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rule success story many whistleblowers now probably wish they also had the kind of support that she does. but unfortunately, it seems, there revelations just weren't as convenient for the establishment. so all they got was prosecution and a cold shoulder at best. okay, well we're in washington next with scott. he now he's in the out the american see after which i'll have your next global update from the newsroom here in moscow. ah. he died. i cried. i just had a spot the whole time i was there. no one really thought anything different. you just all thought i just don't feel good on the way for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 seconds, but i killed him. i had gotten stuck with so
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many needles that day. in 2019 doctor started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really the turning all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out. he really felt holy crap, his him died. oh no, he's can be better. it was, i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through that. it was out of breath. with 15, the thought operative that were arrested in turkey. we're going to tell you why
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information they were gathering and what this could mean. the future relationship between the 2 countries. you said in recent months, there's been a disturbing spike and harassment imitation threats of violence. when did you 1st review the data showing this so called disturbing uptick? and so i read the letter and we have been seeing over time read well well, well, i didn't ask you. so you read the letter that's, that's your source. so let me be clear. not a prosecution or is there some studies on that for some investigation? someone did said there's been a disturbing uptake or you just take the words of the national school board association. but at times it did feel like the prosecution as attorney general go into faces. the house judiciary committee amongst a variety of controversies within the department of justice. we will review the highlights as to whether either side was actually happy with how the proceedings went. and this week, with a great advancement for medicine, with the successful temporary transplant of an animal, oregon to a human. however,
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this is torque accomplishment does raise ethical questions amongst religious groups . we will seek answers from our expert hughes and we're going to give you the 360 view of these stories on today's news views right here on our tea america. ah, thanks for joining us here in the national intelligence organization or mit has exposed a ring of masonic form. it's living in turkey, this after tracking them for over the year over a year. now the network consisted of a 3 person sell groups, which collected information on foreign students enrolled and turkish universities. author to arrested in a secret operation carried out on october 7th. but we are now starting to learn a little bit more about what kind of intel they were collecting and from whom join me now discuss putting on official micro maloof michael before the show even
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started. you said a comment that i think we all have to admit it's not james bond, but we all have spies everywhere. i mean, it is. i think it would be very naive to think there's no card maybe switzerland doesn't have aspire, but they all have, they all have, i know for a fact when i was at the defense department, we were constantly watching our closes allies, how they would be spying on us in fact we even cut off a few countries security clearances because of the, of the to which they were stealing our, our technology secrets were didn't. why? i think this was so surprised me. when i read this report, are you surprised to find out that there were massage performance? there's a ring inside target considering how close israel and turkey can be? no, i'm, i'm not at all surprised and i would expect it. the reason for that is that turkey is, has the leadership of hamas and, and i, j, the islamic jihad out of, out of westbank and, and out of out of gas it. so,
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and so the cuts are actually transferred the many of them on over. so they were, they reside now in turkey. that's what upset the relationship between turkey and egypt. but hamas is, is very prevalent there. and these guys, these, these, these spies were apparently looking at hamas. they said they all spoke arabic. so that's a red flag by the way, these guys don't naturally fit in here in turkey. well they, they probably by the arms. you are not speaking the language to look at, but they, they, they, they, they speak arabic. so they were targeting texts, arabic speaking folks, and that would be how much, well, how are they recruit? i always have these curiosity, especially in this situation. how was the massage, even able to recruit in a country like like turkey and ask questions without too many people i would suggest they probably were imported from, from israel and given given training. that's probably how it happened. and then
