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tv   News  RT  October 23, 2021 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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i this alice top headlines here, one r t and the public mood swings to the right in france, just ahead of the presidential election. and there's no shortage of candidates to meet the populace agenda. america for a medical agency of myths funding research on transmitting that corona viruses, to humans in china's who had something previously repeatedly denied. under oath by the white house's disease adviser and britain prime minister was accused of selling out working people. but failing to ban the practice, so fire and re high up, which allows employers to give workers less favorable terms and conditions. also in the program, rushes defense minister says his german counterpart should know better than to call for nato to deploy nuclear weapons along russia's borders.
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ah, or at 5 pm on saturday here at moscow, and this is your source for questioning more welcome to the program on audience. so a push to the right seems to be key foot to get success these days in french elections. are some major candidates for president and even those who haven't yet officially announced that candidacy are all talking from way right of center. for example, such as l e m or a talk show host, a new darling of the french right wing. he's even tempting marine la pens, voters away becoming a strong rival as well to the current president micron ortiz shawna do. but he felt this report from paris. the play is may know to full yet be declared, but with less than 6 months before prophecies presidential election, the game is being played in right wing territory with participants trying to score
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on topics such as immigration, identity and security. a manual mac corn has slashed the number of these it deliveries to countries such as to new z i. l, g, rear, and morocco. marina pan proposed is a referendum on immigration and makes it more, says france must stop both illegal and legal immigration when the legal and legal immigration. that's exactly what i'm saying today. today, a lot of french people are just sick and tired, really, that there is no politician in power. these custer's has tackle. the issue of, i'm aggression, nobody's doing anything. and you kind of feel that in trask that the situation is that it's very laxed and that nobody is doing your thing and is treating problems. and these problems are not being tackled by the government. grants has no pulse to real policy concerning immigration,
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these past decide say these past 20 years and this is starting to become a huge problem. ready in france, ah, bonnie, a sticks to that messenger on immigration saying it's weakening france's sense of identity. my colon has set up a think tank to combat wookey audiology that he believes is infecting the country. meanwhile, the more wants to buy new french names. valerie p. cassie says french laws must have precedence over european g restriction. must be watching with interest as poland bottles, brussels on the same issue with my own. some countries have a stronger appetite for integration. others not only nancy, this issue in the opposite way in some countries constitution, c, e, u, laura supreme other say the opposite. so this constitutional pluralism, this pluralism, has to be respected. if the kids about
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a strong economic and political role and aspiration in the world, there are lots of celebrities between the re wing their movements which are getting a popularity here in france. and what trump did in. ready the us, i think that trump fingerprinted also to progress the identity problems that the americans were facing. and these issues are coming in france. parties on the right . entranced, want to build borders. they want to check was coming into the country to run a privilege. the french workers ahead of the immigrant or foreign workers. so yes, of course this is very close. busy to what donald trump was promoting in the red during his campaign. and what he tried to do once he was elected, ah, false is still worried about potential terror attacks. pretty much all the candidates know security is a key issue for vote is or reading to be only defensive. they're not met corns part . he's introduced controversial bills. one issue such as global security and in
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defense of the french republic lapel has style to party as one of justice and buddha is albia. but tony says he's priorities include the protection of the french, the owned of impunity, all the while supporting the police is more, has said that security is the very 1st freedoms. there's an ongoing problem with insecurity code, you know, crime of various kinds of petty crime and most serious crime in the what are called label and you of the suburbs, particular paris and the other big cities. then of course, that's the ongoing issue of terrorism, which has hit france. probably, i think more than any other european country. all of this claim out is the potential candidate. so see, move seeking boats from the same pool. so why have frances would be captain shifted to the rights? in 2017?
