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ah ah, washing gas exported gas problem warns it will stop supplying moldova if the eastern european nation fails to pay off its debts. now totaling some $700000000.00 turkish president orders ambassadors from 10 west and allies to be declared persona non grata over a joint statement, demanding the release of a turkish businessman, jailed, awaiting trial on anti government charges. the public mood swings to the right in france ahead of the presidential election and there's no shortage of candidates to meet the populace agenda. and america's top medical research agency admits funding studies on transmitting bat corona viruses, to humans in china's woo hon. something previously and repeatedly denied on the road by the white house. his virus chief doctor, found chic. ah
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. a good happy with us this weekend. this is our t internationals. world news at 10 with me calling bright 1st russian gas provide a gas prom that said that it will stop supplying moldova if the eastern european state fails to pay off its debt to the company company amounting to around $700000000.00. if the payment for gas supplies is not fully made and accordingly a new contract is not signed as of december, the 1st of this year, gas brom will stop gas supplies. html, dover, there are no politics yet. gas from is a joint stock company and cannot operate to so loss. it cannot afford to lose tax payments to the budget. there are limits to patients. moldova is the one provoking this crisis. well, previously, moldova had a long running a contract with gas problem where they received gas at a discounted rate for many years. and over that period,
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they didn't make the payments necessary on time. and eventually they have amassed this, the huge debt for $133000000.00. and then you have to cancel the fees and funds for for the late payment of outstanding debt, which runs up to $700000000.00. the contract itself expired at some time ago in the last hours before the contract expired, a gas problem, moldova agreed to extend that, that contract by a month, but by december 1st they're going to have to come up with a new contract. and these talks have been ongoing for a while now. those are there was a lot of a lot of pressure on both sides that will do. van's demanded that they get a 50 percent discount according to some reports that have come out of those talks. and now now is basically crunch time because gas, palmers can just come out and said the moldova refuses to acknowledge it's, it's huge debt, it wants these new supplies with that. paying off it's old debt,
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and moldova has now declared a state of emergency. they say the gas supplies in their pipelines are running out . so the, those, the pressure, the gas pressure is, is going down. so obviously supplies have been cut off gas from says that no such thing is happening. that it needs a little time at to get those supplies running again, where we will go from here is, is anyone's guess. obviously, we have to bear in mind that there is a huge gas crosses all over the world, factories and plants in europe, ah, having to shut down businesses having to shut down. because at this point, it is now more expensive to buy gas vent to sell their projects, such of the costs of production now, and this is all over the european continent, not just the european union with britain, britain as well in china, we're seeing the same story so obviously, the moldova are asking for help the europeans and others, whether they will receive that help remains to be seen. california take
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a bit deeper into the reasons or ramifications for all this than we can talk to economist and political commentator doctor, like a hammock. welcome to the program. is cause prom realistically right? that it small dover that's provoked this crisis. yes. of course, guess from us. right. why should they give guess to another country or to supply 2 people for free? i mean, there is really, this is not, economy works different. if you want to have gas, you pay for it and it says, we don't want to pay. we don't want to pay the old debts at the most normal for every company in the world to say, then we stop for supplies. although it's, it's the price. that's an issue here. it's not necessarily not paying at all, but paying eventually, and maybe that should be a bit of flexibility. after all mult, over, is known for being a country that's not any small, but not exactly flush with cash. that's right,
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but i mean, it is funny that a prime minister who has been educated at harvard business school in the u. s. m. does things like this, or it happens to somebody like this or to a president who is the every, the darling of been a to and the you. so of course i think i could imagine that they try to get you help. so. busy the, basically the germans or the you to pay for that guest though, and probably this is what is behind it. not by european standards is not a wealthy country, but it does have a $36000000000.00 economy. how realistic that is it the thing from old over to be able to pay up before the winter chill kicks in? well, if your pins will take over the bill and it is possible and this would have would be geo political thing because mode area is one of the missing parts in this so called iron belt that divides europe from russia or bait. better to say germany
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from, from russia. and so this, i guess they want to blackmail europe and tell them either you help us now. well, we will re adjust our politics towards russia. do you think they'll try and help mold over? yes, i think they will try, and that's why they hurry up in germany to get the new government set in. but it's but it's once to help everybody outside germany that has no problem with giving german texts, pam money away for free. and i think they will do this yes. with a lot of western media, lots for kids guys from playing politics with its contracts to politics. have anything to do with it in this case? well i think i don't, i think it poppy has because i guess from is facing restrictions in more. yeah. due to this very progress on government and of course
