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people were very scared of rejection. ah, now as there are no secrets with adoption, but when the worst secrets and lies, there was no family relationship. who is a wall between us, the strange coldness that i don't feel any more. so as a father, i compare myself to my father, home, along with our biological family, we have branches. i'm like a tree with lots of leafy fruit filled a branches. but below i have no roots. at least not one's i'm aware of. i mean, i literally mean mother doesn't live what i
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have eaten by them in the military that day. i get all last day when you letting era have it on your head. not it. ina, that'll turn on his case and by i still 1000, you know, we haven't got out again to dinner, run through these dollars play special on what you on the was a component of yours applicant would i knock as hello. luckily i know there were little garage last name bassetti there, but as a bush apple eligible uncle for get gets did that and like i thought it was almost, i mean i loved him. i sent him an estimate. ah
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hello. i am not gonna be available. seminars quarter, but we're gonna do them in a, squatter, them and be a no alice until, you know, going into the funeral board of the, the if were the only sharing a. busy good of them of doesn't say maybe. yeah. there are some ah, knows the let's give it eva eva. see of his toys out of toys. the even local news that you're soleah. i swear to god then burglar. busy because i go a little bit of my leech or a number of other good will. yeah,
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we're going to love to boy hm . with the work order along with dennis will be a good
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a none of the more you know with that they get a lot of you know, so you just on that i almost good not know they go those more fucking bonus, but i'm the one of the vehicles in ela will come in was water, but never got in the that one of the, one of the numbers i have spent, i'm going of will when it will say, we go down the way, but then they say,
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i don't get my cindy was this scene for them on the road. yes. all right. one of the of you have any yeah. a so no show me that knew that jim but a bit i look up into the people and latinos, grandma and you're gonna one is a senior and okay, did there is one that can play single dilemma is al levine. i'm a hold on my brother with undergrad, so level he lost a few people but anyway, but we're always welcome, but we still do english, which i'm bow a part of his garcia activating the the designs in these mobile homes. okay. not have been doing that, but others see nice more able to see mindy this?
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i know sort of luna, i mistakenly jaqueline glen did emmy modem, she roman tequita, you know, not obviously gotten position in the upper kim bartalone i guess like a some underneath and in our legacy i'mma for game or thrown are seeking could be really she could get an order to seek it was more than a d and b you people again volunteer. yeah. he think, you know, it has been monumental like that i've been using it. it seems as though i literally ah, no person with the least bit of ethics would actively prevent mothers and children from finding each other. in my last letter to the pope, i said that if jesus was alive, he would help me to find my mother. i don't know why the members of his church are precisely the ones preventing me from finding her. maybe they're afraid will dig up
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something very dirty. yes. when someone doesn't want to give you something, they can destroy that something. oh, hide it and then where do we look for it? mm. let him go. okay. or she a we're no, sir. no, wait, i'm on a redeemable romika. shirley motioned the lucille a malia, the hook, let them in their me, mental model, or that those a me 0 feed mark 1000000 board under me if you don't feel moderate cox. you another larry lucia to that? we're sure. yeah. the judge yet, but again, you know, no one, no dinner list, m u 0 parental got a feel model of a roof on a well doleman docker canadian in common. no one at the net levels. horrible and numbered. worcester, she'd american auto m r. s. yeah. a c as in indian y. why don't you
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guys have those more? how many? i mean my, that if i don't have that. and if you live through that one will. yeah. yeah. what i mean, like, you know, me, my, they, me, me and my number is just, you know, money that the, but i'm going to call your mom and that'll get, you know, i wasn't sure if you know, you're not on demi, but you know, under somebody wish lisa wasn't going to see my face. i don't want, i will not, i don't see. but then the other piece is i know you just get so you know what i mean? you know, they will never be, i don't know. i guess those are the owners and what was it again to see us and got the those in front of me. i
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was. b out of my bluff and well yeah, i miss apple over there all day. wrong. well wasn't going to have done yos. you're able to use that for me. you have to separate yourself with the yeah, good it is. i give them a young man like if we get him, i don't know if dad i can help you think he said, i'm a totally, totally young enough minister over here. somebody toyota ago and been in a bad over. mm. upon winning the spanish civil war. the dictator, inspired by the psychiatrist valet, whoa. now hero who had studied nazi germany, decided that spain had to be pure catholic and free of the red gene or some imprisoned republican women had conjugial visits while others were already pregnant . let me get on the grade level on a 11 on grow, donnelly bought about
