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ah, top stories of the week on all the international accident and emergency was in england, the bucket under the pressure. patients report having to wait up to 15 hours for a bed. as the pandemic put that burden on hospitals in the u. k. every step of the way that mismanaged the crisis aside from the vaccine robot. every person have any faith in the car. it doesn't. hollins accuses the yoke pressure and blackmail would the dispute. i would the rule of law rising to summit level. the wounds from america's chaos i pull out from afghanistan failed to heal in the week of grieving. father, little 10 family members in a room full drawn strike that shad. he's called break and so on break and thoughts
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about compensation over it with compensation is not a remedy for the pain inflicted on us. it can't replace the loss of my family, my brother, my own daughter and nephews, have lost their lives. compensation will not bring them back to life. and also in development, this sunday humiliation on the brink of sadism most coast lands. they you asked move to store the processing of immigrants, fees, applications in russia, adding the country to its list of just 10 nations where there is no call to let representation. ah, the latest news and the weeks don't stories, this is the way paramountcy international with me. you lash by law. hello and welcome to the program. and we start this now with some breaking news from new
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placed of african local media reports, such as the prime minister of sudan, a has been placed on the house arrest for the country's ministers and a number of high profile politicians have also reportedly been detained. there are reports that the army has belong to all roads and bridges leading to the capitol car, 2 mobile and internet connections have also partly been cut off. it follows unrest in the city on sunday when security forces fire tear gas at permit a trooper testers calling for the dissolution of the government has been running the war tone country since a military coup. a was through president alba. sure. in april 2019. after nearly 3 decades, a rule, as always, will bring you more information on this story as we get staff shortages, sorry, kobe cases and pressure on the national health service have all led to another crisis in england the week. so when you were pools that in some parts of the country, patients have had to wait for almost 50 hours to get
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a bed in accident and emergency units. in one case of patient reportedly spent 74 hours in line at a hospital in the north west of england. while in the south of the country, a teenager with serious mental health problems waited for almost 2 days in an emergency department. similar incidents were also reported in scotland and wales. luke winchester told us what happened to his father. he woke up at 11 o'clock and his legs just wouldn't work and he fell out bed. we didn't find him until 3 o'clock where my dad's going to go cool. where he shouldn't heard from him. when we call the ambulance initially, they said not to move him. oh, in case the best spinal injury. after what you saw a couple of hours my, my dad sort of still trying to hurry them up a little bit, tried finding no 99 again to ask when they sent you an estimate arrival that direct him to one who would then turn him back to 999 to and from there. eventually we
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spoke to chappy suggested how to move him back into his see and how to get him up. and we did that is improving, but he probably still require medical assistance. but they've insinuated to us that we're not even a senior. they said would you, would you like to cancel the ambulance? you know, you've done everything but the ambulance of the day, and at that point we took them at their value and said, yeah, okay, we'll cancel that and then we'll give miss dinner and get me to bed, et cetera. the course over the night i stay the night make sure that overnight these conditions lessons in the morning i school for another ambulance report say 91 percent of hospital beds were occupied in england. as of made october. at the same time burton's health secretary has admitted that onto office staff to operate the country's emergency telephone lines. such a good job, ed added that
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a detailed plan of action was being put together and would be unveiled. seeing that legal interest stays and convinced every step of the way that mismanaged the crisis . aside from the vaccine rolled out, i don't re person have any faith in the current government and the people on the ground who are working really hard, like the paramedics, like the people answering the cause. they're not necessarily always getting, given the clearest information. you know, i, i fully believe that when the person from 111 told us to talk 299999922111. i'm sure that they believe that's what, that's what they told to do. there's no real simple answer as to where i think they're going to fix it because their actions sofa appears to be per unit. so kevin, keep throwing extra problems into the health classes in the u. k reported in the week that has growing confusion in the country over the difference between fed kevin vaccine and the booster and that's among medical professionals themselves
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late in the program will explain why that pose the lines of highly vulnerable patients at risk. and this week, he's d, e, a pressure and blackmail, and all given still raging or whether the blogs laws should take priority over national legislation. a long road ahead of us this road is a combination of dialogue, legal response, and concrete action to restore the independence of the judiciary yard. not, not that there is no european country the content itself. european, if as judges are not independent, this is at the heart of our fundamental tax. good advice for my own. some countries have a stronger appetite for you in secretion. others not only poland, see this issue in the opposite way. some countries constitution say you laurie supreme other say the opposite, so there's constitutional pluralism. this pluralism has to be respected. they ran
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overshadowed the summit of the $27.00 members, save the final one for outgoing german chancellor angle of michael. she warned against isolating poland. the standoff started when poland highest court ruled that elements of e you law were incompatible with the countries constitution war. so took a lot of flack from e e e e e leaders for challenging the blogs corvalle the rule of law. if the rift goes deeper, the you may punish wasa by rescinding billions of euros in carried recovery, finance. and the recent tensions have added more fuel to the idea of poland, maybe even leaving the european union. although as we had there is strong support to stay in, the g of the government are very simply sent controls and other way, the way of confrontation with you. and now it looks like it's a very strong recording, very strong, put no,
