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tv   News  RT  October 26, 2021 5:00am-5:28am EDT

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ah, with patience already forced to q 4 hours to get into a hospital in the u. k. paramedics, warren, of an utterly unprecedented crisis facing the ambulance service. that's as the armies put on stand by to help cope with the winter rush. we get an n h f doctor to give the health service its own check up around 5700000 people on waiting lists with a manager at present, which it saturdays company going to get less because against that also had this news. our several protesters are reportedly shot dead and more than a 100 injured on violence or ropes on the streets of su down. friend, military tick over, reduces the country to chaos, and fueling disputes. europe's gas crisis sees more riffs, emerged within the e u,
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just the head of an emergency energy meeting about how to prevent future shop. ah, live from moscow every hour of the day. this is our t. my name's you know, neil on 30 minutes of news and views start not you. k. paramedics have raised fears of what they have labeled and utterly unprecedented crisis facing the ambulance service. the n h. s. workers claim the pressures off the winter season cut, proved insurmountable unless the covert pandemic is brought under control. there are absolutely situations where people waiting many, many hours, both to get in to the hospital. and then once they've been in the hospital waiting
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to see a doctor, cause it has a detrimental effect on anybody who's waiting for hours either in london. so sitting in an emergency department and nobody working in those services wants to see that happens. but there is a huge amount of pressure on the chest at the moment. non balance is are being forced to stay in queues lasting hours outside hospitals as they wait for their patients to be admitted. let's look here in our news, while a number of medics have taken 2 social media to post pictures of the current situation, one part of medic was demanding urgent action. after showing 25 ambulance cruise waiting to enter an emergency department. it's not even winter while earlier this month, a patient died after waiting more than 5 hours in the back of an ambulance. we are right on the edge and it is the middle of october. it would require an incredible amount of luck for us not to find ourselves in the midst of a profound crisis over the next 3 months. well,
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the u. k. government has pumped the country on something akin to a war footing to deal with the crisis. troops helping train to drive on balances. some 4000 of them are in stand by to help the any chance cope with the winter season. earlier at the defense secretary said soldiers are also ready to assist with administering vaccines, testing for coven and other general support. in hospitals, indeed, new daily coven cases in the u. k skyrocketed in july here and have remained as you can see here. hi, ever since doctors fears those numbers combined with a winter flu season, could overwhelm the health system. and it just chiefs also want a prime minister to implement the more stringent plan b for winter, which includes vaccine passports, and compulsory faced math. so far, the government's resisting to move much to the disappointment of some on the front line. there are other things that the government could couldn't could be doing. and
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yes, that should be absolutely seriously considering mr. this point in time before things go too far. hospital i work in has been on what we call black lab, which means that the beds are absolutely full of patients for a number of weeks now and we are not coming across the whole system. many hospitals are very full with patients, so we know that hospitals actually been at the most efficient and not absolutely full up with patients. and it does may not knock on effect, saw that those patients who are waiting for edge and surgery who require in particular intensive care pads or high dependency care on not being processed or not being cared for in a timely way. and we know that is the case. there are 5700000 people on waiting lists within the n h s. present, which is probably going to get worse before it gets better. a military take over the rest of political leaders and the state of emergency all
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combining to enrage protesters into done who have set the capital on fire. chaotic seen topping and rumbling in the north african country for well, more than 24 hours. now there's been widespread international condemnation of the power grant with the u. s. suspending its financial aid to the country. 7 people were reportedly shot dead and at least 140 others injured that result of violent clashes between protesters and the army. ah, to with
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things now are somewhat of an impasse of violence. impasse that is people in the streets they, they're staying out there. impetus burning cause blocking or fruits by by lay roxy, though uprooted roads, brick walls across roads in the capital harpoon. many people now injured sudden even kill and what they demand is that the military stay out of civilian business. they de botton the release of all the ministers, the civilian leaders that have been arrested by the military. over the past 2 days, the military says that these power sharing agreement between this transitional agreement, between the military and civilian leaders, it hasn't worked. and they have recently been backed by other people,
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also civilians who say that things were better under the, the dictate, the autocrat omar bashir, who ruled the country for 3 decades of who was deposed by public protest in 2019 we've seen reaction poor in internationally, the united states has said that $700000000.00 and financing assistance for the country has been suspended frozen for now, pending the, the actions of the military. they want them to release all the civilian leaders that they've arrested. they have also condemned this and said that they had no warning that the school was in the works to be clear, we were not given any heads up about this. there is no m a u. s. military footprint on the ground in sudan. there's no training. it's not like there's disrupted some sort of training partnership, a relationship there. there's note that we don't have a u. s. military presence on the ground to those ends. condemnation of those of portland, from, from the european union,
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various countries that make it up or to the arab league. the african union varies some talk that perhaps this could spiral into, into a civil war. obviously we must understand the realities, but the, the military with, with all its guns has a big advantage. they could very well use violence to reach their aim, to restore stability. but it must also be understood that there are many people who are sick of the military who was sick of all the the autocratic rule that has been imposed on them for so many decades of that. who desperately want to transition to a democracy. even with all the trouble that brings and we have seen economic collapse over the last few years in sudan, the currency collapse, the heights in prices for fuel power, food and other commodities for now. communication with people inside sudanese, somewhat difficult because the military has gotten restricted telephone and internet networks. but one refugee from sedan that we've spoken to says this latest
