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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 25, 2021 5:30am-5:59am EDT

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is through an american company and you a proxy to, to carry a talk with nations run secret prisons and torture and execute civilians. so it is that's a sort of snapshot summary of what the allegations concern. and what we, what we've done is we've named a number of senior military and political leaders from both salary b, u e. the reason why we targeted them, because this follows on from a finding we made just over a month ago with criminal court, which is then alleging the involvement of other members of the solution. united kingdom, as you rightly pointed out, providing the weapons to which these crimes had been carried a but so we had filed with criminal court as well against those persons who are citizens of countries who are members of the i c. c. but obviously though, i mean, i should just add the you either the raise your hand written over to deny any
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indiscriminate bullying of children and crimes against humanity. the i, c. c. one doomed to failure because of his idea maybe the, you know, members of the international criminal court. i mean, even the united states isn't. and obviously, usa is one of the biggest funded well, the, the point being made is that the side of coalition is made up of the number of states far greater than, you know, our america insider radio. the reason why we assume this in the united kingdom is so that we go off to those 2 to have the greatest responsibility. but there are of course, other contributing states such as jordan seneca and sudan who have provided support, whether it's with aircraft, whether it's on the ground or whether it is technical assistance to the saudi led coalition. so while we are not assuming the case against morality officials
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or even american nationals, and we can come on to that in a moment. in the i c. c, we are pursuing those other individuals who are members or citizens of member states. so no, it's not doing and we expect the r c. c, to open a proven preliminary examination into is sort of coming off the back of when the police were investigating a pin, a shea, margaret thatcher is great from the dictator of chileya who was in the ca cuckoo in lady 73. but of course, because she was released but is the point that the metropolitan police might do something here in london to her. so this is, this is obviously, it was not intended to come off the back of the semester finish something is. but of course, that is one of the legal, financial bases for or the metropolitan place to, to last investigation. this is not the 1st case has been brought. there all cases
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have been brought in the past. agnes taylor, as an example, was arrested charter schools are not successful unfortunately, but that was a question of the evidence, not questions during the diction. so when i seen cases in germany and france around europe against sarah and officials and birth other crimes being investigated on universal jurisdiction. and so there is a legal basis for it. and so ultimately it's more of a question of whether the evidence is strong enough rather than if there is actually an evidential go in and say they both my country. well, if it, if it's, syria has universal jurisdiction laws as part of the legal framework, then there's nothing to prevent that reason it's, britons, universal jurisdiction laws. you're saying all countries and not all countries, many countries around the world have universal jurisdiction laws within, within the national laws. they differ from country to country. some countries
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require that to be a connection to, to that country in the u. k. o 6 in the wales, there's no requirement. the, the suspect is a british national. there's no requirement that the victim, as a british national and there's no requirement little crimes were committed on pretty soil. the reason why we have universal jurisdiction laws and it's not for, for any case, but these are the most serious nature, those crimes that are recognized under international humanitarian law as the most egregious crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, many countries around europe certainly have this in on the statute, you can file a case against a foreign national crime committed. i started the jurisdiction that is our responsibility to ship to and that's something that our strongest of all i mean your group is called gun ago. 9037, presumably named after the painting by a lifelong communist. picasso, who hated western policies,
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or even de facto back the usaa invasion czechoslovakia. i don't, i don't know. the boy, a painting is significant because when he was in his studio and i looked in the painting. and so did you do this? and he said, no, you did. that's. that's where it comes from. the bombing of the britain was arming the fascists in spain at the time. i just on the specific 2 of these 20000 is of the attacks among 20000 and strikes. a school bus. you say is a war crime bombing of a school bus and a funeral. there was a double cab strike on a few moon. so we have highlighted those 2 particular incidents. amongst many incidents, the satellite, it was a mistake, i think. well, there was investigation into it, nobody was held accountable. certainly that never actually issued any filing
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response to that. but it was regrettable that it was a mistake that has no official investigation into those that were responsible for giving that carry, carrying out that if the, if the case goes forward the perfectly within their rights and should be within their rights to be able to, to defense that says that it was a mistake. our evidence is that there was a strike carried out to protect strikes were carried out in which a large number of civilians are killed. of course, it will have to be down to where we have been strong enough to show that those we say are responsible can be proven to be responsible. but that is the obligation to wear make you know, a former x british foreign off his lawyer. molly mal rady, said the mars johnson allegedly jokes about the saudi conflict with yemen. i think laughing,