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very strong swab goes for the struggle between the commission on the a and and the polish government is very busy, but the struggle is growing. the other found government knows that they need money from that you've florida economic recovery. i think the people in poland in majority support being in the use of the younger generation is very skeptical about leaving. say you, i think that young people are, as we imagine that if you think in other words, you would both possibilities like working abroad starting to bro live, you know, move, moving freely and using freedom of movement. money cannot replace our loath that is the response from the father of an african family, devastated by us trying to try and washington's promise of compensation because of it. during america, the panics withdrawn from i've got to stand in august that talk killed 10 members
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of a mile. monday's extended family, including his 2 year old daughter, or longer than the compensation is not a remedy for the pain inflicted on us. it can't replace the loss of my family, my brother, my own daughter, nephews, have lost their lives. compensation will not bring them back to life each day after that attack, our life is getting more and more miserable day and night. we recall them were our remaining family. we mr. malott life is hell without them. we intend to leave of gustavo because we lost 10 of our braces lives now it's painful for us to leave without those loving kids. it took months for the you as to own up to the mistake which was supposed to target members of the terrorist group, ices k. there is no official information about the amount of money being offered to the family. but apart from that, they are to be given assistance. if they want to relocate to the us the
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humanitarian situation, afghanistan is now at a crisis point. there are about 600000 people displaced as a result of fighting and economic and stability. most of them women and children, it's estimated that millions of youngsters and need humanitarian aid to survive right now. and although the united states is providing ill at $64000000.00 in assistance, him out marty's as the losses to his nation are much greater than the money. omaha by this kind of aid doesn't compensate the loss he reflected on this nation. how will he addressed the miseries in the agony of war of the father and brother, a child or a family? believe me, you can't find a single african family in this country without a martyr. you can feel this bane everywhere. it can be dealt with through human, a terran aid. what we need is beasen of gustavo, whether the previous regime or the slammy government, it doesn't matter. we are glad, at least the americans have admitted their mistake and said they would pay the compensation. but we demanded americans investigate thoroughly before such drawn
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attacks happened in the future. they just got a lot more difficult for russian citizens to apply for us immigrant visas on home soil. they now have to travel around 1200 kilometers to american consulate in war. so it comes after the u as stopped a showing all tourist visas for russians earlier this year. now the last day department has added a rush into a list of just 10 countries. weight has no calls. he lever presentation along with the length of iran, liebherr and somalia, the russian foreign ministry blasted the moon. yes, diplomat turned the procedure trivial for the 21st century into hell based on humiliation. on the brink of citizen and my colleague colin bray discounts they moved earlier with lc correspondent elliot trendkite. so russians have been listed as a homeless nationality. just listen to it once again, homeless nationality. this is really
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a diplomatic slap in the face and other countries on that lists other nationalities, i should say, include yemen, these libyans, that as well, ands. and what those countries have in common while they were present, the countries in which either of the u. s. has no consular presence whatsoever, or where the political or the security situation is very dire, but it doesn't feel like here. this is really the case with moscow, for example. now what this decision by the us state department means for ordinary russians is that russian immigrant applicants will now have to go to war, saw the capital of poland for their interviews, for example. but for russian citizens in order to go to poland, they have to get an e. u. shannon visa, which really makes the whole situation much more complicated. however, the west state department told us that they see warsaw as the most convenient
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option. however, they are saying that they do understand that this is quote on quote, a very significant change for the applicants and the also, they are putting the blame for this entire situation. on the russian side, the russian government's decision to prohibit the united states from retaining hiring or contracting russian or 3rd country stuff severely impacts our ability to provide counselor services. the extremely limited number of counselors, staff in russia. this time does not allow us to provide routine visa or us citizen services. so from listening to that, it sounds i rushes made of the lives of us diplomats far more complicated as well. so what's the wider context here? well, it's really important to look at what happened earlier about 6 months ago. washington expanded its anti rush and sanctions and kicked 10 russian diplomats out of the country, which is on top of many more diplomat expulsions. i tell you that there was
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a total of more than $100.00 in moscow kept warning all along that it will be responding with different kinds of measures. now apart from expulsions. one of the steps that moscow has taken is that it banned the u. s. embassy in moscow from hiring russian citizens or 3rd country nationals. and as a result of all that, that are sullivan is saying that his team swung to 120 people. and he believes that is not enough to perform their console duties properly. but the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman murray is harbor is saying that the americans were the architects of their own demise. so many years seems to me that have been destroying the counselor services system in russia, which they didn't create. they haven't closing counsellor agencies cut in stuff. conducting experiments with hollow is symmetric response differs from tit for tat.