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guess from says why should we help you if you are on the other hand, are putting on restrictions and so on against us. so in this matter, i think this is politics. yes. and if nice, the difficulties with them or government wouldn't be there, i think guess from would be much more convenient to, to make special ideas with them. ok, talk to i came economists to political commentator. thanks for joining us from how over this evening. you're welcome. thank you. extra turkey president has ordered the ambassadors of 10 western allies, including us, france, germany, to be declared persona non grata the 1st step towards expelling them from the country. it's up to the voice called for the release of a turkish businessman and active as to jail for anti government activity, and who still awaiting trial is held. i gave the necessary instructions to the minister of foreign affairs. i told him what he had to do, deal with the declaration of these tenant buses, as persona non grata as soon as possible. osmond cabal has been in custody since
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late 2017, charged with financing protests, and participating in a failed coo, all of which he denies. president edwin has described him as a turkish leg of cont, controversial billionaire investor. george soros, whose act of his starts is there too, and has repeatedly condemned the ambassadors issued a joint statement denouncing turkeys handling of cabal his case and calling for his release to day marks. for years sincere, ongoing detention of osman cavallo began the continued delay in his trail, inclusion by emergency different cases and creates new ones after previous acquittal, cast a shadow over respect for democracy. the rule of law, andras', barons see in the turkish dish or a system. this is a really an extreme reaction, and it shows to me a great attentions that we are having between turkey and the e. u and the other nato countries are in general. so it's surely
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not only the case of of man caspar caballo that is here at stay, but it's a style of yeah, absolutely. terry and leadership that the western countries oppose and the turkey claims to see as its own sovereign right. and to determine how to do their internal affairs and they reject any interference into their traditionally a push to the right seems to be key to success in french elections these days. some major candidates for president and even those who haven't yet officially announced their candidacy are all talking from way right of center, such as the exit more a talk show host a new darling of the french right wing. he's even tempting marine, the pens voters away and becoming a strong rival of current president emmanuel, i'm a chrome now, so falls face off. shall do been. sky takes us through what's lining up to be
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something of a bruising political hockey match. the play is may know to full yet be declared, but with less than 6 months before from season presidential election, the game is being played in right wing territory with participants trying to score on topics such as immigration, identity and security. emanuel mac, korn has slashed the number of these it deliveries to countries such as to new z, algeria and morocco. marina pan proposed is a referendum on immigration and makes it more, says france must stop both illegal and legal immigration when the legal and legal immigration. that's exactly what i'm saying today. today, a lot of french people are just sick and tired, really bad. there is no politician in power, these pastures has tackled issue,
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immigration, nobody is doing anything and you kind of feel that in trask that the situation is that it's very laxed and that nobody is doing your thing and is treating problems. and these problems are not being tackled by the government. grants has no policy. real policy concerning immigration, these past decides say these past 20 years. and this is starting to become a huge problem. ready in france, ah, bonnie, a sticks to that messenger on immigration saying it's weakening, frances sense of identity. my colon has set up a think tank to combat wookey st. id, ology that he believes is infecting the country. meanwhile, the more wants to buy new french names. valerie p. kasey says french laws must have precedence over european jurisdiction, must be watching with interest as poland bottles brussels on the same issue with my
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own. some countries have a stronger appetite for integration. others not only this issue in the opposite way in some countries constitution say you, laura, supreme other say the opposite. so this constitutional pluralism, this pluralism, has to be respected. if the kids about a strong economic and political role and aspiration in the world, there are lots of celebrities between the re wing their movements which are getting popularity here in france. and what trump did in. ready the us, i think that trump fingerprinted also to progress the identity problems that the americans were facing. and these issues are coming in france. parties on the right . entranced, want to go borders. they want to check, was coming into the country to run a privilege. the french workers ahead of the immigrant or foreign workers. so yes, of course this is very close. busy to what donald trump was promoting in the way during his campaign and what he tried to do once he was elected, ah, false is still worried about potential terror attacks. pretty much all the
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candidates know security is a key issue for vote is already to be only defensive. they're not mac ones parts. he's introduced controversial bills. one issue such as global security and in defense of the french republic lapel has style to party as one of justice. and buddha is. javier baton says he's priorities include the protection of the french, the owned of impunity, all the while supporting the police is more, has said that security is the very 1st freedoms. there's an ongoing problem with insecurity code, you know, crime of various kinds of petty crime and more serious crime in the what are called label and you of the suburbs, particularly of paris and the other big cities. then of course, that's the ongoing issue of terrorism, which has hit france. probably,
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i think more than any other european country. all of this claim out as the potential candidate saw, see move, seeking boats on the same pool. so why have frances would be captain shifted to the rights in 2017? the socialist party collapsed in france, and michael, who of course, came from francois loans team. he basically took over the socialists, the old socialist electorate. but of course, he is not himself particularly socialists, so he has, he has occupied that particular space and the socialist party has not found a candidate yet. who has the ability to challenge him on the left? as only poll suggests, the country is overwhelmingly disappointed with macro and all of the others who are offering to take charge. but in a pinch, most people tend to vote with what they know. meaning that the park is still at
