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he pulled this out. he reached out. holy crap, his him died. oh no, he's to be better. it was, i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through that smell of breath. nato. want the dead and show you how inconsequential the alliance is. a tourist president are to want ordering, removal, investors from their country 7 of those countries being felt members of the alliance, all over the support of one man. we will tell you who this person is and why, or no one is a willing to risk the largest alliance, just to keep them in jail. and whether you are in a small town or a large metropolitan city. the vaccine mandate is having an effect on a thousands of police officers for being forced to turn in their badge if they
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don't take the job. but one governor is seizing on the opportunity and incentivizing those police officers to a standing state with hope of making history more se, but well at work. and more details regarding the fatal shooting on the set of a breath, as it still is not clear how the guy had live rounds in the chamber, and how coven protocols might have been involved. lionel joins us with his take on the tragedy. i'm scale hughes, and we're going to give you the 360 view of these stories and more onto the new views right here on our team. erica. ah, we're going to start this week with the news of israel's latest round of missiles launched on the southern syrian southern sierra striking has below linked targets. now, according to syrian media, 2 of the sites struck has blob surveys post with the 3rd target a sight next to
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a syrian military facility, which israel claim has been, has been working with. now following the attack, israeli military supposedly drugs pamphlets in the go on warning, syrian troops to not cooperate with has blood. but there are actually no word yet on casualties. the mosque is, however, has already announced they have a right to respond saying israel's actions are part of a series of aggressions against syrian sovereignty. this all comes after fridays meeting between israeli prime minister, naphtali bennett and russian president vladimir putin, were both leaders left, declaring the meeting extremely productive. but now i want to take a look at what's not being productive. rather it's actually a power play moves. the president of turkey, a reset, or one threatened to expel kin western ambassadors creating a diplomatic storm that analysts say will not only bring on economic disaster to turkey, but could also severely damage at the nato alliance are barren. frantic is live
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outside the turkish mc. faren. what's the latest? you know, scottie, it's interesting on our way down here, driving down the embassy ro in on massachusetts avenue here in d. c. a number of embassies holding out the are actually displaying the turkish flag. whether or not it's in relation to this is unknown, but it was a very interesting thing, a number i counted about maybe 9 or 10 down the road. but now this done in a stunning move. 2 days after announcing the rates of air one would expel those 10 western ambassadors, the circus president. now actually taking a step back from actually doing it now, many saying that this is a smart move since this would completely have slammed the door on turkey as far as nato. but again, this is all stemming from the case of mine. karla now is a foreign you had foreign and bassett, or calling for his release cobble as seen by some as a successful businessman and philanthropy. president erewhon says that he is linked
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to the 2013 nationwide anti government protests as well as a 2016 qu, attempt. now he was arrested 1st charged with funding those protests, but was later acquitted. so when cavellas family was expecting him to be released, he was then charged with espionage and he's been in jail since 2017. not charged with the crime which brought the release of a letter on the 4th anniversary of his jailing last tuesday, written and signed by a number of adapters calling for his release. now the ambassadors writing the irregularities in his case cast a shadow over respect for democracy, the rule of law and transparency in the turkish judiciary system. now those countries that signed that statement are germany, france, finland, denmark, the netherlands, norway, sweden, canada, new zealand, and the united states. here as president erewhon statement, just after lifting those expulsions vienna jose dish miss didn't he believed that these ambassadors unfilled their commitment to odyssey 41 of the vienna convention
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that is on the commitment to abide by the laws and regulations of the countries and not interfere in the international affairs, i will now be more careful in their statements regarding turkey, southern writes, a german. i would also like to express that anyone who doesn't respect a hug independence of our country and the sensitivities of our nations in vogue matter what their title is. cannot be accommodated on this country. i know there are reports that it was the buying the administration that was driving the a force behind this letter with his aids describing if biden's public policy of publicly calling out human rights violations. now analysts warned that these expulsions could send the turkish economy into a freefall, and the economy is already seeing a 20 percent inflation. and the turkish lira fell to a new low of 975 to the u. s. dollar. one. turkish senior columnist, writing quote, who would it her to break our relations with 10 countries over osmond will up,
