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were very scared of rejection. ah, thought nell, is there no secrets with adoption? but when the worst secrets and lies, there was no family relationship. who is a wall between us, the strange coldness that i don't feel any more. so as a father, i compare myself to my father and i will do more with our biological family. we have branches, i'm like a tree with lots of leafy fruit fill the branches. but below i have no roots. at least not one's i'm aware of. i mean, i deal with main numbers isn't live. well, no,
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ma'am. i am in the military and a half day are going to get all la waiting era. he happens. i don't know. jan, not it in on his case. and by i still 1000 fine. you don't we haven't got out again to dinner. hundreds dollars replaced marcela, not yet on the was a phone interview applicant. would that knock as yellow laquisha? not that. what that bill grouchy last name bassetti there. but as a posh apple eligible uncle. forget get, sit there and let it all it was almost, i mean i love no offense. yeah, i'm in, i'm in the south east and me ah, she,
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i am not gonna be available. seminar, squatter books are not him in the squad of them and be a no alice until you're not going into a funeral or border the in. therefore the only sharing a. busy little bit of them drama doesn't seem. yeah. they know. i saw ah, no, stella to give you were either see of it is doyle. out of doors, the locals, that usually a little bit about been durable because i go a little bit about each or a number of other good boy. yeah. we're going to love the boy. yes.
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hm . with no we're gonna do it and then this will be a do some law. so it is,
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oh no, no the more you know with having them with that they get a deal so you just run it away. almost good. natalie they go those more fucking bonus but i'm the one of the vehicles in ela will come in and never got in there one of the one of them cuz i know, but i'm gonna, will we not real? sure. we go down in william,
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but then they say i don't get mustn't the most is seen 4 days on the road. yes. hello, right. lindsey is anthony. yeah. it's only showing me that i knew that jim would have been shot. okay, let me up to the people and look in his club. i wonder what i've wonders as the yup . and okay. did there is one that could play single glass shelving. got a hold on my book with somebody else who a few people but i mean from what i have, but i thought i only go but i mean we still doing go school, jumbo reporter, ms. garcia if you need some of them from you. so not have a couple hours see nice more able to see of this. i know sort of luna,
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i miss louisiana. johan, i'm going to run the modem. you want them to roman ticket are you? i'm not going to not have you just got up in the vicinity of work in barcelona, is like a somebody. and in our legacy i'ma, look in my throne. i seek uncle billy. she could get in without the secret of one of them. a young beagle, he bought a gamble anthea, if it could have been done, he might have like a general timbers, though i live ah ah! in no person with the least bit of ethics would actively prevent mothers and children from finding each other. in my last letter to the pope, i said that if jesus was alive, he would help me to find my mother. i don't know why the members of his church are precisely the ones preventing me from finding her. maybe they're afraid will dig up
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something very dirty. dandy. when someone doesn't want to give you something, they can destroy that something. oh, hide it and then where do we look for it? mm. mental health in your career or she a, we're nicer now when i'm on a removal rama. kashodi motion to lose your amalia the hotel and i'm in there. me mental model or that those he me 0 feed mark 1000000 board under made him feel moderate caution. other larry lucia to that. one of the sure. yeah. the judge. yeah . but again, you know, mark one your dinner this time you 0 percentage feedmodel ever will take on a well dollar mondanca, nickelodeon and gamino, another hitler, walsh, horrible numbers were still see the american auto m r s. yeah, a c, l e in the way. oh boy don't, gosh,
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how many to me my that if i don't have that and if you live through that one will ya. yup. what i need of a lot of, you know, me, me, me and my number's in there. it just, you know, money that the own, but you call your mom and battle didn't get it. you know, there was no shame if you know you're not on demi, but you know, under somebody wish lisa wasn't going to see much space. i don't want, i will not. but then the other piece is i know you just get super. know what i mean? no. no, no, no, no, no, no, it will be no, i don't know anything because he don't say anything because he was in kindergarten and she hasn't got those 9 years of him for a year. no, let me let
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me use my most well. yeah, i miss apple over there all day. wrong. well, wasn't going to have donnie osi. yeah. okay. wonderful. and use that for me. you have to separate e are some of the yeah, good. a lease. i give them a young man. like if we get him, i don't know if dad, i can't even get another totally clueless aliana minister over here. somebody toyota. but um and, but i don't. mm. upon winning the spanish civil war. the dictator inspired by the psychiatrist valet . whoa. now hero, who had studied nazi germany, decided that spain had to be pure catholic and free of the red gene or some imprisoned republican women had conjugial visits, while others were already pregnant. let me get on the grade level on a 11 on grow,
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donnelly bought about a vestigial for faster than my own. grover is a fellow element in elca circles. he had an uncle of equal to the last person, a bully kinetic when he's done it on the, on the knowledge, equally uninterested agreement that i'll say through my lim differ, give out the set it up on the law there. when a student, i mean nino support or mr. mcclure, this natania quote, enticing window. there's you loving the fiddle in the off. you actually steer it unofficial r e a and them and dental recommend. 4th easter eileen eloquently. alicia calliger it on colloquial d. o. in. okay, it, les las echo mean our laurie handled with is yeah, wellness maybe cause you have a lot it to will understand auth young. we fucking that early suddenly book it and pull that poly the body along the horrible and i it says he, you don't call him the reverse by home, a book, read them. what other dickie is the one i feel them for what?