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military takeover bodes ill for his country. why. 1 them, it was a surprise for us. we didn't expect that it would come to this because all the sudanese people expected sedans to move in the right direction towards democracy. the entire nation had such high hopes. the military always imposes its power on the people. we were shocked by the news that the prime minister, senior ministers in the sovereignty council and other important officials had been arrested. we received some messages from our brothers, despite the internet and other communications having been cut. the disagreements between the military and civil officials is very important because the glorious december revolution dethroned the old regime and helped to create the new government. we were counting on the new governments to create a civil state. yet another rest is taking shape in the european union after 9 member states including germany set on monday,
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they would not support reform of the blocks electricity market. the dispute comes of an emergency meetings under wind luxembourg, where you ministers are attempting to find a way to prevent energy bills from surging. once more. as the price spikes have global drivers, we should be very careful before interfering in the design of internal energy markets. this will not be a remedy to mitigate the current cries and energy prices linked to fossil fuels. markets. the 9 countries say they're against radical reforms. instead they support a foster renewable reliance on integration of electricity markets. and that's not the only hurdle facing block members. you have to use nuclear energy to insurance energy independence. that is the latest statement by the slovenia infrastructure minister who's in fact charing. today's emergency energy meeting over at that very issue has previously led to in fighting among states with some vehemently oppose
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than others adamant. it's the best route to go on our tea. charlotte duping speed picks up the story for us. the energy crisis combined with you countries trying to meet call when you try to targets, bodes well the francis favorite form of power nuclear in brussels. the commission president hate the red button. we need a stable source, nuclear and during the transition of course, natural gas. and this is why, as we've already stated as a commission in april, we will come forward with our taxonomy proposal. member states have been bitterly divided over nuclear power. the commission chief herself previously branded it as dangerous and the likes of austria, germany in spain, all vocal opponents. we were disconcerted to learn that in the opinion of the joint research center, there were no indication that the high risk technology that is nuclear power is
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more damaging to human health and to the environment than other forms of energy generation, such as wind and solar energy nuclear power, however, is a high risk technology in germany. people are concerned by the european commissions change of heart. galvan if i don't believe in nuclear power, it has been proven to be the most dangerous and expensive form of energy production at home graft nuclear power is actually not the best for the future. now their energy sources should come 1st to in block in the long term, we should move away from both fossil fuels, a nuclear energy towards natural, sustainably generated power. harry, france, nuclear power is far better. received president mack on his just unveiled plans to build new nuclear plants 6 by the end of next year. he's one of several you leaders that have been pushing the idea that nuclear is
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a green investment. the country's grid operate to r t e also insisted that nuclear is essential to the energy portfolio. building new nuclear reactors is economically viable, especially as it makes it possible to maintain a fleets of around 40 gigawatts in 2050. but that is not an argument that's accepted by environmental organizations. nuclear power is incredibly expensive, hazardous and slow to build. building new nuclear reactors won't happen overnight in the e. u. meaning that this won't be a source of power to draw from, as the energy crisis bites this winter, and also possibly into next year. what you're really needs is the solution right now, and yet it's resisting the answer that many think is obvious. ask a neighbor for help in this scenario, that's russia, which has plenty of gas to pump, overt during this pinch. some e lee doesn't know which way the wind is blowing and of even asked the commission
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to rethink its freeze on russia. forget about ever becoming independent from russia . these will never happen. there's also concern that this shift towards nuclear power being a form of green energy is the result of powerful lobbyists and as desperate as the e. u seems to want to forego any relationship with russia over gas shipping to nuclear won't change the need for that relationship with moscow. not only to some elements that are essential for nuclear vision come from russia. the country has also been helping france to process its nuclear way. whichever way you look at it, the you and its energy needs look set to remain tight. you linked to moscow? charlotte d britsky oxy. paris? still lots of had an international this hour, including silence of the tweets i. u. s. republican congressman sees his account
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suspended after calling the nations 1st trenton gender, a 4 star general warren that shortly. ah ah ah ah
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ah, this picture tells a 1000 words and 1000 episodes a kaiser per our contain. this is rosetta stone of mean and kaiser important understanding this me when stacy wearing a crime, i don't know if you've seen it close enough or not, but that stacy wearing a crown in front of a burning building. this is the key name of all means. this is the construct. think all you need to know about our modern life in this me ah, you're back with art international. a u. s. republican congressman has accused twitter of censorship after his official account was suspended. it happened after he called the nations 1st transgender for star general rachel living amount. twitter said jim banks. i kind violated it's a hateful conduct policy now that it was later deleted. and back in 2018 twitter
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updated it's policy and prohibited content rules to include mis gendering transgender individuals. congressman banks start out his suspension saying that calling someone who was born and lived as a man for over 50 years. the 1st female for star officer is an insult to women. my tree was a statement of fact big tech doesn't have to agree with me, but they shouldn't be able to cancel me if they silence me, they will silence you. it's not the 1st time twitter is drawn ira for suspending high profile politicians. of course former us president donald trump's account was the tourist li permanently blocked in the wake of the capitol hill. unrest with the company citing quote, the risk of further incitement of violence. journalist and commentator chad with more beliefs, tech giants are actively shutting down, open discussion. well, when it comes to big tech and especially twitter transgender rhythm is the 3rd