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we need to be cold blooded and act in an attitude befitting great states. with his reaction, president era on spoke to these 10 countries in the language he understood with its government and opposition. turkey has shown its stance, but after that, it's time to act calmly. now some say this was a distraction by air to want to divert the attention from not only turkeys internal economic problems, but also to distract the united states with turkey hinting at buying rushes as 400 missile defense system. turkey is also waiting on the replacement of its f $35.00 fighter jets order from the united states where turkey has already paid the bill. $1400000000.00. now you'll remember that at 35 order was blocked by the united states. after hearing that turkey might buy, rushes s $400.00. no airlines as at the u. s. is offered to deliver f. 16 jets instead, which could actually and another lingering stand off between the united states and turkey. scottie reporting outside the turkish embassy for news use use. i'm fair in
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france, act discuss further rebranded. i'm a data executive director of the ron paul as to thanks for dr. daniel. thanks for having me, scotty. okay, so i have to ask you did earlier wanna just put, do you believe the 10 countries in check for becoming involved a domestic affair in their host country. you know, i should begin by saying, i'm not particularly familiar with a couple a case and i'm not a huge fan of every one for many reasons. but i think what he did a stand up to clear interference outside interference in this country. and you stood up and said, no, you're not going to do this. and i'm gonna start writing letters, dictating what we do in our internal judicial processes, whether or not they're, we would consider the free or fair. and i think it was. busy from that perspective, as a non intervention, i think was a very good move. and i think certainly the us in the west blink 1st, they tweet it out there still saying that we will abide by the v requirements. so not enter to be here with other countries, and i think both sides realize point having been made, it's time to back down rather than escalate. so in a sense all, well,
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that ends well, particularly if that warning is taken by the other countries, i guess is probably a unfortunately, it will be, well, and here's the thing. i also have to look at the time the other day or next weekend . we got the g 20 happening in the room where it is said the president was going to meet with the president fight. and do you think this was also setting the tone and sort of already, can i use the peacock showing up their feathers before they go into the room as to who's the more powerful one, at least on the global things. but i think there's a little bit of that, you know, near to one when he made this announcement, i think he was speaking to a rally. so he, you know, his roots are in populism. that's where he draws his support. and so i think standing up to a west that is meddling and turkish affairs is always a good thing. and no one has been very sensitive about the 2016. what he calls it to attend. thousands of public servants have been fired over it so, so that he is very concerned about incent, insensitive to so i think he's just wanting to make this point that you can keep
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doing this in unfortunate, but administration is every bit as bad as the previous administrations when it comes to intervening in the other countries, well, then you also have to bring in the nato alliance. we saw some strong moves happen last week concerning russia. now we're having, suppose a turkey is one of those 7 of the in countries or a part of that alliance. do you think this actually sets the tone moving forward as to what role? first of all, that nato actually how good of a friendship, it really is. but what role turkey is going to play when he literally just said that he would reject 7 ambassadors of this alliance, that he is a part of? well, i think turkey holds a lot of cards in his hands. i mean, i think it has an enormous amount of leverage. despite differences. he's been able to maintain a very good relationship with russia and with putin, he's bought the s 400 missiles, was in the process of acquiring the s 400 missiles. the us, of course, had a hissy fit and decided to offer that you as you point out f sixteens instead,
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that's like, you know, paying for, and state and getting a hamburger. well, depending on your view of the 35, of course, because the sixty's probably a better jet all in all. but yeah, i mean, i think there, there is definitely something to that to that effect going on. well, it will be interesting. interesting to see, let me just point out, remind people that the united states has a lot of nuclear capabilities that has house right now in turkey. so if it would have gone forward and we would have had no bass or embassy clothes or turkey, there could be some major issues. i think that we might not even know going on behind the scenes. daniel, always great to chat with you. thank you, scottie. now when we come back, if a sunshine and no income tax was it enough to learn, workers in one is industry to florida and coal will fill you in on one governor's controversial move to attract new officers to stay after the break the