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as a sport, as seek us evil pours into, call me yet. he would also need to get on several of the smartest guy, new control local ford fucking cork seal. didn't throw those off on media skin. nobody on that because he couldn't out normandy cont, sugarland doesn't finish. you know, lot of that stuff. you future me notice i look at them and because on the phone with michael freedom, i could give it to me. so. oh, so cutting me on the percent that me notice that i understand i seen quarterly or no ah ah ah, over they bring additional money down. and that the additional money goes to. so the children's education and welfare off the household and then to lead to cost savings. and if a country as
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a savings it can improve itself and produce growth. i think that those say that, but they must us for this moment to be included in the household so that the household income will be higher and the countries income that will be higher with with diet gig. i cried, and i just kind of split the whole time out there. no one really thought anything different. do you just all that i just don't feel good on the way for the surgery as long as failed. 30 seconds, but i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so
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many needles by day 2019 doctors started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really to turn in. all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or vapor products. the pull this out, if you really felt holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's to be better. it was, i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through that amount of breath. welcome to max kaiser's financial survival guide. looking forward to your bedroom down. yeah. this is what happens dimensions in brittany del at this
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happens. you watch kaiser report. ah, if you want something done, right, do it yourself. the acronym d i y, i e, do it yourself has now become the name for a new genre of online videos. when you do popular, it's more to enjoy any family therapy that you at no one you've never was more or less did any more that up drug recover spoken, deal it people use scrap materials and whatever is at hand to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action. squid guns, richer company from across ramon were still from us fairly well much more poor were still the best part is people want to watch millions of viewers spend hours seeing how a person they've never met. and who's half way round the world, assembles the contraption. no one else needs me to take
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a 3 arrange to filter for that in which could just wanted my key when you minute synergies like user energy. we're looking at the glutton lily for flu type, which unfortunately, we still couldn't o b i do you mean we're still a cursing? no, no, no, it's a violin that it's up a level based on what
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it comes with a lot veterans. you think a good question because i said at them i see in book as they're supposed to invent that they will go much of what own up can someone just get a player you're not a little good. yeah. you know, is the full oh those are the economic go on the local her yesterday me mother employee, me father and rica. 2 going, she view concord when the young lady had on the bible for your 3rd, hunan archer and we will go on that. i must again. melissa,
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just i was calmer of populous and me gossip was in the policy. this is all about a glad in bogue alaskan today in augusta. if you not, content of this will minister about $25.00 will be just a moment on marietta from the new anderson country. it will not be a have him under their finances and gotten there, alex young, you know not him on that nickel beulah. i am under emails that are so precise for so than their little done or whatever, almost 4 or out of the fi, adoption of enrique via taurus. what is this? i was almost 23 years old. when i read that request, i immediately thought of this time when i was 8 years old and playing with my cousins who told me that my family didn't love me because they got me from the street. ah, it was in my adopted grandmother's kitchen. they scolded my cousins and i shoved that to the back of my mind. i was 80 years old. i never asked or thought about it . when the layla them on them even me said ever than yeah, well,
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you may be no common for don't am. i don't have anyone. i remembered the brown of my grandmother's old saucepans, the grease that saturated the old kitchen. the blue tiles ah me, sitting on the marble and my cousin saying without malice. they got you from the street. and me crying. my mom was sleeping. my dad was in the hospital, i went to the bathroom mirror and looked at myself. the 1st feeling that came up was, who are you really? i me. ah, i looked for my identity in the mirror. i said to myself, adopted. then i said, impossible. if i me come, we could use it will be on the modem, nevada. anyway. simple here are just going to look at her feet. let have him call
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me mother. that means i'm free up. so caught in them and they could again, not always look at it. okay. look at edler for those courses, program and diesel people. ok. nice me mother you. interesting going into them is what do you finish. 2 ah, 1st i had to find out where i was born. i requested my birth certificate. my place of birth was the center isabel foundling home. eslumpkind. i've got a concert. oh laura, yes. wonderful aroma. your thing a lot that those, that in the, not the in, as it had chosen, fell on the line and they had valleys one another on a felony. charge going thing way you may call a dingo, but not that a boy. if he can not dental illness, my mother to me, you're so good. yep. i'm going to look in isn't one that actually about a little or follow or get another, marlo should get up on a felony marathon. as for brinkley,
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b o u n o m e g a l e y from said and prevent him ask if was his own book or gone? yes, i got a thought of it on as thou unovia form. so the search began, i requested my deed of adoption, which also wasn't helpful. neither was the file that came with my birth certificate . number amy mother. so lawyer, silas r t was that i will. okay. they will mail feel either last more than a schooner. i mean, i will go on and i will, they will mail, feel my luck. and with that i will follow them because they don't go laid up in the area before you may. how can, how can i have the article that one in the school should be one of these in a $1000.00, justine of emilio, the funding at the get it when i could get a consent life has led me to this part of the law, which is so broad as there are thousands of cases in spain, in every province and hospital. the had to be a way to find out the biological mother's name. he met went up, go must game,
