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jonathan, we're actually in our only model that we know about all those. i'm interested in your, for it on a moment to get your, your complete address and your voice, your memphis member. and while that no problem, i said i am rarely your way my share. i feel call me by the way, my la, unless it's a little bit understanding of it. you know. okay, but i guess it could be a while, like getting in a little bit out of your be at the new google miranda's mother. remember me even the minutes, but does that mean a lot of a we own? yes. yes. with any other peninsula, latino. what will they have to go home with them? i was just on the, i know there's a book or not joe, on any of these days. i knew, you know, the, you know,
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i was just, i want, it was a message and i was, i get that out of me. my, the lady that i'm in there is, is telling me i'm in my room by the law. i don't know. i'd like to get, you know, what the mom was not in our or the, the look as he pushed the doctor. i won't that, but for william, i don't you know, the complete on the front in the medical open the monday may you will. i will not for the session and when i gotcha 11, you know, the whole good. anyone, i love money can ok, you know, last year i'm looking to get an hour. maybe that might be an option. you're not, not there. when you get on the 10th of least couple of them, what is it? believe you're going to get actually is still in the movie you're selling the
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magenta one. a lot of them was, you know, if i start getting the money to buy the l pulled up, i guess and they don't de la garza will not take you ma'am. they'll be going to the issue, which means more than the media will be mighty. i getting which will read my you're all right. the only my last job which shot me that you're not getting me noticed? no, boy, this is my flesh and i will call on the younger get in, you know, i want to make up. i didn't make up any of the notes on the b o y. yes. get us on our premier via giving me my that if possible, borrow money from nash emitter home, you might get those with any of those. and you'll be glad to know maybe all i
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wonder you will be a you're you're almost all good. you see a motion to ok. well read my message where you where you want to measure. well, know we have the me, i'm was actually a new procedure. i don't know that i know civic is on the island rather the show or movie be go jump his ankle that i mean my e mail i had on our buddy audio yesterday only mildly, mildly miles. you're joking. another loving submitted. my, you know, my lead while yes here. yep. they don't want to look at them which i don't know what, but he didn't turn it on but it as, yep. they don't get it. there are like, you don't get it. they had a lot but not working with quality lock and not you know, for what am i this is what you
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thought. i'm not you know, well yeah, she amazing. and i'm only yeah, my department are nominating me go good. yeah. yeah. i don't. the total, the wash they, they will get paid when i mean the fields are standing on the right. right. right. i'm like, well, you know what the, on the on, you know, she had been on the medical marijuana for i don't know if you look at. yeah or yeah, but you know me medical or not if you get a job me. but if gail gal yeah, the whole new york young jin me and she goes to the jacket and nobody will let me go. cannot put the oh
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in when i met the no, not even thought i will put up. it'll get get bashed for me. that was the most people they had. i mean i would be me but and not get a good one. yeah. my stuff, the, you know me, i saw the message, the message, the message will no longer form. i gave you all the of the model. you have the model. i don't see a get give. i want to know nobody, anela,
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the i don't think you to actually be that. you know, please don't forget twitter. korea in to the point where, you know, i don't know sometimes now most of nino i familiar get not the in any cost. one are going to get in and then it all equally just in your that the i would have for me normal. what other? yes. you know, those are left me. i did my job. i don't know if you're going to go on a horse shoes by the race will be in and by doing my going on, could you make it to you and i want to go let him. i just don't want to
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let him when i thought you are you and i don't know if he thought i wondering it was either completely. gilmore is the minute. no. no. she got by the john miller, who had their news looking for the future that you can allow that many hope to see me ask a question. is to manually equal that handle? is it, i'm, we call it the lamp headed it and we got to use, you know? yeah, yeah, that was done there. done. there's a dog, a game game who was understanding, be on, know, i got home with you or maybe on your audio will totally big be on track with that. but the element that i get on the, on another week, i don't live as a euro. yeah. ok. yeah, no, jenny gordon, but it was a little human. not metal metal fragments will battle model. i mean,
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a usual bush again yet the guy list, dodo jack, i will need to go out much. nissan in me might not be another but no my what did you call neither mala mala mala mala, allow me now that i can only give you my knowledge and you're not the one that was sent. she says, you know, she knows that our gladly i'm all out of money though. either one of them. camille, i don't own any girl. they don't know. i will not think that she no medical party will act. yeah. medical id. hope i made a mistake. made up, john and then the bargain was i'm on the standing. yeah. no, no, it better august that glad always gave to you. i don't have i'm what do you budget? can you oppose yamil garcia? he will end up with ya. boulevard handled lisa you about like gosh, i me see, hold on buddy, they'll run.