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the more nato tried to explain itself, the more obvious this cold, warm relic needs to be retired and for good. also, joe biden told us he wanted to beat the great unifier, unlike the evil orange man. indeed, now, there is growing unity in the dislike of bye. ah ah
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ah, this picture tells a 1000 words and 1000 absence kaiser where are continue. this is rosetta stone of mean and kaiser report understanding this me one stacy wearing a crime. i don't know if you've seen it close enough or not, but that stacy wearing a crown in front of a burning building. this is the key mean of all means this is constructing all you need to know about our modern life in this me ah, if cancer culture getting the way of actual research and education operations to mit a summer saying s r d correspond natasha suite has more on what exactly is happening, many conservatives claim, if you go against what they call the liberal ma, that you will essentially get blacklisted and says what is being defined as cancel
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culture. a perfect example of this, a climate scientists recently getting dis invited at mit over his article views. not his research in the actual field in which he was invited to speak. dorian abbot is the geophysicist and an associate professor at the university of chicago. earlier this month, mit had invited abbott to speak at the john carlson lecture on climate change. the topic focused on applying climate science to planets orbiting different stars and seen which ones could have earth like life on them. however, he was uninvited, not for his opinions on climate science before sharing his political views. in a news week op ed, he co wrote, the article was entitled the diversity problem on campus. it says the words, diversity, equity, and inclusion sound just and are often supported by well intention people, but their effects are the opposite of noble sentiments. most importantly, equity does not mean fair and equal treatment d. i seeks to increase the representation of some groups through discrimination against members of other groups. the article goes on to say we propose an
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alternative framework called merit fairness and equality. whereby university applicants are treated as individuals and evaluated through a rigorous and biased process based on their merit and qualifications alone ab, it argues that all americans who support the free society should stand by academic freedom and be opposed to cancel culture. it's not a right left issue. it's an authoritarian versus free speech issue. but things took a turn and abbott's favor. after abbot was dis invited to mit robert george a professor at princeton university sponsored habit to give the same speech at princeton. the mit cancellation drew more attention to abbott's lecture. the turn out was large and up. it even received an award by the american council of trustees and alumni calling him a hero of intellectual freedom. now an abbot, newsweek op ed. he cited a poll conducted by pew were searched, saying 74 percent of americans think that only qualification should apply when
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hiring or promoting someone. he argues, if the culture doesn't change in universities, that many employer and consumers will begin to see college degree in a different light reporting for new shoes and hot weeks r t. to join me now to discuss the author and for a police officer, dominic is an array attorney, robert for hello. thanks for joining me gentlemen. things ok, so we're just kind of a 2 part 2nd. so let's start with the issue at hand. first. let's review, robert, helped me out here. what is wrong with what avid said, isn't fairness, what we're striving for, especially in a place like academia. you know, it's funny there. so my most from way back in the ninety's where you start, keep and paste. it starts which end up tempo, and i find it interesting that all of a sudden people have an issue with diversity inclusion. when you start seeing more minorities getting degrees and you start seeing the playing field start to be level back in the days when front mit and some of these other schools have 995 percent plus a white population. nobody taught throughout the ages diverted in inclusion. it only
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becomes a problem when other people are starting to catch up and think mister abbott is a great geophysicist. he does great things on climate change, but maybe his opinions on social engineering don't company or inform plate to be look at the enrollment numbers of minorities. and some of these, i believe, institutions they're higher than have ever been there. a graduation rates are higher than they've ever been. there's been no dip at all in academic. attain this that they started to have more diversity and the people going to their campuses. so i think he's stuck in a mind free from back in the day that will now the other people are actually having an opportunity with you to change the rule to make it harder for them. i don't think most americans agree with that. okay, so is it as simple as that? dominic, i mean when applying for colleges, what is wrong? do you think of saying everyone should be given a fair and equal opportunity based on their american merit and academic affairs? and i hear roberts saying, but at the same time i have to think why not then just leave off that box that says, what is your race even? what is your gender? should it be just based on the qualifications alone?
