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i can, which can just wanted my teeth when you my new city. he's like user d, looking at the club. lou, future hosting, which because he still couldn't join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then with his other request us to play for mostly with a finley daniels purely a little shift with castillo's the other month because melissa was assumable. i just needed to ask you about it because i just moved say that him and then you would you that is images, but it goes up. was good for supposedly good. have my did some i would say again to
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spend your music resume, which is filica. mom with her was out of the to get the voted for idea to put all of your group plan on my up all of the fella reviews, right. you didn't leave the to the shelters will push up with you if you got a nice boy. oh boy, for 3 minutes and eagle for days, even weeks and months, no draft house. that's how aerial forest protection service smoke jumpers described themselves. there on the front line fighting wildfires,
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but not as it expect. the water from overhead just brings the temperature down than main weapons against wild fires are shovels, explosives, backfires, and muscles. with we began filming in your katia. it's forests were ablaze, but the local authority wouldn't declare a state of emergency. the situation was critical. the aerial forest protection service had to transfer reinforcements from other regions, but it took a day and a half by bus to get to the fire. they hadn't been able to find a helicopter. at the same time, another team they were rushing to help were defending a nearby village and barely made it out in time to save their own camp is really getting to lead to the shelf, which of course,
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of any of his other we're going to follow up with him. yeah. birth hello, thank you with. of course, if you get for or did all of your groups there it some way up. all of the fella minor that of orderly hellish fish. so the question in which you won't unforeseeable. la stella, great reflection. additionally, i belive their children additionally partially tom deal it, richard varden elf beauty brush. oh full. yes. what's your issue? worry or would you for enjoy this? should you visited wishing to hit on where those are controlled? what's your new with? what sort of dealing with the robot it, what's a 2nd, you serious? always new guy. 2 for letterbug,
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she's not communicate with them or she just own a shot. and in my list, that was not someone with a stay on the when did off a minute, mom with them seemed like it is a shelf a goon with them. let's put it as a formula, a with a
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this is their father, anatoly bull mock, and waving his hand from the tent. swamps need deep water and high winds conditions . his squad recently waited 24 hours to be evacuated from i think i'm good with that. you're always log me and this has been miranda, got it back before we pause router we wish was up to 4th. i'm glad we're going to look at the filica mom, the spotlights up to her was out of see to get the vote. if got on to come down, my dear i will start off
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with this was to land region where ariel fire protection service smoke jumpers got caught in a fire trap to survive. they dived into an icy river and pulled water on each other a year or 2 when he's really a not stick ward bigger than voicing sharedoc are shown up for, but mean for us. any of them was recall the mr. i'm sitting here with the, with the benefits for the, from the, from the, if the crises get figured out, a lot with humans here of my view was about that were uniform, work wrong, get them what the case, which it will. but i'm with more group north of which is to read what this me can use ministers bins. if your voice
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a watching a 2nd with get away. ah, this lord. anyway, he said, well, well yes, but what are the listings or by george the show we will, it's for the most lawyer, throw it up as his book for charlotte daily, for a furnished or the key or poorly. i know for sure if she'll read as a bonus for you with your work or she just reinforces broke up or you get this new
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little protocol yoga really to your lower but okay, firebreak or fire line is a trench dunk into the damp soil. it helps suppress spreading fires, but you can imagine how long it takes to encircle a wildfire of several actors. rather than using shovels. the more advanced way to set a fire break is with explosives, bmw, with video. the video of anatoly bo mike in is to squash man responsible for blasting operations. ah.
