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into my ego to be in me by little bit. i mean by that in i b m, which is more pro m i n a y e v, which are actually in our only model that we know about those women are back in. yeah, they don't a moment to complete those and yours voice your mental movement and filter no problem. i said i am rarely your way. my chair, i feel call me by the way, my la another a little bit understanding of it. you know. okay, but i guess i guess you're talking about what it was like getting in a little bit out of your be at the new host a miranda's mother did miss me a minute. but then does that mean that the way you yes, yes. and that if it with any other peninsula or do you know what when they have to
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go home with them, i like your new position is, i know there's a book or not joe, i'm with any of these. this is your your make. i know the, you know, i was just, i went, it was a message and but once i get that out of me my, the lady that i'm in the, the, the telling me they don't need it. i mean, you know, medical me puddle up. i don't know. i like you, you don't have to guess. mom was not in our party. they are not getting pushed the doctor. i won't that. but for william i don't. you know, you have complete on what i found in the medical open the might may you will, i will not or this afternoon and when i gotcha eat lunch in your home and he will not enough money in. okay. yeah, i feel i'm looking to get an hour maybe that call me monday then. okay, and you're not there when you get and then we have them. what is it believe i
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believe that you're going to get actually is still in the middle. you're telling me that one of them will not i saw gimme mother who by the l pulled out a lot better. okey actually and they don't de la garza will not tell you ma'am, who will be going to the issue much more than the media will be my i jake getting them which read my router from lee my last job which shot me that you're not getting me noticed this is their, my flush in trouble are going to get in the new and i watch and have a few on the make up. i didn't make up an appointment a y b o y. yes. get our
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what are the premier we are giving me my passionate mental mesh. give me a minute, get those with any of those, and you'll be glad i was on the navy. all i wonder, you're the, you're, you're almost all good to see a motion to look well. read my message where you, where you want to miss it. or no, we have one of the me on what i see a new procedure. other civic is on the island. yeah. yeah. so there are no say all because that i mean my e mail i had on our buddy audio the only mile mind we mileage a little joke and now the other thing that we model eat well, yes. here. yep. they don't want to look at them. we just don't know what, but he didn't get along, but it, yep,
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they don't get it that you don't get it. they're holla, but not i can call you back and let you know what, what am i gonna what do you give them that are not, you know, well, yeah, she amazing. only am i going to be able to remember, you know me up. what are the good? yeah, yeah, i would say up a little the wash they. they all get the needle. the thing when i need you to feel are standing up to feel it. right. right. right. i'm like what is that others? but i don't know what the on the, on the medical marijuana for i don't know. they feel like it. yeah. yeah. you know me medical where none of us get julie by gail gal. yeah. the whole new york young jin, me and she'll get on to the 2nd. nobody will let me get nobody.
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oh, in your membership, when i met you will be no, not even thought i will put up. it'll get, get washed out for me because i was here most people they had, i mean, but i wanted, i mean the me but, and not get a lot. yeah. my stuff, the, you know me, i saw the message, the message, the message will no longer form. i get you all the of the model. you go,
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molly. fema reynolds. you get get by much can knock in. nobody danella the i don't think they be that you know, believe as they're not going to get into that before and you know, i don't know that model of nino i familiar did not the in any one are going to what you're in and then it all equally just be in your that the i wouldn't for me normal . yes. you know, those are left me. i did my job. i don't know if you're going to go on
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a horse shoes by the race will be in and by doing no good. you know, you make a, you don't want to let him. i just don't want to let him when i thought you are you and i don't know if you just thought i would give them either completely gilmore no. no. she got by the john miller, who had their annual looking for the future them i you can allow and not many because she gave me ask a question is to manually because i don't handle this question. it, we call it the law it it. and we got to use so you know, you have to put a yeah, that was done. there's a, there's a dog, a game game who was understanding, be on, know, i got home with your own live your book. you're already there. going to be on track with that but the just a moment that i get on but other,
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but i don't meet that. don't live as a euro. yeah. get you know jenny gordon, but it was a little human. not mental, mental for content. all battle model. i mean 30 years ago yet the go i list audio. yeah. go will need to get this out much nice honey and nice and minority and not but no. my what did you call? neither mala mala mala mala allow me now that i can only give you my knowledge and you're not the one that was sent. she says that she knows that mclamery, i'm a lot of money though. either one of the incoming electron, our medical, they don't know. i will not think that she no medical partic, will act. yeah. medical the hope i made a mistake, made up john and the in the book in which i'm on the standing. yeah. no, no, it better august that glad always get to you. i don't have i'm what do you budget?
