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tv   News  RT  October 25, 2021 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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ah ah, headline news stories at this hour. so don's political crisis had said new peak that country's military reportedly moves that prime minister to an on known location after earlier placing him under hours are as follows, weeks of unrest after last month's failed qu attempt, we've got live reaction on this developing story. coming up also an anti joe biden song centered on social media storms to the itself of the i tunes charts we hear from the let's go brandon to proper, and there's a 1000000 songs best out right now. if you're trying to act like a site, i can't say certain things. i'm a saw where your brand, it means your branding my heart. let me your branding my view of what's going on. if you can band partly give me any bang on an endless tide of broken promises. the
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conclusion nova knew report by that people's vaccine alliance, which blames rich countries on pharmaceutical giants for allegedly failing to deliver on their obligations and bragging upon. ah, just after mid day here in moscow this monday, october the 25th welcome to the news our on our team. my name's union o'neill. we begin with breaking news from north east africa. the sudanese information ministry is claiming the country's prime minister has been taken by the military to an unknown location. it follows his arrest earlier on monday morning and the nation's capital is also in lockton. when john i missed you do is our t senior correspond murat, gauss, df, and to go through what is no one here?
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i murat, extraordinary news really emerging from one of africa's biggest at city. can this be described as a, as a fully blown qu, what? what is known? well, the, the initial, a reports that we saw at came trickling in before dawn in sudan, whereby the military was reported to have moved in a troops and armoured vehicles into the city. they have blocked off roads and bridges leading into her tomb. the, the capital they have apparently cut internet access, restricted it across the entire country, are also we have heard that the prime minister, as well as several other ministers, members of the cabinet, have been arrested and moved to a undisclosed location. the opposition is also said that a number of other ministers were perhaps wounded, advanced therein in a safe location. nevertheless, the ministry of information on facebook has now published a number of calls for the people, for the opposition. those who supported the transitional government to come out and
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protest what they call a military coup, which had been building up tensions, had been building up for weeks, was who was widespread protest. the military hasn't yet come out and said what it wants. why, why this has happened, but we have seen reports coming in of concerning to ration. so the, the united states has come out and said deep alarm, they're experiencing hearing reports of what is happening. and so does the european union also are incredibly concerned and keeping in touch with that with authorities and trying to figure out what is happening and what is going to be the consequence of that? just just to remind everyone, sudan had been of last few years, ruled by a mix of military and civilian authorities, a transitional government to set the country up for elections after 30 years of rule by omar. i'll by should a dictator as he's described. i was going to say political unrest,
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rats in the country isn't exactly an overnight thing. and these things really how helen, if i can right. well, ever since a sudan had been a pariah for, for many years, it had been under tremendous sanctions internationally. those were lifted in 201718 . 2020 was finally removed from america's ah terra sponsor list, which allowed a flood of loans to come in. so darn one of the poorest countries in the world that desperately needed money for, for this transition. and that money from the i met from the world bank came with the strings attached as such. money usually doesn't that they force so don to, to undertake all manner of economic reforms. and they came as something of a shock to the country because it, obviously it is very poor, the huge subsidies state subsidies for fuel for power, for food. and suddenly those disappear, those disappeared international lenders for sedans, authorities to, to do away with those are subsidies for the, for the people to raise taxes,
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raise revenues, let the currency of flowed freely, which led to a collapse of the currency. and you ended with the situation in which things became very desperate, economically for, for the people. eventually you had thousands come out into the streets, calling for a return of a military dictatorship at one in which there at least fed. nevertheless, supporters of the transition of democratic rule, they say, ye, yes, things have been a woeful, very difficult lately, but we must stay the course. we must continue on with these reforms and eventually prosperity will come to us. now the situation is such that at thousands of people who are out in the streets in the capital, we have seen videos of a tires being burnt by protesters, the military frontier gas to the, to disperse them. and again, no telling yet which way res, lisel, swing what will come of this latest to attempt?
