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a well i i went on the one motion one and i don't, i mean, well yeah, you know, i can measure it. oh yeah. oh yeah. i think the people who were adopted or afraid of losing people were very scared of rejection. not know, was there a no secrets with adoption, but when the worst secrets and lies, there was no family relationship. who is
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a wall between us, a strange coldness that i don't feel anymore. so as a father, i compare myself to my father homer with our biological family. we have branches. i'm like a tree with lots of leafy fruit filled branches. but below i have no roots. at least not one's i'm aware of why? yeah. i mean, i, you know, we had numbers on it. uh huh. i live in the military. the house day a day when you letting era have you that i know
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jan niger, you know my husband on his case and finally i still i don't we haven't got out again the no, not that of these dollars replaced or not yet on the was a component of yours up or get would that knock as yellow laquisha not they have what that little gravel she last. they bought out either partially to push apple gym blanket or gaskets. did that mean? like i thought it was almost, i mean i don't have a sense. yeah. i mean, i was with me ah, she or even when you're with a level seminar quarter, but the internet doesn't mean a squatter though. and be
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a no alice until you're not going into the funeral. go to the death with no soda. busy in the good to go get them to muzzle familiar. linger i thought. ah, no, stella to give eva eva. see of his toys out of doors, but eva called over the years aaliyah. s. we're better going bend, oregon. because i go a little bit my each or and number, any other? good boy yet we're going to love the boy. i said mm hm
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. ah, the dentist will be a just a well a no, no. the more you know, i've been lucky with spend one thing i'm doing that with
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that they get along with on that i'll be almost good. not, not all they will, those more fucking wilderness, but i'm the one that doesn't have a lot of will come into sports, but never got in there. one of the, one of them because i know this, but i'm doing well with when that we'll say we go down the william, but then they don't get much sent the more testing for them on the road. yes. hello. right. lindsey has had a new yeah. and so no,
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she already knew that jim could have been shot. okay, let me up at the pump. and latinos club, i knew what i was wondering. i see your pin. okay. did there is one replace sync la la, challenging. i'm thing i did a sellable deal with the to another. good afternoon, doug smith that happened with young people, but i just thought i thought i turning over to me so confidential giving go switch under important murphy, i think maybe that isn't amy's mobile, but i'm is okay. not haven't been uploaded. see, nice, more able to see option. mindy, this on yesterday. router. i mistake in the gill ha. language that modem you. she them, and ticket i you know, not have you just got up in the vicinity of work in barcelona. it's like a, some of the thought and in our legacy i'mma for gamma thrown us, she can,
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can be really, she could get in, or that the secret of one of them a ego people gamble anthea it again, it has been done my level and i've been the gender timber, so i little it ah ah, no person with the least bit of ethics would actively prevent mothers and children from finding each other. in my last letter to the pope, i said that if jesus was alive, he would help me to find my mother. i don't know why the members of his church at precisely the ones preventing me from finding her. maybe they're afraid will dig up something very dirty dandy when someone doesn't want to give you something, they can destroy that something. oh, hide it and then where do we look for it?
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mm. i model as you can see i, when i say when it was delivered around like i said the most in dilution. amalia, the whole, glenn, i'm in the mental model are not those me. you don't feed him a 1000000 board under me if you don't feel you know, lot of lucia to that. one of the job to gauge and you know, they have a bit of a model that we have on a well told me on dr. they cannot be in common. no one. i've been in a level also one of the and number it was through. if you know i'm, i don't know why your, why don't i me got those more holidays. i mean my that if i don't have to, i will. yeah. yeah. with, i mean like, you know, my mother in the, me and my not just, you know, money that young,
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but i'm going to call your mom and battle didn't get it. you know me, i wasn't sure if you know, and you're not on demi, but you know, understand he was released wasn't going to see my space. i don't, well, i won't, i won't. yeah. but then the other piece is i know, you know what i mean, you know, they want to know something. i don't know anything because he don't understand what was it again and see us and got those in front of him for a moment. i don't like all of the room. i'm not sure. why did i lose my car for a while?
