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[000:00:00;00] hello . top stories of the week here on our tea accident and emergency wards in england to buckle under the pressure. patients report happened to wait up to 50 hours for a bed. as cove it puts a further burden on hospitals in the u. k. every step of the way that mismanaged the crisis aside from the vaccine roll, i re personnel, any faith in the current government, poland accuses the e. u of pressure and blackmail with a dispute over the rule of law. and now rising to summit level. also the wounds from america is chaotic pull out from afghanistan, failed to heal in the week. a grieving father who lost 10 family members in
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a wrongful drones. dr. shared his heartbreak and thoughts on compensation. compensation is not a remedy for the pain inflicted on us. it can't replace the loss of my family, my brother, my own daughter, and their fees have lost their lives. compensation will not bring them back to life . ah no, welcome to the weekly program here on our tea international 6 pm on sunday. we are highlighting the top stories of the day and of the week. so staff shortages are soaring, covert cases, pressure on the national health service, all leading to yet another crisis in england as a week saw new report that in some parts of the country, patients have had to wait for almost 50 hours to get a bed. an accident and emergency units. in one case, a patient reportedly spent 47 hours in line at a hospital in the north west of england. while in the south of the country,
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a teenager with serious mental health problems waited for almost 2 days in one emergency department. similar incidents were also reported in scotland and wales. a look at winchester told us what happened to his relative. he woke up at 11 o'clock and his legs just wouldn't work and he fell out bed. we didn't find him until 3 o'clock where my dad's going to go cool. where he shouldn't heard from him. when we called for the ambulance initially they said not to leave him. oh, in case the best final injury. after what you saw a couple of hours my, my dad sort of still trying to hurry them up a little bit. tried to finding no 99 again to ask when they sent you an estimate arrival that direct him to 111. he would then turn him back to 999 to and from there. eventually we spoke to a chat. he suggested how to move him back into his seat and how to get him up and we did that is improving, but he probably still required medical assistance,
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but insinuated to us that was not even a senior. they said, would you, would you like to cancel the ambulance on everything but the ambulance that day and at that point we took them at their value and said, yeah, okay, we'll cancel that and we'll give him his dinner and get him into bed, et cetera. because over the night i stayed the night make sure that you know the night is condition worsens in the morning. i school for another ambulance report say 91 percent of hospital beds were occupied in england as of mid october. the same time britton's health secretary has admitted there aren't enough staff to offer the country's emergency telephone lines and such a job. it added that a detailed plan of action was being put together soon. it will be unveiled. but luc winter, so it does not remain optimistic every step the way that mismanaged the crisis. aside from the vaccine roll. now, i re personnel,
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any faith in the current government and the people on the ground who are working really hard, like the paramedics, like the people answering the cause. they're not necessarily always getting, given the clearest information. you know, i fully believe that when the person from 111 told us to talk to 999, and the person 9, i 9 toys, talk to one on one. i'm sure that they believe that's what. yeah, that's what i'm told to do, is i real simple answer as to where i think they're going to fix it as their actions so far appear to be pretty inept. like hope it keeps on throwing extra problems into the health crisis in the u. k. a we reported in the week of as growing confusion in the country over the difference between a 3rd dose of, of vaccine and that of a booster. it's even got the doctor's confused. i'll explain why just a little bit later in this program. for now, poland this week accused the e. u. of pressure and blackmail, and in arguments still raging of
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a whether the blocks laws should take precedence over poland national legislation. a long road ahead of us this road is a combination of dialogue, legal response, and concrete action. to we store the independence of the judiciary yard, knocking on the 3rd. no european countries, the contin itself, european, if his judges are not independent. this is at the heart of our fundamental tax that if i, for my on some countries have a stronger appetite for a you integration, others not only poland, see this issue in the opposite way. in some countries, constitutions, the e, u. laura is supreme other say the opposite, so there's constitutional pluralism. this pluralism has to be respected. the route over shadow, the summit of the 27 member state. so the final one for the outgoing german chancellor anglo michael. and she warned against isolating poland. the stand all started when potent highest court rule that elements of e you law were incompatible with potent constitution a was or took
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a lot of flack from you. leaders for challenging the blocks core value. now if the rift goes any deeper, the e, you could punish war. so by we're sending billions of euros in covered recovery funds. well, the recent tensions have added more fuel to the idea of poland, maybe even leaving the european union. although as we heard there is still strong support to stay in the block of the government, i recently sent the chosen and other way, the way of confrontation with you. and now it looks like it's a very strong recording, very strong, put very strong swa goes for, you know, struggle between the commission on the les and, and the polish government is very busy. but the struggling, throwing the other hand on government knows that they need money from that you've florida economic recovery. i think the people in poland in majority support being
