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tv   News  RT  October 25, 2021 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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ah, his alice help headlines here, one arts he and sedans, political crisis hits a new peak, is the country's military dissolves. the government arrests, political leaders, undeclared, a state of emergency. anti biden songs censored on social media storms to the top of the i tunes, shots we hear from the let's go brandon, in rappa, there's a 1000000 signs. best out right now. and if you're trying to add like a song, i can't say certain things in a saw where you bad it. that means you're bending my heart, that me, your branding, my you was going on. you can ban aren't you could be any being at a new report by the people's vaccine alliance blame is rich countries on pharmaceutical giants for allegedly, failing to deliver on their obligations on dragging out the panda ah,
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all right, 3 pm on monday here at moscow and already a busy program for you. here we are now to you international a very welcome to you. we just saw the program with north east africa. its where the military and sudan has dissolved the government, undeclared of state, of emergency. the move comes ours off to the prime minister, was arrested and taken to an unknown location. the capital remains in a state of lock down just a short time ago. i discussed all of this with our senior correspondent mod gusty. admiral abdel father, what has years see the top most military figure in this sovereign counsel of sir dunn. he has dissolved the entire body, what it was in the acting a body that represented that the head of state. it was made a party of military officials and partly of civilian officials. and they ruled the country they, they govern the country. we have learned in the early hours of the morning,
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reports began pouring in that the ministry was atan force in the capital and elsewhere that they were blocking off roads and bridges. that the internet had been cut both mobile and land lines that the airport was shot and all flights grounded and canceled. it emerged later that the prime minister, as well as several other other ministers, members of his cabinet, had been arrested and had been taken to an unknown location. the ministry of information which is still active on line on facebook. it says that a number of other ministers have managed to get away there in a, in a safe place. but it views this or the, the dissolution of the sovereign council, as a to, as a q, by the military. and this is, is all on the back of the revolution, of course, in 2019, when omar bashir, after 30 years, as head of country as the head of state a dictator, they called him after he was deposed of by, by popular, put us on,
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on economic grounds most where you talk about protests, for example, me took a talk about the of the broader picture of this part of the world. political unrest in the countries really nothing new. i mean, we're talking these, these roots go way back on things. so don, for many years had been under very tough economic sanctions, international sanctions, eventually things got much worse and there were huge protest in 2018, 2019. they eventually forced to add a power, omar budget, but those problems have become worse. that is, that is the problem. now the, the civilian part, civilian part, military authorities, men to pave the way for a democracy for elections in 2023. and they were desperate for money. so they appeal to the i, m f. the world bank had such money never comes, you know, freely comes with strings attached and what are the conditions was that they are introduce all sorts of economic reforms. and they were moved subsidies for example, for petrol for, for, for power, for food. they raise taxes and stud as one of the poorest countries in the world.
