, we're seeing real time today played out, you know, trying to raise general said the supremacy workers to your opponent with firing shop rates or experiencing globally, especially. it's john a 100 percent. correct. so they're, they're ambitions are belligerent. they are setting h, setting the, to your unified taiwan, you know, they've got, they've now got afghans, which they have before. you set them up order with they, they will sell china. they will go, you know, as far as they can,
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the philippines ultimately australia they can area versions globally. ready are now they find themselves kind of slow power with their, their national average area, the western united states, but cool collision of tree or representational democracy as opposed to the marxist one party state of china. and they're merging the global super power of the chinese communist party, the empire. that's there on the march. now. we're relatively weak in the west. well, i'm actually militarily, but when i think they pay close attention to that they target specifically. ringback to try to weaken the population of countries just to right to prepare the battlefield, to match the rat to create political strikes, to basically so mischief similarly as much as possible behind the scenes and indicated that the media entertainment, whenever they can do that,
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we can resolve in the unity of a country as well. so now they're at a point right now are they are relatively strong compared to the west. and it's a scary time. they basically came out and said that it's inevitable that they're going to go after taiwan. and the question is how will last respond? and that is, i think, a question that we're looking for answers for probably, hopefully, sooner rather than later. no, john, great to talk with you. thank you for your insight. thanks for having me. poland continues to fight back on a european union policies, violating rules that agree to by the other 27 countries in the union. now poland is ex, refused to take the more liberal view on the l g. b t q writes media freedom introduced sherry independent action were concert review on social issues and then siding with actually less eco friendly energy options. guaranteed to help ease the energy crisis that is happening in europe right now for poland going into winter, not making them very popular with their neighbors. story me now to discuss our t writer and producer, ne boy sharma, leach. ned,
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thank you so much for joining me. let's talk pole in this debate that's happening right now to you actually kind of reminds me a little bit about what's going on here in the united states states rights versus federal rights where they're outlined and who actually has a supreme power. we have different rules regarding that we had the 10th amendment here in the united states does that it actually exists in poland in the, you know, well, obviously different situation. i mean, the u. s. states started out theoretically as independent polities, european states have been independent policies for centuries before that and the u isn't quite set up like the us. it's set up more like the soviet union in the sense that brussels is supreme and all of these other countries can, can pretend that their sovereign can take the blame for everything that goes wrong, but can never take the credit for everything. anything that goes right, right. so whenever something goes wrong, it's a national government's fault whenever, whenever something goes right, it's the, it's the credit of brussels is how it works out. in practice. you tried to sort of have this constitution that would turn it from an alliance of countries into
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a true supernatural entity. and it got rejected in referenda back in the arch the i right famously had to vote twice on it until they got it right. and then the sort of do the android around a people and made it an international treaty to make it easier for brussels to dominate things. ironically, the current ruling party in poland likes to you and you likes they meet each other economically in terms of labor, in terms of natural resources and everything in terms of transfer payments. so where's the problem? problem is, is had a lot of the rest of your accuracy is populated by the opposition. that last elections and there's, there's an internal elements, right? but also that the, the ideological component of brussels is this, anglo american woke nest that the poles and brush x, the hungarians and all the other members of the central eastern european betia grad group. don't really necessarily care for. and brussels is basically putting
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a priority on ideology over economics. and at the point where there is a bit of a gas crisis and a political crisis between its members, especially with britain now gone, things are getting a little longer here as of poll x that i think is what they're calling it. but is this something because of what britain did? the breck said movement that poland is, is inspired by why we're hearing this idea not going to happen. poland, once you like, steal likes where it isn't d e, but would ideally like brussels to but out of eternal affairs. unfortunately, i don't think constitute, like that constitutionally, but fundamentally, the way the was structured. i don't think brussels will contemplate the option. okay, so let's just say that it's getting more, more contentious right now. it's obvious. they ramping up what weapons and i say weapons, not necessarily physical, military weapons. but what weapons do poland has to try to make sure that they stay within the e. u and the e respects their boundaries. i did that, it's probably going to be a budget fight waged in committees. there's going to be litigation. there's going
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to be law fair. there's going to be veto threats because if anybody knows anything about holding veto power, it's to pulls through their own history. it's, it's basically going to come down to some rather nasty bureaucratic in fighting that is going to be mostly incomprehensible, but to outside observers. and don't necessarily rely on the press to make it any more intelligible because they've got their marching orders. they've got an error to try. it won't come down to coal being cut off from certain countries in it. it won't come down to the, it sounds like there's actually an energy crisis they pull in saying we're going to keep our people warm. we don't care about the rest of you. well, if they're, if the choice is between adopting this pie in the sky green energy plan, that's a little early on them that's literally necessitated europe to import more russian gas this winter because they cut the branch and they're sitting on and keeping the people warm food a winter to polls are going to use cold, they're not going to care. right. and they're going to worry about the western europeans complaining about green stuff later. definitely not a good timing to have this kind of fight when there's that when they had the