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can you oppose yamil garcia? he will not, will ya, blush i'll handle, deliver you about like gosh, hi me, see, hold on buddy. they'll run it. well, now i'm on. i'm waiting on a couple minutes. i don't know. she and donna mike, enough been to work on a slideshow in the year. yeah, i power this is a when you're a. yeah. even more because i don't yet, you know, you know, here for a little bit about this got to be out. i don't wanna lose,
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you know, can result a already diarrhea and i only got it, but i thought that would be, that's got to look. you book other be meant just i don't want to g long ramayo militia. somebody gave india let you know in the national school book or whatever, but i'm not getting a hold of me for me when you're doing this a little bit and turn off. you and i do everything. so if you don't record the other important that you do under the not i will. so i mean if you don't like what you read junk,
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less eco additional make it take it buddy. look at the the small house in the 1st part is 15 rows are in for the medical care, but i can remember to buckle and i'm going to be honest. but i'm, i'm not saying that on i was usually lucio. she will be either monday or she will, you know, monday that one does. does she get by them? i did it by you that i'm, i'm been actually with up with one another with me. my mom is giving me a knuckle. he's under his almost but i'm not one to us but you know, most people hate our members. you know, we've got in the
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ah, there is other places to play. but also we have seen the daniels purely a little fish with . 6 such as food, say the game, and then you will get these images. it goes up as good for supposedly good. have my good some i will check with me as it is in which is a silly come on my side with your phone was out of here to get the vote. if i get all of your rooms that some way up with the shelter worship with
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one that makes no sense. you know, born is a tease a therapy, we told them the vaccine, the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are judge, you know. 2 come in, crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together
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with the good, you know, go ahead and give them their low equal whether the new york one the know me, my name, if you can, nobody a little bit easier or the the, the thought i let me know if you know, but then one month and it was or that i mean you may get lucky me. most of the nice see, but i said when your me well yes i read it. you are the, you know, the answer, your better. you know, the dish or this, or us on the bus done for those community is worth the use of here in new or few who it was here. job legal mothers. and one to wiley
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can be sent to my yes, maybe the one tomorrow on the letter, but i feel there's thousands of this. you just look at, in a new, you're going to notice problem us with an image that was coming up on the list and i was kind of running hello. this is happening. she got that. it wasn't until that it was, you know, going to, it's not global cannibal, amazon. no, there was one of them is moving to look at the most the most be asked that i had a big one going to for media initials probably going into actual complaint financial but never for how they know. so that was they gave but how much i made most when asked me, you know, remotely when people didn't see that. one of them was that it was mr. spieth. us. but i this but any others on that left,
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he was from the entire line of need. if she know defalco, just what is my know. i know alice, mr. will can take it. kimberly fan nice by any my any. so i went on is, who is the 15th jacob, will that most the most in the, i mean part of the most i think with allowing content is broken, laughing get no sca no way in the middle saying is temperance, all okay, laurie hm. youtube revenue though, says he revenue leandra, tougher science bank. honestly, guy that was hard on my been telling him to print out. okay. can i make any on those? i went over. he did that with my daughter madison middle. i'm dealing with them for she can mckinney and in a moment believe on the nano little monitors with 0 and mrs. was, cannot his grandma was going on by that was an i with his be some osmani milers which is my numbers are for jamante low that happened to leah last name was ha, for attendance of m r t i n d. and i was attending about a something again,
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as i said i was going on with, i think that mothers remember their children, their whole lives. sometimes i think she's dead and i get very sad. ah, may be my mother has seen me but doesn't want to come forward because she doesn't want to reveal the secret. nobody knows. ah, it must also be hard to have a son up here in your life after so many years. especially if it was a secret,
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but it's hard as the years go by because we're not asking for anything on usual. ah, sometimes i get angry when i notice resignation in myself. because i'm not so old. i'm 53 time is passing by. there are people older than me who disappeared before me . my mother is probably around 70. the women at the home. well young. it would be so cruel to get to the end and find them in the ground. ah ah.