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the aerial forest protection service only gets a break from wild fires in winter. the time for training and fitness tests, exercises take place at the shoe shantika airfield and resemble airborne troops or special forces training the smoke jumpers, perfect ab sailing and parachute jumping. in case choppers have nowhere to land. so in extreme conditions, squads can be dropped. would it be a little short or shortcut? bought a mortgage broker. why didn't you go to the 2 seconds or more? cuz i'd many bedrooms, 4 baths and you're good. no monkey person in redemp, certifications, even english esparza. yes. the question spectrum is just an art board. i'm pretty sure when you have to with the new my you would have which this was a would get after would bring your stuff and you for your gym, which is what they bought it for a credit. i suppose because the new voicemail graphs as to what you can use them if you would know what little post bizarre list of couple owners reported that you were in yet. you with the sustain me. i got to read me a little milk the phrase good. i knew boys,
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my labrons i knew was for boisterous. when you got to what you're getting, it would have to me is to put my mom did it. like when i was the bottom of that, he was at the more than just not push annotated. he says go grab a little bit, typically partial the little bit and we only sell to fit blue to philharmonic. is that up to lose? really? i should just the calls and you would do. which ingram wasn't blessed. she get lisa, she watching while she you because she does a watching laura laura easy. so thrones are sabina though it did luthey luthey. so she leaned into each other. mm hm. with a finish. despite the daylight, it's already late. this is what the white knights of your duty are. look like,
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the smoke jumpers camp is rather close to the fire and by morning it's surrounded by smoke. the acrid smell of burning lingers, but these people are used to it. after a long and hard day's work, it already feels like a picnic in color. so that's why i want to come out for a minute. a back up was still on the way they were sleeping in the bus with the drivers working shift. so they wouldn't have to stop. when they arrived, the air observer said the following morning, they'd probably be transferred to fight another new wildfire to smoke, jumpers was stretched thin. setting up camp for the night proved unnecessary. cora
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villages, frightened by the wildfires. close proximity touchingly accommodated the smoke jumpers in a local school d mm. as a hot off the teams instructor says the last few days have been intense. us get easy with film for those that oh there's all of us with us in the believe room for which as a show that it other places to play with those there within the facility q though the fema, somebody was girlish daniel stream earlier the that the sheet, or ever get up with that we shall castillo if and when we little your thing is if you live in windshield wicker, weather worth you believe the ship really widely sure of her mother because more used to with miss young of canal not cities inches. yes. ma'am, if you look at the bulletin this, you know, all of those have it in her daughter that is him chess master. what? oh,
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jesus would quote me mother user. i can't pay by way. she is silly. but where does he does he think the started it a vicious circle? delaying declaring a state of emergency means the aerial forest protection service. can't expedite contract with other departments? normally, tenders for purchasing aircraft for transferring smoke jumpers can take up to 40 days because they could make a deal in advance, but they never know where it's going to hit hardest. and where they'll need the marshal most of their forces. hey, it's a scalar and i knew about what you're gonna chicago to listen, wasn't history or with us? population chairs are still work of that polish little one. where did you all know that when we hear them school to learn to play with
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a ah yeah. it has to be rash, to be able to afford inside and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count as how, how they can choose their customers and dump the sick so also right and satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i
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saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder. with blue the air observer reported that plans had changed several times during the morning and the helicopter wouldn't be coming. it's been decided to get some of the crew to dig a firebreak while the others set up a back fire. ah,
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that's just official with stuff myself. gotcha. i'm getting a group of people as to whether this is a 1st the lawyer the know they don't provide us up with our get in. i shall please . plenty of animals on this. just a little bit with the are more of a pretty the case different going to put it in for some more than a bill for which are so busy when polls reveal it to be the question, if was this vision fall? now that was that mean policy, this new, the good if to with some us there isn't much why not? but they don't motivated bruce. you will you give me a call with eager road of blames most of the fires on locals.
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now he has to set grass and healthy forest on fire to stop the fire from reaching the village. is this, i mean, i didn't get through the controller with both. the voice was on hold. i stuck with a new a across the country. you log as a court, it was an old chat, they will compel you let them know a little more. yes, you up, lavinia, what a multi conductor mitchell's comple australia says on, on the little new. yes. hello. lucille. no mortal. susan booked. donna, july 9th. it is not my and you must go on those on it and see what the spirit he
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will discuss or motor with his dinner, nick was in the something group. but as soon as they begin the air observer reports via radio that the squad will be promptly transferred somewhere else. a guy with his name was a formidable with a blow off some steam, but don't actually argue with the air observer. he can see the big picture from overhead. news at the next helicopter is still 2 days away is why
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just goes on. do yourself a bit bro, sickness. i'm a broker dumb. would you mind whether it different creation you just love with my schneider? it's not about the way it's been force effect jobs. jobs with willie for another wildfire. anatoly bo mike in the state of emergency has been declared. the number of blazes is growing and professionals at his level. us guess
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so. yet again, this season anatoly is put in charge of a blasting team. mm. mm hm. let the good avoid you. voice is supposed to go to images on another show, but i did with bringing up my co workers music incredibly what tracy was sarah jill . from oh boy, what you think you? yes it but it will shed nick, lilian, terrible. i said i was needed to get the jello other. as the team is busy setting up a new camp before it gets dark. a huge swarm of horse flies appears, squeaking my checkbook with him was still watch them with foot, with nothing lost
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with those peng life flowers. my dues because though it will not fall through oh, oh, bug with literally i think the la ah ah ah ah, orthogonal did missy hilton. i today. thank you for your early morning. after sub 0 temperatures night. it's unreal how fast it reaches 30 degrees or even walk.
