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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 23, 2021 10:30am-10:58am EDT

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dan celebrates darrow gibbs. i'm going to send off, but goes to support all this stuff and have been for ages. now. the media and the global media in the west is a central player in all the wars that have been taking place in the 21st century. the lies about iraq were told by the new york tribes were federal in the b, b. c. under pressure from blair, director general, the b, b. c who didn't tow the line, were basically forced out, etc, etc. so these walls have effectively cemented guerrero of the state media in particular like the bbc of cnn and our west germans, tony tony, blinking biden's, a man in the state to bob and said he was a great man. i think what i'm getting out is because you were a pioneer multicultural issues. i worked for you on a, on a friday program. after all,
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i'm always seeing the weapon izing of identity politics to cover up the kind of actions you're just talking about. people can see are interviewed sy hersh on the my lai massacre and our youtube channel because they kept on talking about identity politics. i somehow ignoring what you just talk about. they go on and on about it takes. and so when hillary clinton and secretary of state justified the public lynching and brutal murder, mama duffy, she said we came, we saw he died. not too many comments in the press. some said, quite witty, very triumphal is up. so this defense of blayton to goes on and identity politics. so one of the things that i used to justify they can use many of the identity of the person doing it is not that necessary. anyone could do it within the field. so and has gotten
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a lot of the identity politics side of it. interesting me, i don't know if anyone recalled or mention that when he was under heavy pressure to stand as republican president is. why the today? she said, you want to come out of this about, well, and presume here trying to assassinate an attempt is 10 years since the libya intervention actually, since you mentioned it, you might have heard that the elder brother of the guy who has been, who has done for the atrocity in manchester, the area in the grand a concert, but presumably both of them libby and fighting group. members, i don't know, somehow escaped after rejecting said john saunders inquiry questions after that atrocity and managers to why do you think no one is asking here about connections with policy on libya? well, i think it's obvious. i mean, in many cases in libya, people were encouraged,
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if not routed by britain, our west countries to go and fight and britain as a lynx. in any event, this guy was probably art or something which was sent, and bam. alex happened in the bosnian war. the people they recruit to go and fight for their side, whatever it happens to be at the time. then nap altima as slightly crazy. the stabilized by the experience and carry out acts of terror. they're not the only ones. what name? but all those brave relatives, i mean, how do they get away with the authorities here? they obviously want to know why their children died. i think they don't get. i mean, that's one reason why they get away with it is they say we're doing our best. we've got all these prevent programs. so going to fight to more in libya or syria is on a different level clearly. but it's not so different. you know,
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people become like that with ordinary lives are lost, a lot of us is made the men forgotten the speed with which history moves at the moment, thanks to the way in which society and all the mainstream media function is never to recall. so if it goes, it goes and people can gary on weeping for the rest of their life. the school read some people saying that the afghanistan withdrawal allows the united states to target africa. laura obsessively, you've written extensively about afghanistan and you book out this month here in related to be published internationally in a months time. what did you make of some people celebrating this is a complete change in us policy that at last, the u. s. has seen the light and realized they should get out of these wars or they're defeated in well,
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i think more for you i saw was that there was no way forward for, for actual a town in a stalemate. the united to move out 3 years in the world, the united states, as a gone on much, much longer as spent 20 years seeing the dead. so tens of thousands of grand citizens loss on their own people, not by many, it has to be said and they had no alternative left. so politically and ideologically, it's been a huge setback, has been out perfectly well. will it stop them containing these crime shows? no, it won't. they're an imperial, are this to behave in their own interests as a b, as i want to do. and setbacks can be dropped off, especially in a large unipolar world. there is no big old,
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tentative state their life or soviet union in a different way used to be. so there's no global restraint and all of the, you know, european union and britain are totally locked in. so japan and australia in asia. and so the united states can more or less get away with what it wants to do. i mean, there was some european opposition to the iraq war from germany and france. but once iraq was occupied, they came on board to recognize did support to be occupational, open trade relations, etc. so that's how the functions and you know, we, many of us oppose it, but we have to be aware of what that world is. so no interest rates on american power at all, but a short term loss of profit for some of the major weapons to all over the world,
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including themselves. so you see this huge bust out where the french president macro lost it and withdrew best from the united states because of a trade deals on nuclear submarines which he'd been promised similar to the united states. the impression of sprague, there wasn't too much pressure. i bet and gave the deed to britain, and mack already went, but he should know that's the order of the day. i mean, he's been boasting that he's in the atlanta says because it says president frances, and that's been the tailed or french foreign policy, especially under the socialist, but not exclusively. and so, and this my craw is such angry, but you know, people, the anger is about selling nukes and nuclear submarines i arms to a country to proud round, permanently underneath chinese waters on periphery. so this is,
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that is what happens in the case of, of gun is an option. it's big loss of me is beyond them. we arms, merchants will lose, but they're cransberg a big loss for the west. is that the control the exercise to him directly over the one success story and a promise that is now over and that is what the grandfather bumbled previously on this downs share of the global heroine. opium trade was about 2425 percent under the 20 intervention alarm be praised, it is gone up to nearly 90 percent. so that isn't boxed and that is a lot of money. and that is the money which the middle men, which included lots of operatic serving, and upon this on no doubt, senior officers and soldiers from all these armies and all the soldiers who became
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drug addicts that is now gone. and so the, i assume they taliban will be now in total control of this trade, which is very, very profitable. obviously, i have to say the taliban deny being drug dealers. they say they clambered down on it and the london washington and camber all saying that the submarines con, carry nuclear weapons of obviously they can be upgraded to, to sell the target. i'll stop you there more from the legendary author historian and activist after this break better my survival guy, a big pedal, a. oh, heck, no. what with came when we get the rest, the 7 years a year, or join me every thursday on the alex salmon