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the socialist party collapsed in france, and michael, who of course, came from a full swallow loans team. he basically took over the socialists, the old socialist electorate. but of course, he is not himself particularly socialists, so he has, he has occupied that particular space and the socialist party has not found a candidate yet. who has the ability to challenge him on the left? as only poll suggests, the country is overwhelmingly disappointed with macro and all of the others who are offering to take charge. but in a pinch, most people tend to vote with what they know. meaning that the park is still at least, but now in macro shrink. charlotte, even sky oxy paris, america's leading medical research agency has finally admitted to funding risky
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camara studies and to bat sun. corona viruses in china's whoop and province. this is despite earlier denials from america's top infectious disease expert thought anthony foundry, the u. s. money had got into the so called gain of function camera was such a correspondent daniel armstrong, looks at these implications. a game of fat and mouse in the u. s. over corona virus research findings and public funds. quite literally, a top national institutes of health official has admitted us taxpayer money, finance testing mice in china with back corona, virus genetically altered to make it more transmissible to humans. now the danger, as such, research has always been that the virus could escape the lab and spark a public health disaster. limited experiment described in the final progress report was testing if spike proteins from naturally occurring. but corona viruses circulating in china were capable of binding to the human ac 2 receptor in
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a mouse model. laboratory mice infected with the s h c 014, w i v one bat corona virus become sicker than those is infected with the w i. v one bat corona virus. eco hell fell to report this find in rice away as was required by the terms of the grant. and yet for months the biden administration's big cheese on the disease. doctor anthony found, she denied any claims that the u. s. funded such projects, it comes as vindication for republican senator ran paul, who's quest for transparency on the investigation, was beginning to look like a rat race? no one saying the are it is ours to it all in my ledger lows virus cause the pandemic. what we're alleging is the gain of function research was going on in that lab and, and i h funded it that isn't right away from it. it meets your definition and you are obvious getting the truth. anybody have lying here, senator? it is you. some experts say found she knowingly misled the country,
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the national institutes of health, se acknowledgements of the facts is new, but the facts themselves and not new. the national institutes of health was informed about the gain of function research in whoo, han, in 2018 and again in 2020 collins and felt she lied to congress light to the press and light to the public. now although the bat is out of the bag, according to table letter seems to us has tried to corp anything indicating any links to such research in the us space eco health alliance. president pizza dash act was even chosen as part of a w h o team of experts to investigate the origins of cove it. but it seems that much of us top level efforts in the pandemic, not least, their insistence on blaming and investigating china of only expose u. s. official cover up and lies with a disturbing question being why cover up and lies needed these most recent revelations show that out. she and national institute of health director calling
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either outright wide or. busy have absolutely no idea what's going on with their agency either way they have no business running these organizations. and frankly, i think there needs to be a full open investigation that or whether or not they did know directly no. and if so, they should be held to the, to the fullest extent of punishment for that if history is a judge of how it's going to go, we're going to see little to no accountability. and i hope i'm wrong. meanwhile, as a merced said, anthony found she has been the top paid federal employee for years. and 2004, he was granted a permanent pay adjustment of a bio defense research now earns more than the u. s. president, in spite cohen says the revelations about gain of function came marrow research, really come as no surprise. i think it is the height of a nice to say to believe that what we know the u. s. government to have done from the 193-949-5900.
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697992020 cents has suddenly magically stopped in the 20 twenty's that you know, a decade century plus of subterfuge and clandestine operations. and, you know, and cover ups and scandals and lice suddenly ended. even though no one ever was held accountable for the old lies and clandestine operations and so forth. so i hate to say that, you know, i don't think this is a one off this car for the course for large authoritarian government selling out working people. that's the accusation laid against britain's prime minister, amid a rise in so called fire and re hire practices. the notorious scheme of dropping than re employing workers on was terms, has intensified during coven, that's according to unions. and the opposition mean time has harshly criticized the practice. this week, government has allowed bad bosses to force brutal changes to contracts and take thousands in wages from families. there is agreement across the political spectrum
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that fire and re hire is unfair, unjust and unacceptable. but once again, we have only warm wars and bluster from bars. johnson who's ordering his m piece to vote down the bill selling out work and people in the process. it's coercive it's bullying to do it. and i can tell you from experience it's, it's very, it's a, it's a very unpleasant situation, almost feels like being in an abusive relationship wrong because the workplace is a relationship which is, you know, it is built on trust and confidence. and what fire rehired does, is it breaches that trust and confidence and that's why i shall i add no other option, but to allow myself in my experience to be sat on the fiery high. because i could not continue in that relationship any more. am because because of its abuse of nature rave it, we will have figures show nearly a quarter of all you k workers say they're working term such as pay or hours. have
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been downgraded during covered. many say they faced their fire and re hire practice themselves having to reapply for their old jobs on worse terms and conditions or face the sack of boyish johnson himself is called the practice. unacceptable. however, fire and re hire remains legal, provide that due process as a follow, for example, like her. formerly consulting workers, ander, observing set notice periods, but kevin burn the former u. k. gas industry work you just heard from. believe the laws are protecting exactly the wrong people. so force that because you know, i am a law abiding citizen, like most people and you know, i'm led to believe that the laws are there to protect it. citizens for i think in with best experience to realize the laws that actually bear to protect corporations on them and the money class. what makes it worse me is yes,