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joking about saturday. conflict in yemen. unfortunately, i'm not able to parse johnson is frequently made foolish remarks like that because it's seen as part of global britain. i mean, couldn't the point be made that the court and the police that you went to file the complaint with their paid for by taxes from britain's largest companies, including weapons got bridge. aerospace is britain manufactured company. the you go to, you're going to police that are funded by the weapon sales in terms of tax cost. again, we're talking about our institutions that are mandated by law to carry fractions independently and partially. and that is what we are, we are if that doesn't infuse to investigation, we can take it to the high court. we can judicially review the decision not open investigation. and if they are not open investigation because of political considerations, then the high court will rule accordingly. i mean,
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it's the 76 anniversary of the un charter on it was on sunday the u. n voted to abolish committee, investigating illegible, grimes in yemen, just ahead of the birthday. or even the un doesn't seem to be too interested in what you are. well, i think you also got to look at the states that voted for that to be terminated. i think that speaks for itself, they were saudi arabia, the u. e, and states like that, involved states that states that have no regard. all right, and what date should we be looking to work as this case proceeds in the latest case? what should people be looking at? well, i think in a case such as this is very complex. there's a lot of material that lease will have to consider. what the approach which is generally taken is that they go through what's called a scoping exercise. so
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a preliminary investigation to see whether the evidence is strong enough to take it to the next stage. they will have to seeking buyers and prosecutor as to what they're sufficient information to charge individuals. so i don't think anybody should expect this to be decided overnight. boris johnson won't be charged just to be clear. i know list trust was condemned for breaking a court order in terms of weapons export to saudi arabia, which was only temporary bathrooms. we were not speaking of ourselves, we charge in this particular filing. no poorly thrust all 9 deciding not, not to toby government. beg you after the break, i had the next week's court hearing with implications for prince andrew. what about another scandal linking the royal family to nazis? all the simile going up about 2 of going on the ground. join me every thursday on the alex salmon show,
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but i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics. small business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. oh. oh yeah. it has to be rash, to be able to afford anything and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how you can choose your customers and dump a sick so also they can satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's
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care, your make life and death decision and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder. mm. welcome back with the taxpayer on the british royal family embroiled in yet another scandal ahead of a hearing in the sexual abuse case against the queen's son, prince andrew. next week. we now look at another scandal that was actually responsible for putting elizabeth the 2nd on the throne and i to $52.00. a new book reveals the extent and cover up of fascism within the royal family with me as andrew loudly best selling biographer, an author of the new book, traitor, king, the scandalous, exile of the duke and duchess of windsor address. thanks so much for going back. go on the show, but i mean, accusing the queen's uncle of her being a traitor, worthy of execution. no comment from the palace and the book relatively little
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publicity for andrew lounge book. why? yes. well, i mean it's, it's, it's interesting that, i mean, it's been reviewed a couple of books to tear less started and, and said a and was not really made my case. and i, for all the papers were pauline, but it's clearly a subject. they don't really want to touch so, so all the paper says you say we're fighting to civilized my last book. have gone quite on it. why would, why would there's no, there's no way they could. dino disease was love. and then besides, it happened long ago, why is it so we're so well, it's still a very sensitive subject. ah, but i think, you know, we've, we've known about the stories about the duke and indeed even the official life of edward the 8th, talked about some of them. but i don't think anyone joined the dots and actually drew the obvious conclusion that he wasn't the innocent jew, that they've tried to preserve a project that he actually was inactive in trigo. i mean, view is all around the world will know the story as a great romance between the king who abdicated and gave his thrown up for the love of a woman. and that's the story that dramatists television writers we've had. in fact,
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in the book, you talk about the taming of journalists time and time again, is that taming of journalists continuing to day in covering up the reality of as well. maybe people just want to buy into the meth and is a myth. the fact is that she was emotionally blackmailed into marrying him or he threatened to kill himself or she didn't. she felt chained to this man throughout her life, which is why she eventually bought on various bears. and the worst that she was more unpleasant. she was to him, the more he liked it was extraordinary. so object object and pathetic character. so i think that that smith are not sending me rethink the application because i think that what happened is people realize how unsuitable he would be asking how much he wanted to fear and constitutional matters and how pro german he was. and as a result, they use the pretext of wallace to basically maneuver him into 2 abdicating. and we know we're about, i mean more recently, prince harry in
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a nazi uniform. maybe the breast will love that given that they've taken against megan markelle and prince harry. but when you speak of the nazi sympathies, the connections with the nazis, the secret services next door to this building the studio, they had him on the radar even before. i mean there was an assassination attempt before he was king. i'm not sure the cessation attempt in 9036 when he was king. but the dumpster services had been bugging him on the back at the behest of his father. he's the only monarch who had to have balked. but he was also, we didn't know what we didn't know. that's true. those are the papers been released, you're up to right. but i can't think of any others. that would be ok. but what's extraordinary is the f b, i were also monitoring him. the french secret service were monitoring him later. police protection officers were, were reporting back to the commissioner of police. so everyone was watching him and his associates and waltz associates because they were pretty georgia people all the way through his life are particularly in the spirit 3536 and he was,