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they just went in over time. when they created the sales over time. ok, so what information and that's the most important part, what kind of information were they thinking and was their actions based on what they found? well, from what we've learned students primarily, and maybe other cells that might and other hamas related activities that might be underway inside of turkey itself as a the, the, the main major leadership is there. so they probably are watching them very, very closely. what's going to happen as a, as a consequence, i don't know that it's going to affect relations all. busy that much, it certainly is a little block, but still know exchange that there'll be some kind of an exchange later on and this will, this will pass on. but clearly turkey is probably very, very proud of itself at this point. so my question for you is what will happen to these 15? i mean i can, they can't necessarily return back to, i guess what country can they go to israel? obviously they're not going to, they may be exchanged. yeah, you got eric. he said,
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these are going to be more welcome back over there. that well yeah, they're, they're my son. so they belong. if there were, they weren't there were thought, inform it that was that they, you know, it kind of went sure if they were only informed that that could be a little different. certainly. yeah. then they, then they're given up, because at that point is their families want to have anything with them. and they were messiah, right? was eating, and that's, that's as we're finding out more details of this. and maybe we want no more. but the key is, is they were in turkey trying to find information on anti israel activities or activities that are going on with the palestine. yeah. in that case, they were probably recruited from, with in turkey and they're there. and so israel pays money. well now it makes everybody kind of start once again looking at each other, going to use fire, use fi. of course, i know you're not one and that's why i prefer to talk about it. thank you so much for joining a letter. now attorney general merritt garland face the house judiciary committee, pressed on a number of topics. oh those ranging from the chaos of january 6th,
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the chaos of school board meetings across the country. this comes just as the us house of representatives has voted to hold. former trump chief strategies, steve bannon and contempt for disregarding a congressional subpoena. he may now actually faced criminal prosecution from the department of justice. r t fair and fraud. that has a very heated exchange chairman, i'd like to speak regarding no, you're at that, that's out of order. this is not debatable. what's out of order is there is no rule that requires a 48 hour notice. that's what's out of order is so true or is not like with everything else in 2021 attorney general merrick garland's hearing in front of the house judiciary committee was polarized topics. he was grilled on abortion gun control, the antitrust laws base book, the january 6th riots at the capital. were any of those people who broke glass and did damage to those doors working for the f
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b i or other federal law enforcement entities. i and this is an ongoing criminal investigation, and i'm really not at liberty to discuss other questions surrounding the chaos seen at school board meetings across the country. not in a 1000000 years. did we dream that one day? we'd see the justice department treat american parents as domestic terror. some getting so out of hand. harry retinue, board members over mass and critical race theory. the attorney general sending out a memo at the department of justice would assist in helping schools cracked down. it also concerns us that your actions may have been motivated by your family's financial stake in this issue publish reports. so that show that your son in law co founded a company called panorama education. we now know that that company publishes and sells critical race theory. this memorandum does not relate to the financial
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interests of any one. it's a threat. it again, i take that as a no, i take that is enough. and finally, the 2nd painting is that they go it another well renowned artist in this painting sold for $500000.00. the 3rd painting you may recognize this name is a 100 biden congressman can, but referring to the $50000.00 hunter biden received for that painting along with his controversial board position and ukrainian gas company, berry sma. will you appoint a special counsel to investigate hunter biden? matter for the same reason that i am not able to respond to questions about investigations, while the house judiciary committee grills garland just down the hall. congressman vote and the fate of steve band. the january 6th house committee voting unanimously,
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tuesday to hold the former white house, aiden contempt of congress for defying a subpoena for documents and his testimony over january 6th. the house winning the majority of yay votes. now banners matter is sent to the department of justice, who then decides whether or not criminal charges will be filed. the man at the top deciding all merit garlan, who gave no answer. when asked about the fate of bannon department of justice will do what it always does. in such circumstances. will ply the facts from the law and make a decision consistent with the principles of prosecution for news use, use, and fair in france, act. lots of subjects breached by the house judiciary committee in their questioning of the attorney girl. and we will give you the $360.00 view of the testimony right after the break. i ah,
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well look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about personal intelligence at that point, obviously is to great trust, rather than fear i would like to take on various charlene with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with join me every thursday on the alex simon sure, i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then.
