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ah, ah moscow slums up bordering on said just stick washington's move to place russian seeking us visas, alma homeless nationals that list among countries like somalia undetermined to cut me off in the program today. and endless tide of broken promises. so say in your report by the people vaccine alliance blaming rich countries and pharmaceutical giants for a failing to deliver on their obligations and dragging out upon them. also anti biden's song, censored on social media storms, to the top of the i tunes charts we hear from the let's go brandon to proper there's a 1000000 song. best out right now, if you're trying to add one a song, i can't say findings. and i saw where you and it means your branding my part. i
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mean your branding my view of what's going on if you can ban hardly give me anything. ah one minute passed the 8 this monday morning here in the russian capital, i'm unit o'neill and this is the news hour on art. we will get to those brad like stories in just a moment. some breaking news to bring you though, from north east africa. local media reports are suggesting that prime minister of sudan has been placed under heis arrest for all the countries, ministers and a number of high profile politicians have also reportedly been detained at let's go through what at we're hearing one is developing in this story. it's been reported, the army has not blocked all roads and bridges leading to the capitol car to mo bile, inter net connections. they've also apparently been cut off the sudanese professionals
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association. one of the country's main political forces, political party and trade unions mixed together. slum the latest developments calling on people to take to the streets to counter was they help described as a coup attempt. it follows arrest in car to him on sunday when security forces, as we can see there at fire, tear gas pro military protesters who are calling for the dissolution of the government. it's been running the war torn country since a military coup or through president l bus. year in april, 2019 was after nearly 3 decades of rule. and indeed we should point to don has been on age since they failed coo plot last month. and least bitter attention between military and civilian groups were meant to be sharing power. following the 2900 nice thing of the country, the former leader,
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to get more in depth information right here in our see international with me for today and also on our website party dot com. we let the latest from the situation seems like a rapidly developing wall in sudan humiliation on the brink of sadism. that's how moscow has blasted washington's move to classify russian seeking us visas of homeless nationals. it comes after russia was out to washington's list of countries, including a rum libya on somalia, where it has no counsellor representation. that all means russians will now have to travel to poland to apply for a visa. yes, diplomats tend to procedure travail for the 21st century into health based on humiliation. on the brink of scientists, russians have been listed as a homeless nationality. just listen to it once again, homeless nationality. this is really
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a diplomatic slap in the face and other countries on that lists other nationalities, i should say, include yemen, these libyans, venezuelans. they were present the countries in which either b, u. s. has no consular presence whatsoever, or where the political or the security situation is very dire. but it doesn't feel like here. this is really the case with moscow, for example. now what this decision by the u. s. state department means for ordinary russians is that russian immigrant applicants will now have to go to war, saw the capital of poland for their interviews, for example. but for russian citizens in order to go to poland, they have to get an e. u. shannon visa, which really makes the whole situation much more complicated. however, the west state department told us that they see warsaw as the most convenient option. however,
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they are saying that they do understand that this is quote on quote, a very significant change for the applicants. and they're also, they are putting the blame for this entire situation. on the russian side, the russian government's decision to prohibit the united states from retaining hiring or contracting russian or 3rd country stuff severely impacts our ability to provide counselor services. the extremely limited number of counselors staff in russia this time does not allow us to provide routine visa or us citizen services. so from listening to that, it sounds like rushes made of the lives of us diplomats far more complicated as well. so what's the wider context here? well, it's really important to look at what happened earlier about 6 this ago washington expanded its anti russian sanctions and kicked 10 russian diplomats out of the country, which is on top of many more diplomat expulsions. i tell you that there was a total of more than $100.00 in moscow kept warning all along that it will be
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responding with different kinds of measures. now apart from expulsions. one of the steps that moscow has taken is that it banned the u. s. embassy in moscow from hiring russian citizens or 3rd country nationals. and as a result of all that, that are sullivan is saying that his team swung to 120 people. and that he believes that is not enough to perform their console duties properly. but the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman murray is a harbor is saying that the americans were the architects of their own demise. for many years seems to me that have been destroying the counselor services system in russia, which they didn't create. they haven't closing counselor agencies cuttin stuff. conducting experiments with hollow is symmetric response differs from tit for tat. i wonder if any of these do, the strategy apologists took into account that at the same time they destroyed