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in the use of the younger generation is very skeptical about living. i think that young people are not, as we imagine living in and other words, we're about to you without those possibilities, like working abroad starting to bro lives, you know, moving freely and using freedom of movement for money cannot replace our loss. that is the response from the father of an afghan family devastated bio us drones strike and also a washington's promise to compensate during america withdraw from ghana stone in august they attacked killed 10 members of m. l. a commodities extended family, including his 2 year old daughter. that little compensation is not a remedy for the pain inflicted on us. it can't replace the loss of my family, my brother, my own daughter, nephews, have lost their lives as compensation will not bring them back to life each day after that attack, our life is getting more and more miserable day and night. we recall them were our
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remain in family. we mr. malott life is hell without them. we intend to leave of dennis time because we lost 10 of our prices. liason now it's painful for us to leave without those loving kids. will it take months for washington to own up to the bombing mistake, which were supposed to target members of the terra group, isis k. and there's no official information about the amount of money being offered to the family. but apart from that, they ought to be given assistance. if indeed they choose to relocate to america. the meantime, the humanitarian situation in afghanistan is now at a crisis point. there are roughly 600000 people displaced as a result of fighting and economic instability. most of them naturally, women and children. it's estimated that millions of kids need humanitarian aid to survive right now. and although washington is providing nearly $64000000.00 and assistance, i'm alex mother. he says the losses to his family and nation a much greater than money. i'm also ha,
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like this kind of aid doesn't compensate the loss you at this nation. how will you addressed the miseries in the agony of war of the father and brother, a child or a family? believe me, you can't find a single african family this counter without moths here. you can feel the spain everywhere. it can be dealt with through humanitarian aid to solve my problem. what we need is biesen of dentist on whether the previous regime, all these slamming government, it doesn't matter. we are glad, at least the americans have admitted their mistake and said they would paint the compensation, but we demanded americans investigate thoroughly before such drawn attacks happened in the future. on thursday, vladimir putin addressed key think as an industry leaders at rushers top discussion forum that of the val die club. he spoke and fielded questions on a wide range of issues from climate change to cove. it to afghanistan with more of the topics his i correspond them to ilya katrinka sanctions imposed by western countries and the global fight against colbert. vladimir putin brought up these 2
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together. here's how there's a problem. you 30 am so, but as radium, we're talking about the need for a joint fights against the corona, virus infection. even for humanitarian reasons. i do not mean russia now forget about those sanctions against russia. but the sanctions also persist against states that are in dire need of international assistance. no, nothing like that happens. everything remains the same. and where are the humanistic principles of western political thought? in fact, it turns out that there is nothing. there is only chatter. there was one pointer during the plenary session that grabbed special attention of the audience. that was when the floor was given to a recent noble peace prize winner from russia. a prominent journalist in this country, a mr. murat, of who's the journalist really wanted the washer leader to pay special attention to how individuals and organizations are being labeled foreign agents without a court decision. and without a warning. now, in response to that,
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mister putin pointed the finger at the west and said that the practice as there are much more harsh. and there was also the point when our channel was brought up by mister bruton, was casella comstock. you said this is not decided by court, but in the us is also not by a court. there's a department of justice makes the cool go, scotty, what they've been through it. you know how tough it's been, gone all the way out to criminal culpability. we don't have that on us to coin though, but it didn't. we in there again til jamal goliad height o women, foreign agents for many years. and moreover, i've had a summons. first questioning in the u. s. for already several years without the fact that we didn't register as for an ages earlier, we'd received written legal conclusions that this law didn't apply twice because it said except for the media of our stuff. but when our ions began to grow and we started bothering them for adult to register or go to jail for 5 years on those 2 and a half summons for questioning because i myself hadn't registered previously before
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they registers me, which i don't why they're anymore. if i'm just in case, because i could end up in jail their way to do it, never say never do you see how it is in the u. s. is 5 years in jail despite reassurances from the russian leader last week. that gas from isn't only ready to boost its exports, but in fact, it has already begun doing that to the top diplomat shows up burrell a few days ago, blamed russia for not doing so, and for it continuing to use its exports of natural gas as a geopolitical weapon. now when the russian leader moved on to talk about nord stream to which is a pipeline project intended for natural gas deliveries from this country to the northern coast of germany, according to mister poop. and if the german national regulator gave the green light to nord stream to, to morrow, russia could kick start the flow of gas the day after tomorrow, which is perhaps
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a very important message for those worried about the energy crisis in europe. or as we are running down the top of we have top stores of the week aeronautics international. we also must check today's main headlines as well as making the news at this moment. thousands of migrants setting off from southern mexico, heading north to the us border. local police are having a tough time trying to rain in this people caravan. we are live from moscow with us story and just a month. and i ah, ah