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and you had people who, who marched and protested to depose of buy shit for a brighter, more prosperous, economic future. and eventually they ended up with a courtesy that collapsed and her power power, few food price hikes across the board to things have become much more desperate. and we saw of these weeks a build up impetus. we had both those who were for the transitional council for democracy say yes, things will get worse, but eventually they'll get better. and now we have those who are, who are desperate, who say that, you know, we, we don't care, we want the military to come in, get rid of this incompetent government. we want to stick to eat with her mind if it's a military dictatorship. so long as we have food, so the, so long as things are stable and affordable at nevertheless, now we know that there are put us on going in in the capital that protesters are burning ties protesting against this military coup as they call it. and there have
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been reports of violence that the number of people have also injured. because i take over one local journalist and south sudan about the unraveling crisis and the neighboring north african country. the gum, mental fuss about bringing all the different physical done through we defiance what piece of human human was about to 10. so done back to normal and also the democrats. but that is not walking. that man and woman who go as a different value and movement, sit down and cut on that there's a political interest in physical hockey. this is the sort of mean tense and what, what was done on the time right now. but according when you look at distribution, actually distribution with 10 into the wall because the different group, the pro, military and civilian,
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and you support your time. there's no intervention or the or the prime in the prime minister line, or from the initial position. then the delivery of what else does and also life and the time you need to go into the country life, you know, across live to mordecai kids. electra bar ilan university. joining us live here on our team to natural very well. welcome to you. thanks for joining us here on the program today, just quickly. what is what you'll take of what's playing out in sudan right now. when the sudan is unstable, currently a all or the full 70 years since it's beginning a sudan society is there like comprises of some hundreds of types which never shaped a nation and the nation a. and this is unfortunately what happens and the struggles within this society are either in them,
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in the military side of the government or in the civil side of the government. what we see today is that the military side of the government decided to get rid of that of the civil side and to shape the state again. but as you know, we, we, we saw apology in the machine times. we saw the jar from maybe dimes, where people from the army are taking over the country. and at the end of the day they fail and there will be replaced by either the army men who it also is shay because this is a failing state. what this is, this is what i wanted to ask you about more because because, you know, there are some who are in a voice and concerns. and some elements of history may, may, may be repeated here. as you said, the country's military has dissolved, the government, arrested political leaders, and declared a state of emergency you were alluding to a moment ago. but what, what happens now? what does come next? well, i'm not to bluff it to tell you what will come next. but it's really easy to predict
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the dame in the blue han and the one who took over the country and kicked out the civil and government. and we shape another 7 government in order to under, kindly because he doesn't want to give out then what abuse and then does the bills anyway. if we align, they civil inside of the government under his dictatorship and it feels a dictatorship. and when the time we get rid of them again, or they will get rid of him. so this is how it works. and disc, unfortunate country is named pseudo, i motor the car let. so let's have a slightly look from a broader perspective. elections have now been promised for july 2023. that's not exactly soon. house not going to go down with those already angry that the government's been dissolved and frankly, how realistic is it that the vote will even take place in july? 20. 23. wait for his vote to take place and to be taken seriously.
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you need a society which sees them voting as some kind of the way how to change the government . but nothing saddam, in sudan devoting is only the sa face. the currents and of the south is much more powerful than any mechanism like election so, so for so the problem is with the side to side, it doesn't believe in elections. they don't believe that the people who are in charge of their lines are only a, you know, democrats, you know, in exodus you have been the mountain, go glossy. but when and it societies, not the mccarthy society. so what to expect? it's like alexis in the soviet union was asleep. it was not like what i collections in iran is a series of really democracy. now forget it. so nixon's out a serious now wait, these are, is some kind of, again, which the government tries to show the people on the other countries as if this is
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a real democracy, but it is not. okay, so okay, so you're suggesting that put it on a bit of a p r campaign. now by perhaps appealing to the rest of the world saying we are a budgeting of democracy here and we will be democratic. therefore, we will have a democratic election in july 2023. but one of the chi we've seen expressions of concern, of course, from washington, from brussels as well, but you think it will just remain a case of only words. so could you see any more perhaps concrete action being taken? well, when i see the american troops coming to sudan in order to put the people from the rest of the army, i will start to believe that this is beyond words. but so far, i didn't see anything but words from the civilized world to this, some failing state names, which actually is not so different for many other middle eastern countries like