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their own ideals of freedom. it homes, families and relatives, the kinds of connections that keep relations between states and nation as alive. it homes, people who sincerely believed in the west pleasures about freedom of travel. i want to ask where and now these ideals which are so often spoken about on the other side of the atlantic. and when it comes to reality in the face of certain people, human rights, all of a sudden have no place in washington's least afraid artists. well, it looks like things with these diplomatic missions are only getting worse. however, when the 2 presidents, joe biden, and latimer met in geneva, in the summer, big reeds that the 2 countries will make steps to improve the situation so far. like i said, it's only getting worse and according to the russian foreign minister surg, elaborate, the reason for this is that washington is playing some kind of game in which they are trying to bargain for preferences which are one sided. however,
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moscow maintains that if the sanctions are east that needs to be done on an equal footing. but like we see, the only problem is that it's the ordinary people that are suffering from this diplomatic war. elleon per trend co taking us through that. now, editor of the online news website, this can't be happening, dave linder, of questions why russia would now be grouped on the same list as war torn and 3rd world countries. it's the average person who gets hurt by this and you have to go to warsaw and you have to get to sing and visa. so it gets very expensive. it's all very childish. it seems to me, every other country on that list is the 3rd world country and looks like half of them are countries that are wor, torn's, you know, they're either involved in civil wars or wars. and, you know,
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understandably in those countries, the u. s. doesn't have much in the way of, of embassy officials. it's all politics. it's the u. s. now, on this, this anti russia campaign that been going on really, since the late obama administration. hey, to another of her headline stories today. vaccine donations by western countries are feeling too much initial pledges that's according to the people's vaccine alliance, whose latest report concludes that pharmaceutical companies and rich states are contributing to job inequality around the world. the document named a dose of reality underlines that nearly 2000000000 covet vaccine shots were initially promised by wealthy nations. however, only 14 percent of vaccines were delivered to the countries most. the need. less than 2 percent of people in low income nations are fully vaccinated with more in
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the story here, sir. senior correspondent, murat gas div. we will remember how it started. we were all scared. there was no medicine will cure no vaccine and new blad, the rich and the poor were truly equal. no amount of money would protect you from this dreadful new virus. back then we all needed one another. we're all in this together and we'll come through together. sound trite to say, we're all in this together. these are dark, this. but there are also this between the hours humanity. we are confident humanity will step up and shine. and here we are still waiting for humanity to start shining. the worst of the pandemic for the reach is now over this treatments as vaccines and a plan, just not for everyone. bridge countries claim they would share doses to vaccinate
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the world would have failed to do so with any urgency or any significant scale, people in low and middle income countries cannot trust the charitable goodwill of rich nations and pharmaceutical corporations. rich nations pledged near enough to 1000000000 doses for the poor and the needy, including those who, who can't afford food. never mind a vaccine near enough to 1000000000 dose as they pledged, and only 260000000. they have delivered the date, a 10th of what has promised. the truth is that none of us can succeed alone. to win this battle, we must work together to build an impregnable shield around all our people. you k promised to donate a 100000000 doses. it actually donated $9600000.00 less than 10 percent of what had promised caustic, a fraction of a fraction of
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a fraction of britain's total pandemic related spending. we can't just have other wealthiest countries, the most successful scientific countries. how this success and not share with the world, because we will not be safe until we're able to share with the world. turns out we can. and canada is among the leaders in the western world. not sharing the country, which infamously made headlines by reserving 4 times more vaccine doses than its population needed, promised. a generous 40000000 doses for the needy at delivered just 3000008 percent of what it promised. meaning, canada has donated less than literal vaccine profiteers. governments must stop allowing pharmaceutical companies to play god while raking in astronomical prophets and start delivering actual action that will save lives. corporations, which prom discounts and donations of a 1000000000 doses have delivered just over
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a 100000000 ad of a 1000000000. johnson and johnson madonna have not yet donated a single dose. they at least have an excuse. it's as a capitalist world and they work for money. but what excuse does the, you have all britain which are actively preventing poor nations from manufacturing their own vaccines, no wish to protect their future rights and our prospects for making, although ac scenes. and of course, profit is the biggest motive here. i find this are very disappointing because it shows vaccine nationalism and it won't. we're in a global pandemic. we have a duty. we how an act must duty to look after other nations. we don't want fellow human beings in poorer nations to die. when the real crux of the matter arises,
