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tv   Keiser Report  RT  October 23, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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my nice one below, despite those concerns, electric vehicles including buses like these do seem like they are going to be the future. in fact, manufacturers are so confident that they're saying that if competitors don't stop producing electric models, well, they're not going to be competitors for very long. like moving from the horse to the car. it's that seismic it changes everything. and to such an extent that any players that don't pivot fast enough that don't invest unlikely to survive in the future. here in germany, a poll earlier this year showed that almost 60 percent of the population was skeptical when it came to these electric bosses. people saying that they were unsure of the environmental compatibility when it comes to electric mobility added to that concerns over a potential safety worries. and not everybody is willing to hop on one of these
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bosses just now, peter oliver, aussie pearl and i that does it for me. i'll be back in about 29 minutes of the full look at, you know, this is art international serious ah, over they putting additional 1 april del sol, and that the additional money goes with the children's education and welfare off the household. and then to lead to close to savings. and if a country as a savings it can improve itself and produce growth. i think that those say that, but they must ask for this woman to be included in the household so that the household income will be higher and the countries income that will be higher, which is g d p. mm.
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good match, kaiser. this is the kaiser report. well, i guess it looks like after more than 300 years, bank of england is about ready to go bust. stacy. right, well certainly, you know, in the genesis block of bitcoin was the times headline from 2009, january, 3rd, 2009. that said chancellor, bring a 2nd bailout for banks. so this is funny to come full circle. so, you know, as hyper bitcoin ization is setting in, as the 1st nation has just made bitcoin legal tender in their country. that's el salvador. and this is
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a headline that's happened in the last 2 weeks. we didn't get to get to it until today, but it's just, you know, relevant to some of the other have on recovering here. that coin could trigger financial meltdown or bank of england deputy. this was somebody named sir con list . yes. so he's complaining that. so, you know, just like sub prime big coin and might cause the financial systems to collapse. but you know, if bank of england is worried, my theory is that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear from bitcoin right. if like bad debts, lots of fraud in your financial system, lots of money printing, you have nothing to fear from big coin. but all the major financial scandals. why, through the city of london went through the bank of england, even the bank of england was implicated in a precious market rigging, scheme, and the library rigging scheme. it went right through the bank of england, a i g lehman brothers, the sub prime crisis. bernie made up,
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they all went through the city of london and by extension, the bank of angle it, it really is, as i've been saying, for many years, the global center of the epicenter of financial fraud. and since 1694, they've been using money printing to enslaved people. and now they're day as com. or we can turn the key and throw away the key and shut the bank of england down. thank god, right. but the thing is that big coin is far more heavily regulated than the banks. so the banks are regulated by the central banks by the financial conduct authority, sort of people. and they're, it's a revolving door. they all their friends, their mates. they don't wanna put 3rd me and jail, nobody wants to do that. whereas big coin is regulated by the users and there's millions of them by the nose, by the miners, by all participants. if you're a bit coin or if you have, once a toshi, you are a regulator. big coin, right?
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we're all in the consensus algorithm is regulation by consensus. so that's already built into that protocol. so let's look at some of the headlines. you know, max mentioned, you know, all the scandals that of the pass, bernie made offs. fraud went through their a i g scandal there. defrauding went through their m f global. went through there. and i want to call your attention back to repo one o 5. early days of kaiser report, we covered repo $1.00 oh $5.00. and that was lehman brothers. used that. so did m f global bo lehman brothers? did all their a lot of their hidden debts? remember, if you have nothing to hide like bad debts, if you use repo one o 5, so repo one, a 5, was a type of loophole and accounting for repurchase a repo transactions that the now extinguished. lehman brothers, exploited in an attempt to hide true amounts of leverage during his times of
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trouble during the 20072000 financial crisis in this re purchase agreement. since up see that to close the loophole. a company could classify a short term loan as a sale and subsequently use the cash proceeds from the sale to reduce its liabilities. so in london, you are allowed to have infinite infinite repo on 5, essentially infinite infinite rehab papa cation via repo one o 5 in the united states that was never allowed, is only at a 114 percent, versus like a 1000 percent, 10000 percent. anything you could do with this reba one to 5 through the bank of england's territory called london. right. as we've been covering for years, countries and companies outsource their financial frog to the city of london and the bank of england. that's their primary source of revenue in the country. and then post breaks. it doesn't shut off. that's one of the reasons why i said breaks it was so dangerous is that they have shut that down and the revenues have collapse from the money laundering in the scandals. at the bank of england in the city of
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london are involved with luck. bitcoin was created and invented specifically to kill central banks. it says on the genesis block, they make a reference to the bank of england when the bank of england start squirming, and they start whining that, oh my god, big coin is an existential threat to our existence. everyone who yearns for freedom in the world to day should let out a collective hurrah. because we're finally getting rid of the worst actor in the financial scene for 300 years. allegedly right. i mean, there are like the bank of england, the, the moms and dads of those guys who run the bank of england. they think they are doing a great job. so to be fair and balanced, you have to say that their moms and dads think they're doing a great job. but speaking of moms and dads, well, here's a, here's a image of the creed. she's on the 20 pound note here. welcome to britain, the bank scam capital of the world. says reuters says reuters is writers