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jerry, i like yemen, like see we're like iraq, which i'll also failing can please, because of the way these countries will shape, by the way, i mean by, by france, by other countries, wine only emulates work in the middle east because the enemy, they actually are, based on the traditions of the middle east of the shade. and the land means the exec send up some really well decline. this is the only power that which works in the middle east. the modern c u appeal like state is a total failure all over the middle east, except for reason of course, because it is not culturally part of the middle model. electra bar align university. joining us live here on our international. thank you. we appreciate your time. think of accessing donations by western countries of failing to match initial pledges. so says the people's vaccine. a lions whose
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latest report concludes pharmaceutical companies under which states are contributing to job inequality around the world. we spoke to ox farms on marriott, who is also the policy lead for the people to vaccine alliance. what we've seen is developing countries receiving an endless type of, to be frank, inadequate justice of support followed by these broken promises. and it should be a cause of international shame, i think the think is, and the data that we really show is what we've known all along. developing countries simply come and should not have to rely on the goodwill. as i have rich countries, all pharmaceutical companies, they're not delivering what we need or the rights and the recipes it seems to be shed, so that we can scale up manufacturing and developing. i'm sustainable. so now the document named a dose of reality underline said nearly 2000000000 co fit vaccine shots were
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initially promised by wealthy nations. however, only 14 percent of those have been delivered to the countries most in need. in fact, it's really just one in 50 people in low income nations have now been fully vaccinated. well, the people's vaccine alliance has singled out high income states for significant blame in the situation of the u. k. promised to donate a 100000000 doses to kovacs. that's a world wide initiative aimed at fair access to covey vaccines. but so far has a less than 10 percent been delivered. in canada's 40000000 doses promised has seen only 8 percent of that figure actually handled over an ox farms. annemarie again, believes the pharmaceutical giants have actually monetized the pandemic. payton whenever designed for public health emergencies, they should not in any situation get in the way of saving life. and that is exactly what is happening. but i think we also really have to remember the billions of
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dollars and your res, i'm pounds that have been put into the development of these faxing. it wasn't the investment of pharmaceutical corporations, all the shareholders that made these possible look after them look almost a 100 percent hop in the final paying money that paid for the rapid development of feedback based on decades of research that was also public. the final didn't about patient providing incentives, this is about peyton's protesting that monopolies and the great tests profit, the pharmaceutical corp. they have already made billions out the time that it's time to share the recipe, the rights to produce them so that we can get the virus on the control path here in moscow despite being banned by social media and anti joe biden, song cold. let sco brandon today, find yourself sitting at the top of the hip hop charts in america. youtube removed
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wrapper, bryson grays truck claiming contained medical mis information of a song takes aim of biden's, bungalow basket withdrawal and his handling of the corona virus. and the defense youtube said, the platform doesn't allow claims about kofi, the conflict with medical guidelines, charge the artist himself denies. there's a 1000000 songs best out right now. and if you're trying to act like a song, i can't say. so i'm going to saw where you banded. that means you're bending my. are you bending my you was going on? you can band are your band anything? i don't curse on my music. i'm a positive music and i give my views and my music. i don't even curse and i'm the most sense a wrapper in the world. how is that possible? i say what i believe in my song, everything i say, my son in real life. and this is what i believe it should be a legal for social media company. to be able to change their guy lives every week. i've been delete things that came prior to that. they actually are playing with our free speech. nobody is messing with them. they're mess on the bus. the title of
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bryson great hit his off to the now infamous internet catch phrase. it went viral after nbc report. it was interviewing nascar racing dr. brandon brown and said he heard the crowd of chand. let's go, brandon. apparently failing to realize what people were actually chanting. yeah. ah, one of the whole a rap song comes is joe biden. approval rating has been noticeably dipped according to a new survey. currently sits below 45 percent down 11 points since his integration in january, meaning his popularity has declined faster than all of his predecessors since the 2nd world war of russian grade. again, things the president is finding the george of the job. well, pretty tough going. and trying to kill a mean a people now a lottery will say, let's go brand new for me. that's perfect. somebody,
