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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 25, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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an hour's time hope you can join him while the top of the hour. ah, ah, ah ah. hello in welcome to cross stock. we're all things considered, i'm peter lavelle. the more nato tries to explain itself, the more obvious this cold war relic needs to be retired and for good. also, joe biden told us he wanted to be the great unifier, unlike the evil orange man. indeed, now there is growing unity in the dislike of by ah
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to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guest, george samuel in budapest. he's a podcast or at the goggle which can be found on youtube and locals. and here in moscow, we have to meet re bobbitt. she is a political analyst and editor in us, me internet media project. gentleman cross up rules and effect, that means can jump anytime you want. and i always appreciate. let's go to gym of 1st year. adina. there's a saying in politics, the more you're explaining, the more you're losing, and it seems to me this applies to nato because it has a number of different narratives going on out there. we had sultan bird, the head of nato recently in washington. and just, you know, the, as if on cue, you know, it's all about china. no, it's all about russia in china, in all the same deal geopolitical landscape and security scape and all of that is getting kind of pathetic now. i mean, as i said,
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if you're explaining it means you're losing, go ahead. oh, good. what past oldenburg has been seen it in the last 2 weeks was very contradictory. he would need to hear more, you know, the spanish newspaper basically reduced into bumper stickers like russia were going to contain china. i want to engage, even though it's a great. and again, to start, we're going to watch that she gives an interview for the financial times where she says, oh, you know, the threats are global. so russia and china are basically the same. it's my big threat that we need to deal together. well, i think that the story was me over the years before the world war 2, you know, when italy and sometimes finland, you know, they, they wanted to be l. i so doing their small little things, you know, all the terror just next to the like the daily and wanted to take greece and some
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of the islands. the famous probably wanted to take part of the radio after they were started and they can so it's 9, but then she told them, oh i helped you intelligence with race. now go with me. just started graphs. you know, the feel keep told them, oh, you're talking about of korea now help me to do. besieged grad yes. and they had to go. so the same story here is the poor doesn't want to fight chain. you know, the last thing on the high degree want to do, you know, is to find china. they want to settle their scores with russia. that's true. and that's very unfortunate. but washington, just, you know, forces them, nato follows huge. it forces them into global confrontation. and the from predictable, you know, what sort of the big will say next week is unpredictable. you know, it's in the company. there's no geo political strategy here. it's not coherent. you
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don't charge, you know, when he stepped back from it. i mean, at the end of the day is that as much as nathan wants to claim that brush is some kind of security thread to the european thompson. the western part of the year, asia land mass, the end of the day, the russians really don't care much anymore. i mean, they think they're so important, these europeans does not go ahead. that's right. and i think that it's a striking, that the years go by and laser is unable to articulate any kind of a rationale for its existence. and that's why it comes along with all these contradictory statements. but well, you know, we're, we're in the business of this new concept that the terrans and defense in the euro, atlantic area. so then issue is ok. so roger is the end of it. well, you know, russia is very aggressive. want to watch on russia on, with talk to russia. but the problem is that nature is creating
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the very problems and then turns around and says, well, we are the solution to the problem because it, let's just say what happened in the last 2 weeks. they expelled these a mess and from nato and said, well, we're coming back on your, of your russian presence. nature. well, the russians just don't around the same with either all this time being all these accusations a song and say, we're closing down your office and most of that nature uses that is your, are look at how aggressive russia is. the same thing when lloyd austin, the us defense secretary, last week he went to visit the georgia, you brain romania, and the last to george and you gray, the daughter nato. a membership is over for you. well, how does nato,
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the united states explain russia to respond to this way? obviously they go to respond with considerable reputation, which then shoulder does or are you see we were right there are aggressive look at how there mouthing off of the branding in nature. but the interesting thing is that when i asked him with his whirlwind tour, i think the 2nd periods of defense was beginning there. why did you members of the nato alliance? the moment, not keen on seeing expansion of the lines the to include georgia in ukraine, let me throw that to emma, right? because again, i mean as expansion, the goal is the status quo. the go, the go over the horizon. is that, or is it just everything and nothing at the same time because basically they're continuing to search for reason to continue their existence. and we've just said on this program, 5 minutes, 31 seconds in the it's a number of things,
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okay. whatever your purpose is that the time and the me at the same time you had to toria doing here, try and doing group relations or stop the deterioration. and then the secondary depends a week later goes around and helping on drum. so, i mean, i don't see any coherence here. go ahead. well, unfortunately, there are many traditions, but you should always expect the horse with me, joe, because basically the narrative of the last 7 year since they started was like russia. you are paranoid, the major is not going to expand to ukraine. it's not on the agenda for that many times, i know suddenly stalled and says, oh, russia should not be afraid of the expansion of nato. do you agree, major is a defense you for why? you know, after 7 years, a war in which russia actually just not a lot, but the worst. keep saying the brush is fight in ukraine groceries. but you know