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right, thanks very much for tenisha, our senior correspond murat, gusty, of despite being above by social media and anti joe biden. song call, let's go. brandon. today's finds itself sitting at the top of the hip hop charts in the us, youtube remove wrapper, bryson grays truck claiming it contain medical misinformation. they explode laden, song takes aim, president biden bungled afghan withdrawal, and his handling of the corona virus, specifically slumming, the treatment of people during the pandemic. now in their defense of pulling it, youtube said the platform doesn't allow claims about colbert, that conflict with medical guidelines nowadays had charged the artist himself denies or in the lyrics we heard from the rapper himself who's accusing social media of stifling free speech. there's a 1000000 songs best out right now, and if you're trying to act like a sigh, i can't stay for. i'm going to saw your band. that means you're bending my are that
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me, you bending my view of was going on. you can band, aren't your band anything? i don't curse a minute. i make positive music and i be of my views and my music. i don't even curse. and i'm the most sense a wrapper in the world. how is that possible? i say what i believe in my song, everything i say in my real life, what i'm priest, and this is what i believe it should be a legal or social media company to be able to change their guy live every week and then delete things that came price that they asked for a plan with our free speech. nobody is messing with them. they're messing the bus. well, the title of bryce in grey's, his after the now infamous internet catch phrase, you may recall the went around the world's an nbc reporter, interviewing nascar recently brandon bryan and said he heard the crowd chant. let's go. brandon. apparently feeling to realize what people were actually showed him. oh ah, ah, oh. well the song comes
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a jo biden's approval rating. how's notice? i believe, according to a new survey, currently sits below 45 percent on 11 points since as an organization in january, meaning his popularity is declined faster than all his predecessors since the 2nd world war over the same period and office price and gray again thinks the president is finding the job his time in office tough going and trying to chill a mean a people now a lottery will say, let's go brand new for me. that's perfect. somebody doesn't curse black or so my the same for president biting people, call trumpet dictatorship. there's nothing more similar to what day to step in what jo buyers currently doing and what a lot of countries are going to try to segregate. that's need to i'm back to business like jim crow to point out the world. medical watched continues to sun, the alarm about the ongoing co it pandemic insisting it can only be stopped one way
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the fundamental will and when the world chooses to end it, it is in our hands. we have all the tools we need, effective public health tools and effective medical tools. another story we're close to day, increasingly empty shelves are getting shoppers in the u. s. nervously eyeing the calendar in the fast approaching holiday season. it's being disrupted by a national supply chain and crisis really. over the past fortnight, dozens of ships at u. s. ports there, idling in the water, still waiting to be unloaded. the pandemic we know has of course, reach topic to the global supply chain, but the u. s is seemingly weathering the storm. worse than most, a shortage of port operators and truck drivers has led to major traffic jams on docs and empty shelves in the stores. the government claims the ports have been
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overwhelmed due to a surgeon demands which the ad signals the economy is booming under biden's lead, but the public is not convince and it's that he had more gloomy reading 14 by nor a half all those quiz in a new nation wide survey believe the administration is dealing badly with economic matter. we've gone from extremely prosperous, too, locked down and economically miserable in the space of a year from 2019 to 2020. the locked down caused the supply chain to grind to a halt because businesses were not ordering products and supplies anymore because they weren't able to build them and sell them. and they weren't sure when they would be. the government does not expect to perform well in the next couple of elections if the truth about the supply chain and the current state of the american economy becomes widely known, were told by the administration. this problem will be over by the end of 2022. i'm
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seeing it in the foreseeable future. this is going to take years if not decades, and we will have to return to a state of reasonable prosperity, prosperity before the supply chain even fills itself in to return to what we considered normal vaccine donations by western countries are feeling too much initial pledges. so say that people's vaccine alliance, who's late as report concludes that pharmaceutical companies on rich states are contributing to job inequality around the world. bridge countries claim they would share doses to vaccinate the world would have failed to do so. with any urgency or any significant scale, people in low and middle income countries cannot trust the charitable goodwill of rich nations and pharmaceutical corporations. the document named a dose of reality underlines that nearly 2000000000 cobit vaccine shots were initially promised by wealthy nations. however,
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only 14 percent of those have been delivered to the countries most in need. just one and 50 people in low income nations are fully vaccinated. now the people's vaccine alliance has singled out high income states for significant blame saying they have failed to meet their obligations. now the u. k promised, who donates a hundreds 1000000 doses to kovacs a world wide initiative aimed at fir access to coven vaccines. but so far has delivered less than 10 percent of that amount. and canada, which initially allocated 40000000 doses for the navy, has donated 8 percent of what the promise the we spoke to a senior lecture at exeter university's medical school, who believes sony and vaccine nationalism is delaying a return to global morality. they wish to protect their future rights and our prospects for making, although ac scenes and of cause profit is the biggest motive here. i find this very