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which is he must it what he does. and which house unit equal from canal off analyst panola doll, but he, well, there's also a controller the less confusing phenol did i look yolanda who saw him in but a no contract or he can deliver on the unit where the school in less than one minute they come up from philadelphia, and i asked anointing oil, i must add on only my yes, the language and they see it in effect, the, aren't they not that element of them in, in the 1st cordial kit, iowa, furnace, kenichi, kato, seth costello, young seneca shall talent i mean, it will be more that, i mean, they, they don't, and not that you excluded alex's of him. you can nino, although she ok to come and they call him out of it build new enough. he'll say another consulting edith young as though it is meal, did and below scolded, lisping elsie's kuth. eunice follows us wendy's on keith, about the little furnace in espanol shawnasee, nor yellow fuel,
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and she get up on it. get a persona, alabama. she knock acosta conway, wholly along a block on the simpler than duck m no middle l fiowski on his plan. exec, on gluck on threats, miyazaki annella's. miss ayla, almost latifah is here. while i heard that if the end of me is on thursday in those mean he has fossils. ah, there are a spaniards out there who might happen to resemble that parents, but aren't actually related to them. and they will die without knowing that for their real biological origins. because there is no way of knowing it if they were falsely registered as their biological child. ah mileage. and they said that you know glenda, gilly, his others minute. kimberly, in the brook brown blue, that ali, if it can be almost him a little furnished by noon organized with a winter collect what full menda and stuffy glove is. okay. yeah. obviously the mediately blanket,
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innocentive's yellow feel because it'd be well utilised. i'll okay. control alone can mean lord, i was only more than that, i know. and then with them when a boy who doesn't gonna want to know, you know, and then living animal could get aloof on, could get into us. we hooked in a good course touch, lumbering abuse on the keystroke does it. although she does and militant that she, they, and the non been over a gallon and book on, on the mcculla. this isn't the most. gosh, was never will any news on the national in doll that in front of me? i've met many mothers from santa isabel who has searching. one of them gave birth in april 1965, which is when my biological mother was there. she remembers
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a woman writing letters to some one from pamplona on kelly as the fetter. ah, she gave birth a month after my mother did in may, but 3 or 4 women could have given birth that month. this is the closest i've ever been. i was born in may, but it's still uncertain. ah ah ah ah
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ah, why did my mother get pregnant? why did she give me up? was she tricked or forced? what did she give me up wilfully? why did they pay a 1000000 pieces for me? who got that money? ah, the 2nd illness, it was seamless pretty much i will look better what? i must tell you what. i can't help, but it wasn't a gum and that sunday wasn't that bad. that i would do it because we've all got it . all you can think of how you'll be muster one winter, how can i get a single knowing they mobile can put me down beside it? i knew i was a young and old. pretty much have wonderful news. yeah. go to others as well. we're
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still gonna go ahead, what get, where are you? i'm with a bad. it's all they will on the long i was got know, it is a little tend to your jewels come to book. it was a, you know, so you're shiny about mutual coordinate, somebody you knows how to get or give you 200. how many you asked like india the chicago. it could you to compare, which was it, how many you're me hope there wasn't, i'm out of the way, but you want to build on do that. so it did already. you my little but issues shoes into this. i don't because of because i'm a doctoral by video to come. he says i didn't give up with him in or the whole that are going to have no one. you have a push came rushing. my mom did me a moment,
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not even the hold up. i should get out of that. i don't know yet the joke and she'll be that she will be in if you want to. i didn't, i didn't send you. i mean, ms. me, you mean in your, your i don't know much to consider when i came to live. so yeah. so, and i get that i was, you know, you know, another woman on the bottom in your all year long. but then you get the and i have a little while their love is soon because i was getting one of those pretty ah
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ah, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. when i see black, i see part of my so i was growing up like america spoke to
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me when what australia did, not those who say black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. know nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where white lives mattered and i was not wide like missing. and i wasn't known from black america. i learned how to speak back to whiteness. aboriginal people here more every day. we are out loaded. now with the police were at war with she states, i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then there are other fellow friends in daycare a
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top stories of the week on anti international accident, an emergency wards in england to buckle under the pressure. patients report having to wait up to 50 hours for a bed. as the pandemic puts a further burden on hospitals in the u. k. every step of the way that mismanaged the crisis aside from the vaccine roll, re personnel, any faith in the current government? out of the cases, the a you have pressure and black mailed with a dispute over the rule of law rising to summit level. and the wounds from america's chaotic pull out from afghanistan fail to hail in the wake of grieving father, who lost 10 family members in a wrongful drone strike that shed his heartbreak and thought about compensation over it. a compensation is not a remedy for the pain inflicted on us. it can't replace the loss of my family. my
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brother, my own daughter, nephews.


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