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oh wow thing. well yeah, you know, i can well measure it. yeah. oh, i think the people who are adopted are afraid of losing people were very scared of rejection. not now. is there a no secrets with adoption, but when the worst secrets and lies, there was no family relationship. who is a wall between us, a strange coldness that i don't feel any more. so as a father i compare myself to my father. with our biological family, we have branches. i'm like a tree with lots of leafy fruit filled branches. but below i have no roots. at
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least not one's i'm aware of why. yeah. i mean, i literally mean numbers isn't live. uh huh. i have eaten by them in the military that day, or like a long day when you letting you know. ha, how can i know jan niger in? i'm a little done on his case and i still 1000 fine. you know, we haven't got out again to dinner under his dollars. replaced bottle on not yet on the was a phone interview applicant, rick, would i knock as hello luck or not? there were that bill grouchy. last rossi. zip us as
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a bus. apple or gym blanket for guess gets it. i mean like i thought it was almost, i mean i don't know. i sent you an awe she, although i was with the seminar squirrel. but again, that it does. i'm in a squad of them and be a no alice until you not go into the funeral. go to the the if were the only know so a little bit of them john wasn't familiar. there. i saw ah,
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no, still it's a good you were either see of his toys. out of doors, the local news that the years aaliyah as we're going to bend oregon because i go a little bit about each or a number of other. good boy, yet we're going to love the boy you said. mm hm . mm mm
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ah, oh, no, we're gonna do it. you know, so a just war so yesterday. well, no, no, no. the more here with ideas i've been doing the work, do i have issues with that they get the been done with on that? i'll be almost good. natalie. they will those more fucking bonus, but i'm the one of the vehicles in a lot of will come into sports but never got in there. one of the, one of them,
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cuz i know, but i'm gonna, we'll we know, we'll say we go down in william but then they say, i don't get much sent. be more testing for days on the road. yes. i'll all right. as long as you have you have to yeah. and so no show me that knew that jim would have been shot. okay, let me up out of the people and look in his glove. i wonder what i've owners have been okay. did there is one second one is single drama shows how losing i'm a a hold on my book with
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i believe those who are the 2 on all the grad albums. us, me are the numbers with young people. but i mean, i think turning over to me, so companies will give english, which i'm bo, if one of those murphy or maybe the lessons amy's melbourne burmese. okay. not haven't been apologized fi. nice. more able courtesy of mindy, this on your shoulder. i mistakenly johan language that i me motivated chillman to kid are you, i'm not, you're not have you just got up in the vicinity of what kim bartalone, i guess like a some of the thought and in our legacy emma emma thrown us. he can, can be really, she could get in, or that the secret of one of them a d and b, you people gamble anthea he think it has been done. he might have like a symbol i literally ah ah, in no person with the least bit of ethics would actively prevent
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mothers and children from finding each other. in my last letter to the pope, i said that if jesus was alive, he would help me to find my mother. i don't know why the members of his church are precisely the ones preventing me from finding her. maybe they're afraid will dig up something very dirty dandy when someone doesn't want to give you something, they can destroy that something. oh, hide it and then where do we look for it? mm. let him go. ok or she a we're nicer. now. wait on the line and will do move it around like a shop motion to lose your amalia the hotel. and i'm in there. me mental model or that those he me 0 feed mark 1000000 board under made him feel, my gosh, another larry lucia to that. when i the ga, to gauge and you know,
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doing this to me a bit of a model that we have on a well told me on dr. that cannot be and then come on. and then in a level also, what are the number to worston if you know i'm, i don't know why your, why don't i me gosh, how those more? how many to me my that if i don't have to that one will. yeah. yeah. what i mean, like, you know, me, me, me and my now it just, you know, i mean, if you know, but you call your mom and battle didn't get, you know, there was no shame if you don't, you're not on demi, but you know, under somebody wish lisa wasn't going to see my space. i don't want, i want every month. yeah. but then the other piece is i know you just get super. know what i mean? no. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, i don't know. i guess he,
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those i was in was in the us and see us and got those 9 years ago. i don't know. let me go the limit of why did i miss carport? well, darneilia told me you're going to you. what do you think if with him, i don't think he said, i'm probably gonna get somebody 30 years ago, but i don't upon
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winning the spanish civil war. the dictator, inspired by the psychiatrist valet ho, now hero, who had studied nazi germany, decided that spain had to be pure catholic and free of the red, jean or some imprisoned republican women had conjugial visits while others were already pregnant. let me get on the grade level on a one, not on grow it on a lay bought about i use the other for faster than my own. global is a fairly well man dish and they'll get sickle cell and kill us eco's. the last person anabolic honestly when, when he's done it on nina, so on the knowledge equally and in the us. we had a government that house seasonal in bertha give us our phone dello. there were no student. i mean nino support or mr. mccoy does not hung up quite enticing window. there's, you know, in the middle in the office x is thea, it unofficially, i. e and them. and then i would recommend, fath easter eileen eloquently. alicia beleaguer it on colloquial d. o. in. okay, layla chicago mean our laurie handled with this. yeah. wellness maybe cause you