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the united kingdom, the united states, the european union, all rich nations, how said we're going to look after ourselves and nothing more, nothing less. it's a sad story, one which unfortunately many predicted as fear passed, charity choked the rich began counting the costs of altruism. and suddenly we stopped needing one another the spelling to being bound by social media, an anti joe biden song called let's go. brandon, you may have heard of it today, finds itself sitting at the top of the hip hop charts in the u. s. youtube remove wrapper, bryce, and grace june, claiming it contained medical misinformation. the song takes aim, our president biden's bungled afghan withdrawal on his handling of the crone of iris. the truck also has the wreck slamming the treatment of people during the pandemic, and apparently questioning the apathy of their disease. no, you tube said it doesn't allow claims about covert that conflict with medical
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guidelines and that's why it's been kicked out. we heard from the rapper who accuse so show media of stifling free speech. there's a 1000000 songs best out right now. and if you're trying to act like a song, i can't say certain things. i'm a saw where you bad it. that means you're bending my. are you banning my you was going on? you can ban, aren't you back anything? i don't curse on my music. i'm a positive music and i do have my views and my music. i don't even curse and i'm the most sense a wrapper in the world. how is that possible? i say what i believe in my song, everything i say, my real life. and this is what i believe it should be illegal or social media company to be able to change their guy lives every week. i've been delete things that came prior to that. they actually are playing with our free speech. nobody is messing with them. they're mess on the bus. yeah, the title of bryce and grace had is after the now infamous internet catch phrase, it went viral for us reporter which and bring those car racing car driver. brandon
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bron on said the reporter said he heard the crowd chant. let's go, brandon. apparently failing to realize what people were actually shot. yeah. ah, ah, listen, comes us, joe biden's approval rating has noticeably dipped according to a new survey. it currently stands below 50 percent on 11 points since his integration in january and meaning his popularity has not declined faster than all his predecessors since the 2nd world war over the same period in office. bryson gray again thinks the president could do better at san angelo mina, people now a lottery will say, let's go branding for me. that's perfect. somebody doesn't curse. back or so my the
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same for president biding people, call trumpet dictatorship. there's nothing more similar to what day to step in what jo buyers currently doing and what a lot of countries are going to try to segregate that's needed and vaccinated businesses like jim crow, 2 point oh, meanwhile, the world medical watch dog continues to sound the alarm about the ongoing cobit pandemic insisting it can only be stopped one way the fundamental will and when the world chooses to end it, it is in our hands. we have all the tools we need effective public health tools and effective medical tombs here moving the program on now there are claims in the u. k that you diversity proposals by the financial conduct authority are being used by large companies to mask gender issues. companies can meet require targets by including transgender
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women as female in their self reported data. thus, despite the fact their pay scale may have been originally set when they were men. we heard from women's rights activists. paulo diana, about the issue. in this case, all the data, all the statistics will be changed and of course they won't be changed in favor. we man, as we all can understand that, because if we include men in women's category, that won't be clarity. that won't be justice. it would be unfair and this data won't really mean anything. if we think about a man who made it his career until he was 50 and then he decided to change. he is a gender and to identify a woman, we completely understand and this man was never discriminated on the basis of the sex during his career and he was never underpaid because of yes sex. so there's no
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point in include a man in the women's category that's really obvious to everyone. and the fact that the f c a is proposing that is really, really worrying or critics claim the figures which companies would have to disclose on a comply or explained basis would be contorted. if the data includes information of women who transitions late on who are treated unpaid as a mount throat their career, it could skew the statistics by thought. the fcl believes the move will be beneficial for women. our proposals are posted for women. they are designed to encourage leases firms through targets and increase this quarter in this area to bring more women on towards and cycle the lack of diversity in some of our major firms. we're a lawyer and commentator stephanie aiden, believes companies can collect correct data and not be disrespectful to minorities . companies are going to be up $67.00,
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they'll be mix built. they're not going to know what to do the best on it is such a controversial issue. at the moment. most companies are likely to take what they considered to be the me, the option. now i'm sure they will need to identify which one is chances. what needs to happen in my opinion, is that when you walk relating statistics for official purposes, they should be based on legal sex di is not in any way disrespecting me will be by density. everybody knows that this from gentlemen of the job have gender recognition tickets have not got round for one reason or another to change in their legal sex. we do need to draw the line somewhere. there is a scheme and the u. k. people might not like it, so that's the scheme we have. so for the purposes of government statistics or even i would say, open to sticks. you are a woman. if your birth certificate frasier woman. this is art, c, yelman's, humanitarian crisis continues to be the world. according to unicef,
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more than 11000000 children in need of monetary assistance. we look more on plenty more. besides me, i ah
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. ah. ah, hello again. increasingly empty shelves are getting shoppers in the u. s. nervously eyeing the calendar amid the fast approaching holiday season. it's all been caused by a major disruption to the national supply chain. over the past 2 weeks, dozens of ships at u. s. ports are idling in the water still waiting to be on