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it is the final insult. because when i embark on my disputes, my in sanction the sanction of my colleagues and comrades was so when our disputes and to win a so convincingly bass, no company would, would use fire and re hire. but unfortunately, that didn't happen. you know, it's to paraphrase, harper lake is bought to kill a mockingbird. the definition of courage is when you know you left from the beginning, you begin anyway. and that's what we did. and because we were off against the, with, with the corporation such as british gas, moscow has warned berlin and his nato allies not to tempt fate by deploying military hardware, including nuclear weapons, close to russia's borders. against the backdrop of calls to contain russia, nato was amassing his forces along russia's borders. the german defense minister should know very well what consequences such moves have led to in the past, both for germany and europe. that stern arrival came shortly after germany's
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defense minister, called on nato, to be ready to deploy nuclear weapons, to quote, deter russia near its maritime borders in the baltic and black sea and the berlin official was unchallenged to explain her remarks. slew dust whitewash reported this morning, the plaintiff contemplating the turn scenarios for the baltic and black sea regions of possibly involving air deployed nuclear weapons. is this the best nate is prepared to take? this is that's the path of doctrine. we must make it very clear to russia that in the end, we're ready each month, and that is also the deterrent doctrine in to deploy sex means is to deter in advance. and so that nobody comes to the idea of attacking nato partners in the bull. taken black sea regions and this is a comment cos either with nato unveiling as new master plan to defend the block against what it calls a potential rush, an attack on multiple fronts or the western military alliance held a 2 day meeting of defense ministers that wrapped up on friday, here's how nato secretary general describe the current state of relations between
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the block and russia. it'll soon approach sharon to russia her remains the same as before, meaning earn credible the turns on the fence, combined with efforts to her have a meaningful dialogue with russia. the relationship between nate to and russia is now at a low point. it has not been more difficult since to handle the cold war. as i need to expansion into the former soviet goes against promises was given to mikhail gorbachev back in 1090 to 99 team in the soviet union comments. and what is class that leads to? wouldn't expand into the zones as interesting as well? is that germany hashed a traditional, recently been quite calmer in regards to russia, washing once germany to increased his military spending in order to comply with limits which of the americans basically said which ones germany to join britain, france and seeking a much more bell co stance towards a,
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towards russia. so i suspect is a game going on in conway, in german politics, as the era of angel narco comes to an end. or i think a more still to come here on the program on our tea, and apparently going green in germany has ignited more than of just a public debate. trick bust is a party keep posting into flames. that story animal web, back in just a month with a with
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess when the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah ah yes, i'm to the stories here on odds. he, one of germany's largest public transport companies has pulled 8 electric buses off
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the streets in munich. it comes as a precautionary measure after a charging station was destroyed by fire late last month. the company blames a technical defect for the blades, which appears to be a not insignificant issue with electric vehicles in the country. as peter oliver now explains, as berlin embraces electric transportation, these battery powered buses have been traveling along the route $200.00 for just over a year now, taking passengers to such sites as the german capitals loo. however, 3 fires across the country, a depos with electric buses, the most recent in september, ang, stuttgart, has raised questions about safety. not just of buses, but all electric vehicles. yeah. absolute. yes. the risk of these fires good. and in other locations such as the bicycle basements, or large apartment blocks, is completely unaddressed, also insurance companies and not yet tackling the issue. today, it's not regulated,
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in my opinion, it's not possible to regulate fires in general. so it is likely that that post for electric bosses and the deepest for other buses will be separated and that fire barriers will be built between the individual buses to reduce the risk of europe is experiencing a boom in sales of electric vehicles with manufacturers of them doing a roaring trade between april and june of this year, one and every 12 cars sold was 100 percent electric. when you put hybrid into the mix, you're looking at a 3rd of all sales across europe. it's been a meteoric rise as well. fucking 2018 less than 200000 electric vehicles were sold here in year of this year though, we're expecting that figure to be well over $1000000.00. in fact, when you look at these numbers globally, over the next 4 years, we're expecting to see 10000000 electric vehicles sold. with that figure soaring to
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30000000 by 2032 years ago we as an electricity consumer protection organization decided to also address the issue of electron mobility. electricity consumption will increase by 25 percent as a result. although that is not the real problem, why shouldn't the main problem is that you need very high power to charge the batteries within a reasonable time. in the long run, this will lead to charging in private households. the development of an infrastructure to charge a larger number of cars is completely undeveloped. people have been too naive about this. an 8th is an incredible on the statement. one, despite bows concerns, electric vehicles, including buses like these do seem like they are going to be the future. in fact, manufacturer is so confident that they're saying that if competitors don't stop