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least, but now in macro shrink. charlotte, even sky artsy, paris, america's leading medical research agency, submitted funding risky studies into bats and corona viruses in china's woo m province. as despite earlier denials from america's top, infectious disease is expert doctor anthony foundry. that u. s. money had gone into the so called gain of function, research corresponded daniel armstrong, looks at the implications a game of fat and mouse in the u. s. over corona virus research findings and public funds. quite literally, a top national institutes of health official has admitted us taxpayer money, finance testing mice in china with back corona, virus genetically altered to make it more transmissible to humans. now the danger, as such, research has always been that the virus could escape the lab and spark a public health disaster. limited experiment described in the final progress report
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was testing if spike proteins from naturally occurring. but corona viruses circulating in china were capable of binding to the human ac 2 receptor in a mouse model. laboratory mice infected with the s h c 014, w i v one bat corona virus became sicker than those infected with the w i. v one. batt corona virus. eco hell fell to report this find in right away as was required by the terms of the grant. and yet for months the biden administration's big cheese on the disease. doctor anthony found she denied any claims that the u. s. funded such projects, it comes as vindication for republican senator ran paul, who's quest for transparency on the investigation, was beginning to look like a rat race? no one saying the are it is ours to it. and malachi, los virus cause the pandemic. what we're alleging is the gain of function research was going on in that lab and, and i h funded it that is an ide away from it. it meets your definition and you are
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obvious getting the truth. anybody have lying here, senator. it is you, some experts say found she knowingly misled the country, the national institutes of health, se acknowledgements of the facts is new, but the facts themselves and not new. the national institutes of health was informed about the gain of function research in whoo, han, in 2018 and again in 2020 collins and felt she lied to congress light to the press and light to the public. now although the bat is out of the bag according to tobacco, let's say it seems that the u. s. has tried to cover up anything indicating any links to such research in we won the u. s. based ico health alliance. president pizza, dash jack was even chosen as part of a w h o team of experts to investigate the origins of cove it. but it seems that much of us top level efforts in the pandemic, not least, their insistence on blaming and investigating china have only exposed to u. s. official cover ups and lies with
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a disturbing question being why our cover ups and lies needed these most recent revelations show that the out she and national institute of health director collins either outright wide or. busy have absolutely no idea what's going on with their agency either way they have no business writing these organizations. and frankly, i think there needs to be a forward open investigation and whether or not they did know directly, no. and if so, they should be held to the, to the fullest extent of punishment, or that if history is a judge of how it's going to go, we're going to see little to no accountability. but i hope i'm wrong. meanwhile, it's emergent, antony found cheese be the top paid federal employee for years in 2004, he was granted a permanent pay adjustment for bio defense research in our, in small than the u. s. president spike cohen says the revelations about gain of function research really come as no surprise. i think it is the height of 9. good. say to believe that what we know,
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the u. s. government you have done from the 193-949-5900. 69799202010 has suddenly magically stopped in the 20 twenty's that you know a decade century plus of subterfuge in clandestine operations. and, you know, and cover ups and scandals and lies suddenly ended, even though no one ever was held accountable for the old lies and clandestine operations and so forth. so i hate to say that, you know, i don't think this is a one off this car for the course for large authoritarian government without the weekend on the way the criminal defense chief forms his german counterpart risks reading, repeat, repeating, sorry, a tragic historical precedent. she calls to put native nuclear weapons along russia's borders. just one of our stories ahead after this break. ah,
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the coin was created and invented specifically to kill central banks. it says on the genesis block and they make a reference to the bank of england when the bank of england started squirming, and they start whining that, oh my god, big coin is an existential threat to our existence. everyone who yearns for freedom in the world today should let out a collective paragraph because we're finally getting rid of the worst actor on the financial scene for 300 years. ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah,
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ah, ah black moscow's won't berlin and it's nato allies not to tempt fate by deploying military hardware, including nuclear weapons, close to russia's borders. against the backdrop of calls to contain russia, nato was amassing his forces along russia's borders. the german defense minister should know very well what consequences such moves have led to in the past, both for germany and europe. well, that stern remark came shortly after germany's defense minister, called on nato, to be ready to deploy nuclear weapons, to quote, deter russia near its maritime borders. in the baltic and black seas, the burden official was then challenged to explain her hostile comments. blue last
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white race reported this morning. the paint is contemplating the turn scenario for the baltic and black c regions, possibly involving air deployed nuclear weapons. is this the best nate is prepared to take it. that's the path of declaring given it. we must make it very clear to russia that in the end we're ready. and that is also the deterrents doctrine in to deploy sex means is to deter in advance. and so that nobody comes to the idea of attacking nato partners in the bull taken black sea regions. and this is her comments coincided with nato unveiling its new master plan to defend the block against what it calls potential. rush an attack on multiple fronts. the west, a military alliance, held a 2 day meeting of defense ministers that wrapped up on friday. here's how nato secretary general described the current state of relations between the block and russia. it'll soon approach sharon to russia a remains the same as before, meaning earn credible the turns on the fence, combined with efforts to her have
