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o supplement, lucky as i say, common industries finance what the disparity that that it will be now. now most of it and from the last one, but i didn't come again. uh huh. this was there. nobody young i believe enough. and then my mom i was on that put in a hold. no, stop it other and then you know, by so much i love it and i'm it selected as a young and is pinioned. as you can when you stumble, get open to me. she lives with me, not cc one is i want to be talking to them. so i'm working on them. is pending money yet, and it was not as young you're not the by le uniform that i wish i would he say one? yeah. boy le let them thought me by the end of getting that i call me my those.
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yeah. what if i like that, but you're now, but i've alex the gosh, i've got it. yeah. jacqueline that i didn't do my yeah. eagle rascals rational jellybean me by little bit. i mean by that an i b m, which is him up role in my lc value or react that i'm with jonathan. what are jolie invisible models that we know about those women that are back in? yeah, they don't a moment to get your complete address and your voice, your memphis management while you filter no problem. i said i am rarely your way. ready my chair, i feel call me father is li mala, and that's just a little bit understanding of it. you know. okay, but i guess i guess the talk was getting in a little bit out of your be at the new hosting around this will be my that middle me even the minutes, but then does that mean?
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yes, yes. and then if they don't get any other peninsula latino, what will they have to go home with them? i like your new position on the it is, is, i know there's a book or not joe or any of these. this is your your make, you know, the and i was just, i want to why the message and, but i was, i get that out of me. my, the lady that i'm in the, the, this time in there. i mean, i mean, you know, marvel, me puddle up. i don't know. i like you, you don't have to move it out. but the owner is because he pushed the dr. i won't that, but william, i don't, you know, the complete on the front in the medical open the might, may you will, i will not. or this action and when i gotcha 11, you know, the whole good. anyone. i love money can ok. yeah, no, no, i feel most indeed that our may be the end of the notion. you're not,
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not there. when you get online, then police have them. what is it believe i believe that they don't agree that gets actually is still in the middle. you're selling visual image or the one that was, you know, i start getting the money by the pulled up, i guess, and they don't de la garza will not you may have who will be going to the issue much less than the media will be my id in which i read my your renters. only my last. yeah. we'll get get your me. which about me that you're not getting me know schedule, know boy, this is much less than travel are going to get in. you know, i want to know if you're, if you make up, i didn't make up any they do not one day. why not? why?
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yes, get our premier, we are giving me my passionate mental nash get home. you might get those with any of those. and you'll be glad i was told, i don't know, maybe all i wonder you will be a you're you're almost all good. you see most talk a little read my message was just the way you want to measure. well no, we have the me, i'm was, i see a new procedure brought me now that i know civic is on the other, the show or movie be go jump his ankle that i mean my e mail i had on our buddy audio, the only mildly mildly mild, joking another love as another. you know, we might be well, yeah,
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yeah, they don't want to look at them with general, what buddies and what you get along. but if they don't get it, there are like you don't get it, but not a good quality lock and not you know, what am i gonna this is what you thought. i'm not you know, well yeah, she amazing and i'm only yeah, my department are nominated. good yeah, yeah, i would say up at the wash the, the organ when i'm in the field i sunday when i'm up to the right. right. i'm like, well usually important but i don't know what the on the on us yet. i'm and she had that you know, the medical marijuana that i'm looking for. i don't know. they feel like it. yeah. yeah. but you know me medical i would not get a job. but if gail gal yeah,
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the whole new york young jin me and she'll get on to the 2nd. nobody else can know for the oh in i meant when i met the you know, not even thought i will put up. it'll get get bashed for me and she won't be able to meet with me but, and know, get a good one. yeah. missed after the you know, me. i saw the message, the message,
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the message will no longer form. i gave you all the of the model. you go, molly model. i don't feel good give. i want to knock nobody, anela, the i don't think you to actually be that it was, you know, believe it or not going to be that will get into that before you know, i don't know. shut down most of nino, i familiar get not the in any one are going to watch on each again and then it all equal in your that i will for me as you will know,
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those are left me. i did my job. i don't know if you're going to go on a horse by the name will be in a bite on monday. no, not going to go. yeah, you make a you don't want to let him. i just don't want to let him when i thought you are you and like, i don't know if he needed to know what it was either completely. gilmore, is he? no, no. she got by the john miller. i completed the cc. daniel's looking for the future that you can allow and not many hope to see me as class is to manually because i don't handle it. i'm we call it the lamp headed it and we got to use, you know, yeah, yeah, that was done there. done. there's a dog, a game game who was understanding, be on, know, i got home with your own,