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don't you get a lot of the me you the yeah. got it. is i get a young man give with my the dad that you think he said i could probably close out. he i'm getting a shadow of a somebody, toyota, but um, and been in, i don't. mm. upon winning the spanish civil war. the dictator, inspired by the psychiatrist valet holding a hero who had studied nazi germany, decided that spain had to be pure catholic and free of the red, jean or some imprisoned republican women had conjugial visits while others were already pregnant. let me get on the grade level on a one, not on grow. it only bought about eva yell for faster than my own. global is at the olive element that an executive uncle of equal to the last person,
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anabolic honestly going east us in a nina. so an analogy equally and intricately, it had them, and then i'll seasonally. bertha gave us a little phone down low, they will not stand dominos. apollo, mr. mccoy, this natania quadrant, i think window. there's, you loving the bill in the off. you actually fear it unofficially or yearly and them and didn't recommend, fath easter. eileen eloquently less jacobo leeker it on colloquial d. o. in. okay. it, les less echo mean hour allotted. handled with is your wellness, maybe cause you have a lot it to atlanta santa ozium. we fucking that early suddenly forget him and father politi, but he along the ottoman and i was sissy. you don't call him though evers. by home, a book, read them or added dickie stolen. i feel them forward as a sport, as cheek us evil borders into call me yet. he won us was ninos, get on separate elves, motors going in gun yoke on broken ford focus coffin and i and they're out of
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a media cannibal and that he host, he can, you know, the normandy cont, sugarland does one of eunice, yo, yo lot of s w, future, millers, the latinos at the end, and because on the phone with michael freedom, okay. give me cbo said cutting me on the percent thus saith me, notice that i just and i think with a birthday putting additional money today, household and that the additional money goes to. so the children's education and val fair off the household and then targeted to cost the savings, and if a country as a savings, it can improve itself and produce growth. i think the, those say that, but they must us for this moment to be included in the household so that the household income will be higher and the countries income that will be higher with
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at states. it has to be rash, to be able to afford anytime in front of the luxury. good for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how they can choose your customers and dump a sick. all right, so also you can satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decision and determine to get to live and who dies to me,
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that's best getting away with murder. oh mm hm. oh, you
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i, yeah, i mean, i personally know it's a violin. it's upper level based on what it comes with, the home of life energy. thanks a lot of money to set them pricing in bubble cuz there's a doesn't invent that there will go much of what own up, hello. can someone just get a little not by loud and i love you. not
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a little boy. is stuff with all those economic on the local her? yes. to her mother employee, me bothered and weekend going. she view on good. when the young lady had on the bible for your 3rd, who nacia and we will go on that i must again, melissa, just i was comer of populous and me gossip was less fully father. so all about a glad amy bobo, less cooler than i got her. if enough content of this will minister about on, i have double the just a moment on my yes. and then you it doesn't on that it will not be a her, them under their finances and gotten there. alex young, yet not them on that neck will be a little i am under emil. feel the little precise for so than digital done or whatever. almost afoot or outta v. adoption of enrique via taurus. what is this? i was almost 23 years old. when i read that request,
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i immediately thought of this time when i was 8 years old and playing with my cousins who told me that my family didn't love me because they got me from the street. ah, it was in my adopted grandmother's kitchen. they scolded my cousins and i shoved that to the back of my mind. i was 8 years old. i never asked or thought about it. when the lady let them on them even miss had ever done. yeah. well, maybe no, come on for the what am i going up anyway? i remembered the brown of my grandmother's old saucepans, the grease that saturated the old kitchen. the blue tiles ah, me sitting on the marble and my cousin saying without malice. they got you from the street and me crying. my mom was sleeping. my dad was in the hospital,
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i went to the bathroom mirror and looked at myself. the 1st feeling that came up was, who are you? really? i me. i looked for my identity in the mirror. i said to myself, adopted then i said, impossible. if i me come, we could use her over me. moda the boat anywhere you symbol here are just going to look at her feet. let her have him call me mother. that means him for ya. so got in them and they could again, norway, can it? okay, look at ella for those courses, program and diesel iep. ok. nice me mother you in the scene going into than the ones where you finish. 2 ah, 1st i had to find out where i was born. i requested my birth certificate. my place of birth was the center isabel foundling home is lovely. man, i've got
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a controller is going to throw me your thing a lot. that those, that in the, not the in, as it had chosen, fell on the language and they, aj valleys are not gonna fill in a child or anything. what you may call a bingo, but, and not that ability to work and not the noise for my mother to maybe get into the apartment, to look in it. and when that actually allow us a little for for okay, another marlowe sort of get up on a fellow raffle as what brings the bill in front of me. good. i mean like i'm saying it as prevent him ask if was his own book or gone? yes, i got a thought of it on as thou unovia form. so the search began, i requested my deed of adoption, which also wasn't helpful. neither was the file that came with my birth certificate . number amy mother. so lawyer salazar, she was there, i will. okay. they will mail a few either last more than like a schooner. i mean, i was going at a low level mail, feel my mac and with that i will. hello,