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rating. everyone sorta knows that is the most touchy topic you can possibly comments on. and the one that probably get the most people suspended, to be honest. and what peter said was that. 3 the congressmen suite violated their their policy again for conduct and harassment, then targeting an individual because of their certain protected class being, you know, race, gender, gender identity, sexuality, what have you, we can expect big checked facebook, twitter, any of those things to ever be on, refused to ever be on the side of truth of dialogue, of open discussion. and it's that just upgraded and it's because they do that is where public discussion takes place and they control the narratives and they decide what to be heard and what not to be heard or seen. i mean, twitter being alluded to suspend a sitting president donald trump, for president of the united states. they kicked off the platform while they are doing it to anyone they have does everyone there will continue to do it to everyone
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to bite and seeing no fun of walls when he 1st took over the u. s. presidency immediately halting construction on his predecessors. infamous border offense with mexico, but it appears as if closer to home. it's a different picture with a new security perimeter going up or on his b choice. in delaware, it is costing taxpayers more than $450000.00. construction began in september and a june to be completed by the end of the year biden's facing a backlash for funding it from his security budget. while contracts for trumps border wall work, counseled r t spoke to people living in the very heart of the border crisis in texas about the issue. because rather ridiculous. to be honest with you. i mean, once do a little bit of securing what we all live in here, united states, instead of worrying about your personal property, kind of
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a coward move and my personal opinion is more about himself than the american building. because he does still threaten people that live with them or tell them they're still saying, you're really don't know why you're calling about yourself. that's the kind of contradictory to the way his policies are inactive down on the border. so there's no wall down there. it is. interesting that to take responsibility for our country uses different approach to protecting his home versus his home country. joe biden humbling of the situation in the us. mexico border has been the focus of frequent criticism since his inauguration close to 1700000 migraine, something to tamed up the border with mexico this year. it is the largest number of illegal border crossings recorded since 1916 despite the escalating humanitarian
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prices under his tenure, but not yet to see the situation. at 1st, the president acknowledged he should visit the boarder, but said he hasn't had the candidate for york state governor derek gibson believes the american leaders knew b choice fence smacks of hypocrisy. ex you're gonna have to pay 13 percent more for them compared to the beginning of this year. while furniture and bedding are up by double digit, percentage points as well. us officials say the inflation rate is way above forecast. the common charge to be economy has cause disruptions that we will be working through over the next year. and of course, americans haven't seen inflation like we have experienced in a long time. it's not just the us that's been hit hard. the chief economists for the international monetary fund warned inflationary pressures that run the globe will remain at least until the middle of 2020 tooth that's due in part to
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disruption to supply change during the pandemic in the u. k. if the poorest, who appear to be the hardest hit, the opposition labor party claim those less well off are paying up to 50 percent more on energy bills compared to wealthier families. much because your host of the kaiser report on our tea leaves the money printing policies of washington and london are only adding fuel to the fire. the u. s. is similar to these other countries and that they're all coordinating their central bank policies and they are all living in this dream world where you can print money forever and have no consequences. when you print trillions and trillions of dollars, it ends up increasing prices. the partly into the c p, it's going directly into price increases. and once the inflation genie is out of the bottle, there's no way to put it back in expectations are running high. so this is the beginning of a secular inflationary move. the only way to stop it is to raise interest rate
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bound. roger, they're actually raising interest rates. they're doing the right thing. but in the united states, in great britain, they're not raising interest rates. as a matter of fact, they believe that the way to fight this would be the lower rates and to make more money available. so they're actually throwing gasoline on the fire. if they were to raise rates, even a quarter of a percentage points, they were throw the entire leveraged economy of the u. k. and britain into complete parallel zation. so they've really put themselves in an untenable position. and i think we're going to see a huge economic dislocation. this is the beginning of a secular inflationary move that's going to cause tremendous damage. well, we've just been hearing about it and it is very much the term does. your next that boom bus takes us through way. we might be hearing about supply chain disruptions for some time to come stick close. this is our to ah,
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look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law. you're identification, we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to race trust, rather than fear i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a wrong one. i just don't know if you have to fill out the scene because of the advocate
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shoot with this is them by going vision. say you can't afford to miss. i'm ready to love it. i'm bridget boring. washington coming up. supply chain issues continue to hamstring the global coven. 19 recovery of the european union has now weighed in on china's shortage of metal material. straight ahead, we discussed the latest turn as the energy crunch effects the supply chain. and that is not the only fault for the recovery process as inflation has gripped in many parts of the world will discuss with bike and whether hyperinflation could be on the horizon. then the bracket was rate on for the u. k. as the island nation remains at odds with the e. u for take a look at the latest trade talks and whether a fishing war is on the horizon, we are the path to today. so let's get started. and we.


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