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ah . for driven by a dreamer shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, just on a quarter past the hour here in moscow and
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a big developing story for you this week. and here were naughty as a thousands of migrants have set off from the southern mexican city of chula. and the heading north was towards the u. s. border. as we understand scuffles broke albany, police try to hold back this massive carbon. ah, some $3000.00 people, including families with young kids, began trucking on foot on saturday. the microns from haiti, south america central america, they hoped to reach the u. s. and even try to settle that early this week, u. s. president joe biden acknowledge he should visit the southern border, but he just hasn't got the time so far. we spoke with journalist pull dobson,
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who says mixed messages from washington contribute to the current crisis. destroyed is really the consequence of the prolong structure, economic situation in central and latin america in the case of venezuela. we really have to look at the role of the united states in keeping these countries handicapped, impoverished to some extent and. and in our case, the unilateral worth of measures against the country, the road of washington is not innocent when it comes to these. the economic crisis is generalized economic crisis. in many of these countries in honduras and height, the question of migration for the united states is very uncomfortable. they are all the sectors which we prefer not to migrate into the country. but there are also strong factors, especially in the upper classes of the united states. which recognize of the u. s. economy some extent. mean this cheap labor force in the country who are willing to work for lower wages in more precarious conditions without collective contracts, without trade union rights. and due to the needs of the, the,
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the survival centrally. i need to maintain that family and vulnerable patients in the u. k. could be missing out on a crucial covert chart of a doctor's confusion about the difference between a 3rd dose of a vaccine versus a booster. of course, these occupations must be given in the correct order, but the 2 terms are often used interchangeably leading to mixed ups even with the medical professionals. the wife of one mind with a red type of blood cancer told us in the week how they had been caught up in all this confusion. i went to the g p for my room and she said, no, she does not feel like a great a fist. this is different to me. it is part of the primary course of the vaccine, right? we'll try to do my research. and marie says, what i found was that is a dose, gosh,
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the booster router value as winter limbs and rumors of returning to lockdown, circulate the government is upping the ante on the vaccination top rollouts. but those that need it, the most struggling to get the 3rd dose they so desperately need you to confusion over the differences between the 3rd jab and the booster by the very people administering them. legal combined to speaking to him. and he said the word in it differently than faxing has gotten different to chat for you. it certainly as confusing people. the recommendation is that those who are immunosuppressed, meaning they have a weekend immune system at the time of their 1st. and 2nd cove at vaccines should now receive a 3rd dose as part of the primary vaccination routine. the booster program is totally separate to the 3rd dose and is being offered to the over fifty's,
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those with underlying health conditions and those living with the immunosuppressed as well. not only are they entirely different jobs, but thousands of extremely vulnerable people are struggling to book into their life, saving vaccines with experts saying that there's huge error could cost lives, reduction it be the potency of good jobs for the boosters. so there's a lot of are conflation of these 2 terms, b to compromise. people don't have full effective immediately against a cave in 19. if you don't have your immediately top top to the, the optimal level for you, then your greater risk. you need to bait, proceed with me. some people will end up passing away because of julie's husband, brian suffers multiple myeloma, a rare type of blood cancer, meaning hears, amino compromised, and entitled to his 3rd and the last 8 weeks. so julie has fought against at least a dozen healthcare professionals,
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including gps chemists and even staff and vaccination centers. they told her there is no such thing as a 3rd dose, or use the term interchangeably with booster. the people that giving this injection . dr. citrix, known often about a dead joke. you only know about the booster. i'm fuming, i'm giving it the book room to be honest, because did not. you have the right information in my eye for lots of people about the booster thinking to get into the japanese. not because i'm speaking on behalf of brain because it is mag world all in all the people out there. that's not just necessarily got my loaner got leukemia that got lymphoma, but it's got any thing that gives people a compromised immune system. so my husband is one person, but i just think about them other people that's not actually beander avenue more either in the contract. this information is not been given out correctly. as you can infections het almost 50000 in single day,
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the highest since july and older. to avoid a return to kind of restrictions. the government is edging the public to do that bit and take the coven vaccine. and boost to office. i think we've been really clear that we've all got a role to play. if people, if not enough people that boosted jobs, it's gonna hit us all. or when those administering the jobs don't know which is which leads those most vulnerable, even more so shot edwards dashti, oxy london? no, i to some of the headlights for you in brief here on the program of soaring fuel prices on mandatory cove, it passes sparking protests and pirates on saturday. i roughly 20000 people also from the political spectrum they, i hit the coupled stones of the french capital. the demonstrations were organized by the yellow vessel which has flown has been holding numerous rallies against the french governments co good regulation. just over the last few months, but also an introduction of a mandatory cove. it policies bringing thousands of angry italians on to the