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i wonder if any of these do this try to do. paula just took into account that at the same time they destroyed their own ideals of freedom. it homes, families and relatives, the kinds of connections that keep relations between states and nation as alive, homes. people who sincerely believed in the west pleasures about freedom of travel . i want to ask where and now these ideals which are so often spoken about on the other side of the atlantic. and when it comes to reality in the face of certain people, human rights, all of a sudden have no place in washington's least afraid orators. while it looks like things with these diplomatic missions are only getting worse. however, when the 2 presidents, joe biden, and latimer met in geneva, in the summer, big reeds that the 2 countries will make steps to improve the situation so far. like i said, it's only getting war according to the russian foreign minister, sir. elaborate. the reason for this is that washington is playing some kind of game
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in which they are trying to bargain for preferences, which are one sided. however, moscow maintains that if the sanctions are east that needs to be done on an equal footing. but like we see, the only problem is that it's the ordinary people that are suffering from this diplomatic war. every other country on that list is a 3rd world country and looks like half of them are countries that are war torn's, you know, they're either involved in civil wars or wars. and, you know, understandably in those countries, the u. s. doesn't have much in the way of, of embassy officials. it's all politics. it's the u. s. now, i miss this in to russia campaign that i've been going on really since the late obama administration, the sad thing is that it's the average person who gets hurt by the us and you have
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to go to worse off and you have to get the shing and visa, so it gets very expensive. and i did so very childish, it seems to me how big developing story this weekend, thousands of migrants have settled from mexico, southern border states. you have tepid sheila and dan, our heading to the us scuffles. br account when police try to hold find the massive can the the some 3000 people in leaving families with young children and began tracking on. on saturday, the migrants from have a south and central america had to reach the us and settled back. and this week
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president biden acknowledged that he should visit the united states southern border . but also san he hasn't had the time so far. venezuela based journalist, poor doctor says mixed messages from b was contributing to the current crisis. destroys is really the natural consequence of the prolong structure, economic situation and central and latin america. in the case of venezuela, we really have to look at the role of the united states in keeping these countries handicapped, impoverished to some extent and, and in our case the lot took with measures against the country. the road at washington is not innocent when it comes to these. the economic crisis is generalized economic crisis. in many of these countries in honduras and height, the question of migration to the united states is very uncomfortable. there are be sectors which we prefer not to migrate into the country, but there are also strong sectors, especially with the upper classes of the united states,
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which recognized the u. s. economy. and to some extent means this cheap labor force in the country who are willing to work for lower wages in more precarious conditions without collective contracts, without trade union rates. and due to the needs of the volume. if actually need to maintain their family and to eat vulnerable patients in the u. k. could been missing out on a life. saving coby shot over doctors can see sure about the difference between a fed dose only vaccine and a booster. the inoculations may be given in the correct order, but the 2 terms are often used interchangeably leading to mix ups, even among medics. the wife of one man with a red type of blood cancer told us in the week how they'd been caught in the confusion. i went to to the g p surgery and she said, there is not a jump, chris. sure there's no fear, right?
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a fish. this is different to a booster. it is part of the primary course of the vaccine, right? crater that do my research and my research, what i found whilst that differ dos is a full gosh, the booster router value as winter looms, and rumors of returning to lock down, circulate. the government is upping the ante on the vaccination top rollouts. but those that need it, the most struggling to get the 3rd dose they so desperately need do to confusion over the differences between the 3rd job and the booster by the very people administering them legal from 90 to 2. and you think the word in it differently vaccine has gotten differently to chat for you. it certainly is confusing people. the recommendation is that those who are immunosuppressed,
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meaning they have a weekend immune system at the time of their 1st. and 2nd cove at vaccines should now receive a 3rd dose as part of the primary vaccination routine. the booster program is totally separate to the 3rd dose and is being offered to the over fifty's, those with underlying health conditions and those living with the amino suppressed as well. not only are they entirely different jobs, but thousands of extremely vulnerable people are struggling to brook into their life saving vaccines with experts saying that this huge error could cost lives. reduction it be the potency of the job for the boosters. so there's a lot of a conflation of these 2 terms. the immunocompromised people don't have full effective immunity against a cave in 19. if you don't have your immunity top top to the, the optimum level for you, then your greater risk you need to pay and proceed with me. some people will end up
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passing away because of a jealous husband. brian suffers multiple myeloma, a rare type of blood cancer, meaning his, amino compromised and entitled to his 3rd job in the last 8 weeks. so julie has fought against at least a dozen health care professionals, including gps chemists and even staff at vaccination centers. we told her there is no such thing as a 3rd dose or use the term interchangeably with booster. the people that giving this injection, you dr. sacred know nothing about the dead joke. you know about the booster. i'm hearing, i'm giving it the group to be honest because did not you have the right to commission in my i for a lot of people about the booster thinking to get into the job and did not be. but i'm speaking on behalf of brian because e is magwell. all the people out there. that's not just necessarily got my loaner gotten leukemia that got linked former, but it's got any thing that give them