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maybe all of your audio will be on track with a party. yes. a woman that i get, i'm part of the but i will meet that. don't live as a euro. yeah. ok. yeah, no, jenny gordon. but as a human, not metal metal fragments battle model. i mean 30 years ago yet the guy list audio guy will need to go out much a nice sunny and major minority another you know my why did you know that mala mala mala mala, now that normally they get your knowledge and you know be a local windows up, which essentially ownership unit does, you know that mclamery, i'm a lot of money though. either one of the incoming electron, our medical they don't know. i will not think that she no medical partic, will act. yeah. medical the hope i made a mistake, made up john and then the bargain, which i'm on the standing. yeah. no, no,
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it better august that glad always good to go. i don't have i'm what do you budget? can you oppose jamiracle? he will end up with ya. boulevard, not handled deleda you about like gosh, i me see, hold on buddy, they'll run. it will never mom on. i'm waiting on a couple minutes. i don't know. she and donna mike, enough been to work on a slideshow in the year. yeah, i power this is a when you're a. yeah. even more because i don't yet, you know, you know, here for
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a little bit about this got to be out. i don't wanna lose, you know, can result a already diarrhea and i thought he's gonna buy a gun. look, you book other be men don't just talk to us not to gene long ramayo militia. somebody gave india let you know in the article, but i'm not getting old. jacqueline doing this for me. i will need your help with the bit and turn off, you know, do everything. so we start it on the, on the other formula. the important that you do under the not i will. so,
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i mean if you don't like what you write junk, less eco edition. if you take it buddy, look at the, the more efficient pinnacle system or see them for their medical get us. but i can because i'm in the table and i'm waiting on them and those, you know, didn't you know? but i'm not saying, i don't know if you like lucy, and she'll be either monday or she will you know, monday that one does it as you go by them. i didn't, but i you that and i'm, i'm been actually the one with the, with one another with me. my mom is not giving me a knuckle. he's under his almost, but i'm not one to us. but most of our members, you know, we've got to know the
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russia strategic patients with the west, particularly with nato. and the you appears to have come to an in the west is hell bent on luxury. moscow negotiating and dialoguing among equals hasn't been part of the equation for a very long time. the west is making a serious strategic error with it as a list of supposedly within the industry. we're a little shift with castillo's the other month because more used to with assumable. 6 just needed to ask you about it because i just moved say the game and then you would get these images moves up as good as i suppose, supposedly good. have my did some, i would say again to spend music in which is was print to make
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a mom with her was out of the, to get them with all of your group plan. some way up, all of the bella is ready to leave you to the shelf, which will push up with the canada. go ahead. i mean, yeah, them their little eco headed in it. oh, okay. yeah. one, no one, let me my, the medical can nobody ever been across b, e, betty, me easily cal. i think i thought i let me know if can up with them on month and if you release the lighting was or the thread in miami, you're making lucky what other things cost us to sleep on our side when you're met . well, yes, i read your though, you're linear algebra,
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read your write up what i mean. he not a minute window. they said this, are you less of the year muslim bus done or in those communities? not sure. what's the use of him in new or few who it but then fia job league acellus, mother center, $1.00 can be sent to us maybe tomorrow or less about those 1000 europe. this we look at in a minute. you're going to go. no, it is pretty much the numbers that we cannot get up on, but they're looking for money. if you promote, how long have you got that? wasn't that? so that was looking at is that a little was no, there was one of them and dollars is more for move and i would like at the most, most be if asking that i had like a bigger one up there. familiar with initials, but you're lucky going into school. i was now initial never for that. how they know
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so that i was, they gave someone i made a motion when asked me to just, you know, moving when people did, i don't know how much that it was us, but i you this but any others on that left he saw a dollar was letter from the entire line need if she not the one no, no, no. this will help it came from neutral by initial mine is wrong with an issue is if you could put them in, but it was just like getting nowhere in the little thing that came from your home. but i haven't done any of the tougher so you can break honestly about it, which i'm open to. hello. ok. can i make any other ones, you know what they're going to make sure that she can make it even better normally,
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i believe i don't know why it says we've got his phone number, but yeah, i was just from us man, you know, that happened in the name of him on the i mean indian, which i can think of was hoping to get. as i said i was gonna, ah ah, i think that mothers remember their children, their whole lives. sometimes i think she's dead and i get very sad. ah, oh, maybe my mother has seen me but doesn't want to come forward because she doesn't want to reveal the secret. nobody knows. ready
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ah, it must also be hard to have a son appear in your life after so many years. especially if it was a secret. but it's hard as the years go by because we're not asking for anything unusual. sometimes i get angry when i notice resignation in myself because i'm not so old. i'm 53 time is passing by. there are people older than me who disappeared before me. my mother is probably around 70. the women at the home were young. it would be so cruel to get to the end and find them in the ground. ah
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mm. thank upon mirror estoppel the emotion comalla even more true christian will do that.