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streets of milan as well. and new rules came in last friday. if anyone who wants to walk the past shows a person's cobra status vaccination, negative test, or recovery from the disease gray shorts right here of growing cooperation between russia and china. middle trees have cut it out to that 1st of joint air and see patrols in the west pacific. they organize a sale and maneuver operations held lie, fire drills. it's following a naval exercise in the sea of japan, and that was just a bit earlier in the month and more military pictures to show you right now with a large scale drills into g cust on, rumbling right along the countries border with afghanistan. that the recent us pull out that has re ignited fears in the region of violence and up all the possibility of terror groups trying to spread their ideologies. a correspondent eager steinhoff . as this report,
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a terrorist squad crosses the african border into digest on suicide vehicles supported by talib. unlike units make an attempt at seizing 2 villages and proclaiming a caliphate. this is the scenario. the joint forces of the collective security treaty organization are facing and playing out in these war games. during the past week, we've witnessed all sorts of rehearsal spent. all of them have been leading up to this day and hopefully you can hear me clearly because behind me you can see well the entirety of this imagined of wealth or theatre and you can hear explosions. you can hear gunfire which see helicopters military, asians also firing their routes, multiple multiple, excuse me, rocket launcher systems as well. judging by the sound, it is all very, very real. and so far, the view from this vantage point has been absolutely spectacular. the russian defense ministry deployed around 70 journalists to witness the main day of the drills. us though, had a week long head start,
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so we knew what to expect. having seen the action from places other than the vantage point, we were off at this time. it doesn't mean though, there was nothing to see on d day. the show was a feast for the eyes and ears of anybody into large caliber gum play. ah ah, one of the mo area specific plots played out on this test site. dealing with a potential suicide truck rushing in combat as reinforcements for the bad guys team
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. and the high command seemed to be happy with the troops level of combat readiness . we witnessed that the cooperation and coordination of troops irises, superb level. the drills have proved that the collective rapid action force is ready to execute military tasks in any place and at any time. the drills have also demonstrated that the whole world, including our force that this land is well protected. any invasion or attack will be stopped and tajikistan will never be left alone with any threat. plus thought, man, sometime it's a well known fact to we pay close attention to the situation in the central agent region with us. we don't keep it a secret. well, it's primarily due to the turbulent and unpredictable situation in neighboring afghanistan. here we constantly keep an eye on the situation a left can stand and make our decisions based on developments there. in this order, in my assessment, we are going to see an escalation on the tragic after an order in the near future. we keep closely monitoring it news if the statements, the taliban is currently making are implemented. the based on that i guess is that they aren't interested in any flareups in the region in the views,
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up of 4000 troops, 500 vehicles, and 6 nations batted their targets for days here. a battering well heard over the border, just 8 kilometers away. i'm again donna reporting from digikey stun r t or that just about wraps up a this hours additional, the weekly here in our t international running down the main stories of today and of the week. another program for ye renewed with top stories at the top of the hour. that's in about half an hour's time. hope you can join us. mm. mm hm. ah ah ah,
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ah ah, ah, ah ah, he died. i cried, and i just kind of split the whole time out there. no one really thought anything different. you just all thought i just didn't feel good. on the way for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 jackets. when i killed him,
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i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 talk to started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really to turn in. all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out. he refilled. holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's to be better. it was i wouldn't want my worst enemy every don't see that was out of breath with choice of stuff but also with a family. and then you'll through our little trish
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with just food, say with him and then you would you that is images, but it was up as good as i supposedly got my did some i would say with b as it is images to become mom. my phone with her phone was out of the to get the vote for idea for all of your room for some way up, all of the sleazy cheery shelf of worship. with that said, he thought a lie though i thought for 3 minutes, an eagle for days, even weeks and months,
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the draft house that's how aerial forest protection service smoke jumpers described themselves there on the front line fighting wildfires, but not as it expect the water from overhead just brings the temperature down than main weapons against wildfires are shovels, explosives, backfires, and muscles. with when we began filming in your kuta, it forests were ablaze, but the local authority wouldn't declare a state of emergency. the situation was critical. the aerial forest protection service had to transfer reinforcements from other regions, but it took a day and a half by bus to get to the fire. they hadn't been able to find


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