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ok. so in a move which i found to be kind of like a cliff note version of the all the controversial stories at the last few months was supposed to actually be a hearing, mainly focused on the events around january 6, actually much broader. so let's get the $360.00 view with our panel, how it folk hosted a big picture on our t america and leak at bill. conservative commentator, like i said, 360 view, i love the fact that i can have people who are both sides. i'll who can respectfully find something to agree about because that's what makes the circle in the globe were living in. that's why i brought you to on because today i know you both have jobs probably to get to watch the entire afternoon. even though i have to tell you, it was actually very entertaining. i want to start with you holland on this because i actually like the attorney general was answering questions by members of both sides of the aisle. i think this is actually a way of holding accountable the d o j to different issues. no,
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sure you can answer on some things. but do you think this might actually be a good thing moving for the possibly we should do regardless if there's a controversial issue specifically drawing him to the hill? well, you know, let's not grind everything to a halt for the sake of gotcha questions. i feel bad for then judge garland who is robbed of a seat. he may eventually get on the supreme court because his unflappable demeanor today with this rude jordan interruption act. that just makes him seem like that kind of soleberg jurist. we would want on the court. i didn't watch the whole thing either, but i saw pieces of it and i've read some of the transcript. and he seemed fairly unflappable and proper about doing his job well. and that's it, you know, and that's actually what she, what i agree with. you want to have somebody but ma leak from your perspective as you were watching to today go exactly what the democrats were hoping it would go as because a lot of issues were brought up that you don't necessarily hear about our mainstream
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news. you hear about it on means as well as a part of on twitter in social media. that's where it's getting some sort of traction did take exactly what they were looking for when they 1st wanted to base this committee. no, not at all. and you know, for the most part, you know, the answer questions, as you said, this is something that you should do. and it's really something that he didn't even going back with the congressional here. and if they were had before the committee. but i think what democrats want to do, they really want to nail down on not just pushing the department of justice to investigate or to work with local area when it comes to what's happening with the school district around. and parents are protesting, but also january, i think there's going to be a lot of attention paid to january. and the idea that danny declined to show up for it's a peanut, we kind of do something. what that was gonna happen anyway,
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but i think it's pretty much a walk that far is what eventually came out. just like whatever democrats expectations work this hands up and watch, well, and that's the thing, you know, as you're watching this, we've watched different hearings and committee happened in sometimes popcorn. others are just kind of, you're bored to death on this case. so holland, you actually feel like steve bannon was going to appear for the do you think democrats realistically thought he would show up and if he did, what do you exactly think would have happened? if i were steve bannon, i would flee while i still have a passport because the tape doesn't lie on january 5, he's on talk radio, and this tape is being played plenty this week saying, tomorrow all hell is going to break loose. and on twitter, we're seeing picture shot inside the war room at the willard. there is a rudolph giuliani within arm's reach of the help yourself bar and various others that we'd like to hear more from. how can we lead january 6 stand without getting
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to the bottom of it? well, and that's the thing, and that's the focus. this is supposed to be about in the league, but that's not what we heard about from missouri. the testimony that was actually a very small part, it actually gave the platform for people on the right representatives from the right to bring out a whole other host of issues go and what about the double standard? how did you see today talking about gender is it's an esteemed man, and when he actually be treated fairly respectfully, if he did show up to one of these hearings as he's been called for well to your last point, there is no such thing going or the date where they are respectful dialogue or even during testimony whether immigrants are in power or public in power. no one is nice anymore and that pretty much gone. i think democrats wanted more out a bit, but at the same time, realizing that they are not a lot of they are they are they have the i itself not really got do or not you got the i said that 90 percent of the cases that they've actually charged or
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investigated, the part of those who are in charge over 90 percent of them. they're actually being charged for clients like answering the capital or answering the federal building without permission and things like that. there are fees, you know, they'll definitely not murder, but some of these charges that demick right there. thing. i think they really want to make more out of this and they're hoping that somehow deep in himself is attached to it. but the f b i itself that it has far as. ringback the found any information linking chops or anyone is for 2, helping to coordinate what happened on january 6. that's something that's really being lost in the discussion. but it actually is something that the f b i got already reported on that they found no coordinates. so we'll select maybe find more than what i'm finding. i doubt it, but we'll see. but we're still getting the news have, i'm sort of like what we saw from the 1st and the 2nd impeachment of donald trump kind of this kind of brings about the same of people going into it. but in this