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uncle refusal goodwood will. grace. yes, i say brother grade or 3rd understand, but i'm going to you know, the oclock as my, when he took a boy there by santa, i wanna be clear to know that i could sit at this nina's get down as the kid that he got the ghetto as a, as in our boss that i gave adelaide ended august, i began, you know, who had to look at ether. mit now they gave nikki down. nino john jo, blue going, what did you did there? is there a you are? this is lobby of super yearbook i then gwen draw. if you go get pena care, gain and winter. so my video gains, journalists, who are boiler cancer, but i do not a son, yoko guest so mildly or a staff waiter no, be venice pena ino via though the look a bossa or border go and get her son or
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a momento. know not where they're going when he got a 2nd story. when domino says better layer, but he said i i i. 2 i i
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i i, i i, i. 2 in ah ah,
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[000:00:00;00] i oh, ah, almost a whole lot and for a i'm bipolar yolanda or a fellow for august on what route and much for the bigger you get a little chuckle of those those motors either melodies,
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canada. i was just because of that work. if you're not know what's going on a lot better, but it was called a, b, e a b as in mother a meant a
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with a louder hour hour. and then of course the gotten the little a lot of goals. you're going to get it a 1st. is it not prove i collodion? it'll show a lawyer. you. it is not be in the you see north see me on this, that a is or if you're going to do another one, unless i got about nope, whether you can help us. can you get that you are going to ask me me my wrong
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will you tell me i was going up in washington july, you know not then we'll have a risk of death, but it isn't the whole thing when you don't. i know when i get the general game a given the a find your wifi will get the contract or no matter what the prosecutor told me, it might be easier to find them if you sign an official waiver of civil and criminal records against the people who sold, you know, what i'm most thing when they go on your screen. but i mean, i'm saying that if you don't go so i don't want to
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follow up on the late many, many more than a year. so political, this could be done a little bit on little late, but i could late, but i guess to find them each other last week, the much she's not going to move in and i wasn't going to from the list for the show room, but it was nice pushing it a little put on this in contra. i know she has he on my
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lo must a when i see black manager, i see part of my so when i was growing young, black american spoke to me. when why destroyed, you did not have those 2 side, black lash magic is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing is who we are. i lived in
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a world where wide lives mattered. and i was not watch like missing. and i wasn't known from black america, i learned how to speak back to whitefish aboriginal people. here. i'm gonna die. we're out loaded with the police. we're out with. she speaks, i'm scared that my children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system then or other fellow friends in daycare. ah no. i was sure seemed wrong when i just don't a whole new world. yes. to see how it is they become the advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look so common ground in a bit, a split exposed at an e u summit. as leaders demand poland, respects european rulings. warsaw insists that pluralism is respected. oscar says it's not surprised by aggressive rhetoric from nato states of the germany calls for nuclear weapons to be deployed near russia's boldest and highly vulnerable patients or a risk in the u. k. is doctors confusion grows over the difference between a 3rd dose of a cobit vaccine and a booster, as well as which is the correct order to administer the people that giving this injection the doctor sacred? no, no can help at that job. you know about the patient i'm planning,


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