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holy craft, he's gonna die. oh no, he's the better. it was. i wouldn't want my worst enemy that i'm out of breath. in 2019 doctor started talking about a new wide spread. does he use that caused severe lung damage? that followed an outbreak of more than 3000 cases in the us. 64 of which were fatal toll of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or vapor products. the name of the disease was later abbreviated to a valley today, around 50000000 people around the world are using electronic nicotine delivery
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systems. and facing devices is a huge market, conservatively estimated, to be worth around $7000000000.00 in great britain, where they thing has been stealing a lead over conventional tobacco smoking. even the health authority tacitly supported consumers of the new nicotine delivery systems. i do agree that bessie is my tonight producing the 1st place. last year. i was watching that you've been a cigarette. you're more than 5. ha, ha, ha. my really, if you don't smoke, we don't like and then don't stossel best of those dos. the 1st vapor related jessica in russia, or even earlier than in the us in the republic of that are done and leningrad region in 2016 and in study us gall in 2020. in every case, the victim. well teenagers. soon after that in 2021,
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the 1st patient in moscow was diagnosed with a volley. 17 year old r cindy, but my up was taken to an emergency room with 90 percent lung damage a year, which from digital we see are simplistic. are centers, if only diagnosis has already had a significant impact on his future. central professions are now beyond his reach, and he can never join the military service with in the political country music for listen i mean as of the legs? yeah. the gilbert brutal alex from you to are is 20 years old. his story didn't just shake america with the whole world.
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i advised that it was the reason why i chose it was like peach. i was, i wanted the menthol, the mentee mental as well. and it was the one that smelled the baths out of the options that they let me kind of small from and so i chose that one in the ide vapor that day. next day we had gone to my grandma's house and he got sick. his stomach hurt and he was throwing up and my wife took him to the doctor and they said, oh it, it's probably just a flu, maybe a flu virus. and it didn't get better. and it kept getting worse. and he sent me a message when i was at work saying, dad, i can't stop throwing up. i can't stop coughing. my wife took him back to the
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doctor and, and he said alex has pneumonia. he said, i don't think he needs to go to the hospital, we'll just give him antibiotics. any income home, no affect, no effect. he gets worse in or should. i shouldn't joke with that. so we put a new factor store at the system or is it on which will that cause your credit union? yeah. you got you got those ideas with like, you know, is i need to hear from us. yes. with sessions, people do that, but they do expire them based with
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the equity or amount still which downstairs for okay i yes. hello good. it is a good at that low, but it didn't put it out to work with them. rewarded them both of them. okay. what can you give them to get it was, i mean, food it or not. know why the both of us more than it's about a minute? no. yeah. comes with the motion and combining it with going at the mark up and with as jim, but good. and if you get like nobody on yeah, good anything, nothing. anyway i'm, i'm a scientist now busy trying to study the long term effects of a thing. mm hm. cruise for me. sure. sure. carol leeks was you've got a new sure. was this for all from the one with a studio video. i'm yes, the bad. the finance?
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yes. now with lead to move her concent bravo. a polish for a alex is a direct descendant of irish immigrants who all lived in provo. alex's grandfather, great grandfather, and great great grandfather, old buried here. the mitchells are an average middle class american family. his father is a mechanic and his mother, a housewife without medical insurance, the battle against the valley would have had a very different outcome. the family could never have afforded the medical bills. i just left the whole time. i was there. no one really thought anything different. we just all thought i just didn't feel good. the next day i had complained to my mom about feeling like i could only take half of a breath and it would hurt. it would just hurt if i tried to take anything more
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than half of a bra. almost like, as if someone was squeezing in the lower parts of my lungs when i was trying to breathe in. and it, we let the point we were like, okay, something's not right. a doctor from california. he took one look at alex and he said this boys dying. he died. they have a giant team of doctors, pulmonologist cardiologists, everybody under the sun. and as they consulted, they said he'd this boy's dying, and we have to do something right now. this is what they call a bi tap. it forces error into your lungs. he's still wasn't responding here is integrated resource. well, it was definitely
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a shock. who is this kind of an out of nowhere thing? i didn't really have time to process it that much. when that happened. they kind of left me a little speech was just, you know, if seen someone, you know, my older brother who's always been, you know, a tougher than me. you know, who can you nod your head for chelsea? can you not? yes, alex, like a sums up. can you give her a smile? alex join to give her another thumbs up. a good job that'll do, but it gets a little bit of a bad eye dock in a hospital bed. it was really bad. i mean, similar to what my dad said i, i was expecting to lose my brother and i was mad about it. you know, i,
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there was nothing i could have done. i couldn't help in any way that i've been just sitting there watching it. and it was really hard. oh, with the medium linda ashley i visited with just such a shooting. which is you, snape, you, jamie, i wanted to follow up on out the storage unit to forward it on keeping up with you being told me she thought id number or your score steering issue is going to be still going to produce easier to get him can you visit with him regarding the corporate or the browse with children who are new generation. all right, so there's one of my favorite kits. this is what i have right now and they get, does it take that i use them or i what i love the flavors and stuff and the experiment have fun and that's a lot of my customers. i come in here they,
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they get excited when they see all the new flavors. when i bring him a new brand, are they so that they don't want to smoke too bad. they don't want to babe tobacco strawberry banana when we kill try coffee flavored, or monkey auto something like that. but no, that's part of the whole day being experience. you know, it's to get your mind off smoking cigarettes. honestly i used to smoke cigarettes, sticks of it, but i switched over to maybe just to have a healthier transition or you know, have a healthier alternative. i feel a lot better since i stop smoking a cigarette as to maybe i feel a lot better. i. i feel like i'm not short of breath. when i smoke a cigarette, i feel sort of breath instantly. when i smoke vape, i don't feel much different. other than that, that really relaxation. i'm. that's yeah. okay. is your move?