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a meaningful dialogue with russia. the relationship between nato and russia is now at a low point. it has not been more difficult since to handle the cold war. i send it to expansion into former soviet goes against promises was given to mikhail gorbachev. back in 1989, 1919, the soviet union, the current and what was class that leads to wouldn't expand into those norms. interesting as well is that germany has a traditional, recently been quite calmer in regards to russia, washing once germany to increased his military spending in order to comply with linux, which of the americans basically says which ones germany to join britain. fran isn't taking much mcbeal co stance towards a towards russia, so i suspect is a game going on in conway and german politics. as the ear of angel narco comes to an end selling out working people. that's the accusation laid against british prime
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minister boris johnson. i made a rise in so called fire and re hire practices. the notorious scheme of dropping than re employee work is on worst terms as intensified during the pandemic. according to unions, the political opposition harshly criticizes the practice. this week, government has allowed bad bosses to force brutal changes to contracts and take thousands and wages from families. there is agreement across the political spectrum that fire and re hire is unfair, unjust and unacceptable. but once again, we have only warm wars and bluster from bars. johnson who's ordering his m p 's to vote down the bill, selling out work and people in the process. it's co air socialize. it's bullying here. and i can tell you from experience it's, it's very, it's a, it's a very unpleasant situation, almost feels like would be an end or an abusive relationship wrong because the workplace is a relationship which is, you know, it is built on trust and confidence. and what fire rehired does is it breaches so
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much trust and confidence and that's why i shall i have no other option. but to allow myself, in my experience to be sat on the fiery high cuz i could not continue in that relationship any more. am because because of its abuse of nature, raise it with figures show nearly a quarter of all you case workers say they're working terms such as pay or hours have been downgraded during the pandemic. many say they faced the fire and re hire practice themselves having to reapply for their old jobs on worse terms and conditions or faced the sac or styles themselves called practice. unacceptable. however, fire and re hire remains legal, provided the g processes of followed like formerly consulting workers and observing set notice periods. but kevin, burn the for you. okay, gas industry work you heard from before. believe that the laws of protecting the wrong people. so force that because you know, i am a law abiding citizen, i like most people and you know,
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i am led to believe that the laws of their suit to protect it. citizens, for, i think, and with this experience of realised the laws that actually bear to protect corporations and them and the money class. what makes it worse me? it is. yes, it is the final insult there. because when i embark on my disputes, my in sanction and the intention of my colleagues and comrades was so when our disputes and to win so convincingly bass, no company would, would use fire and re hire. but for sleep that didn't happen. you know, it's to paraphrase, harper late m. m is bought to kill a mockingbird. the definition of courage is when you know you, let's from the beginning, but you begin anyway. and that's what we did. am because we were off against the with, with the corporation such as british gas. and that's how it looks for moscow so far this saturday, thanks for checking in with us. i'll be back with you next to the update in just about half an hour. so you can mm
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ah ah ah ah, that won't work. they putting additional money today out all that the additional money goes to. so the children education and welfare off the household. and then thirdly, it goes to savings. and if a country as a savings, it can improve itself and produce growth. i think that those say that, but they must us for this moment to be included in the household so that the household income will be higher and the countries income that will be higher
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with all those driven by dream shapes banks, interest on those with who dares sinks, we dare to ask good
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match, kaiser this is the kaiser report. well, i guess it looks like after more than 300 years. bank of england is about ready to go bust. stacy. right, well certainly, you know, in the genesis block of bitcoin was the times headline from 2009, january, 3rd, 2009. that said, chancellor, i'm bring a 2nd bailout for banks. so this is funny to come full circle. so, you know, as hyper bitcoin ization is setting in, as the 1st nation has just made big coin legal tender in their country. that's el salvador. and this is a headline that's happened in the last 2 weeks. we didn't get to get to it until today, but it's just, you know, relevant to some of the other have i'm recovering here. it coin could trigger financial meltdown. orange bank of england deputy. this was somebody named sir con
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list. yes. so he's complaining that. so, you know, just like sub prime big coin and might cause the financial systems to collapse. but you know, if bank of england is worried, my theory is that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear from bitcoin right. if like bad debts, lots of fraud in your financial system, lots of money printing, you have nothing to fear from bank coin. but all the major financial scandals. why through the city of london went through the bank of england. even the bank of england was implicated in a precious market rigging, scheme, and the library rigging scheme. it went right through the bank of england, a i g lehman brothers, the sub prime crisis, bernie made up, they all went through the city of london. and by extension, the bank of england, it really is, as i've been saying for many years, the global center of the epicenter financial fraud. and since 1694.


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