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oh no, no, no, no, no no, no. hm. a a don't know. for sure. don't
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feel the that is apartment i good boy, i ah a summer garage. as a leo, the scorching heat makes the blasters work dangerous. they could set the forest on fire womack and calls a halt. the operation will resume in the evening when it's cooler. before that m, a. com aircraft will pull water on the flat and lower the temperature. will soccer
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in brewer give up a nice of the car. wash was a formula early. what tim? the who and you can put it. tell you the damage has just a good who shoot you. a long weakness and cry with for sure. for sure. did you, steve? would you throw both additional other both it was one were was in you other within fall of the film? couple years, years per tooth for most of the aerial forest protection service, smoke jumpers. this tour of duty has been the longest of their careers over for months. usually, the wildfire season ends with heavy rain full. but that hasn't come yet. and eager i got out of sense news from a new fire. the 5th that only the blue a well groovy room grade your from us here you know worry me feel it the
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50 while but lead your you are the zip i 40 barranca doesn't you figure? oh, but if you just you florida. mussman. no, you just man you said yes, yes. yeah. when your store some are by shatter august or us the us we have me malesky said the service is on when they should hear about it. my miss, it's a it's just the support of a positive id form on a motor. ah, as night falls, so does the temperature but mark and give the order to resume setting explosives were good cooking. he wanted on the frog. in terms of wildfires. 2021 may break russia's dubious record for the century in 201218 1000000 hectares. a forest burned
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in either way of the fuel climate or don much of the little toys cheers kiff as as the organ. when did he? ain't you those out of work that away he rose abusive shortly. george michelin informed him, not hostile, wearily listening grove formula. and i the commissioner walker. there was no, was russia? i knew robert didn't just laughing. his note. judy dorian, you know the road you the boy, but roop was bully boomer about the listing new post them please a solution ignite for opinion, rosky. should i be right? you little sewage. ah, with you to dana, she can laugh. wireless, select manage,
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im had some fucked you last. i know what matches what we'll do. i will not you to put it as a linear very was there was you was he was a lot over here. is course messiah nealus more than say with him. and that he could 0 it or no, that was cedar with him. and let us on the solo shows from the hungry to solve the problem was i'm will show us off the food off really quick. so somebody, me and they will dismiss from the lot us on the still in the mills voice. the news from a lot of thank you to those in a paper. what if i go back of those or is him to use this? you'll be out of the group me a buzz either for those or so she stood, was object to make. i'm only q unless you don't them. i mean those, and this is my 0 say a preview and i'm sort of fell so it shows the camera that's, that's just it. ms. williamson that was a my j stamps to renew my lease. like i say with him and the guy. sure. and yet it isn't, which is which is possible with duck. what? cuz if you're quit in use, a postcard godson love, a quick hoarding. go to dollars less,
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but i time with the file wasn't overnight. they need to extend the fire break them instead of going home anatoly by mac and takes to the for a new blasting operation. communications are still working, so he's able to call his family to warn them that he's unlikely to get to his door his wedding and time. ah ah ah ah
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ah, it's been decade since the fall of spain's fascist regime, but old wound still haven't hailed your interest in going into done them this morning. because on the coming out to you, michael feed him okay. give me some poll. said cutting me on the percent thus as me notice that anderson, i think with thousands of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption. they don't really bottom on are you just young? fiesta, bitter. my old robles ophelia lamented to this day mothers still search for grown children, while adults look in hope for their birth parents. with
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no news rap are the big stories of the last 7 days. accident at emergency wards and england buckle under the pressure is patients report having to wait up to 50 hours for a bed. as the pandemic puts a further burden on hospitals in the u. k. every step of the way that mismanaged the crisis aside from the vaccine roll. well, i re person have any faith in the current government. the wounds for america's chaotic pull out from afghanistan fail to heal in the week, grieving father from afghanistan, who lost 10 family members in a wrongful us drone strike shed his agony and thoughts with us about us compensation over it.


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