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weather coming in. that's a good point to thank you, ned for talking with us. now when we come back and estimate at 1700000 migrants have already been encountered by law enforcement at the southern border and with the new wave of thousands marching north through mexico. concerns regarding how in already overwhelmed customs and border patrol will handle the lattice wait. what we're going to discuss after the break. with what happened. i make no bonus under slide to nationalities and new fresh as emerge. we don't have a tendency, we don't to look back seen the whole world needs to be ready. people are
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judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. ah, if you want something done, right, do it yourself. the acronym d i y i e, do it yourself has now become the name for unusual nra of online videos. we do, coupled with more to enjoy any family herself school that he or no one you can't, the was more or less did any wardrobe drug. so the spoken deal,
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it people use scrap materials and whatever is at hand to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action, squid guns, richer company for my treachery, long list of most fear a fellow much more poor were still the best part is people want to watch? millions of viewers spend url is seeing how a person they've never met and who's half way round the world, assembles the contraption. no one else needs me to take a 3 range to filter for like in which could just more of my feet. when you minute synergies like user g was looking at the glutton lily future, which unfortunately still couldn't ah
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ah, at least 3000 africans haitians, south and central americans have formed a very large caravan travelling through mexico and expecting to arrive at the border and several weeks now, the group called by organizers, the moderate care of ana goal is simple once they reach the border as the president biden for asylum. but i will present by next to respond to this latest front of migrants considering he himself as yet to actually visit the border since taking office said he had 360 we bring in attorney at rock, lori and a former colorado state lawmakers. ted harvey, thanks for joining me. thank you. thank you. brock. we'll start with you. what are the legal reasons why asylum can be granted to the migrants? yeah, so this is a very straightforward law. political salad. you have to show a reasonable fear of imminent danger to yourself on the grounds of religious belief,
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political affiliation, national identity, or some sort of other group like that in order to join political cell. you also have to prove that you didn't go to another country 1st and where you could have gotten political a. so that's a big no, no, in the political science world mess exactly. what's happening here, because mexico did offer political sound to this caravan. and as a consequence, they really have lost the ability, legally speaking, to ask for political asylum, at least here in america. but yet i think there is a good chance they still will be granted it on some forms. have we seen, do you know, legally have we seen that if we're looking at 1700000 so far had they've all been granted a sounds, the ones that been allowed to come into the country so far as we're hearing stories about midnight flights into new york spreading different under age children. do we know that they've all been granted at this point? have they all been processed as far as a don't within a brock visitor?
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brock. yeah. as far as i know, and none of them have received political asylum, that's a long process. and it to take very often years in the making. i have represented class. i don't remember how long it took, but no, there's a big difference between getting political salad and simply being allowed to go into the country. and that's where i want to bring ted on because i want to get that established by that. thank you broke because americans right now, should they be fearful, considering, as you're willing to read images of these migrant caravans breaking through law enforcement in the national guard of mexico? should they be fearful of what is coming into america? ted? well, i think they should be concerned that our federal government is not doing anything to defend our sovereign borders. that is probably the number one job of the president of the united states is to protect our borders. and this administration has been doing just the opposite. they have been encouraging this kind of behavior since the very 1st day that the by the administration came into office. and the
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very 1st thing that he did was passed an executive order that overturned trumps, remain in mexico policy. the probably the most successful immigration policy that any president has ever put in place. and this administration turned it over on day one, fully anticipating knowing that this would be the end result. ok, so there, anticipating it. i mean, it's been now what 89 months of this ted, do you feel like that? why are we still continuing to see these waves? is that what's motivating waves to come were the 1st is trials and because they've been away able to get away with it. the next wave is coming. well, i don't blame people from wanting to leave their countries that have been destroyed by socialism and coming to the united states. that is the most exceptional country on the face, the earth. if i was in those countries, i would do the same for my family. but that is not the issue. the issue should be that our administration, our president, should be doing everything they can to stop this and to say that don't come here,
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stay in your country and change your country and change your government to put in place. the policies that we have here in the united states. okay, st. paul, back over to to broaden we're talking about the accountability on this. you know, what is the account by g feel comfy? you mentioned that you don't think that all point 1700000 migrants have been given full actual ability to come in. but they are, they're being led in do you feel like they have been accounted for and that what is the legal responsibility of the united states for their safety and for knowing who they are down the road? well, i think it's 100 percent of the legal responsibility of the american government to figure out who is here and who is not here in terms of the illegal immigrants here . look, i don't even think that they know how many illegal immigrants there were before this caravan before this, this administration with the 1700000 that have arrived. i think the, the claim was always $11000000.00 or so. i think it's more close to 30 or 35000000 in process. it's been many decades of this has been going on. so it's not at all