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allegedly reuters the saying allegedly that welcome to britain allegedly, the bank scam capital of the world, allegedly right. they go into how a most of the financial spell duggar around the world 1st appears in england, you know, and then it kind of migrates to other territories and other countries. they are the greatest innovator in the world, a financial fraud, that's the innovation that they bring to the global marketplace. is how to rip people off using our banking tricks that thank you queen elizabeth for harboring all of these folks on your fine island allegedly and oh yeah. allegedly ah, exactly, allegedly a finite right. so, you know, according to this data, so you mentioned that there, that there, you know, they, they leave the world and innovation and fraud allegedly allege,
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according to the lit. so the warriors alleges, i have to say, right. and then the thing is they, they mentioned that there was a record of $754000000.00 pounds or $1000000000.00 store in the 1st 6 months of this year, which is up 30 percent from the same period and 2020. so it's certainly going parabolic, there's of course, a lot more money being printed to steel. well, it's a direct result of breaks it because you've removed some of the regulations now. so the people on plague island, the banks, doors on play, island are free to engage and toxic banking tricks on it. at a record levels, i warned, i warned you against this i, it's not because i love the you is because i know what goes on in the city of london. nevertheless, it is increased by 30 percent, which is about the amount of money printing that has happened as well over the past
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3030 years the past year. right. so here's the quote again, allegedly it is a real quote, not allegedly, but they are alleging this, this is from islets, bigger levin. she's the vice president of product strategy at u. s. based cyber security from bio catch, which provides anti fraud technologies to banks. and this person says, quote, the most sophisticated fraud tends to start in the united kingdom and then move 2 years later to the u. s. and then around the world, one thing in particular that they're showing in the united kingdom is that these fraudsters, there will set up a website that kind of mimics a well known entity and keep it running for years and communicate with some of the people they're gonna steal from defraud for months and months on end. and the a, they seem legitimate because you have an ongoing relationship with but with them by
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that they don't contact you with an email saying hi, i'm a prince. can you send me, you know, a $100000.00? they have a long standing relationship that they then say ok, how about this bond? you know, it's secure, the queen invest in this sort of thing like that sort of scam and that, but it takes months or years for them to even gets that point where they're going to ask you for that. so this is one of the things that they highlight in this article, right? it's all up and down the fraud spectrum from petty fraud credit card scams all the way up to major derivatives, trading insider trading martin manipulations, orricksman elation alive or manipulation. all with the banker being on some prints all over it all the time. 247 eventually. well yeah, i mean is pretty convincing. the prime, the precious metals manipulation going on in the, you know, in london, you know, that was a pretty much an ironclad case. well, live or is gone, right? library is gone because the united states took it away from the u. k because it was
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so fraudulent there, right? it was so rigged, say to rigged even for the american. so in a cases where you don't need to say allegedly with pat mike true, you have to be careful because then they'll come back and say while you're engaging and hate speech, because you're talking about the truth and the truth is, is hurting us. so we have to be also careful of that because they're very, very fragile over there in england, about hearing anything that's would be considered anywhere else. truthful because it's all, it hurts. oh, well, no. you have to be fair and balanced and to be fair and balanced. the people who are plundering like that got the $1000000000.00 in the 1st 6 months. they love it. they think it's a great system. so just to be fair, they do love it. and there are people that like it now cutting to back to big coin because we said bitcoin is, has millions of regulators. all of the users of the platform are the regulators. there's no shenanigans that do not escape the block chain week at all. we can all see the on chain analysis and we know what's going on, right?
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well, there is an in el salvador, as we said, they've now got bitcoin as legal, tender. so here is to some information. i book kelly, the president of the country. he's a very open on twitter and he's always tweeting all sorts of stuff and i, you know, trolling the i a math and england and stuff like that. but here's one thing. he said about 2 new cheapo facts and cheapo. is there a state run, a wallet there bitcoin wallet, he said one, people are inserting way more us dollars to buy bitcoin than what they are withdrawn from the chiva atm. any media outlet can independently confirm this by visiting the tans and to today we received 24076. remittances adding up to over $3000000.00 in one day. so $3000000.00 and remittances and one day via bitcoin. and that saving an enormous amount of money, millions of dollars for the country in one year,
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a big percentage of their actual g d. p will be saved through the mit cutting out the middleman. the middle men, the butler's, the financial middleman who i do, the repo one, 05. do the money, remittances stealing 10 percent from the ports, people on earth, top hat and tail stealing. and people's one, you know, that scares the jesus out of the bank of england when they see a small country like bad doing something that is going to, i mean, like i said, the bank of england days are now here with insight to being finished. and 300 years of existence, goodbye. we won't miss you. any us go away and we're going to take a break when we come back much more coming your way. ah
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oh oh yeah, it has to be rash to be able to afford enzyme and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes, so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how you can choose your customers and dump a sick so also satisfy their wall street investors. no parents that have to see what i saw if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decision and determine to get to live and who dies to me.