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case, holland, you are seeing that i do, you are seeing members bring up questions regarding 100 biden's business. we're also, like i said, we saw mer garland, sons, business and the tides is that proper? is this a proper place for those questions to be asked? do those representatives have the right to ask those questions when they have nothing to do with january 6? which was why this whole group gathered in the 1st place? well above the 6, the story still in the early endings of hillary clinton consist for 7 hours of this been ghazi fiasco. i think we still have a little more investigating to do so far is what the f b. i said in terms of this fascination with hunter biden, once upon a time there was a donald nixon and a few years later there was a billy carter. nobody ever runs for the presidency by himself. you can't pick your relatives. as far as hunter biden goes,
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the us attorney in delaware is still on the case that was seamless through the presidential transition. durham has been funded, let it play, and i agree and let it play. but the question is, even if it plays out, will it get the same traction the same exposure that we've seen for the past from lake holland. i like said maybe we can all just agree the fact that we just want it all to play out. and actually be out in the open place. that is our transparency. i think there are no, we can agree on gentlemen. great to chat with you. it's been called a significant step in the field of medicine surgeons at new york university. have successfully translated a kidney from a gene, edited pig to a human. and to their amazement, actually worked. argee correspond, natasha suite has more on this incredible medical breakthrough. it's estimated more than 90. 3000 people in the us are in line for a kidney transplant. and every day, 12 people die while waiting, but now scientists may have come up with a life saving solution thanks to a gene edited pig back september medical researchers at new temporarily attached to
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pigs kidney to a human body. and it worked the animal to human kidney filter and waste and produced urine on without triggering a rejection for the 54 hours that we conducted the study, the kidney function perfectly. just like you know, you would expect a living donor human kidney to, to function. but this wasn't a regular peg or living human to study was performed on a brain dead woman's body who was kept on a ventilator with her family's permission. according to her family, she had wished to donate her organs, but they were not suitable for traditional donation. and the pig had his jeans, ended it for this surgery. normally a sugar in pic, cells foreign to the human body causes immediate organ rejection. so editing that gene from a pig helped to avoid an immune system attack. last december, the food and drug administration approved the gene alteration in
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a breed of pigs as safe for human consumption and medicine. but the da said developers will need to submit more paperwork before pick organs would be transplanted into living humans. is this the step they were looking for doing it sets the stage for more work to be done over the, over the coming years. but it really tells us that we're on the right path and that, you know, success is in, in the near future. not in the, in a matter of decades as it was in the past. dr. robert montgomery who was part of the study, says he knows how hard organs are to come by 1st hand. 3 years ago he received the human heart transplant from a donor with hepatitis c, because he says he was willing to take any organ at the time. so i deeply understand, you know, what are my patients and all patients who are waiting for a life saving oregon experience. and i think this really provides, you know, new hope that will have a sustainable, you know,
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unlimited supply of oregon's buffered. unlimited may be somewhat controversial. as this technology is getting perfected, researchers are faced with the moral dilemma of raising pigs for organs. i do think that we are all of us in the position that i man that are involved in looking at policies and developments in science and biotechnology. have to ask some hard questions about what it means. yes, to basically the dollar ah, organs and tags, which is gonna be, meaning that you have to produce lots of 80 pix. recently, scientists have stepped away from using primates for experiments to pigs. pig heart valves had been transplanted in humans for decades. pig skin grafts have been used on burn victims and chinese surgeons have been able to restore human eyesight through the use of pig corneas. some argue pigs are already raised for food and have organs comparable to humans. scientists involved in the city believe this will
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be moving to living human trials soon. and that this procedure could be only a year or 2 away. reporting for nieces hughes and hottest suites r t. there are a lot of hard questions to have to be asked on a wide variety of friends. so join me now to discuss if this could actually raise some hard questions both ethically, as well as religious concerns for the future. is tim gordon, author of catholic republic and rules for retrograde. thanks for joining me. tim. thanks have me. good to be with you. okay, so i know your expertise is obviously those of the catholic faith. i'm going to ask you in on your research. you obviously see were you other face might also have some issues in this. you obviously have some knowledge of it. i'm seeing those of muslim faith already. question the say of the choice was between a transplant with a pig, oregon versus death. they're going to choose death. that's a serious question for several different religious groups right now that how you see it. it's a tricky question with a lot of gray area, it can be morally acceptable to introduce human cells into experimental animals. in