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surprised that this will be the case in terms of accountability. yes, we have to do that. i mean, we don't have a sense of who's in this country and then we are really doomed, in terms of a shadow government shadow economy and crime, that won't be accounted for either because this is a, it's, it's, and it's, it's very stuff. and that's a concern because these aren't just phone southern and south america or central america, they're coming from other countries over finding african stations. others are using, this is a way to get in. but ted, you know, we've talked about this before about this amnesty coming in. do you think that despite now we're doing 1700000 just this year so far? now we have 3000. we see waves coming in. are you think you think that this will be the number one issue going into 2020 to 2024 election and it will, amnesty possibly be granted to all of these waves of migrants that are coming in? well, i can't imagine amnesty will be granted. i think the crowns are it,
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they still are hearing your commission or they've been pushing for it since ronald reagan was an office. and i think that they will continue to push for it. but i don't believe that they'll get the 60 votes and in the united states senate to get it passed. but i do believe this will be the number one issue in the 2022 elections and the 2024 elections. this was the issue and 16 when trump lifted up the banner and said that he would this would be as number one issue to closing the border. ringback and building a wall, the other 16 very good republican candidates would not pick up that issue. and trump came in out of nowhere and swept the deck and, and won the nomination and then beat hillary clinton on this one issue. i believe what we're seeing this invasion on our southern border is going to be the catalyst issue. in the 20222024 elections like it was in 2016. and yet, ted, in this last way that happened just a few weeks ago when we saw the thousands that were camp out underneath the bridge . the story that got a lot of attention with this. suppose it how the horse whipping that we're having,
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which we've turned out to be not even true. and yet that story the next day, magically the i've returned the cameras were off and all of those people to the bridge they just disappeared. could we do you think that that's going to be how the, the protocol is going to be moving forward when these $3000.00 hit the border, is there going to be some sort of disruption distraction? and then we're going to see the disappearance of 3000 more into the united states. well, that is the modus operandi of the american mainstream media. they are nothing more than a radical leftist that believe in open borders and they're going to do everything to the can to change the narrative. and that's what they've done for decades. i don't think that's gonna change moving forward. but i think what i'm calling for is that the republican party in washington dc would step up and say, we're going to shut down washington, d. c. now one thing is going to get through the united states senate until this administration shuts down the border. this is ridiculous, what's going on it's, it's literally on the verge of treason and the republicans, washington
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d. c. are doing nothing to rise up and, and put a stop to it. and republicans need to be held accountable for just as much as this administration. and you have to ask yourself time and time again since amnesty was granted at bag underneath ronald reagan, why they will. busy not actually push the issue and you just might need to look at some of their donors. once again, always good talk to you, broken ted. now as home prices continue to skyrocket, some experts believe the real estate market may finally be calling off. article responding natasha suite has the latest on the home buying trends. as the cost of real estate continues to escalate a record high levels, some experts describe what they're calling buyer burnout, becoming a reality. there is no question. real estate is a hot commodity right now. the city of phoenix has had the top gains nationwide at a 33 percent increase for a whopping 27th street months. san diego has increased more than 26 per cent. and tampa bay runs out to the top 3 at 25.9 percent. according to the national case,
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shriller index home prices rose 19.8 percent year over year in august. price is now sitting at 45.5 percent higher than their peak during 2006. well, it seems prices have been on the up and up some experts say they're seen as stagnation and the ones fast paced trend some. the heb corelogic deputy chief economist says the slowing acceleration at home prices suggest that buyer teague is setting in half notes, that this trend has been seen more and higher and homes, but it's not just real estate. experts say that rent prices across the u. s. are also rising rentcafe revealing that renting activity is back to pre pandemic levels . the rental listing service discloses renting is up 13 percent and the 1st half of 2021 compared to the 1st half of 2020. and even with the workforce, still not completely back to normal, pretty mac estimates. rent will increase at least 2.5 percent this year. zillow shows it's rent index rose 7 point one percent in june. that's are poorly the
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biggest annual jump since 2015. some say the rising rates have to do with the ongoing demand for housing and the high real estate price tags. some exports believe the federal eviction moratorium, which was extended by the centers for disease control and prevention through october. 3rd has kept eviction rates much lower. reporting for news is huge and harsh sweets r t and that is all for today show in the meantime, follow me on twitter at scottie and use. make sure that you use the hash tag team and b h, because we want you to be a part of our team and we appreciate your comments and more morally for the show and more download the portable dot tv app. it's free on your apple or android device. you can get all the programming on our t and our t america. like always thank you for watching at you later. ah, ah ah,
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ah, ah, ah, ah, with ah, with oh, oh yeah, it has to be rash. to be able to afford any thought and find the luxury, get for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more
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deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count as how, how they can choose your customers and dump the sick. so also a to satisfy their wall street investors. no parents have to see what i saw. if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decision and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder. with food
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this alice hope headlines. her one r t and a 1000000 euros a day. that is the price poland will have to pay for daring to defy the e u, or the prox court of justice has to slap warsaw with a penalty. and the ongoing dispute over a rule of law and freedom, or a possible 175 year prison sentence. julianna's sanchez, fate rests in the hands of the you case. i caught an extradition appeal hearing to the us for the whistleblower starts today in london. also in the program, a chilling warning from the united nations which says that situation in afghan hassan is to so dia, that half the countries entire population could face acute malnutrition. at this winter. in the program we hear from the organization.


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