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what you bring your grade is going to be, you go to a huge military of ours. and then you know that the one says, oh, don't worry, you have a war with it. but there's going to join the defense you for alliance. so you have nothing to worry about, you know, just loss. so the same story with, without marriage, like, ok, you are a north atlantic treaty organization. what are you doing in the pacific, you know, against china black, what? why is pacific when did pacific became? because also when you're great, there are so many stories like that before, like one of the you was expansion and you some partnership they included barrels were asked them why don't, why don't you include in russia? well, because we are a union or partnership of democratic, what is bill? are we doing there? oh no, it's just, you know, a conscious geographically close to us. what does that mean you're doing that? you know, we're close to that. i mean, it was just, you know,
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will you please take this demon also, you know, the partnership agreements are going to the western hemisphere. now as well. the rationale is that they're not predictable, but your goal is expect the horse because what is behind it is a very region ideology which wants to reform the wall according to the altar, liberal modem in which views big god, just such as russia and china ass books. the goals towards achieving that goal. in order to remove these obstacles, anything go, you're going to lie. of course, you can organize on who was and then say that these are people's rebellions. 38, but he's been killed in q during what we're supposed to get peaceful demonstration . you know, a big coach that really left the president who somehow is not legally let the president because he, he was going to the pro ration you know, wanted to join the association agreement, but still somehow it was pro ration,
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right? so these people will y, as they will use violence and they will use a new pin as long as they feel impunity. the random unit, you know, you know, store them back instead of us about them from now, it breaks my heart to see what's going on there. why is it the breaking your career should be breaking your career? not your heart. instead we hear from you. oh, i just feel sad about that, so don't give my opinion from everything as far. nothing is stopping with the earthy and members of the nato to go when they're stopping and george been stopping them. exactly. well, i mean, we have the notice of the europeans complaining. well, americans didn't tell us that they are planning to withdraw from me. you know, we feel betrayed by lack of confidence enough. well, hey, i did. you want to take up the fact that it's out of the door is open. but it's what's interesting is the, the nate dishonest because they know that there's just no way that made the member
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say, such as germany are going to agree to ukraine membership. so what they're really doing is essentially by having a de facto membership and others, they're actually getting more or more troops and miss styles than weapon race stationed in you. so ukraine becomes a de facto nato space. same thing with, i mean, in general or, you know, you know, we need to, yes, but they don't remember that make us so what does that create? well, as far as that is a secure, right? and this is something that says, again at the discussion, you know, when we see miss style cargo, you know, that's something we worry about. i guess it's just what nato is doing. so there is again, this, the dishonest of major doing is, are officially and when they were, the russians done around the say, we don't like what you're doing. well, we're,
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we're defensive. steven. there was no evidence defense. we know, you know, maybe you can solve it. how that defensive going to stop? how was that defense? and also georgia, you and i have talked about elsewhere, is that specifically about ukraine? nato membership is the key to you membership. that's the, it's always nato, 1st than you. and this is what is going on here. also, we're creating a slippery slope and moral hazard year because the lens is getting more and more reckless with his actions and his language. and he's being encouraged by washington . well, the european members of nate know, are much more cautious. go ahead, finish off this once. yeah, that's, that's exactly right, and that's why this became become a moral hazard. when you have nato, and you have lloyd austin telling me, flat out, hey, the road to nato is open for you. how, what are they gonna respond?
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it's up to us to start generating all kinds of crises. so washington and those around that, that was the, the nato is the solution to your problem. and this is why is the, you know, later have the auction that going to say, look, we're just saying out of this, it's up to you to better relations with your neighbors may. does it not to do that? instead, they do is completely aggravating the problem by essentially promising, you know, membership of nato and the you down the road. and the same thing in georgia and, you know, so it is, it is an absolute to wealthy. and what is happening is putting the sovereignty of ukraine and state your get on, i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a short break. and after that, you are really saying, oh, a
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tooth . ah, it states it has to be rash. to be able to afford any thought and fun and luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how they can choose your customers and
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dump a sick. so also a satisfying or wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder. joined me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm . ah spoken. i did crossed out all the insur considered. i'm funeral a bell. this is the home addition to remind you. we're discussing some real news.