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heck, even leave off the name and just put bob smith and, and smith in there. what is wrong with that? don't think, i think that's the way that it should go. and i don't know why this is still consistently an issue. and again it's, it's an issue because people need to make it an issue for one reason. we have to have something to complain about. i think we become such a fantastically diverse culture in america. this is, i've never seen a more thriving time for every race and culture out there america, of for some strange reason. the left needs to be upset. it's a perpetuation of there's. i think blind a blind applicants will be great. no names. noah, no genders. no, no, a race and just have exactly what their qualifications are and it's, it's exactly how it should be. but then again to you to remove the lust ability to complain about something. robert, would you be open to that, even if we just started to take away everything from the past, we've had all the kids forward just with their actual, their name application. it would take their name off. here's their merits. here's with their academic record is maybe here's the, even the high school that they winter. we could even leave that off. would that
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make things fair across the board? or is that just kind of unrealistic to think we can live in a world like that? or you're, you're putting a band aids on a, on a bigger solution. you have 300 plus years of having a white dominated institutions. then for about 30 years to start allowing other people in. and now all of a sudden it will take all the names off lists, take away gender, everything else, the supreme court ruled in the group. this is in the back of 15 years ago that diversity is etc, and academic interest in and of itself by having a diversity of opinion by bringing people different cultures with different backgrounds, different genders. you actually get and rich, the academic achievement of those students going forward. and when we talk about the great and diverse society we've come into now, it didn't happen on incident that happened through years and generations of decades of fighting to push through these diversity. and this is to get more people of different backgrounds if the educational field so jim can have that the work that we're talking about now. and i think that is why is too important to make sure that we have a college campus and the industry and the various businesses that reflect the
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miracle. so we can get away from that mad men version of america making 5th, again, to the modern family. personal american is this today. okay, we can talk about this whole time, but i've got to get to this other topics for students. i've got you dominic on this one. i want to look at another story with both of you concerning vaccine mandate in the recent told us taking a law enforcement one governor actually a season on the opportunity of police officers refusing to give back said, losing their job, recruiting the officers to make the streets in his state safer, rhonda sanchez of florida is offering a $5000.00 cash bonus to out of state police if they will just relocate to the sunshine state dominate. do you think this will work in recruiting officers to florida who have lost their jobs wherever they may be? no, i don't, and i actually don't like it either or y'all's. the last time i checked, every single person, every single citizen, even the non citizens are here, deserves police protection of police service. and you know what these governors and these mayors,
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they're making that political and it's actually nauseating. i think it's actually it's, it's not fair. what have you, did you have a chicago or illinois cops? you decide to move from our state all the way down to florida because of an increase in pay. well then don't the citizens from my state suffer or whatever else they go. the law enforcement needs to be non political. it needs to be completely right down the middle. don't care about your race, religion, gender anything. and they need to service what these governors and mares and politicians are making them pawns. and they're political game and it's disgusting. but that is governors. does mayers and all of those dominic i was, i was the robert are saying they can't work because they're refusing to get vaccinated. so. 2 shouldn't they be able to have a place to work in florida offering that place? why should florida be the be the bad guys in this, robert? i assume you probably do not like this policy. oh, by all means go to florida. enjoy florida wants me to known as having the most disease police force in the country. then sure, bring on your unvaccinated, your leprosy, your in your ancient diseases,
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you bonnet plate come on down to florida, can we don't care? oh, some sam, police officers, internet. we'll do public, i have a wife who can you know, compromise over mother. he will be little compromised. like to think that a police officer that they have to pull them over in their head with helping them carry groceries across the street. they've been taking all the public health measures possible to a shorter they are not the not legally carrying a virus that may killed those individual. i don't understand why republicans decided to make this into some kind of lyrical anarchy. freedom versus authoritarian hardware. when people are dying, several 100000 americans of die and effect, you have a governor of the united states, a state united states, from america, incentivizing people to carry diseases that may kill other people, i think is disgusting. and i think that's the type of political argument that make people check out apologies altogether because of the makers seem like we are serious as a nation about tackling big issues. this is a big issue that camping tackle. but still we have people incentives are incentivizing all that are to be diseased. i don't understand that. well,