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a vestigial for faster than my old role as a fellow element in elk. a circles here on kill us equals the last person a bully carnosione. does it anita, on the knowledge, equally uninterested agreement than i'll say 3000000 bertha give us a little phone down there. when a student, i mean nino support or mr. mcclure this natania quote, enticing window. there's a little bit of a know if you actually steer philadelphia e and them and dental recommend. 4th easter eileen eloquently. alicia calliger elonka local depot and okay, it, les less echo mean our laurie handled with this. yeah. wellness maybe cause you have a lot it to will understand auth young with fucking that he's out of pocket in and pull that poly the but he along the horrible and i was says he, you don't call him the reverse by home, a book, read them order dickie is the one i feel move forward as a sport,
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as take us evil boys in there. call me yet he will not. nino get an biologist modest coding on your control. okay. what if i can galaxian and throw alice off? um yes, ginobili. anthony host indian out norman did con sugarland, doesn't enough, eunice? yo yolanda, that's not the future. we know it was the looking us at the end because when we find out diva it make on freedom of gay people to me. so by law said, go to me and the best essays, me notice that i noticed and i think was mutually know ah oh, they bring additional juanita downfall and that the additional money goes to. so it's a children's education and welfare off the household. and then thirdly, it goes to savings and if a country as a savings,
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if can improve itself and produce growth, i think that don't say that, but they must ask for this moment to be included in the household so that the household income will be higher and the countries income that will be higher with with di i cried, and i just slept the whole time. i was there. no one really thought anything different. knew this all thought i just didn't feel good on the ways for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 seconds when i killed him,
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i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 don't to started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really to turn all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out. if you really don't, holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's better. it was, i wouldn't want my worst enemy ever. you'll see that it was out of breath. ah mac geysers finance is a viable guy. liquid assets are those that you can convert into quite easily. but keep in mind, no, as it's amanda equation,
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better watch guys report with o b i do you mean a cursory? no, no, it's a violin that it's up a level key to make it on and it
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comes with a lot veterans you. thanks a lot of money because i said at them pricing because they're supposed intent that they will go much of what own up, hello. can someone get local not by la la la la, you know, toyota is the football. those are the gun on the go on the recall her is to her mother employee, me, brother. and we get going. she you can get on the yeah. maybe head on the bio for you said who? no, no j m, we book on that. i must again, melissa, just i was kind of populous and me gossip was less police on this. i all about a glad am in bogle ask you to live in augusta in of contents of this minister about
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other than i have double the style. mendoza. the news isn't going today will not be a have a munda horses and gotten the other young yet another mother knuckle be a little. i am on the middle of the little precise, for so than double done or whatever, almost footer, or out of the fin adoption of enrique via taurus. what is this? i was almost 23 years old. when i read that request, i immediately thought of this time when i was 8 years old and playing with my cousins who told me that my family didn't love me because they got me from the street. ah, it was in my adopted grandmother's kitchen. they scolded my cousins and i shoved that to the back of my mind. i was 8 years old. i never asked or thought about it when the lead of them on the maybe no method ever than yeah, well he maybe no come on for the what i'm i don't have any i remembered the brown
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of my grandmother's old saucepans, the grease that saturated the old kitchen, the blue tiles ah, me sitting on the marble and my cousin saying without malice, they got you from the street. and me crying. my mom was sleeping, my dad was in the hospital, i went to the bathroom mirror and looked at myself. the 1st feeling that came up was who are you? really? i me. i looked for my identity in the mirror. i said to myself, adopted. then i said, impossible. if i me come we could use we on the modem. the bought anymore. you simply are, are you going to look at her feet long? have him call me mother. that means him for ya. so got in them and they could again,
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not always look at it. okay. look at ella, for those courses, program and diesel. he put in nice me mother you interesting going into than the one that i missed when he finish. 2 2 ah. 2 first i had to find out where i was born. i requested my birth certificate. my place of birth was the santa isabel foundling home. eslumpkind. i have county, colorado, dora. yes, wonderful aroma. joking all of that. those. that in the latinos at inches high and so on. the line mentioned age, dallas, are they gonna fill in a child or anything like you may go look, then go, but not that up we'll if input can not dental illness for my mother to me for your security. yep. i'm going to look in that actually rather for fall or okay, another marlo sort of get up on a felony marathon. that's what brings the bill in front of them. you could actually why from say, good and prevent him ask if was his own book on?