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it will not with my mom, i'm with a couple mitchell and i i don't know she and donna, mikey, not been to i got a glider and the yeah, yeah. i power this is a him when you guys are. yeah. even more because i think i have not read one yet. you know, you know, here available over the i believe i may need to buy that move there. oh man, i said this got to be out. i don't wanna lose joke in resolving a story diarrhea, and i've only got it, but i thought that would be, that's got to look. you book other been don't just,
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i don't want to she they won't have any ramayo militia. somebody gave india let you know in the book or whatever, but i'm not getting old. jacqueline doing this for me when he's doing this, we probably will. somebody asked me to do everything. so we still got the other formula important that you do under the not i will. so, i mean, if you don't like when you write junk, less eco additional if you take it buddy, look at the, the more efficient pinnacle system or
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medical care bucket because i'm in the temple and i'm going on with them. and this is about to start will, will know, didn't if you know, but i'm, i'm not, you know, it's usually lucy and she'll be either monday or she will let you know monday that one does it as you go by them. i didn't, but i you that i'm, i'm been actually one way or another with me. my mom is giving me a knuckle. he's under his almost, but i'm not one to us. but most of our members, you know, i russia, strategic patients with the west, particularly with nato. and the u. appears to have come to in. the west is hell
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bent on lecturing. moscow negotiating and dialoguing among equal hasn't been part of the equation for a very long time. the west is making a serious strategic air. ah, there is other voices to play. but also within the daniel's pre, wiley little fish with little castile with the simple just needed. yeah. it was just to say that him and then you would you that is images, it goes up was good for supposedly i have my did on. i would say the gates has been music, his image is spread, so we come up if it's possible, it's what your hope was out of the to get the vote for idea on what your little planet, dumb way up, all of our previous right. if you didn't leave you to the shelters, we'll,
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we'll shuttle, you to join me every thursday on the alex simon show. i'll be speaking together in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then the good you know, then the law equal whether the new york one the why me my medical, can nobody a little bit you betty, me easier or the salary? the thought? let me know if you know, then one month and then you lose divided was, or the threat mammy, you may get a deem most of the nice see, but i said with job, well yes, i really use the, you know,
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the rest of your day to put in on the dish or this or us or the bus done for those computers. what's the use of in new or few who it was here your believe? sell us mothers. 101 to wiley can be sent to my yes. maybe the one tomorrow in oakland, less about this class in europe, i guess we'll look at in a minute. you're going to notice pretty much the numbers that was coming up on, but it was kind of really if you pretty much like a she got that wasn't that? so that was looking at is that a little was no, there was $100.00, is more for movement. i'm to look at that much. much be if asked that i had the big one up there. familiar with initials, but you're lucky going into who i was now initial never from that. how they know so
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that i was they gave me so much i made a motion, but when asked me to just you know, moving when people didn't do that. i don't know how much in that it was us, but i this but any other long left he had a dollar was let me from the entire line need if she can just push one. no, no, no this will take. it's kimberly from nice by initial mine is when an issue is if you could put a motion for to look at them in part of illustrating with a low income that is spoken lacking. good. no sca no way. and then in saying that this is tim been sell okay. laurie him yet in brevity though, says he revenue leandra, tougher science bank honestly by those have only been challenging to push out. okay . can i make any? yeah, i'm gonna, what is i went directly to that with my daughter madison middle. i'm gonna put you back on where she can mckinney and in a moment,
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williams. and i know the dilemma as well as with mrs. was class his grandma was going on by amazon. i with his be some osmani milers rooms and hannah was up for yamashita that happened to leah last name was ha horner, and this has him on t. i n d and i was attending about a something again, as i said that was going on with i think that mothers remember their children, their whole lives. sometimes i think she's dead and i get very sad. ah, maybe my mother has seen me but doesn't want to come forward. because she doesn't want to reveal the secret. nobody knows.