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robert dominic has fish on my answers on this one, but we have no more time left to go into that. thank you jennifer, joining me last on. double fire to prob guns after being told the guns are cold, all of this just days before the fatal shooting on the set of rest. starring alley thought of it. now crew members had to raise concerns regarding gun safety and conditions. but the production company said they were not aware of an official complaint. now in regards the incident which led to hailey and hutchins, a cinematographer being shot later, pronounced it at the hospital. according to an affidavit by the santa fe county sheriffs office because of cobra, 1900 safety protocols, there were actually 3 prob guns checked on a cart left on the set before the crew broke for lunch. after lunch, dr. jones sousa, who was also shop and suffered a more minor wound, was not sure if the guns had been checked by the armor or the assistant director who handed the gun to alec baldwin. and when the director did now, did, who was known was the assistant director thought he was being handed the same gun
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to use to baldwin, shot colgan even guess what he was mistaken. so what are the civil and criminal liabilities in this situation? and why didn't anyone question? when the armor handed katira said she almost didn't take her previous job because she didn't know she was ready to bring a media and legal analyst line on line. thank you so much for joining me on this. indeed. well, the number one other question is mainly because how confrontational and controversial alec baldwin is, is how much of this is actually? alex baldwin's fault fault is a civilian term. is it? it's, it's his job. it's his fault. by the way, i'm hearing my myself and my hear phone. it's his fault because he actually pulled the trigger. but whether it's liable, whether he's liable, that's a different story and there's criminal, and there's civil civil liability merely seeks money damages. if you have committed
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a tort, it's a much lower burden to prove war. you negligent criminal is a little different. it basically uses the same standard, but it seeks justice. but i'm telling you right now, alec baldwin will not be found criminally liable of anything he might be civilly. he is the executive producer, his production company might. there will be insurance claims, most certainly a wrongful death claim of some sort. but inasmuch as he is politically loathsome and detestable, to be fair, he in no way could possibly be criminally liable. okay, so, and that's a big question is because there is a difference. so how may explain the difference in this criminal investigation then say, maybe another type of organ i investigation and who actually could be held liable besides alec baldwin as well. the location. in fact, if this was in california or not, well, if this is a,
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let's say new mexico versus california, there may be a different standard to hold people in hollywood, either more or less liable. but i want you to wonder stance on me. there is another aspect here, scotty, which i find fascinating. have you noticed that there is nobody in hollywood coming out of the woodwork to support him? have you seen anybody? imagine if robert de niro, tom hanks, steven spielberg were involved in the identical case, it will be handled tremendously different. the fact that he's basically allowed to twist in the wind. send a very interesting signal as to his importance, if you will. and that, believe it or not, plays a role in whether charges or file is if somebody who is loved is this somebody who was in a ron howard opie, or is it alec baldwin? believe it or not, he is not the most lovable of defenders. now still,
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i don't believe he's going to be charged, nor should he be. and let me also tell you something, we don't know any thing. the facts of the case that are being a deuced right now would blow your mind that never make newspaper never make the news. never make website. we don't know anything. and we also tell you, when there's criminal liability at stake, people are going to be pointing fingers. and also you have to look at the issue of, was there sabotage involved? you have a case where people were complaining, look, think like colombo, don't worry about conspiracy theories. you've got people who, who were, who were not paid, they didn't like the lodging. it in like a lot of things. there should not have been a bullet within a 100 ally brown ammunition within a 100 miles of that set. how does that even occur? live ammunition anywhere near should have never been there. so that fact alone and a lot of other factors means that this investigation is nowhere to the conclusion
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or whatever we're talking about right now. believe me, what's going on behind the scenes is far more interesting or those can we learn from that that this is an interesting as well as we live in an investigator. in fact, there might even be a movie about a movie line. i'll always great to talk to you. thank you very much. and that's all that i we had for today. so in the meantime, follow me on twitter at study and he's, he's a hash tag team and vh. and for this sean more down on the verbal dot tv app for apple or android device. thanks for watching. ah ah.
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how old is driven by dreams shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask who it states to be rash, to be able to afford enzyme and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the
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most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes, so americans are suffering every day from it. it's is this, these people don't count. i saw how they can choose your customers and dump a sick so also they can satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to with 10 who dies to me that's best getting away with murder with
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bad lines and our scenes national. it's the downs political crisis, intensifies as the country's military dissolves. the government arrests, political leaders, undeclared, at the date of emergency promptings, trade products in which 7 demonstrations have reportedly been shot dead antibodies. so let's go bronze and stones to the top of the i itunes charts by get sensitive on social media. iraq claims it's a quantity down on freedom of speech. i'm blogging out in the kinetic and you were pooled by the people's vaccine. lions accuses reach countries of leaving poor nations in the lodge by failing to donate, desperately needed job. does it have lines coming up next to oh no, see if the kaiser report.


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