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it doesn't curse black or so my the same for president biting people call trumpet dictatorship. there's nothing more similar to what day to step in. what jo buyers currently doing and what a lot of countries are going to try to segregate? that's need to i'm back from a business like jim crow, 2 point. oh. meanwhile, the wells medical watched continues to sound the alarm about the ongoing, a covered crisis, insisting it can only be stopped one way the fund of me will and when the world chooses to end it, it is in our hands. we have all the tools we need, effective public health tools and effective medical tools. increasingly empty shelves are getting shoppers in america nervously eyeing the calendar room at the fast approaching holiday season. it's been caused by a major disruption to the national supply chain. over the past fortnight,
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dozens of ships at u. s. pull to idling in the water's still waiting to be unloaded . now the pandemic has, of course, wreaked havoc to the global supply chain. a shortage of port operators and truck drivers in america has led to traffic jams and dogs and empty shop shelves. and the government claims the poets have been overwhelmed due to a surgeon demand and a booming economy. but the public is not entirely convinced. and it has, he led to a yet more gloomy reading for team biden. over half of those quays in a new nationwide survey, believe the administration is dealing very badly with economic matters. we've gone from extremely prosperous, too, locked down and economically miserable in the space of a year from 2019 to 2020. the locked down caused the supply chain to grind to a halt because businesses were not ordering products and supplies anymore because they weren't able to move them and sell them. and they weren't sure when they would
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be. the government does not expect to perform well in the next couple of elections if the truth about a supply chain and the current state of the american economy becomes widely known, were told by the administration. this problem will be over by the end of 2022. i'm seeing it in the foreseeable future. this is going to take years if not decades a we will have to return to a state of reasonable prosperity, prosperity before the supply chain even fills itself in to return to what we considered normal right off a through a half way through the program. here an auto international still plenty to come, including moscow is slamming washington's move. to classify russians seeking us visas as homeless, national. that story in just a moment. when
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i was shown seemed wrong. when i just don't whole. i mean you world. yes. to feed out the scene becomes the advocate. an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, with all
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i oh, good have you with us today for the program? a 7 russian citizens have been detained in turkey on suspicion of arson. after a forest fire broke out along a tourist trail in the southwest of the country. the group, however, our claiming wrongful arrest, saying they were, in fact, trying to fight the fire when the police arrived. well, it's a cross live to watch you are dmitri pollock now. and dmitri, if it's kind of a case of, he said, she said at this point, can you bring us some clarity? it's really tough to get a clear picture on this story. well overall, we know that 7 russian citizens have been arrested in antalya resort city in southern turkey. this group is being accused of unintentionally starting a forest fire after supposedly forgetting to put out their campfire. however,
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the group maintains that they are innocent of starting the fire and in fact they were actually actively trying to put it out a here's a part of their message spread on social media. oh, we didn't commit. alison will not kill c. in contrast, we were trying to extinguish the font, we called the emergency services, and now with facing a prison sentence, we now playing for a case to be given maximum publicity. now the group of tourists say that they were on a hiking trail on that day and they saw a forest fire up the path. they tried to put it out themselves however, they realize they can do it alone. silly, contacted emergency services, then when they were trying to leave the forest area, they were apparently apprehended by a group of locals, who then called the police, and the group was subsequently detained on suspicion of starting the fire. now, after a sunday court hearing, the group has officially been put under arrest, pending further investigation into the cause of the fire. the state of turkey did
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provide the tourists with a free attorney in a translator. however, the group has complained that the attorney provided to them does not speak either russian nor even english for that matter. so communication is extremely difficult. however, a member of the russian consulate has visited the group to explain them their current situation, the charges against them and their legal prospects right now if they are found guilty, the group could face anywhere from 2 to 7 years in a turkish prison. but while the investigation does go on, it's important to note the backdrop to this whole story. and that's, that recently. turkish officials have significantly bolstered ah, the patrols surrounding forest areas that's after the country saw numerous wildfires. ah, throughout the summer and some even as recently as early this month. and of course it's no surprise that turkish officials are eager to act on any cases of suspected arson, be an intentional or unintentional, but the investigation goes on. we have reached out to the russian embassy in turkey for further comment, but we're still waiting on that. we'll keep you updated or dmitri,