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yeah. there was such a new medical pro can and united states that known pretty doctors to there's a few points that were really the turning points when they had to innovate him. and then walking in and seeing a those were pretty hard having the tube down like throw it was really uncomfortable to me and in my ice drug state, i was trying to rip it out. i'd go unconscious for 10 minutes and then come right back up and start fighting. because i'm very claustrophobic. he would try to rip the lines out and had he had pulled the animal that it's called the catalyst. how they pulled that out and as long sermon juggler,
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he would have been dead. 30 seconds, but it killed him. i cried. i did, i cried. i wept and i'm not ashamed. is my son? i love him. so when i 1st got it, i had lost my chance to go to college that year because, you know, been in the hospital for 3 weeks, you know, i wouldn't be able of walked around campus if ali and cove it stops my plans to go to college but once i realized that i couldn't walk in that, i had to actually be like a lift it up and like it helped to walk down even maybe 20 feet. i i guess i kind of broke down a little bit because, you know, here i and this i've at hiker and i can't even walk 20 feet anymore.
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i carry with me for animals. ready i'm hiking and mountain lions, bridle snakes, if you can't get away from it, it's a big day for alex. he and his brother elliott will attend to path. they've walked before. this will be a serious test after revalue. alex needs to know if he's up to the task you haven't with
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ah, if you want something done, right, do it yourself. the acronym d i y, i e, do it yourself has now become the name for unusual nra of online videos. we do, coupled with more than a year away, any sammy herself, to school that he was known, you can't, the was more or less did any wardrobe drug. so the spoken deal, it people use scrap materials and whatever is at hand to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action. squid guns, richer company for much. ramona, still most fear a fellow much more poor were still the best part is people want to watch. millions of viewers spend url is seeing how a person they've never met and who's half way round the world assembles the
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contraption. no one else needs to be taught trickery. arrange to filter for that in which could just move my feet when you minute synergies like user energy. we're looking at the glutton, loosely pushing, which critically still can ah, i would say the most dangerous thing to worry about liking where we're going to go . hike is the rattlesnakes. there was one time me and my friends we, we were hiking and my friends walking in front of me like jobs is like, oh and i'm like, wait a minute that i see is a stake about this for my foot. i really don't want you to go
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to the day has come and alex is determined to follow a particular route. he wants to put himself through an exercise as intense as he was used to before re valley when we started finding fossils. ha, just teach that even more because you find you find cool rocks as a kid in your life. you, you go up into the mountains and you come back 24 hours a wizard. yeah. i know that the coral around here was from even before lake bonneville, which was, i think, a 100000 years ago. all of this used to be underneath shallow ocean. oh, what is that coral? it does look like coral super. yes, you can find bottles on the road and we still find so many like we're finding them
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all the time from sheylan prince to croyt stems. and it's my goal to find an ammonite, but i don't know full here for the feel. okay, a little low for the place. everybody hangs out on friday saturday night. everybody gets together. parties has gone and yeah, i haven't been here a couple years. but back when i used to come here, they'd let you just, you know, baby years smoking, they weren't allowed to cigarettes or anything like that for now. yeah. with the new signs and everything, they don't want babying anywhere. they treat it like vigorous smoke with green smells a lot better, but yeah, it's crazy now. i think as long as they don't keep trying to ban all the flavors,
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the vape industry will be good or else they'll just if they do end up banning the flavors or anything like that, like the regulations are just going to get so tied to words. it's harder to run a shop and you won't be able to have as much products in the shop. you know, there won't be as much variety, which i feel like that's important for the customers is all the variety a guided level in the lab. i finish with you just now and you said your journey catch you with the by k e repeat wish i will raping you. don't get too much. add to it, so risky. a
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put you on serious picked it on the stuff. can you publish this to get it? that was the one thing about that with a, you know, it's going for you to apply to a post them see me live. my isn't like one way on following the child. the mutual wasn't even the price quoted. cuz it'd be stable if we ship the quote by losing. huh. well then you got us that the pros and so at the deal with signing the bike, maybe come by name or anything. so you give them permission when you a minute, almost every weekend, the mitchells visit their favorite mexican restaurant. lily, lily, you once you get really got any of them on