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he was very close to. reuben dropped the german ambassador. there were jazz of german agent to be sent to, to actually live beside wallison bronson court. and he was taking germs down to, to the fort bell videos, country home and leading dot is red box is open and time and time again. secret information was finding its way to the germans through don't know whether he's an artist by or not, but there are reports in the book or that you relate that there was on the table. the possibility that churchill would do or do the fascination of the truth of windsor and his wife. i mean the various stage is, but i mean he was very surprised the germans or what he was king, he in fact tried to to, to do to send to, to interfere with the ryan lamb was demilitarised to try and soften the blow and talk to politicians. but then, you know, during the war, this is the important thing he trusted for peace party in january 1940. and then there's the famous operation, willy in the summer of 1940,
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where he is actually going in and out of the german embassy, talking to them about becoming a sort of british pet, are figure, go lighter. this is what he hopes to be as he sits it out in portugal. and this key moment in the summer of 1940 when we're about to be invaded in the hope that perhaps lord george be prime minister. and he'll be king, and churchill, in georgia, 6 will be sent to canada or excuse your imprison to whatever. and yet the media is so odd that you depict arguably maybe as a maybe isn't change, i'll get i did that. but at the wedding of edward a missteps of them, there's bouquets from churchill and hitler or that their presence for both of them . you say yeah, he was close. you know, he was, it became friendly with hitler because he met him in october 1937 along with other nazi leaders when he did a tour of germany and towards her assess training camps. church, of course of been his great a protector of the application. he sort of was for the kings party,
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but i think his church began to realize really what, what winter was like. his sympathies waned. and as you say, he had someone puts of you to russell in spain to assassinate him. if required, if, if, if he did go across the germans, he threatened to court martial him, and the reason he was sent the bahamas as governor was basically to get him out of the way in, so he couldn't get up to any mischief. but of course, even in the bahamas, he was up to mischief with german agents. i mean, today there's a class of all agog tech. no, all a girl who talks about ayn rand and all sorts of strange political ideas. i mean, we're not necessarily, but all these people walk on ports in this book called porter summers at more money . the g t regretted gobble. elizabeth taylor, maria callas, and it's hemingway, they're all hanging out at different times over lunch with professed neo nazis. of people who are suspect, well, we don't know what they talked about. i mean, i think they love the glamour of being associated with the former king and vice versa. i mean, he, they ran a very good table this, you know, wallace was
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a fantastic hostess. one night wait, she said to butler, he said there are any 6 for dinner. she said yes, but they are all kings paid by the british taxpayer or by the monarchy baby by the british tags had money. exactly. he had money, you know, from the civil list or from the family and come to the civil list. but he had huge investments. he'd saved a lot of money. when he was prince of wales, he had plenty of money. he mixed with, with people like clint murchison, who was of course, connect with the kennedy assassination rich texas oil barons who basically bankrolled him. and he sponged off these people and he got thing. he paid his staff not very well. he got, he was got cheated free stuff so he was able to, to instance, live very well on, perhaps slightly less expensive than others. i mean, general motors forwarded their sorry to drove a b. m. why would the rothschilds bankrolled them given the famous jewish family, of course, well, certainly the rothschilds game accommodation,
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when he 1st abdicated for do they would do it again, who's awful to them. and in fact, kitty rothschild left off for a few weeks. she just couldn't stand him use, he was running up huge t telephone bills and expected them to pay. he was very rude to her. and so in some ways i, so do you see might really well, i mean, he's, yes, exactly. he's even to the, it was life, he thought hitler was a good chap and he was antisemitic and he remained very friendly with people. i also mostly what he knew about the holocaust and he knew what the lady was on. yeah . yeah. i mean, they were open about it, i mean, and as regards the cover up the great labor, 945 government, clement atlee hot off the heels of the malaria insurgency. which guild, i'm told a hundreds of thousands of people, arguable genocide. they, the athlete government works together to cover up papers to save the monarchy as it were. yes, i mean, this is extremely episode that these are german documents,
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which of the telegrams took place in the lighting for in 1940 which were supposed to been destroyed by the germans actually weren't. and they were found by the americans. that was the lucky thing. they were found, the american sector and american stores decided they would use these documents. and of course, it was a big fight to the americans put pressure on the british. sorry, the bridge put pressure on the americans to suppress the zak documents to destroy them. some indeed were destroyed, but the american historians and it was a fight track that freedom said no, this is important bit of history and we need to preserve this. and eventually though churchill and others managed to delay publication till 957, many these documents were published, but they were then just ridiculed and said that, you know, these, these people reporting back about his activities were just making it up. which, you know, was ridiculous, but that was the story that was bought. and you can see how much work you've done to try and assemble what we do do have. but then the big irony is the moral of the