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that's best getting away with murder. ah, welcome back to the kaiser report, i max kaiser time now to turn to rodolfo. andre, this is of the law that com, the earliest bitcoin conference in latin america. rodolfo. welcome. thank you. most though. are you doing? great, great to see you now. love it. com. is heading to el salvador i in 2 weeks, but before we get into that event, tell us about the history of love it comp when, why, where did it all start? actually is the longest running conference you do is between conferences up with our team. and it started to when we're an emergency now everyone, we have this conference, nuggets with dis, restrictions about getting money into our scene to the country are buying daughters
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. so when we did the 1st conference, it is on the 13 most of the people in the world were watching and aiming towards it . do you not a big place where these could grow huge inflation, re, currency contrast to stuff like that. and we achieve to ring the biggest about speakers a dot com a and sees that we get being the most relevant conference in the region. it with an addition i concept which is has to do with the experience itself. yes. which is beyond the com. that is also a mixing the culture of the place song. so it's a very good experience. us as an i've been, it says and, but i always was very high quality because i knew being in our targeting twice already. so thank you for as you point out, that in the region. argentina, of course is an example of a country where they've had to. i've had several currency collapses and bailouts and it's an obvious place for big coin. but the country that really was the 1st
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mover to make big coin legal tender was el salvador. that's were the big comp, is this this year in el salvador. and you know, tell us why your, your thoughts are they, they're the 1st move. they're already reaping huge benefits for data. yes, actually one thing a deep listening is people going back to some other and doing business, you know, they're, they're like very a open to do stuff that everyone goes on and meets the government and, and, and banks and, and businesses. yes. and everybody is very open to do stuff with them. so i think is a very good excuse to take the opportunity of going these because weeks that he's being hosted and getting from the 15th to the twenty's on november and, and be able to connect to do stop there and to leave the experience of talking with anyone in the streets and being able to the whole big is like wherever you go,
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you can ask and awareness is 100 percent. beyond the fact that you have 4 points. i don't know medium. people are already using the head cheer. what you really get like a sensation of beacon east, the thing here just to talk about and to and to see how it goes. it's going to go to our retail store tundra. i don't know doc story, isn't you? good. eventually get paid for know, right, right. is like a giant but kind conference, the entire country. and yeah, it says everyone's gone. bitcoin crazy in it. the impact is, is remarkable. now it's interesting because president bush cali about salvador. he has gifted his country on confiscated ball, immutable, perfect money, given his people, individual sovereignty. and yet there are those who are calling him a dictator at the same time, which seems mutually exclusive. either you give your population in freedom or
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you're a dictator, it can't be both how to use it to be true. this is one of the reasons i liked to guide you through. i'm stacy's at to the end because because he's sponsoring only be the community just and and even though i think that will get, i think the study think i know who can he's very aware of what they think talking yes and about what beacon rings to the people he knows about freedom, he knows about the empowerment of the people. yes. and, and from the people next to him. yes, i really said he, he is willing to go through this process. yes. he, i think he believes in these later too far for taking as hello sampler as yes he is really, you need to see the plans he is. he is working on for be playing c deeds it's, it's us. it's a full scope of ideas behind these monkeys. very,
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i mean yes he has these, these authorities, barry, am i to do? yes i, i don't say it's not it, but he has like a full blank. no, it's not only because it's not only remittances it's, it's like a full concept moving forward. so, so i think it's like sometimes when you do decisions, yes, you need to pick the seizures of things that you plan that we'd be getting the long term. no, no, no. okay. is government changes and then everything changes she, she really is planning in a long term. we've been so doing staff and investing in the seller. i think yes. could be like a good long term approach, right. i think back to america revolution, and when they declared independence from being the colony of england, and i think a book kelly as the george washington of the region. really, you know, if you go back to the american revolution, only
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a 3rd other colonialists wanted freedom. another 3rd were ambivalent and another 3rd didn't wanna, didn't want to be free at all. so, you know, this is what happens. her freedom fighters are not always seen as a, in a positive light. people don't appreciate them until after the revolution. but nevertheless, re surprised about al salvatore's being the 1st country in the region to, to do this. why, why are they the 1st that actually it's not so hard to understand why and, and, and it would have been then columbia, but nobody like these countries because they don't have their own car currency. if i didn't, enough, takes this move because we'll fight against it. but currency it was, the country needs to create that. yes. but in the case of the some only done they have already. there are, there are courtesy being dollars. yes. which is not my best action anyway. but so,