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medical research, it can also be morally acceptable to transplant tissues from a non human animal into human being. if this can be done safely, what's wrong is to create real uncertainty or perplexity. as when scientists in the 1920s attempted to do this, they tried to cross human beings with non human primates. so it's the closeness of the species and the early stage of development that creates the disturbing ambiguity. and we have to watch out for an ambiguity, sometimes unfortunate. we find out to be a lot, a lot of religious tags. so in this question or in your studies, have you come across anything within the bible or other the koran? anything else that might actually be said to show that this is going to be okay and acceptable, or actually say no, this is not exactly what should be done well with medical research. i mean, particularly in a magisterial faith, like roman catholicism all speak on behalf of it. as long as no categorical
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breaches are made of any, you know, kind of category like what is what is the category of a breach? where would that be an example? well, categorical breach would be, you know, the catholic, the catholic teaching on direct abortion, direct killings without, you know, an affirmative defense. right. you know, it, an affirmative defense, for instance, to a homicide would be of course you can, you can kill in defense of yourself. this is not intended, even though it's foreseeable that you're gonna end up killing you, you're actually really intending to achieve some other effect to defend yourself. so some, some, this word, medical bioethics, gets really complicated. there's such a thing as a foreseeable, but a non intended outcome. so when we're in the realm of magisterial faith, christianity, what have you know, there are no major breaches happening again. the real uncertainty, like what was used in,
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in the 19 twenty's the apes that were being used for this kind of research, created uncertainty. it created unnecessarily girth. the gray areas, well and, but as long as, as gray areas, i think is where this is falling into. so then you asked the divine question. all this, do you feel like that this is kind of, you know, obviously there's, there's religious to keep kosher. there's religion said they'd say that, you know, they obviously this is a part of god's plan for you to go on and pass on. why are you trying to alter that? does this interfere? do you see in god's divine path for an individual certainly not. no, as long as the closeness of the species is kept sufficiently distinct, i mean that with this is the only broad category that would encroach on what we call the natural law. you know, the, the moral tradition, the dates back even even older than christianity. i'm speaking on behalf of christianity to say aristotle, the teachings of the ancient greeks are well articulated iterations of the natural
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law. so the closeness of the species, the early stage of development, do present some real issues that we wanna look out for. but when we're dealing with non fundamentalism, we are looking to stay away from encroachments on the natural law. well, tim, thank you for diving into an issue that we probably won't have to dress for probably 2030 years and medicine catching up the conversation. thanks for joining us. and that's all we average a show. thanks for watching. ah ah, it's been decade since the fall of spain's fascist regime. but old wound still haven't hailed your interest in going into them resorting because on the phone
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with nichol fee to market people to me. so i will said cutting me on the bus at the 6 me note that i understand, they think with thousands of newborn babies were torn from their mothers, been given away and forced adoption. they don't allow a bottom on are you just young ford fiesta that are my own rollers? i feel elements it to this day mothers still search for grown children, while adults look in hope for their birth parents. we have always been able to push that in sort of a far dark corner of our conscious because they will turn it in. once there are alternatives. you can no longer do that and you have to kind of, except for that, an animal has been killed and we act as greenhouse gas emission. and here we have essentially the same product. so same price, same quality with none of those features. oh yeah, it made it
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a lot. add that in the beginning is scary, but in the end, it's not a bit of splits exposed to the use of it. as leaders demand, poland obeys european rulings, but warsaw incense that pluralism. respected oscar says it's not surprised by aggressive rhetoric from nato state south to germany, calls for nuclear weapons to be deployed near russia's folders. people try bernoulli london tries alleged to us crimes and an act of support, but we can mix with sublimate julian songs to washington once extradited from the u . k, which he makes editor in chief says allegations of a c i plot to kill a song. it proves his case has been politicized. the recent revelation shows so without any adults to the political elements of the case. we can studio sounds now we have.


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