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tale as it were. is the reason britain still has a monarchy? could well be because of edward. yes, i think the ironies and walls to this great service, you know, because because if he didn't become king, because if he did, we might want them to deal with that before the war. we would certainly been a deal in 1940 if he'd be come back. so we wouldn't have gone down the path we went on. so it's all the secret service, it would have killed him, or there would be something going on, but it's very interesting. all the, the fictions written about him is all about what would have happened if he'd been this go lighter figure. but the out the stories there, the story isn't in the british are cause i had to go to the bahamas, that there were the mirror files where he was governor, governor to get and where they haven't, we did the fall. so there's quite a lot of stuff there that's not in the british archives and then the stuff in america, the stuff in france and portugal in spain, russia. but you won't find it in these in here because those, those are cause of you read it. and of course the queen still would have been the
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queen eventually because they couldn't have children. but, but ironically, mrs. simpson, who is always cost as the evil in many of the dramas and so on, comes off quite well. she helps in women's health care, food banks, in the bahamas, not a purpose in the bahamas, as a governor's wife. and she tried to do her bit, she served in the canteen every day on the base cooking up making an egg office for citizens soldiers. and she, she, as you say, worked in these clinics with young black children. she did try to improve their lot because he was a racist. yeah, they were both funny racists and in many way she course, she grew up, you know, she came from baltimore. she grew up in the south. so, you know, her view of black people was, was very different to what we would feel now. but he frankly, given up any, any intention doing anything there. he realised that bahamas was run by local business when the bay street boys and he just went and played golf in board and also to avoid taxes. that seems to be a really major currency,
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isn't it over to save money even? well, london was being bombed. there trying to work out how to get more money out of the british accent. yeah, yeah, yeah, but also, i mean, i think they lived very or station ostentatiously at a time with austerity, both during the war and off the war. so i mean, they actually had p r people to advise them that taking you to pieces of luggage to new york and, and to have a huge hotels. floors wasn't a good idea when people were suffering, but they had, they had a 10 year, you know, even when they got to the bahamas, the 1st request was to refurbish government house, even though that was the cost of several spitfires at the height of the battle britain, you know, he was a patient's no spoiled child who just have his own way. so just finally, why the cover up and why the continuing cover up and why would buckingham palace not reply to any of your requests for information? well, i think it is still embarrassing. the queen's uncle, you know, was
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a traitor during the war. the narrative that was meant to print a tray with the royal family during the war, you know, and though the distance himself from that and they froze him out. the fact is, he's the former king. you know, people work for far less than he did. i mean, he should have been, you know, he should have been at nuremberg. and that is an embarrassing story. still embarrassing story. hence, you know, no one really wants to go there. and so, do you think that strategy continues today? we know that the prince andrew, who denies all accusations against him, obviously in trouble now are linked to epstein. and so what is that kind of the palace is? i think that's the defacto policy to it is to hope to delay things in the hope that the problem will go away or people will give up. and to deny, deny, deny, course you did it yourself and deeper and deeper. and i think it's, you know, they've learned nothing from windsor with. hello, prince harry is not a nazi,
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even though he's married, a divorcee. this inverse in parallel. of course with higher megan, you know, the same fight over finances. security, the same of suing of journalists who we don't agree with the same curation to the story, to tame book writers, sibling rivalry, and this is no falling out to me again, the playbook is the same. well, you know the same book, right? and andrew, thank you so much, i should be back 5, that's over the show will be back on wednesday, the neighboring announces its budget and 27 years. it was a stock market crashes in southeast asia to get a global economic crisis until then keep in touch my social media and tell us whether you think the british monarchy should continue to be funded by taxpayers. when i was sure thing wrong when i was just a to see out because the advocate an
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engagement, it was the trail. when so many find themselves world support, we choose to look for common ground a diet. i cried. i just kind of split the whole time out there. no one really thought anything different. you just all thought i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery. his lungs failed. 30 seconds, but i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 don't to started talking about a new wide spread. does he use that caused severe lung damage?
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there's a few points that were really the turning pole if the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out. he really felt holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's better. it was, i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through god. it was out of breath. now look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about personal intelligence at that point, obviously is to place trust,
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rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with this our is headline stories and all the joe biden song centered on social media story was to the top of the i tunes jaren's. we hear from the lead school. brandon roper, there's a 1000000 sold passed out right now. and if you're trying to act like a site, i can't say certain things in a saw where you're branded, that means you're branding my heart, your branding, my view of what's going on. you can ban aren't, you could be anything a rapidly developing story. so don's political crisis hits
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a new page counter. the country's military reportedly moves the prime minister to an unknown location after burly or placing him under a high service. it follows weeks of unrest after last month failed, who attend an endless tide of.


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