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have a load it to atlanta santa ozium. we fucking that, he's out of pocket and pull that poly debussy along the ottoman and i, it says he, you don't call him though it is. by ho ne po, greet them. what other dickie is the one i fume forward. as for his cheek, us evil boys and their commis, yet he won us was ninos, get on separate olives from others. calling daniel control, welcome ford focus galaxian and i and that are out of media ginobili. and then at the host, he couldn't out the normandy, con sugarland does one of eunice, yo, yo lot of s. w, future millers, the latinos than that. and because only from an elder, and michael feeder marquis able to miss hippo said, got you me. and the past that says me, notice that anxious and i think ultimately now
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join me every thursday on the alex silent shore and i'll be speaking to guess on the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me ah, he died. i cried, and i just kind of split the whole time out there. no one really thought anything different. knew this all about. i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery is 130 seconds when i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 doctor started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's
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a few points that were really hurting all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out. he really felt holy crap, his him died. oh no, he's to be better. it was, i wouldn't want my worst enemy ever got out of breath. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to place trust rather than fear i would like to
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take on various job with artificial intelligence. real. somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with ah oh yeah, yeah. i. yeah, i mean, i personally know it's a fairly easy. i was like
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a linda. it's upper level. keep from becky. oh oh oh, what it comes with a life energy. thanks. a lot of money to get at them. fighting with those and into the local, much of what own up allah. can someone just yet? i'm look, i'm gonna buy a lot in. i love like you're not a little girl. yeah. you know, it's the photo. those are the condo, michel on the local, her yesterday. me mother employee, me, brother angelica when she view. consequently,
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yeah. maybe head on the bottom of your head who, manager, and we book on that. i must again, melissa, just i was coming populous and make our samples of us police. this are all about o'clock. i mean, bobo law school in augusta. if you look on top of this will mean easter about are going to have dollar will be just a moment and then deal doesn't go on that it will not be a have a manda financial. hi there, alex young. you not, not them on the net, gabriela, i am on the emails in the little precise photo than the little done or whatever, almost before dawn. oh, outta v. adoption of enrique, via taurus. what is this? i was almost 23 years old. when i read that request, i immediately thought of this time when i was 8 years old and playing with my cousins who told me that my family didn't love me because they got me from the street. ah, it was in my adopted grandmother's kitchen. they scolded my cousins and i shoved
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that to the back of my mind. i was 80 years old. i never asked or thought about it . when the lady them on the maybe no. we had ever done. yeah. well, maybe no, come on for the what am i going up anyway? i remembered the brown of my grandmother's old saucepans, the grease that saturated the old kitchen. the blue tiles ah, me sitting on the marble and my cousin saying without malice. they got you from the street and me crying. my mom was sleeping. my dad was in the hospital, i went to the bathroom mirror and looked at myself. the 1st feeling that came up was, who are you? really? i me. i looked for my identity in the mirror, i said to myself, adopted. then i said, impossible. if i me maxim we could use over the modem the bought anyway. here are
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just going to look area fit. let have him call me mother. that means him for ya. so got in them and they could again, norway, can it okay, look at ella for those courses program and deal iep. ok. nice me mother and you this is carlos in done them is ready for this. ah. 2 2 2 first i had to find out where i was born. i requested my birth certificate. my place of birth was the center isabel, foundling home. yes, love him, and i have got a controller at usefulness rami dutengo knows that those that are not, not the, in, as it had chosen and so on the line attend, the bellies are not going to send in a child or anything way you may call a dingo, but not that hope will. if he can not dental, there was no mother to maybe get into the apartment to look in that actually at a hotel or follow or get another, marlo should get up on
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a felony without our phone. as of what brings the bill in front of them, you could actually like one second and prevent him ask if was his own book or gone? yes, i got a thought of it on as thou unovia for so the search began, i requested my deed of adoption, which also wasn't helpful. neither was the file that came with my birth certificate . nobody mother. so lawyer silas r t was that i will. okay. they will mail a few either last more than i guess i'm gonna, i mean i was gonna love cable mail, feel my luck. and with that i will follow them because they don't go live up in the area before. you may who cannot come in, ask about that one and the school should dbi go kind of even a lot of dollars, just any of emilia to funding that. they get it, but i could get on with it. life has led me to this part of the law, which is so broad as there are thousands of cases in spain,
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in every province and hospital. the had to be a way to find out the biological mother's name. the medic went up got it must game, which is he must it what he does and my telephone is equal from. can i love analyst panola dolby? well, it's the little controller unless consumer phenol did. i looked yolanda who saw him in but a no contract or he can deliver on the unit where the school in less than one minute . they come up from philadelphia and i asked anointing oil. i must have anonymous yes, the language and they see it in effect, the aren't they not development the video that many people as cordial k, i l, a furnace, kenichi, kato, seth costello young, she not get his al deland. i mean, it will be more that, i mean they, they don't and not that you even if you are like as of you can nino, although she located them and they call him out of it build new enough ego. she went a little too, edith young as though it is meal, did and below scolded espinoza kuth eunice follows us india on king sympathy and