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threat upon mirror estoppel the emotion come william withdrew. cuz remember too, that uncle, if you'll come, we book a raise you. yes, i said really grade or 4th understand that i'm going to, you know, look, look as much when he took a boy there by sat her own am claranell viagra said it is nina scott taylor, isaac,
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did he get the gear or the c as in alpha? z a k. yeah. battle and end. that openness that begin you know, who had to look at ether. mit now they gave nikki down. nino, john jo, blue giving. what did hear that is this a you are this is lobby of super yearbook i then gwen through ego keeping that care gain and gwendolen mardrey. again. sanaya swab willa. put out a gun at our son, yoko get so mildly or a staff waiter. no, be venice pena. e nor via though the look a bossa or border go and get her son or a ma main door. no, no where they're going. when you got a 2nd story went to ministers bed earlier, but sarah i
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i i, i, i, [000:00:00;00]
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i, i, i, in, ah, [000:00:00;00] ah,
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[000:00:00;00] i oh, ah, almost a whole lot on board for a fellow for august on what route under my, for the user gets a little toggle of those, those motors, either melodies, canada, i was to us because we're not going to work if you're not know what's going on
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a lot better. but it was called a b, e a as in money into them on the other. mingled with with louder by loud up, allowed on the go get the name, of course the on the little there are gonna if you're going to get it until the 1st,
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is it not prove i can look in? it'll show a lawyer you. it is not be in the u. c. norfolk scenic on this. that a is or if you're going to do another one unless i go to the nope, whether the kids are going to ask me me my wrong over my family. i was up. do you have them?
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well, she didn't tell you, joy not then go home. but it is all about that whole thing when you don't, i know a little bit off when i get down to the general game a given the fine you and get me on the number me rather than me. the prosecutor told me it might be easier to find them if you sign an official waiver of civil and criminal records against the people who sold. you know, a lot of what i'm most seeing when they what you're seeing. but i'm not showing up on the late many, many years. so those part of your political things could be done
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a lot of it on the late, but i could late, but i guess to bring the new teller last week, the must, you know, get
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a movie and it wasn't going to from the living room, but it was nice pushing it and then put it on dish. and contra i lost the us monitors must ah, over they putting additional money today out all that the additional money goes to . so it's a children's education and welfare off the household and then totally it goes to savings and if it come straight as a savings and if can improve itself and produce growth. i didn't say that, but they must ask for this moment to be included in the household so that the
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household income will be higher and the countries in count that will be higher, which is g d p. when i see black america, i see kind of myself. when i was growing, you know, like america spoke to me. why destroyed you didn't know how to use your site. black marsh is amusing. we are importing from america. oh no, nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where white lives mattered and i was not was like mission. and i wasn't new from black america. i learned how to speak back to whiteness. aboriginal people of iraq more every day. we were wanted system now with the police were at war with 2 states. i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism,
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but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then there are other fellow friends in daycare a top stores of the week on anti international accidents and emergency wards in england, buckle under the pressure patients report having to wait up to 50 hours for a bed. as the pandemic puts a further burden on hospitals in the u. k. every step of the way that mismanaged the crisis aside from the vaccine rollout. i re personnel, any faith in the car is government. public accuses the e, with pressure and blackmail with a dispute over the rule of law rising to some level. and the wounds from america's chaotic pull out from afghanistan failed to hail in the week grieving father,


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