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so old, the only way of getting more money either getting an a launch yes, from, from governments on sunday, the, or making smarter things and, and creating more value. yes from, from scratch. so i really do like the best contradict this is aisha big. they're not fighting against their own currency. yes, this is not that they, it's very hard for a country where they already have a car. is that the means? yes, to stop having the power of bending and creating that from from the meaning. i'm from taking a commitment so they can stay and they that just means to pay them a lot. douglas, another situation. so i think it's one of the best countries to work on, on this concept. they're not fighting against their own parents,
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the fit folks who i got the cheever wallet with $30.00 at the pick point. they're already up approximately a 100 percent since that day. country also bought bitcoin for its reserves at the central bank, and that is now positive. he was young. if you say, i think we are, and when you say but cali on twitter trolling the i m f and a safely mocking them and sticking his finger up to them and saying, hey, i am f, you know, go to hell. doesn't that give people the region some confidence that the days of being colonized by the i m f in america are over? you know, one of my approaches, one of that he said would like to discuss the conference. the conference is very like we're going to retire snow topics bud. and one of the things i, i think is that the only recipes, yes, are not working anymore or recipes. i had
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a move that's are out of banks. yes. and financial by organizations. they are not creating the value to people as much as having beaten ender holdings. yes. is creating if, if you give money to the country, then the country decides where it goes in between to the people. yes. then the money goes to the people, the money goes straight to the people for me because east is also one of the topics for me with an east that universal income concept in a good way. not enough bring money for giving people for not doing nothing. this you need an effort to day. yes. and what value janice, you will when, when the asset that you get yes, fall from difficult today gets more valuable then you will get distribution of income. and so so i these other things are looking good. yes. we know because those us and on but for on the be by nurse is hard to,
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to not agree with what is happening there. even though you can have your concerns about the president given legal talk about sort of all this, hello i these barking beacon for beast situations. it was up to 30 and i can be more happy about these happening. i think this is needing, but he said, so the secular thing, the salary of the book, the opportunity of being m. o, hadn't even put it the best currency to work it for the children. there is. and there are so many people and el salvador without bank accounts, is not because they don't want bank account just because the fee of starting a bank account is prohibitively expensive because the banks don't care about people . the banks are draconian, predatory monsters. but now it bitcoin, everyone can have their own bank, they can be their own bank, and they're happily getting their own bank more than half the country has now got that big coin wallet. and that's growing at an incredible rate every week. and this
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is the attitude and the country has completely changed to being one of relentlessly optimistic as stacy likes to say. and that as a huge impact on the country as well, they're going to start mining bitcoin. they're going to be a $1000000000.00 worth of revenue from their volcano mines coming in, which helps this country as well. now are argentina and other countries that we're slow to, to move are they now going to be forced to jump in here and change? are they going to be left behind? i see that the over ms gun to say what they're the ones to decide as long as they keep being in the dorm. i think the, the biggest concern for other countries east using that meaning power of that. no. so, so i think this is like, it's easy for, it's not easy to us from this issue. yes, but it's easy for her toddler, for others. i think know that this is that example. once you have that sample
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sailor, i will follow, but not mainly in latin america, everywhere, anywhere in to watch it, even though you have like more recency, latin america for digital car because we have more inflation. but the place is useful for the country. i mean, they, again, the mean and the, because they create in that yes, with providers and leave me money to pay them. so it's changing. we need these, but we need this not because government will do it. everybody in those countries we're just asking visually. so do you need people to decide to go into this, you can't expect the government to do it so, so i think that revolution revolution, the way i like it, i mean that in america adoption in the way we expect, like, following day day, the leading off as a lot of good m r anywhere. all right,
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we've got about 10 seconds work and people got tickets still up at consol salvador, w, w, w dot, dot com. fair enough. rudolfo. andre us, thanks for being on the kaiser report. thank you. let's was a person. all right, that's going to do for this additional, the kaiser, a par with may max kaiser and stays there. but while i think, i guess rodolfo from the lump it comp until next not by noon. ah, i am inviting a with airs. sinks,
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we dare to ask ah, russian gas export or gas prom warns it will stop supplying moldova if the eastern european nation failed to pay off its debts. now totaling some $700000000.00. to target president orders ambassadors from 10 western allies to be declared persona non grata. that's over a joint statement, demanding the release of a turkish businessman, jailed waiting trial on anti government charges. the public mood swings to the right in france ahead of the presidential election and there is no shortage of candidates to meet the populace agenda. indie car event of thousands of migrants breaks through mexican police like many heading towards america. despite this, president biden says, has no intention of seeing the problems for himself and his southern border as he
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doesn't have time.


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