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lilith hull furnace in his pena shaughnessy, nor yellow fuel. and she get up on it. git le persona, alabama. she knock acosta conway, wholly along oblique, under simpler than duck him, no mental health unit, and his plan exec on gluck is on that as me of your knowledge. miss ayla, almost latifah is here while a hired that if the end of the me there's on, through the end. those mean he has fossils or a spaniards out there who might happen to resemble their parents, but aren't actually related to them. and they will die without knowing that for their real biological origins. because there is no way of knowing it if they were falsely registered as their biological child knowledge. and they see that your mac, window galaxies, others minute. kimberly, in the brook brown below the li, if it can be almost a systemic little furnace by noon organized,
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almost all winter collect was for menda and dorothy globe as a. yeah, obviously the media, they blanket, you know, 10th as yet, they'll all feel this'll be, well, yes, a list i'll okay. control i laurie can the new lord, i was only more than the line and then we're gonna put you on a boiler. doesn't global sentiment than living. then we'll click get our log. i could get into last week looking at the cost, touch, lumbering abuse on the crystal. this is, although she does and militant, i see the in the northern over a gallon book on, on mcculla. this isn't the most gospels. never will any news on the national indoor in front of me. i've met many mothers from santa isabel who has searching. one of them gave birth
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in april 1965, which is when my biological mother was there. she remembers a woman writing letters to some one from pamplona on kelly as the fetter. ah, she gave birth a month after my mother did in may, but 3 or 4 women could have given birth that months. this is the closest i've ever been. i was born in may, but it's still uncertain. ah ah ah
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ah ah, why did my mother get pregnant? why did she give me up? oh, was she tricked or forced? or did she give me up wilfully? why did they pay a 1000000 pieces for me? who got that money? ah, the 2nd illness it was he must be must have been looking for what i must tell you. what? quinton but he wasn't a government that sunday but rather than that then i would do it because we've all got it all you had to go over the muster one winter. how can i let you go so you
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know, in the most, booking for me that was on it. i know the other end of the i got nobody wants to 100000. you you're going to others as well. we're still gonna get that. we'll get where are you? i'm with a bad, it's all they all on the learn. i was gonna eat a why didn't you will attend the jewels come to book. it was like on the you know, so you're shiny about mutual coordinate memory. you get a temple knows how to get or keep it on. you know, many you asked like india the chicago. if kid you're to compare with it, i'm at your me hope to listen. i'm on the thing on us. we're there for, but you want to look on the yoga. where did already you? i'm a little bit sure. sure. the end of this have been young. now as he don't be got a lot of people because i cannot tell by that he overcome. he said, i did,
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you develop a woman or the whole that you forget he had no wonder jamiria yet cassandra, on panama. so by this 8 foot game, russian, mom did media mommy at mann not even the whole opposite. you know, get out of there is damo. yeah, the joke. you know, she'll bit up. she too will be in as she's holla. jumped up. i didn't. i didn't send you me, ms. mill. you mean you're, you're, i don't know much consider when i came to live. so yeah. so, and i get that i have no way, you know, you know, i'm not going woman for least i'm not able to put them in your all year. but then they get the end of it. they don't bother love it. literally soon as they are doing housekeeping,
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i want to get those pretty. ah . when i see black america, i see part of my so when i was growing young black america spoke to me. why destroyed, you did not have those who say black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing is who we are. i lived in a world where wife lives mattered. and i was not wise. like ms. newman and i wasn't new from black america. i learned how to speak back to whitefish aboriginal people here. i'm more every day. we're out now with the police were out we. she speaks, i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country that think says
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no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then they're all the fellow friends in daycare managers, survival guide, stacy, just like all started safely at the federal reserve. so there you go. get a back active. oh no. what with came we get the rest the 7 years a report. ah, if you want something done, right, do it yourself. the acronym d i y, i e, do it yourself has now become the name for unusual nra of online videos. we do, coupled with more, to enjoy any family of herself still than yours? no one you've never was more than us did any wardrobe?
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drug called her spoke a deal. it people use scrap materials and whatever is at hand to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action. squid guns, richer company for margaret ramon was still from us fairly well, much more poor referral. the, the best part is people want to watch millions of viewers spend hours seeing how a person they've never met and who's half way round the world, assembles the contraption. no one else needs me to take a 3 arrange to filter for that in which could just move my feet when you minute. synergies like user to g was looking at the cloth lily for future pushing, which correctly still couldn't cash with
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ah news rap of the big stories of the last 7 days here. one r t accident and emergency wards and england buckle under the pressure. patients report having to wait up to 50 hours for a bed. as the pandemic was a further burden on hospitals in the u. k. every step of the way that mismanaged the crisis aside from the vaccine road. now, i re personnel, any faith in the current government, also a poland accused as the e u of pressure and the black male with a dispute over the rule of law. now rising to that of summit level. and the wounds from america is chaotic pull out from afghanistan, failed to healed in the week aeronautics he a greeting father who lost 10 family members that are wrongful drones drive death. he shares his hot breaks and thoughts about compensation.


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