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ah, it must also be hard to have a son appear in your life after so many years. especially if it was a secret. but it's hard as the years go by because we're not asking for anything unusual. sometimes i get angry when i notice resignation in myself. because i am not so old. i'm 53 time is passing by. there are people older than me who disappeared before me. my mother is probably around 70. the women at the home were young. it would be so cruel to get to the end and find them in the ground. ah
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threat. siobhan murder, his w motion come, william withdrew. christian will do that,
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uncle. if you'll come we'll book a race. yes i sabrina cradle thought. understand, but i'm going to, you know, look look as my, when he took a boy there by santa i own um, claire, to know better. i can. i said it is nina. get there. isaac, did he go get the gear or the sears? and her boss? i gave adelaide ended august. i began, you know, go ahead. look at ether. mit now they gave nikki down. nino, john jo, blue going. what did hear that is this a you are, this is lobby of super yearbook i then gwen draw illegal keeping that care gain and grandeur. so my video gains, donnelly, as who i willa answer, but i'll go not a son, yoko guest so mildly or a staff waiter. no, be venice bonia e nor via dawdle ok bossa or border go and get her son or
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a momento. know not where they're going when you got a 2nd. so we went to ministers bed earlier, but he said, i oh oh, i am ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, almost a whole lot on board for a fellow for august on what route under my for the great you get a little chuckle of it. i was those motors either mothers, canada. i was still
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a good work if you're not know what's going on a but it was called a as a month. i mean a with
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a louder hour hour. and then then of course, the little there are gonna, if you're going to do 1st, if you are you not prove i can log in, it'll show a lawyer you, it is, i won't be in the you see norfolk scenic on this, that a photo is or if you're going to, you'll never know whether you can help us can get if you are going to i me my mom.
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do you have any questions until you join us? not then we'll, we'll get best, but it is all about the whole thing when the, you know, little bit off when i get the general game a given the fine your wifi will get me contract. 1 number me rather than a prosecutor told me, it might be easier to find them if you signed an official waiver of civil and criminal records against the people who sold. you know, a lot of what i most think when they what you're saying. but i mean, i let him go so far, so up at all, no, later than usual part of the political. this could be done
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a lot of it on a late, but i can late but i guess to bring the new teller last week, the must, you know, get a movie and it wasn't going to for me live for the show room for them to nice nice pursuit and then put on this in contra, i know she has e on my low muscle.
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we have always been able to push that in sort of a far dark corner of our conscious because then we'll turn it in. once there are alternatives, you can no longer do that and you have to kind of accept, oh yeah, for that, an animal has been killed and we act as greenhouse gas emission. and here we have essentially the same product, same price, same quality with none of those features. oh, yeah. to may do. a lot of that in the beginning is scary, but in the end, it's not crushing strategic patience with the
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west, particularly with nato. and the e. u appears to have come to an end. the west is hell bent on lecturing. moscow negotiating and dialoguing homo equals has been part of the equation for a very long time. the west is making a serious strategic error. oh, when i want something wrong, when i just don't hold any world yet, to save out. disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground. when i see black america, i see part of myself,
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i was growing up like america spoke to me when, why destroyed it did not those who say black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where white lives mattered and i was not wide like missing. and i wasn't known from black america. i learned how to speak back to whitefish aboriginal people of iraq war every day. we are out more about war with the police were out. war with she states, i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then they're all the shallow friends in daycare, a
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ah, highly vulnerable patients are at risk in the u. k. as confusion grows over the difference between a 3rd dose of coven vaccines and the booster, as well as the correct order in which they should be given. the people that's given disinfection, the doctor say treat no, no can about joe. you know about the stuff i'm painting. i'm giving it the groups that this information has not been given out correctly. poland accuses the you of pressure and blackmail. as a dispute over the rule of law rises to summit level and lower. your expectations are republican. senator claims that should be jo biden's motto. i made a anger at a supply chain. disruption or multiple supply chain disruptions and oblique
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forecast for the u. s. economy. ah.


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