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a compromised immune system. so my husband is one person, but i just think about them on the people, but it's not gonna be an avenue more either in the contract that this information is not being given out correctly. as you can, infections hit almost 50000 in single day, the highest since july. in order to avoid a return to covert restrictions, the government is urging the public to do that bit and take the coven vaccine and booster offers. but i think we've been really clear that we've all got a role to play. if people, if known enough people that boosted jobs, it's gonna hit is all. or when those administering the jobs don't know which is which it leaves those most vulnerable, even more so shot edwards dashti, artie london, news and briefly so sorry, fuel prices and mandatory how fast as spunk protests and paris on saturday, as more than 20000 people from across the political spectrum gathered in the french
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capital, the demonstrations were organized by the yellow vest movement, which was held, which has held several run is against the french governments covered restrictions over the last few months. and also the introduction of mandatory carried pauses brought thousands out onto the streets of milan to new rules came in last friday for all work is the past, chose a person's cabinet status, vaccination, negative test result or recovery from the disease and growing corporation between russia and neighboring china then military's have conducted that joint and c patrol in the west pacific. they organized sale and menu all fractions. and how'd life i trails following a joint. naval exercise of the sea of japan. early in the month, i'll get a job and a $500.00 bonus. oh, go on. unpaid leave, that the ultimate and facing unvaccinated government work is in new york city. mad
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bill de blasio announced an expanded vaccination mandate last week to cover all $300000.00 station workers now including firefighters and police offices. when straight has gathered in the city center on sunday to protest against the measures, many of them stood in solidarity with us basketball player car re. irving has been bond from playing for not being backdated. they expanded measures on top of an m, and a for teachers and housework is to get the job. despite the opposition they sit, is my food by the move, your city worker, you need to be vaccinated. we are here to keep you safe. so you can keep everyone else safe and that new york state police officer can't believe, however, that the mandate will actually have the opposite effect and reduce safety. new york was basically a way to the from the police without actually the funding them. going to have police officers either leaving the job or not showing up for work to or,
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and already understand police force. so that's just in the deplete numbers. even more people are going to be safe because of this, you know, people at that depend on the police force to keep us safe. whether it's in new york, chicago, or any place else they have these mandates going on. are going to feel difference in the communities and crime goes up and looking for a police officer and they can find a bit hard to see. it has also broken out in chicago between it's police unit and city. whole counter, a similar mandate was introduced obliging also to employees to be vaccinated by the end of the game. but not every way in the us has such a strict vaccination policy. the senate for the neighboring state of indiana has offered any chicago, so willing to defy the mandate. a job that my office stands ready to help connect to cover police officers to an indiana police department that is hiring now and doesn't have a vaccine mandate. i don't think it's a negative at all. florida actually is offering the same thing in florida's
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numbers as far as per capita or down. i'm thinking the lowest in the country if not the lowest. so i don't think this is requisite lloyd anderson, so she'll to support those of us that stand for medical freedom, then stand for by the autonomy. and i think it's a great move. think it's more about taking advantage of the c simply wanting to lose a good cops, and they're happy to pick them up in any state or see that supports us and says that they'll stand with us. especially with our constitutionally protected rights is a bonus for any long foresman officer. so i support it fully. and as these as our next, and i'll say international is the cost of and for ally, he gave you it. is the documentary ah
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die. i cried. i just had a spot the whole time i was there. no one really thought anything different. knew this all thought i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery as long as failed. 30 jackets. when i killed him, i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 doctor started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really hurting all of the patients were
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diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or vapor products. the pull this out if you really felt holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's to be better. it was, i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through god. it was out of breath. with slow in welcome. across stock. were all things considered? i'm people of else the more nato tries to explain itself, the more obvious this cold, more relic needs to be retired and for good. also,
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joe biden told us he wanted to be a great unifier, unlike the evil orange man. indeed, now there is growing unity in the dislike of by ah, to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guest, george samuel in budapest. he's a podcast or at the goggle which can be found on youtube and locals. and here in moscow we have to meet 3 bobbitt. she is a political analyst and editor in us, me internet media project. on the cross up rules and effect, that means you can jump anytime you want. and i always appreciate. let's go to gym of 1st year. a demo. there's a saying and politics, the more you're explaining, the more you're losing. and it seems to me this applies to nato because it has a number of different narratives going on out there. we had salt and burn the head of nato recently in washington and just, you know, the as if on cue, you know,
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it's all about china.


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