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disappointing because it shows vaccine nationalism and it won't. we're in a global pandemic. we have a duty. we how an act must duty to look after other nations. we don't want fellow human beings in poorer nations to die. when the real crux of the matter arises, the united kingdom, the united states, the european union, old rich nations. how said we're going to look after ourselves and nothing more, nothing less? would new diversity proposals by the u. k. financial conduct authority, which regulates the financed industry, be used to mosque gender pay issues for large companies, no doubt as a claim, increasingly being made in britain right now at centers on the way companies can meet require targets by including transgender women as female in their self report a data bouts, despite the fact there are payscale, may have been originally set when there were men, we got the thoughts of women's rights activists. paulo diana, in this case,
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all the data, all the statistics will be changed and of course they won't be change in the favor . we man, as we all can understand that, because if we include men in women's category, there won't be clarity that won't be just as it would be unfair. and this data won't really mean anything. if we think about a man who made it his career until he was 50 and then he decided to change, he is a gender and to identify a woman. we conclude understand that this man was never discriminated on the basis of the sex during his career. and he was never underpaid because of his sex. so there's no point in including man in the women's category that's really obvious to everyone. and the fact that the f c a is proposing that is really, really worrying. let me just expand on those worries. critics claim the figures which companies would have to disclose on
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a comply or explain basis would be contorted, essentially that if the data includes information about women whose runs us in late under her tree, the unpaid, as a mom for their career, saying that could skew the statistic, the spy thought the f. c believes it's move is good for all our proposals are posted for women. they are designed to encourage loose it's firms through targets and increase this quarter in this area to bring more women on towards and cycle. the lack of diversity in some of our major firms. will lawyer on social commentator stephanie hayden believes companies come collect correct data and not be disrespectful to minorities. companies are going to be up $67.00, they'll be mix built. they're not going to know what to do the best on it is such a controversial issue. at the moment. most companies are likely to take what they considered to be the me the option out until the last one is counseling. what needs
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to happen in my opinion, is that when you walk late and statistics for official purposes, they should be based on legal sex di is not in any way disrespecting, everybody by density. everybody knows that from gentlemen don't have gender recognition tickets have not got around for one reason or another to change in the legal sex. we do need to draw the line somewhere. there is a scheme and the u. k. people might not like it. so that's the scheme we have. so for the purposes of government statistics or even i would say open to fix, you are a woman if your birth certificate frasier, woman. this is art. see still, i had moscow slums. washington's move to classify russian seeking. usb says, als, homeless, national or a not shortly ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality?
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ah, in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is faith in the world corrupted you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess on the world of politics. sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah
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ah humiliation on the brink of sadism. that's how moscow has blasted washington's mood to classify russian seeking us immigration visas as homeless nationals. yes, diplomats tend to procedure travail for the 21st century into health based and humiliation . on the brink of santa's, russia was allied to washington's list of homeless visa applicants alongside countries like a run, libya on somalia. now that happens when a nation has no counsellor representation, or when the political situation is deemed uncertain by the u. s. russians will i have to travel to poland to apply for an american immigration visa. it comes up to
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numerous tit for tat moves, including the mutual expulsion of diplomats, the u. s. expanding its sanctions on russia and moscow bombing, the american embassy from hiring locals, commenting to our t. the u. s. department of state said russia has no one to blame, but itself the russian government's decision to prohibit the united states from retaining hiring or contracting russian or 3rd country stuff severely impacts our ability to provide counselor services, the extremely limited number of counselors, staff in russia. this time does not allow us to provide routine visa or us citizen services editor of the online news website. this can't be happening. devlin doff has questions over y rush is not grouped on the same list as war torn countries. it's the average person who gets hurt by this and you have to go to warsaw and you have to get the shing and visa, so it gets very expensive. it's all very childish. it seems to me,
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every other country on that list is a 3rd world country and looks like half of them are countries that are wor, torn's, you know, they're either involved in civil wars or wars. and, you know, understandably in those countries, the u. s. doesn't have much in the way of a, of embassy officials. it's all politics. it's the u. s. now, i miss this anti russia campaign that i've been going on. really, you, since the late obama administration, i get a job and a $500.00 bonus are going unpaid leave. that's the ultimate and facing unvaccinated municipal employees in new york. the 300000 city workers and getting firefighters and police officers are monday to, to get their 1st dose by friday at the latest that's resulted in a wave of anger. on sunday,
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demonstrators gathered done sun to protest against the measures. despite the opposition, the cities marius standing by the controversial, your city worker, you need to be vaccinated. we are here to keep you safe, so you can keep everyone else safe. new york comp, zeke arkwin believes though the monday will actually have the opposite effect and reduce safety in the city. well, it's basically a way to de, from the police without actually the funding them. going to have police officers either, either leaving the job or not showing up for work to or, and already understand police force. so that's just in the deplete numbers. even more people are going to be safe because of this. you know, people that depend on the police force to keep us safe, whether it's in new york, chicago, or any place else they have these mandates going on. are going to feel the difference in the communities and crime goes up and looking for a police officer and they can't find it. i think mentioned chicago there a bit of dispute has broken out in the city. we're around a 3rd of police officers are defying the vaccine mandate,