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loaded. the pandemic house, of course, reeked havoc to the global supply chain on the u. s. is no exception. a shortage of port operators and truck drivers has led to major traffic jams of ports and empty shelves in stores. the government claims the ports, helping overwhelmed due to a surge in demand which prop signals the economy is booming under biden's lead, but the public is not convinced. yeah, a new survey shows that over half of those quiz blame the government, sand are disapproving of the biden. administration's policy only at 40 percent. they're a proof. we've gone from extremely prosperous, too, locked down and economically miserable in the space of a year from 2019 to 2020. the locked down caused the supply chain to grind to a halt because businesses were not ordering products and supplies anymore because
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they weren't able to remove them and sell them. and they weren't sure when they would be. the government does not expect to perform well in the next couple of elections if the truth about the supply chain and the current state of the american economy becomes widely known, were told by the administration. this problem will be over by the end of 2022. i'm seeing it in the foreseeable future. this is going to take years if not decades, and we will have to return to a state of reasonable prosperity, prosperity before the supply chain even fills itself in to return to what we considered normal get a job and a $500.00 bonus are going unpaid leave, that's the ultimatum facing on vaccinated municipal employees in new york. the $300000.00 city workers, including firefighters and police officers, are mandated to get their 1st dose by friday at the latest that's resulted in
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a wave of anger on sunday, demonstrators gathered in the cities under 2 protests against the measures. despite the opposition to cities marius standing by them. your city work or you need to be vaccinated. we are here to keep you safe. so you can keep everyone else safe. new york city police officers inc. arkwin believes, however, the mandate will actually have the opposite effect on which you safety new york. well, it's basically a way to de, from the police without actually the funding them. going to have police officers either, either leaving the job or not showing up for work to or, and already understand police force. so that's just in the deplete numbers. even more people are going to be safe because of this. you know, people are that depend on the police force to keep us safe, whether it's in new york, chicago, or any place else we have these mandates going on. are going to feel the difference in the communities and crime goes up and looking for police officer and they can find a better dispute has also broken out in chicago, where more than
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a 3rd of police officer are defining the cities vaccine monday. but similar policies, they're not being seen nationwide. in fact, florida governor said on sunday, he hopes to sign legislation authorizing $5000.00 hiring bonuses, which are part of an effort defined what he called unconstitutional vaccine orders and recruit officers who lose their jobs because of job monday. and why pd minneapolis? seattle? if you're not being treated well, we'll treat you better here. you can fill important needs for us and will compensate as a result in floor those numbers. as far as per capita are down, i think the lowest in the country is not the lowest. so i don't think this is requisite, or i think it's a show to support those of us that stand for medical freedom in stand for body autonomy. and i think it's a great move think it's more about taking advantage of the c simply wanting to lose
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good cops, and they're happy to pick them up any state or see that supports us and says that they'll stay with us. especially with our constitutionally protected rights is a, is a bonus for any law enforcement officer. so i supported fully the humanitarian crisis in yemen continues to be the world's worst. that is, according to unicef, which say 10000 children were killed or maimed since starting and fighting in march 2015. working not all of the equivalent of 4 children tragically, every day. with 11000000 children are in fact in need of humanitarian health. in the country, almost half a 1000000 suffer from acute malnutrition. some 1700000 children are also now internally displaced and do not have access to safe water sanitation or hygiene. and unicef officials say they can't help every child in him and due to insufficient
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funding as well well or 3rd from maker and activists to rick alley has been discussing the role of western governments in numerous middle east crises, in the latest edition of going on around here on our team, full episode is of course, on our website and youtube channel as well. here's a snippet. the the west is a central clair in all the walls that have been taking place in the 21st century. the horrors are being inflicted on by yemen, just fill me with dispatch. for years decades, the saudis have been buying up huge amounts of weapons lands from britain, mainly from the united states. and doing what with them in the eighty's and ninety's, and even the beginning of this century, they with large warehouses in the desert. when these things was told. if western
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support was withdrawn from saudi arabia or subsidies with wrong for that matter is true. change would come very quickly. there an imperial are this to behave in their own interests as a one to do and setbacks can be. i shrugged off, especially in a large unipolar world. there is no big gold tentative stage. ah, lot is your monday morning news bulletin live from the russian council. i get the updates coming at the top of the hour to stay close. ah. so driven by dreams shaped as in
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dares sinks we dare to ask ah.


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