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then the colleague accolade up in the new year before may who can how can i have you ask about that one at the school? should d be going to leave? and i thought all dollars, just any of emilia to come in at the get it. but i can get it going with it. life has led me to this part of the law, which is so broad as there are thousands of cases in spain, in every province and hospital. the had to be a way to find out the biological mother's name medic went up. got it must game which is he must it or what he does and which health unit equal from canal aloe funeralish by noah dolby. well, there's also a controller, electric and fuel phenol that i looked over. he saw him in but a no contract or he can deliver on the human. where this korean, this, the moonlight on the camel from canal fuel k. austin 19 o l m. i said, i know nima yes, the language and they see it in the aren't they not that element of them in and because i was quoted k i l a furnace. kenny. see get us ethical startled,
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young. she know. get a shall talent. i mean it will be more that, i mean they, they don't and not that you. if you with alex of him, you can nino, although she okay to come and they call him out of it billed me when i left ego. she went to like a still to edith young, though it is meal did and below school is premier. this is kuth. eunice follows us on the on keith about the and the little furnace in espanol shawnasee nor yellow field. as you get up on it, get up a shanisha labella. she knock acosta conway holly along a peak on those important duck m no mental health unit. okay. and his plan, i guess gluck is on that as me. yet as of your knowledge, miss, i left almost athey for get here while i hired the recipient of me as hunter fin those mean e cause fossils. there are spaniards out there who might happen to resemble their parents, but aren't actually related to them. and they will die without knowing that for their real biological origins. because there is no way of knowing it if they
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were falsely registered as their biological child knowledge. and they said that your mac window gala, he's always panella. kimberly, you know, bropy bramble, the li, if it can be almost sustained, my little furnished by noon organized. although wynberg elect was for menda and dorothy globe is k. yeah, obviously the media, they blanca innocentive, she had the low feel. this'll be, well, yes, a list i'll okay. control i laurie, can the mean lord, i was only more than that. i know they know of it again. oh boy, good doesn't global since you know, and then let me, i'm will click get are loose on can get in there. last week with the nick of course, touch, lumbering appears on the crystal. this is a little she does and militant, i see they in the 19 whether i go on and book on on a mccullor. this isn't the most casualty at all. any news on the financial indoors and financials?
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ah. i've met many mothers from santa isabel, who is searching. one of them gave birth in april 1965, which is when my biological mother was there. she remembers a woman writing letters to some one from pamplona on kelly as to fetter. ah, she gave birth a month after my mother did in may, but 3 or 4 women could have given birth that months. this is the closest i've ever been. i was born in may, but it's still uncertain. ah
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ah ah ah ah, why did my mother get pregnant? why did she give me up? was she trick till forced? what did she give me up wilfully? why did they pay a 1000000 pieces for me? who got that money? ah!
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the 2nd illness it must be most i will look for what i'm asking you, what quanto gone, but it wasn't a gum and it says and they wasn't that that on that then i would lose. we go. thank you very much. yeah. yeah. i'll be going to see, you know, in the move with me going to open one of those when you're going to get where you want to get the job, they will and i haven't got no idea why didn't get into the jewels come to book it was so you know, so you're showing. yeah. which recorded. i'm a, you know, sorry joe, or gave me an order number to you. i 2nd yeah. the chicago georgia company was,
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was it, i'm really yummy. hope there was an amount of us weren't that, but you want to build on do i did already. you are my little but issues shoes into this for me and don't be going to leave because i have a doctoral by video to come. he said, i didn't give up for them in or the whole that are going to have an appointment for their emotional by the get a push came rushing. my mom did me a moment. my not even the hold up i should get out of that. i don't know yet the job, you know, she'll be that she will be in as you saw like jumped up to look at it in some new me ms. mill. you mean in your your i don't know much to consider when i came to live. so yeah, so and i did that, i was, you know, you know, another woman,
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so i'm, i'm a pull him in your whole year. but then i'm on the battle while they're love and maybe they took it housekeeping. louis those pretty oh he died. i cried. i just had a spot the whole time. i was there. no one really thought anything different. you just all thought i just didn't feel good on the way for the surgery. his lungs
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failed. 30 seconds, but i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 doctor started talking about a new wide spread. does he use that caused severe lung damage? there's a few points that were really to turn in. all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out. he really felt holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's the better it was. i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through. got out of breath with
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daniels purely with him and then you would get that is images moves up was good for supposedly got my did some i would say with music is images a week a mom with was out of see to get the vote for idea all of your rooms, but some way up with the to the shells special will show up with
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a top headlines for this our live on our tea, the public mood swings to the right in front of the head of the presidential election. and there is no shortage of candidates to meet the populace agenda. america comp medical agency admit funding research on transmitting that of bat corona viruses, to humans in china's woo hand problems or something previously, and repeatedly denied under oath by the white house is disease advisor. i've written prime minister was accused of selling out working people, but failing to band practice of fire and re hire, which allows employers to give workers less favorable terms and conditions. also in the program rushers defense minister.


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