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their similar policies towards a job push for workers have stalled in other parts of the country. in fact, the florida governor said on sunday he hopes to sign legislation authorizing $5000.00 hiring bonuses part of an effort to fight what he called on constitutional maxine orders. the state is seeking to recruit officers who have lost their jobs because of covert mandates. and why pd minneapolis? seattle? if you're not being treated well, we'll treat you better here. you can feel important needs for us and will compensate as a result in floor those numbers as far as per capita bar down. i think the lowest in the country is not the lowest, so i don't think this is requisite, or i think it's a show to support those of us that stand for medical freedom in stand for body autonomy. and i think it's a great move,
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think it's more about taking advantage of the c simply wanting to lose a good cops, and they're happy to pick them up any state or see that supports us and says that they'll stay with us. especially with our constitutionally protected rights is a, is a bonus for any long force, an officer. so i supported fully the humanitarian crisis in yemen, continues to be the world's worst nonce, according to unicef would say, $10000.00 children have been killed or maimed since fighting started in march $2015.00. the equivalent of for every day the charity, more than 11000000 children are in need of humanitarian help in the country. almost half a 1000000 suffer from acute malnutrition and some 1700000 children are internally displaced on do not have access to safe water, sanitation, or hygiene. unicef official say insufficient funding is making their work. they're
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incredibly difficult. when was or, or filmmaker and activist her rick l e has been discussing the role of western governments and numerous middle eastern crises and the latest edition of going underground. the full episode is available on r t dot com, or youtube channel to the west is a central clair in all the walls that have been taking place in the 21st century. the horrors are being inflicted on by yemen. just fill me with despair. for years decades, the saudis have been buying up huge amounts of weapons. manns from burton, mainly from the united states. and doing what woke them in the eighty's and ninety's, and name of the beginning of the century. they with large warehouses in dekessa. when these things was told, if western organs were wrong from saudi arabia or subsidies while we're growing for
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that matter is true, change would come very quickly. there an imperial odd this behaves in their own and trust. so some b roll of bars. i want to do, and setbacks can be. i shrugged off, especially in a large unipolar world, there is no big gold, tentative state there. ah, making a demand for peace and justice. thousands of migrants from central america. and must up the southern border of next eco, for a march against the concrete migration policies over the weekend. police tried to stop the human caravan, but were overwhelmed by the numbers. the demonstrators managed to march for around 11 kilometers without being stopped on the plan to continue moving on monday. 6 late a theme mongers boiled over for hundreds of people, started at the border between afghanistan and pakistan,
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who invented their fury at the local police headquarters here. the frontiers being closed on the orders of the taliban. ever since the militant group regained control of cable, police used to tear gas rubber votes to break up the cries, the border closure has resulted in the suspension of regular transit and trade between the 2 countries. the huge plume of ocean's smoke has been billowing into the sky over the italian island of sicily. after a month ethnic latest eruption is happening after a month long period of relative come at, nor is the most active volcano in europe, on one of the most active in the world having erupted multiple times in recent months while are, is, are lots for know from the newsroom, but if you'd like to keep right up to speed this monday, give ortiz twitter page a fall. i tell you what, it's a solid start. i'm, you know, the real thing by fla. ah,
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very clear to kill time time to sit down and talk with me. ah, i mean, ah,
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i'm absent fancy. we're going undergrad coming over the show is the issue of war crimes. black or white has newcastle f. c. follows the british government in cozying up to saudi arabia. we speak to a barrister who wants to read card saudi arabia, which you k p m boss. johnson enables arm sales to bomb yemen. site of the world's worst humanitarian crisis. and the scandal threatens the future of the taxpayer funded british crown ahead of a hearing in the sexual abuse case against prince andrew, who denies everything. we ask best selling biographer, elani about the traitor king fascism. and if the royal family has always been damaged, good, all of them all coming up in today's going underground, were 1st to the world's worst humanitarian crisis. fueled by british weapons as
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bars. johnson's u. k. foreign secretary liz trust returns to britain from arms, customer, saudi arabia and join now from the hague, by human rights, where toby cabman, co founder of guernica. 37, be thanks so much for coming on to as i say, live trust as a go back now, you're raining on doris johnson's a parade. i'll ask you about 2 specific, legible crabs in a minute. but that what exactly we filed with the british police. so this is an investigation that we've been working on for the best part with last months. we've been looking at various different instance as part of the saudi coalition attacks in yemen. we have detailed a number of attacks both in the same and in the north. so 2 different categories of crime. so know we're talking primarily about bombardment, indiscriminate shilling of civilian areas targeting civilians and, and in the say the use of mercenaries through an american company and a you
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a proxy to, to carry a talk with assassinations, run secret prisons and torture and execute civilians. so it is that's a sort of snapshot summary of what the allegations concern and what we, what we've done with named a number of senior military and political leaders from both salary b, u e. the reason why we targeted them, because this follows on from a finding we made just over a month ago with the international criminal court, which is then alleging the involvement of other members of the salad coalition. united kingdom, as you rightly pointed out, providing the weapons to which these crimes had been carried a but so we had filed with the integral criminal court as well against those persons who are.


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