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show. i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah mm. welcome back. i'm still here with his story, northern activist, derek ali. i mean, since we're talking about selling albums, what he may give him,
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but at least trust who's previously this. he's the foreign secretary of this country. she previously admitted to breaking court orders. banning sales of weapons is that the arabia bar johnson is dispatched to saudi arabia. yemen is not even on the news except on unicef advertisement. in between the news bulletins. you think this is a, this is going to be a big, big element of trade policy to sell weapons to saudi arabia. more of the be sending weapons or can come if you, the expression. this is the kingdom created 1st by the british empire when taken over by the american empire. it's been controlled today while the western world watches it citizens go sleep. on the horror of being inflicted on by yemen, just fill me with to spend 4 years decades. the saudis have been buying up
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huge amounts of weapons, planes from britain, mainly from the united states, and doing what with them in the eighty's and ninety's. and even the beginning of this a long time i western support was withdrawn from saudi arabia or subsidies with rome for that matter. israel change would come very quickly and both these can you think any truth has them? so they money before he was assassinated was trying to seek reproach, ma, between iran in saudi, which is presumably a nightmare scenario of an a 2 e p. you know, i don't know whether that is the case or not. it will surprise me because he was proactive. he was an extremely intelligent person, one of the more intelligent people in the regime as a whole. and he was the ro look played in afghanistan by him and
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his people was to crime, mend the breach. with caliber, i mean, as you remember, the iranians that supported the war on iraq and all of them got nothing out of it. so there was some rethinking going on there. and the behind the scenes talks with the taliban, which the united states have been conducting iran to as been conducting. and they have a bit more to offer. they have a minority which has to be defended. they can actually decide whether or not people understand stable most certainly it seems that they have to do so. so we are still a t is basically the, the violence in the front. this is basically related to a very tiny group of isis supporters and where they are, my problem is, you know,
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o debate which goes on. but in any event, the iranians have been making and so no money played on it. and i remember a couple of years ago when i was visiting focus on back line in the a c, i, a guy shot down by dialing bomb in play or something like that. and when you read the story, it was that the iranians have identified a unit that carried out the killing. also money found that he was in a panel on a visit and knocked down his playing. the story disappeared the next day from the stony breast, while a people in this country looking to call 26, a blaming china for maybe not. she's being prevaricating over coming to glasgow. what, what role does china have in pakistan given a bank rules?
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i'm a good wrong, is there a huge economic right hold on to be done away with, which is why was in the america 80, there is a debate. all right, because they will be affected if they go to our jonathan. i was not going to sit down and do nothing economic, in terms of sanctions, etc. but let's hope it doesn't reach that that has dos delivery but add to that is the factor they try not has now. so to did. so in a very clear way, it doesn't follow western foreign policy. neither do the russians for different reasons, but both to man, the chinese having asserted the suffering to your own countries. after a period in which the west had assumed that russia and china would simply follow them blindly, that hasn't happened. in fact, that the exact opposite that has happened and they resent it when any other kind of
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free exercise. so in this way, objective good relations with pakistan have existed since the sixty's. so it's a very old and firm relationship. and within the study military, they refer to the chinese and always have as are all with the contrasts with the united states being clear that the u. s. blows all blows cold, but the chinese remain steadfast and they have, they are giving backs them a lot of people don't make it in return for this. they've got to go on, which is effectively a chinese strong aud as one of the terminals and trade german notes and the development which is taking place. there's created some tension with locals because the way it's been handled, but they're definitely bad. in the case of crime is,
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i think it is very noticeable and i talk about this in my book for 40 or in the 1st foreign visit by the senior. i live on the vacation was to china. they went the week after they flew to china or greeted by the chinese foreign minister and other senior officials and extensive talks. a france gave a very clear statement that they are not intending afghanistan to be used by any for country or any foreign group to destabilize neighboring countries of clear reference to exchange and the chinese, you know, friendly promise, trade relations, etc. and in my opinion, i think this is one reason chinese presence that has now pushed the united states into reopening discussions of the taliban and seeing if they can help create terms,
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etc, etc. so the of grants, if they behave intelligently, could be in a strong position thanks to a huge rice of china the last 2 decades. i mean, i want to get on to junior engine the bell, mush drive, you know, but just quickly on that one is a nato nation viewer, supposed to think when he watches a, any coverage of china with respect to allegations of genocide and jin chang. i'm the use top human rights prize given this week the sacker of rise to alexi. now the only people can watch an old, old fake video of him carrying out some kind of mock execution of a muslim woman at what is a view as was to think about jane jane. when they watch the pictures from chinese concentration get. well, i mean, you know, it's a certainly not general side that i'm convinced lots of people because it said,
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this is a completely exaggerated campaign in the word, genocide is often used these days, not as a scientific description or has taking place, but as a leave or will be, you know, obviously the chinese are doing it to bet they're basically sending in lots of people from the majority population to trying to fuse that has the way with the minorities probably main. try them out for a long, long time country, by the way, to what mouse said. who said they should be getting better on the me respected center. but they claim that there are terrorists in groups in which i cannot say that is true or not true. simply because one doesn't have any information, but what is undoubtedly true. the west is appointed angry and sweden to monitor the situation. there is no hope. so they're going to make this into. they already
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have into something that they will use against the chinese and the chinese will respond as they normally to be safe. got also. so it's not going to unfortunately be for the people of jin chang, this is not going to be very useful in the very dangerous to if the west for its own purposes and tries to create an arm struggle group smuggle in arms. it's not going to work, which is one factor why the defeat can respond is important because the chinese have been insisting very strongly behind the scenes. they should be no minute crude basis. you mentioned had sweden, amongst all of that because sweden very associated with julian assange in the minds of people to read that in the old media partner. we came to god, you tell me about the bell much tribunal. you were there with john paul, sovereign and, and butcher russel. what is the bell?