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the day before the hike and the whole mitchell family gathers around the table. alex's dad, dad is off work today, and his sister is already back from school. this when you want to do that, and here's when you were little and then you can tell that when you were little and then you got back and now you try and sometimes it's hard when you put something fun out there, the kids did. you don't wanna have it put away and, and so we leave it up and we love your pictures. just a funny joke. and it was a funny cute little picture and she brought it to alex at the hospital to get well . and when he saw this me x shirt, he laughed because it was cute, and it was funny. and it put him in really hard and is scared her. she thought she heard she was really, really upset. so we really didn't to go into
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a monitor for her. she didn't know what was happening. i am pretty sure i had our catlins been saying wait, whereas alex, because he was gone. you go from my son's going to die. i've been have to bury him to hey, he's getting professor. holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he to the better it was. i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through that. it was horrible. it was heartbreaking. and if anything that happened to alex can save just one person, just save one life. it was worth it. a either today, blogger, so gay and his girlfriend anna,
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replanting an unusual video. cool. there meeting someone who by some miracle survived the valley. alex from provo happens to be a subscriber need and try to learn russian in the past. her last is her i. how are you a that that's actually a really good. that's a really good argument. is promoted as a healthier option and it does look cool. i mean it's been able to do all the smoke tracks and you know, blow. ready ready super very close to smoke it's. it's impressive. biggest issue i can see with baby in is i personally think that it's more addicted than cigarettes because they taste good. they smell good. you've always y stops
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a boy. and so when i had babes my last to juice the peach mental and it was a new brand, and which was part of why we thought maybe that could be the cause. there is ingredients within the vapor that can interact with any other. for substances that people may be taking, or even i, i highly doubt maybe even medication. it could lead to some pretty nasty reactions on customer with us. but you know, a, i. ready would love to see one day,
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maybe if you didn't vape anymore, my biggest goal is to inform people. nobody knows the fall. consequences the fall time for recovery from a volley, where there's no long term study where it's such a new disease. me, doctors aren't sure they don't know how long the recovery period will be deleted and i was deeply thrown me. she got it now. i was, i mean, you sure your doctors which you know by the when his and i am sure all that ammunition maybe just for 5 years, but if the answer, wow. rashid who are the guy that green mervin. yeah. of course. really, gretchen, michigan. the more so i group. but they millennia for tomorrow just who?
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usually we start down about. the cooler one is up here. it is hard to breeze feels good though. dyke is almost oba alex and elliot only have a little way left to go. oh, when you start finding fossils really drives near to want to go up there and walk and explore because to find something up in the mountains that millions of years old that no one is seen the ever one has just walked by. it's very special to be the one to realize wow, that's what this is and to be able to take a look. okay. so
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i heard so fast that i'm out of breath. how are you feeling tired over 2nd. oh you did oh, when. ready ready ready ready i 1st scott, my, have only, i, i was very, very surprised to find out the baby and because of it and that they being would've given me any sort of chance to be hospitalized, even if it would been for 3 days or the 3 weeks that i
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was unfortunately hospitalized it, it changes you, it changes a family, it isn't worth the fad of a pin. it isn't worth looking call. it isn't worth risking your life over something. so editing. mm . ready ready oh,
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offensive, very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with at states have to be rash to be able to afford anytime in front of the luxury. got it for sure. despite having the most expensive all cast system in the world and we have poor life expectancy, we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it says if these people don't count i saw how they can choose their customers and dumped the sick so also right and
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satisfied or wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder with
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ah, for headline news stories at this hour. so does political crisis head said new pig now it's the country's military reportedly moves that prime minister to an on known location after earlier placing him under ours arrest. it follows weeks of unrest after last month's failed qu attempt, we've got live reaction on this developing story, coming up also an anti joe biden song centered on social media storms, to the itself of the i tunes charts we hear from the let's go around in the proper and there's a 1000000 songs best out right now, and if you're trying to act like a site, i can't say certain things. i'm a saw where you branded, that means your branding, my.


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