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ah, okay, let's go back to george. um, i want to tell my viewers here how we decide to do our, my topics on, on our bullhorn sedition here. um and from the home edition, and i always ask demarcus daemon george, very often on what they would like to do and they send me topics and what is a guys 99 percent of the time i agree with you. so george, you wanted to talk about how to bishop george joe biden is the floor is yours go well. 2 if you're around to be done by this whole day during the election was that he was going to bring the country together off to the divisive trunk and all the aggravation and all the tweeting and everything of trump. he
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by the season legislator, the guy who works across the aisle, he's going to bring the country together. but in fact, he has done something very different. and he's also very unusual because is very much a president with a tiny sliver of a majority in both houses and but instead of you an extra ordinarily divisive agenda. and the rhetoric coming out of this administration is just an amazingly divisive one that is actually setting americans in one and other ways, the well erupt into violence science. so just in the past week, during the, the 10 year memorization of the martin luther king statue, he talked about white supremacy as the braces, the threats to the united states of domestic terrorist read through the united states. no evidence ball this. we have it justice department again this week said,
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well the big problem is the red lining body to which back of the do to because the racism are unable to get loans from bank. unlike white people, we have again, a lot of widen ranting and raving about the vaccinated the right that they both are just so the vacillated, but the time that these people saw it is all extraordinary. and i don't just generating as much hatred toward one another as possible. and it's kind of surprising because again, even obama, lisa, who actually did have a sanctioned majority, it was very careful to avoid a trigger in conflict. i mean, you try to be, you know, the whole united people by hasn't done any of that. so it's a mysterious agenda. you go one to one was really behind this, but i think it's a very dangerous agenda because i think that the hatred that is now me generated,
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which i think is also reflected in his time. the poll numbers are good indeed, robbins of ours. you know, even the interesting thing is that you have to buy person higher, you know, half century career and politics is never really good for anything. just looks at where the wind is blowing here and, but he's an administration that is intensely ideological. so a kind of a problem with george's have. this is almost like the worst of all possible worlds because he's not really an ideologue. he does mimic and repeat ideological dig tops . okay, but i mean, in that great, great, great sense of unease because there's no authenticity here. i mean, these are obviously talking bumper stickers, as you said in the 1st part of the program, he's very much a bumper sticker president right now is george pointed out with the dentist of margins. ok need this. i hope to be another f
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d r and other l b j. well, both has huge margins in congress and the buying doesn't and we have a country spiraling downhill. and i think because of this ideology into culture wars, i mean, you know, one thing that we've all noticed that, you know, george and i in many pages of time that's new, kind of hard to dislike, go by. that's not true anymore. it's very easy to like it is because of this ideology. go ahead. oh, well, it's exactly true what you're just serve and you know, well why that came to power. there was some who you rushing the so called expert circles that you know biting is a service. he's not ready to go. so a way to think going to come down because use a center. well, sandra is inside at the very society center is inside a regular and your would you now look nice people, i mean most of the group just in nazi germany and julia are gone by the centrist, you know, by people who just went with the flow and did everything it was supposed to be
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there and you know, the bananas, we will. so by the repeat these things that he actually doesn't believe in 20 years ago. so 2 years ago, he says, very different things, right? but he's a board sort of very risky, and i will see you this project. i mean, this green you deals. that's all what happens in europe? you know, i recently, germany prided to sell or get out of nuclear energy. your bonds are shut down and fall into today will read in the side, which is the main georgia german. and you'd have to use an article by nissan to assess or take when playing the hold your hands. you know, the one thing you can do is to play into which crowds, by doing something that we should have kept the nuclear energy. but no one is held responsible when the rush is called response. right. and we have the energy crisis out of the way with all russia,
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even though they know that they just have to register their last you to pipeline of the problem will be resolved, right? and the end, the, the rector, if you so these, if you are up so you're right, this variable full in the area, you'll find them, you know, which is only comparable jimmy conscious. you know, all the terrible, flying down in the 1st months of your presence, and i think it is explained to a certain extent barrio by, by these failed centuries centers incite radicalism. santiago inside that society is not nice in georgia, just as the parallel to the 1st part of our program is that, you know, you're talking about nato expansion and, and then the blaming nature extension from russia because rush is a threat. it ends up being that's really weird. launching the same thing is happening with this administration with the american people. they are prodding more conservative people so intensely that they're demanding a reaction and they see how the,