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must tribunal a public relations attend crime? draw more attention to what's been happening to us and why and what it is going to do is link all the crimes we have with the last 20 years in different parts of the world. you know, 6 countries and they did trillion span millions. gail, that's how it's been going on since the war on terror. julian assigned and we leaks exp. oh sure. it brought many of these atrocities to go public i. which is why judy is being punished. it's a vindictive to terran to, it's not going to work. you never know when you are shocked by the yahoo news story had previously been reported. i think in the grey zone, about the stories about gun battles in knights bridge in central london and even
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even adam, she was surprised. what did you make of that? you never surprised? well, i'm not surprised because, you know, i knew that it was, it was going to happen. and the way they did it, of course, was very dramatic. since the last ecuadorian government, the post korean government, meaning the equitorial effectively. so the past, the cia and when the go shooting our best to get him out, see i was thinking about bumping assange off, killing, executing him in the side, the ecuadorian embassy. they had the black. so he was released. i think british intelligence wouldn't have been to happy about that eventuality, because after all it is that creech so he was released and locked up in belmont for
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his not high security prison for what char initially charge was a breach of bail conditions. of anyone being locked up in a prison like been in march for that it's very clear that the british secret state and not so secret state or even judiciary has been very vindictive in the treatment of a large on the se, so largely but not exclusive. on go say, so all of the united states, i mean, even in britain at the time where i'm a care storm, a current position which isn't true. so i was director of public prosecutions is also sent out special messages to swedish prosecutors who were thinking of withdrawing the charger center saying don't do it just yet, don't do it well, the hearing is is next week tally. thank you. thanks for the show.
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we'll be back on monday to investigate the royal families tries to the nazis a week ahead of a hearing in the sexual abuse case against prince andrew. until then keep in touch, why social media let us know why you think nation journalists don't come out on the streets to defend julian so ah, over they putting additional money today out. and that the additional money goes to . so the children for education and welfare off the household. and then thirdly, it goes to savings. and if a country as a savings, it can improve itself and produce growth. i didn't say that, but they must ask for this moment to be included in the household. so that the
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household income will be higher and the countries income that will be higher with when i see black america, i was growing, like american spoke to me with wide a straight. it did not. well, you say black lives matter is a movement, we are importing from america. no, nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where white lives mattered. and i was not wide like missing. and i wasn't known from black america. i learned how to speak back to whitefish aboriginal people here. i'm more every day we are out wanted system. now with the police were out with she states, i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country that think says
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no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then there are other fellow friends in daycare, a survival guide. stacy, here's my goal is started simply at the pedal is still there or you don't forget it. oh heck, no. what with came when we get the read 7 years a report. ah, there is other places to play with also within the daniels purely a little fish with the rest of the basilica source. the other mother melissa was said, this film with was just food. say that him and then you would you that is images,
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moves up was good for supposedly good. have my did some, i would say again has been your music. his image is filica mom, but it's mostly, it's what your hope was out of the to get a lot if i get all of your group plan some way up, all of the fellow with the to the shelters of worship with with ah, this household headlines, one r t and
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a russian gas export, a gas pronged warns it'll stop supplying moldova if that eastern european state fails to pay off its debts now totaling some 700 $1000000.00. the public mood swings to the right in front is ahead of the presidential election . and there is no shortage of confidence to meet the populace agenda. america's top medical agency admits funding research wrong transmitting that corona viruses, to humans in china's will hand something that previously repeatedly denied under oath by the white house is virus chief doctor found chic. also in the program rogers defense minister says his german counterpart should know better than to coal for nato to deployed nuclear.


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