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producing electric models, well, they're not going to be competitors for very long. like moving from the horse to the car, it's that seismic it changes everything. and to such an extent that any players that don't pivot fast enough that don't invest are unlikely to survive in the future. here in germany, a poll earlier this year showed that almost 60 percent of the population was skeptical when it came to these electric bosses. people saying that they were unsure of the environmental compatibility when it comes to electric mobility out into that concerns over a potential safety worries. and not everybody is willing to hop on one of these bosses just now. peter oliver, aussie berlin. busy russian and natural gas export, a gas brom, saying now it'll stop supplying the commodity to moldova if that eastern european
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state fail to fully pay off its debt to the company, which is about 700000000 dollars. no small amount of money. they're less bringing out. he's broadcast if not to give us details on this. how, how did this even get started in the 1st placement out? well previously, moldova had a long running a contract with gas problem where they received gas at a d counted rates for many years. and over that period, they didn't make the payments necessary on time. and eventually they have amassed this, the huge debt for $133000000.00. and then you have to count all the fees and fines for late payments. an outstanding debt which runs up to $700000000.00. the contract itself expired at some time ago in the last hours before the contract expired. a gas problem will dover agreed to extend that, that contract by a month, but by december 1st, they're gonna have to come up with a new contract. and these talks have been ongoing for a while. now. those are, there was a lot of
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a lot of pressure on both sides. the mall dunes demanded that they get a 50 percent discount according to some reports that have come out of those talks. and now now is basically crunch time because gas promise can just come out and said the moldova refuses to acknowledge it's, it's huge debt it once these are new supplies with that, paying off it's old debt and gas promise saying now look, this isn't the bad politics this isn't about our interests, we're a business, we run a business and we can't run a business at a loss to ourselves. so we will only write up a, you know, sign a new contract with you. once you pay off your outstanding debt, and moldova has now declared a state of emergency, they say that gas applies ha in their pipelines are running out. so the, those, the pressure, the gas pressure is, is going down. so obviously supplies have been cut off gas from says that no such thing is happening that a deeds a little time at to get those supplies running again,
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that is until the 1st of december, when this, this latest pollination of the contract runs out. what, where we will go from here is, is anyone's guess. obviously we have to bear in mind that there is a huge gas crosses all over the world at factories and plants in europe. a, i haven't to shut down businesses having to shut down because at this point it is now more expensive to buy gas vend to sell their projects. such are the costs of production now, and this is all over the european continent, not just the european union with britain, britain as well in china, we're seeing the same story. so obviously the madeau van's are asking for help the europeans and others, whether they will receive that help remains to be seen. artes senior correspondent marquez div. thank you. and this discussion now continue to the op ed section of r t dot com right now. you can click over there and have a good read the meantime, we're back in about 34 minutes with more of your saturday weld headlights.
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ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be in arms. race is on a very dramatic development, only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk that's been decade since the fall of spain's fascist regime. but old wounds still have entailed your interest in going into donald with because on the phone with michel fee to market people to miss oppo said, cutting me on the bus at the station. you know that i understand, i think with thousands of newborn babies. what toned from their mothers and given away and forced adoption?
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late bought about i used young ford fiesta in my old robots. i feel elements it to this day mothers still search for grown children, while adults look in hope for their birth parents. with i'm african return senior watching going undergrad this week you k p m bars. johnson flew his foreign sect released trust to arms, customer saudi arabia, which has been bombing yemen. presently the worst humanitarian crisis in the world
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. this while the usa $40000000.00 unable to eat tonight without welfare looks to increase was spending to $725000000000.00 a year. the extent of the malign role of the military industrial complex was revealed by one of the most famous journalists in the world wiki leaks is julian assange. he is in jail ahead of another hearing next week. joining me now from london is also a historian and the inspiration for the rolling stones street fighting man. tar golly, a member of the original anti war bertrand russell jean paul, softer tribunal. he, along with edward snowden and others, a part of the resurrected tribunal now named bell mush after sanchez london prison direct thanks so much for coming back on another terrible week for the global south . there been all these are the violence in jerusalem. there been explosions in syria, a, in brazil, the accusations of our genocide, but in nature, nation media, say the b, b. c, cnn. they're mourning the loss of colin powell. he of my li'l salvador, nicaragua, pat m iraq was. what did you make of the eulogies to the 1st african american as
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secretary of state and as other powerful u. s. military industrial, complex positions? well, i mean, it's what usually happens or similar, not as a few service rumsfeld because he was just a white guy doing his job. you know, you know, i'm referring to the deceased war criminal, donald rumsfeld and with the same it's become a slightly more emotional because of a skin color. but what he did was will fail to basically serve the empire to elias ministry wage was. and in the case of a, he was one of the younger officers who come up the main line massacre, which later became a huge scoundrel in the u. s. history. so that's what he is a barrow and give them a going to send off because they support all this stuff and have been for ages. now
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the media, the global media in the west is a central player in all the wars that have been taking place in the 21st century. the lies about iraq were told by the new york times were better in the b, b. c. under pressure from blair, director general the bbc or didn't tow the line were basically forced out, etc, etc. so these walls have affected me, cemented the role of the state media in particular like the bbc of cnn and other western terminals. tony tony blinking biden's a man in the state to bob and said he was a great man. i think what i'm getting out is because you were a pioneer, multi cultural issues. i worked for you on a friday for.


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