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yes, i got a thought of it on as thou unovia form. so the search began, i requested my deed of adoption, which also wasn't helpful. neither was the file that came with my birth certificate . nobody mother. so lawyer salazar, she was then i will i'll okay. they will mail a few either last more than i guess i'm gonna, i mean, i live on it. i love cable mail feel, i'm not going with that. i will. hello, nicole, aidan go laid up in the new year before me who can all come out of the us about one in the school. so debbie got one of these in a dollars all dollars has any of emilia to from the get it. but i could get us going said life has led me to this part of the law, which is so broad as there are thousands of cases in spain, in every province and hospital to had to be a way to find out the biological mother's name. numeric went up, go must game,
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which is the most it already does. and which health unit equal from you know, i love the analyst panola dolby. well, there's the little a controller, the less confusing phenol that i looked yolanda who saw him in but a no contract or he can deliver on the job where the school youngest them wound on on the go from can allow a few on gay asked anointing oil i must have anonymous, yes, the language and they see it there. if the, aren't they not, that element of lima, lima nimpesos, quoted k. i l. a furnace, kenichi, kato, seth costello young, she know, get her sal deland, i mean, it will be more that. i mean, they, they don't, and natalia is given alex's of you can nino, although she okay to come and they will have it building the reality will say one other crystal theory, the thing is though it is meal and get her school is premier. this is kuth, eunice falls, us wound ethan keith. about the and a little unison espana shown, asi neu, yellow field, and she kit up on it came up a shanisha labella. she woke acosta conway julio, looking for
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a peek on those reports and docket. no mental health unit again is by neglect on that as me yet not your knowledge miss. i left almost latifah because while i hired the recipient of me, there's on through the in those mean eco's fossils. ah, the spaniards out there who might happen to resemble that parents but aren't actually related to them and they will die without knowing that for their real biological origins. because there is no way of knowing it if they were falsely registered as their biological miles. ah mileage and they said the humid glenda girl, he's always been overcome billy in the proper brown, blue belly if it can be almost as his tomato finished by noon organize tomato went to collect one for menda. and dorothy globe is gavia sally. the 1000000 blanca innocentive, she had the low feel because it'd be well, yes, let's double click on de la, laurie. can the mean lord,
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i was only one of them than i know. and they know of it again, a political doesn't global single, you know. and then let me double click get i luth, uncle kid, and they got us. we hook the neck ahead. costello lumbering abuse on the crystal does is her though she does and militant their see they in the non been over a gallon and book around mcculla. this in the, from the most gosh, was never will any news on the national indoor that handles me? i've met many mothers from santa isabel, who has searching. one of them gave birth in april 1965, which is when my biological mother was there. she remembers
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a woman writing letters to someone from pamplona on kelly as the fetter. ah, she gave birth a month after my mother died in may, but 3 or 4 women could have given birth that month. this is the closest i've ever been. i was born in may, but it's still uncertain. ah ah ah ah
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ah why did my mother get pregnant? why did she give me up? was she tricked or forced? what did she give me up wilfully? why did they pay a 1000000 pieces for me? who got that money? ah! there's like a mill notice. it must be, must have been looking for what must have been what quite okay. but it wasn't coming that sunday, but that, that it would do because we've all got it all you can think of how you pretty much so yeah. how can remember? yeah. like you got a single knowing they mobile can put me down to it. i knew i was a young globally. most women are cells when you're going to progress as money and
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we'll get where are you? i'm with a bad, it's all they will on the loan. i have we got no, it is a little attend the jewels come a well you're shine. yeah. a mutual coordinate. somebody you know i get or gave you 200. how many you asked like india? the chicago? it could you recall noted how many your me home there was an amount of detail, but you want to build on do better. what did i want to you? my little but issues shoes into this. i don't because people because i have a robot video to come. he said, did he give up for a minute the whole that he wasn't managed by the got a push came rushing. my non did me, i'm not even the hold up. i should go bit under the domino. yeah, the joke,
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you know, she'll be that she will not be in a whole lot o santa fe. i did it unto denison you. i mean, is it maybe i mean in your, your levine? a said consider when i came out of a 100 they would have to wait on a so yeah, she's a yo yo, i'm not going to moment a ball in a minute of your all your doctor. he's like, well then i'm on a little bit. they don't bother love it, and i've had it really laid out the door as soon as they that the, with his house get the level of louis this. but if you see, ah,
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when i see black america by seen part of my so when i was growing, you know, like america spoke to me with what a straight it did not have to say black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where wide lives mattered. and i was not wide like missing. and i wasn't known from black america. i learned how to speak back to whitefish aboriginal people here i'm more every day. we are out of the system now with the police were out with 2 states. i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then they're all the filler friends in daycare
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for that long, her favoring additional money today, household and that the additional money goes to the children's education and welfare off the household. and then thirdly, it goes to savings. and if a country as a savings, if can improve itself and produce growth, i think to those say that, but they must us for this moment to be included in the household, so that the household income will be higher and the countries income that will be higher which is g d p ah ah, if you want something done, right, do it yourself. the acronym d i y i do it yourself, has now become the name for and use yonder of online videos. we do,
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coupled with my 3rd year away. any sign me up school, the deal at no one you can have the was more than any more that up. so the deal if people use scrap materials and whatever is at hand to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action. squid guns, furniture, company records for a long list of must be out of well, much more pool with the best part is people want to watch. millions of viewers spend hours seeing how a person they've never met and who's half way around the world assembles of contraption. no one else needs a, as in which could just more like when you minute synergies like user g was looking at the club. lou future watching what you could
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ah, it only is racked with a big stories hello, 7 days accident, an emergency board in england, buckle under the pressure as patients report having to wait up to 50 hours for a bed. as a pandemic puts a further burden on hospitals in the u. k. every step, the way that mismanaged the crisis aside from the vaccine roll by the re personnel of any faith in the current government fall and accuses the e with pressure and blackmail as a dispute. over the rule of law rises to summit level on the wounds from america's celtic pull, i've got to stand fail to heal. in the week grieving father from afghanistan who lost 10 family members in a wrongful us stroke, strike shared his agony and thought about you as compensation over it with.


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