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how aggressive these people are. you see what i mean? i mean, when to, when they're there, they're projecting, i mean, they're actually doing what they say. everyone else is. go ahead. yes. yes, no question. and i think as a very good example, what you're saying is, what's being done now to the january, the people are the punishment and the humiliation that is being inflicted on them to receive any kind of connection with crimes. alleged crimes if they had committed is all about teaching some people a lesson, you're like what we do see how you are treated. and you know, if i can take a page out of the book, i mean the most of them talks about the soviet experience. and it's always what, what the bible b is not on like, well, the bolsheviks that some people, so groups of people are elevated. you know, they're special. everybody else is vermin and whatever we don't to them,
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they deserve it. so you know, with the boss because the proletariat, so here if you're black, you're close. not cala, asian american then you know, you are, you are a victim, your sanctified, you know, do whatever you want. if you're a male again, you know, if you forget, if you're out of here. so, so we again last week in the, by the ministration coming out with a strategy to deal with gender equality and equity about how you know, where women and girls are being persecuted discriminated against them. all statistics show men, all boys are falling behind you. all that is in jobs. male suicide is on the rise. and yet, but i get to look at know about the, the only people that we should be concerned about is, are the women or girls that's, that's all you know, you came across. but there was a gender person that lives as a, as
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a woman. but this person was elevated and they're saying this is a victory for, for women. but i don't understand that it seems to be a defeat for women. okay. in my opinion, anyway, i'm not as well as other people. it's quite obvious here. ok d ma? where does this go? because we were more and more so when we gathered together we are invoking the bolshevik experience. okay. and would you be any it was just a little pepper oven and then we mentioned more parallels. and now it seems to be a direct reflection here. go ahead. well, i would say the cell phone portion of the repair in the general because ultimately it is now is the 3rd for most of the day after now and borrow the features. is this constant feeling of threat? you know, oh, he said we're going to die. you don't expend all evans how,
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you know it turned out to be alive because after the war, germany bras, but much more with energy right. in the same way, all the planets is going to die. the climate is going to change dramatically unless we immediately immediately spend this $3500000.00, right. and in europe, what's going on in europe? poland and hungary, a chris to gauge that for, for not in the line. and when the british prime minister made a speech and the european parliament a few days ago, presenting his arguments, they were all refuted by for germany who just fits what you said. what you said makes you happy, you know, then yeah, give us just what you said makes you happy and that means you should stop at the meeting. so unfortunately, we're going down the road. there are threats, you know, i just never home or climate change, whatever you know,
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if you can just drop it off. there are people who are demonized like goldstein in the oils, nor will put you in the, in the western media know what she g p. maybe tomorrow, right? so unfortunately, we have the same, same narratives repeated themselves. and i don't know where it will lead us. i can only hope that it won't lead us to the same will losses that we the humanity endure during the world war 2. and during their experiments, but it talks more and more like the fact of me and so people are killed both 1st hundreds of thousands of people in iraq in the history and every pizza. so 100 percent. right. and george, i mean, when you, when you have you disregard the humanity of the people, you have only sets up the beginning of cascading disaster for 20 seconds to george,
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finish it up or exactly. and i think just to continue with the analogy of the sabbath, the records already the ground is being lazy, but if the vitamin station gets up to the call the in the next year, then the blame lies with always there was a republican government, governor's, a ledger such as that have changed the voting rules to prevent cheating. no, they were denying the rights of the people to vote and was put in is always that he had to be in the election road, lead the gentleman that when he gets in budapest and here in moscow and they are watching a 0, do you see an ex family member across ah, neither financial why the guy? i don't why? hey, i guys mama futures. hey,
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that's not an i'm of the friday. that's the last time i buy it from the future. so franco watch kaiser reporting. ah, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? walk this way. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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ah, to god's political crisis intensifies that the country's military dissolves, the government arresting political leaders and preparing a state of emergency. congress street protesting which 3 demonstrators have reportedly been shot that anti bought and song sends that on social media storm. so the top of the i tunes charts, we hear from the rafa behind the hit. let's go brand that there's a 1000000 sites. now, right now, if you're trying to, like, i can't say certain things and i saw where you're granted, that means you're bending my heart, your branding might you of what's going on. you can be an article being anything rocking out upon done it. can you report what the people's like seen alliance accuses which countries of leading poor nations in the lunch like failing to that i
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desperately need just.


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