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thank you. so could new diversity proposals by the you case, financial condo close already be used by law companies to mosque gender pay issues, or that is a question being often britain right now concerning the way companies can meet required targets by including transgender women as female in the self reporting data, thus, despite the fact that pay scale may have originally been set when they were men, we caught the thought, so women's rights activists power. diana, in this case, all the data, all the statistics will be changed. and of course, they won't be change in the paper. we men, as we all can understand that because if we include men in women's category, there won't be clarity, there won't be justice, it would be unfair. and this data want to really mean anything. if we think about a man who made his career until he was 50 and then he decided to change, he is
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a gender and to identify a woman, we completely understand and this man was never discriminated on the basis of his sex during his career. and he was never underpaid because of his sex. so there's no point in including man in the women's category that's really obvious to everyone. and the effect of the f. c. a is proposing that is really, really worried. critics claim the figures would be contorted, essentially that if the data includes information about women who transitioned late and who were treated unpaid as a man throughout their career, it could skew the statistics on the spy that the f. c, i believe's, it's a move that is good for everyone. our proposals are posted for women. they were designed to encourage lucid firms through targets and increase disclosure in this area to bring more women on towards and cycle the lack of diversity in some of our major firms. loya and our social commentator stephanie hayden believes companies
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can collette correct data and not be disrespectful to minority companies are gonna be up 6. no sevens, they'll be mixed up. they're not going to know what to do the best. and it is such a controversial issue at the moment. most companies are likely to take what they consider to be the wheezy auction out and just say they wanted to identify ones if councils. what needs to happen in my opinion, is that when you walk late new statistics for official purposes, they should be based on legal sex. di is not in any way disrespecting any booking for identity. everybody knows that was trans gentlemen. don't have gender recognition certificates. we have not got around for one reason or another to change in their legal sex. we do need to draw the line. so there is a scheme in the u. k. people might not like it. well that's the scheme we have. so for the purposes of government statistics or even i would say, open sticks,
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you are a woman, it's your best typical facial woman's humiliation. on the brink of sadism, that's how moscow was blotted washington's move. to classify russians seeking us immigration visas as quote, homeless nationals yes, diplomats tend to procedure travail for the 21st century into health based and humiliation. on the brink of say, it is a russia was added to washington's list of homeless visa applicants, alongside countries like iran, libya, and somalia. russians will not have to travel to poland to apply for an american immigration reason. it does come off in numerous tit for tat moves, including the mutual expulsion of diplomats commenting to on to the u. s. department of state said russia has no one to blame, but itself the russian government's decision to prohibit the united states from retaining hiring or contracting russian or 3rd country stuff severely impacts our ability to provide counselor services, the extremely limited number of counselors,
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staff in russia. this time does not allow us to provide routine visa, or us citizen services, investigative journalist, i dave lind off as a question to of a why russia's now group on the same list as war torn countries. it's the average person who gets hurt by this and you have to go to warsaw and you have to get the sing and visa. so it gets very expensive. it's all very childish. it seems to me, every other country on that list is the 3rd world country, and it looks like half of them are countries that are wor, torn's, you know, they're either involved in civil wars or wars. and, you know, understandably in those countries, the u. s. doesn't have much in the way of out of embassy officials. it's all politics. it's the us now. i miss this anti russia campaign that i've been going on really you since the late obama administration?
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yeah, that story continues right now. and the op had section of ot dot com, click on it anytime you feel like, all right, is that what half past 3 monday afternoon and a busy day for you? well, what headlines more to come at the top of the hour? hope you can join us. ah ah well, join me every thursday on the alex summon sure. i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics. sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. ah,
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a with i'm african resents here. we're going undergrad coming over the show is the issue of war crimes. black or white has newcastle f. c follows the british government cozying up to saudi arabia. we speak to a barrister wants to read card saudi arabia, which you k p ambrose johnson enables arm sales to bomb yemen, site of the world's worst humanitarian crisis. and this scandal threatens the future of the taxpayer funded british crown ahead of a hearing in the sexual abuse case against prince andrew who denies everything. we ask best selling bio.


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